Friday, May 3, 2019

Simplified connectivity for the automation engineer.

Talk2M® Easy Setup is new configuration wizard within the free-of-charge VPN Client eCatcher. It only requires a USB drive or an SD card to get an Ewon® Flexy online with the Talk2M secure remote access cloud.

Ease of use and ease of maintenance have always been key for the market-leading Ewon Flexy industrial remote access router. Now HMS goes one step further with Talk2M Easy Setup which enables users to configure the network connectivity of an Ewon Flexy or Cosy with just a PC and a USB flash drive.

In Talk2M Easy Setup a new wizard guides the user through the most common internet connectivity settings. Once completed, the resulting configuration file can be saved locally on the PC, to a USB flash drive, or SD card. Finally, the storage media is plugged into the Ewon product in question, after which the router connects to the Talk2M Secure Cloud.

In addition to simplifying the initial setup process, Talk2M Easy Setup also provides an additional way for Machine Builders to support their remote deployments. Once a machine with an Ewon router included is deployed to an End User site, network settings might be different. Furthermore, local IT staff might perform a network maintenance, perhaps changing the settings needed for Flexy to provide timely remote access. This could be as simple as assigning a new Static IP address, or as complicated as installing a new proxy.

When such network changes are identified, Machine Builders can support their customers by emailing a new configuration file to the End User who can simply update the Flexy with a USB flash drive without need for a laptop, special software, or extensive support. With this feature, deployment becomes much smoother for both the Machine Builder and their customer. Talk2M Easy Setup ensures that Machine Builders and End Users can configure their key connectivity settings from anywhere and keep their Ewon Flexy’s always connected.

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New manifold valve design for pressure transmitters.

Pressure-Lock™ Valve featured on the new Rosemount™ R305 and R306 manifold product family provides easier operation while enhancing reliability and safety

A new manifold product family has been launched by Emerson for its Rosemount™ pressure transmitters. Manifolds shut off or equalise pressure at the transmitter and provide the critical mounting mechanisms required in many installations. The Rosemount R305 Integral Manifolds and Rosemount R306 In-line Manifolds have been designed to offer significant user improvements on these basic functions.

“Pressure transmitter manifolds often don’t get much attention, but users understand how vital they are for effective operation,” said Scott Nelson, vice president and general manager for Emerson’s Rosemount pressure products. “Emerson takes all these elements seriously and introduced this improved offering to make this critical operation easier and safer for technicians who work with these products every day.”

The most important improvement for both manifolds is the new Pressure-Lock™ Valve design which simplifies high-pressure operation, increases safety and enhances reliability. New features include:

● Two-piece stem does not rotate in the seat, providing solid closure with minimal wear.
● Easy to turn while delivering positive shut-off.
● Adjustable packing nut simplifies valve maintenance.
● Back seating prevents blowouts for increased user safety.
● Stem and bonnet threads are fully isolated from the process fluid to minimise potential corrosion.
● Modular packing ensures only the stem and body are exposed to the process fluid.
● Larger internal passages to enhance reliability.

The Rosemount R305 is designed for both differential or gauge pressure applications and mounts directly to any Rosemount Coplanar™ Transmitter for a complete solution. This reduces the number of potential leak points by 50 percent compared to traditional biplanar transmitter set-ups. Two-, three- and five-valve configurations are available.

The Rosemount R306 is designed for in-line pressure transmitters for gauge or absolute pressure applications. When a Rosemount R305 or R306 is selected with a transmitter, the components are fully assembled, and high-pressure leak-tested at the factory. This allows the transmitter to be installed right out of the box, saving time and money.

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Appointment in air quality monitoring sector.

Craig Sexton has been appointed to the technical sales team of Air Monitors. Craig will be based in Barnsley (GB) and responsible for customers and prospects in northern England.

Craig Sexton
Welcoming Craig to the team, Air Monitors MD Jim Mills says: “This is an exciting time to join our company. Public, media and government concern about air pollution has never been higher, and we have recently secured a number of major contracts for the leading-edge monitoring technologies that we provide and service.

