Friday, 5 March 2010

How has the new social networking order effected publications in the automation sector?

A fascinating podcast has been released by Telesian Technology, the American company which provides marketing, Web development, and e-business services especially in the field of automation.
This interview was with two of the leading editors in the sector, Walt Boyes of Control Magazine and Gary Mintchel of Automation World. Telesian's Juliann Grant wanted to find about how PR is changing with social media from their point of view. Social media has opened up many new outlets for marketing and PR folks, and editors are actively participating in social media too. What has changed, if anything?

If you download this blog you will learn that stupid is as stupid does in PR. Indeed, straight talker Walt is known for calling out PR pros on the PR Wall of Shame. Social media is changing the way we can share information. And there are many more outlets, that’s all good. But social media is not necessarily changing our relationships with editors and the press. Any good PR pro worth their salt knows that ALL relationships are important and care needs to be taken. Just because we have direct access to an editor or blogger’s Twitter ID doesn’t mean that’s the best way to pitch your idea. It could be, but every instance needs to be evaluated. PR professionals STILL need to take time to understand what an editor will be looking for and work from there. And many don't.

Anyway don't take my word for it, listen to the podcast yourself, it's entertaining as well as educational. And if you want publicity in Read-out or in any Automation periodical worth it's salt this is a good way to learn how!

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