Friday, August 26, 2011

Upgrades available

No-cost upgrade to Rockwell's RS Tune® and RS Loop Optimizer®

ExperTune  is offering a no-cost upgrade for existing users of Rockwell RSTune® and RS Loop Optimizer®.  The transition is simple because ExperTune is the developer of the RSTune and RSLoop Optimizer software.

ExperTune's PID Loop Optimizer software provides a direct replacement for the Rockwell products, with many feature upgrades included.  Users also have the option to step up to a multi-platform version of PID Loop Optimizer.  This system can connect to over 700 industrial control algorithms, including PLC and DCS systems beyond the Rockwell family.

Users who upgrade can make use of ExperTune's features, including fast loop tuning in either Auto or Manual operation, instrument and valve analysis, process modeling, choice of tuning criteria, simulation of new tuning, and automated reporting.

ExperTune has been supplying controller tuning software to the automation industries, including Rockwell, for over 25 years.  John Gerry, President and Founder of ExperTune, comments "Controller tuning is our core business.  We have continued to develop and evolve these tools, far beyond the original software provided to Rockwell. Those who upgrade will be delighted to see these new capabilities."

New sensor distributor for Asia

New Asian website launched in support of appointment
(L to R) Nelson Chuang, President of MaxMega, Alyson Ong, General Manager and Peter Whiteaker, Managing Director of Deeter Group.
The Deeter Group has appointed a new distributor in Singapore. Established in 1996 MaxMega specialises in sales of high performance electronics components and system integration services into the major Asia-Pacific markets.

Peter Whiteaker, Managing Director of Deeter Group, comments; "We have been looking for a well-connected and technically capable sales channel for the Asia-Pacific region for some time and enlisted the aid of the British High Commission to help us find a short list of possible companies. We selected MaxMega for a number of reasons; Singapore has a western business culture very much like the UK, has a great location, excellent infrastructure and is a gateway into our target markets. MaxMega has offices in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and India and is an experienced technical distributor which will be of great benefit to our Asian customers.”

The newly launched Deeter Asia website,  provides a local language portal into the main Deeter Group website which offers full technical specifications, data-sheet downloads and online shopping for their leading range of electronic sensors, wireless sensor systems and control and instrumentation systems.

The Deeter Group product range includes level switches, float switches, level sensors, continuous level sensors, 4-20mA level sensors, custom level sensors, water level sensors, liquid level sensors, tank level indicators, panel mounted displays, level controllers, wireless sensor systems.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Global supplier awards

Recipients recognised for executing exceptional work across various performance platforms

National Instruments has announced the 18 recipients of the company’s Global Supplier Awards for 2011. NI presented the awards to suppliers who, through their commitment to excellence, continuous improvement and innovative practices, delivered excellent performance within the NI global supply chain.

“At National Instruments, our suppliers are critical to our company’s success, so we are very selective in our supplier relationships,”
said Scott Christman, Director of the Global Supply Chain for National Instruments. “We recognise these award-winning suppliers because they consistently exceed our expectations, and we congratulate them for their outstanding service.”

Arrow Electronics, a global provider of electronic components and services, received this year’s Supplier of the Year award, which recognises the supplier that consistently performs beyond expectations throughout the year. Arrow provided superior global customer service and has achieved high marks in quality, on-time delivery, cost savings and support for National Instruments throughout the past year.

For the second consecutive year, Analog Devices, a supplier of analogue, mixed-signal and digital signal processing integrated circuits, was awarded the NI Eagle Award for exceptional global support and performance from a key technology provider. NI honoured Analog Devices for their consistent efforts in providing cost-effective, high-performance products combined with their overall support of NI in a challenging market.

Other 2011 Global Supplier Award winners included BizLink, a supplier of cable assemblies; Dell, Inc, for supplying computer systems, mobility products, software and services; Flextronics Global Enclosures, a supplier of custom metal products; H&S, for its fabricated metal parts; iRex, a supplier of cable assemblies; M3 Distribution, Inc., a supplier of electronic components; Marking Systems, a labels supplier; ModusLink, a supplier of CD replication and print services; SCA Packaging, for its packaging products; Arvato Digital Services, a supplier of software and print media; Sunbelt Supply, a supplier of hardware products and value-added services; TTI Inc., an electronic components supplier; Eastek, for custom cable assemblies; Xerox Hungary, a supplier of print-on-demand products and services; Xilinx, a supplier of programmable logic devices; and Zollner, for its custom metal products.

National Instruments recognises suppliers in six categories: Supplier of the Year, NI Eagle Award, Best in Commodity Class, Overall Scorecard Performance, Quality and On-Time Delivery. Award recipients are selected based on the National Instruments supplier scorecard, which evaluates performance in the areas of cost, quality, global support, delivery, technology and innovation. Suppliers are scored quarterly with periodic reviews to facilitate better communication and to identify possible improvement opportunities.

