Thursday, December 20, 2018

Switches to networks.

.steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG now has a new company name: steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG. This marks their advancement from a manufacturer of switchgear to a provider of sensor networks and intelligent MMI solutions for complex applications in the industrial and medical fields.

In practice, this step was taken some time ago. Managing Director Marc Stanesby: "We have increasingly been developing system solutions for our customers, such as wireless intralogistics networks for E-Kanban systems or network-compatible controls for medical equipment in the OR. Now we are simply driving this process further."

The established core business, namely the development and production of high-quality switchgear and sensors, will of course continue at steute. However, the products developed by the four steute business units Automation, Extreme, Meditec and Wireless are now frequently components within complete technology platforms, for example the control of production processes, as well as the operation of machines or medical devices. These platforms are also developed and produced by steute. The new company name steute Technologies will make this change in our business model transparent.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Distributor Award.

ZF manufacturer of electromechanical switch and sensor solutions for the industrial market sector, has again been given recognition for the quality of support and collaboration with their Distribution network by SPDEI.

ZF topped the Electromechanical category for Distributor support, and with it being voted for by the Distributors themselves, the award is of particular significance.

SPDEI (Professional Union of Industrial Electronics Distribution) is the French Association set up to promote the development of the profession in economic, technical and regulatory areas. Electromechanical Components is one out of 9 product categories voted on, others included passives, connectors, and wireless.

This was the 23rd year of the awards and the presentation of the 2018 SPDEI trophies took place at the Automobile Club de France (Paris), under the leadership of Pascal Fernandez, the President of the Union.

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Ethernet switches for imaging.

Harting has developed a new Ethernet switch that enables the implementation of individually tailored plug & play network solutions for data-intensive applications.

Imaging processes have become ever more important in all industry segments. From quality inspection within a production facility to road traffic identification, image processing supports the frictionless progress of daily businesses. However, while the quality of images has increasing significantly in recent years, the capability of network devices for industrial environments has grown rather more slowly.

Their new Ha-VIS eCon unmanaged 16-port gigabit switch addresses this challenge by offering the necessary performance to cover the demands of processing several high-quality images and streams in parallel throughout the network.

Because of their volatile nature, live imaging or streaming processes are performed without network reliability mechanisms. The reason is that images and data streams must be transferred to the receiver without delay, or the transfer makes no sense at all. To secure the correct delivery of large data streams, the Ha-VIS eCon 3160GX-A-A switch supports Jumbo Frames. These are Ethernet frames which improve performance on local networks by making data transmissions more efficient.

The Harting Ha-VIS eCon is also equipped with an optimised architecture, guaranteeing the availability of hardware resources and offering uncompromising performance.


Low-cost connection to powerful Industrie 4.0.

IO-Link was originally developed in order to provide easy standardized wiring of intelligent, complex sensors and actuators using a simple three-core sensor cable. As the issues surrounding Industry 4.0 grew more specific, it quickly became clear that IO-Link is the key in implementing powerful Industry 4.0 concepts, since a wide variety of field information is required from production plants.

Besides the control of automated production and device configuration, this information is increasingly needed for remote maintenance, asset management, predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, and data analytics in order to optimize production and make it more flexible. These tasks are based on open sensor-to-cloud communication. Having completed IO-Link’s safety and wireless technological features, the IO-Link Community undertook this new challenge and – in cooperation with the OPC Foundation – began working on a companion specification, “OPC UA for IO-Link.” The decision in favor of OPC UA was the result of the widely accepted standardized semantic description of the data to be transmitted as well as its relation to the “language” of automation.

In an initial step, main application cases were defined in an IO-Link working group that represented over 20 companies. This formed the basis for drafting the companion specification, in cooperation with experts from OPC UA. The contents were derived from the OPC Foundation specification “OPC UA Device Interface,” which contains the generic model of a field device. The underlying architectural model guarantees conformity with all other field devices that are based on OPC UA.

This companion specification passed a review by the IO-Link Community and the OPC Foundation; the final version V1.0 was then drawn up and adopted.

An IO-Link Community working group then began the task of defining the JSON data-interchange format for IO-Link; defining this internationally recognized data format would allow for configuration tools to be connected independent of manufacturer and for lean sensor-to-cloud applications to be implemented.

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Replacement oxygen sensor selector tool.

Analytical Industries Inc’s new online replacement oxygen sensor selector tool has been updated with a wider range of industrial electrochemical oxygen sensors. The company’s electrochemical oxygen sensors are renowned for their quality and performance, offering excellent accuracy and stability.
They are used by customers around the world to monitor safety, ensure quality and save energy in a host of industrial processes.

As well as providing sensors for their own range of industrial oxygen analyzers, Analytical Industries also produces replacement oxygen sensors for oxygen instrumentation from other manufacturers – such as AMI, Teledyne and GE.

This replacement industrial oxygen sensors selector tool makes it easy to find the correct sensor for analysers, searching either by manufacturer or model number. After selecting the correct sensor model and placing the order, replacement sensors are delivered in days.