“Air quality improvement measures are informed by accurate air quality data and the effectiveness of these initiatives can only be measured with proven, reliable monitoring equipment. Craig will therefore be in a position to help improve people’s lives by providing information that leads to cleaner air; which is a major source of job satisfaction for everyone at Air Monitors.”

Craig comes to Air Monitors with a background in customer facing roles and experience with electrical equipment. “As the father of a young child, I am particularly concerned with the effects of poor air quality, both indoors and outdoors,” Craig says. “I am therefore very excited to be working for the UK’s market leader in air quality monitoring equipment, and look forward to developing long-lasting relationships with the company’s customers.”

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Harsh environment connectors.

The latest additions to the Binder 696 Series of HEC (Harsh Environment Connector) series of connectors designed specifically for outdoor use are now available from Foremost Electronics.

Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “Binder lead the way in supplying high-quality, high-reliability connectors to support the increasing use of electronic equipment being used outdoors and in harsh environments. These additions to their range offer designers more rugged and reliable interconnection solutions.”

A new power connector designed to handle up to 32A at a rated voltage of 600V is available in both cable and panel mount formats and comes with 4+PE silver plated male or female contacts. The panel-mount version is fitted with a hinged waterproof and dustproof cover for maximum protection when not mated.

Designed by Binder for fast and easy assembly, the Series 696 HEC female connector protects to IP67/IPX9K and can be supplied with 4+PE, 8 (4+3+PE) and 12 silver-plated contacts and features crimp termination. The contacts are also rated up to 32A at 600V.

Binder have also introduced a protective conduit hose fitting for applications where cables and single wires need to be protected when installed in harsh environments. When fitted, the conduit hose protects to IP68/IPX9K and it can be retrofitted to existing installations when the need arises. It can be used with both HEC 696 cable connectors and panel mount connectors. The fitting consists of a hose seal, pressing screw and securing clip, Binder can also supply the hose if required.

Binder Series 696 HEC connectors are manufactured from a robust UL 94V-0 rated polyamide and feature a fast and secure three-point, quarter-turn bayonet locking system designed for quick and secure fastening. The Binder HEC series has a service life of greater than 1000 mating cycles and the use of a variety of crimp contacts ensures a secure, vibration-proof termination.

They are waterproof and dustproof to IP68/IP69k and can withstand the levels of harsh treatment found in applications such as agriculture and construction where the use of high-pressure washing is commonplace. Other applications include difficult environments including traffic and signalling systems, process engineering plants, water purification facilities and recycling equipment.

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Development and tuning of plant digital twins.

Enhancements to Mimic™ Simulation Software make it possible to simulate new process reactions and enhance safety checks for plant personnel training

A new release of Emerson’s Mimic™ Simulation Software makes it easier for plants to develop a more accurate digital twin. New modelling capabilities, usability enhancements and tuning options will help engineers more easily create, modify and integrate dynamic simulations for process improvements across the plant lifecycle.

The development of digital simulations of large projects can quickly get complex. Having to manually navigate through individual streams to tune factors such as temperature, pressure and flow on each process element of a simulated plant asset makes changing models time-consuming. Moreover, changing the format in which this data is collected used to mean taking the simulated process offline. New online stream-flow views in the latest release of Mimic significantly speed engineering changes. Users can quickly see all process elements in a single table with changeable parameters, making it possible to view and tune entire processes from front to back – all while keeping the simulated processes online.

The company has upgraded Mimic Advanced Modelling Objects with new blocks and objects to improve simulation – making simulation design easier for a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, liquefied natural gas, refining and petrochemical. Advanced Modelling Objects provide rigorous first-principles – dynamic models of plant unit operations such as those performed by separators, compressors, heat exchangers, valves, turbines, evaporators and more. Plate and frame heat exchanger and three-phase flash vapour-liquid-liquid equilibrium (VLLE) separation objects are now available, as are plug flow reactor objects that reduce the engineering time and complexity of model development for continuous processes in the chemical and hydrocarbon industries.

