Friday, November 3, 2017

Vision conference announced!

The next Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition  is scheduled for Wednesday 16th May 2018 at Arena MK, Milton Keynes (GB) . It will follow a similar format to the highly successful inaugural event held in 2017, which attracted more than 300 visitors.

Designed to provide an educational experience, the Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition will once again feature a comprehensive program of technical seminars across multiple presentation theatres. This will be supported by an exhibition of the latest vision technology and services from the leading companies in the world of vision.

Paul Wilson, UKIVA Chairman, commented: “The date for the 2018 event was only announced at the recent PPMA Show, held right at the end of September. We already have 25 companies signed up for the exhibition, including several who are not UKIVA members. This year we had 57 exhibitors, so this early take up suggests that we are on track for an even bigger exhibition component in 2018.”

“Key to the success of this year’s event, however, was the educational seminar program, which ran throughout the day,” he continued. “Visitors could choose their own timetable from 56 presentations held in 7 themed presentation theatres. The program was carefully designed to cover a wide range of topics and provide interest both for newcomers to vision and for highly experienced vision users and engineers. By co-locating the exhibition with the presentation theatre area, it was easy for attendees to switch between the seminar sessions and exhibition according to their own personal schedule. This format also provided excellent opportunities for networking between presenters, exhibitors and other visitors.”

Keynote speakers for 2018 will be announced in due course, and the full seminar program will be published early in 2018

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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wireless remote monitoring.

The next generation Cellio LoRa long-range low-power wireless transceivers for wide area, long range, end-to-end monitoring and control for agriculture, cold chain, gas distribution, transportation, and many other industrial applications has been announced by Device Solutions.

Cellio is suited for single locations as well extensive enterprise configurations where there may be upwards of millions of sensors and controls connected to equipment across the continent. Partnered with cellular carriers and back-end cloud platforms, sensor instrumentation companies, and technology core companies - full enterprise-level-solution installations can be quick, easily scaled, and very affordable.

Easy to install, the Cellio ecosystem enables companies to gain unprecedented visibility into their operations and assets on a continuous basis. For many companies this means moving from clipboards, paper and pencil to near real-time information of inventories, process parameters, and alert conditions across the enterprise all day every day.

"We have worked with many enterprise solution companies in the past but we have rarely had the privilege to represent a company that truly provides everything needed for a successful enterprise deployment out of the box while also allowing the full spectrum of customization options,” said Jim Friedrich, President and CEO, EnVision Enterprise Solutions. “It’s hard to wrap your head around how extensible the Cellio platform truly is until you see it for yourself.”

Cellio transceivers use LoRa wireless technology (Long Range 915 MHz) to connect sensors and controllers wirelessly to the cloud. The newest generation of Cellio LoRa Transceivers provide:

  • Internal wireless antenna – greater than 1 mile Line of Sight
  • 4-5 years of operation on single 9VDC lithium battery
  • Support for 4-20mA sensors
  • Real time alert/fault detection and notifications
  • Waterproof and dustproof enclosure (IP68)
  • 1-wire sensor support

“Our newest Cellio LoRa Transceiver integrates features and capabilities that our customers have been seeking,” explains Bob Witter, CEO of Device Solutions. “The Cellio ecosystem has expanded to meet the needs of a broadening array of verticals while maintaining a ‘loosely coupled’ architecture to allow for maximum flexibility. We are quite pleased with the feedback we are receiving from the range of companies using Cellio. We feel like we are in the right place in the market at the right time.”

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Measurement amplifiers upgraded & expanded.

The BLH Nobel has added  PROFINET support, Factory Mutual (FM) approvals, and French and German language accessibility for its industry best-selling G5 Series measurement amplifiers (G5 Series).

