Friday, October 25, 2013

1.5 million valve controllers!

The process industry’s use of Emerson Process Management’s Fisher FIELDVUE digital valve controller continues to grow as aggregate sales jumped to over 1.5-million shipped worldwide.   

Introduced in 1994, the FIELDVUE product line, with its innovative digital communication and diagnostic capabilities, has helped accelerate the process industry’s move to valve-related digital instrumentation.  

FIELDVUE digital valve controllers prove highly suited to a wide variety of industries and applications where they provide reliable, unmatched valve operation. FIELDVUE instruments provide consistent and predictable information on valve assembly performance and condition, helping operators improve plant performance.

"FIELDVUE instruments have become the industry standard and have made Emerson the market leader in the digital control of valve operation, diagnostics and predictive maintenance," said Bruce Grumstrup, Emerson’s vice president for FIELDVUE and positioning instruments. 

"Today, the capabilities of the FIELDVUE family of instruments have become extremely diverse, including nuclear-certified, natural gas approved, remote mount, and safety-instrumented systems," said Grumstrup. "The more we build into the instrument, the greater the application flexibility and customer interest we generate."  

Emerson was the first in the industry to introduce a loop-powered, digital valve controller with advanced control and diagnostic capabilities. Continued product development and increasing capabilities have contributed to increasingly widespread application.  

The latest generation of the FIELDVUE instrument line, the DVC6200 Series digital valve controller, features linkage-less, non-contact feedback technology that greatly extends system operating life by withstanding high levels of vibration, corrosion, or material entrapment. 

User benefits include the availability of equipment alerts that notify of pending issues, automated configuration, calibration and tuning, and access to advanced levels of valve assembly diagnostics. With the self-diagnostic capability of the FIELDVUE digital valve controller, questions about valve performance can be answered without pulling the valve from the line.

The DVC6200 series is offered with ATEX, CSA, IECEx, and FM hazardous area approvals as well as other certifications/approvals. It is also listed in the Lloyd’s Register for industrial, marine and offshore use. 

Position transmitter for simple stroke measuring & feedback!

Festo has launched a new range of pneumatic cylinder position transmitters, the programmable SDAT-MHS.  Economic and easy to set up, the high performance pneumatic cylinder mounted sensors give accurate position feedback over stroke lengths up to 160mm, enabling engineers and machine builders to gain position feedback and conduct simple object measurement or identification.
There are five transmitters available with 50, 80, 100, 125 and 160mm sensing ranges. They offer excellent repeatability, measuring absolute values such as lengths, thicknesses and heights, and are therefore ideal for process monitoring and object detection, for example for monitoring components and displacements in applications such as assembly, riveting, ultrasonic welding, pressing or adhesive bonding.

Typically two cylinder switches are used in basic pneumatic ‘end-to-end ‘movement applications, but for multiple positions or intermediate positions multiple switches and PLC inputs are required to detect and interpret the position.  Now, with the new SDAT-MHS, engineers and machine builders need only one transmitter, which enables them to save significant installation time. 

SDAT-MHS can be set up with analogue current output 4-20mA, a switching output and an IO-Link combined in a single device. As a result, users can benefit from maximum flexibility in their choice of signal processing method with just one device. 

A simple interface allows up to four channels to be programmed in IO-Link mode.  This means that almost all applications can be controlled without having to program the analogue input of the PLC.

SDAT-MHS is the only position transmitter of its type that is IP65 rated, therefore providing excellent protection against the ingress of dust and water in more demanding application areas.  In addition, the transmitters feature three LEDs which uniquely help with set up and alert the user if they are within or outside the measuring range. The transmitters can be fitted easily to any cylinder with a T-slot and are available with up to 20m of cable.

“With our new SDAT-MHS position transmitters it’s now possible to measure longer stroke lengths, extending the scope for pneumatic cylinders being used as measuring devices giving accurate closed-loop position feedback,” says Steve Sands, Product Manager at Festo.  “We’re delighted to extend our range of cylinder mounted sensors. The ease of set-up compared with individual switches or older designs provides a far more elegant and cost saving alternative."

Environment for modeling, testing and system checkout prior to start-up.

