Friday, November 2, 2018

Data-driven industrial co-creation through digital transformation.

Advantech  held its first IoT Co-Creation Summit at Suzhou International Expo Center (CN). During the summit, Advantech introduced new features for WISE-PaaS 3.0 and shared a number of IoT solution ready packages (SRPs), based on WISE-PaaS, developed with numerous co-creation partners. The company also outlined future co-creation strategies and schedules for the upcoming year.

Allan Yang, Chief Technology Officer at Advantech said, “While IoT is currently flourishing, and many companies have invested in connectivity and data collection equipment, we are still in the early stages of generating value from IoT data. Since WISE-PaaS launched in 2014, Advantech has continued its integration and improved connectivity with open source communities. Our IoT software modules are developed to create operational cloud platform services oriented around the commercial value generated by data acquisition. Data-driven innovation has thus become the main target for our WISE-PaaS evolution.”

To help advance IoT development, WISE-PaaS 3.0 offers four main function modules:

  • WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer: a cloud configuration tool with visible workflow. WISE-PaaS/SaaS Composer supports customized component plotting for simple and intuitive 3D modeling application and interaction. It updates views at millisecond rates, and, together with WISE-PaaS/Dashboard, presents critical management data in a visually intuitive display to help extract valuable data and improve operational efficiency.
  • WISE-PaaS/AFS (AI Framework Service): an artificial intelligence training model and deployment service framework. The WISE-PaaS/AFS provides a simple drag and drop interface that allows developers to quickly input industrial data. When combined with AI algorithms, the service builds an effective inference engine with automatic deployment to edge computing platforms. AFS offers model accuracy management, model retraining, and automated redeployment. It simultaneously controls multiple AI models in the application field; offering automated model accuracy improvements and life-cycle management services.
  • WISE-PaaS/APM (Asset Performance Management): an equipment network connection remote maintenance service framework. WISE-PaaS/APM connects to a wide array of on-site industrial equipment controls and communication protocols. It supports the latest edge computing open standard, EdgeX Foundry, and includes built-in equipment management and workflow integration templates. Jointly with the AFS, APM accelerates Machine to Intelligence (M2I) application development.
  • Microservice development framework: WISE-PaaS contains a micro service development framework to help developers rapidly create program design frameworks while reducing development requisites. Micro service functions, such as service finding, load balancing, service administration, and configuration center, all offer built-in flexible support mechanisms.

“Many industry partners have invested in equipment data acquisition in the hope of introducing AI driven equipment and intelligent workflow management, while actively seeking methods and tools to extract value from their data. Industry partners are usually reserved in disclosing to outsiders the high-value, industry-specific information they have accumulated over the years. Advantech is learning about the pain points each industrial sector must overcome in order to provide efficient technological support. Our company has found that through co-creation, the collaborative design of IoT-based cloud platform solutions can effectively combine the strengths of both parties to create win-win situations.”

Advantech’s proficiency with cloud data processing and application development, coupled with partner expertise, forms a potent combination of OT and IT that facilitates optimal data collection, management, and analysis. Starting this year, co-creation projects in a number of fields were undertaken with the participation of domain-focused solution integrators (DFSIs). Advantech recently established a water treatment system, jointly developed with GSD (China) Co., Ltd., and a CNC equipment remote operation service, jointly developed with Yeong Chin Machinery Industries Co. Ltd. Both partnerships demonstrate how industrial digital transformations, led by Advantech and its partners through the co-creation model, offer innovative win-win IoT solutions.

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Dicing, bonding & electroplating facilites.

Sensera has acquired and qualified additional thin-film processing equipment including a dicing saw, a wafer bonder and an electroplating cell to meet the growing customer demand in this segment.

"We are very pleased to be able to expand our production capabilities, closely aligning ourselves with growing customer demand. This new production equipment substantially broadens our existing tool set and enables greater vertical integration and process control," said Tim Stucchi, GM/COO of the Sensera MicroDevices Division.