The new PROFINET support module for the BLH Nobel G5 Series allows the modern, user-friendly measurement amplifiers the necessary flexibility to keep pace with the very latest Industrial Ethernet automation standards in Asia and Europe. The module may be plugged into the back of the G5, in the same manner as its Ethernet IP module. This next-generation PROFINET support further allows the end user to create seamless end-to-end, integrated processes and network interface configurations, with fast and secure data exchange. G5 Series measurement amplifiers offer continued ease of calibration and remote access with common field busses, with intuitive user-friendly setup via web browser or keyboard. For customers based in the United States and Canada, the addition of FM approvals provides added assurances that G5 Series measurement amplifiers meet only the highest standards for property loss prevention and safety. They further allow the G5 Series to be used within an increasing series of control and process industry applications where such approvals may be required. Additional full language support in French and German, including complete menus and software, join the existing English and Swedish versions. Short form manuals are available in all four languages.

G5 Series measurement amplifiers from BLH Nobel combine standard interfaces, a modular design, and onboard integral web servers, in support of advanced weighing and process control applications. They offer streamlined commissioning and calibration; reduced operations and maintenance costs; and advanced communication protocols for optimized system efficiencies, including remote diagnostics, parameterization, backup and maintenance functions. A February 2017 firmware upgrade (v1.3.0) added new capabilities such as flow rate calculation, enhanced diagnostics, excitation current measurement and supervision, along with updated Fieldbus data mapping, and an EtherNet/IP interface. Panel mount versions of the G5 Series were further certified “legal for trade” in May 2017, per EN45501:2015 and the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), for R76 Class III or IIII single-interval industrial use criteria (NTEP approvals pending). Other features may be available upon request. Please consult BLH Nobel for details.

For more than 40 years, the BLH Nobel brand of VPG has specialized in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality and high-accuracy process weighing and force measurement technologies and related control systems. BLH Nobel load cells maximize accuracy and minimize the effects of mixing, agitation, and temperature changes within critical process stages. BLH Nobel products and customized solutions are designed to comply with stringent requirements in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical equipment, process, mining, steel, and offshore industries. The brand further offers a wide variety of communication protocols for seamless integration within complex production lines. It also supplies system solutions, products, and services in more than 100 countries worldwide. Each BLH Nobel custom solution is derived from more than 40 years of engineering expertise, gained from across thousands of successful applications.

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United for UV disinfection!

Hanovia Limited and Berson Milieutechniek B.V., both part of Halma plc, have merged to create a new unified company providing ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. The new combined company will offer customers a more comprehensive product portfolio, backed by an expanded distribution capability and a larger network of approved UVCare™ support centres around the world.
Hanovia and Berson, which have previously operated independently as part of Halma plc, retain their trading names following the merger. The new merged company has more than 150 years of combined experience in developing and applying UV technology, and has many thousands of installations within industrial and municipal water treatment applications globally.

Founded in 1924, Hanovia is recognised as a world leader in UV disinfection and chemical reduction technology. Its advanced UV systems are used in a wide range of industrial, aquatic and leisure applications, and it provides unparalleled customer care via its UVCare service. Hanovia’s headquarters are in Slough (GB) and it has regional offices in Germany, USA, Singapore and China. Berson, founded in 1972, provides UV systems with a reputation for technical innovation, quality and service. As well as water and wastewater treatment systems, it manufactures specialist UV insect extermination systems for industrial catering and food service facilities. Its head office is in Nuenen, (NL), and it has regional offices in the US and China.

At Aquatech, Amsterdam
“For 10 years Hanovia and Berson have been dedicated to developing the industrial and municipal markets respectively. That dedication has created a deep competence in their respective markets. Now we have unified the two companies, to have a greater critical mass to pursue our overarching purpose of protecting the world’s critical resources from harmful contamination,” said John Ryan, Managing Director of the merged companies.

“Our goal is to deliver application-optimised UV solutions to our customers, and combining our products and our engineering capabilities allows us to accelerate that development. The greatest opportunity to come from the unification is to combine field resources so that we can deliver a step change to our UV Care programme. Our organisations based in the USA, Europe and China put resources closer to our customers so that we can provide speedy and comprehensive support and take local feedback into the design of our new products,” said Tim McDougle, Marketing and Sales Director. “This is truly an exciting time for us as we position ourselves to give our customers the global support they deserve.”