Invensys has released its SimSci SCP270, included in the Dynamic Simulation Suite (DSS), replacing FSIM Plus.

SCP270 software provides Foxboro I/A Series and Foxboro Evo control system users with a comprehensive environment for modeling, testing and system checkout prior to start-up. The software allows for efficient operator training, control systems validation and enhanced plant performance.

Product overview:
SCP270 software, part of the company’s Dynamic Simulation Suite, is a “virtual stimulation” of Invensys’ Foxboro I/A Series distributed control and Foxboro Evo process control systems. Combined with capability from its DYNSIM modeling software, SCP270 software is delivered as part of a turnkey OTS from Invensys. SCP270 software dramatically reduces start-up and commissioning times, helping to drive significant cost savings. The software also improves operator training for better plant performance. Operators can use the process model to run through a variety of scenarios, testing operator response and reaction time.

Key new features:
• Dramatically reduces start-up and commissioning times, providing significant cost savings;
• Accurately analyses and troubleshoots control logic response and performance of the company’s I/A Series and Foxboro Evo control systems;
• Based on a standard programming interface allowing for easy integration with any simulation.
Key capabilities:
• Uses the same communication protocol and connects to the same hardware and software as the Foxboro I/A Series and Foxboro Evo CP270;
• Offers a small hardware footprint;
• Supports other control software, including Triconex, Rockwell, Emerson, Siemens, GE, Yokogawa, as well as many other PLC, SIS, DCS and third-party simulation software.

Connector provides reliable transmission of energy, signals & data over all power ranges!

The new Harting Han® PushPull Signal connector provides reliable transmission of energy, signals and data over all power ranges, consistently and in a uniform package profile.

The connector has ten contacts, each with a rated current of 5 A, for use with conductors with wiring gauges of up to 0.75 mm². To ensure EMC interference immunity, the contact inserts are fully screened, as they are with RJ45 data connectors, and screened cables can be connected. PushPull locking is incorporated for reliable and intuitive connection, and perfect locking is indicated by an audible click.

The PushPull Signal connector can also be used for hybrid applications, with one part of a connector face used for energy transmission and other contacts available for communication signals. PushPull Signal connectors are available in the PushPull 14 and 4 version series in accordance with IEC 61076-6-107.

Han® PushPull version 14 is the preferred connector for decentralised automation in the field for data transmission and energy supply according to the guidelines of the PROFIBUS user organisation (PNO) and the automation initiative of German automobile manufacturers (AIDA).

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Among the World’s Top 10 best multinational workplaces

For the third consecutive year, the Great Place to Work® Institute has ranked National Instruments among the top 25 multinational companies to work for in the world. This year’s “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” list ranks NI at number nine. This honour is a testament to NI’s commitment to creating exceptional workplaces worldwide. 

“NI’s long-term management approach, known as the 100-year plan, recognises that our employee contributions directly impact our key stakeholders’ success and are critical to NI’s overall growth, creating a great work environment and developing rewarding careers for our employees,” said Dr. James Truchard, CEO, President and Cofounder of National Instruments. 

Dr James Truchard, co-founder NI
FORTUNE has named NI among the nation’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” for the past 14 years and the Great Place to Work Institute has recognised NI branches including China, Costa Rica, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the U.K. 

NI employees make products that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery for engineers and scientists solving the world’s grand challenges. Because of NI employees’ work building the tools of scientific discovery, customers are working to break the world land speed record, monitor smart grids more efficiently and launch rockets into space. 

“Our employees are our greatest competitive differentiator,” said Mark Finger, Vice President of Human Resources at National Instruments. “Repeatedly receiving this type of recognition both globally and nationally reinforces our commitment to creating meaningful jobs and careers for our employees.” 

As NI has grown to over 7,000 employees in almost 50 countries, the company’s culture has spread beyond Austin headquarters to each of the branch offices. NI invests in its people and is committed to being a stable employer despite trying economic times. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mobile App includes pressure ratings

Brennan Industries has expanded its mobile application that provides easy access to the Brennan product catalog and product cross-reference tool, to include pressure ratings for more than 6,000 parts in more than 330 popular series.

