Friday, September 28, 2018

Ethernet gateway.

The all-new HES HART® to Ethernet Gateway System released by Moore Industries, converts signals from up to 64 wired HART® devices to Ethernet MODBUS/TCP and HART-IP. The HES allows HART® transmitters and smart valves to interface directly with MODBUS/TCP-based monitoring and control systems over Ethernet, with field device data viewable in any web browser via the HES’ built-in web server.

The system communicates with HART field devices in point-to-point and digital multidrop networks and supports both Normal and Burst Mode communications.

The HES is available in a single channel or four channel configuration. Single channel configuration supports up to 16 HART devices in digital multidrop mode, or can support just one device in a standard point-to-point 4-20mA loop configuration. The four channel configuration can support up to 64 total HART devices for high density installations.

It supports communication with HART 5, 6 and 7 field devices that includes Coriolis, magnetic, vortex, ultrasonic and multivariable mass flowmeters along with pressure, pH, level, temperature transmitters and even smart valve positioners. The HES has sufficient memory to handle thousands of process variable and diagnostic data points from connected smart HART devices.

All HART data from connected field devices is viewable in read-only mode with any web browser via the HES’ built-in web server or a MODBUS/TCP compliant host. The HES also supports HART-IP, allowing any of the connected HART device variables, HES variables, or diagnostics to be monitored. Support for these open industrial protocols enables interface with any process control or asset management system while taking advantage of any Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives that facilitate the propagation of process data to higher level corporate or analytical systems.

The HES is simple to configure over Ethernet using PACTware or other FDT compliant host with
supplied HES DTM. Easy to use menus provide full configuration of the HES including HART channel communications, MODBUS communication and mapping settings and network security parameters. The HES is designed and built to continue supporting Moore Industries’ reputation for rugged reliability and customer satisfaction.

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sales manager for PSU manufacturer.

Gresham Power Electronics has appointed Wiebe Hart as Sales Manager for power supplies. Wiebe has been active in the electronics industry for over fifteen years and brings a wealth of experience of OEM sales and distribution management.

Wiebe Hart
“I have made the power supply industry my passion and while the electronics design market has many challenges to overcome to push design concepts to market I am really looking forward to growing Gresham’s power supply business in the UK and Europe.”

Gresham Power is now part of Coolisys which offers worldwide design and manufacture of power conversion and distribution systems merged into a synergistic “one-company” approach combining the strengths of their various divisions to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving requirements of customers in markets they serve.

Coolisys is dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for mission critical applications and lifesaving services in which innovation is the main driver. Coolisys targets core markets that are characterised by “high barriers to entry” and that require specialised products and services that are not likely to be commoditised.

Wiebe continues “Many of our customers experience issues around high temperature operation, limited space in their design and long lead-times which creates frustration and concerns about their design quality and potential delays in production. My main roll will be to understand and help to overcome those challenges and work together with customers to establish long lasting relationships.”

Karen Jay, Operations Manager at Gresham Power, comments, “We are very pleased to welcome Wiebe into our management team where his direct approach and enthusiasm is very refreshing. Wiebe joins us at an exciting time. Our defence markets are performing well and our increased commercial product offerings through the Coolisys group is expected to make 2018 a standout year.”

Gresham Power has over 60 years’ experience of manufacturing power conversion products and has recently joined the Power Solutions Group of Coolisys Technologies which will increase their product offering and presence in defence and commercial markets in 2018.

The Coolisys Technologies Power Solutions Group has been formed after recent international acquisitions by its US holding Company. Gresham has widened its technology base and taken advantage of the expertise and synergies of a new ensemble of companies including Microphase Corporation, Digital Power and Power-Plus.

Gresham Power already offers industrial, medical, CompactPCI, rail, transportation, test and laboratory power solutions from world-class manufacturers. The present market leading and cost competitive open frame power supplies, modular configurable and encapsulated power supplies, programmable power supplies, electronic loads and DC:DC converters will now be rapidly expanded by leveraging the access to products of the new Coolisys Power Solutions Group partners.

