Friday, July 14, 2017

New air monitoring technologies.

Three new ambient air quality monitoring instruments have been launched by Air Monitors. “Highly innovative technology is employed within all three monitors,” says Managing Director Jim Mills. “For example, the Spectra-1 from PKL Technologies is a robust, portable open-path TDLAS monitor, capable of monitoring a wide range of target gases remotely. In addition, the Model 211 and the Model 405, both from 2B Technologies, employ USEPA Federal Equivalent Methods for the interference-free measurement of Ozone and NO2 respectively.”

Portable and lightweight, the Spectra-1 can be easily transported from site to site, or left in place as a continuous monitor. The tuneable laser can be set to measure a specific gas from a range of options including HF, CH4, NH3, CO2, CO, HCN, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6, H2S and others. Consequently, this instrument is ideal for applications such as landfill, fracking, fenceline monitoring, fugitive emissions, greenhouse gas monitoring and other projects where environmental monitoring is required.

As an open-path monitor, the Spectra-1 measures the total amount of the chosen gas in the path between the laser source and the reflector (ppm-m). This can be converted to ppm by dividing by the path length to derive a path-average concentration. Shorter optical paths may be chosen to determine the distribution of the monitored gas species.

The 2BTech 405 is a direct reading Nitrogen Dioxide analyser. In contrast with chemiluminescence instruments where NO2 must be converted to NO with variable efficiency, the Model 405 measures nitrogen dioxide directly by absorbance at 405 nm. Importantly, this new absolute method requires much less power than traditional techniques and is smaller and lighter too.

Measurement modes include NO2 only; NO only; NO2, NO and NOx with ranges of 0-10,000 ppb for NO2 and 0-2,000 ppb for NO. Resolution is 0.1 ppb and accuracy is 2 ppb or 2% of reading, whichever is greater.

The 2BTech 211 measures ozone with a proven UV absorption method and a patented gas-phase titration technology. In combination, these technologies provide measurements that are virtually free of interferences – a major advantage in situations with high levels of particulates, mercury, or VOCs. The enhanced optical path length of 30 cm provides a precision of better than 0.5 ppb for 10-second measurements, and accuracy is 1.0 ppb or 2% of reading, whichever is greater.

Both of the 2BTech analysers have options for Bluetooth wireless data transmission and battery powered operation, which makes them ideal for both fixed and portable applications.

Summarising Jim Mills says: “Our customers in the UK rely on us to supply, install and service the best equipment available, so we only select proven instruments from leading manufacturers. However, the rapid growth that Air Monitors has achieved in recent years is due in no small part to our ability to match innovation with customer needs, and these three products are good examples of that process.”

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Explaining IT & OT in IIoT.

Craig Resnick of ARC Advisory Group interviws Kirsten Billhardt of Dell IoT and Mike Boudreaux from Emerson-Automation. The Interview occured at the annual ARC forum held in Florida earlier this year. ARC organizes, participates, and speaks in a variety of forums, conferences, and webcasts worldwide, focused on the cutting-edge issues in manufacturing.

ARC have many (many) other interesting videos on their Youtube Channel.

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In-depth support for Malaysian market.

Endress+Hauser has invested 4.5 million euros in a new sales office in Shah Alam near Kuala Lumpur (MAL) .
LtoR: Daniel Bernbeck (Executive Director of Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce & Industry), Michael Winzap (Swiss Ambassador to Malaysia), Mun Kong Chow (Managing Director E+H Malaysia), Dato’ Azman Mahmud (CEO of Malaysian Investment Development Authority), Matthias Altendorf (CEO of E+H Group) and Tony Jacobsen (Corporate Director of E+H Sales for Asia-Pacific). 
Customers joined the employees of Endress+Hauser Malaysia to celebrate the opening of the new facility, which among other things will be used to expand the company’s training offering in order to provide more in-depth customer support.

“The new building in Shah Alam represents a milestone for Endress+Hauser Malaysia and enables us to continue to meet the demanding requirements of our customers,” explained Mun Kong Chow, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser Malaysia, during the inauguration ceremony. The roughly 3,000-square-meter facility houses a new calibration center for flow, level, pressure and liquid analysis instruments, in addition to spacious training rooms and an auditorium that provide ample space for hands-on customer training.

