Friday, August 4, 2017

Disinfection technology for food & drink examined.

The latest technological innovations supporting water disinfection in the food and beverage industry will be the focus of the Water Academy seminar, jointly organised by Hanovia and Domnick Hunter RL, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand, in September. The one-day seminar will focus on best practice in process water technologies, and is aimed at process engineers and those responsible for technology procurement.
“This will be an informative and educational seminar, looking at the key water technologies that can benefit the beverage production process,” said Gunvinder Bhogal, Hanovia’s Global Marketing Manager. “The day’s presentations will focus not only on current best practice but also the innovations that will shape future development. It is a fantastic opportunity for attendees to network with leading industry experts and gain important knowledge about the latest technological advancements.”

The seminar is the first in a series to be held across the Asia Pacific region, where the beverage industry is growing rapidly due to increased demand in sectors such as bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, dairy and brewing. Water disinfection and treatment is a key element in the beverage production process globally, and the use of ultraviolet (UV) technology within the industry is predicted to increase by 12.5% over the 2015-2020 period.

Hanovia, the world’s leading provider of UV disinfection technology and water treatment solutions for industrial applications, will be making a series of presentations during the seminar’s morning session. These will include an introduction to UV light technology; a look at how UV dechlorination can reduce water treatment maintenance and lifecycle costs and provide enhanced protection against bio-contamination; details of how UV technology can be used in applications such as sugar syrup disinfection and process water deozonation; and an explanation of the validation process for UV systems. The afternoon session will include a presentation by Domnick Hunter RL - Thailand’s leading provider of liquid filters, water treatment and gas generation products - about cartridge filtration in beverage applications.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Data integration for IoT and Industrie4.0 applications.

Softing’s new version of the dataFEED OPC Suite allows the easy and secure transfer of data via REST protocols and supports NoSQL databases.

The new version of Softings dataFEED OPC Suite with REST Connector and support for NoSQL databases is now available. The REST Connector, which was already presented as a beta version at this year’s HMI trade show, enables data from automation networks to be integrated into applications supporting REST protocols. Data may originate from a variety of sources including control systems from leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi and B&R as well as OPC UA or OPC Classic servers. Together with its second new feature, the support of write access to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, the dataFEED OPC Suite is ideally suited for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. REST protocols are used in particular for communication with cloud-based applications, such as the Production Performance Manager of Bosch Software Innovations. NoSQL databases enable high-performance processing of very large amounts of data. They are thus often the basis for advanced analysis methods ("Big Data Analytics"), which for example can be used for predictive maintenance.

“Efficient and reliable provision of production data is a key challenge for the successful implementation of IoT and Industry 4.0 applications,” says Andreas Roeck, Data Integration Product Manager at Softing Industrial. “The dataFEED OPC Suite offers our customers and partners extensive possibilities to implement these requirements for data integration in a simple, flexible and future-proof manner."

Softing’s dataFEED OPC Suite combines a full package of components for OPC and IoT cloud communication within a single product. In addition to the integrated REST interface, the MQTT gateway and OPC UA support enable easy integration of legacy and new controllers into cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure or IBM Bluemix. The state-of-the-art graphical user interface with intelligent, practice-oriented default settings and intuitive user guidance facilitates system integration and offers maximum usability.

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Fibre optic connector!

Harting has developed an expanded beam fibre optic connector for providing high-bandwidth transmission in the harsh environments found in tunnel drilling and mining applications, where industrial Ethernet over fibre optic cable is becoming the transmission medium of choice.

As digitisation makes increasing inroads into these sectors, the demands placed on the communication and control cabling become particularly stringent. The long distances involved, together with the high bandwidths that are required, make the use of fibre optic cable essential, but since optical interfaces are very sensitive to contamination, a rugged and more reliable solution has had to be devised.

Harting’s solution for high data rates under these extreme conditions is the Expanded Beam Cable Assembly. Its high bandwidth allows the high-definition video signals used in the vision systems that control the boring machines and associated equipment to be safely and securely transmitted. The fibre is safely packed in a connector housing that cannot be affected by dust, water or other environmental factors.

In addition, the hermaphroditic mating design of the expanded beam connectors ensures that regular disconnection and re-connection of the cabling in these environments is easier than using standard fibre optic cabling. Even extending the length of the optical connection is as simple as connecting an additional cable, with no need to pay attention to the laying direction or any additional adaptors. As a result, the customer saves time and money, and eliminates the need to match different mating faces in the field.

In addition to applications in mining and tunnel boring machines, Harting's Expanded Beam Cable Assembly can be used to link networks in other heavy-duty application areas, including outside broadcast events, concert and music festival stage installations and container ports.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Optical sensor!

