Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wireless Sensor Connection.

The new WIS 2 (Wireless Inductive System 2) is an ideal way for Pepperl+Fuchs to round off its portfolio for the wireless connection of sensors to moving machine parts with a higher-performance system, according to a statement.

The WIS 2 is used both for signal transmission and for supplying power to the sensors connected to the secondary side, making wear-prone trailing cables and slip rings redundant. The WIS 2 supports ratings of up to 12 W over transmission distances of 0...7 mm compared to the WIS 1 with a maximum of 1.5 W and 0...5 mm, which has been available for years. In addition to the 8-channel design, a streamlined 2-channel variant is now also available for small applications with up to two sensors.

All system variants use a primary and a secondary transmitter, either for two or for eight channels. They come in size M30 in a cylindrical design and fitted with 30 cm cables and M12 connectors as standard. Since the transmitters are not paired, the secondary transmitters are freely interchangeable. As a result, for example, any number of different tool carriers can easily communicate via the same system. Inductive, capacitive, optical or ultrasound models with binary switching output and standard 3-wire connection technology are suitable as sensors. Whereas the 2-channel system uses a space-saving Y-splitter, the 8-channel system has an 8-way connector box with an IP67 degree of protection that can be installed up to 20 m away from the transmitter. Pepperl+Fuchs provides a wide selection of cable lengths and connectors for every application.

The WIS 2 has numerous potential applications in rotary tables, presses and change tools, for object detection on workpiece carriers, on rotation tools, robot gripper arms and all similar devices.

• Pepperl+Fuchs products are marketed in Ireland through Insteco.

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Checking monoblock containers.

Fluke® Process Instruments has developed a miniature monitoring solution for monoblock cure processes. The DATAPAQ MonoPaq2 system profiles the metal temperature of coated aluminum bottles, aerosols, and collapsible tubes both in IBO and OBO lines. The thermal barrier measures merely 41 x 48 x 195 mm, making it 43% smaller by volume than the preceding generation. The temperature profiling system can be used in lines with very closely spaced pins (>45 mm) and with various product basket sizes.

This engineering success is primarily based on the development of a new data logger with a minimal footprint. The new DATAPAQ Q18 logger connects four thermocouples via micro-miniature sockets and logs up to 32,000 readings per channel with an adjustable interval of 0.05 s or more. Its accuracy of ±0.5 °C puts it squarely in the class of the best available loggers.

Downloaded to a PC or notebook, the thermal profile can be reviewed with the DATAPAQ Insight software, which includes versatile visualisation, analysis, and reporting functions. Manufacturers can thereby optimize their oven settings and ensure that every product experiences the specified time at temperature. Regular monitoring is facilitated by the compact size and light weight of the system. Mounting brackets are available in different versions for quick and secure attachment in any line layout.

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Light speed for hazardous areas.

In introducing their series 9721 unmanaged switches with ATEX and IECEx certifications, R. Stahl is presenting a networking product geared towards process plants with fast Ethernet infrastructure in hazardous areas.

Series 9721 switches feature four FX ports for optical fibre cables with 'op is' (inherently safe optical radiation) type of protection according to IEC EN 60079-28:2015, which is akin to electrical type 'i' intrinsic safety. Connected lines can be plugged in and out even in explosive atmospheres in zone 1 and 2 (hot plugging). With a shutdown no longer required, changes or extensions to an installation become more cost-effective. Optical fibre cables are the best and most reliable solution for fast data communication especially in plants with distributed systems, where considerable distances must be bridged or where strong interference may be an issue.

The switches themselves can be operated in zone 2, while their fast 100 Mbit/s optical ports connect field devices such as the Ethernet-enabled R. STAHL IS1+ remote I/O system in zone 1.

Depending on requirements, switch types are available for the connection of multi-mode lines that are up to 5 km long, or single-mode fibres up to 30 km long. There is also a mixed solution: one switch type provides one single-mode port to bridge a great distance, while three other devices can be locally connected more cost-efficiently via multi-mode cables. In addition, two electric TX ports with RJ45 jacks are available for connections in non-hazardous areas.