“We also felt the need to be able to offer our employees a modern and contemporary work atmosphere,” added Mun Kong Chow. Established in 1989 with 10 employees, today Endress+Hauser Malaysia is considered one of the country's leading providers of measurement and process control technology. The company currently has a workforce of more than 80 people who are focused on the chemical, food & beverage, palm oil, oil & gas, water & wastewater and power & energy industries.

“The business has grown steadily in Malaysia over the past 15 years. Malaysia is one of the most important markets in Southeast Asia and it boasts tremendous potential that we plan on exploiting further. With the new facility we have created an excellent foundation to pursue this goal,” says Tony Jacobsen, Corporate Sales Director for the Asia-Pacific region.

Endress+Hauser places high value on customer and market intimacy and continually strengthens its sales and production network with investments such as those in Malaysia. The company spent nearly 150 million euros on new buildings, equipment, software and IT infrastructure in 2016.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

High performance display for harsh environment.

KOE have announced the introduction of a new 4.2-inch Rugged+ TFT display. The TX11D201VM0BAA features the latest generation of IPS (in-plane switching) technology, WQVGA (480 x 272 pixels) resolution, a 16:9 wide aspect ratio and an extended operating temperature range.

Designed and developed for human-machine interface applications, the latest IPS display technology delivers exceptional colour saturation and stability, high contrast and deep black levels with 170° wide viewing angles (vertical and horizontal). The 4.2-inch display features a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a white LED backlight with a brightness specification of 750cd/m² and integrated PWM dimming control. These features combine to ensure that display images are bright, colourful, clear and concise.

Jason Tsai, KOE marketing manager commented, "The compact size and excellent optical characteristics of the new 4.2" display ensure a highly versatile display module that will find use in many different applications and environments. IPS technology delivers strong optical performance with wide viewing angles and highly consistent colour reproduction. Additionally, Rugged+ displays are manufactured to have robust mechanical, electrical and environmental characteristics that are highly resistant to shock, vibration, electro-static discharge and temperature variation."

The ruggedised 4.2" TFT display module is designed to function reliably under rigorous operating conditions found in some industrial process control, marine instrumentation, aerospace, in-vehicle displays and medical equipment yet still provide exceptional optical performance. Support for harsh environments is aided with an operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C and a storage temperature range of -40°C to +90°C.

The 4.2-inch display module has mechanical outline dimensions of 102.2mm (w) x 69.0mm (h) x 9.8mm (d) and an active LCD area of 92.88mm (w) x 52.632mm (h). The compact display module weighs just 97g.

A 68-pin CMOS data interface supports 8-bit RGB and enables a colour palette of 16.7m colours.

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Safety certification achieved for humidity & temperature transmitters.

The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik now also bears the “Korean Certification Mark” (KC) required in Korea. The KC certification is comparable with the European ATEX, the American FM or the Japanese TIIS approvals already available for EE300Ex.

The EE300Ex is dedicated for highly accurate humidity and temperature measurement in potentially explosive environment. The transmitter is available for wall mounting or with remote probe and can be mounted directly in both gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 0 / 20. The two-part enclosure facilitates easy installation and rapid replacement of the measurement unit for servicing or calibration.

The enclosure and the sensing probes are made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes the transmitter suitable for both demanding industrial applications and for clean rooms. Depending on the choice of sensing probe, the EE300Ex can be used for combined humidity and temperature measurement, for temperature measurement only, or for moisture measurement in oil. Accurate measurement in the range 0 to 100% RH (0 to 1 aw for moisture in oil) and -40 to 180°C (-40…356 °F) are possible at a pressure of up to 300 bar (4351 psi).

The E+E proprietary coating is a key feature when it comes to harsh working conditions. The coating protects the sensor from contamination and corrosion, thereby relevantly improving the long-term stability and the lifetime.

The measured humidity and temperature values, as well as calculated measurands like dew point, frost point, absolute humidity or mixing ratio are available on two analogue outputs and on the optional display.

E+E Elektronik products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Case study on avoiding dust explosions.

A new case study which describes a solution created by Michell Instruments to mitigate the risks caused by dust explosions in a sewage plant is now available to download.

Storing, transporting or mixing large quantities of dust creates a risk of explosion. Because the dust particles are small, they can easily ignite in the presence of oxygen and cause a potentially devastating explosion due to the sudden release of energy.

The case study examines how the specific needs of a European customer led to Michell designing an integrated monitoring system for a water treatment plant. The customer operated a plant where sewage sludge is dried with a combination of mechanical pressing and heated air. Both CO and O2 have to be monitored in the silos where this process takes place to ensure the atmosphere is non-explosive.

