COVID-19 and Automation.

Various statements are being issued by companies and events in the Automation Sector as well as some helpful suggestions. We will list these below as we hear of them. There is some excellent Corona Advice - on coping with this crisis on the Profibus's British website, including warnings about Corona Virus scammers & phishing.

COFID in Ireland
Blue: Confirmed Cases
Red: Daily Increase
Green: Total Deaths
The graph on the right shows latest progress of the disease on the Island of Ireland.  The first case on the Island was on 28th February (in Belfast). The first case in the 26 Counties was announced 1st March 2020. The testing policies in both jurisdictions are different with Northern Ireland though they have tended to be closer to each other as progress in understanding and confronting the virus develops.  There is some distortion in the testing figures due to delays caused by the non availablity of testing materials.and facilities especially in the earlier stages of this debilitating disease.

There was a significant jump in the number of positive Covid-19 tests in Northern Ireland on Thursday, 25th June, but the increase (over 800 cases) was due to a change in how figures are reported and included local authority cases from April and May. No increase in deaths were reported and there were no deaths reported in the jurisdiction. A jump like this was recorded in the 26 county area too (3190 cases). This was due to delays as some tests were sent to Germany for assessment as the testing regime was being developed in Ireland. This regime was concluded in mid April.

Major outbreaks were identified in clusters especially in residential homes for older people and those with particular underlying conditions and testing concentrated on these starting in mid April leading to an increase of reported cases. During June the figures were sufficiently low to allow a more rapid lifting of the restrictions at the end of that month.
Most recent news
The first day in which no deaths were reported (Since mid March) were 25th May in the 26 counties and the following day in Northern Ireland.  The first day in which no deaths from COVID-19 on the Island - both jurisdictions - was 15th June 2020.

Northern Ireland now has different timelines than those of the UK Government (as do Scotland and Wales). In the 26 counties of the Republic major reviews of the restrictions have resulted in major changes outlined here which take commence on 8th June 2020.  But as the Irish Government announcement statement says, "COVID-19 is still having a major impact on our country. By working together we have made progress – but the virus is still in Ireland."

A perceptible rise in the number of confirmed in both jurisdictions has led the Irish Government to delay the easing of restrictions until 10th August (instead of 20th July). The most recent figures include a very large number of people under 45 years of age. Deaths and admissions to hospitals seems to have remained stable however.

In the beginning of August a significant rise was noted in meat processing plants and this led to a regional reversal including closure of restaurants and public gatherings and confinement of the public to their local counties in three of the 32 counties of Ireland (Kildare, Offaly & Laois) for a further two weeks to ensure that these cluster outbreaks did not spread into the wider community. Community transmission has been consistently low throughout the country - north & south.

Many of us are involved (perhaps for the first time in  video meetings. This brief posting may help, How to look good in video calls! (BMON 8/4/2020) as may this article Mastering the role of the virtual meeting host (Elizabeth Scarce, Control Engineering 8/5/2020).

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The Tripadvisor Organisation has a useful map which shows the state of each country.
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