Thursday, November 26, 2015

Protecting critical industrial infrastructure.

Lynx Software Technologies is participating in the inaugural IoT Security Foundation (IoTSF) Conference by delivering a joint paper with Webroot, and by exhibiting at the event. The Conference takes place at the Royal Society's august premises in London's Savoy Place next week (December 1 2015).

Will Keegan
Lynx announced a strategic partnership with Webroot in October. The two companies are combining their security technologies to enable developers to build advanced threat detection and protection into Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. Lynx joined the IoTSF also in October.

At the event, Will Keegan, Technical Director, Software Security at Lynx Software Technologies, and David DuFour, Senior Director of Security Architecture, Webroot will present a paper entitled, “Protecting Critical Industrial Infrastructure Using Isolation Technology and Threat Intelligence”. It will show how sophisticated isolation kernel technology can change connected devices or gateways from being a point of attack to a point of defense.

David DuFour
Lynx Software Technologies is exhibiting its embedded RTOS and virtualization solutions offering unique safety and security functionality while embracing open standards. Its products are deployed in industries including IoT, industrial, A&D, medical and transportation. Lynx Software Technologies will be showing how the combination of its LynxOS RTOS and LynxSecure hypervisor can provide built-in security for both the connected ‘Things’ and also the infrastructure that they connect to by offering isolation of network domains. Lynx products are deployed in industries including IoT, industrial, A&D, medical and transportation.

The LynxSecure hypervisor brings unique protection characteristics to intelligent devices, gateways and cloud infrastructure. It combines military-grade security with hard real-time scheduling, offering unique differentiation against traditional virtualization solutions. The separation kernel and “Type-0” hypervisor is an award winning bare-metal architecture, designed from the ground up, that differentiates from type 1 hypervisors by removing the un-needed functionality from the “security sensitive” hypervisor mode, yet virtualizes guest OSes in a tiny stand-alone package. LynxSecure is being migrated to Cortex-A family members that offer hardware virtualization support.

The open-standards based LynxOS 7.0 brings military-grade security to the protection of connected sensors and endpoints. It is a deterministic, hard real-time operating system that provides POSIX conformant API’s in a small footprint embedded kernel. LynxOS 7.0 is being migrated initially to the ARM Cortex®-A series of processor cores, including processors from Xilinx, TI and Freescale. LynxOS 7.0 also supports the most popular reference targets in the Intel and PowerPC architectures including the new Intel 4th Generation Core, and the Freescale QorIQ processors.

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