Gresham’s vast experience of designing and manufacturing defence power systems is available to customers to provide modified standard or full custom power supply designs when required. Gresham can also supply a new range of defence power products for land-based and vehicle applications to complement its world-class naval power systems that are utilised by over 20 different countries throughout the world.

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Sulphur/Total Nitrogen Analyser.

The next generation elemental analyser, “ElemeNtS”is the successor of PAC's “MultiTek” .

Launched under their Antek™ brand, ElemeNtS is the most advanced, modular, analytical system available for the detection of Total Nitrogen and/or Total Sulphur content in liquid, gaseous materials and LPG samples. Three configurations are available: ElemeNtS-N for Nitrogen analysis, ElemeNtS-S for Sulphur analysis and ElemeNtS-N/S for simultaneous Nitrogen and Sulphur analysis.

ElemeNtS positions itself as the best performing TS/TN analyser in the market, combining an extremely stable Sulphur and Nitrogen detectors with linearity up to 104.
ElemeNtS complies with key standard methods such as D5453, EN ISO 20846, D4629, IP490, DIN 51444, EN 15486, D7183, D7184, UOP 971, IP554, D7551, D6667, UOP 936, D5176.
The new generation Elemental Analyzer “ElemeNtS” displays exceptional sensitivity and allows simultaneous analysis of Total Sulphur and Total Nitrogen in hydrocarbon samples up to 30 ppbw, according to ISO 11843.

Featuring a 10” touch-screen, the ElemeNtS allows for direct queue control and diagnostics, along with a completely revamped IRIS based software platform make controlling ElemeNtS effortless. ElemeNtS also has an easy accessible front door to keep maintenance of the instrument hassle-free.

The ElemeNtS is delivered completely turnkey and as such is factory tuned, calibrated & validated. Other benefits include documented methods as well as two year warranty on hardware and applications.

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Addressing logistic expertese!

Over 15,000 job vacancies expected by 2020 with Brexit expected to worsen the skills gap.

Logistics and freight distribution companies from across Ireland have warned that a no-deal Brexit coupled with an acute shortage of qualified logistics workers could lead to significant disruption in the sector. The warning comes as Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) launches Ireland’s first ever Logistics Apprenticeship aimed at addressing the skills gap in the industry while providing ‘earn as you learn' opportunities to schools leavers and mature students. The launch was attended by the Minister for Training, Skills, Innovation, Research and Development John Halligan TD, Logistics Associate Apprentices and leading industry employers.

DIT Apprentices Dylan Moloney (Harris Group) and Rachel Slater (Kuehne + Nagel) pictured with Minister of State for Training and Skills John Halligan TD at the launch .
Speaking at the launch, Declan Allen, Assistant Head of the School of Management said, “The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship, developed by DIT in conjunction with an industry-led consortium, is in response to the report published by the Expert Group on Future Skills Needs in 2015 which found the sector would need up to 15,500 extra skilled workers by 2020." Apprentices work four days a week and then spend a day in DIT College of Business on Aungier Street. Over the two-year programme, students will develop the skills necessary for Logistics Associates, who are responsible for coordinating the movement of goods in a company, including the planning and coordinating of all warehousing and transportation activities in the supply chain.”

Aidan Flynn, General Manager Freight Transport Association Ireland and Chair of the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Consortium, is confident the new enterprise-led apprenticeship will alleviate skills shortage in the sector. “In recent years, our industry has struggled with a widespread skills shortage, and we are also facing an uncertain future with Brexit on the horizon. Regardless of the outcome of negotiations, there is likely to be a divergence in UK and EU regulations increasing the cost of transporting goods and the level of paperwork required to do so. The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship launched today will provide the industry with a fresh cohort of graduates equipped with the knowledge required to maintain supply chains and the steady distribution of goods to wholesalers, retailers and consumers across the country.”