Michell’s solution combined the XTP601 thermo-paramagnetic oxygen analyzer with a carbon monoxide analyzer in a single system for ease of use. Read the full case study here.

• Michell Instruments are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Complimentary temperature calibration training.

Irish Power & Process (IPP) are holding a complimentary Fluke Temperature Calibration Training Seminar, September 25th & 28th, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin (IRL).

This event is intended for technical personnel or calibration personnel who are responsible for the use or calibration of temperature measuring instruments and standards. The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of Temperature Measurement and Calibration.

It will be hosted by Tom Harper, Head of Flukes UKAS Accredited Laboratory and Senior Metrologist with Fluke UK. Tom is an expert in the field of Electrical, Temperature, Pressure and Flow Calibration.

It will coincide with the ISPE Biotechnology Conference which IPP will also be attending.

For further details email IPP's  Karen Connery.

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Recognised innovators in IIoT.

IoT ONE is an online source for structured information about the Industrial Internet of Things. The platform provides users with transparent and comprehensive information about IoT vendors, solutions and technologies to enable buyers to rapidly identify the best solution on the market. The company curates offline conferences, delegations and executive reports to educate senior leadership and policy makers on the IoT technology landscape. Each quarter IoT ONE assess 1,600 Industrial IoT companies and identify the 100 companies with the greatest impact in three areas: brand influence in markets, technology innovation, and ecosystem.
For 1st quarter 2017, Advantech, has scored a respectable 47th place in this Top100 list. Additionally, in the Innovation category Advantech occupies rank number 20! "This reflects in so many ways the views of the company, which aims at being at the forefront of global Industrial Automation trends and the IoT area is perhaps one with the most advanced technological developments we currently can witness."

This recognition is the result of a previous impressive effort in 2010 when the Taiwanese company adopted the “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” as their company vision and the following years it presented numerous Smart City and IoT solutions. Today Advantech offers a comprehensive range of solutions in i-factory, i-transportation, energy & environment applications and an array of high tech products and services for industrial IIoT. The company enables its customers globally to enter the Industry 4.0 era with IoT SRP (Solution Ready Platforms) in the field of industrial automation, communication, monitoring, traceability and energy management.

Tineke Bergen, IIOT Marketing Manager Europe at Advantech Europe, claims: “There is a big difference between claiming a position and actually deserving it. This assessment and the ranking of Advantech within the Top 100 IIoT Companies Globally show that our efforts are fruitful and that Advantech is already perceived as a worldwide leader for innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).”

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good healthy brewing in New Zealand.

Many do not fully appreciate that CO2 is toxic. This is possibly because it occurs naturally in the atmosphere, albeit at very low concentrations – around 400 parts per million (ppm). It is used or produced in the brewing and pub industry both during production and in the bar or restaurant, and we even produce it when we breathe out. We breathe CO2 out because it is toxic, of course, and great care is needed when working in environments where it may be present at elevated levels.

“Products which are specifically designed to detect hazardous gases are widely used within the oil and gas, marine and steel industries, and a similar picture is developing in the brewery industry,” says Crowcon’s Melina Ho. “So, when Manukau-based DB Breweries approached us to provide a gas detection solution, we were delighted to support.”

Melina explains: “Brewery industry employees who enter drinks storage areas without adequate gas monitoring equipment are potentially entering a life-threatening environment,”

Crowcon was initially asked to provide a quotation by the company’s health and safety advisors, a trend which is increasing within the food & beverage industry as the industry is currently upgrading its gas detection policies. This, along with the New Zealand Government’s initiative to reduce workplace accidents in the manufacturing sector, is driving demand for a gas detection solution with food and beverage as it proactively addresses the potentially catastrophic outcomes of workers becoming exposed to dangerous levels of CO2 gases.

If workers are equipped with personal monitors before they enter a risk zone, gas levels can be monitored. In DB Breweries case, Crowcon’s single-gas Gasman CO2 IR was selected largely due to its infrared sensors. Infrared sensors tend to have a faster response time and longer active life than other CO2 sensor technologies, as well as performing better at the lower temperatures that can be encountered in cellars. As part of the gas detection solution, service and calibration of instruments is provided.