Organisations can also use new, simpler reaction modelling to more easily simulate reactions in a vessel. These new models offer increased flexibility in the use of reactions in design to automation engineers and organisations such as those in the specialty chemical and life sciences industries, which commonly use such medium-fidelity simulations. Users can create simplified reactions in engineering design – without the need for complex or private reaction data, or a background in kinetics and thermodynamics – to achieve desired results, such as the impact of a reaction on pH. The models also allow for faster simulation implementation because reproduction of complex chemical reactions is not necessary.

For plants that rely on standard operating procedures (SOP) to ensure safety and success in critical procedures such as start-up and shutdown, Mimic provides enhanced scoring features for training simulations. Trainers can modify scoring to prioritise actions that are critical in any SOP to ensure that all steps are properly completed in the correct order every time.

Mimic is now natively integrated with AspenTech’s HYSYS® Simulation Software, providing control platform integration and training functionality to the HYSYS simulation – making building and maintaining an operations digital twin much easier for the thousands of organisations already using AspenTech’s HYSYS software.

Surge protection.

The new M-LB-2000 system from Pepperl+Fuchs offers surge protection with nothing more than a loop disconnect function for easy maintenance and commissioning, making it ideal for use in applications that only require a minimal specification.

The M-LB-2000 can also be used as a superior alternative to terminal blocks with surge protection. The terminal blocks can be replaced by the 6.2 mm slim modules with no additional space required. The one-piece devices can be mounted on a standard DIN mounting rail, are approved for applications up to SIL 3, and are certified in accordance with ATEX and IECEx up to Zone 1. This makes the M-LB-2000 system the ideal complement to the M-LB-5000 surge protection system - the two-part system that offers diagnostic functions.

The M-LB-5000 with condition monitoring function has patented diagnostics and uses a special algorithm to detect different overload situations that can cause the surge protection functionality to wear out. This improves the availability of the protective function, and therefore the system as a whole, while minimizing maintenance costs. The traffic-light display on each protection module greatly reduces testing work, as the fault can very easily be assigned to a specific signal circuit.

This system also offers considerable advantages over other solutions when it comes to maintenance. For example, the base module on the DIN mounting rail stops the signal from being interrupted when the protection module is disconnected. A protection module can therefore be replaced without affecting plant operation. However, if the signal circuit needs to be intentionally interrupted - for isolation tests during commissioning, for example - the protection module can simply be rotated by 180 degrees and plugged in. In this case, the signal circuit is interrupted by an integrated isolating function.

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Really rugged and safe 2-Pole voltage tester.

The most rugged Two-Pole Voltage Testers ever from their stable have been announced by Fluke. Their newly redesigned T110, T130 and T150 Voltage and Continuity Testers now perform better than ever in cable bending tests. The new design is so rugged that Fluke is offering a free extended warranty to anyone who registers a new T110, T130 or T150 before December 31, 2019, extending the warranty from 2 to 3 years for free.

For customers who act quickly, Fluke is also offering a free holster to protect the tester and leads between jobs to anyone who purchases a T110, T130 or T150 by June 30, 2019.

These rugged two-pole voltage/continuity testers offer a combination of light, sound, vibration and digital display to provide instant answers under any working condition. The testers are ergonomically designed for comfort all day and are easily used even when wearing gloves.

Fluke places the highest value on customer safety. Two-pole voltage testers are often used to verify if it is safe to work in an electrical installation, so the tester itself must be constructed ruggedly enough to stand the rigours of everyday use without exposing the user to dangers from broken cables. While the EN 61243-3 standard for the design of test tools specifies the cable to withstand bending to 45 degrees with 5,000 bend cycles in each direction, Fluke’s most recent cable design for their two-pole range of testers is subjected to cycling through 150 degrees in each direction more than 3 times the required bending angle.