LtoR: Aidan Flynn, General Manager Freight Transport Association Ireland and Chair of the Logistics Associate Apprenticeship Consortium, DIT President Professor Brian Norton, Minister of State for Training and Skills John Halligan TD, Dr Mary Liz Trant, Declan Allen, Assistant Head, DIT School of Management and Paul O’Reilly, Head, School of Management at DIT.
The Logistics Associate Apprenticeship was announced by the Ministers Richard Burton TD and John Halligan TD last year as part of the government’s Action Plan for Education. The plan aims to double the number of new apprentices registered to 9,000 by 2020 and expand further into new areas. 18 employers and 26 apprentices from across the Freight, Transport, Distribution and Logistics sector are participating in the programme on a day-release basis with the apprentices attending class one day a week in the School of Management in DIT Aungier Street (Dublin Irl).

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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Three in one sensor.

The duct mount EE850 from E+E Elektronik measures CO2 concentration up to 10000 ppm (1 %), as well as relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T). It is ideal for demand controlled ventilation, building automation and also for climate and process control. The 3-in-1 sensor features a dew point temperature (Td) and a passive temperature output.

The EE850 incorporates the E+E dual wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor, which is highly insensitive to pollution. The CO2 autocalibration ensures excellent long-term stability, while the temperature compensation leads to high measurement accuracy over the entire working range from -20 to 60 °C (-4...140 °F). The CO2 sensing cell is located in the innovative device enclosure and thus very well protected.

The combined RH/T sensing element is placed inside the probe. The E+E proprietary coating protects the sensing element from dust and corrosion, which leads to accurate measurement even in harsh environment. It also improves the long-term stability by preventing stray impedances caused by deposits on the active sensor surface.

The CO2, RH, T and Td measured data is available on the analogue outputs. Additionally, the EE850 features a passive T output. Configuration and adjustment can be easily performed with an optional adapter and the free EE-PCS configuration software.

External mounting holes allow for mounting the transmitter with closed cover. This saves time and protects the electronics from construction site pollution. Alternatively, the device can be installed with the mounting flange included in the scope of supply.

• E+E products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology

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Availability of cloud-based advanced analytics applications.

The advanced analytics solutions from Seeq Corporation is delivered via software as a service (SaaS) on Microsoft Azure. Seeq enables engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly analyze, predict, collaborate, and share insights to improve production outcomes. Customers include companies in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

“The move to cloud platforms for advanced analytics on large manufacturing data sets is clearly underway and will only accelerate,” says Michael Risse, Vice President and CMO at Seeq Corporation. “Our goal is to ensure our customers have the advantages of Seeq insights on their cloud platform of choice.”

Seeq is already run by customers on Azure and includes support for Azure-specific features such as Azure Directory Service. Seeq will now offer its software as a SaaS application on Azure to address customer interest in cloud-based analytics solutions. Shell, headquartered in The Hague, (NL), is an example. Shell will be providing cloud-based access to Seeq for its process engineers and experts working with OSIsoft PI data.

"Easy cloud-based access to Seeq by our engineers will enable faster insights and reporting on our key real-time data," comments Johan Krebbers, IT CTO of Shell. "Our ability to tap advanced analytics offerings for predictive and root cause analysis of assets and process outcomes delivers on our commitment to continuously improve execution results."

“Seeq’s focus on driving advanced analytics innovation in process manufacturing organizations makes it an ideal addition to the Azure ecosystem,” says Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Azure. “As Microsoft enables digital transformation initiatives in process manufacturing and IIoT customers, we are excited for the insights Seeq will deliver.”

Recent releases of Seeq have focused on enabling larger deployments through scalability features, and making the Seeq applications easier to use. R20 features, released this summer, include the ability to have live updates to Seeq Topics, which publish insights from Seeq to other users; expanded machine learning functionality for customers doing predictive analytics with Seeq; and an improved query model for customers accessing contextual data from SQL-based data sources to provide faster connections to big data sources.

"Seeq continues to release compelling analytics solutions for customers in process manufacturing and Industry 4.0 engagements," says Janice Abel, Principal Analyst at ARC Advisory Group. "The need for faster and better insights is a consistent requirement for customers investing in IIoT and Smart Manufacturing."

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Refrigration motor.

