Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Compact modules for decentralised I/O system

Compact modules are now available for the Pilz decentralised I/O system PSSuniversal.
Modules are available with 16 digital standard inputs and 16 digital standard outputs; there are also modules with digital inputs and outputs.

The three new compact modules are also compatible with the electronic and base modules in the system PSSuniversal.

Fewer components are needed when using compact modules, enabling savings to be made. The new compact modules represent an economical solution; with 16 channels, only one compact module is needed, instead of the four individual modules that used to be required.
Various connectors are available, so that the modules are suitable for 1, 2 or 3-wire connection technology.

The high packing density of the compact modules reduces the assembly area by up to 40 per cent. What’s more, replacing four individual modules with one compact module reduces the number of components required substantially, saving a considerable amount of space in the control cabinet.

Fewer modules, combined with an extremely simple connection technology, guarantee that PSSuniversal compact modules are simple to handle. Thanks to plug-in terminals which can be pre-assembled, the compact modules are ideally suitable for series applications.
In practice, the large area available for labelling the equipment identifier for each signal, plus the clear visibility of the signal and status LEDs, all make handling of these compact modules considerably easier.

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