CO2 is heavier than air. It is a hazard throughout the manufacturing process, right through to packaging and bottling, and even to the bars and eating establishments where the drinks are served. If CO2 escapes, it will tend to sink to the floor, where it can form deadly, invisible pockets. It collects in cellars and at the bottom of containers and confined spaces, such as tanks and silos.

DB Breweries spokesperson, Hamish Clentworth, explains: “One of the key factors in selecting Crowcon was the flexibility of its device. The ability to select the alarm function to best suit the working conditions whilst ensuring safety, is paramount, as it ensured minimal disruption when our sales teams visited bars, restaurants or retail outlets. Furthermore, the response time when increased CO2 levels are present was impressive, which meant our employees are alerted of the possibility high levels of CO2 in good time.

“Crowcon is one of the most popular choices across New Zealand and Australia, specifically within our industry and this proven track record was a deciding factor in our selection. Ultimately, our company has a duty to protect our employees from exposure to hazardous CO2 gases. Early detection can be the difference between life and death.”

Even when gas detectors are deployed; maintaining protection for every employee can be a challenge as CO2 can be present in several areas; gas detection devices must be an integral part of an employee’s daily routine.

Crowcon concludes, “We understand DB Breweries has made it company policy that employees use personal CO2 detectors at all times and we are hopeful this vital safety practice will be adopted more widely across the entire brewing and wine industry in the future.”

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Connectors for miniaturisation in the rail sector.

The new Han® 16 HPR EasyCon from Harting is a robust industrial connector that has been designed specifically to meet today’s requirements for miniaturisation in the rail sector.
The compact connector housing has been designed to accommodate up to four high-current contacts carrying up to 650 A each, providing sufficient power for vehicle-mounted equipment such as compressors, single-wheel drives and ventilation systems.

Han® 16 HPR EasyCon covers all the essential requirements for a rail vehicle interface. It combines a high transmission capacity in an extremely compact housing with the highest possible number of contacts for the available installation space – all in a robust and reliable design.

The two-part housing provides plenty of space for cables and is easy to install. Harting also provides accessories for easy additional tension relief and cable shield connections.

In addition to the high-current contacts, the new connector can also be installed with six different Han-Modular® modules – for power and signal transmission, for example. Han® 16 HPR EasyCon is the only Harting housing in this size with a frame that provides enough room to accommodate so many modules. Users can save a quarter of installation space compared to the next connector size up with this option.

The simple contact retention and housing design enables rapid installation. The hood and mounting housing can be screwed together in a few quick and easy steps. The shielding remains visible to the operator throughout the installation process.

The design of the Harting shield connection is so robust and reliable that the risk of attenuation loss is minimised.

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Making life easier for H&S managers!

Life just got a little easier for health and safety specialists with Cirrus Research introducing the doseBadge5 with its new scheduled monitoring feature.

Taking time off need no longer strike fear into the hearts of H&S managers thanks to the new "Scheduled Measurements" function that allows the ability to automatically start and stop monitoring at pre-set times. And it is all achievable in just 4 steps:

  • Step 1. Activating and configuring the Scheduled Measurement Function is easy using the doseBadge5 via either the NoiseTools software or the dBLink App for iOS and Android devices.
  • Step 2. Then it is simply a matter of setting the start time, duration and end time for the measurement for full peace of mind whilst you are away.
  • Step 3. Colleagues won't be able to complain about being left with the responsibility; all they have to do is collect the doseBadge5 from the charging dock, attach to the shoulder and the measurements will begin at the pre-set start time. The measurement will start at the pre-set time and continue throughout the day for the specified times and durations, collecting all the data you need. At the end of the day, the doseBadge5 back is put back on the charging dock.
  • Step 4. The data will still be there waiting when the H&S manager returns and can be downloaded as normal from the doseBadge5 to generate any reports using the NoiseTools software.

"This is an excellent add-on to the doseBadge5" said Cirrus Marketing Manager Jim Tingay. "Not only does it give real peace of mind for anyone who needs time away from their day to day job -  either for training or holidays - but it is so simple to set up with no effort on anyone else's part."

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First All-in-One signalling tester.

The functionality of Anritsu's popular Signalling Tester MD8475B all-in-one base station simulator has now been further strengthened with the release of the Enhanced Multi-Signalling Unit MD8475B-071 and LTE 4x4 MIMO Option MX847550B-041.