The mobile app, optimized for iPhone and Android devices, now includes pressure ratings in PSI or bar units for many Brennan products, as well as the ability for users to search for ratings by series or part number. The mobile app, originally introduced in 2012, gives users quick access to more than 30,000 Brennan products, product comparison information and the company’s contact information.

“Pressure ratings are important for our customers’ applications, so putting that information at their fingertips is one way that Brennan can make their jobs a little easier,” said Bill Jarrell, vice president of marketing and operations at Brennan Industries. “Especially when they are using their smartphones out in the field.”
The pressure rating product search is also available on mobile and desktop browsers. They also provide a demo video showing how the App works.

The app features an easy-to-navigate product catalog that is broken down by categories and includes specifications for each product. The app also offers a product cross-reference tool that allows users to compare Brennan products side-by-side with competitors’ products to determine the best value. Users who want more information about Brennan or how to contact the company can find their nearest location, contact phone number and email address and a Brennan overview video conveniently through the app.

Nuclear Excellence Centre in France

New centre dedicated to engineering, services and training, will help end users in the nuclear industry improve maintenance operations, increasing safety and availability 

Emerson Process Management has opened a Nuclear Excellence Centre dedicated to engineering, services and training for Fisher® valves. The new centre at Emerson’s valve manufacturing facility in Cernay (F), will offer end users and engineering and safety authorities in the nuclear industry, a range of specialist training courses and expanded lifecycle care services for Fisher valves and Emerson instrumentation for nuclear applications. The support and training will help operators of nuclear plants across Europe, CIS and Asia improve the availability and reliability of their plants.

Fisher control valve maintenance training
Expanding on the maintenance training already being provided at customer sites, Emerson will offer training courses at the new purpose-built centre. On-site facilities include a dedicated environment replicating valves installed in a nuclear power plant. This training provides best practices and procedures for maintaining nuclear certified Fisher devices. 

"Employee safety is critical in the nuclear industry so efficient maintenance procedures are essential to minimise turnaround times," said Olivier Royer, nuclear services manager, Emerson Process Management. "The new centre enables valve maintenance training to be performed away from restricted areas of the plant, but in a realistic setting that enables trainees to experience typical maintenance issues in a controlled environment." 

These tailor-made solutions from Emerson have been expanded to meet the growing demand for specialist training to help replace the skills and knowledge being lost in the industry. Certified to ISO 29990, the training modules are designed to ensure that personnel can perform predictive and preventive maintenance in compliance with AP913 guidelines. The systematic usage of diagnostic devices, such as the Fisher Flowscanner™ and Fisher FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers, is an important part of the training to help users understand failure phenomena analysis and optimise material life.

"Within the French nuclear power installed base, over 50 days of production are lost due to unsafe valve maintenance. This is often caused by a lack of expertise and Emerson’s reliable predictive maintenance solution and remote technical assistance is playing a key role in increasing productivity for the nuclear end-user," added Royer. "Support provided by Fisher service engineers is helping to reduce valve failures, increasing installation safety and ensuring end users achieve ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) - a major commitment to minimise the exposure time of employees to radiation." 

"The new Excellence Centre at Cernay is part of several key initiatives to continually enhance and upgrade Emerson’s global nuclear expertise, and is committed to customer needs," said Jean-Pierre Bruyère, director for Emerson’s Fisher European nuclear business unit. "Combining highly qualified trainers with nuclear product experts provides a valuable service for nuclear customers."

Taking advantage of the latest mobile worker technologies and using images from webcams at the centre in Cernay, Emerson also offers interactive remote maintenance support. This allows a field technician with limited experience or located in a remote area to obtain real-time audio/video guidance from an expert to diagnose, repair or replace critical pieces of equipment without the need to bring that expert to the site. 

In addition to the extensive resources available at Cernay, a European team of 100 employees, fully dedicated to the nuclear industry, is available to provide expertise to end-users on all safety-related functions from RFQ to valve dismantling, and proving a complete integrated loop.

In addition to maintenance and maintenance training, the Cernay centre provides FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) for its complete range of nuclear products including Fisher valves and digital controllers, Topworx® valve control and positioning systems and Rosemount® instrumentation.