The new PLSES 4500 from Leroy-Somer, is a high-speed drip-proof induction motor specifically designed for industrial refrigeration. Meeting the demand of professionals in the refrigeration sector, particularly as regards reliability and energy efficiency, the PLSES 4500 can reduce power consumption and operating cost by up to 30%.

A refrigeration installation has a strong impact on the energy bill of a company. The cold compressor, at the heart of the system, remains the most energy-consuming element, and can represent up to 80% of total consumption. OEMs or integrators seek to reduce drastically the power consumption of their machines. The other fundamental requirement in this industry is fault-free operation, as any breakdown of the cold production system would cause significant losses.

With the PLSES 4500, a new IP23 high-efficiency and high-speed induction motor controlled by a frequency inverter, Leroy-Somer provides an appropriate response to the needs of the refrigeration industry.

Based on the IMfinity® platform, the PLSES 4500 motor combines tried-and-tested induction motor technology with Leroy-Somer's recognised drive systems expertise. These motors, cornerstones of the refrigeration system, whose robust design perfectly meets or even exceeds the industrial refrigeration requirements in terms of reliability, are compliant with the latest European standards.

Dedicated to high speed, the PLSES 4500 has been designed to operate at variable speed. It was tested and qualified with Leroy-Somer Powerdrive MD2 high-power variable speed drives, guaranteeing optimum electrical and mechanical performance, obtained by using components selected to work together.

This solution using a variable speed motor drive has a positive effect on the energy bill. Offering IE3 efficiency, PLSES 4500 motors deliver their rated torque over a range from 1000 to 4500 rpm, resulting in notable power gains at the refrigeration compressor output. For its part, the frequency inverter adjusts the speed to the load fluctuations - which are typical of industrial refrigeration - by limiting electricity consumption to what is strictly needed for the application. Through improving operating conditions, the motor-drive assembly contributes considerably to reducing the energy bill generated by the refrigeration unit, as well as increasing the coefficient of performance (COP). This maximised energy efficiency can reduce power consumption up to 30%.

Furthermore, Leroy-Somer made design choices which ensure a surprise-free operation of the PLSES 4500 motor, given the constraints of industrial refrigeration:
  • - To avoid the circulation of shaft currents, a particularly common phenomenon in high-power applications, and offer thus maximum protection to the motor and the driven machine, the PLSES 4500 is fitted with insulated bearings and a grounding ring as standard for redirecting shaft currents.
  • - Laid out in such a way as to facilitate the connection of thick shielded cables, the terminal box also has a set of grounding braids that contribute to the good product immunity to high-frequency electromagnetic interference.
  • - The cooling system has been optimised to reduce losses, minimise noise levels and prevent temperature rise. The PLSES 4500 also benefits from a thermal reserve of 25 K across the entire speed range, which increases the winding lifetime.
An ideal solution for the industrial refrigeration from 100 to 480 kW, in frame sizes from 225 to 315, the PLSES 4500 motor combines performance and energy efficiency, whilst maintaining a maximum level of reliability.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems.

The ISA/IEC 62443 series of standards, developed by the ISA99 committee as American National Standards and adopted globally by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), is designed to provide a flexible framework to address and mitigate current and future security vulnerabilities in industrial automation and control systems (IACS). All ISA standards may be found here on their website in numerical order.

A newly published standard in the series, ISA/IEC 62443-4-2-2018, Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems: Technical Security Requirements for IACS Components, provides the cybersecurity technical requirements for components that make up an IACS, specifically the embedded devices, network components, host components and software applications. The standard sets forth security capabilities that enable a component to mitigate threats for a given security level without the assistance of compensating countermeasures.

“The standard definition of the security capabilities for system components provides a common language for product suppliers and all other control system stakeholders,” emphasizes Kevin Staggs of Honeywell, who led the ISA99 development group for the standard. “This simplifies the procurement and integration processes for the computers, applications, network equipment and control devices that make up a control system.”

The new standard follows the February 2018 publication of ISA/IEC 62443-4-1, Product Security Development Life-Cycle Requirements, which specifies process requirements for the secure development of products used in an IACS and defines a secure development life-cycle for developing and maintaining secure products. The life-cycle includes security requirements definition, secure design, secure implementation (including coding guidelines), verification and validation, defect management, patch management and product end-of-life.