Adding this new option supports the configuration of a simulation environment for 1 Gbps IP data communications combining 4×4 MIMO with high-order modulation (256QAM) and carrier aggregation. Previous 1 Gbps simulators required difficult setup using several pieces of equipment, but the all-in-one MD8475B simplifies measurement to not only increase test efficiency but also to cut capital expenditure.

Strengthening the MD8475B functions with these newly released Enhanced Multi-signalling Unit MD8475B-071 hardware and LTE 4x4 MIMO Option MX847550B-041 software for evaluating broadband communications will play a major role in the development of LTE 4x4 MIMO DL mobile terminals.

Mobile data traffic has exploded in recent years due to the widespread popularity of mobile phones and increasing numbers of rich-content services, and mobile data traffic is expected to continue expanding due to future deployment of the Connected Car, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Mobile operators worldwide want to provide stable high-quality communications services and are not only increasing the capacity and speeds of existing networks, but are also investigating next-generation communication systems. Deploying these 1 Gbps data rates are a key step towards offering 5G enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) services.

The increasing data rates of commercial mobile phones, have resulted in problems arising with operating system freezes, heat generation, and battery consumption due to the higher load conditions. Solving these issues requires a high-stability, high-reproducibility evaluation environment at every stage from early R&D to product release evaluation.

The Signalling Tester MD8475B is an all-in-one base-station simulator supporting evaluation of various communications technologies ranging from LTE-Advanced to 2G. Its wide test coverage and easy operability using up to 8 RF test ports, plus SmartStudio (state-machine GUI) with a wide variety of parameter settings, make light work of configuring an evaluation environment for mobile terminals supporting carrier aggregation.

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Helping gain insights into production!

Seeq Corporation has announced the hiring of five new employees.

Todd Amy, Jennifer Bentzel,
Cody Ray Hoeft & Michale Talmadge
Seeq is a visual analytics application for engineers in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly wrangle, investigate and share insights on production data. Seeq has been recognized by multiple analyst firms for its modern approach to the pressing problem of finding actionable insights in complex data sets. The new employees will be focused on their onboarding and training to ensure success for the company and their customers across the process manufacturing verticals.

“We are very pleased to have these talented individuals join Seeq,”
says Seeq CEO Steve Sliwa. “Keeping up with customer demand for greater and faster insights in their process data has been a growing challenge for us, and we’re excited to welcome these new employees to assist in these efforts.”

Todd Amy (top left) has 15 years of experience with Infolink, Weatherford and WellAware. He holds a BA degree in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin State University. Todd will be responsible for enterprise sales at Seeq.

Jennifer Bentzel (top right) has 15 years of experience with The Wolf Organization, The YGS Group and Red Lion Controls. She holds a BA degree in Fine/Studio Arts from York College in Pennsylvania. Jennifer will be responsible for all aspects of marketing at Seeq.

Cody Ray Hoeft (bottom left)has 3 years of experience with United Technologies and Seeq. He holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Oregon State University. Cody will participate in software development activities at Seeq.

Michael Talmadge (bottom right)has 20 years of experience with ExxonMobil, Valero Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. He holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Penn State, and an MBA from Villanova. Michael will help Seeq customers implement solutions.

Joanna Zinsli (Not pictured)has 10 years of experience with Valero Energy. She holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Arizona. Joanna will help Seeq customers implement solutions.

“Seeq is demonstrating real value to our customers across all the process manufacturing verticals,” continued the CEO. “The product’s success means we can continue to add additional resources and opportunities for our company, and we’re excited to welcome our new colleagues to Seeq.”

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Hygienic US sensors mounting kits.

Hoffmann-Krippner has announced the availability of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) certified hygienic mounting kit for PiL’s P53 “Steel Head” ultrasonic sensors. This new, off the shelf, hygienic sensor solution has been designed for the food and beverage sector and chemical and pharmaceutical industries – suitable for any manufacturing/assembly/bottling/packaging system that requires a clean and hygienic environment.

Consisting of half-shells, each with one opening to accommodate the sensor ends, these installation sets can be used to securely mount P53 sensors to walls or enclosures. FDA-approved, food-safe gaskets made from 10/101 grade silicone are firmly pressed onto the conically formed ends of the sensor when the half-shells are screwed together. This procedure reliably and hygienically seals the gap between the sensor and the mounting kit.

The "Steel Head" P53 sensors and EHEDG-compliant mounting kits make PiL one of the few manufacturers of rugged ultrasonic sensors that are truly suitable for use in applications with demanding hygienic requirements.