LIMS customer survey results announced!

Autoscribe has recently conducted a satisfaction survey with its Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) customers worldwide. 

Their CEO, John Boother, said: “Producing management software suitable for use in wide and varied laboratory environments requires much more than just programming skills. We wanted to understand our customers’ feelings about all the aspects of our business, from the sales experience through implementation and support services as well as the quality of the software itself.” 

While careful attention is being paid to the response to every single question in the survey, they were heartened by the overall levels of satisfaction expressed by its customers. When asked what they saw for the future of the Matrix Gemini LIMS in their organisation based on their needs and experiences of the product, over 90% of the respondents said that they would either continue as they are, expand use to other departments or sites, add more licences or upgrade the current version.

By far and away the most popular feature of Matrix is its flexibility and ease of configuration according to the survey and almost half of the respondents make use of the web-based user interface which is supplied as standard. Sales assistance, implementation services, support services together with software quality and reliability all received very similar high scores.

“Only by listening to customers’ opinions can we understand where we should concentrate our efforts to improve”, continued Boother. “We felt the survey was very representative, covering many geographic areas and a wide range of laboratory sizes, with some handling as few as 250 samples a month and others handling up to 75000 samples per month so we were particularly delighted to hear that 81% of respondents would recommend Matrix to another user.”

Rittal ready for the cold! #Enclosures

Enclosure heaters can prevent the temperature of delicate electronic equipment from falling to a level at which condensation occurs and is arguably as important as providing cooling during warmer periods.

Rittal’s enclosure heaters with fans have capacities in the range 250 W to 800 W and the smaller heaters, without fans, have an output range of 10 W to 150 W. Providing a high level of energy efficiency due to the incorporation of self-regulating positive temperature coefficient (PTC) technology, the heaters benefit from a development using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and a compact physical size that belies their heating performance.

Positioned anywhere inside the enclosure, Rittal heaters may be fitting being either by snap-fastening onto 35mm support rails or direct screw-fixing onto TS 8 punched frame sections. Quick and easy assembly is completed using clamp-type wiring terminals.

Control is effected simply by the inclusion of a thermostat or hygrostat in the supply to the heater, ensuring that either a minimum temperature is maintained or maximum relative humidity is not exceeded.
Rittal’s enclosure heaters are now available with CSA approval and can be installed on systems for export to Canada.

Fluorescence spectrometer

Edinburgh Instruments has launched a new fluorescence spectrometer, the FS5, a fully integrated steady state spectrometer with single photon sensitivity, designed for the research and analytical market. The FS5 has a number of features that are unique in its class of fluorescence spectrometers they include: Ultimate single photon sensitivity throughout the specified spectral range, high data acquisition speed, comprehensive yet easy to operate software and an unmatched range of plug and play sample cassette options.

In addition to the standard version, the FS5 is offered with a number of options:

·        FS5-NIR with an extended wavelength coverage to 1000nm while maintaining the specified sensitivity in the UV and visible spectral range
·        FS5-MCS, a phosphorescence lifetime option with a lifetime range of microseconds-to-seconds
·        FS5-TCSPC, a fully integrated lifetime option for the measurement of fluorescence lifetimes from picoseconds to microseconds by Time Correlated Single Photon Counting
·        FS5-POL with fully automated polarisers in excitation and emission
·        Two further advanced options are available with an extended wavelength range to 1650nm and with time resolution down to 50ps.

The new FS5 is an extension of Edinburgh Instruments’ portfolio of state-of-the-art and reliable spectrometer products. The instrument has been designed with the background of more than 35 years of experience in the field of fluorescence spectroscopy, and is manufactured at the company’s base in the UK.

Commenting on the new product launch, Mark Vosloo, CEO of Edinburgh Instruments said:

“The FS5 opens up new market opportunities for Edinburgh Instruments. We have taken a new and fresh approach to analytical instrumentation and aim to satisfy the growing need for high performance but affordable research tools.”

Control system order for large 2nd generation bioethanol plant

Yokogawa América do Sul has received an order to supply the control system and field instruments for the São Miguel dos Campos second-generation bioethanol plant.