• The new dicing saw operates in either fully-automatic or semi-automatic mode for full wafer and custom cuts, featuring a positional accuracy down to 1 μm and a cutting speed of 300 mm/sec. It supports small pieces and allows for custom shaping of silicon, sapphire, Pyrex, quartz, ceramics and metals.

• Operating under high vacuum, precisely controlled temperature and high-pressure conditions, the new wafer bonder facilitates extremely demanding applications. Eutectic, thermal compressive, adhesive and anodic bonding processes with a wafer alignment accuracy of 2 μm have been smoothly integrated into Sensera's qualified processes, thus enabling the company to offer many wafer level packaging (WLP) solutions to its current and future customers in multiple applications and market spaces:
• Microfluidic devices for bio-analysis, medical research and drug development
• Pressure sensors for human implantable surgical devices
• Precision accelerometer and gyroscope devices for geo-positioning
• Micro-mirror devices for laser based Automotive self-driving applications
The wafer bond chamber is configurable to process small coupons (from ~10 mm2) and wafer diameters from 25 mm (1”) up to 200 mm (8").

• The electroplating cell is able to plate and electroform wafers or discreet parts up to a size of 200 mm (8"). Typical applications include MEMS, Integrated Circuits (IC) on silicon, gallium arsenide and similar glass-type substrates. Sensera's qualified processes achieve exceptionally low residual stress and enable tight thickness uniformity control.

"To drive down cycle times, improve quality control and reduce costs, our fab requires ongoing capability upgrades," stated Ralph Schmitt, CEO of Sensera Inc. "Our objective here is to bring previously outsourced processes back in-house and to expand our internal capability to develop and produce complex MEMS products and solutions. The new dicer, bonder and electroplating cell are just some of the essential steps required to enable innovative development programs and commercial volume customer shipments.”

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Digital MES platform for Italian site.

Aegis Software tells us that Elettronica GF (EMS) has chosen Aegis’ FactoryLogix® digital MES platform, for their manufacturing facility located in Faenza (I).

As material supply issues in the market threaten the completion of schedules in many factories across the electronics manufacturing industry, Elettronica GF steps boldly forward, supported by Aegis’ FactoryLogix software, to ensure continuous accuracy for material allocation, consumption and spoilage accountability throughout the factory, enabling certainty for completion of planned work-orders, full traceability of materials and process, representing a critical enhancement of their ERP system in supporting fast and accurate material procurement for flexible manufacturing.

Gian Franco Argani, Senior Electronics Designer / owner, Elettronica GF commented, “Seeing the current market trends towards Smart manufacturing as well as for potential material supply issues, we immediately recognized the advantage of bringing in one solution that helps resolve both of these issues, keeping us ahead of competition in terms of meeting our customers’ expectations and requirements, both immediately, and long-term.”

Daniel Walls, European Managing Director, Aegis Software stated, “Being in control of all aspects of Production mandates complete visibility, including execution, materials and test. FactoryLogix provides active, intelligent interfaces, coupled with software intelligence to support immediate decision-making by manufacturing and supply-chain managers, engineers, and business systems.”

Antonio Grassino, President, Seica SpA commented, “Elettronica GF is setting a great example for companies across Italy, and the rest of Europe, demonstrating how the focus on the customer, leads business to success. Being proactive to quickly adopt the best solution, avoids unnecessary compromise.”

With Aegis’ FactoryLogix software as an integral part of their manufacturing and supply-chain technology, with full local support being provided by Seica, Elettronica GF and their customers are positioned to enjoy the rewards of genuine Smart factory values.

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Independent data interoperability body has new chief.

The OPC Foundation has announced Stefan Hoppe as its next President and Executive Director.

Stefan Hoppe
Thomas Burke, the longtime President and Executive Director, nominated him as his successor before resigning during the last Board of Directors meeting. Mr. Hoppe was elected by the board in the same meeting. Mr. Burke will remain as an officer on the Board of Directors and will continue his widespread evangelism for OPC UA adoption across various domains. Stefan Hoppe took over the operational activities and responsibility for worldwide adaption of the OPC standards and the further development of the organization.