Due to its gapless design, the fully encapsulated 30 mm wide housing of the PiL P53 can be kept perfectly clean. Like the mounting kit, it is made from polished V4A grade stainless steel with a surface roughness of  <0 .6="" 150="" 1="" a="" and="" as="" beam="" beverage="" br="" chemical="" feature="" food="" for="" industries.="" m.="" making="" mm="" narrow="" of="" pharmaceutical="" range="" sector="" sensors="" the="" them="" throughout="" to="" ultrasonic="" use="" versatile="" very="" well="" with="">Versions with analog output (4..20 mA) are supplied with pre-set response curves, while models with a switch output allow for a quick and easy adjustment of the desired switching points via teach-in. "Steel Head" sensors are safe to clean with high pressure or steam jets thanks to their high Ingress Protection rating (IP68/IP69K) and extended temperature range of -15 °C to +80 °C. 
<0 .6="" 150="" 1="" a="" and="" as="" beam="" beverage="" br="" chemical="" feature="" food="" for="" industries.="" m.="" making="" mm="" narrow="" of="" pharmaceutical="" range="" sector="" sensors="" the="" them="" throughout="" to="" ultrasonic="" use="" versatile="" very="" well="" with="">
PiL P53 ultrasonic sensors are ECOLAB certified and can therefore be treated with aggressive chemical cleaning agents. With a food-grade cable and hygienic cable gland, PiL ultrasonic sensors meet EHEDG requirements at the connecting end as well. These superior characteristics make the PiL P53 system virtually the only off-the-shelf hygienic sensor solution on the market. 
<0 .6="" 150="" 1="" a="" and="" as="" beam="" beverage="" br="" chemical="" feature="" food="" for="" industries.="" m.="" making="" mm="" narrow="" of="" pharmaceutical="" range="" sector="" sensors="" the="" them="" throughout="" to="" ultrasonic="" use="" versatile="" very="" well="" with="">

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Anytime, anywhere plant information – for faster decision-making.

DeltaV™ Mobile is a new platform that leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to empower the manufacturing engineer of the future with the most complete access to real-time data, trends and insight to make better-informed, critical operations decisions – securely from anywhere in the world.

Part of Emerson’s Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, DeltaV Mobile fuses smartphone technology with process control data to make operational intelligence available 24/7 for its customers – which include oil and gas operations, refineries, chemical plants, and life sciences facilities – for improved safety, reliability and operational performance.

The digital plant of the future uses DeltaV Mobile to remove the confines of the control room and enable the digital worker— managers, engineers, operators and subject matter experts – to monitor operations and see critical operational data when, how and where they want, without waiting for regular business hours, manual reports, or being tied to a computer.

By integrating seamlessly and securely with the DeltaV distributed control system, DeltaV Mobile delivers critical contextual data that is often left behind by other solutions. With added context, DeltaV Mobile users can make better decisions around operational events that could affect bottom-line business results. Incorporating Emerson’s Plantweb Secure First Mile™ technology, DeltaV Mobile provides safe, remote access to important plant data without impacting critical production systems.

“DeltaV Mobile is an important Industrial IoT tool to help companies make decisions faster and smarter,” says Jamie Froedge, president, Process Systems and Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “Mobile intelligence will transform operational workflows and practices and drive collaboration across the enterprise, which helps customers reach Top Quartile performance.” Top Quartile is defined as achieving operations and capital performance in the top 25 percent of peer companies.

An Industrial IoT-ready infrastructure, DeltaV Mobile enables on-site teams to quickly and securely connect with off-site experts, extending organisation-wide expertise and collaboration beyond the plant. Intuitive mobile views and customisable filtering ensure that users see clear and relevant data and alerts about the safety and performance of facilities. It easily provides alarms, trends and data available on DeltaV operator workstations to iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as alarm alerts via push, SMS, or email notification.

DeltaV Mobile is a core platform solution in Emerson’s Always Mobile™ portfolio, which also includes Asset View for the AMS ARES asset management platform and Guardian™ Mobile. Always Mobile technologies deliver operational mobility solutions that improve productivity and collaboration. With secure, instant access to operational information in intuitive views, personnel at all levels of organisations can make effective, business-critical decisions.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bi-directional differential pressure sensors.

