Friday, February 6, 2015

New office for DC programmable power products to serve Europe!

Magna-Power Electronics has opened a subsidiary in Britain. The new sales office follows significant growth of the Magna-Power Electronics brand in Britain, Ireland and the rest of Europe. The direct sales office provides local resources for sales and support of the company's broad range of programmable DC power supplies.

Bob Collins
Located in Reading (GB), the new office represents a significant commitment in this market for the Magna-Power Electronics brand. Bob Collins, with over 25 years of experience in the programmable power industry, is leading Magna-Power Electronics Limited as Managing Director. "I’m very excited to be joining the Magna-Power team by setting up a direct office here to support the installed and future UK customers," he said. "With strong industry and application knowledge, we will be able to further promote the Magna-Power brand and its market leading products, while becoming a leading supplier to this important territory."

"With Magna-Power Electronics' strong reputation in its domestic United States market, the company has been focusing on building a sales and service infrastructure abroad," explains Adam Pitel, Vice President overseeing worldwide sales and marketing. "Excellent customer feedback, improved brand recognition, and strong year-over-year growth for the 2012 German sales office Magna-Power Electronics GmbH prompted Magna-Power to pursue a similar sales model for the United Kingdom."

• With an active research and development team, the breadth of Magna-Power's product offering has increased significantly in recent years. Magna-Power's programmable DC power supply line now spans power ratings 1.5 kW to 2000 kW+ at industry-leading power densities, with voltage ratings up to 10,000 Vdc and current ratings up to 24,000 Adc. The company's vertically integrated manufacturing facility in Flemington, (NJ USA), has nearly tripled in size within the last three years to 73,500 sq-ft to accommodate increased demand and manufacturing processes.

Latching DC connectors prevent critical power loss!

Cliff Electronics has announced a new range of latching DC plugs and sockets designed for use where it is critical power is not lost or interrupted by accidental disconnection in applications including medical, data, monitoring, emergency lighting and equipment charging.

The new ocking DC plugs and sockets are secured by a simple push and turn locking mechanism, are available with diameters of either 2.1 or 2.5mm and rated at 2A @ 16VDC. Plugs may be supplied to be connected to cables by customers or as ready wired 2m over-molded plug cables with free ends suitable for use by external power supply OEMs.

The PCB mountable sockets have Ian insulation resistance of 100MΩ minimum at DC500V, a dielectric withstand Voltage of 500VAC for 1 minute and feature a normally closed  contact operated by inserting a plug.

John Hall, General Manager at Cliff Electronics, comments, "These latest additions to our expanding range of low voltage 2 pole DC plugs and sockets follow the great success of our unique dual gauge DC sockets, which accept both 2.1mm or  2.5mm diameter plugs in a single socket."

4-20mA output for variable area flowmeters with glass measuring tube!

A 4-20mA electrical output signal is now available with the new option "WIM" for the variable area flowmeter VA40 from Krohne. While the flow rate with these glass devices could previously be read only locally, the 4...20mA output option allows for transmission of the measured value for control or evaluation purposes.

With VA40 WIM version, the height of the float is converted into an electrical signal via a Hall sensor chain. This signal can be used for a PLC/DCS, or to record the measured value over a certain period with a data logger. Along with each VA40 WIM, KROHNE supplies the calibration curve, allowing the customer to assign the exact flow value to any current value.

VA40 variable area flowmeters are used for the volume flow measurement of liquids or gases. The glass measuring tube enables visual inspection of the medium to evaluate properties such as gas entrainments or colouring. Typical applications include measurement of flushing, purging or inerting gases, heating and cooling circuits, gas measurement in industrial furnaces, or other basic applications in machine building and process industries, where this purely mechanical measuring principle has proven itself for almost 100 years.

All connection variants of the VA40 are also available with the WIM option. With the robust stainless steel taps, the maintenance-free device is mounted directly into the pipeline using flange, screw, clamp or hose connections. An installation in hazardous areas according to ATEX II2G Ex ia IIC T6 Gb and ATEX II2D Ex ia IIIC T85°C Db is possible. Retrofitting the WIM option to existing devices is not possible.