Stefan Hoppe is a long-standing member of the control automation industry and the OPC Foundation. As an electrical engineer, he joined BECKHOFF in 1995 where he developed OPC classic server and in 2006 the world first OPC UA server integrated into an embedded controller. In 2008 he initiated and chaired the PLCopen OPC UA Companion working group which results are adopted in process industries and discrete manufacturing by multiple international well-known vendors. In 2010 Mr. Hoppe was elected for President of OPC Foundation Europe. Since 2014, he is Vice President of the OPC Foundation and member of the OPC Board. During the following years Mr. Hoppe became an OPC UA evangelist increasingly committed to adopting OPC technologies. Experts see OPC UA as a core standard in the emerging Internet of Things and Industrie4.0 movements.

The key qualifications the OPC Foundation looked for in Mr. Burke’s successor were deep working knowledge of the existing organization, a well-formed long-term vision for the OPC Foundation, a strategic and collaborative mindset. With over 12 years of working with and promoting OPC UA and over eight years of active OPC Foundation leadership - Mr. Hoppe was a natural fit for the role.
Sharing his thoughts on becoming President Mr. Hoppe said “It is truly an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility and exciting opportunity to lead this incredible global organization towards its full potential. While the OPC Foundation roots come from industrial automation and will always be grounded there, I believe it is our duty to greatly widen our horizons in multiple directions – inside industrial automation but also into other new markets.“

On the future adoption of the OPC technology Mr. Hoppe continued, “the value of the open, secure, vendor independent data interoperability the OPC UA standard introduces is universal and is as important to IoT applications across all markets as Ethernet was to connect computers and is to the Internet. My mission is to position and grow the OPC Foundation to work on this scale.”

Elaborating on his decision to change roles, Mr. Burke said, “After an amazing 23 years, I have decided it is time to turn over the reins of the day-to-day operations as the President and Executive Director of the OPC Foundation to the next generation. I believe Stefan Hoppe is the right person for this job as he has clearly demonstrated his commitment and strong leadership on many occasions. I look forward to him advancing the OPC Foundation and its OPC UA technology.”

Mr. Hoppe concluded “On behalf of the OPC Foundation I sincerely thank Thomas Burke for the vision, leadership, and tireless evangelism he provided all these years. It was great to work with Thomas Burke for the last 8 years and I appreciate his decision to continue his worldwide OPC UA evangelization and contribution of his deep valued insights and strategic advice.”

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Standard for Single Pair Ethernet connectors.

Harting’s mating-face design for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) connector technology has been selected by international standards committees as the standard for the next generation of industrial Ethernet connectors.

Harting is driving forward the development of the standardisation of the new Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology. Now, following a multi-stage selection process, international standardisation committees have decided in favour of the Harting Technology Group’s SPE mating face.

“We are very pleased with this decision”, comments Ralf Klein, Managing Director of Harting Electronics, “which also ensures planning security for the developers of new devices for sensor/actuator technology.”

Single Pair Ethernet is a new Ethernet technology that requires only one pair of wires (instead of four pairs) to transfer data and power. This technology, which was originally driven by the automotive industry, is now gaining increasing importance in automation technology, where its development is advancing rapidly. Thanks to its simplicity and an associated reduction in weight, space requirements and installation effort, it promises to have an exciting future within the industrial sector: especially in automation technology and the rail industry.

Thanks to SPE, it is now possible to implement digitisation down to the field level, resulting in end-to-end IP-based communication. Equipping simple sensors, cameras, readers and identification devices with Ethernet interfaces supports the implementation of Integrated Industry and the Industrial Internet of Things.