The unmanaged switch type 9721/13-42-x4 can withstand ambient temperatures in a wide range from -30 °C to +70 °C and tolerate the otherwise harsh conditions associated with such extremes. Redundant connection of 24 VDC auxiliary power supply is possible to increase the availability. In addition to IS1+ using Industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP, the switches are suitable for HMI devices from R. STAHL HMI Systems and IP cameras from R. STAHL Camera Systems, and obviously also for a diverse range of other field devices requiring type "op is" explosion-protected Ethernet connectivity via optical fibres.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland through Douglas Controls & Automation.

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Cloud for field devices.

This solution enables the implementation of an easy-to-use, cost-effective and safe communication system between most field devices and a PC or a Smartphone. It includes Ethernet and wireless gateways, private cloud and secured VPN software solutions.
Delta’s Smart Factory and Cloud Solution provide a remote control and monitoring platform for real-time management of factory facilities. This solution integrates Delta’s brand new Industrial 3G Cloud Routers DX-2100 Series to collect facility operation data from PLCs and industrial controllers in factories, and upload it to Delta’s DIACloud internet cloud service platform for management. It allows managers and customers to acquire real-time facility operation and manufacturing execution information from worldwide factories - anywhere, anytime. With high security technologies, the DIACloud ensures data safety for all users. Currently, Delta has setup DIACloud servers in 7 locations around the globe, and will have 10 more built by 2018 to serve worldwide customers.

DIACloud is a cloud-based IoT platform developed by Delta Electronics. With this platform and the corresponding network gateways, users can communicate with field devices, collect data and push them to a cloud web portal, and push the control commands or settings to field devices at anytime and anywhere. Device status, alarms and field data will be displayed on this mobile APP, whilst control commands can be sent from the APP as well.

Innovative routers which connect all field devices to DIACloud

Delta Electronics recently launched the innovative DX-2100 series 3G Cloud Router and DX-2300 series Industrial Ethernet Cloud Router, which enable a built-in secure tunnel between the DIACloud cloud service and a set of industrial devices such as PLCs, HMIs, AC motor drives, AC servo systems, sensors and more. Designed to support fast and reliable two-way data collection, DX-2100 is a rugged wireless router that establishes a secure ‘tunnel’ between the user and the remote networked devices or PC (via the cloud server) without the need for VPN servers.

Superior performance based on quick, strong and secure connectivity is viable with these advanced new devices. Able to support Modbus TCP and RTU protocols, the DX-2100 is downward compatible with GSM/GPRS/EDGE 2G networks. Both the DX-2100 and the DX-2300 offer HSPA+ data transmission rates of up to 21.6Mbps (downlink) and 5.76Mbps (uplink). Before purchasing any router, users are advised to determine how fast it transmits data.

For the Industrial 3G Cloud Router, further benefits include automatic APN parameter matching and connection redial, therefore minimising offline time in the event of internet drop-out. In addition, there are various peripheral interfaces that include RS-485, RS-232 and Ethernet ports to meet all user device connectivity requirements, while an integral RTC also features along with support for NTP synchronisation over a network.

Data integrity
From a security perspective, the firewall offers many advanced functions, including SPI and the prevention of DoS attacks. The firewall also provides, port triggering and port mapping functionality, along with IP address, MAC address and URL filtering. Additionally, information passes through 6 levels of encryption. All of this helps to make Delta’s DX-2100 and DX-2300 some of the market’s most secure industrial cloud routers. Additional user advantages include networking failure diagnostics, device and PLC interlocking, and custom alarm conditions with email alerts.
A platform designed for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 implementation

DIACloud includes without additional cost 1GB of data traffic, 10MB storage in the Cloud, and unlimited user accounts. This makes it possible to perform remote configuration, remote firmware upgrades, scheduled tasks and remote management operations. The device is targeted at a host of remote connectivity applications that include industrial automation, smart homes, smart buildings, smart grids, surveillance and transportation monitoring.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Connectors - waterproof when not connected!

The Binder 620 and 720 sub-miniature and miniature all-plastic snap-in modular connectors are available from Foremost Electronics. The lightweight and compact NCC (non-connected closed) design features internal seals that provide protection to IP67 with excellent electrical characteristics.