This plant will have a production capacity of 82 million litres per year and is being constructed by GranBio in São Miguel dos Campos, Alagoas state (BR). As opposed to first-generation facilities that produce bioethanol from food products such as corn and sugarcane, this plant will rely on second-generation non-food sources such as woodchips and straw. São Miguel dos Campos is the first plant of its type to be constructed in the southern hemisphere, and it will be one of the world’s largest such facilities, in terms of production capacity. It is scheduled to start commercial operation in early 2014.

As the main automation contractor Yokogawa has been involved in this project from the FEED stage, performing the basic design for a control system and field instrumentation solution that will reduce costs and improve production efficiency throughout the lifecycle of the plant. Yokogawa will supply the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system to control plant facilities such as reaction tanks and distillation units, and a variety of field instrumentation and equipment including FOUNDATION™ fieldbus enabled ADMAG AXF magnetic flowmeters, DPharp EJA series pressure/differential pressure transmitters, and control valves. Yokogawa América do Sul will be responsible for delivery, engineering, and operator training.

Satoshi Yoshida, the President of Yokogawa America do Sul, comments as follows: “Brazil is a dominant player in the bioethanol market, second only to the United States. The biofuel market is steadily growing, and second-generation biofuel is attracting attention as an environmentally friendly energy source. Utilizing its accumulated control and instrumentation experience and know-how, Yokogawa will capitalize on the vast opportunities for growth in the renewable energy sector, a key target industry. In its role as a main automation contractor, Yokogawa will provide the latest plant control solutions and project execution services to the renewable energy sector in Brazil and other markets, and thereby work for a more sustainable future.”

Compact vision system

National Instruments has announced their CVS-1457RT, a rugged, compact device powered by a 1.66 GHz Intel Atom processor and featuring two independent GigE Vision ports with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. These ports support deterministic camera triggering over the Ethernet bus, so users can power the camera, send triggers and acquire images all from a single Ethernet cable. 

Form Factor: Small, rugged and fanless, the NI CVS-1457RT is ideal for industrial applications.
PoE Technology: The NI CVS-1457RT reduces cabling complexity and is compatible with the latest low-cost PoE cameras on the market and non-PoE GigE cameras.
I/O and Synchronisation: Onboard I/O includes eight isolated digital inputs, eight isolated digital outputs, two transistor-transistor logic I/O, a quadrature encoder, a VGA port, two USB ports, a serial port and a LAN port.
Programmable With LabVIEW: Engineers can enjoy the productivity benefits of the LabVIEW RIO architecture and easily integrate the NI CVS-1457RT into existing toolchains.
The NI CVS-1457RT also features FPGA-enabled I/O, which can be combined with the easy-to-use Vision RIO API to tightly synchronise vision inspection results with other parts of the system, such as encoders, ejectors and proximity sensors. The NI CVS-1457RT is programmed with either LabVIEW system design software or NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI).

The NI CVS-1457RT is a part of the LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture, an integral part of the NI graphical system design platform. A modern approach to designing, prototyping and deploying embedded monitoring and control systems, graphical system design combines the open LabVIEW programming environment with commercial off-the-shelf hardware to dramatically simplify development, so engineers can combine powerful vision tools, I/O, industrial communication, data logging and human machine interface into a single environment.

“The NI CVS-1457RT is a giant step forward for NI compact vision systems,” said Jamie Smith, Director of Product Marketing for Embedded Systems at National Instruments. “I don’t think there’s a better vision system out there for engineers and scientists involved in machine building, automated inspection, manufacturing or quality assurance.” 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Vibrating fork level switches available with DiBt WHG overfill protection approval!

Emerson’s Rosemount® 2120, 2130 and 2160 vibrating fork liquid level switches have been tested for overfill protection and certified by the German DiBt WHG approval authority. The approval means that the Rosemount level switches are included in the list of approved products published by DiBt, certified under safety devices for tanks and piping related to water pollution control.

The tests for overfill protection were successfully completed by the 3rd party tester TÜV Nord (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein), and certified by DiBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik), an authority of the German Länder (Provincial) Governments for a uniform fulfilment of technical tasks in the field of public law. 