The Hanovia facility in Britain will be the global headquarters for the combined company, whilst also becoming its centre of innovation. Nuenen will now be the new sales and support HQ for the EMEA region. The Hanovia office in Shanghai, China, will remain as the company’s Asia headquarters, serving industrial and now municipal markets.

Aquionics, the brand name for both Hanovia and Berson products in America, will also be retained. The new Aquionics office in Charlotte, North Carolina, will head the Americas operation, serving both industrial and municipal markets.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Large diameter pipeline inspection/measurement.

Laser triangulation measurement specialists Riftek are represented in Britain by Ixthus Instrumentation. As an example of the company’s wide experience in the application of laser triangulation sensors, they recently completed the supply of custom designed 2D measurement scanners that included a high resolution video camera and LED lighting.

Developed for a large US-based company that specialises in technology-enabled solutions for challenging energy related inspection and maintenance tasks, the RF525EP scanner is an important component for a robotic crawler that is used for the down-hole detection of damage and defects as well as ovality measurement of gas and oil pipelines. As part of the design specification, the customer required the IP67 rated assembly to be certified explosion-proof. By combining the laser measurement components with the camera system in a sealed explosion-proof housing, Riftek could not only save its customer design effort but also reduced overall costs and made a faster production schedule possible for the robotic crawler.

The scanner + camera system is based on RIFTEK’s RF625 series 2D laser triangulation sensor and has a measurement range of 400 mm in Z and 80 to 300 mm in X. Through the RF625 series, sampling rate and accuracy extends to up to 1975 profiles per second with linearity to +/- 0.1 % of range (Z-axis). The sensor is available with red or blue lasers and a wide choice of interfacing includes Ethernet IPv4, 4…20 mA or 0…10 V DC. The laser and scanner input electronics is sealed in a robust and durable aluminium and glass housing which has a very high shock and vibration rating with built-in heating for a temperature range that extends from -20 to +70 ⁰C.

Riftek designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of optoelectronic 2D and 3D measurement devices and systems for high precision inspection and test applications across industry and research. Ixthus Instrumentation provides a complete technical and sales support service Riftek products.

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Supporting digital factory.

SolutionsPT is hosting a series of events in Britain, designed to support manufacturers in meeting the growing connectivity and security demands of the digital factory.

Andy Graham
The ‘Tech Days’ will include live demonstrations and workshops, showing how critical infrastructure and software applications have been developed to meet the need for highly available and insightful operational big-data.

Attendees will be given the opportunity to get hands-on with Wonderware System Platform, Citect SCADA and the Thin Client technologies that are shaping the connected ‘factory of the future’ and see how they can deliver increased operational efficiency and insight into industrial environments.

Agenda highlights include a presentation from Schneider Electric on The Digital Factory, a demonstration of SolutionsPT’s Managed Services portfolio and how it can support manufacturers with disaster resilience and business continuity. Wonderware Product Manager Andy Graham will also lead a session on ‘Transforming Industrial Data into Actionable Insight’.

The day-long events will take place in Britain as follows:
• November 21st 2017 at the Milton Hill Hotel in Abingdon,
• November 23rd 2017 at the Bolton White Hotel at the Macron Stadium, Bolton.

The events will run from 08:45 until 16:45. The morning workshop will focus on the latest Wonderware System Platform 2017 release, whilst optional afternoon workshops will cover Thin Manager* and Citect SCADA. Each event is free to attend but delegates must register in advance.

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Automation association to have new CEO.

GAMBICA, Britain's association for instrumentation, control, automation and laboratory technology, has announced that Steve Brambley has been appointed to take over as Chief Executive with effect from 23rd January 2018. On this date, Dr Graeme Philp, the current Chief Executive, will retire after leading GAMBICA for over 7 years.

