Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MEMS sensor development platform.

Combines world leading communication, sensor and development technologies

A new evaluation platform for MEMS and environmental sensors, created by linking the Cinterion® Concept Board by Gemalto to an STMicroelectronics NUCLEO expansion board has been introduced by Anglia Components.

Using source code supplied by Anglia, designers can request measurements such as temperature, humidity, pressure, co-ordinates and g-force from the on-board sensors using SMS communication or AT commands. The suite supports customers with the evaluation and design process by providing the tools and open source software required to facilitate further development using Java® as the design environment.

The Gemalto Cinterion Concept Board was specifically developed as an incubator to open up the creation of innovative Internet of Things M2M based systems to the huge and very innovative Java development community. The Board provides a simple environment that offers the developer everything that he or she needs to quickly transform exciting ideas into market ready M2M applications. The Board includes the powerful Cinterion M2M module offering global 2G and 3G cellular connectivity.

Anglia has harnessed the Concept Board to X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1, a motion MEMS and environmental sensor expansion board from STMicroelectronics. The board is designed around high performance STMicroelectronics accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, humidity, temperature and pressure sensors.

Anglia has created a live online demonstration of the concept. An introductory video introduces the main features of the board, and illustrates the simple steps involved in connecting the hardware, getting the software running and controlling the boards using an SMS interface.  The video also illustrates the main features of the Gemalto Developer Zone, and its SensorLogic cloud based enablement platform, each offering a wealth of resources to speed the developer to a fully working design. Developers can try a pre-configured live board located at Anglia live for themselves by following the steps outlined here.

Commenting, Andrew Pockson, Divisional Marketing Manager of Anglia said, “By bringing together Cinterion’s communication technology, STMicroelectronics sensors and the Java development environment, we have created a tinderbox. Just the spark of creativity is needed to set the combination alight and create successful Internet of Things designs that transform the world.”

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