Thursday, September 27, 2018

Sales manager for PSU manufacturer.

Gresham Power Electronics has appointed Wiebe Hart as Sales Manager for power supplies. Wiebe has been active in the electronics industry for over fifteen years and brings a wealth of experience of OEM sales and distribution management.

Wiebe Hart
“I have made the power supply industry my passion and while the electronics design market has many challenges to overcome to push design concepts to market I am really looking forward to growing Gresham’s power supply business in the UK and Europe.”

Gresham Power is now part of Coolisys which offers worldwide design and manufacture of power conversion and distribution systems merged into a synergistic “one-company” approach combining the strengths of their various divisions to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving requirements of customers in markets they serve.

Coolisys is dedicated to providing world-class technology-based solutions for mission critical applications and lifesaving services in which innovation is the main driver. Coolisys targets core markets that are characterised by “high barriers to entry” and that require specialised products and services that are not likely to be commoditised.

Wiebe continues “Many of our customers experience issues around high temperature operation, limited space in their design and long lead-times which creates frustration and concerns about their design quality and potential delays in production. My main roll will be to understand and help to overcome those challenges and work together with customers to establish long lasting relationships.”

Karen Jay, Operations Manager at Gresham Power, comments, “We are very pleased to welcome Wiebe into our management team where his direct approach and enthusiasm is very refreshing. Wiebe joins us at an exciting time. Our defence markets are performing well and our increased commercial product offerings through the Coolisys group is expected to make 2018 a standout year.”

Gresham Power has over 60 years’ experience of manufacturing power conversion products and has recently joined the Power Solutions Group of Coolisys Technologies which will increase their product offering and presence in defence and commercial markets in 2018.

The Coolisys Technologies Power Solutions Group has been formed after recent international acquisitions by its US holding Company. Gresham has widened its technology base and taken advantage of the expertise and synergies of a new ensemble of companies including Microphase Corporation, Digital Power and Power-Plus.

Gresham Power already offers industrial, medical, CompactPCI, rail, transportation, test and laboratory power solutions from world-class manufacturers. The present market leading and cost competitive open frame power supplies, modular configurable and encapsulated power supplies, programmable power supplies, electronic loads and DC:DC converters will now be rapidly expanded by leveraging the access to products of the new Coolisys Power Solutions Group partners.

Gresham’s vast experience of designing and manufacturing defence power systems is available to customers to provide modified standard or full custom power supply designs when required. Gresham can also supply a new range of defence power products for land-based and vehicle applications to complement its world-class naval power systems that are utilised by over 20 different countries throughout the world.

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