• See our report on NI Week 2011 - A little bird told me!

Senior appointments at linear motion company

Monique Kuylaars
Rob Caddick
Innovative linear motion and guidance systems supplier Thomson has strengthened its sales and marketing team with the appointments of Robert Caddick as VP Marketing and Monique Kuylaars as Director of Sales, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Mr Caddick joined Thomson in 1996 and has held a range of positions within the company, including leading the EMEA sales team since April 2009. Monique Kuylaars, meanwhile, joins Thomson from Cimcool Industrial Products where she had a distinguished career, most recently as EMEA Commercial Manager Non Direct Markets.

EMEA Marketing Communications Manager Klaus Elsner said: "These two appointments are set to help Thomson further develop its presence in the crucial EMEA markets. Robert Caddick's record with us is impeccable, while Monique Kuylaars is a seasoned sales professional with extensive experience. We are delighted to have them both on our industry leading team."

Panel mounted device displays transducer values

Local display of transducer values from a variety of sources including displacement, pressure, load and torque can be incorporated into control panels using an E725 signal conditioner and display unit from RDP Electronics.

The easy-to-use E725 is suited for applications in manufacturing, process industries and test and research and in addition to displaying values can deliver signals concerning transducer status to PLCs or other connected control devices. The E725 incorporates signal conditioning for transducers, offers a clear 5 digit display, with fast peak and trough detection and limit trips shown by indicator lights and has options such as relay outputs. The E725 has a 4-20mA 2-wire output that can be connected to a suitable analogue input on a PLC and can also provide serial communication via RS232 or RS485 with the controlling device. The settings can be password protected and if required the whole panel can be disabled to prevent operators upsetting the operation of the unit. The E725 is compactly housed and can be used in a stand-alone mode as well as panel mounted and offers flexibility and high performance at a competitive price.

HART signal isolator approved!

The HIX HART signal isolator from Moore Industries has received General Location and Class I, Division 2 (Non-Incendive) approvals from CSA International in the United States and Canada.

The 2-wire HIX provides superior loop isolation while allowing the HART signal to "pass through" uninterrupted. It provides economical solutions to three common and costly problems that plague many of today's smart HART loops. The HIX protects I/O cards from surges and spikes, provides area isolation to allow loops to continue working during system maintenance downtime and provides a safe method of sharing a HART signal.

The cCSAus certification allows the HIX to be used in hazardous conditions where flammable gas or vapors are present in the atmosphere, such as petroleum refineries. The approval covers Groups A, B, C and D and temperature code T4A at an ambient temperature of -20 to 70°C.

Analogue electronics bible!

Newnes, an imprint of Elsevier Science & Technology Books, has published an eagerly awaited “bible” of analog electronic engineering and design by two industry leaders.

Analog Circuit Design by Bob Dobkin & Jim Williams is a comprehensive source book of circuit design solutions that will aid systems designers with elegant and practical design techniques that focus on common circuit design challenges.

Analogue circuit and system design today is more essential than ever before. With the growth of digital systems, wireless communications, complex industrial and automotive systems, designers are challenged to develop sophisticated analog solutions. The book’s in-depth application examples provide insight into circuit design and application solutions that you can apply in today’s demanding designs.

Analog Circuit Design provides circuit system designers with the information they need:
• Covers the fundamentals of linear/analog circuit and system design to guide engineers with their design challenges.
• Based on the Application Notes of Linear Technology, the foremost designer of high performance analog products, readers will gain practical insights into design techniques and practice.
• Broad range of topics, including power management tutorials, switching regulator design, linear regulator design, data conversion, signal conditioning, and high frequency/RF design.

Contributors include the leading lights in analogue design, Robert Dobkin, Jim Williams and Carl Nelson, among others.

The Editors
The late Jim Williams, who worked for Linear Technology for nearly three decades, started as an applications engineer in the early years of the company. His contributions were many-fold. He was a legendary analog circuit designer, problem solver, writer and mentor to many engineers over the years. He died last June after suffering a stroke.
He developed an early curiosity and interest in all things electronic. He would talk about working at a TV repair shop during his early years, so he could poke around inside to find out how they worked. His passion for electronics took him to Boston, where his intellect and drive helped him find a technician’s job working on the Apollo program. Although self-taught in electronics, Jim taught and did research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1968 to 1979, concentrating exclusively on analog circuit design. During this time, he began his legendary writing career—finding clear, elegant ways to describe complex and seemingly indescribable design challenges and solutions.
Before joining Linear Technology in 1982, he worked in National Semiconductor’s Linear Integrated Circuits Group for three years. In nearly 30 years with Linear, Jim had the unique role of staff scientist, with interests spanning product definition, development and support. He was consumed with developing analog circuits, helping set up instruments in the company’s labs, mentoring junior engineers in-house and customers outside, even answering his own phone. Jim maintained a lab at his home and worked there, in a lab at least as well outfitted as the one at work.
Jim Williams was named Innovator of the Year by EDN magazine in 1992 and elected to Electronic Design Hall of Fame in 2002. His outside interests spanned sports cars, collecting antique scientific instruments, art, and restoring (and using) old Tektronix oscilloscopes.