Marketing officer for GaN technology company

EpiGaN has appointed Markus Behet as Chief Marketing Officer for its GaN/Si and GaN/SiC epitaxy wafer product lines serving a host of innovative applications in the power switching and RF markets. In this newly created role Markus Behet will lead the company’s global commercial and marketing programs directly reporting to EpiGaN’s CEO Marianne Germain.

Markus Behet
The appointment signals a major strategic step for the company in the continuing expansion of its global marketing and sales activities in the rapidly proliferating GaN technology, which is continuously driven towards technology and process maturity by one of the world's leading GaN-on-Si wafer pioneers.

“EpiGaN is strongly committed to a leadership role in GaN-based wide-band-gap wafer technology as it enables a new generation of efficient power electronic devices and systems,” EpiGaN CEO Marianne Germain said. “Markus’ track record in global marketing and his deep III-V industry knowledge make him exceptionally well qualified for this newly created position. EpiGaN’s strong science-based foundation and leading-edge GaN epitaxy wafer technology are tailored to support the sustainable growth of innovative product solutions for global power and RF device manufacturers.”

"I am pleased and honored to be able to contribute to EpiGaN’s continued success,” Markus Behet said. “EpiGaN is a true technology leader with a differentiating epitaxy approach. EpiGaN’s GaN/Si and GaN/SiC wafer technologies will enable the power electronic industry to take the next step of innovation towards more efficient, higher performance and lower cost power devices and system solutions.”

Markus joins EpiGaN from Dow Corning, where he held global market segment positions for their SiC and GaN/Si wafer business. Prior to this, he has worked for Triquint Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies and Siemens, where he was in charge of various key marketing, business development and sales positions for GaAs-based RF power and foundry business lines. Earlier, Markus was R&D manager at imec, the world-renowned Belgian micro and nano-electronics research organization. Markus holds a PhD in semiconductor physics and electrical engineering from Aachen Technical University, Germany.

Wide band-gap GaN-based semiconductor devices offer superior performance vs. incumbent silicon or GaAs solutions in the realm of power switching and RF power applications. These properties make them ideally suited for highly efficient high-frequency and linear power electronic applications in the consumer, transportation, energy and RF markets. Integration of GaN device on Si substrates will leverage economies of scale and enable innovative solutions on low-cost, high-volume and large-diameter Si-processes.

EpiGaN is a Platinum Sponsor of the upcoming CS International (11 and 12 March 2015) in Frankfurt, Germany, addressing the worldwide compound semiconductor industry. EpiGaN will also exhibit at PCIM taking place May 19 to 21, 2015, in Nuremberg Germany.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

RFID transponder captures the locking state of cable cars!

Harting has developed an RFID transponder which will electronically detect the state of locking mechanisms on cable cars: a legislative requirement for cable-car operators since 2013.

Until now, the biggest challenge for operators has been to supply the gondola with the power required to operate the monitoring devices. This challenged is addressed in the Harting device by the fact that the RFID transponder is activated via the reading device’s electromagnetic waves and requires no additional source of energy to provide the state of the locking mechanism along with the device ID directly to the control unit.

Pencil-type contact sensors!

Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the novel head of the pencil-type GT2 Series sensor enables absolute measurements with an accuracy of 1 µm.

Keyence's GT2 Series contact sensors stand out for their 1 µm accuracy - ten times higher than that of competing products - and their 0.1 µm display resolution. Their ease of installation, thanks in particular to their broad range of accessories, makes the GT2 Series ideal for all types of industrial inspection applications. Keyence has now reached a new milestone. Keyence's GT2 contact sensor has been considerably slimmed down to the size of a pencil. Enclosed in a cylinder measuring barely 8 mm in diameter, the GT2 now fits in even the tightest inspection spaces.

