Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Fieldbus power supply

New fieldbus power supply to offer 25% saving with N+1 redundancy and online diagnostics

The 9180 Series redundant fieldbus power system featuring N+1 Redundancy, on-line diagnostics and modular flexibility has just been released by MTL Instruments. The fieldbus power system is designed to provide redundant power for eight Foundation™ fieldbus H1 segments for use with all fieldbus systems. It is optimised for use in general purpose and hazardous area High Energy Trunk architectures which, with the appropriate wiring components, supports fieldbus devices using all hazardous area protection techniques.

Power for the eight fieldbus segments is provided by two groups of up to three 919x-FP 4-segment power modules, operating in N+1 redundant configuration (load sharing). For redundant applications requiring 250 to 500mA current per segment, three 9191-FP power modules are fitted on the carrier for each 4 segment group. For redundant applications initially requiring up to 250mA current per segment, two 9191-FP modules are fitted on the carrier, with the option of adding a third power module to allow for future segment power expansion. The advantage to the operator is typically a 25% saving in initial capital cost compared to a conventional 1+1 redundant architecture along with lower lifetime operating costs.

The 9191-FP power modules have a high output voltage and current that is capable of powering heavily loaded segments and long cable lengths. It should be specified for all safe area projects and Zone 2/Division 2 applications except for those requiring voltages below 32V for energy-limited spurs.

Failure alarms and galvanic isolation are incorporated into each 919x-FP module, whilst passive inductors and terminators on each fieldbus segment contribute to deliver the highest level of availability. Pluggable surge-protection components for each fieldbus trunk are available as an option reducing the installed cost of providing surge protection on fieldbus networks. The 9180 Series provides easy integration with all the major DCS suppliers including Yokogawa, Emerson DeltaV, ABB 800xA, Honeywell Experion PKS and the Invensys I/A Series.

The 9180 Series power system is just one component of the recently created FieldPlus brand initiative from MTL that is designed to make fieldbus component selection as easy as possible based on the network architecture being employed. System integrators, specifiers and engineers alike can benefit from MTL’s range of differentiated fieldbus solutions, providing assistance in selecting the optimum architecture to deliver customer value on the website. The FieldPlus™ brand brings together MTL’s range of fieldbus products enabling you to easily recognise a suite of products designed with the Industrial Networks values of Intelligence, Flexibility, Safety and Control.

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