Saturday, March 14, 2015

Extended online support platform increases efficiency for industry.

At the Hanover Trade Fair 2015, (13 to 17 April 2015 in Hannover (D), Siemens presents its extended Industry Online Support, which, with around 1.8 million visits every month, is one of the most frequently used Internet services offered by Siemens. With a comprehensive range of information, advice and dialog, the platform has supported industrial customers for more than 15 years throughout the life cycle of machines and plants - from planning right through to maintenance.

The new support platform features a modern design and more simple operation as well as extended functions, to filter and customize content for instance. This gives users even faster access to more than 300,000 technical documents such as handbooks, circuit diagrams, certificates or 3D models. The new CAx Download Manager speeds up access to data for mechanical or electrical engineering planning. Users can have mobile access to the platform anytime via the app available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices.

Users can retrieve application examples for automation systems or product information directly to the relevant machine via their mobile devices. The Industry Online Support app is available in six languages (German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese). Industry Online Support not only provides information, it is also a dialog platform: on the integrated Technical Forum, which is one of the largest B2B communities in the field of industry with over 200,000 registered members, users support each other by sharing tips, expertise and practical experience. Content and discussions (threads) can also be easily shared on social media platforms.

The extended functions and the new design of the Online Support enable rapid, easy and intuitive navigation between the different areas of Product Support; Services, Forum and mySupport. In Product Support, the central pool of information, intelligent filter and search capabilities ensure that access to full product information is still rapid. For example, the dynamic display already shows the expected number of search results before a filter is applied, which greatly simplifies access to relevant information. This enables users to quickly compare products when expanding plants or replacing components.

New overview pages provide faster access and comprehensive product information, with frequently asked questions. The personal mySupport area enables users to adapt the platform to his/her individual needs with saved filter settings, key words and favorites. Instead of a general newsletter, a message system sends individually summarized updates on new contributions, functions or events. The aim of these new features is to create a faster and more user-friendly system in view of the increasing number of visitors to the platform.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Miniature outdoor logging of environmental sound system!

The MOLES (Miniature Outdoor Logging of Environmental Sound) system has been launched by Svantek. Low cost yet powerful, this new outdoor noise monitoring solution can operate for up to an impressive four weeks on a single charge.

Using their market leading Class 1 SVAN 971 sound level meter and featuring a weatherproof, robust and compact design with IP65 protection level, the MOLES is a fully autonomous environmental noise monitoring solution that can be easily deployed in the field.

Lightweight and long-lasting, the MOLES’ internal batteries can be swapped without interrupting measurement. External batteries can be added to extend life to eight weeks or more.
Svantek’s new MOLES system is available with options for 1/1 and 1/3 octave real-time analysis and triggered audio recording. It also offers two in 10 audio recording making it ideal for measuring levels of noise from wind turbines.

John Shelton, Managing Director at Svantek comments: “The MOLES is based on our diminutive and well proven SVAN 971 instrument. It is an integrated kit with long-term rechargeable battery and outdoor protection for both meter and microphone. Extremely cost effective, it is perfect for independent environmental noise assessors or larger consultancies, and reinforces Svantek’s aim of developing high performance solutions that offer real value for money.”

Svantek’s MOLES is available with free SvanPC++ software with the option of environmental calculations / tonal assessment. MOLES provides 4GB storage capacity and data can be stored on an easily downloadable micro SD card.

The SVAN 971 sound level meter is ideal for general acoustic, occupational health and safety and environmental noise measurements. It is easy to use with predefined setups and operated using a simple Stop / Start mode.  It also incorporates an OLED colour display with excellent brightness and contrast.

EMEA Automation event for UAE.

The International Society of Automation (ISA) and DMS Global, a global marketing specialist for the energy sector, have finalised an agreement to organise the ISA Automation Conference and Exhibition, EMEA 26-27 May 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
The event promises to be the only full-scale technical conference and tradeshow in the area of Europe, the Middle East and Africa during 2015 dedicated to process automation and the latest technologies in measurement and control.

“This conference will be a unique opportunity for professionals throughout the local area and region involved in the automation field to learn, exchange experiences and network with peers from all over the world,” says Tim Feldman, ISA’s Director of Global Products & Services, who spoke at the agreement signing.

The event will be attended by regional and international experts and decision makers who will share their experiences and visions, and present their solutions to the challenges of measurement and control in complex industrial environments. The two-day event will include a content-rich technical conference and product exhibition.

Mohammed Loch, President and CEO of DMS Global, also made a statement at the signing, emphasizing: “There are many ‘mega events’ in the energy sector that are too general. The events division of DMS Global aims to facilitate the gathering of industry leaders and experts for specific communities to give them more focus to achieve their objectives. When it comes to process automation, there is no association greater than the International Society of Automation. We are thrilled at the opportunity to support them in promoting their field.”