Alan Cook, Managing Director of Foremost Electronics, advises, “We have been supplying our customers with Binder connectors for many years. These new sub-miniature and miniature waterproof connectors will increase the markets we can address to include medical and end products which require colour-coordinated connectors which can be connected and disconnected frequently.”

NCC connectors are designed to protect their contacts to IP67 when not connected without the need of a protective cap, removing the possibility of damage to cables and systems by moisture ingress. They are ideal for all types of portable equipment, control devices and other applications where it is required to make rapid or frequent set-up changes. The connectors have been designed to have an industry leading working life in excess of 5,000 mating cycles.

The unique snap-in mating provides users with an extremely convenient and safe connect and disconnect action. Colour coded versions in blue, green and red are available, as are versions pre-moulded on PVC cable.

Binder 620 and 720 connectors are suitable for industrial and instrumentation applications and a new RAL 9002 colour option makes them ideal for medical equipment and industrial devices that require light coloured connectors.

The 620 and 720 connectors are manufactured from a robust polyamide 66 material that offers excellent dimensional stability and rigidity and high levels of resistance to acetate and alcohol-based disinfectants. The new bright RAL 9002 grey/white finish integrates very well with light coloured enclosures commonly found in medical equipment and aids visibility of any contamination or soiling when used for medical instrumentation.

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Pharma appointment in Asia.

Werum IT Solutions strengthens its MES team in Asia by bringing in a new experienced pharma industry exper, Rajesh Vedak, who will support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the region from Werum’s Asia hub location as India – Country Manager.

Rajesh Vedak
Supported by the team at Werum’s Asia Pacific headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand, he will ensure a close connection to local customers delivering unrivaled customer satisfaction through Werum’s best-in-class MES solutions.

“With our new County Manager who is located in the same region as the facilities of our customers, we will be able to offer our PAS-X MES product and implementation services in India even faster and more efficiently,” says Lars Hornung, Senior Director Global Sales, Werum IT Solutions GmbH.

“With Rajesh Vedak we were able to recruit a local expert with almost 20 years of pharma industry experience,” adds David Margetts, Managing Director, Werum IT Solutions Ltd., Thailand. “This will clearly enable us to serve our customers in India even better than in the past.”

Rajesh Vedak worked in different sales, business management and development positions at Rockwell Automation and at Merck Millipore and looks back on almost twenty years of experience. Most recently, he worked as Sales Lead Life Sciences in the Indian market. He holds a Master in Business & Administration Marketing and studied Chemical Engineering before.

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Snap-on pre-printed wire markers.

TE Connectivity has highlighted its market-leading STD and STB snap-on pre-printed markers for wire and cable identification.

The markers are ideally suited for projects in energy, such as power stations, oil refineries and offshore platforms, where maintenance technicians will need to identify individual wires and cables quickly and efficiently over the operating life of assets.

STD and STB markers are individual snap on markers that can be applied after termination or installation to identify wires and small cables permanently. STD markers are white and yellow with a black legend, whereas STB markers are color coded and a UV stabilized version is available in black with a white legend. Both are available in a range of ten sizes that expand to accommodate a full range of wire and small cables from 1.0 mm to 19 mm in diameter (0.04 to 0.75 inches).

They are applied using a dedicated applicator wand, which enables easy installation and prevents over-expansion of the markers. Once installed, the markers have a secure grip and feature chevron cut-outs on the sides to ensure the legend remains aligned and easy to read.

Both STD and STB markers are manufactured using a zero halogen polyoxymethylene (POM) compound, which is highly elastic to avoid damage to wire and cable insulation. POM guarantees strength, stability and low moisture absorption. It also has good resistance to chemicals, including key fluids found in energy, oil and gas, aviation and military installations. In terms of their flammability performance, STD and STB markers meet the US standard UL94 HB for plastic materials. Together these characteristics make them suitable to installations where a permanent cable identification solution is required.

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Monday, December 19, 2016

PLC series covers most automation applications.

The Delta AS300 series Compact Non-backplane Mid-range PLC is a high performance multi-purpose controller designed for all kinds of automated equipment. Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC (System on Chip) CPUs offer an enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports a maximum of up to 32 extension modules. The series supports up to 1,024 inputs/outputs. Response time is 1ms when LD instruction time is 25ns and MOV instruction time is 0.15 μs.