Despite its slim size, this innovative sensor still features all the advantages that have made its reputation. The Scale Shot System II, the second generation of Keyence's proprietary measurement system, uses a receiver, a transmitter and a high-performance processor to allow the sensor to make high-accuracy absolute measurements. This technology uses a high-resolution CMOS sensor that rapidly scans the glass scale encased in the sensor head's slim body. This world-first detection technology reads patterns engraved on the scale to make absolute position measurements while overcoming the disadvantages of conventional methods.

Unlike the scale (pulse count) method, the Scale Shot System II technology eliminates measurement tracking errors caused by impacts and pre-operation origin-point adjustments. In addition, unlike with the differential transformer method, the resolution is stable throughout the measuring range and measurements are insensitive to temperature variations. This gives the GT2 pencil-type sensor unmatched absolute measurement capabilities in a pencil-thin body.

Its 1 µm accuracy and 0.1 µm resolution are all the more outstanding considering that the GT2 is designed to withstand harsh industrial environments. The sensor head is totally seamless (one-piece construction) and the relay connector and the cable (extremely oil-resistant polyurethane) comply with NEMA Type 13/IP67G protection standards. In other words, not only is the GT2 sensor waterproof and dustproof, it also resists oil splashes.

The sensor head also clears a detecting durability of 100 million cycles thanks to the long lasting linear ball bearings in the sensor spindle. This can greatly reduce maintenance costs and replacement efforts.

Keyence's range of amplifiers features a multi-head model that can accommodate up to five sensor heads for considerably greater ease of use. Up to 15 sensor heads connected to three amplifier units can be connected simultaneously to easily create multipoint measurement systems to measure shaft diameters or inspect properties such as flatness, slant, warpage and assembly. Communication units compatible with a wide range of industry standards make it possible to create larger systems. Constructing such systems is even simpler considering that, thanks to its dia. 8 mm body, the sensor can be installed, with the spindle fully extended, in any environment. The flange model can also be directly mounted by simply drilling a 10 mm hole.

Energy-saving lights for hazardous areas!

R. Stahl now offers compact LED-based tubular light fittings for use in Ex zones 1/21 and 2/22 that provide users with an alternative to typical linear luminaires. With a diameter of merely 55 mm, the new lights take up less than half the space required by conventional linear luminaires, and reach less than half their weight.
Thanks to extraordinary light efficiency, the new 6036 series of LED-based tubular light fittings ensures considerably lower operating costs    

What is most striking, however, is the design that makes the new 6036 series extraordinarily light-efficient: 30 four-foot long LED-based tubular light fittings, for instance, ensure an illuminance of approximately 500 lx, which would usually require 35 linear luminaires with two 36 W fluorescent tubes each – or alternatively 48 conventional box-type units retrofitted with LEDs. However, R. STAHL’s new lights consume only about half as much power and the specific power consumption per 100 lx is merely 1.5 W/m². Operating expenses are therefore greatly reduced – realistic cost savings range from some 20% to more than 50%, depending on the relevant time frame and specific solutions that are compared.

The tubular light fittings can be operated in a very wide temperature range from -40 to +60 °C. The maintenance-free units are suitable for general lighting purposes or for use as machine lamps. Due to their slim design, they can be installed in hard-to-access locations. Even at an ambient temperature of +60 °C, they reach a lifetime of 80,000 hours. The vibration-proof units are IP66/IP67-protected by default, which also makes them well suited to maritime applications. In addition to ATEX and IECEx certificates, the lights feature various regional approvals for many major markets (GOST, Gazpromnadzor, UL do Brasil, GL).

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Control & Automation.

Distributor of the Year in power!

Avnet Abacus, one of Europe’s leading interconnect, passive, electro-mechanical and power distributors and a business unit of Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, a business region of Avnet, Inc., has been named Distributor of Year 2014 by the power supplies manufacturer Excelsys Technologies

The award highlights the first-class technical support provided to customers in Europe by the Avnet Abacus power specialists, which has resulted in increased sales across the Excelsys range of high efficiency, low profile power supplies. Strong sales performance by Avnet Abacus was achieved throughout the region, with particularly outstanding results attained in Austria, France, Spain, and Britain.  Excelsys products are targeted for use in industrial, medical, lighting, communications and military applications.

