Monday, March 1, 2010

Fieldbus gateways

The new AS-Interface gateways for Profibus-DP from Phoenix Contact set themselves apart by the fact that AS-Interface networks can be simply integrated into a Profibus-DP system. The devices have a rugged stainless steel housing with IP20 protection and have been designed for installation in control cabinets.

The gateways allow AS-Interface slaves to be operated with extended addressing and are specified according to the AS Interface specification 3.0. This means that they are downwards compatible to AS Interface slaves with older specifications. The new AS-Interface gateway for Profibus FLX ASI MA PB SF has a compact housing and can therefore be installed in control cabinets in an especially space-saving fashion.

The new AS-Interface gateway for Profibus FLX ASI MA 2 PB EF is designed as a double master to connect two AS Interface circuits and has an expanded functional scope. Among other things, Profibus settings for the gateway can be made and AS-Interface circuits configured – including user-friendly addressing of the AS-i slaves. Further, both AS-i circuits can be diagnosed in-depth via the gateway.

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