Steve Brambley
Steve Brambley has worked for GAMBICA for over 12 years, initially in charge of the Industrial Automation sector and more recently as Director of Public Affairs. There will be a transition period between now and 23rd January, during which Graeme and Steve will work together to hand over the role.

Welcoming Steve Brambley to the Chief Executive role, GAMBICA’s President, Ludo Chapman said, “I am delighted that Steve has agreed to take over the reins of GAMBICA at this most important time. Steve knows GAMBICA well and has been an important part of the team that has transformed our industry’s trade association in recent years. I look forward to working with Steve to continue the good work as we build on our influential position to ensure that the industry’s interests are represented in a time of unprecedented change."

Thanking Dr Philp for his leadership over the last seven years, GAMBICA’s Vice President, Steve Seddon said “At a time when the industries represented by GAMBICA are front and centre of the UK government’s Industrial Strategy, it is good to report that GAMBICA has emerged as one of the most effective and respected sector trade associations in the UK. The influence which GAMBICA commands in international standards and GAMBICA’s contacts in the EU will become invaluable as the government’s ties with Europe weaken as a result of Brexit. I would like to thank Graeme for his leadership in guiding GAMBICA to this position of influence and for delivering tangible value for its members”.

Dr Philp added “I want to thank Steve and the whole GAMBICA team for their support as we have developed the influence of GAMBICA and increased its engagement with member companies. We still have some distance to go if the UK industries we represent are to gain as much competitive advantage from membership of their trade associations as does, for example, German industry from theirs, but we have made great strides and I can think of no-one I would rather be entrusting the task of completing this work than Steve”.

Steve Brambley commented “It has been a great pleasure to work for Graeme and I’m honoured to have been chosen to take over the role. I’m excited at the opportunity to lead the highly effective GAMBICA team and to build on the momentum we have to take us even further in our goals as an Association”.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Wide aspect ratio display.

Industrial LCD manufacturer KOE have announced the introduction of a new 10.3-inch Rugged+ TFT display module. The TX26D206VM0BAA features HD (1920 x 720 pixels) resolution, a 8:3 wide aspect ratio, IPS (in-plane switching) technology which provides excellent image quality when viewed at any viewing angle, and an extended operating temperature range.

Designed for use in high reliability industrial, in-vehicle, medical, aerospace and marine applications the Rugged+ 10.3-inch display is suitable for use under extreme temperature, mechanical shock and vibration environments where consistent and guaranteed operation are required. The optical and environmental specifications of KOE's Rugged+ display modules are derived from the same operating standards as used in automotive specification display modules.

For dedicated human-machine interface applications, IPS display technology delivers exceptional colour saturation and image stability, high contrast and deep black levels with 176° wide viewing angles (vertical and horizontal). The 10.3-inch display features a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a white LED backlight with a brightness of 1000cd/m² and a specified 70K hour half-brightness lifetime. These features ensure that display images are colourful, concise and bright.

Jason Tsai, Marketing Manager, KOE, said, "KOE's Rugged+ displays have been specifically developed to have robust mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics that are highly resistant to shock, vibration, electro-static discharge and temperature variation. The new high resolution 10.3-inch display implements in-plane switching display technology, which provides exceptional optical performance with highly consistent colour reproduction and wide viewing angles."

The 50-pin 2-channel LVDS data interface supports 8-bit RGB which enables a colour palette of up to 16.7M colours. The 10.3-inch display module has mechanical outline dimensions of 259.0mm (w) x 111.4mm (h) x 14.2mm (d) and an active display area of 243.7mm (w) x 91.4mm (h). An operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and storage temperature range of -40°C to +90°C is supported. The display module weighs 430gram.

KOE's Rugged+ TFT display modules are suitable for many varied applications including aerospace, industrial automation, in-vehicle, marine, medical, point-of-sale, process control and signage. The new 10.3-inch Rugged+ TX26D206VM0BAA TFT display module is available immediately from KOE's sales channel distribution partners.

