Friday, July 18, 2014

Agreement signed for working on next generation of particle accelerators!

Diversified Technologies (DTI)  has recently signed an agreement with SigmaPhi Accelerator Technologies of Vannes (F). They will be working together on systems for the next generation of particle accelerators.
 Michael Kemkes of DTI flanked by Pascal Dupire (L) and Jean-Luc Lancelot of SigmaPhi
DTI and Sigmaphi will collaborate on the design, development, production, installation, repair, maintenance, and marketing of systems consisting of modulators and power supplies including Klystron Pulse Modulators for a broad range of high power RF applications. Sigmaphi manufactures magnet systems and beam transport lines for particle accelerators.

According to Michael Kempkes, DTI VP, “Working with Sigmaphi’s highly dedicated and skilled team will provide DTI with a strong partner to manufacture, install, and service equipment and systems for CERN, ESS, and other high energy physics facilities throughout Europe.”

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fault-tolerant fieldbus system!

MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries, has released a new video highlighting its TRUNKSAFE Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System. Available for viewing at the Moore Industries Interface Solution Video Library, the video shows how the system avoids costly shutdowns related to faulty FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA segments.

A shutdown at an oil refinery caused by a fieldbus segment going down can cost up to $500,000 (ca €390,000) an hour. Until the introduction of TRUNKSAFE, the only way for engineers at oil refineries, natural gas sites and other locations to ensure a fault-tolerant, redundant fieldbus solution was to duplicate each piece of the segment including H1 cards, power conditioners, device couplers and field devices. Along with being cost-prohibitive, this method requires special software and complex programming.

The new video shows how TRUNKSAFE uses two physical trunk cable “legs” to ensure that no single point of failure will shut down an entire network. The system’s Power Conditioners immediately detect, report and isolate a faulty fieldbus leg while allowing system communications to continue on the healthy leg. Simultaneously, the TRUNKSAFE Device Coupler detects the absence of DC power on the faulty leg and activates its Automatic Segment Terminator. This allows for normal fieldbus communications to continue while internal blocking circuitry prevents a short-circuit on one leg from affect the other leg.

This video uses a demonstration panel and animation to spotlight exactly how TRUNKSAFE works. It is one in a series of videos produced by Moore Industries and available at the Interface Solution Video Library highlighting the features and practical applications of its diverse product line.

Module helps engineers develop embedded systems faster, with less risk!

The NI SOM has been launched by National Instruments (NI). It combines the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable system on a chip (SoC) with supporting components such as memory on a small PCB and features a complete middleware solution and ready-to-go Linux-based real-time operating system (RTOS) already integrated. The NI SOM gives design teams the customisability of a SOM without the increased time and risk of developing custom software.

Key Benefits
· Complete Middleware Solution: The NI SOM is shipped with a complete middleware solution out of the box to remove the time and risk associated with developing an embedded OS, custom software drivers and other common software components.
· LabVIEW FPGA Integration: LabVIEW FPGA eliminates a design team’s need for hardware description language expertise, making powerful FPGA technology more accessible than ever before.
· NI Linux Real-Time: The NI SOM offers a robust Linux-based RTOS, which gives design teams access to an extensive community of applications and IP.
· Shorter Prototyping Phase With CompactRIO: Design teams can use CompactRIO to quickly prototype their applications and then deploy them with the same code used for prototyping, which saves significant time and effort.

“We have evaluated several SOMs and embedded SBCs, and there is no comparison to the software integration offered by NI,” said Sebastien Boria, R&D Mechatronics Technology Lleader at Airbus. “We estimate that our development costs with the NI SOM are a tenth of the costs of alternative approaches because of the productivity gains of NI’s approach to system design, in particular to NI Linux Real-Time and LabVIEW FPGA.”

The NI SOM enables design teams to deploy reliable, complex embedded systems faster because it is based on and has the same rigorous design standards as the LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture. This architecture has already been used in high-reliability applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles and cataract surgery machines.

“Today’s embedded monitoring and control applications are more complex than ever before, and tighter deadlines and rising costs only increase stress for system designers,”
said Jamie Smith, Director of Embedded Systems Marketing at NI. “Studies show that design teams using the LabVIEW RIO architecture can solve complex embedded problems in half the time compared with traditional custom design approaches.” 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Secure production control system!