The end-to-end compatibility of devices, cables and connectors is a prerequisite for the widespread use and successful marketing of SPE technology, which is supported by international standardisation activities through organisations like the ISO/IEC and the IEEE. Since the beginning of 2018, an internationally based selection process for the cabling and standard SPE mating faces has been under way involving the ISO/IEC and more than 20 national expert committees. As a result of this process, two mating faces have prevailed, although there is still some work to do before the final decisions are made:

  • For building wiring, the mating face is based on a proposal from CommScope using the IEC 63171-1 standard.
  • For industrial and industry-related applications, the mating face is based on the Harting proposal according to IEC 61076-3-125.

Based on this mating face, Harting is now preparing a comprehensive product portfolio for the industrial sector, which will take at least 12 months of development. The technology has been driven forward in the past two years in close co-operation with customers.

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Semiconductor Temperature Testing.

Delta Microelectronics has expanded its semiconductor test services to include extremely high and low operating temperature testing.

Automotive and industrial applications typically require stringent testing to ensure semiconductor and IC thermal behavior and reliability at wider operating temperature ranges.

DELTA’s temperature handler allows running test cycles between extremely high (+175°C) and extremely low ( 55°C) temperatures with full temperature control during tests. The Tri-Temp Pick and Place Handler offers throughput up to 5,300 units per hour for device sizes from 2×2 to 70×70 mm.

The new handler extends DELTA’s state-of-the-art European test facilities for testing analogue, digital, mixed signal and RF components. DELTA’s semiconductor test lab includes wafer probers, component handlers using ATE (Automatic Test Equipment), qualification services and failure analysis lab.

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Outstanding contributions to automation Standards.

At the recent ISA Annual Leadership Conference in Canada, ISA’s Standards & Practices (S&P) Department presented annual awards in recognition of outstanding technical contributions and leadership in the development of these standards. 

Dr Maurice J Wilkins
Over the past year, the International Society of Automation (ISA) has published ten new consensus standards and technical reports that improve the safety, cybersecurity and efficiency of industrial processes. Prominent among these are several additions to ISA’s widely used international standards on industrial automation and control systems cybersecurity and enterprise-control system integration.

The awards were presented by 2017-18 S&P Department Vice President Maurice Wilkins, Ph.D., of Yokogawa to the following:
  • Andrew Kling, Director of Cybersecurity and Software Practices, Schneider Electric, and Alex Nicholl, Senior Industrial Security Architect, Rockwell Automation, for their technical expertise and contributions within the ISA99 standards development committee to the development of ISA/IEC 62443-4-2, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems – Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components.   
  • Bill Thomson, IoT Secure Development Lifecycle Technical Leader, Cisco Systems, and Paul Forney, Chief Security Architect, Schneider Electric, for their technical expertise and contributions within ISA99 to the development of ISA/IEC 62443-4-1, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems – Product Security Development Life-Cycle Requirements.
  • Brad Keifer, Senior Manager, BHP Billiton Ltd, and Bill Poole, CTO, Manufacturing Intelligence, for their expertise and major contributions within ISA95 in the updating of the ISA-95 Parts 2, 4 and 5 standards on Enterprise-Control System Integration.
  • Koji Demachi, Marketing Manager & Technical Coordinator, Technical Marketing Department, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Andre Britz, Product Manager – Integration, RPMGlobal, for their technical expertise and contributions within ISA95 to the development of ISA-95.00.08, Enterprise-Control System Integration – Part 8: Manufacturing Operations Management Information Exchange Profiles.   
  • Stan Hale, Senior Director, MRC Global, for his contributions to the development of ISA-TR96.05.01, Partial Stroke Testing of Automated Valves.
  • Fred Cain, a long-time ISA75 standards participant and leader who retired last year from Flowserve Corporation, for his decades of leadership and expertise in the advancement of control valve standards.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018


One smart instrument communication protocol has outlasted and outsold all of the alternative digital instruments and protocols introduced to market over the last thirty years – HART® and the devices that use it. With over 40 million installed HART devices worldwide, HART is not only here to stay but unlike other protocols, it also continues to get updated revisions that enhance data exchange capacity, speed, number of devices on a network, support over Ethernet, and wireless capability.