The event is expected to attract hundreds of delegates from various end-user companies and vendors across the Middle East and beyond. It also offers a unique opportunity for automation professionals, equipment manufacturers and service providers to share and exchange insights and experiences, and explore the latest products and most recent innovations and technologies.

Gas monitoring representation in Canada!

Edinburgh Sensors has appointed Ontario based Demesa as its new Canadian representative.

Demesa will represent Edinburgh Sensors standard OEM Gascard NG and fixed wall Guardian NG products.

The Gascard NG is an OEM solution designed with system integrators in mind. It includes real-time temperature and atmospheric pressure correction via on-board true RS232 communications protocol, Furthermore the Gascard NG has the flexibility to incorporate additional gas detection technologies where required.

The Guardian NG is a fixed wall gas monitor designed to offer real-time near-analyser quality, continuous sampling, measurement and display of target gas concentrations. The Guardian NG range provides high accuracy detection and measurement of either CO2 or CH4 gases, where detection level ranges of between 0 – 3000 ppm and 0 – 100% by volume are required. Designed with an interactive menu, built-in alarms and password protection make the Guardian NG a secure and robust solution for gas detection.

Hydraulic network balancing!

Hymod is the market's first local hydraulic network balancing module that is designed to ensure variable flows in secondary circuits and thus optimise the energy efficiency of heating or cooling systems. Designed in particular for systems of up to 3,000 m2 in size, Hymod supplies comfort units with water at the right flow rates for each use. The unit improves the energy efficiency of ancillary equipment by as much as 40%.With the tightening of the EU's F-gas Regulation on fluorinated refrigerants, water-loop-based systems have once again become the natural solution for building heating and cooling needs. CIAT's Hysys® system is an advanced, comprehensive solution for the operation of water-based systems. Its balancing module for secondary networks optimises Hysys® even further.

When installed between a chiller or a heat pump and emitters (comfort units), the module isolates primary and secondary hydraulic networks. It meets regulatory requirements on network balancing, ensures the distribution of water to each emitter, and guarantees that heating and cooling systems are easy to operate, efficient and in compliance with requirements. It consists of a balancing valve on the primary network, a primary bypass and a variable flow (0-100%) accelerator pump that adjusts water flow rates to the needs of emitters fitted with power-efficient motors. Placed in zones, it meets flow rate requirements of up to a maximum of 6 m3/h (35 kW capacity).

Each module is calibrated and commissioned by CIAT's teams during the commissioning of entire heating or cooling systems, freeing fitters to do other tasks. Because it is installed locally in suspended ceilings in building zones, it frees up significant space in mechanical rooms.

On the primary network side, the isolator is fitted with a balancing valve that adjusts the nominal flow rates required in their zone. Such head-end balancing is required by Article 23 of France's 2012 thermal regulation. Water is supplied by the low-pressure pump installed in the thermodynamic machine.

On secondary networks, the Hymod isolator is fitted with an EC accelerator pump that adjusts water flow rates to the requirements of comfort units in real time and by independently managing the constant differential pressure. Comfort units must be fitted with self-balancing two-way valves. During system commissioning, these valves are very finely adjusted according to the desired nominal flow rate for each emitter. The pump of the module is then set to accommodate the sum of these flow rates.

Hymod is made of stainless steel. To prevent the risk of condensation, it features extra-thick Armaflex insulation and shells moulded to fit over the pump body and the balancing valve. Further protection is provided by an additional drip tray fastened to the piping. When used with CIAT's V30/V300 controllers, there is an optional changeover box for sending operating mode information to comfort units over a pilot line.

Certified for ProfiNet!

The new Anybus CompactCom 40-series from HMS Industrial Networks has passed certification for PROFINET Version 2.31, certified for use with the highest conformance class (C) as well as the highest netload class (III).The Anybus CompactCom 40-series provides industrial devices with multi-network connectivity with a specific focus on industrial Ethernet. It is especially suitable for high-end industrial applications with high performance demands and is available in chip, brick and module formats.

The 40-series solution for PROFINET enables very fast communication between the host device and PROFINET (process data latency is less than 15µs through the module) and supports PROFINET RT Class 1 and 3. It comes with an integrated PROFINET IRT Ethernet switch and supports PROFINET functions such as MRP (Media Redundancy Protocol), Clock-Synchronous Operation, Fast Start Up and PROFIenergy. CompactCom is also equipped with a black channel interface enabling PROFIsafe communication. When used in combination with the IXXAT Safe T100 safety module, HMS can therefore offer a complete communication solution for functional safety.

Ready for Industrial Internet of Things
Apart from supporting advanced PROFINET functionality, the CompactCom 40-series also provides users with powerful IT functions running simultaneously with the PROFINET real-time functions. IT functionality includes, for example, a socket interface giving the possibility to send a complete Ethernet frame (up to 1500 bytes), built-in web pages, file system, and firmware upgrade via FTP etc.

The 40-series also comes with security functions such as mandatory software signatures to prevent unauthorized software to be downloaded to the product, and encryption is used to prevent illicit copying.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cloud platform for industrial customers!

