Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Advanced manufacturing body latest AF member

The US National Council For Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM) signed a Memorandum of Membership with the Automation Federation,  becoming one of the newest members of AF.

For over 20 years, NACFAM has been the voice of advanced manufacturing in Washington, D.C. (US), helping its members’ bottom lines by providing projects and policy/program solutions for U.S. manufacturing in NACFAM’s four major issue areas: sustainable manufacturing, workforce education and training, process technology and innovation and supply chain relations through network-centric manufacturing (NCM).

AF serves as the “Voice of Automation” by providing advocacy and industry-wide strategic analysis and coordination through its member organizations to provide awareness, programs and services that continually advance the automation profession.

To create a stronger “Voice” that will advance the automation profession and the goals of all its members, AF has been working to bring like-minded organizations together. In late 2010, representatives from AF and NACFAM began discussions for building a collaborative effort between the two organizations to meet the mutual goals of accelerating manufacturing innovation and building a more competitive U.S. manufacturing sector.

These discussions led to NACFAM signing a Memorandum of Membership to join the Automation Federation in March 2011. Through this new relationship, NACFAM will lend its support to promoting the Automation Competency Model and will work with AF and the other AF member organizations to achieve mutual goals. Representatives from AF will be in attendance for NACFAM’s Annual Policy Conference scheduled for 20–21 April 2011 in Washington, D.C.

Nelson Ninin, 2011 Automation Federation chair, said, “The Automation Federation is pleased to welcome the National Council For Advanced Manufacturing as one of our newest members. NACFAM is the leader in the promotion of advanced manufacturing, and because automation plays such a vital role in advanced manufacturing, this new relationship is ideal for reaching our mutual goals—particularly in the areas of promoting the profession and building ‘the Next Generation of Automation Professionals.’”

Rusty Patterson, NACFAM chief executive officer, stated, “NACFAM is an action/think tank that brokers intense collaboration to accelerate manufacturing innovation. We see great value in what the Automation Federation has built in such a short time to promote automation. As a member of the Automation Federation, NACFAM can support these efforts which in turn will support the goals of our organization. We look forward to a strong collaborative membership.”

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