Yokogawa's CENTUM® VP production control system has obtained the ISASecure® Embedded Device Security Assurance (EDSA) certification from the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) .

Cybercrime and cyber warfare are on the rise worldwide, and are growing ever more sophisticated. Recent prominent cases of industrial sabotage and espionage have escalated these concerns. Companies in the oil, petrochemical, power, and other industries are increasingly vigilant about such intrusions, and are being careful to check a product's cyber security features before purchasing it. To assure customers of the high reliability of its products, Yokogawa obtained the ISASecure EDSA certification for the CENTUM VP production control system through a process that involved an examination by the CSSC (Control System Security Center) Certification Laboratory. This is the second Yokogawa product to receive ISASecure EDSA certification; the ProSafe®-RS safety instrumented system received the same certification earlier this year.

Nobuaki Konishi, vice president of the PA Systems Business Center in Yokogawa's Industrial Automation Platform Business Headquarters, had the following to say about this development: "Yokogawa is continually striving to provide its customers with optimum security solutions for their control systems by such means as developing highly secure systems and instruments and providing operational support services. Yokogawa aims to strengthen its relationships with customers by demonstrating the reliability of its security solutions."

The ISCI promotes various security evaluation initiatives and is comprised mainly of ISA members. The ISASecure program has been developed by the ISCI with the goal of accelerating the industry-wide improvement of cyber security for industrial automation and control systems (IACS). It achieves this goal by offering a common industry-recognised set of device and process requirements that drive device security, simplifying procurement for asset owners and device assurance for equipment vendors. The ISASecure EDSA certification has three elements: communication robustness testing (CRT), functional security assessment (FSA), and software development security assessment (SDSA), and is based on the IEC 62443-4 standard.

Installing photoelectric sensors a breeze!

The new generation of photoelectric sensors in the BOS 6K series from Balluff is absolutely ideal for setting new benchmarks in the compact class. Its small 31.5 x 19.5 x 10.8 mm dimensions not only make it the perfect response to tight spaces in compact machines, but also a series that leaves nothing to be desired. Its 70 variants provide a functional product range from start to finish with red light and laser versions (class 1) for very demanding jobs. The range features impressive precision, range and function reserves. Diffuse sensors, through-beam sensors, reflection light sensors with and without background suppression and analog distance sensors, each with the flexibility to be configured for light/dark switching, are just a few examples from the BOS 6K family.

All of the sensors have an exceptionally tough and durable plastic housing with abrasion-resistant laser inscription. A special design element protects the optics from the side. Thanks to its particularly high IP 67 & IP 69K degrees of protection, a lens surface of PMMA and Ecolab approval, the BOS 6K is also a prime choice for use in the food industry.

All of the variants feature high-quality teach buttons with exceptional tactile feedback. If the installed sensor is difficult to access, they can also be taught whatever the interesting aspect is using a remote connection. Exceptionally convenient: The sensor functions can also be configured during ongoing operation. Two LEDs easily visible from any direction properly provide information at a glance. They indicate the operating state, the function reserves and the switching state. Extremely durable metal plugs ensure there are no outages under high mechanical loads.

Switching from an earlier model to the new BOS 6K generation is a breeze for the user. The size, installation, operating concept and even the price are absolutely identical. This means that the user gets even more performance for the same price.

The retroreflective light sensor with autocollimation is a particular highlight. Thanks to its extremely low hysteresis, it easily detects transparent objects made of glass, such as bottles, ampules or test tubes, or transparent plastic films. As analog distance sensors, BOS 6 sensors open up new possibilities, such as for positioning clamping jaws on a machine for producing ball bearings.

Installing the BOS 6K is a breeze: Two integrated dovetail guides on the housing as well as two normal drilled holes and two elongated mounting holes offer the highest level of freedom for mounting.

Gigabit power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) injectors!

Red Lion Controls has added the N-Tron series Gigabit 1000-POE+ Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) injectors to its industrial networking solutions portfolio. Red Lion’s new injectors deliver both power and data over a single Ethernet cable to any PoE+ or PoE-enabled device, eliminating the need for additional power cables.