Conor Duffy, European Sales Manager at Excelsys, commented: “There is a strong element of collaboration between our engineering and sales teams at Excelsys and the product specialists at Avnet Abacus that is clearly giving customers what they need in terms of efficiency and expertise. The excellent results show that the added technical know-how that Avnet Abacus brings to our business in widespread European countries is welcomed by customers, and is having a positive impact on our bottom line.”

Don Schriek, Power Product Manager, Avnet Abacus, said: “The initial root of customer satisfaction is in the quality of the products developed. With the Excelsys power supplies range there is no compromise in reliability and performance, which enables us to work closely with the engineering teams of our customers, secure in the knowledge that they have access to the highest quality products for their designs.”

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Manufacture of laboratory analysers adds new staff!

Jens Neubauer
Caroline Blyth

SEAL Analytical has announced two new appointments; Jens Neubauer joins the Norderstedt office in Germany to manage business development in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Caroline Blyth joins the Southampton team to boost customer support in Britain.

Jens has over 10 years of experience as an application engineer and sales manager for analytical instrumentation in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water, wastewater, and other industrial and environmental applications. His previous roles have involved helping customers’ laboratory and instrumentation staff in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. “I am delighted with this new position,” Jens says. “I have always been a great admirer of the SEAL Analytical technologies, so it is great to be able to be help bring them to a wider audience, whilst improving the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the laboratories that we work with.”

As UK Customer Support Co-ordinator, Caroline is also looking forward to further improving customer service. “Every laboratory has different needs, so it is important for us to develop close relationships with our clients so that we can help them develop an analytical capability that meets or exceeds their expectations,” she comments. “I am highly experienced in customer support roles, so I am looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities that this role will present.”

Fast and secure implementation of Lockout/Tagout!

Lockout/Tagout is a life-saver in maintenance operations. With a lockout/tagout programme, industries can prevent a great number of maintenance related accidents from happening, no matter if MRO activities are outsourced or organised internally. While Lockout/Tagout is very successful, it does require intense preparation to implement. Based on worldwide experience, Brady can help implement best practice lockout/tagout programmes.

Machine specific procedures
One of the biggest challenges in implementing Lockout/Tagout is writing machine-specific procedures that ensure the isolation of the complete energy supply to a specific machine. These procedures need to be complete and understandable and will require internal discussion, approval and communication to employees involved. Brady can send engineers to your workplace to write machine-specific procedure proposals for your evaluation. While writing machine specific lockout procedures based on best practices, Brady engineers will identify all energy supply points to make sure no energy can reach machines under maintenance.

Procedure approval
Once machine-specific procedures have been written that ensure machine isolation from any energy supply, these procedures often follow an approval process by internal stakeholders. Brady proposes the LINK360 software to easily introduce, approve or edit, scale and communicate Lockout/Tagout machine-specific procedures. With the award-winning LINK360 software, a safety procedure roll-out in multiple sites across country borders, has never been easier.

Using a tablet or Smartphone on site, energy point and machine pictures can be uploaded in LINK360 for use in the procedure communication, supporting your maintenance professionals to quickly find energy points that need to be locked out.

Brady also provides training modules for maintenance professionals and all stakeholders involved. While affected maintenance professionals may need hands-on training, other employees must be made aware of the safety procedures to follow and the importance of operational Lockout/Tagout devices to ensure no one attempts removal out of procedure.

Optimised Lockout/Tagout tools
Based on approved machine-specific procedures, Brady can suggest which Lockout/Tagout hardware is needed to successfully increase maintenance safety. Padlocks and key-systems are available for most industrial contexts, and lockout devices can be selected based on the energy supply points identified in your facilities. The machine-specific procedures provide great insight in what is needed and allow for the efficient purchase and use of Lockout/Tagout hardware.

A successful safety investment
Lockout/Tagout has proven very successful and has prevented injuries connected with maintenance such as fractures, lacerations, amputations, burns and shocks in industries all over the world. The procedure involves the isolation and inoperability of the energy supply to industrial machinery during maintenance.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Grid automation system!