Mimsic has launched its MDP200 Bi-Directional Differential Pressure Sensor for CPAP, breath detection, room pressure, damper control, flow hood, fume hood, filter monitoring and other applications where ultra-low differential pressure performance is required.

Currently sampling, this industry leading pressure sensor will be shipping in commercial quantities by the end of this year.

Leveraging its highly successful thermal accelerometer technology and experience in consumer electronics, Memsic will be offering a high-performance differential pressure sensor for medical, HVAC and other applications where competitively priced, highly reliable and ultra-low pressure performance is required.

The new MDP200 new pressure sensor is based upon Memsic’s highly advanced and successful MEMS thermal accelerometer platform, with hundreds of millions of units successfully shipped into a diverse variety of real world automotive and consumer applications. This ultra-sensitive MEMs thermal technology enables the new MDP200 to detect minute changes in flow induced by differential pressure. The suspended bridge microstructure inside the MDP200 allows it to reliably detect pressure changes from a range of 0.016 Pascal to 500 Pascal.

“No diaphragm type sensor can achieve this level of performance,” says Ohlan Silpachai, Flow Product Manager at Memsic. “We compared our MDP200 against a class leading competitor differential pressure sensor with a 0 to 0.1 inch water column (25 Pascal) output range. In this head to head test, Memsic’s MDP200 demonstrated a superior signal to noise ratio at signal levels below 1 Pa, while offering a full scale range of 20x higher (MDP200 is calibrated at +/-500 Pa). The integrated electronics within the sensor chip allows a 16 bit digital I2C output at an update rate of less than 7 ms.”

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Smart Grid connectivity made easy.

New IXXAT SG-gateways from HMS Industrial Networks enable data exchange between infrastructure and energy networks based on IEC61850 or IEC60870-5-104, and common fieldbus and industrial Ethernet systems.

While industrial communication between devices and systems is typically done with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet, modern infrastructure and energy networks are based upon other protocol standards such as IEC61850 and IEC60870-5-104. The new IXXAT SG-gateways from HMS address the increasing need for data exchange between these two worlds, offering a wide protocol coverage and easy integration. The SG-gateways focus on applications requiring a connection between the IEC61850 or IEC60870-5-104 protocols, and popular industrial, building and metering standards such as Modbus RTU (master/slave), Modbus-TCP (client/server), PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, M-Bus, along with digital I/O’s.

In addition to data transmission via Ethernet, the SG-gateways also optionally offer data transmission via 3G modem, enabling wireless connection to e.g. control rooms.

Flexible use in a wide range of emerging applications
The SG-gateways are ideal for all applications using the IEC61850 or IEC60870-5-104 protocol, and where users want to achieve straight-forward remote control, efficient electrical system management or easy access to application and power consumption data. The SG-gateways can be used to connect SCADA systems with industrial devices and machines in the field, serve as gateways between individual power producers and energy management software in Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and demand-response applications, or as means to enable a connection from IEDs (Intelligent Electrical Devices) to PLC systems from various automation vendors. Furthermore, the SG-gateways are fitting for water/wastewater management, within district heating and gas networks, or within rail network systems.

Special focus on easy integration and configuration
The SG-gateways are easily configured and programmed using the WEB-PLC-Tool, a PLC software with a web-based programming interface. With the graphical editor of the WEB-PLC, function diagrams can be processed intuitively and quickly – similar to the well-known CFCs (Continuous Function Charts). Thanks to a powerful 32-bit processor platform, the SG-gateway can process up to 8192 variables. As a result, the gateway can be used without restrictions in complex systems with a multiplicity of signals and messages as well as a high data throughput.

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Reorganisation announcement.

Dave Wolfe, President/COO of Acromag  recently announced a reorganization of their Embedded Solutions and Process Automation Divisions. This reorganization will better align product planning with customer needs and to strengthen the sales channels.

As part of the restructure, Mr. Russell J. Nieves accepted the position of Vice President of Sales and Mr. Robert M. Greenfield accepted the position of Business Development Manager.

Russ Nieves has been employed at Acromag for more than six years. He has held the positions of International Sales Manager and Director of Sales for their Embedded Solutions Division. As Vice President of Sales, Russ will be responsible for growing sales and to establish a culture of success for both the Embedded Solutions and Process Automation Divisions sales channels.

Robert Greenfield has been employed at Acromag for more than 27 years. He has held the positions of Marketing Communications Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing in their Process Automation Division. As Business Development Manager, Robert will be responsible for new product planning and business strategies.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

German standards body authorised for cybersecurity certification.

