Monday, May 3, 2010

Wind sensors technology on show

Gill Instruments Ltd, will exhibit their extensive product range at Windpower in Dallas, Texas on 23-26 May 2010. The product range on display will include the new MetPak II combined weather station as well as the popular WindSonic wind sensor, Extreme Weather WindObserver and WindMaster Pro ultrasonic anemometers with a live demonstration of the low-cost WindSonic wind sensor.

The new Gill MetPak II combined weather station is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters. Gill ultrasonic technology, as used in the proven WindSonic instrument, measures wind speed and direction. Temperature and humidity are measured using industry standard probes housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. Barometric pressure is measured within a vented enclosure. A serial data output is provided to interface to industry standard data loggers. Gill Instruments technical sales engineers will be on-hand at the Windpower International show to discuss the new developments in more detail.

The Gill WindSonic anemometer has become the benchmark for low-cost ultrasonic wind measurement technology, offering all of the benefits of this advanced measurement technique at an affordable price. The new variant of the WindSonic is due to incorporate further enhancements to allow use in a broader range of applications and environments.

Gill Instruments is a world leader in ultrasonic wind measurement technology, with the largest range of ultrasonic anemometers available in the market today.

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