Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Standard extended for safety.

The CiA 306-1 CANopen electronic data sheet (EDS) specification was first published in 2005. Its predecessor, the CiA 306 specification, was used for more than 20 years to provide an electronic description of CANopen device interface functionality. New published versions of the CiA 306 series have been extended in respect to the CANopen Safety protocol as standardized in EN 50325-5.

CANopen is one of the most successful embedded control networks. It is standardized as EN 50325-4. To simplify system design, standardized electronic descriptions are needed. The CiA 306 electronic data sheets have been used for many years. It describes the CANopen device interface functions by means of a standardized text file. In order to use it also for CANopen Safety standardized in EN 50325-5, the recently released CiA 306-1 specification introduces functional safety attributes.

CiA 306-2 specifies an Excel-based database format for CANopen device profiles. A specific profile description can be used to test a dedicated EDS on conformity. CiA’s CANopen conformance test tool requires such Excel sheets. The nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) association provides them.

Part 3 of the CiA 306 series describes the network variable handling and the tool integration. Originally, some contents of this document were part of the CiA 405 CANopen programmable logic controller specification. The new version introduces reference designators for the purpose of tool integration. This is especially important for Internet-based remote configuration and diagnostics.

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