Siemens is building an open cloud platform for analysing large datasets in industry. This will provide a platform for data-based services such as Siemens offers for predictive maintenance, asset and energy data management. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can also create their own applications to exploit the open infrastructure for data analytics. For example, data can be analysed to optimise operation of the OEM's machinery fleets (Platform as a Service).

It is intended that the new cloud platform will utilise the technologies of the SAP HANA® Cloud Platform. Based on SAP's in-memory technology, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform is an open platform that enables customers and developers to develop, extend and operate apps in the cloud. "The establishment of the new cloud platform will make a significant contribution to driving forward the digitalisation of automation. Powerful services for analysing data from industry are an important part of our digital enterprise strategy", declared Klaus Helmrich, Managing Board Member of Siemens AG.

This development further extends the data-based services Siemens unveiled in 2014. With these Plant Data Services, machinery and systems data is continuously recorded, preprocessed and analyzed, providing real added value to manufacturing companies. For instance, the "Asset Analytics" services enable companies to increase the availability of machines, production lines or entire systems through continuous online monitoring. Intelligent pattern recognition or simulation is used to identify potential problems well in advance to enable corrective measures before unplanned downtimes occur. "Energy Analytics" energy data management services support plant operators by providing the transparency of usage data and revealing hidden energy savings potential.

With the creation of the new cloud platform, Siemens is enhancing its Plant Data Services to encompass "Plant Cloud Services". Based on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, an open IT ecosystem is to be created: OEMs and application developers can access the platform via open interfaces to utilize it for their own services and analytics – for example online monitoring of machine tools, industrial robots or industrial machinery such as compressors and pumps located anywhere in the world.

Encrypted communication and the use of certified data centers for processing and storing the data will ensure high levels of security. The latest cybersecurity technologies will be employed.
The open cloud platform for industry is currently in a pilot phase and will be gradually rolled out to further customer groups over the course of this year.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

High brightness displays!

Ginsbury has announced the introduction of two new high-brightness Kyocera TFT LCD displays.  

The Kyocera 10.4-inch TCG104XGLP and 12.1-inch TCG121XGLP both feature XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) resolution and Kyocera's Advanced Wide View (AWV) technology which enables display images to be easily seen from 85-degree viewing angles in all directions (left, right, up and down).

Both displays feature the latest high-efficiency, LED backlights with brightness ratings of 1300cd/m² for the 10.4-inch module and 1200cd/m² for the 12.1-inch module. No additional components are required to drive the backlights as an integrated LED driver circuit is included in both display modules. Backlight lifetime is an estimated 70K hours to 50% brightness.

Advanced Wide View technology, high contrast ratios of 700:1 and 750:1 respectively, and an anti-glare polariser contribute to ensure that display images are bright, colourful and easily read in high ambient light environments. Kyocera AWV displays are inherently suitable for demanding indoor and outdoor applications where optimum viewing angle performance is required such as aerospace, marine navigation, medical, point-of sale, test and measurement, and process control.

Neville Milward, director, Ginsbury commented, "Advanced Wide View is Kyocera's implementation of in-plane switching (IPS) and achieves a viewing angle of greater than 170° (horizontal and vertical).  This guarantees that the colour fidelity of the display image is accurately represented when viewed from any direction. The can be particularly important in many applications that require the display image to be clearly visible from multiple viewing directions and often viewed by more than one operator."

Both display modules have a standard 20-pin LVDS interface that supports 6 or 8-bit RGB data enabling a colour palette of up to 16.7M colours. The 10.4-inch display module features outline dimensions of 230mm (w) x 180.2mm (h) x 10.5mm (d) and 260.5mm (w) x 203mm (h) x 10.3mm (d) for the 12.1-inch module. An operating temperature range of -30°C to +80°C is supported.

Switching Modules at AMPER 2015!

Pickering Interfaces are to showcasing their broad catalog of PXI and Ethernet LXI switching solutions at Amper (Brno, CZ  March 24-27). These products include Pickering’s LXI, PXI, Programmable Resistors, Microwave Multiplexer and PCI Ranges.

PXI Microwave Multiplexer (40-784A) – these support single, dual, or triple SP4T or SP6T relays and are available in a variety of different frequency options for 50 Ω, from 6GHz to 40GHz. All models occupy just two 3U PXI slots and feature LED’s that indicate which path of the multiplexer is closed.

PXI and PCI Programmable Resistor Solutions - Pickering Interfaces offers the widest range of programmable resistor modules in PXI and PCI format. Many of these models cover applications that require low cost solutions through to those that require high precision and the best stability achievable.

PXI High-speed USB Switching Systems – including a USB Hub that can be used to connect USB devices under test or USB test equipment directly into PXI systems.
BRIC™ PXI Large Matrix Modules, the use of high-density packaging and integrated backplanes enables a large matrix to be implemented with no user configuration or special matrix expansion kits. These matrices use thru-hole mechanical relays (not surface mount) and can be serviced using standard de-soldering tools simplifying repair and reducing down time. The BRIC's integrated design ensures high matrix performance with high signal bandwidth and fewer system implementation errors.

