Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Partnership protects networks

Fox-IT partners with MatrikonOPC for secure OPC connectivity solutions

Fox-IT has become the newest member of the MatrikonOPC™Global Partner Network. Fox-IT will integrate MatrikonOPC’s full range of OPC Servers into its Fox DataDiode—a solution used to securely transmit data between networks that have different levels of security. By leveraging the secure, reliable MatrikonOPC Servers, Fox DataDiode can now be used to prevent sensitive data or control systems found on SCADA networks from being accessed or compromised by applications running on low-security networks.

MatrikonOPC connectors allow Fox DataDiode to securely connect to virtually any SCADA device on the market. This solution effectively protects vulnerable SCADA systems from external threats while still allowing status information to be sent out of the SCADA network in real-time.

"Fox-IT’s business is focused on securing and protecting process control data from cyber attacks. By choosing MatrikonOPC connectivity, Fox-IT provides its customers with the most secure and reliable connectivity solutions in the market,” said Drew Brydon, MatrikonOPC Vendor Partner Program manager.

“Today’s process control systems need strong protective measures against the ever growing list of cyber threats. By leveraging MatrikonOPC secure data connectivity for control systems, Fox DataDiode delivers exceptional levels of security for SCADA systems without compromising the customers’ business requirements,” said Dirk Peeters, vice president of Business Development at Fox-IT.

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