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HD pneumatic valve island.

A major update to the ASCO Numatics G3 Series electronic valve island platform, enabling a reduction in installation costs has been announced. The valve island has been expanded so that it can control up to 128 solenoid valves on a single valve island assembly. This allows more valves to be controlled from a single node, enabling savings in the number of nodes and the cabling, internal tubing and electrical connections in the cabinet. Customers will benefit when they control a high density of valves or pneumatic equipment in a packaging plant or on a skid.
“The new functionality enables designers to minimise expensive cabinet space and have fewer nodes dedicated to pneumatic valve islands,” said Uwe Claus, Global Vice President Marketing. “Now, designers can place more valves in a single cabinet or use a smaller enclosure to house the same number of valves. In addition, installers will only have to set up and configure one node, saving time and labour cost.”

The expanded valve platforms can support up to 128 11mm solenoid valves and up to 80 18mm and 26mm valves. To increase the valve platforms’ capacity, mid-station blocks were added with valve drivers and auxiliary power connectors. This flexible approach allows customers to pay only for the capacity and functionality required in their design. A wide variety of communication protocols are supported, including Ethernet/IPTM DLR, Profibus® DP, and Valve Sub-bus for distribution.

It is highly recommended that customers use the flexible and powerful online Dynamic Product Modelling (DPM) tool when designing pneumatic valve island installations to save time in design and selection. The DPM tool enables the valve islands to be fully configured. It produces a unique specification for that product and enables a CAD drawing to be downloaded.

“Our new G3 Series platform is ideal for use in life science (pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical), food and beverage, fine chemicals, and water/wastewater applications,” Claus said.

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UV disinfection simplifies water treatment.

Berson and Hanovia have jointly launched a new low-pressure UV disinfection system for the treatment of municipal, re-use and waste water. The easy-to-install AmaLine R UV range has been third-party validated, in line with US EPA and NWRI guidelines. It provides effective treatment, while reducing lifecycle costs through being simple to maintain and extremely energy efficient. Unlike other similar systems, the AmaLine has been designed to simplify maintenance, which can be performed by a single operator rather than a crew, and without requiring external lifting equipment.
The AmaLine range is application-optimised in terms of its design and operation, with a flow range of 1-30 MGD (millions of gallons per day). The AmaLine R has a U-shaped chamber that optimises flow to cater for low UV light transmittance (UVT) water quality. This makes it ideal for re-use and waste water applications.

Also available is the AmaLine D range, designed specifically for municipal drinking water, which has a coaxial flow L-shaped chamber, and optimises flow to deliver the most effective disinfection for drinking water applications.

AmaLine has been designed using the latest computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling. A highly efficient chamber and optimised lamp positioning ensure maximum energy efficiency. Optimum distribution of UV intensity throughout the chamber provides effective water treatment.

AmaLine uses LPHO (low pressure high output) amalgam lamp technology that provides variable output ballasts (50 to 100%). This helps to reduce energy consumption further, but also provides greater UV intensity. Shorter physical lengths compared with conventional low-pressure lamps reduces the overall footprint of the system. The ability to leave LPHO lamps on, even when there is no flow, helps to minimise potential disruption to the process. The longer life amalgam lamp helps to extend the periods between servicing.

AmaLine is also much easier to service and maintain. In contrast with alternative solutions, the AmaLine system has been designed to enable a single operator to change lamps, quartz sleeve and wiper blades easily and safely without the need of cranes, hoists or other external lifting equipment. A unique lamp connector, with self-aligning functionality, enables simple and fast lamp replacement, helping to minimise downtime, protect an operator from harm during servicing, and provide assurance of optimal system operation.

Where Berson has been focused on the municipal market and Hanovia on industrial, both companies now will focus on all markets with joint resources. This will now increase the capability to develop products for various applications quicker, and provide extensive support globally. The AmaLine is a platform that has been designed for the municipal market but has been engineered so it can be adapted for specific industrial applications.

