Friday, May 20, 2016

Precision laser module.

The origin of their precision is their alignment. In practice, this means that the laser beam of precision lasers is emitted parallel to the housing. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a given.

Standard laser modules exhibit an angular error of 0.5° or more. This means that at a distance of 1 m, the laser beam lands almost 10 mm away from the axis of the housing. If the laser is mechanically adjustable, this does not matter. If, however, the alignment of the laser is not possible because, for example, it is placed in a fix bore hole or adjustment is too complex, then Laser Components' precision laser is used.

The angular deviation of the LT-PLM-532 amounts to 0.05 mrad or ± 0.05 mm at a distance of 1 m. This is an improvement of 200 times over the example shown above – and essential if machines or components have to be aligned very precisely.

A precision laser is also available with a 532 nm green laser light for mere visual alignment in a bright environment. The ability to recognize green light over red light on very dark surfaces or under daylight-like conditions is vastly improved. In addition, the dot is smaller and appears sharper, especially at shorter distances.

The precision laser is available with two types of housings: round with a diameter of 24 mm or square with a 32 mm edge length. The round lasers have an h6 fit for assembly at zero clearance. The power supply of up to 30 VDC is in the form of an integrated M12 connection. With an output power of 1 mW, these laser modules are eye safe in accordance with laser class 2.

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