LXI Switching (Ethernet controlled) Systems – LXI systems support large switching systems with simplified control through an Ethernet connection. LXI is the power of Ethernet and the Web applied to Test & Measurement (T&M) instruments, offering you new possibilities in test systems – local, remote, distributed and time-aware.

Switching System Management Tools – these tools reduce the cost of ownership of switching systems in all commonly used platforms.

All the PXI modules can be used in any PXI chassis, can be fitted to PXI hybrid slots in a PXIe chassis and can also be used in Pickering’s LXI Modular chassis for users preferring control via an Ethernet port.

• Pickering Interfaces also has a Czech-based manufacturing facility that produces their cables and connectors designed to work with their switching systems. Pickering will be previewing their new Cable Configurator Tool in the booth, this tool aids users in the specifying of custom cables.

Spectrofluorometer combined with cryostat transforming sample measurement!

Edinburgh Instruments has combined its FS5 Spectrofluorometer with a liquid nitrogen cryostat to achieve a range of significant sample measurement capabilities with a single click.

When combined with the cryostat, the FS5 enables users to:
  • Measure the spectral properties of a sample at any temperature from 77 – 500 Kelvin, ideal for phosphorescence or delayed fluorescence measurements where samples are sometimes frozen at liquid nitrogen temperatures in order to preserve the fragile triplet state. This enables sample measurement and analysis that is not otherwise possible. 
  • Make automated three dimensional measurements in order to produce temperature dependant maps of excitation, emission, synchronous scans, phosphorescence decays and fluorescence decays
  • Measure samples of different states including solid crystals, thin films, powders and liquids using a variety of sample holders.

Outstanding sensitivity, coupled with high speed data acquisition and ease of use, makes the FS5 the ideal plug and play analytical tool. The optical design is the best in its class, utilising specially selected optics to achieve the maximum in signal throughput.

RFID eliminates overhead wiring for trams!

Harting has developed an RFID system that allows electric trams or buses to operate without overhead electric wiring in areas where it would be unacceptably obtrusive (in historic town centres, for example) or where it might cause interference to sensitive equipment.

The use of RFID enables a vehicle to detect the location of a charging station in advance or to determine which operating mode it is permitted to drive in. The result is that inner cities free of overhead wires can now become a reality.

Harting Ha-VIS RFID systems are robust and reliable wireless devices that permit approach detection to a charging station with positioning accuracy of better than 50 cm. In addition, the RFID transponder contains information on the authorised operating mode. The RFID transponder may be mounted on a platform, on the track or at a stop, even within concrete to protect from vandalism.

New temperature sensor series for HVAC & building technology.

Compact Housing, High Protection Class, Easy Mounting

E+E Elektronik's has introduced its product range with various sensors for passive temperature measurement for HVAC and building technology. The compact, innovative enclosure with protection class IP65/NEMA 4 facilitates easy and fast installation of the sensors. Due to external mounting holes the sensors can be installed with closed housing, which protects the device from building site contamination. The new temperature sensors line matches the design of the successful E+E humidity, CO2 and air velocity sensors. The result is a comprehensive HVAC sensor choice, with a uniform look, from a single manufacturer.

EE431 duct / immersion temperature sensor
The EE431 duct sensor is ideal for the measurement of air temperature in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In air ducts the sensor can be installed with the mounting flange and easily accessible inclined fixing screw. For measurement in liquids the sensors are mounted with an immersion well with innovative fixing clamp.

EE441 strap-on temperature sensor
The EE441 strap-on sensor can be fixed with a hose clamp onto ducts and pipes. Typical applications include heating systems (hot and cold water pipes) and solar collectors. The aluminium contact surface ensures very good heat transfer and a fast response time.

EE451 wall-mounted temperature sensor for indoor and outdoor
The EE451 can be used both indoors and outdoors for weather-dependent temperature control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. A mounting bracket keeps the sensor at a distance from the wall, minimizing the wall temperature influence on the measurement of the air temperature.

EE461 cable temperature sensor
The EE461 cable temperature sensor is available with 0.5m to 3m cable length. The innovative star pressing of the sensor sleeve ensures IP65/NEMA 4 protection class. All product-specific information is printed on the cable. For temperature measurement in fluids the EE461 can be used with an immersion well.

EE471 temperature sensor with remote probe
The EE471 is available with various cable lengths between the sensing probe and housing. It can be used for measurement in the air as well as, with an immersion well, in liquids. Both the probe and the enclosure are IP65/ NEMA 4 rated.

• E+E products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology

Educational vision project!