Modular and convenient programing of advanced motion systems structure
The AS300 series provides accurate positioning control for a maximum of 8 axes via a CANopen motion network and a maximum of 6 axes via pulse control (200kHz).

The AS Series supports multiple programming languages in the same project (Structured Text, CFC, SFC and Ladder). The advanced yet simple ISPSoft V3.0 editing software delivers fast hardware and network configuration with built-in function blocks for different industries. It also provides multi-layer password protection for enhanced system security.

Supporting EtherNet/IP and various fieldbuses for industrial applications, the AS Series controller is equipped with CANopen and EtherNet/IP network communication for high-speed data transmission.

Flexible and easy network system configuration
The AS300 series supports star and linear network topology for fast expansion and management on production lines. It is compatible with all IT networks and can be combined with Delta’s IES solution to construct IoT automation applications and Industry 4.0 upgrades. The AS series can be extended to up to 32 modules.

Easy implementation
Delta’s patented non-backplane assembly with its robust slot and clip interlocking design offers a more flexible configuration and simple installation process, with convenient earth protection. This new PLC features screw-less and time-saving installation. Operators just have to press the clip rings and push the module to the desired position until hearing a "click" to finish installation. Configuration changes are as easy as possible thanks to its fast disassembly. Operators are able to release the clip ring and easily remove the module from the front without moving adjacent modules.

The space-saving design enables easy installation in control panels. The simple design and dark gray exterior of the AS series help resist stains and dirt in harsh industrial environments. With recyclable and lead-free material, it is compliant with international environmental requirements for industrial products.

Supplied by Delta Electronics, the worldwide supplier of complete automation systems, this high-efficiency controller can be combined with other Delta solutions – including drives, sensors, communication devices – in order to maintain increased productivity and adaptability for demanding automation applications.

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Fault monitoring alarm system.

Mantracourt has launched a significant upgrade to its Load Cell Integrity Box and Fault Monitoring Alarm – the LCI. This innovative product has been designed to continuously monitor the condition of individual load cells and activates an alarm when faults in the system detected. The latest version now supports both 5V and 10V operation, the main advantage of which is that the new 5V operation requires less power consumption from the connected instruments and simplifies barrier selection.

The LCI is ideal for multi-load installations such as silos, tanks and other systems where the failure of an individual load cell can have serious consequences. Its fault monitoring capabilities provide an assured working system by continuous sampling of load cell channels, with an alarm being activated if any failure conditions are detected. All this results in a reduction of downtime via immediate alarm and fault diagnosis, resulting in cost and time savings.

Used in conjunction with host intelligent weighing instruments such as Mantracourt’s ADW15, LCA20, SMW, LCD20 or other third-party products, the LCI can be used to detect system failures such as material shortage, overflow or incorrect batching.

 “With the increased operating voltage range of 4-12V now supported, this opens the LCI up to a wider range of instruments and is a great addition to the Mantracourt product range” says Jonathan Purdue, Sales Manager at Mantracourt.

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PCB & control unit assembler improves manufacturing systems.

Cimar Electronics is an assembly specialist in the production of PCB’s, control units and panels as well as numerous electronic and electrotechnical devices guaranteeing consistent quality of the entire manufacturing process from prototypes right through to final product.

“Cimar Electronics are now utilising data harvested from Aegis FactoryLogix to satisfy customer requirements and to drive internal business and process improvements. With nearly 25 years of experience and numerous quality certifications that meet strictest guidelines, Cimar Electronics have the knowhow to support and optimize the development process from prototype to final product” states Hend Dekker, SMT department.

A customer of Aegis Software since 2008 they have used V7 NPI tools incorporating iView and iTrac. This year they introduced  FactoryLogix R3 into their Veenendaal (NL) facility. FLx R3 contains a significant number of enhancements and features in addition to the new logistics module to improve the entirety of manufacturing operations — from Material Incoming Quality Control and Sampling, Material Receiving and Labelling, Automated and Manual Warehouse Management, Material Kitting and Dispatch, Production Planning and Scheduling, Mobile Material Management through to Comprehensive Programmers Interface (API).

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