National Instruments has announced a new phasor measurement unit (PMU) hardware platform for the NI Grid Automation System. Operators can use this technology to gain better insight into grid health so they can tailor measurement solutions to meet their specific and evolving needs. 

The Grid Automation System is based on the CompactRIO embedded control and acquisition system. The processing unit runs a deterministic version of Linux Real-Time with a fully programmable software application layer that helps blend custom requirements with commercial off-the-shelf hardware. The new system ships with PMU technology that functions out of the box and meets ANSI Standard C37.118.1a-2014, or as an open LabVIEW software project for customisation. 

As grid owners face challenges with renewable generation, energy storage, plug-in electric vehicles, interconnects and increasing demand, companies are seeking solutions to simplify substation automation while improving measurement visibility. As a result, PMU technology has become a mainstream tool for power systems engineers. However, this type of control platform requires a manual approach to measurement and is often tied to equipment providers. Open PMU technology resources are valuable to companies that need to develop a platform quickly, while still retaining freedom in both hardware and software design and specifications. 

National Grid UK used CompactRIO to design its own custom measurement system for harmonic measurement. The company is using this technology to measure, collate and analyse power quality on the UK transmission network. 

“We don’t know what the future is going to bring,” said Peter Haigh, Senior Power Systems Engineer at National Grid UK. “However, by choosing the CompactRIO platform solution from NI, we are able to deliver what we need now and what we don’t yet know that we need in the future.” 

Partner of the year!

“ProSoft Technology’s in-house and on the field operational processes, its customer-oriented mind-set and commitment to support OEMs and system integrators while always keeping in mind end user satisfaction has been once again recognized,” said Loic Regnier, Industry Business – Strategy and Partnerships Deployment Director at Schneider Electric.

Countries from all around the globe, represented by local CAPP Champions, voted and selected their three preferred partners, an internal “audit” that is conducted yearly. Criteria for the selections included factors such as the products and high-tech solutions themselves, and the sales and technical support offered locally by the partner, both before and after the sale. The partners with the highest marks are honored.

The awards were given at the Xcelerate 2014 event in Cannes, France. The Schneider Electric event gives system integrators and CAPP partners the opportunity to develop their skills, collaborate and grow together.

To find out about the interfacing communication modules, industrial wireless solutions and autonomous gateways ProSoft Technology offers for Schneider Electric users, visit their dedicated webpage.

Co-operation with refining company in Russian Federation!

Late last month (January 2015), JSOC Bashneft and Yokogawa signed a long-term partnership agreement in the area of support of Ufa Refining Complex production facilities with automatic process control systems and field instrumentation/process control instruments. (Republic of Bashkortostan in Rusian Federation).

The document was signed by Alexander Korsik, President, JSOC Bashneft, and Shuzo Kaihori, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

The agreement concerns the broadening of co-operation between the companies in development and supply of control systems and instrumentation equipment; the design, start-up, commissioning, and provision of technical support for Yokogawa equipment; and the provision of consulting to Bashneft specialists.

"Bashneft is consistent in its policy for implementation of innovative technologies and support of production facilities with modern automatic process control systems", noted Alexander Korsik, President of Bashneft: "This agreement is a result of many years of successful co-operation between Ufa refineries and Yokogawa, the company that has significantly contributed to the improvement of production efficiency and safety."

"We appreciate our long-term successful partnership with Bashneft and would like to emphasise that Yokogawa will fully support Bashneft's sustainable development", noted Mr. Shuzo Kaihori, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yokogawa Electric Corporation. He stated that Yokogawa wishes to jointly address all problems and challenges with Bashneft, and will contribute by providing services and solutions that strengthen safety management, increase availability and improve efficiency at Bashneft's plants.

Power resistors added to range!

Anglia Components has added a range of power resistors covering 0.1W – 2000W following its appointment as the Britain and Ireland distributor for US specialist manufacturer Ohmite. Anglia will also offer Ohmite’s heat sink range, and will be able to support opportunities for custom resistors under the agreement.