A six month vision project has been started with a group of 5 students from Farnborough Sixth Form College (GB) by Stemmer Imaging. This is the third project to be carried out with the College, and will involve the design and construction of a vision system to carry out automated packaging inspections on breakfast cereal boxes. When completed, the system will be on permanent display at the prestigious Manufacturing Technology Centre, in Anstey, Coventry.
Dr. Jon Vickers, Technical Manager at Stemmer and technical co-ordinator of the project said: "Our latest team of students are settling well into the project. Like their predecessors, they came up with their own ideas for their project, ranging from applications in the food, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, PCB and scientific sectors. These were discussed in detail before finalising the food packaging inspection application. Each team member has been assigned specific responsibilities, with one student taking the role of project manager.

"The project will feature a freestanding circular conveyor system in an approximately 1m square enclosure with three different cameras at three inspection stations. These will carry out print inspection, optical character recognition for 'best before' dates and batch codes, and 3D inspection of the box to check size, confirm box closure and to indicate damage. At a recent two-day workshop at the University of Surrey, the students completed an initial set-up for the cameras so that we could acquire some test images to let us start on the system software design. By the end of the second day we had the cameras fixed in position, the optics finalised and a good idea of how the lighting should be."

Mark Williamson, Director - Corporate Market Development at Stemmer, said: "The project forms part of the Engineering Education Scheme in England & Scotland, an EDT Programme which links teams of Year 12 or S5/S6 students and their teacher with local companies to work on real, scientific, engineering and technological problems. We started supporting this scheme in 2012 and the previous two projects with the College have proved to be highly successful both in terms of the recognition the students have achieved within the Scheme and the aptitude they have shown to addressing real-life engineering challenges.

"This year's team has the added incentive of knowing that their project will be on permanent display at the MTC, a British government funded organisation established in 2010 with the objective of bridging the gap between academia and industry. This, in turn, places further demands on them, since the system will normally be unattended, so it must be self-explanatory, safe and capable of be turned on and off by a non-expert. The company is a member of the MTC, which has more than 60 members, including many of Britain's leading engineering companies."

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Generation of LED Modules!

Omicron has developed new high-performance LED modules. The updated product in comparison to the previous version is characterised by greater functionality and flexibility for applications in industry and research. With more than 40 different wavelengths from deep UV to the near infrared and optical output power of several hundred milliwatts, the so-called "LEDMOD" series can be used in many applications such as microscopy, chemical analysis, spectroscopy, forensics and other areas.

The LED modules are available in a fibre-coupled version or with free emission. The modules have modulation inputs for fast analogue intensity modulation with up to 200 kilohertz and digital modulation with a switching time of < 2µs. High-precision temperature stabilisation of the LED chips ensures a very good performance and wavelength stability. This is important especially for applications that not only need an exact output power, but also a high stability of the emission spectrum.

The digital modulation can be operated via external modulation signals, as well as an internal, programmable signal generator. A SYNC output ensures synchronization with external devices such as cameras, spectrometers and lock-in amplifiers. One or several optional "LEDMOD" modules can be comfortably controlled via RS-232 and USB 2.0 interface by either the supplied software

' Omicron Control Center' or the customer's own software.

Large Ex d housings.

New, cost-efficient aluminium housings with Ex d ignition protection that protect standard industrial electrical components in hazardous areas have been introduced by R. Stahl. The 8250 series is designed for stand-alone wall installation and can be used in zone 1/21 or 2/22 hazardous areas (gas group IIB).

At the moment, Stahl offers two models with internal dimensions of 250 x 150 x 110 mm and 300 x 230 x 125 mm. Three further models with internal dimensions up to 540 x 360 x 300 mm will follow until the end of the year. The spacious enclosures can accommodate motor starters with performances up to 45 kW and bulky control technology. While the flameproof enclosures are an economical solution to provide for safe use of the industrial components, the housings are still easily accessible for installation work and reconfigurations: the lids can be hinged at any side, open wider than 180°, and can be equipped with captive screws if required.

Electrical components can be mounted either directly on profile rails or on mounting plates. Through a CAD-optimised design, the housing’s weight was reduced by 15%. Moreover, its copper-free aluminium alloy also ensures exceptional robustness, allowing for use in different regions throughout the world. The material is seawater-resistant. Depending on the housing’s mechanical features, it will tolerate environmental temperatures between -60 °C and +70 °C. Rated IP66, the 8250 series is also dust-tight and withstands strong water jets. The new aluminium housings are available with or without drill holes and can be equipped with an optional powder coating.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Controls & Automation

Seminar on measurements on electroacoustics!

Reinforcing its position at the forefront of high performance measurement microphones and related acoustic equipment, GRAS Sound and Vibration UK Ltd  recently held a free one-day seminar on ‘Measurements in Electroacoustics’, with keynote speakers from USA-based Listen Inc.

John Shelton
The seminar looked at some of the key measurement issues in electroacoustics including loudspeakers, microphones (condenser and MEMS), hearing aids, MP3 players, headphones, headsets, Bluetooth and telephones.

Listen Inc is a world leader in audio test and measurement systems. The company’s flagship product, SoundCheck®, is a software and sound card based electroacoustic test and measurement package, running under Windows or MacOS, that can be customised with a selection of software options and audio input devices (dual or multichannel) to build a system to customers’ exact specifications and budget.