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Collaboration for safety system set-up.

The DeltaV™ safety instrumented system (SIS) configurator, an exida exSILentia® tool that automatically generates DeltaV SIS configurations has been announced. By pairing built-in DeltaV functionality with exida’s comprehensive software tools for functional safety, users can develop safety logic configurations much faster and in fewer steps. Project teams can not only decrease the time and effort of safety system configuration, but also deliver more consistent configurations with fewer errors, requiring less rework.

In traditional SIS configuration, project teams use the safety requirements specification (SRS), along with custom-built cause and effect matrices (CEM) as the basis for system configuration. The CEM data is manually interpreted and coded into the safety logic to configure the system. This configuration model requires multiple stages of data entry, taking too much time and presenting opportunities for human error. The new DeltaV SIS configurator leverages data structures created during the conceptual safety instrumented function (SIF) design, safety instrumented level (SIL) verification, and the SRS to automatically generate the safety system configuration.

“With the DeltaV SIS Configurator, programming the logic only takes a fraction of the time, so the SIS conceptual design can be finalised before programming begins. This eliminates any rework due to changing requirements and dramatically impacts project schedule,” said Iwan van Beurden, chief technology officer and director of product development at exida.

With automated SIS configuration, there is no need for entering data in multiple tools; everything is entered once into exSILentia, and an automated tool translates the information into the DeltaV safety logic configuration. The SRS data, SIF definition, and the associated SIL verification data are included.

“Using automatic SIS configuration, project teams can deliver accurate safety logic with minimal programming,” said Sergio Diaz, DeltaV SIS product marketing manager, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Less data entry means more consistency between engineers, leading to less validation time and faster start-ups.”

“By minimising the need for manually entered data and automating other critical steps, this jointly-developed solution addresses some key pain points and should be able to help end users design and implement safer systems more efficiently, maintain these systems, and ensure compliance with pertinent regulations and standards,” said Mark Sen Gupta, research director with ARC Advisory Group.

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IS Temperature transmitter.

A new member of the Moore Industries Associated Intrinsically-Safe (AIS) family of products has been announced with the release of the THZ3 compact Dual Input Smart HART® Temperature Transmitter in DIN Rail Mount housing with Associated IS sensor connections. The intrinsically-safe -AIS option allows direct connection of sensors located in hazardous areas since it includes an internal intrinsically-safe barrier in the front end of the THZ3. The Universal mounting bracket easily snaps on and off of 35mm Top Hat DIN-rails and standard relay tracks.

The THZ3-DIN with the -AIS option is an associated apparatus suitable for mounting in Non-Hazardous or Class I, Division 2/Zone 2 hazardous locations with sensor input terminals connected to equipment or sensors located in Class I, II, III, Division 1/Zone 0/1 hazardous locations. Installation costs are reduced if an associated apparatus like the THZ3-DIN with -AIS option is used, since the intrinsically-safe barrier is embedded in the receiving device. There is no need for the additional cost of the IS barrier, cabinet space, high integrity clean ground connection, separate power supply, or custom vendor backplanes. This drastically reduces the cost of purchasing, installation, and maintenance versus more traditional approaches requiring a separate Zener or isolating barrier. Blue connectors on the THZ3-DIN with -AIS option provide a visual way to recognize the Associated IS capability.

The dual-input THZ3-DIN with the -AIS option offers all the features customers have come to expect from Moore Industries temperature transmitters like reliability and accuracy, HART 7 compliance, 20 bit resolution, sensor failover and backup capability, device intelligence including Sensor Drift and Corrosion Detection, and Input Simulation capability. The THZ3 is also HART and DTM Programmable for fast and accurate setup with a user-oriented basic configuration. The THZ3 is HART configurable via any HART handheld configurator or HART compatible host. Users can also program or monitor with any FDT compliant host or program, such as PACTware, utilising their DTM.

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Microsite for utilities!