Factories and other industrial sites need ways to add new technology without disrupting existing networks,” said Harry Forbes, senior analyst at ARC Advisory Group. “Industrially hardened products like Red Lion’s N-Tron series POE+ injectors allow administrators to easily add new IEEE 802.3at devices and take advantage of Gigabit Ethernet speed, which provides insurance against obsolescence.”
The 1000-POE+ is a plug-and-play, unmanaged injector designed to enhance the performance of industrial PoE devices. With a single industrial Gigabit Ethernet port for connectivity to any IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant hardware, the 1000-POE+ is ideal for such applications as security cameras, panel displays and wireless access points in oil and gas, water/wastewater, utility, transportation, mining and factory environments. Providing up to 30 watts of output power and a wider operating temperature than many competitive offerings, the 1000-POE+ injectors enable users to conserve wiring space and cost while ensuring reliable operation in extreme locations.

Gigabit Ethernet is quickly becoming the standard in industrial networking, as more video applications, sensors and other devices require faster, higher-volume voice, video and data transfer,” said Diane Davis, director of product management, networking at Red Lion Controls. “The combination of PoE+ and Gigabit makes our new N-Tron 1000-POE+ injectors particularly useful for video camera and other applications requiring high-speed communications without needing to run separate power cables.”
• Red Lion products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology

Real-time railway bearing monitoring by wireless!

LPRS, recently nominated as one of Europe’s top five wireless system design houses and manufacturer of short-range radio devices, is supplying their market leading easyRadio Advanced (eRA) wireless modules to Perpetuum Ltd for a sensor system which enables users to predict failure of rotating components including wheel bearings and gearboxes on railway trains.

Perpetuum is a global leader in vibration energy harvesting and sensor systems and the new train monitoring system provides operators with real-time data which improves reliability and safety, dramatically reduces operational and maintenance costs, reduces service disruption and improves asset utilisation as operating conditions are monitored while trains are still in service and earning revenue.
LPRS eRA 400TRS wireless modules have been designed-in to the Perpetuum rail sensor systems to reduce cost, installation time and overcome the unreliability of hardwired systems having to operate in the harsh environment to be found underneath a train. Perpetuum uses their key technology of vibration energy harvesting to power the sensor system utilising the excellent source of vibration that a train provides. This removes the problems of predicting battery life and the need for costly and logistically challenging replacement of batteries.

As rotating components degrade they show symptoms that indicate the progression of the wear. The initial symptoms are vibration, followed by noise, temperature increase, smoke and then failure. The eRA connected Perpetuum Sensor System provides vibration data for long term failure prediction and temperature data for short term monitoring.

Data from the Perpetuum sensor system is displayed on a web-based platform to enable convenient access. Software translates the temperature and complex vibration data into a simple indication of the health of each component being monitored. Data can be displayed to provide a snapshot of the current state of health of the fleet, allows trending data to be displayed to show the rate of degradation and email alerts can be provided to warn an operator of any out of tolerance conditions, providing an early identification of a potential failure.

The “fast to fit” vibration and temperature sensors are simple to deploy and of robust design for operation in harsh environments. Operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C and are designed for use in high vibration environments.

David Vincent, Engineering Director, of Perpetuum comments, “The LPRS eRA wireless modules provided us with a simple to integrate, reliable wireless link for our sensor systems which have to perform under very difficult conditions. Our railway train monitoring system is already being trialled by a major UK operator who is very impressed by the information it provides and the ease of use. They predict a very rapid return on their investment and a solution to unlocking a number of important issues, including redefining the way they undertake some significant and costly elements of fleet maintenance.”

In addition to designing and manufacturing the highly successful easyRadio Advanced (eRA) and recently introduced eRIC system-on-chip wireless transceivers, wireless modules in the UK, the full LPRS product range now includes, Raspberry Pi and Arduino Shield wireless platforms, narrow band long range wireless modules from CDP, the IQRF range of wireless networking components, the IQVC range of visual control panels together with antenna, wireless key fobs and a wide range of sensor products.

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Formal recognition of an ISCI CRT Tool!

The FFR Raven (Japanese) for ICS is now recognised as an approved CRT (Communication Robustness Testing) tool for ISASecure control systems certification programs.

CRT testing tools must meet a rigorous set of the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) requirements to ensure consistent and credible test results when utilised by ISCI Chartered Labs for certifying industrial control systems and components. ISCI Chartered Labs are now authorized to use the Raven for ICS CRT tool for use in the communication robustness test element of ISASecure product certifications. Suppliers seeking ISASecure certifications can be confident that the Raven for ICS tool will properly reflect expected CRT test results from ISCI Chartered Labs.