Speakers included Steve Temme, founder and President of Listen Inc and John Shelton, Technical Director at GRAS UK.

The highly successful event, which was held at the Regus facility at Atterbury Lakes in Milton Keynes, was attended by participants from a wide range of businesses including BAE Systems, Hosiden Besson, Cirrus Logic and Hoare Lea.

Roy Drake, Senior Flight Test Instrumentation Engineer at BAE Systems said: “The presenters at the seminar were genuinely at the forefront of their respective fields. I was also impressed with the specifications of the range of products on offer and the flexibility of the software.”

David Morris, Trainee Production Engineer, Hosiden Besson added: “As someone relatively new to acoustics I found the seminar easy to understand, broad and fascinatingly in depth. A rare trick to pull off but the team managed it with ease, or at least that's how they made it look. Glad I was invited.”

Air pollution poster competition announced!

AQE 2015, the international Air Quality and Emissions show, will feature a Poster Competition under the theme: ‘Air Pollution is bad for our health – the impact of personal responsibilities and local action to deliver clean air.’

Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) and Environmental Technology Services are sponsoring the competition which will take place within the event’s exhibition hall in the Telford International Centre, 22-23rd April. Shortlisted authors will be given the opportunity to display their posters, make a short 5 minute presentation to the judges, and answer questions on their topic.

They will also benefit from free attendance at the event and a complimentary invitation to the Gala dinner, where the winner will receive the EPUK 2015 Poster Award. All shortlisted entrants will also receive membership of EPUK and a copy of ‘Essential Environment’. The closing date for poster submission is 7th April, and visitors to AQE 2015 will have the opportunity to view the posters during both days of the event.
Viewing of posters at previous event!
• The charge for attending the AQE Conference is £55 +VAT per day or £100 for both days. However, entrance to the exhibition and workshops is free for pre-registered attendees, which also includes complimentary lunch, free refreshments and free parking. 

LDAR Symposium for the Big Easy!

The opening of registration for the 15th Annual Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)-Fugitive Emissions Symposium, has been announced. It is scheduled to take place 19-21 May 2015 in New Orleans, (LA USA).

The Venue: Crowne Plaza Astor
Reflecting the USA's EPA’s Next Generation Compliance initiative (2014-2017), the symposium will demonstrate how air compliance professionals need to be more proactive—and less reactive—in meeting newly stated EPA compliance objectives and expectations, and in taking advantage of the latest technologies and best practices.  

In addressing the needs of petroleum refiners, operators of chemical processing plants and pharmaceutical manufacturers, particular emphasis will be placed on:
  • Preparing for both short-term and long-term regulatory requirements
  • Delivering the latest news and updates in air compliance, direct from EPA officials and industry experts
  • Overcoming the most common air emission reduction challenges
  • Encouraging lively, interactive dialogue through tutorials, panel sessions and networking activities
  • Sharing real-world successes and experiences
  • Outlining best-practice strategies and recommendations
The critical issues and topics will be explored
Topics and issues of importance to be covered include:
  • Long-term sealability
  • Lowering and preventing leaks
  • Environmental/LDAR compliance
  • LDAR design and validation
  • Consent Decree updates
  • Low leak technologies
  • Implementing LDAR programs at plants and refineries
  • LDAR compliance
  • Batch programs
  • Reducing air emissions
  • Emission performance
  • LDAR regulations
New and expanded program topics include:
  • Contractor reliability
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging technologies in LDAR
  • LDAR records maintenance and reporting
  • New EPA alerts & new emission regulations
  • Oil and gas
  • QA/QC of LDAR data
  • Subpart W
  • Regulations from the EPA and TCEQ
  • Upstream and midstream technology
In addition, leading vendors and equipment manufacturers will display their latest products and services, such as sealing materials and assembly devices and techniques.

Two ISA training opportunities
On Tuesday, 19 May—before the technical program begins—ISA will be conducting two valuable training courses: Audit-Proofing Your LDAR Program (SP09PC) and Implementation and Maintenance of LDAR Programs for Oil and Gas Sites (SP12PC).

Mardi Gras-themed mixer sponsored by Avanti Environmental
On the evening of Wednesday, 20 May, Avanti Environmental will host a networking mixer—featuring a New Orleans band, food, refreshments, fun and prizes.
The gathering, held immediately following the final technical session, provides an ideal opportunity to socialize and relax, meet with event presenters and speakers, and reconnect with friends.

Best distributor in Ireland & Britain!

Anglia Components has been named Best Performing Distributor in Britain and Ireland in 2014 by Analog Devices Inc. The award was based on Anglia’s focus on demand creation, business growth and especially bringing new customers to the line.