With the new sensors of the 15 series, Leuze electronic is providing an optimized, economical solution for standard tasks in conveyor and packaging systems as part of the Global Beam family

Leuze electronic has introduced another member of the Global Beam family with the compact standard sensors of the 15 series in an IP67 housing. The new series is suitable for the reliable detection of objects in industrial environments - particularly when it is a case of dealing with standard automation tasks in the areas of conveyor systems, material flow or secondary packaging in which large operating ranges are required.

The SR 15 sensors are available with a cubic design. An extremely bright light spot and an easily accessible potentiometer make installation quick and simple, even in tight installation situations. The 15 series is available with different operating principles and can therefore be used in a flexible way - it is even suitable for special requirements such as detecting glossy objects and reflective surfaces.

The high function reserve makes reliable detection possible even in extreme situations, therefore reducing the risk of a system standstill. As far as the users are concerned, the new series represents an economical solution with a good price/performance ratio.

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Pluggable Terminal Blocks.

Dinkle International's pluggable terminal blocks are a series of products with a unique push-in-design for connecting wires to the terminal blocks.

A pluggable terminal block is composed of a plug and a mating socket. The socket is usually attached to a printed circuit board through pins. The plug fits into the socket, and the wires connect to the socket via their patented push-in-design. This design improves upon traditional screw terminals in terms of efficiency, ease of use and space savings.

Screw terminals take time to tighten properly, and there is always the danger of under torqueing and loose connections, or over torqueing and stripped screw threads. By contrast, wires connected using Dinkle’s push-in-design technology assure a secure connection, with about 75% less time required per wire installation.

Connecting a solid wire with push-in-design takes only 3.6 seconds, compared to 13.5 seconds for a screw connection. A flexible wire takes just 4.1 seconds to connect, while a screw terminal takes 14.4 seconds. A flexible wired with a ferrule takes only 3.7 seconds to connect, compared to 13.2 seconds for a screw terminal.

Pluggable terminal blocks are available in a wide variety of sizes and ratings. Pitch varies from 2.54-6.35 mm, with wire ranges from 30-16 to 24-12 AWG. Current ratings are 5-8 amps at 150 Vac, 8-16 amps at 300 Vac, and 20 amps at 600 Vac. Connection methods are V-type spring (not patented), or patented S-Cage single, double and rail type. Value-added customization services include label printing, and supplying blocks in assorted color combinations.

An LED at each connection point is on when current is flowing through the wire, with LED light pipes integral to the terminal block assemblies used to ensure each LED is clearly visible. This indication provides quick visual confirmation of active connections and is very useful for troubleshooting.

Mini type pluggable terminal blocks include the 0225, 0226 and 0227 series. The 0225 series has an ultra-thin housing with a 7mm height, able to accommodate a broad cross section of 1.5 mm² wire. Various selections of mounting methods contribute to a vibration-proof, secure connection. These terminal blocks are well suited to installation within PLCs, I/O modules, signal panels, etc.

The series 150 pluggable terminal blocks are rated at 16 amps at 300 Vac and 20 amps at 600 Vac. These high-current terminal blocks are resistant to elevated levels of vibration, with a stopper mechanism to avoid overloading. An innovative smart clip facilitates quick plugging and unplugging. The terminal blocks have an ultra-mini housing with a height of 13.80mm. Typical application include motion control components such as servo and stepper drives and amplifiers.

The series 0181, 0156 and 0159 pluggable terminal blocks have a bi-level compact structure to provide space saving and cost effectiveness. The 0156 and 0159 series provide for different printed circuit board layouts to fulfill various market demands and applications. Assorted options of plugging/unplugging methods are available including lock & release, smart clip and screw flange.

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No 1 Connectors!

Samtec has received the highest overall rating in the Bishop & Associates’ European Customer Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry. This is the 10th time the company has been rated as the #1 connector company in Europe*.

Video:The Samtec Story

Samtec received the highest overall ranking in the survey. Samtec was ranked #1 by both Engineers and Purchasing. Samtec’s website was ranked highest ranked in overall satisfaction, ease of finding products, availability of technical documentation, and satisfaction with placing orders. Samtec also received top ranking in delivery of samples, technical support and expertise, sales representatives’ support, inside Sales/Customer Service, meeting requested delivery dates, order lead times, and on-time delivery.

“It’s an outstanding achievement to be ranked number one for the tenth time in the European Customer Service Survey,” said Ron Bishop, President of Bishop and Associates. “This award demonstrates Samtec’s commitment to service at all levels of their company. It shows they understand that the definition of service evolves, and they change with it.”