Proven instrument accuracy and reliability are key factors in the overfill protection approval process and the Rosemount level devices were required to pass the comprehensive test of 5000 overfill situations for each switch, over the whole temperature range. 

Overfill protection devices can shut off or restrict product flow or alert the operator with an alarm when a tank is close to being full. The Rosemount 2120, 2130 and 2160 Series are designed for high and low alarms, overfill protection, pump control, including wide pressure and temperature requirements, and hygienic applications.

These 2100 Series vibrating fork level switches are suitable for a wide range of liquid applications. They are virtually unaffected by turbulence, foam, vibration, solids content, coating or liquid properties and offer a complete range of process connections, with a wide choice of housing and wetted part materials. Built-in instrument health/self-checking diagnostics, plus hazardous area options make them the ideal choice for a variety of challenging applications in many industries.

Their wireless enabled vibrating fork liquid level switch combines Emerson’s wireless expertise and vibrating short fork technology. It has all the features of the wired level switches but without the complication and cost of wiring. This makes it ideal for level monitoring and control in locations previously inaccessible or too costly for wired devices.

Automated high-bay warehouse!

Siemens has constructed a high-bay warehouse using energy efficient drive technology and a powerful automation system for AUDI AG at its plant in Győr (H).

AUDI AG is one of the fastest growing car manufacturers in the world. The establishment of AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Győr in 1993 was the starting signal for the construction of this state-of-the-art factory. Since then, the company has advanced to become one of the largest exporters in Hungary and one of the largest companies overall in terms of turnover. In 2012 Audi Hungaria produced a total of 1,648,030 engines and 38,541 cars.
The high-bay storage, which is installed in a 30 meter high warehouse and provides space for over 400 car bodies, is part of the new production line for the Audi A3 Sedan, Audi A3 Cabriolet, as well as the Audi TT Coupé and Roadster. Siemens developed and constructed the high-bay system, called the Central Body Buffer (ZKP), as a turnkey solution complete with the building itself. The project also comprises a fully automated conveyor system of about two kilometers in length that links the central body buffer with body shop, paint shop and assembly. This solution is tailored to the Audi production processes in Győr and helps the car manufacturer to optimize capacity at the individual production stations. The project was implemented by the Siemens Logistics Hub based in Vienna (A).

Siemens developed the controller of the storage and retrieval machines and the conveyor system for the body buffer on the basis of its Simatic S7 controllers. The bodies are conveyed by means of 350 Siemens electric motors together with frequency converters. The integrated drive system is equipped with energy-saving motors and is capable of recovering and storing kinetic energy. This means that it captures braking energy, stores it and makes it available to other drives. The result: fewer undesirable network perturbations and lower power consumption. In addition, Siemens has set up an RFID system that uniquely identifies each body stored in the body buffer and on its way through production.

The solution which they created is centrally located in the production at the Audi plant in Győr and acts as a hub between the individual production stations. By the time they reach the final assembly, all bodies have passed through the high-bay warehouse twice – once as unpainted and once as painted bodies. With the aid of the central body buffer, Audi can optimize its production, despite the wide variety of models and versions, by returning the bodies each time to the appropriate sequence for the individual stages of production. This sequencing of bodies results in greater flexibility and higher productivity at the Audi plant.

Low-cost Modbus gateway!

B&B Electronics has expanded its family of Vlinx Modbus Communications Gateways with the MESP211, a low-cost, compact gateway designed to convert Modbus ASCII or Modbus RTU serial signals into Modbus TCP Ethernet. 

The MESP211 connects Modbus devices to Ethernet networks to monitor and control Modbus devices from anywhere on the Ethernet LAN or WAN, and flexible configuration allows serial and Ethernet, Masters and Slaves. Designed for harsh environments and cramped spaces, the compact (3.1 x 0.9 x 2.0 in, 7.9 x 2.3 x 5.1 cm) gateway features a wide (-40 to 80°C) operating temperature, Heavy Industrial specifications (61000-6-2 EMC level 3 for harsh environments; IEC60068-2-27 for shock, -6 for vibration and -32 for free fall), and a rugged IP30 metal case that is panel (standard) or DIN rail mountable (with optional adapters).