Moore Industries has created a new white paper titled “Bridging the Gap Between HART Devices and IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things” to address customers’ questions and provide succinct information on HART devices and IIoT.

This white paper outlines how the flow of process and diagnostics data from smart HART digital field instruments, which can now be shared with mid and higher-level control systems, can be leveraged easily using IIoT by asset management and data information systems without having to upgrade expensive process control interface equipment.

Streamlining costs and overhead has left many manufacturing facilities with just enough personnel to keep the plant running. Facilities no longer have the extra time, personnel and resources required to analyze data. Plant operators can take advantage of digital HART data in devices already installed in their facility but were either unaware of, or couldn’t afford the equipment upgrades to gain access to it. Standalone HART gateways provide the most economical pathway to extracting HART data from field devices, making the data readily available to higher-level systems. HART data is an important part of a larger predictive analytics strategy that not only forewarns plant operators of impending problems to come, but is used to optimize the process itself. This type of cloud automation allows operators to gather as much data as possible to reduce operating expenditures and future capital expenditures for future plant builds using a standalone HART gateway.

This paper provides information about employing extracted HART data, cybersecurity considerations, and HART interface options among other topics including features and considerations of devices that facilitate the sharing of process data with control and information systems.

This white paper may be downloaded from the company's White Paper & Articles Page.

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A distinguished and dedicated volunteer.

Billy Walsh receives his award from 2018 President Brian Curtis (left) with Honours & Awards Chairman Jim Keaveney.
The ISA's Excellence in Society Service Award this year was awarded to Billy Walsh, of the Ireland Section. Billy who is on the staff of University College Cork (IRL) received this award for demonstrating excellence in service by his long-term support, activity and accomplishments across every aspect of the Society.

Billy addresses the assembly
This award was instituted to recognize distinguished and dedicated volunteer service in the Society.. Candidates are nominated by the membership by a designated deadline, thus the worldwide membership takes part in the exercise. Nominations are then reviewed by a subcommittee of the Honours and Awards Committee to ensure that criteria are fully met. It is awarded to one member each year.

Members must have a minimum of 15 years of continuous service in a leadership position(s). within the society. Current members of the ISA Honors & Awards Committee and ISA Executive Board are not eligible for nomination.

Currently Billy is Secretary of the Ireland Section although he has occupied most officer positions dow the years.

2018 ISA President Brian Curtis
Award presentations were made at the Annual ISA Honors & Awards Gala on 14 October 2018 this year held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  This event is part of the usual annual meeting of the ISA Delegate conference in the Autumn (Fall) at which officers are elected, changes to the constitution and other matters of governance are discussed and voted upon.

It was a special event for Irish members in this year in that it was presided over by the 2018 President, Brian Curtis who is a member of the Ireland Section.

See Also
• Irish candidate for leadership in automation society. (11 September 2017)
Meet our Members: Billy Walsh (ISA Insights October 2015)
• Release giving details of all recipients of ISA awards in 2018. (July 2018)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Substantial increase in registrations!

The organisers of AQE 2018, the Air Quality & Emissions event, have reported a 21% increase in registrations compared with the last AQE in May 2017.

“This is no surprise,” comments Exhibitions Manager David Hellyer. “Air quality has never been higher in the political agenda, and monitoring underpins all of the air quality improvement measures that are either underway or planned. Similarly, one of the AQE conferences will focus on the Medium Combustion Plant Directive, which will affect thousands of organisations, so in addition to more registrations from local authorities, we are also reserving places for a wide variety of industries and utilities.

“Additionally, AQE 2018 is benefitting from synergy with its co-located sister event WWEM 2018, for which registrations are also up – by 18%.”

The WWEM events also focus on testing and monitoring, but address water, wastewater and environmental monitoring.

• AQE 2018 will take place at the Telford International Centre (UK) on 21st and 22nd November. By registering in advance visitors benefit from free entry to the exhibition and workshops; free parking, lunch and refreshments, and free entry to WWEM 2018.

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Microwave and Cryogenic Connector manufacturer moves.