LtoR: Sarah Porter, Marketing Manager & John Bowman, Marketing Director, Anglia; Tracey Fisher, Distribution Account Manager &  Shalini Palmer, Regional Sales Director, North Europe, Analog Devices; Paul Dawson, Divisional Marketing Manager, Anglia.
Commenting, Shalini Palmer, Sales Director, North Europe at Analog Devices, said, “Since their appointment, Anglia’s end-end promotion of our line has been hugely impressive. Their focus on identifying of key customers in target market segments and working with them to design in Analog Devices solutions has been unremitting. As a result, they have grown from a standing start to handling a significant share of our distribution business. The overwhelming majority of this growth has been from customers new to us.”

Gernot Faigel, Regional Channel Director EMEA at Analog Devices added, “The Anglia team are showing great performance in a very competitive environment as a result of their strong focus and dedication from a sales and  technical perspective. A highly motivated and experienced team working in good collaboration with ADI to grow new business. Congratulations on this great achievement!”

John Bowman, Marketing Director of Anglia responded, “This success is based on effective teamwork between ADI and Anglia. We’d like to express our appreciation for the very strong support we have enjoyed from the ADI UK sales and engineering and Product Line teams, which coupled with our own hard work has delivered strong growth on the line.”

He continued, “This award demonstrates again that Anglia can reach parts of the market that other distributors cannot. Through our strong relationships with our customers, we have been able to identify numerous designs where Analog Devices solutions can make a real difference to the size, performance, power consumption or cost.  Congratulations to the whole team at Anglia for delivering this success.”

Shalini Palmer concluded, “Anglia’s consistent approach to demand creation has been particularly impressive. This has included setting up focused campaigns including events to reach specific niche markets. Having identified potential projects, they have worked diligently alongside us and the customers to take the opportunity from design through to volume production. A fabulous job by the Anglia team.”

• Anglia was appointed as Britain and Ireland distributor for Analog Devices in 2012.

Anticipates demand from 4G terminal and network development & manufacturing teams!

Microlease has become the first European customer and the first rental company to order the new Keysight Technologies E5080A ENA vector network analyser. As a Keysight Authorised Technology Partner, Microlease will also be offering the instrument for outright purchase.

Commenting, Peter Spillman, Global Inventory and Procurement Director, Microlease plc, said, “Customers designing and manufacturing 4G and next-generation smartphones, tablets and base transceiver stations will be eager to benefit from the features and performance of this significant new instrument. Our investment means that it is available to them quickly on a commitment-free rental basis, and that they can move forward and acquire the instrument from us once they have established a long term requirement. This instrument sits right at the sweet spot of Microlease’s business.”

Compared to the popular E5071C ENA, the E5080A offers performance advantages including more than 10 dB wider dynamic range (typically 147 dB) and up to 10 times faster measurement speed in real-world test scenarios. The ENA also offers a large color touchscreen display with fast access to basic measurements. These enhancements improve precision and throughput in the testing of RF components such as filters with deep rejection bands.

• Microlease is the Keysight Authorised Technology Partner in Britain, Ireland and Italy for new equipment and Premier Rental Partner for Europe and North America. In addition to rental, Microlease offers Keysight equipment on a range of finance options including outright purchase as well as Easy Rent (Rent-to-Buy), Easy Lease (Leasing with Services) and Easy Buy (Divide-By-12).

Monday, March 9, 2015

Theory, configuration, installation, operation, troubleshooting, diagnostics & maintenance covered in training centre!

New training centre in Cluj-Napoca, Romania supports customers in achieving safer, more reliable and efficient operations

Emerson Process Management has expanded its European Educational Services network with a new customer training centre in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The centre builds on Emerson’s focus to support customers in achieving safer, more reliable and more efficient operations through hands-on learning.

Courses at the new facility cover theory, configuration, installation, operation, troubleshooting, diagnostics and maintenance of Emerson’s Rosemount® measurement, Rosemount Analytical, Micro Motion® and Roxar technologies. Emerson also offers training services using mobile facilities that provide the same hands-on training experience at customer locations across Europe.

“Our customers confirmed their need for support on challenges they are facing such as their ageing workforce, acquiring and retaining qualified personnel, and maintaining a safe and secure environment,” said Vladimir Nitu, European Educational Services Development Program Manager. “Enhancing our training solutions though this expansion brings us even closer to our customers and we are delighted to offer professional educational services throughout Europe to help them achieve their goals.”

The centre will also allow Emerson to further develop its employees’ competencies and continue to offer the process industry reliable and cutting-edge technical expertise.

The Cluj-Napoca training centre joins the global network of more than 60 Emerson Process Management training centres in over 40 countries. The campus is one of the parent company’s largest sites in Europe, with a focus on the development and manufacturing of flow technology and project engineering. In 2014, Emerson expanded its manufacturing and engineering services capabilities there  with a US$16 million project engineering centre and a US$60 million flow technology manufacturing building.

Unique analyser certification claim vindicated!

The SICK 3006 is the only portable FID with MCERTS approval for using either hydrogen or hydrogen/helium fuel gas. This was a claim made recently by Quantitech. This claim was challenged, but Sira Certification has confirmed that the 3006 passed the MCERTS performance requirements for both gas options.