The Fluke two-pole voltage and continuity testers feature high-quality construction, including a heavy-duty moulded case, a sturdy battery case and durable probe protector. An integrated flashlight offers increased visibility of the measuring point. They offer four ways to indicate AC/DC voltage: a clear, instantly visible LED indicator, a bright digital display of the measurement value (T130 and T150 only), an audible continuity test, and vibration to provide tactile feedback so electricians know there is voltage present, which is especially helpful in noisy environments or when they cannot take their eyes off the probes. The Fluke T110, T130 and T150 are CAT IV 600V, CAT III 690V safety rated, and the single pole phase test quickly and easily identifies the presence of AC voltage with one hand.

The bright backlit displays on the T130 and T150 ensure that buttons and indicators are visible under any lighting condition and the audio on/off setting allows testing in quiet areas without disturbing others. The T150 also measures resistance up to 1999 ohms.

See how Fluke tests the new and improved Two-Pole voltage and continuity testers.

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Interface portfolio now supported by CODESYS.

CODESYS* Control Win SL from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH now supports the Ixxat® PC/CAN interfaces from HMS.

The Ixxat PC/CAN interface portfolio from HMS Networks is available for all common PC interface standards, such as USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, PCIe, PCIe Mini and PCIe 104. Now, this comprehensive range of interfaces is directly supported by CODESYS.

The library required for operation is included within CODESYS version or newer. In addition to the CODESYS installation, only a VCI-V4 driver installation is required to use all Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces under CODESYS. The VCI-V4 driver can be downloaded for free from the Ixxat website.

Using the integrated library, it becomes very easy to access the CAN bus via CODESYS Control Win SL controller applications. For accessing the CAN network, the user can choose between different Ixxat hardware solutions, e.g. a compact Ixxat PCIe Mini CAN interface, which is integrated directly in the controller application, or an external Ixxat CAN interface, which is accessed via USB or Ethernet.

In addition, the Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces can be used with the CODESYS CANopen Master and CODESYS CANopen Slave application, or with any other CAN RAW application on the CODESYS Control Win SL controller.

* CODESYS is a hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 automation software for developing and engineering controller applications.

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Editor of automation publication announced.

Renee Bassett has been named Chief Editor of the ISA's InTech magazine and their digital content-delivery site for automation professionals.

Renee Bassett
Bassett is replacing Bill Lydon, who will however continue with the publications as Contributing Editor. Bill, who became editor at InTech almost ten years ago will remain a very important member of the editorial team. Read-out has had many contacts with him and Read-out's Eoin Ó Riain, as a former Vice President ISA Publications Dept (2011-2012), values his expertese and friendship.

Bassett joins ISA’s highly experienced team of publishing professionals that include Lydon, ISA’s Group Publisher Rick Zabel, and Content Editor Cory Fogg. In her role, Bassett will work with Zabel to determine publication and content strategy, develop content and manage the publications’ contributors, staff and production processes.

Bassett is an expert content creator, media manager, and marketing communications specialist in the areas of industrial manufacturing, technology and automation. She possesses more than 20 years of experience in content generation for technical and non-technical audiences. Over the course of her career, Bassett has provided her services to leading automation publications—including Automation World and Control Engineering—and developed and implemented media and communications programs for companies such as Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Moxa, Mitsubishi Electric, and Wonderware/AVEVA. She previously served as: Content Creator and Vice President at Trade Press Media Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Deputy Editor at PMMI Media Group in Chicago, Illinois.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Smaller than smallest!

The new Han® 1A, introduced by Harting, is significantly smaller than the previous ‘smallest’ rectangular industrial connector, the Han® 3A. It achieves all the benefits of a modern network a user needs and is the optimum connector solution: The Han® 1A adapts perfectly to the requirements of an ever-shrinking device world.

The Han® 1A interface fits into the smallest of spaces and is a powerful solution for screw and crimp contacts.

Despite its small dimensions, the connector offers powerful solutions for all industrial lifelines. Thanks to the simple ‘Click & Mate’ principle, users also save valuable working time during assembly.