Intelliconnect (Europe) is relocating both its sales and engineering and production facilities to larger premises in Britain after a year of exceptional sales growth.

“Our UK sales have doubled in the past twelve months to over £3M and we have seen more than ten percent growth in the USA over the same period.” Comments Roy Phillips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect. “We have invested in new product development and test equipment and the launch of our cryogenic cable assembly range has been very successful.”

The design and sales office is moving to larger premises in Chelmsford while the Corby based manufacturing facility is relocating to the Corby Innovation Hub which provides flexible Industrial space for growing companies.

Phillips continues, “Our new production facility will be fifty percent larger than our existing space and we are recruiting at all levels, including looking for apprentices. Chelmsford is a good central location for our engineering and commercial centre and has a pool of skilled engineers for us to draw from as we continue to grow. We are also recruiting in the USA to service rapid developments in medical and supercomputing markets.”

As well as hosting sales and admin functions the new Chelmsford offices will provide a larger engineering design centre for new and custom product developments and maintain the high levels of customer support for which Intelliconnect are renowned.

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Clean air and youth!

Poster competition raises air quality awareness in Scotland
Air Monitors sponsored a competition among Scottish schools as part of an initiative to raise awareness of air pollution issues around the time of the Clean Air Day in June and during the Year of Young People. Environmental Protection Scotland (EPS) coordinated many of the air quality events and staff from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) contributed by running a series of programmes with schools across Edinburgh.

Prior to the competition, the schools utilised SEPA’s national ‘Learn About Air’ teaching package; a dedicated primary and secondary teaching resource for learning about air quality and the things that can be done to help improve the air we breathe. The module fulfils the ‘people, places and the environment’ section of the social studies element of the Curriculum for Excellence for second level pupils. It can also be used to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Keep Britain Tidy’s Eco-Schools Award scheme.

Following the week-long learning activities, schools submitted posters, promoting solutions such as encouraging active travel, cycling and walking to school. The winning poster from each school has now been printed and is on display at the schools’ gates.

Commenting on the posters, SEPA Principal Air Scientist, Dr Colin Gillespie said: “We were very impressed with the quality of the posters, and it was very gratifying to see the level of understanding of the key issues that they displayed.”

Jim Mills from Air Monitors said: "As a company dedicated to air quality monitoring, we were delighted to sponsor this excellent initiative, which will help the next generation to better understand the sources and effects of air pollution and most importantly, how they can do their bit to improve air quality.”

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RoHS 3 compliance.

Anglia is adding RoHS 3 compliance information to the already extensive documentation offered on Anglia Live. Anglia is also working closely with suppliers to ensure that its inventory will be compliant by the time the RoHS 3 directive comes in to force on 22nd July 2019.

Claire Stevenson
RoHS 3 was announced in 2016 and expands the list of prohibited substances from six to ten by adding four new types of phthalates. Manufacturers have until the 22nd July 2019 to meet these provisions. Although it is an EU directive, it has been widely adopted in many other regions across the globe and will still apply to the UK industry even after Brexit.

Claire Stevenson, Quality Manager of Anglia, said, “We are supporting customers to help them with implementation of the revised directive. Over 40 suppliers have advised us that they are already compliant. Many of the remainder have provided compliance road maps showing that they will be able to fully comply by the 22 July deadline. We already provide confirmation of RoHS 2 compliance on Anglia Live and have now added supplementary information advising on the RoHS 3 compliance status for each supplier. We are adding to this regularly as information becomes available.”

She continued, “Customers can continue to use RoHS 2 compliant products up until 22nd July 2019, after this date they will need to ensure products are RoHS 3 compliant. We are already providing certificates of RoHS compliance on Anglia Live which customers can download allowing them to complete their own documentation.”

Many products Anglia holds in its British based distribution centre are already compliant with the requirements of RoHS 3, they have also taken steps to streamline purchasing to ensure that all inventory is RoHS 3 compliant by the time of the July 2019 deadline.

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Temperature & system production facility inaugurated!

