Thursday, 5 November 2015

Expanding control business in Central Asia.

Yokogawa Electric CIS, has set up a sales and after-sales service office in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. This office opened on August 2015.

Turkmenistan has the world’s fourth largest reserves of natural gas (source: BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2015). With its exports of natural gas, cotton, and other agricultural products, the country is experiencing steady growth, and even higher rates of economic growth are anticipated. To make full use of its abundant natural gas reserves, Turkmenistan has plans for the construction of many oil, gas, and chemical plants as well as power stations and other types of industrial infrastructure. To date, Yokogawa has provided control systems, field devices, and other products as well as ancillary services to its customers in the country’s natural gas and chemical sectors. Recognising the need to respond quickly to local needs and conditions, Yokogawa has decided to set up a sales and after-sales service office in Turkmenistan that will enable it to better identify customer needs and promptly offer appropriate solutions.

Leveraging the extensive experience that it has gained in oil, natural gas, petrochemical, and chemical projects around the world, Yokogawa will help the energy industry in Turkmenistan achieve higher growth.

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