Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Preventing deadly accidents

Systems from VPG Transducers help prevent deadly construction and heavy equipment accidents

VPG Transducers is working with heavy equipment manufacturers to create highly accurate and reliable systems that dynamically measure stresses in key vehicle components caused by such factors as overloading, vehicle tilt, and high winds.

Deadly and costly accidents occur each year worldwide involving cranes, telescopic handlers, and forklift equipment. Many of these accidents are the result of improper loading of the vehicle, driving on uneven or sloped surfaces, or environmental factors such as high winds. Now industry-leading companies who manufacture heavy lifting and construction equipment are turning to VPG Transducers for custom force-sensing solutions that help alert the driver when unsafe operating conditions exist on the vehicle.

VPG Transducers has partnered with equipment manufacturers to develop load moment indicators (LMIs), which are integrated into the vehicle design assembly, to dynamically measure the forces imparted on key components of the vehicle such as the rear axle. The signal from a VPG Transducers force sensor is sent to the LMI, which calculates and displays the current load seen on the vehicle and sets off an alarm if the vehicle is operating at an unsafe level. These levels are set in close coordination with the vehicle manufacturer. This system is also applicable for crane applications as well.

The sensors and LMI system are designed and manufactured by VPG Transducers to survive in the harshest of environments and have exceptional reliability and longevity, which are very important factors for equipment used in the agricultural industry.

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