"We are pleased to be included in the ISASecure global certification scheme and look forward to working with ISCI, helping suppliers improve the robustness of their ICS devices and systems," said Ryoji Kanai, FFRI Chief Technology Officer.

"We look forward to working with the FFR Raven for ICS team," said Andre Ristaino, ISCI Managing Director. “Achieving recognition for ISASecure CRT test requirements is a big commitment from FFRI and we value their confidence in the ISASecure certification scheme.”

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Connector company acquires cable manufacturer!

—LEMO has  acquired Northwire, Inc., (NWI) a US specialty cable manufacturer of wire and multi-conductor cable and retractiles for the medical, aerospace and defense, energy and industrial markets.

“The acquisition of Northwire will enlarge the LEMO offering, providing a complete cable-connector solution to our valued customers. I am convinced that by creating synergy between our two companies, we can grow and prosper side-by-side. Together we will be able to provide our customers high-quality complete cable-connector solutions. I am very pleased about this new venture with NWI and look forward to developing new business together. I also take the opportunity to emphasize that the Northwire and LEMO existing structures will remain unaltered. The additional processes that we plan to implement will enable Northwire’s integration into the Group and promote our cooperation and services provided to our mutual customers”, said Alexandre Pesci, CEO and President, LEMO Group.

LEMO and NWI were founded on product innovation three generations ago. Today, both solution providers consistently deliver progressive inventions through rapid response manufacturing. At the same time, they offer unparalleled levels of service excellence and on-time shipping performance. Engineer and inventor, Mr. Léon Mouttet started LEMO in 1946, then patented the Push-Pull Self-Latching mechanism. Throughout the second generation of leadership, Mr. Marcello Pesci, who envisioned the alignment of his organisation with a custom cable manufacturer, committed to the goal of creating best-in-class technology on a global scale. Currently, LEMO’s third generation of leadership, Mr. Alexandre Pesci is the architect of his predecessors’ vision; he is responsible for pioneering new technology, market diversification and integrating custom connectors and cable solutions on a global platform.

“LEMO has achieved a world-wide reputation for high-quality, leading-edge connectors and we are truly proud to become an integral part of their team. LEMO’s field-proven custom connectors revolutionize NWI’s suite of offerings that evolved in our past 43 years, originating from wire, cable, retractiles, value-add to cable assemblies. Equally focused on satisfying our customers, LEMO and NWI look forward to acquiring new customers and serving our loyal customers’ needs for engineered solutions and service excellence well into the future”, expresses Katina Kravik, CEO of Northwire. Sharing Mr. Mouttet’s engineering and entrepreneurial spirit, Northwire founder Mr. Ormund Kravik pursued many business opportunities, before identifying the market demand for custom technical wire and cable in 1972, when he started NWI. During Mr. Mark Kravik’s second generation of leadership, he established the industry benchmark for quality, on time shipping and no minimum order quantity requirements in his efforts to achieve service excellence. While continuous improvement via company-wide professional development and robust engineering challenges are hallmarks of Northwire’s third generation, Mrs. Katina Kravik is excited about Northwire’s future with LEMO and remains steadfast in their mutual commitment to every customer.

LEMO and NWI will focus on joint value creation for the benefit of all their valued customers, while continuing to maintain their high standards of quality and service that the customer expects.

MES for pharmaceutical and biotechnological production improved!

Werum further improved its best-in-class PAS-X MES/new technological features for accelerated MBR and EBR handling / all customers profit from innovations

In cooperation with the PAS-X User Community, Werum further improved the leading Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for pharmaceutical and biotechnological production. "We integrated new features and improved the usability, making working with PAS-X even easier and more efficient", says Robert Welter, Head of PAS-X Product Management, Werum IT Solutions GmbH. "PAS-X is a functionally complete and scalable MES out of the box, which widely automates actions that previously had to be performed manually."

Robert Welter
Accelerated MBR creation
The newest PAS-X version V3.1.6 provides many new technological features. The extended control of storage conditions and the automation of basic functions improve both production security and efficiency in creating Master Batch Records (MBRs) or executing Electronic Batch Recordings (EBRs). MBR creation is further simplified by the "External Parameters" feature based on generic Master Batch Records (GMBRs).