Bishop & Associates annually surveys electronic equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Cable Assembly Manufacturers, Contract Manufacturers (CEMs) and Distributors to determine how the connector industry, and selected connector manufacturers, are performing.

Respondents represented a variety of market sectors, including Industrial Controls, Automotive, Government, Communications, Medical, Computer/Peripheral, Aeronautics, Consumer Electronics, Transportation, Test/Measurement, Office/Business Equipment, to list the biggest segments.

*Forty six (46) connector manufacturers were included in the survey, including Molex, TE Connectivity, Amphenol, 3M Electronics, Phoenix Contact, ODU, Rosenberger, EPT, Harting, WAGO, LEMO, Huber + Suhner, Hirose Electric, and J.S.T., among others.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Zigbee Extender.

The Cortet Z10 Range Extender (CGW-Z-010) for use in various wireless sensor network (WSN), machine-to-machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IoT) applications has been announced by CEL. The Z10 Range Extender has been optimized for RF performance, providing industry-leading range within a compact and attractive design that is ideal for any project.

The Cortet Z10 Range Extender is a reliable, secure, and easy to install way to extend the range and/or capacity of a zigbee network within large facilities or facilities with a poor RF environment. The Z10 Range Extender is capable of distances greater than 325 feet (100M) in interior environments. It’s built in software makes it easy to set up the extender and commission the device into a zigbee network.

The Z10 is an HA 1.2 compliant repeater and range extender for a zigbee network. The Z10 requires a zigbee Coordinator such as the Cortet E100 Gateway. The Z10 Range Extender is also REACH and ROHS certified and has been tested to work well with a wide range of industrial lighting controllers, luminaires, lamps and other accessories from companies like Leviton, ILLUMRA and Magnitude.

“The Z10 acts as a relay for zigbee messages between zigbee devices that are otherwise out of range,” explains Erik Davidson, Cortet’s Director of Marketing and Product Management. “For example, a Cortet Z10 Range Extender can be used to relay messages between zigbee end nodes and an otherwise out of range zigbee Coordinator such as a Cortet E100 Gateway. The Cortet Z10 Range Extender can also be used to increase the total number of zigbee devices that a zigbee Coordinator can communicate with."

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Quality manager appointed!

Bilal Khalifa has been appointed to the position of Quality Manager with LCL Electronics.

Bilal Khalifa
As Quality Manager, Bilal will work be responsible for planning, developing and managing LCL’s quality activities to ensure the products and services that customers receive, meet and exceed expectations.

He will focus on preparing LCL for ISO 9001: 2015, a standard that the company is keen to achieve within the next 12 months, further demonstrating its commitment to quality assurance throughout the business by improving organisation and process efficiencies.

With an NVQ in electronics and business administration, Bilal joined LCL in 1999 as a test operative. Since then, Bilal has built up his knowledge of the company and industry, exceling in functional and non-functional test. He has carried out numerous roles including assembly, soldering, SMT repair, fault analysis, repair and inspection. Visiting customer sites to carry out test and repairs has been a key part of his role, leading to the role of Test team leader.

Commenting on his new role he said: “I am fully committed to driving forward quality assurance processes and systems to keep LCL in its position as a leading electronics manufacturer. With 19 years’ experience in electronics, I feel I am well-qualified to push this forward effectively.”

Judy Hatton, Operations Director said, “Delivering top quality products and service is a priority for us as a company, and is something we are continually focused on, from the production floor to the management team. I am confident Bilal, with his experience, will be able to develop our quality systems successfully.”

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Monday, July 31, 2017

1900 IO-Link device listed.

Just 6 months after its introduction, over 80% of all known IO-Link devices are already included in the IODDfinder, the central database for IO-device descriptions. The service launched by the IO-Link community at the start of this year was received very well by manufacturing companies and users alike and will contribute decisively towards the further spread of IO-Link.

This portal meets the desire of users of IO-Link technology for a central access point for IODDs of all IO-Link devices common in the market. This data pool is available 24/7 allowing interested parties access to the database and facilitating direct connection of engineering and parameterization tools. Relevant software tools are given access via the Internet to this manufacturer-neutral data pool, which guarantees users automatic access to all operationally-important description files of IO-Link devices.

So far, more than 30 manufacturers of IO-Link devices are participating in the data platform and have already stored about 1900 IODDs. With this amount of IODDs, more than 3900 different IO-Link devices can be parameterized. On the consumer side, the platform was able to deal with roughly 2500 call-ups per day in the first half of the year.

These figures demonstrate in an impressive way how valuable this new service is for the IO-Link world.

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