The new interface uses black plastic housings and can be equipped with colour coding. The interface requires very little space and is extremely versatile, since it integrates contacts for data, power and signal transmission. Additionally, the flexible connection technology offers an optimum solution both for on-site installation (screw contacts) as well as the pre-assembly of separate units (crimp contacts). The combination of a few basic elements results in simple and efficient interfaces for mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, medical, energy and traffic engineering.

Typical uses of the Han® 1A include applications in which drives, sensors or other devices must be supplied with power and integrated into communications. In mechanical engineering, this connector provides the perfect solution to enable efficiently for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors. The Han® 1A is ideal for use in traffic engineering, whilst door drives, entry-level systems, lighting, loudspeakers, screens, display panels, signal generators and much more can all be supplied by this new lightweight innovation.

The system is flexible when it comes to protection against dust and water. Only two components are required to quickly assemble an IP20 solution for use in protected areas such as the spars of machines and supply ducts. Housing elements and/or single-wire sealing mats create a water and dust-proof IP65 solution that can be used on grippers and other robotic tools in harsh industrial environments.

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Robust CO2 Sensor.

The well proven EE820 sensor from E+E Elektronik is appropriate for reliable monitoring the CO2 concentration in harsh and polluted applications such as agriculture and life stock barns. Beside voltage and current output, the sensor is now also available with RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol.

The operation of the EE820 is based on the long-term stable E+E dual-wavelength NDIR principle, which is highly insensitive to contamination and automatically compensates for ageing effects. The multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment procedure ensures high CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire temperature range -20/60°C (-4/140°F).

The EE820 features a robust IP54 enclosure with a special filter, which offers best protection of the measurement electronics in harsh and polluted environment. The functional enclosure facilitates mounting the sensor with closed cover. Thus, the electronics is safe from mechanical damage and construction site pollution during installation.

For fast response time to changes in CO2, the EE820 is optionally available with a forced air circulation module installed behind the filter.

The measured data with range up to 10000 ppm CO2 is available on the analogue output (voltage / current) or on the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol.

An optional adapter and the free EE-PCS Product Configuration Software facilitate the configuration and adjustment of the EE820.

• E+E Elektronik products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Snap fit modular design DIN rail boxes.

JPR Electronics is now stocking an extended range of CamdenBoss CNMB DIN-Rail Module boxes . The modular enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and styles with optional accessories, a variety of lid colours and are also available as kits. The top panel is ideal for screen printing of instructions, company logos etc.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, comments, “DIN-Rail mounted products are widely used in machine and panel building and industrial and building automation. The CambdenBoss CNMB range offers manufacturers of control, automation and sensor products a readily available, simple to use DIN-Rail enclosure system saving the time and costs of a custom design.”

The CNMB enclosures offer designers of monitoring, control, automation and sensor systems a simple solution for mounting their products in the widely used DIN-Rail format.

Common specifications include; snap fit modular design in 8 different sizes carrying up to 3 PCB's horizontally or 2 vertically, base fits 35mm DIN-Rail or directly to flat surface, moulded in light grey UL94-V0 flame retardant polycarbonate, snap fit terminal cover options for IP20 finger protection, open top as standard, snap in covers are available in grey and clear, solid top and vented options, covers and terminal guards ordered separately, UL Rating UL94-V0 and IP Rating IP20.

The CNMB DIN-Rail mounting module box kit is supplied in snap-fit kit form for easy assembly and consists of a base, top panel, terminal guards and clips for rail or wall mounting. Each kit includes 2 perforated terminal covers enabling customisation as required and CNMB/6 & CNMB/9 are supplied with additional blank terminal covers.

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Temperature sensor range expansion.

Balluff is expanding their range of sensors for media-contacting temperature detection, in hydraulic power units for example. New are a temperature sensor with display, a temperature transmitter as well as a PT1000 sensor .The version without display is especially compact and vibration-resistant, whereas the versions with the turnable and highly readable display offers high operating convenience and flexible installation.
Depending on the version, the BFT sensors provide PNP switching outputs, analog signals 0...10V/4...20mA or work as a PT1000 sensor. They are simple to install by threading into the process using a standard process connection with G- and NPT threads. Integrating them requires just a 4-pin M12 plug on the sensor.