M Series Heatsink

According to Anglia Marketing Director Graham Bridger, “Ohmite is one of the best regarded names in resistive components and our new relationship with them gives us a complete portfolio of resistors for high current, high voltage and high power applications. We believe Ohmite is the only company to include all four major power resistor technologies in its portfolio.  A key strength is their ability to produce custom resistors for specific applications. The relationship also widens our range of heat sinks.”

Peter Craik, International Sales Director for Ohmite, added, “Around 90% of our European sales is through distribution, and we take our relationships with our distribution partners very seriously. Anglia has convinced us that their strong team of Field Applications Engineers and their internal technical support desk can identify new opportunities for Ohmite and expand our market share. We also believe that their UK stock profile will be a great benefit for our UK customers. Ohmite believes that local and regional distributors can co-exist very successfully with larger global organizations, serving different parts of the market, and think that Anglia will be very successful with our resistive and heat sink products.“

The agreement between Ohmite and Anglia covers the full portfolio of over 10,000 product lines, including wirewound, wire element, thick film, and ceramic composition resistors as well as heat sinks, and rheostats. Ohmite offers axial, tubular, surface mount, and current sense resistors. Key elements of the range will be held in stock at Anglia’s  warehouse and can be ordered for same day shipment from Anglia Live.

Fan-and-filter units with speed control!

Rittal fan-and-filter units with EC (electronically commutated) motors should be the preferred choice for energy efficiency in enclosure climate control, as their operating ratio is significantly higher than standard AC fan-and-filter units.

Using fan-and-filter units always makes sense if the difference between the outdoor temperature and the internal enclosure temperature is large enough to dissipate the thermal output of the installed components. However, the fans mostly operate without regulation. In other words, they run constantly and always at full speed. In this situation, the savings potential offered by seasonal temperature fluctuations or temperature reductions in the building (e.g. on night shifts or through reduced waste heat in the enclosure) remains unused.

Further optimisation potential exists with an advanced solution using Rittal fan-and-filter units with temperature-dependent speed control. With a new sensor for controlling the speed of the Rittal EC fan-and-filter units, inherently up to 30% more efficient than comparable AC fan-and-filter units, power consumption can be drastically reduced yet again. The sensor measures the temperature within the enclosure and controls the fan speed as needed, right up to independent shutdown at below 20°C.

Replacing AC systems without speed control by EC systems with system control saves money, as shown in the following example: At a manufacturing plant with 50 fan-and-filter units (700 m³/h), run at full load for two shifts per day and five days a week, needing only 20% of the fan speed at night and weekends with reduced enclosure temperatures (20°C), EC technology and intelligent controls, can more than halve the energy costs.

Monday, February 2, 2015

EN 16330 approved connectors for both outside and inside cabin connectivity

The SOURIAU (part of Esterline Connection Technologies) WME cable connector series is uniquely approved by the EN 16330 for both outside and inside cabin connectivity. This European Standard applies to power systems, drive implements and attachments such as street cleaning brushes, snow plows, etc. The purpose of this standard is to ensure interchangeability of vehicles and implements to resolve both the compatibility issue and ensure safety of the installers and workers. The WME Series services a wide field of harsh environment applications from winter and road service vehicles to agricultural, mining and mobile machinery.

This series brings an innovative solution with UV resistance and waterproof sealing when mated. It has a self-closing cap with secondary locking feature which adds resistance to shock and vibration. In addition, the connector offers an enhanced grip attribute to facilitate connection while wearing gloves. The product includes a complete range of connectors, closing cap, backshells and accessories.

WME1 is the external vehicle attachment solution. It consists of thermoplastic shells, cable glands, closing cap and inserts which are Halogen free and RoHS compliant. It can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30°C to +85°C and is IP68/69K sealing rated as well as resistant to a wide array of fluids such as gas and mineral oils, acids and cleaning agents. It also features a withstanding voltage of 5,000V and has a mechanical durability of 250 mating cycles.