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MES support in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Pharma and biotech manufacturers in France, Belgium and Switzerland are to benefit from a promising partnership using Werum’s PAS-X MES to optimize their manufacturing. To further expand the PAS-X Service Partner network of Werum IT Solutions, supplier of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Pharma & Biotech and the French-based company SPC Consultants signed a mutual agreement to offer extensive MBR services.

Marc Meyer, MD Werum IT Solutions France,
and Thierry Lacombe, CEO SPC Group
SPC Consultants is specialized in supporting French pharma and biotech manufacturers in project management, validation of computerized systems and their maintenance. As a PAS-X Endorsed Service Partner, SPC Consultants will provide support to Werum customers in France, Belgium and Switzerland in the field of MBR design, support and verification. The partnership will be extended mid-term to additional activities.

“With the increase of our business on the French market we extend our local services capacity accordingly. The partnership with SPC Consultants gives us this opportunity. They are already well-known by our customers and recognized for their high quality of work. I’m convinced that this is a win-win-win situation for our pharma and biotech customers, for SPC Consultants and for Werum IT Solutions”, says Marc Meyer, Managing Director at Werum IT Solutions France.

Thierry Lacombe, CEO of the SPC Group, adds: “As independent player of the MES market in France, SPC Group is eager to collaborate with the main MES vendors. Our strong and historical positioning within the pharmaceutical sector has naturally led us to build a non-exclusive partnership with Werum IT Solutions, whose solution is clearly a reference for the sector.”

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners meet all requirements of Werum's PAS-X Service Partner Program. The main objective is to offer the same quality and competence of services to Werum customers all over the world – through reliable, experienced and certified partners. The Service Partners need to have comprehensive PAS-X knowledge, participate at PAS-X trainings on a regular basis, possess experience in the regulated industry and use a quality management system. The certification has to be renewed on a regular basis.
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Monday, December 17, 2018

SAR Testing.

PCTEST Engineering Laboratory will conduct SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) testing of 5G devices using Anritsu’s Communication Test System MT8000A. The MT8000A will be used in PCTEST’s Columbia, (MD USA), and San Jose, (CA USA) laboratories to emulate a 5G New Radio (NR) radio access network, providing mobile operators and device makers with an efficient means to conduct SAR testing, which is critical due to the imminent rollout of 5G NR technology by operators worldwide.

SAR testing measures the electromagnetic energy absorbed by a body when a wireless device is transmitting in proximity to an end user. SAR testing with the MT8000A will accurately measure the device to evaluate that it is operating within the established maximum RF exposure limits mandated by regulatory bodies.

5G NR devices will be designed in a variety of form factors and power classes that will have different maximum transmitting power limits. The Anritsu MT8000A test system provides reliable 5G NR call connection with the transmitting device over a wide range of frequencies, including FR1 (Sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave), to enable accurate, reliable, and stable near-field Power Density and SAR measurements.

“PCTEST is proud to partner with Anritsu for 5G NR in regulatory compliance testing,” said Randy Ortanez, President of PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc. “We are very pleased to utilise Anritsu test equipment and look forward to working with Anritsu in 5G NR testing.”

“Anritsu is pleased to work with PCTEST to support the industry’s 5G NR regulatory compliance test needs,” said Paul Innis, Vice President and General Manager of Anritsu Company. “PCTEST recognizes that Anritsu is a leader in developing test solutions with leading-edge features to address the verification requirements associated with new wireless technology deployment. Anritsu will continue to introduce a wide range of test solutions as part of our commitment to meet the needs of the wireless device and infrastructure ecosystems.”

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Biologics project recognised.

A project which has made a significant contribution to the advancement of industry in Ireland through the use of Automation Technology.

The Award-winning Team at BMS Ireland
Back in November 2014 BMS Ireland announced plans to construct a new $1 Billion (€0.88b) state-of-the-art, multi-product Biologics manufacturing facility in Cruiserath (IRL).  The primary challenge was to meet the business need and complete the project and start up product qualification batches in Q4 2018.

Key to supporting the start-up of the BMS Cruiserath facility was the delivery of a complex IT and Automation architecture’s. Delivery of this architecture involved a number of innovative approaches to technology.

A temporary mobile data centre was used to take the IT Infrastructure server and network build and test off the project critical path.

During skid vendor FAT’s, which were held all over the world, a cloud based Process Automation system was used which allowed devices to be manipulated saving FAT set-up and execution time. MES and Process Automation recipes are generic and make extensive use of formulas and parameters enabling a flexible multi-product facility.

Process Automation software was designed, built and tested at the system integrator with BMS oversight allowing the FAT’d software to be leveraged significantly reducing the CQV time at site. There has been extensive use of data analytic tools to monitor the process such as the HETP tool for ensuring that the chromatography columns are correctly packed and multivariate monitoring tools to monitor bioreactor performance.

The project has been a resounding success, since the start of October 2018 immuno- oncology drug substance is now being produced for patients. The plant was designed, built, commissioned, qualified and put into production in three years which is among the best in the world for a plant of this size.
Finally and most importantly this delivery could not have been achieved without a highly committed, competent and passionate IT and Automation team which at peak grew to almost 200 team members.

This project was selected by the Ireland Section of the International Society of Automation for their Innovation Project Award presented at the annual Honours & Awards ceremony in historic University College Cork earlier this month (December 2018).

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