Continuous monitoring of process media on machines and equipment contributes greatly to process security. Values that need to be maintained are pressure, level and temperature. When for example in a hydraulic system you need to monitor the temperature of the hydraulic fluid, you can do this reliably using our BFT media-contacting temperature sensors. Monitoring the temperature within the hydraulic loop guarantees correct fluid viscosity and thereby the best performance of a machine. Critical process conditions such as a temperature limit can be controlled directly via the switching output. An analog output provides continuous measurement results. The BFT temperature sensors also stand out when it comes to monitoring the cooling water, lubricants and compressed air, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

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Moisture in compressed air dryers.

Michell have issued a new paper on Critical moisture measurements for compressed air dryers.

Compressed air supplies are a necessity for industrial applications around the globe. In Europe alone, it is estimated 10 percent of all industrial electricity consumed is used to produce compressed air. Compressed air can also be used as a safe alternative power source in hazardous locations where there is a risk of fire or explosion, such as mines and oil rigs.

When warm compressed air leaves the compressor, it contains a high level of water vapour, and drying is a necessary part of the process. Any water vapour in the system will condense on cold surfaces and create the risk of corrosion or blockages.

Drying is a crucial part of the compressed air system and there are three options to choose from:
• After coolers (usually combined with another form of dryer)
• Refrigerant dryers
• Desiccant dryers

Dew-point measurements increase the efficiency and economy of drying – read the full article here to find out how dew-point dependent switching (DDS) saves money and ensures the quality of compressed air supplies.

• Michell INstruments are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Magnetic components development manager.

ETAL Group has appointed Philip Kind as Business Development Manager in Britain. He will leverage his 25 year sales background and impressive track record within power electronics to increase sales in growth markets such as electric vehicles, renewables, rail, oil and gas, medical and military.

Philip Kind
Humberto Salgado, Global Sales Manager at ETAL said, “Philip’s appointment is a significant step in our strategy for growth and with his strong sales experience and in-depth understanding of our industry, he is exactly the right person for the job. I’m confident he will help generate new business and build awareness of ETAL’s portfolio of custom designed products to our target industries, further strengthening our position in the UK market.

“ETAL offered me a great opportunity to join an exciting and dynamic company that is recognised globally for its outstanding quality, strong design capabilities and in-house manufacturing,” added
Philip Kind. “This new role will be an exciting challenge and I feel that I’ve joined at the perfect time to drive sales forward in 2019 and beyond.”

Philip Kind previously ran his own company Tesla Power, a technical sales agency that represented two transformer manufacturers. Prior to this he spent over 20 years in various sales positions in the power industry.

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Thousands of components.

Following the acquisition of Micro Plastics in 2017, Essentra Components acquired Nolato Hertila AB in 2018 to increase their product offering to 35,000 products available – 75% of which are manufactured under the Essentra brand covering fasteners, caps and plugs, access hardware, cable management and feet.

The new Essentra Components catalogue contains over 1,000 new items in 10 key areas with now over 1 billion parts available ex-stock to aid manufacturing and installation-based industries from electronics to vehicles, HVAC to hydraulics.

New Essentra Components products are exemplified by the Parallel Protection Plug in LDPE to protect connectors and ensure a clean finish – moulded with a tab for easy application and removal.

Hinge bearing protection is offered by the low-density polyethylene and polypropylene plugs for hinge bearings and swivel joints.

In similar vein we see the new threaded Blasting Plug range which is especially designed for blast cleaning and wet painting applications where it excludes grit and ensures minimal paint shadow on assemblies. The plugs incorporate a screwdriver slot for ease of application and removal.

Focusing again on cleanliness in assembly and installation is the new Quick-Fit Connector LDPE yellow protection plug to SAE J2044 for fuel system quick connectors, which combines a tight internal fit with flange protection and an easy-pull central tab.

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