WME2 is the internal cabin solution is also Halogen free and RoHS approved. It has an operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C, and is UL94 V-O flammability rated. Its electrical components have a withstand voltage of 1500V and its mechanical durability is 250 mating cycles.

The WME Series also includes accessories such as protective caps for plugs and dust caps.

A portable, fully autonomous battery-powered marking gun!

E-mark is an 'all-in-one' marking gun from SIC-Marking. Its built-in marking head, programming keypad and battery make it a unique marking system that is the subject of an international patent application. It is marketed in Britain by Universal Marking System.

100% portable and self-powered.
Well-balanced, weighing in at less than 3 kg and featuring an ergonomic grip, e-mark is comfortable to hold and operate. It comes complete with a powerful 18 V Li-ion battery that can hold its charge for up to 4 hours under normal use (500 markings) and an extra battery so that users never run out of power. In addition, e-mark comes with a special case for convenient storage and transport between job sites. All these features and accessories, and yet e-mark is the smallest battery-powered marking gun on the market!

Accurate marking
Featuring a 60 mm x 25 mm marking window and a tungsten carbide stylus, e-mark quickly indents alphanumeric text, logos and Data Matrix codes directly onto substrates ranging from plastic to the toughest metals! The optional front-end support makes it possible to mark areas that were previously inaccessible. Marking large parts that cannot be moved (whether in workshops or on worksites) has never been simpler than with e-mark!

Intuitive and easy to use
The e-mark software features clear, icon-driven menus and the top-mounted keypad makes entering characters easy and fast. Simply hold the gun on both sides with both hands and press the keys with your thumbs. The marking window measures 60 mm x 25 mm. The screen is configured so that the marking displayed is at the same scale as the marking to be indented and provide a better visual preview of the programming line. E-mark also features a software interface for managing files from a PC. Adjusting the stylus/part distance for flawless marking results takes no time at all thanks to the ultrafast-locking adjustment knob.

Designed for industrial applications
The e-mark marking gun features a cast aluminium body for the best weight/strength ratio and a membrane keypad that withstands the harshest environments. Lastly, it has no bothersome cables that can present shock or trip hazards.

Harmonization of C& Q and CSV initiatives!

Forthcoming Technical Talk from the ISA Ireland Section is to be held at Rochestown Park Hotel in Cork on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 @ 19.00hrs sharp.

The Speaker
Jorge L. Rodriguez is the Founder, President and CEO of PACIV, a control system engineering firm. PACIV has offices in Puerto Rico, United States and Ireland. PACIV provides operational efficiencies through the automation of manufacturing processes utilizing instrumentation and control systems. PACIV clients include the largest Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Device companies in the world as well as other multinational clients in related industries. PACIV has over 120 associates world-wide and has revenues, in the past 16 years, of over $135 million.

Prior to founding PACIV, he worked for over 8 years as a control system engineer in various positions within Westinghouse Electric, Eli Lilly & Co. and J&J Janssen.

“Harmonization of C&Q and CSV Initiatives” by Jorge L. Rodríguez – President & CEO – PACIV

In many instances there is significant overlap between the computerized system validation and the commissioning and qualification activities specially for computerized control systems utilized in the manufacturing, facilities and/or utility processes (e.g. PLC’s, SCADA, DCS). As such, these efforts may be combined under one effort, to ensure proper synchronization and preclude duplication of effort. As a result, a single validation/qualification effort may be performed to produce the required deliverables to achieve compliance while harmonizing work being done even when using different teams. Moreover, the commissioning effort can reduce significantly not only the qualification effort but also the CSV effort, if performed appropriately.

In today’s competitive environment, clear and concise policies and procedures that promote such harmonization effort, regardless of the type of regulated manufacturing process and automation platform, will offer significant value by reducing the cost as well as the time it will take to complete such projects while still meeting the required level of compliance.

• Pre-registration on the ISA Ireland website would be helpful (not necessary to attend) as it would give us an indication of how many to expect on the night. On the section website under “Upcoming Events” for Wednesday 18 February click on “more info”, then follow the next prompt and click on “info” for ISA Tech Talk and you will notice a registration template at the bottom of the page.