Friday, 20 November 2015

Condensate monitor.

Mountable on pipes and flat surfaces

The condensation monitor is an electronic Hygrostat, from B+B Sensors,  which is designed to sense dew formation or beginning of water condensation on cooled objects. As soon as the measured value of surface humidity exceeds a certain limit (approx. 94 % RH), it opens the relay contact and trips the static switch contact (safety function). For example, this signal can be used for switching on a heater.

With the new measurement philosophy and application of a special sensor with logarithmic characteristics, it is now possible to regulate very close to the dew start point. With the help of this technology, now the maximum cooling performance of the ceilings can be achieved, without the risk of condensate formation.

During product development, reliable mode of operation was the most important criterion. The circuit is protected against overvoltage, reverse polarity and faulty connections. In addition to the humidity sensing element, which reacts to the critical air humidity values below the condensation limit, there is a safety circuit which detects the dew occurence and independently trips the static power circuit. With the optimised AC-circuit technology, the sensor experiences even a short time contact with water without getting destroyed due to electrolysis effect.

A sinter filter over the sensor element protects it from accumulated dust and ensures many years of operation without cleaning or maintenance.

The condensation monitor is available in two different variants:

The model with attached tubular sensor can be directly mounted on the inlet of the cooling panels with minimum fitment expenses. The sensor with aluminium profile is fitted on the tube and fixed with the enclosed assembly strap. The wiring expenses are also very less. The device isprovided with a mains Iead and plug, which is only to be connected.

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