Endress+Hauser has invested more than €10.4 million (US$11.8m) in a new, state-of-the-art production facility at its location in Nesselwang (D). The 4,800-square-meter building contains new production and office space, in addition to technology and common rooms. With the expansion, the Group is making further investments in sustainable growth.
Inauguration in Nesselwang (from left): Harald Hertweck, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser Wetzer, Klaus Endress, President of the Supervisory Board of the Endress+Hauser Group, Franz Josef Pschierer, Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Franz Erhart, Mayor of Nesselwang, Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group, and Rainer Kühnel, Director Operations at Endress+Hauser Wetzer, cut the ribbon. 

The expansion was driven by the growing demand for innovative temperature technology and system products, as well as the introduction of new product lines. “We are constantly investing in our centers of competence in order to develop persuasive solutions for our customers and to increase production efficiency,” said Matthias Altendorf, CEO of the Endress+Hauser Group, during the dedication ceremony, which was held on Friday 26 October 2018, in the presence of representatives from politics and business as well as employees.

In many processes, temperature is a measurement parameter with a major influence on product quality. “We will continue to expand and round out our temperature and system product portfolio so that we can be in a position to optimally serve our customers in the future as well. To do that, we need additional space for research and development, production, logistics and quality assurance, which this new building provides,” said Harald Hertweck, Managing Director of the Endress+Hauser center of competence for temperature measurement technology.
The new building is eye catching with an impressive, intelligent architecture featuring a sloping facade that offers protection against the sun, plus glass fronts that let in an abundance of light. The new building also boasts a sustainable energy concept, including a photovoltaic system installed on the roof that provides enough electricity to completely power the basic production load. E-bike charging stations further underscore the emphasis on sustainability.

While the building was being constructed, the production and and logistics processes were also optimized and structured in accordance with Lean Principles and the One Piece Flow approach. This structure enables the center of competence to increase the individual responsibility of the employees, add more flexibility to the production process and optimally utilize the capacity of the machines and operational resources.

Centre of competence for temperature measurement technology and system products
Endress+Hauser Wetzer, the Group’s center of competence for temperature measurement technology and system products, which is headquartered in Nesselwang, Germany, operates five additional production facilities in Pessano (Italy), Greenwood, Indiana (US), Suzhou (China), Aurangabad (India) and Benoni (South Africa). The company received several awards this year for the iTHERM TrustSens, the world’s first self-calibrating thermometer. In addition to awards in France (Mesures, CFIA) and the Czech Republic (Zlatý Amper), Endress+Hauser was also the recipient of the HERMES AWARD, a renowned industry prize, in addition to the AMA Innovation Award at the SENSOR+TEST trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Long-distance data transmission.

Advantech has extended their fibre optic media converter product range with the launch of the new models EKI-2541ML, EKI-2541SL, EKI-2741ML, EKI-2741SL and EKI-2741FL.

With over 30 years’ experience in automation and communication, Advantech is aware that the demand for media conversion is increasing, and understands the difficulty involved in replacing or rewiring existing devices. The new Advantech fibre optic media converters are especially suitable for users looking to meeting their ongoing requirement with minimal costs and effort.

With the ability to connect two dissimilar media types, these new media converters are simple to install allowing networks to be commissioned quickly. The EKI-2541/2741 series media converters provide cost benefits by affordably integrating fibre infrastructure and copper equipment, an ideal solution for “fibre to building” applications for central offices or local sites.

Typical applications include power and energy, transportation (ITS), machine and control automation, building automation and factory automation.

The EKI-2541ML and EKI-2541SL have 1 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 connector and 1 x 100Mbps multi/single mode SC type fibre port. EKI-2741ML/SL/FL offer 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 connector with 1 x 100/1000Mbps Ethernet port with SFP or 1 x 1000Mbps multi/single mode SC fibre port for 1000Base-SX/LX device.

Key features include
1. MDI/MDI-X auto crossover
Automatically detect if the link partner is MDI or MDI-X. Auto-MDI/MDIX can be enabled or disabled. When the function is disabled, the port reverts to MDI mode.