Applications include: temperature control equipment, HVAC systems, industrial PLCs, power sub-metering, and communications to solar trackers and inverters.

B&B Electronics’ signature Vlinx Manager Software – the same advanced software that comes with the company’s higher-end Vlinx MESR900 and MESR400 Modbus Gateways – installs on the user’s PC and lets them remotely manage the MESP211 over a LAN or WAN via the built-in web server. Users can take advantage of Modbus messaging priority control and view messaging status in real time via the built-in traffic monitor.

The one-port MESP211 Modbus Gateway works with RS-232/422/485 serial signals and is available in two models: the MESP211D offers a DB9 Male connector while the MESP211T offers a Terminal Block connector. 

Leader in asymmetric cryptography solutions supports ISA100 wireless std!

Crack Semiconductor, a Canadian-based leader in Public Key or Asymmetric Cryptography Solutions, has joined the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute  Focused on security solutions, Crack Semiconductor opted to join ISA100 Wireless after their competitive security analysis recognized the standard’s superior foundational security capabilities.

Crack Semiconductor’s mission is to develop network security processors as specialized components of high-performance security systems. The Crack Zeppelin network security processing platform provides acceleration of the computer-intensive cryptography functions that encrypt and decrypt outgoing and incoming information and protect against intrusion by adversaries.

“Crack Zeppelin is an open standards-based network security processing platform that is completely reprogrammable in both hardware and software. Crack Zeppelin combines embedded, high- performance ARM processing with Crack Semiconductor's advanced cryptographic hardware accelerators on a single chip,” said Art Low, President and CTO, Crack Semiconductor. “We are excited to join the many other global ISA100 WCI members committed to ISA100 Wireless.”
“Security is one of the top user requirements for industrial wireless applications,” said Andre Ristaino, Managing Director, ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. “The addition of Crack Semiconductor to ISA100 WCI is a valuable augmentation of security expertise in the ISA100 Wireless technical ecosystem and we look forward to their contribution and commitment.”

Monday, October 21, 2013

Distribution agreement in Europe extended!

KOE Europe has announced an extension of Data Modul's distribution agreement in Europe. Data Modul will now also operate as a franchised KOE distributor in Great Britain, Italy and the Nordic region (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) and will promote and supply the full range of KOE Lite+, Rugged+ and UWVA 'IPS Like' LCD modules.
LtoR: Mark Yarnell, UK Sales Manager, Data Modul,  Mark Stanley, General Manager, KOE Europe,  Peter Knowles, Area Sales Manager, Data Modul,  Richard Clee, UK and Nordic Account Manager, KOE Europe

Announcing the extension of distribution agreement with Data Modul, Mark Stanley, General Manager, KOE Europe explained, “The expansion of KOE’s distribution sales channel in the UK, Italy and Nordic regions with Data Modul is fully merited. Data Modul has shown a high level of achievement in developing and supporting new display business for KOE in central Europe. We expect further growth and business success for Data Modul in the new regions.”

Walter King, Chief Operating Officer, Data Modul commented, “The growth of our successful relationship with KOE is very much a result of our continued philosophy of total solution design. Data Modul prides itself by providing customers with value-added product solutions. This helps customers to shorten design and development cycles and thus reduce the time to market for their products. KOE has a broad, high quality display product portfolio and we are looking forward to the challenge of taking these products to a broader European market.”

Data Modul is believed to be Europe’s biggest independent specialist supplier of display technology. Continued investment in research and development enables Data Modul to supply and support high quality products and solutions that are used in many industrial applications and information systems.

Resistors easy to access!

ARCOL Resistors now offers customers an online facility to locate and purchase their wide range of resistor products from their global distribution network.

The simple to use “stock locator” is easy to access from Arcol’s homepage and allows customers to find available stock of any resistor available via distribution. Powered by the proven netComponents global electronic component database, users may refine their search by geographic region and complete or partial part number.