DAkkS, the accreditation body for certification bodies in Germany, recently accredited TÜV Rheinland to be an ISA Security Compliance Insititue (ISCI) certification body. TUV Rheinland is now authorized to issue certificates of conformance for the IEC 62443 based ISASecure® control systems cybersecurity certification scheme.

“We are pleased to announce the addition of TUV Rheinland as a new ISASecure certification body” stated Andre Ristaino, ISCI Managing Director, “With global recognition for excellence and over 100 years of history in standards and certifications, TUV Rheinland’s reputation is second to none. The addition of TUV Rheinland adds credibility to the ISASecure control system certification program and expands global coverage.”

“We are excited to be part of the ISA Secure Conformity Assessment (CA) scheme as it further supports the work we are doing with our clients to ensure their systems are both safe and secure,” says Heinz Gall, Head of Certification Body for Functional Safety and Cyber Security at TÜV Rheinland.

The ISASecure CA scheme is a standards-based certification scheme that assesses the cybersecurity of control system products and systems to the IEC 62443 international standards governing control systems cybersecurity.

All conformity assessment bodies (CB) for the ISCI ISASecure® control systems conformity assessment scheme must meet ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements in addition to the ISASecure requirements for technical readiness.

The ISASecure CB’s are independently assessed by ISO/IEC 17011 (EN 45011) accreditation bodies (AB) for initial accreditation and are audited annually by the AB to ensure that the CB maintains qualifications for participation in the ISASecure CA scheme.

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Partnership to grow MES commitment to European EMS & OEM Companies.

Aegis Software, has announced its partnership with SEICA who provide services to top tier global EMS and OEM companies, a relationship that will enable Aegis to continue its vision to expand its software solutions offerings within Europe.

“SEICA has a proven track record of turnkey and custom installations for diverse market sectors from telecommunications, automotive and IT to medical and avionics and as such is the perfect partner for Aegis and its expanding customer base. In an ever more demanding and competitive world where manufacturing excellence and control are critical, it is vital for our customers that we work with like-minded industry partners” said Daniel Walls, Aegis Software’s General Manager Europe.

Aegis attaches great importance to providing its customers with exceptional sales and service support ensuring the reliability and quality of its products. The establishment of the Aegis partnership progam in Europe will ensure that customers with a requirement for software solutions for NPI, Logistics, Production and Analytics, particularly where the demands for compliance, control and traceability are essential, will be well catered for.

More and more manufacturers in Europe are looking to MES technology as an approach to improve, track and control the manufacture of complex devices and improve visibility on the shop floor. “SEICA has a philosophy of establishing strong partnerships with leading manufacturing providers to enlarge the portfolio of solutions across the whole production line” said Stéphane Dupoux, SEICA General Manager France.

“The partnership with Aegis allows us to offer a robust and effective solution, developed by a leading supplier of MES technology, which can guarantee the high level of performance required by our customers," added Barbara Duvall, Managing Director, Seica SpA.

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Handle options.

Multitron has announced the availability of 50 new Stainless Steel and Chromium-Plated Handles, added to Mentor’s range of Equipment Handles, bringing the total range of Handle options to over 270. The majority are available ex-stock and at low MOQs.

Handles made of steel are ideal for high bearing loads and are suitable for pulling, pushing, and lifting actions in equipment and machinery applications, and if elegant design, high strength, chemical resistance or food hygiene are important in the product design, then stainless steel handles are a very good solution. Chromium-Plated Handles offer stylish, high-strength solutions, and many versions have anti-slip hand grips as options.

A product handle can dictate the overall aesthetics of the final product, so equal importance is applied to both form and function. Every handle offers elegance and quality, is ergonomic and comfortable to hold and can be customised to meet specific dimensional requirements.

In addition to Stainless Steel and Chromium-Plated Handles, MENTOR’s range includes aluminium and plastic handles, recessed and carrying handles, ledge, strap and tray handles, plus folding / collapsible handles. There are also “prop-up”, “spring-back” and “rear-up” handles, front-panel handles and circuit board handles, heat resistant handles and many modular handle systems.

Extensive product information is available on the new Multitron Handles Microsite, including fully-dimensioned drawings and selection charts. Information on availability and MOQs etc is presented using graphical icons with “instant on hover” explanatory text.

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