2. SC fibre port
Unaffected by electromagnetic interference fibre is normally used in EMI noisy environments, or in situations where cabling distance exceeds the 100m maximum offered by copper cabling . In addition fibre is future proof, as applications that need higher speeds and distances appear fibre is the only cabling type capable of supporting these demands.

Using fibre conversion ensures ease of installation, low cost and flexibility so allowing the customer to build a flexible communications infrastructure, protect their investment and provide seamless connectivity.

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MES/automation implementation.

Werum IT Solutions has signed a partnership agreement with Shanghai Wellthinic Technology. Based in Shanghai with several local offices in China. Wellthenic is a leading IT solutions provider to the Chinese life science industry with focus on automation systems and MES.
At the closing of the agreement (from left): Yun Fan (KMS China), Paul Dong (Wellthinic), Olivier Néron (Werum), Matii Yan (Wellthinic), Torsten Isenberg (Werum) and Dong Wang (KMS China, Werum)
As a certified “PAS-X Endorsed Service Partner Local”, Shanghai Wellthinic Technology will support Werum customers in the People’s Republic of China with the on-site-implementation of Werum's PAS-X MES and automation systems. For instance, Wellthinic will provide resources for project management, MBR design, system configuration, installation, training as well as the implementation and integration of automation and equipment.

“We selected Wellthinic amongst many candidates based on their years of experience in the life sciences industry and because of their complementary capabilities on ISA-Level 2 systems” says Torsten Isenberg, Senior Director Services at Werum IT Solutions. “Wellthinic has an excellent reputation in China and successfully managed a wide range of services – from single-site projects up to large roll-outs. Furthermore, Wellthinic’s management has been working with foreign companies for decades hence being able to greatly bridge our cultural differences. Therefore, Wellthinic will provide our pharma and biotech customers with high-quality services and support for the years to come.”

Paul Dong, CEO of Shanghai Wellthinic Technology: “Wellthinic’s long experience in offering IT solutions to the pharmaceutical market offers Werum and its customers a stable and reliable partner for the implementation of PAS-X MES. With our deep understanding of the daily operations in the industry, we can perform the transition from a paper-based to a digital-based quality control system more efficiently and in high quality.”

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners meet all requirements of Werum's PAS-X Service Partner Program. The main objective is to offer the same quality and competence of services to Werum customers all over the world – through reliable, experienced and certified partners. The Service Partners need to have comprehensive PAS-X knowledge, participate at PAS-X trainings on a regular basis, possess experience in the regulated industry and use a quality management system. The certification has to be renewed on a regular basis.

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Impressive speakers on Water & Waste!

An impressive list of speakers has been published on the Conference section of the WWEM 2018 website, featuring major water utilities, technology innovators, and some of the leading Universities in water, wastewater & environmental monitoring.

A number of major organisations are also represented; including UKAS, the Drinking Water Inspectorate, the Water Management Society and the Danish Technological Institute.

Speakers from commercial innovators such as BP and Siemens will discuss analytical developments and Big Data, and specialist companies such as Meteor Communications will demonstrate a new breed of remote water quality monitors and web-enabled cameras. Leading testing service providers such as ALS and Derwentside Environmental will also provide insights into the latest analytical challenges.

In addition to the WWEM conferences, there will also be dozens of specialist presentations in the five WIPAC and exhibitor workshop rooms located in the main WWEM Exhibition Hall. The event will also include a Pump Centre Conference and a Flow Forum Conference as well as a wide selection of workshops organised by the Smart Water Networks Forum, PROFIBUS, Engineering Futures, and Cogent Skills.

In summary, WWEM 2018 (Telford, 21/22 Nov.) represents a unique opportunity to meet leaders, innovators and disrupters in water, wastewater end environmental monitoring. Pre-registered WWEM 2018 visitors will benefit from free parking, refreshments and lunch, in addition to free entry to AQE 2018, the co-located air quality and emissions event.

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