Tony Daly, Sales Manager of ARCOL Resistors, comments; “We understand how important it is for our customers to have fast delivery of our resistors from stock and how time consuming it can be to make telephone or email enquiries around a number of distributors to find what they need. Our new, online stock locator will greatly simplify this process as all of our major franchised distributors will make their own stock available to the netComponents search-engine. From now on a single visit to our website should direct our customers immediately to the stock they need.”

ARCOL offer one of the widest ranges of resistors available to electronics designers and manufacturers including the market leading HS aluminium housed high power range, the MSR series of bare element resistors, the RWS precision power wirewound SMD resistor family, axial thin film, silicon coated types and precision passivated chip resistors and resistor packs.

Typical applications include traction, snubbers, switched mode power supplies and non-inductive resistors for high frequency and pulse applications,

HMI Control Panel for railway information point

Stadium IGT has supplied Commend UK with a complete custom HMI solution for its next generation of railway platform emergency call and communication information points.

The design brief for the new information point was to make it simple and appealing to use and to have the look and feel of the latest smartphones and tablets. More functionality has been designed-in to assist passengers with more than simply requesting assistance, reporting incidents or emergencies.

For the new design they provided a complete front panel made from 6mm vandal resistant anti-reflective toughened glass with under-surface printing. A 15 inch capacitive touchscreen is laminated to the glass to fit over a display used to display information or advertising. 2 capacitive switches, used to call for information or signal an emergency, and a large “information” sign are integrated into the front panel and backlit using Stadium IGT’s patented Thin Film Backlighting technology. This proprietary technology provides clear and uniform illumination.

Provision is made in the front panel design for an optional IP camera to provide a two-way video between railway staff and customers and the interactive touchscreen and display can be used to display the train operator’s website, passenger information including live departures, delays and journey planning to provide passengers with “self-find” information to aid their journey

“Stadium ITG’s involvement right from the beginning of the project helped us to quickly realise the product that we had visualised.”  Said Peter Hull, Mechanical Design Engineer at Commend UK. "The high levels of technical knowledge and support from Stadium IGT meant there was no need for costly prototypes and this classic product has now been brought up to date”.

Terry Moss, Sales and Marketing Director of Stadium IGT, comments, “This is a very good example of our ability to design and manufacture a custom HMI solution using a variety of our capacitive switching and backlighting technologies and deliver them to our customer as a complete assembled and tested package. This level of integration simplifies our customers design, procurement and final assembly processes and demonstrates the benefits of the Stadium Group’s commitment to integrated manufacturing”.

Stadium IGT is a leading manufacturer of bespoke control and status panels for many diverse applications including; professional audio and broadcast equipment, industrial systems, safety and alarm panels, marine monitoring equipment, defence, agriculture and building services and automation.

Nordic/Baltic Sales Manager

Pickering Interfaces are pleased to announce the appointment of Jürgen Sedlacek as sales manager for the Nordic and Baltic area. This latest recruitment is part of their on-going plans to improve customer contact and raise market awareness of Pickering’s industry-leading products.

Jürgen Sedlacek has over 30 years experience in the electronics test industry, and his career includes managing sales in the Nordic/Baltic area for both GenRad and Teradyne. He has also been involved in marketing/sales of simulators ranging from system level down to digital simulators within the area of electronic design and has also experience from quality assurance tools, both hardware and software solutions, being used in the production line as well as in the area of test.

Keith Moore, MD of Pickering Interfaces comments: “Jürgen has an excellent record in the Test and Inspection markets and brings such strong experience to Pickering Interfaces. He will be a huge asset in further strengthening Pickering Interfaces’ position in the Nordic/Baltic States”.

Bo Öhrwall, Manager Pickering Interfaces AB “PIAB“ stated: ‘PIAB’s aim is to provide companies in the Nordic/Baltic area with solutions ranging from design to production. Offering a comprehensive set of tools and solutions that enhances the productivity and ensures the high standard of quality needed in todays’ Nordic Market, be it Automotive, Defense, Industrial, Medical or Telecom products. Our strive for a long term business relationships is based on core values. So when dealing with us you should expect - amongst others, confidence respect what we call Human Technology. Hiring Jürgen was a natural step in our organic growth’