"Our customers face the challenge of managing a large number of packaging MBRs while also being required to quickly react to changes, e.g. in packaging design. These changes can be quite complex today", says Robert Welter. "The new PAS-X feature offers the possibility of making changes in the ERP and directly creating an executable EBR. Thus, the creation of individual product-specific MBRs becomes obsolete. In this way, we enable our customers to considerably reduce the number of packaging MBRs and really accelerate MBR creation."

Efficient EBR execution and release
The new alarm & event handling ensures an even better shop floor integration and thus guarantees continuous processes as well as a smooth information flow between PAS-X and the SCADA, DCS and Historian systems. Via interface, PAS-X directly retrieves the exceptions from Level 2 and allows the seamless assessment of all exceptions. This improvement enables QM personnel to go for a full "Review by Exception" (including Level 2 alarm & events) and allows the accelerated release of Batch Record Reports (BRRs).

The release process can be even further accelerated by the "Auto-Closure of BRR" feature. It automatically closes the BRR if there are no exceptions. As a result, QM personnel do no longer have to check batches without any exceptions and critical parameters so that a manual release is not required anymore.

Upgrades: Customers benefit from PAS-X innovations
"All our customers can benefit from continuous PAS-X innovations and improvements. New functions are provided through upgrades without compromising the stability of a running system. This is ensured by our mature upgrade procedures", says Robert Welter. "For a successful introduction of PAS-X, we also offer support and consulting services as well as PAS-X Content Packages. Along with the innovative features of the latest PAS-X version V3.1.6, our customers can thus achieve a high return on investment."

Long-time customers, such as the fast-growing generics manufacturer Actavis, have already ordered upgrades to the newest PAS-X version and are enthusiastic about all the benefits: "We currently upgrade to PAS-X V3.1.6 at our main manufacturing plant in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria", says Brandur Hauksson, Validation Manager, Actavis. "PAS-X V3.1.6 offers a significant increase in functionality. This enriched toolset gives us the ability to do exactly what we want and eliminates any need for customization."

Test & measurement donations aid training!

Over a five-year period, Fluke Corporation has donated more than $320,000 worth of equipment to ISA’s training program.

“Fluke’s ongoing support of ISA’s training program has been critical to our ability to develop courses, bring courses to market, and continue to educate automation professionals around the world,” says ISA Education and Certification Manager Dalton Wilson. “Fluke has been a strong supporter of ISA training for more than 20 years, and their donations directly impact the quality of our training programs and the experiences that students have in our classes.”

Fluke began donating documenting calibrators in 1994 with the Fluke-702 and 74X family of calibrators. In 2004, Fluke announced another donation of 24 Fluke-744 calibrators to the program. Future years brought donations of Fluke-754 documenting calibrators, scopes, digital multimeters (DMMs) and other test equipment.

“Fluke is proud to support ISA training courses and ISA members,” said Salvatore Parlatore. Vice President, Global Marketing, Fluke Corporation. “Fluke products are utilized in hundreds of facilities throughout the US and around the world, so it makes perfect sense to offer these products to students as they learn the fundamentals of calibration and test measurement. We look forward to donating new equipment as Fluke continues to innovate and bring new products to market.”

Fluke Corporation will be a Silver Champion at the upcoming ISA Process Control and Safety Symposium, to be held in Houston (TX USA) 6-9 October 2014. The symposium features training courses and technical sessions designed to help process measurement and control professionals in chemical, petrochemical, energy processing, and other process industry sectors operate more safely and securely.

Fits through any keyhole!

The Sitrans LH100 from Siemens is a slim but highly robust submersible sensor for hydrostatic level and pressure measurement for use in tanks, containers, channels and wells. Measuring just 23.4 millimeters in diameter, the sensor can even be mounted in pipes with a 1 inch diameter, making it ideal for flexible use in a wide range of applications.

Ceramic diaphragm
Sitrans LH100 is designed to work with different measurement ranges, for instance up to 20 meters hydrostatic head, and is used to measure both pressure and level. Fitted with a ceramic diaphragm, the new submersible sensor is insensitive to harsh environments.

Explosive atmosphere and drinking water applications
Complete with certification to WRAS and ACS standards, Sitrans LH100 is particularly suited for use in drinking water applications, and in pressureless or open tanks and wells. The transmitter comes with explosion protection in accordance with ATEX and IEC Ex, and is also suited for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, for instance in digestion towers or fuel tanks.