So, why is that important? Quantitech Director Dominic Duggan explains: “The hydrogen/helium fuel gas mixture is at least three times the cost of hydrogen gas, so one might assume that all FIDs would run on hydrogen. However, some FID manufacturers are unable to achieve the MCERTS performance requirements whilst running on hydrogen and have to resort to the more expensive mixture.

“The MCERTS field tests for the SICK 3006 were conducted with both fuel gas options, but Hydrogen is by far the preferable option. So this is uncomfortable news for our competitors because some of their instruments require a fuel gas flow rate of 9 times that of the SICK 3006, which runs at just 20cc/min. This means that our instrument is able to operate for a full working week from one small 1 litre bottle of hydrogen; at less than 5% of the running costs of some of our competitors.

“Furthermore, high flow rates necessitate a large supply of gas which can create logistical problems and safety issues when transporting heavy bottles in the field up and down stacks.”

• The 3006 FID instrument will feature on Quantitech’s stands (44 & 51) at AQE 2015 at Telford (GB), 22nd to 23rd April.

Protecting small installations.

A new range of small GRP cabinets from Intertec provides installers with increased flexibility for protecting outdoor equipment. The new MINICAB housings combine a relatively high containment capacity with convenient pipe stand or wall mounting, and feature a flat full-size hinged door for quick and easy access. They are designed to help customers simplify the layout, installation and maintenance of outdoor equipment without having to recourse to large footprint free-standing cabinets.

Ideal for protecting small installations
of electrical, analytical or safety
equipment against unauthorized
access and the effects of weather.
MINICABs are especially suitable for protecting smaller-scale field-based installations such as electrical, analytical or safety equipment against the effects of weather and unauthorised access. Their GRP construction also makes them ideal for long-life applications in harsh climates, and in plants handling chemicals and petrochemicals.

The company is initially launching the MINICAB 44 model, which has a capacity of approximately 44 litres and measures just 506 x 356 x 245 mm (HxWxD); larger versions will follow. This is the smallest cabinet-style housing that Intertec has produced to date – other products in this size range comprise two-part enclosures that split open for access.

These cabinets are manufactured from hot-pressed GRP (glass reinforced polyester) for robust, maintenance-free performance in harsh outdoor environments. This material does not corrode and is impervious to the effects of salt and common atmospheric pollutants, making it suitable for use in any type of rural, urban or industrial environment. An unobtrusive light grey in colour, the GRP is also UV resistant, has very low flammability and is self-extinguishing. An optional exterior gel-coat offers added protection for applications that involve prolonged exposure to intense sunlight.

All hinges and mounting fixtures are manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel and the door can be fitted with a lockable handle or security-key mechanism. As standard the cabinet carries an IP54 rating, but IP65 versions are available to order for applications that require higher protection against water ingression. A durable EPDM rubber compression seal is incorporated in the moulded retaining groove that runs the full length of the joint between the cabinet and the door. The cabinet is also impact resistant.

To help simplify installation and ensure optimum thermal performance, equipment can be attached to a separate mounting plate, which is then secured inside the cabinet. Intertec offers a choice of corrosion resistant GRP or stainless steel mounting plates. For applications where it is necessary for personnel to be able to see annunciator devices such as equipment status indicators or meters without having to open the cabinet, the door can be fitted with an acrylic or safety glass window.

Intertec MINICABs are also available in versions that are suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Options include IEC 60079-0 compliant models that use a special electrically conductive form of GRP to prevent the build-up of electrostatic charge.

Reducing the British skills gap in science & engineering!

Electroustic is investing in the future of engineering by donating £3000 (€4200) worth of stock to Milton Keynes College (GB). In recognition of the current British skills gap in science and engineering, the company is seeking to promote practical learning opportunities and help cultivate bright young minds for the future.

Mark Pears
"The innovative and progressive nature of the connector and industrial Ethernet market dictates that products must constantly evolve to keep up with security, speed and power developments,” explained Paul Carr, managing director of Electrousic. “This means equipment becomes obsolete faster than in more traditional industries. Electroustic didn’t want to see older generations of fully functional connectors, capacitors, resistors and components go to waste.

"We came up with the idea of asking our local campus, Milton Keynes College, whether it had any use for the equipment. The response was very positive and the outreach has opened talks for future collaboration with the college. Electroustic would like to encourage other engineering companies to reach out to local schools more and get involved in training the next generation of engineers."

Thw stock was donated to the Department of Leadership Technology and Built Environments to provide learning materials for the college students for years to come.

"The call from Electroustic asking if we wanted the stock couldn't have come at a better time really," explained Mark Pears, deputy director for Leadership Technology and Built Environment at Milton Keynes College. "A lot of the electronics donated were things that we were about to order anyway. This meant that we were able to allocate that budget on other equipment for the department, creating a richer learning environment and attracting prospective pupils to the college."