Fluke has created a special ‘knowledge platform’– a web microsite called the ‘Fluke solutions center for the Electrical Power Industry’.

The landing page offers eleven areas of interest for professionals working in diverse fields within electrical power generation, transmission and distribution.

Four examples are:
  • Why clean power is critical to smooth operations
  • Why SF6 gas detection matters in utilities
  • Applying infrared thermography to predictive maintenance
  • How to protect and prolong the life of electric systems and motors
All of the eleven topics provide supporting insight into each area with further in-depth downloadable information and application notes. Relevant test and measurement tools are highlighted with links to further information about them, tools such as Fluke’s latest 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyser, the Fluke Ti450 SF6 Gas Detector, the Fluke 729 Automatic Pressure Calibrator and the Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter. Finally, a request can be made to talk to a Fluke expert, who can provide further support to the end-user.

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Monitoring and control of energy parameters.

Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG has combined, for the first time, the functionality of a highly accurate measurement device for heavy current applications with the capabilities of an integrated programmable logic controller. With this solution, closely coupled automation tasks can be carried out directly and flexibly by programmable logic. The advantage is evident. With this 2-in-1 concept, there is no need for additional components to implement the control task.

Their CENTRAX CU5000 is a measurement device based on the successful SINEAX DM5000. In the measurement part of the device, more than 1500 measurement data values can be collected to evaluate the mains status, energy consumption and mains quality. The measurement parameters can be controlled either using buttons on the intuitive TFT display or by means of a web browser. In low voltage networks, nominal voltages up to 690 V in measurement category CAT III can be connected. In addition, by logging relevant data for each event, it is also possible to safeguard the mains quality (Power Quality).

The integrated function of a softPLC based on CODESYS allows the CENTRAX CU5000 to flexibly link energy measurement data to the available I/Os or provides it on digital interfaces. As an automation component, the CENTRAX CU5000 is easy to program.

Digital inputs and outputs, analogue outputs as well as a Modbus/RTU and a Modbus/TCP interface are available. In the ADVANCED version, additional field instruments can be easily networked with the controller via the Modbus interfaces. In this way, other data such as energy consumption, status or measurement data can be collected and processed. In the PROFESSIONAL version it is also possible to create your own web pages and define your own visualisations on the local display screen.

In energy automation for example, the CENTRAX CU5000 includes applications for mains loading symmetry, load management, capturing all different types of energy consumption for industrial energy management, for monitoring production equipment such as transformers, motors or generators, for reactive power compensation, or explicit process control. Furthermore, the variety and sheer number of all the capabilities of the device make it possible to create independent system solutions. These in turn can very easily be linked to higher-level control and management systems (for example a SCADA or SMARTCOLLECT from Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG).

• Camille Bauer Metrawatt products are marketed in Ireland through Irish Power and Process Ltd

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Connectors & electrical test leads manufacturer appointments!

Cliff Electronics has strengthened its salesforce in response to continued sales growth.

Dan Walker
Formerly their Distribution Sales Manager, Dan Walker (Pictured) takes up the new role of General Sales Manager. He will continue to manage the key relationships with their global distribution partners and develop new international markets. Walker has been with Cliff for seven years and has dramatically increased their distribution sales throughout Europe.

Joining to develop increased European OEM sales, Benny Bellman has considerable experience in sales of electronic components to OEMs and CEMs with over fifteen years of experience in sales and technical support. Benny is multi-lingual and has worked in the UK, USA, Austria, Canada and Israel. He has a successful track-record of new business development as well as building and maintaining an existing customer base.

John Hall, Managing Director of Cliff Electronics, comments; “We are very pleased to be increasing Dan’s responsibilities at Cliff, he has proven himself to be an excellent distribution sales manager and we are sure he will be as successful in his new role. Benny joins us at an exciting time with our revolutionary FeedThrough connectors opening up new markets for us. His direct selling experience is exactly what we now need to build our sales to OEM in existing and new markets.”

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