The ISA99 standards committee draws on the input and knowledge of IACS security experts from across the globe to develop consensus standards that are applicable to all industry sectors and critical infrastructure. Previous documents in the ISA/IEC 62443 series cover terminology, concepts, and models; establishment of an IACS security program; patch management; and system security requirements and security levels.

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Series of RFI filters.

Schaffner is introducing a new series of RFI filters with IEC Inlet C14 or C20.

The dual-stage high-performance FN 9255 filter series are an addition to the market proven FN 92XX filter families and have been developed for high frequency applications, above 30MHz. The FN 9255 is the first power inlet designed by Schaffner to operate up to 300MHz.

The only difference from a standard Schaffner IEC inlet is a slightly increased length, which means the FN 9222, FN 9233, FN9244 and recently introduced FN 9255 all are fit in the same cut out, allowing designers exchange inlet filters if the system requires higher performance than one of the basic models.

The new series offers a high number of variants of approximately 100 different filter types. Included in the range are versions designed for medical applications, one with and one without an earth line choke.

Another new feature of the series is a rear mount version, which includes a press-in nut to allow a reliable assembly without adding complexity to the system chassis.

The very wide variant diversity and comprehensive attenuation properties means the FN 9255 series offers an filtered power inlet solution for a wide range of applications including the latest household appliances, audio, video and also medical devices.

The filters have full international safety approvals (UL 60939-3, IEC 60939-3 and CQC), are CE marked and are compatible with the RoHS II (2015/863) directive.

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Greenhouse gas sensors made with new materials for climatic usage.

Recent reports on the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions have shown that CO2 levels within the atmosphere are steadily rising. The UN has consistently promoted the use of renewable energies for the control of atmospheric conditions. These need to be steadily monitored and in order to do so it is essential that cheap, robust, and accurate sensors are available for the acquisition of reliable measurements.

A recent review “Greenhouse Gas Sensors Fabricated with New Materials for Climatic Usage” has been produced by the School of Chemistry and Materials Science at Rochester Institute of Technology in the USA.

Edinburgh Sensors Gascard NG was used as part of the research in the filed of commercialised carbon dioxide sensors for field experiments. Classified within the report as a Type 1 sensor, these gas sensors generally have a non-metallic substrate on which the active material is deposited and kept in either ambient or selected experimental conditions (e.g., inert atmosphere) in the measuring chamber. The change in resistance of the active material is measured as a function of concentration of the greenhouse gas. The successive measurement requires flushing the measuring chamber.

The first part of this review is focused on the possible effects of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, and the second part surveys the developments of sensors for greenhouse gases with coverage on carbon nano-materials and composites directed towards sensing gases like CO2, CH4, and NOx. The purpose of the review is to emphasise the necessity for the development of greenhouse gas sensors for climatic usage by using selected examples.

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Optical network monitoring.

Laser Components offers the OTU-5000 from Viavi Solutions, a compact solution for optical time-domain reflectrometry (OTDR) monitoring of infrastructures and fibre optic networks.

Since it is only one rack unit, the OUT-5000 is able to control 72 glass fibers that are 100 kilometers or longer. Since it does not require complex software or a server connection, the system can be run as a stand-alone solution. It is controlled via a web browser, and error messages are sent by e-mail or SMS.

At the same time, the OTU-5000 offers maximum future security: The optical switches are scalable to up to 1080 connections, and the entire system can be easily integrated into a comprehensive automated ONMSi monitoring solution.

The need for efficient network monitoring is no longer limited to large telecommunication carriers. Providers of so-called critical infrastructures must comply to critical infrastructure protection (CIP) regulations and grant the failure-free operation of their facilities. In any case, OTDR allows for immediate detection and localization of performance errors in order to correct any errors often before service quality is noticeably impaired.

Specialised sensors can also be integrated into the OTDR system for monitoring passive infrastructures such as manhole covers or service cabinets.

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