The sensor is available with cable lengths ranging from three to a maximum of fifty meters in length. The Sitrans LH100 is also fitted with an integrated humidity filter, permitting simple installation without the need for a junction box.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Quietly cooling!

Cooling units for quiet environments

Rittal’s ‘Blue e’ cooling units are usually found controlling the temperature within enclosures in workshops or on shop floors in the industrial sector where noise level is largely irrelevant as they cannot be heard above other equipment in these noisy environments.

In situations such as laboratories, offices or other more peaceful areas where cooling is required, Rittal’s TopTherm ‘Blue e’ roof-mounted cooling unit range successfully provide cooling where excessive noise would be an irritant to personnel working close to an enclosure.

With nominal outputs of 1.1 kW, Rittal roof-mounted cooling units for office applications offer viable solutions when it may have been assumed they would simply be too noisy.

Rittal’s ‘Blue e’ cooling units benefit from the intelligent and targeted use of energy, electronically commutated (EC) fan technology and are proven to achieve energy savings of up to 45%. Nano-coated condenser coils negate the need for filters and an integrated electric condensate evaporator maintains an efficient supply of cooling for longer periods of time extending maintenance intervals.

2,500 enhancements to on-line sales presence!

The first major upgrade to the Anglia Live online sales environment with over 2,500 individual enhancements. The most significant include a fast search feature which halves the search time, comprehensive forward and back ordering facilities, volume contract pricing and the facility to search suppliers’ full database of parts including parts not currently stocked by Anglia.

Commenting, Steve Rawlins, CEO of Anglia, said, “Over a year on since its launch, Anglia Live is still the only service that takes projects seamlessly from embryonic design to volume production. The new features we’ve added in version 2.0 make it an even more effective tool. Design engineers and buyers use Anglia Live to research component availability as well as to place orders. They will now be able to find the information they need faster, and have much more flexibility to order the parts they need for delivery when they need them.”

He continued, “We are the only UK distributor offering our customers the opportunity to search across all active part numbers from our suppliers. Unlike other leading online component sourcing environments, the stock on Anglia Live really is live. Place an order and you’ll see the stock level change before your eyes. Designers can work from Anglia Live with confidence, getting clear visibility of current and future availability for all the parts that they specify on their bill of materials.”

The comprehensive parametric search engine in Anglia Live has been enhanced with the addition of a fast search facility, which reduces the search time by half. It lists all active supplier part numbers, including lines not held in stock, and cross-references over 2 million industry standard part numbers. This data can be searched with a powerful parametric search engine populated with data verified and entered by Anglia to ensure complete consistency of presentation. Both the standard and fast search features are predictive based on Anglia designation, industry standard part number or description. , Manufacturers’ data sheets are supplied for all parts listed. For non-stocked lines, the listing includes typical supplier lead times and minimum order quantities. All listings include full visibility of Anglia current and projected stock levels and any product change or termination notifications (PCN / PTN) issued by the supplier. Historic PCN and PTN information is also available.

Anglia Live 2.0 also supports back and forward ordering, and allows customers to place orders on-line at their negotiated contract price. Customers can place forward orders up to one year in advance, and specify an exact delivery date. Customers can also place back orders on standard parts when current stock levels aren’t sufficient to meet their requirements. For back orders, customers can also specify a delivery date allowing for the supplier lead time, and can opt to receive partial quantities where the full requested quantity is not available.

Anglia Live covers all stocked products including Ready Reel, production ready split reels of smaller quantities held in stock at Anglia’s Wisbech Distribution Centre for same-day shipment and labelled with the lot and batch details of the originating reel to provide full traceability.

Anglia offers free delivery on orders over £30 (ca €38) for Ireland and Britain placed online, by email, fax or phone.

Not all hot air!

Industrial Wireless LAN in 20 seconds.

Siemens have released a WLAN video “Wireless LAN in Industry” is a brief, playful way of encouraging viewers to find out more about wireless communication in industry.

Technological solutions website
Their new Simatic Technology website provides a clearly arranged indication to users of how to solve general technological tasks with the utmost simplicity using SIMATIC - from motion control through closed-loop control to signal acquisition and output.