Bob Dobkin is a founder and Chief Technical Officer of Linear Technology Corporation. Prior to 1999, he was responsible for all new product development at Linear. Before founding Linear Technology in 1981, Mr. Dobkin was Director of Advanced Circuit Development at National Semiconductor for eleven years. He has been intimately involved in the development of high performance linear integrated circuits for over 30 years and has generated many industry standard circuits. Mr. Dobkin holds over 100 patents pertaining to linear ICs and has authored over 50 articles and papers. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Test generator simulates supply dips, drops and variations

The NSG 3040-DDV generator is a new product from Teseq which provides test waveforms for simulating Supply Dips, Drops and Variations. The new NSG 3040-DDV is the first in a series of single-function generators derived from the successful NSG 3040 family of combination generators.

Unlike the NSG 3040 system, which features a mainframe that is prepared, wired and tested for all possible test module combinations and upgrades, the NSG 3040-DDV is designed to accommodate only the module required for dips, drops and variations. This function-specific design allows the NSG 3040 to provide full performance at the lowest possible price.

In addition to full compliance testing to IEC 61000-4-11 and -29 standards, the NSG 3040-DDV offers the basic performance features of all NSG 3000 series instruments: A robust and user-friendly interface, industry-leading design and quality, comprehensive safety features, and compatibility with all existing NSG 3000 series accessories.

The NSG 3040-DDV is also available in an ERC (Exclusive Remote Control) version, which is controlled exclusively by a PC running Teseq’s WIN 3000 software.

When used with automatic accessories such as the VAR 3005 or INA 6502, the NSG 3040-DDV features manual, automatic and programmable control of EUT power ON/OFF switching. EUT power can be switched off automatically in the event of an EUT failure or overload.

Reducing cost for semiconductor characterisation and test

Digital Per-Pin Parametric Measurement and High-Density Source Measure Unit Modules Ideal for Semiconductor

The capabilities of National Instruments' PXI platform for semiconductor characterization and production test have been extended with new per-pin parametric measurement unit (PPMU) modules and source measure unit (SMU) modules. The NI PXIe-6556 200 MHz high-speed digital I/O with PPMU, the NI PXIe-4140 and NI PXIe-4141 four-channel SMUs reduce the cost of capital equipment, decrease test times and increase mixed-signal flexibility for a variety of devices under test.

With the NI PXIe-6556 high-speed digital I/O module, engineers can generate and acquire a digital waveform at up to 200 MHz or perform DC parametric measurements with one percent accuracy on the same pin, simplifying cabling, decreasing test times and increasing the density of the tester. In addition, engineers can nearly eliminate timing skew due to different cable and trace lengths to the device under test with the built-in timing calibration feature that automatically adjusts timing for these differences. The NI PXIe-6556 comes with an option to switch in another NI SMU for higher precision, and engineers can trigger parametric measurements based on hardware or software triggers.

The NI PXIe-4140/41 SMU modules provide four SMU channels per PXI Express slot and up to 68 SMU channels per PXI chassis in 4U of rack height to simplify testing of high-pin-count devices. With sampling rates of up to 600,000 samples per second, engineers can drastically reduce measurement times or capture important transient characteristics of the device. Additionally, the NI PXIe-4141 features next-generation SourceAdapt technology that engineers can use to custom tune the SMU output response to any given load to achieve maximum stability and minimum transient times. This capability is not possible with traditional SMU technologies.

Combined with NI LabVIEW system design software, these new PPMU and SMU modules add to the modular software-defined approach to semiconductor test by increasing quality, reducing cost and decreasing the time of test across validation, characterization and production. LabVIEW combines the flexibility of a programming language with the power of an advanced engineering tool so engineers can meet unique, custom requirements.

Trendsetting HMI

Beijer Electronics has extended its HMI product range with the new iX Panel TxA series. The innovative touch panels will be applied, when sophisticated operator functionality combined in a compact format and a fresh design is essential.

The robust and lightweight aluminum housing ensures a long lifetime, even in rough industrial environments. Equipped with a powerful ARM-CPU and pre-installed Windows CE OS, the trend setting HMI units offer good performance, to present realistic graphic screens The fully flat front side ensures a dust free surface. The dimmable TFT display is equipped with maintenance free LED backlighting for long life usage.

The iX Panel TxA series features three different display sizes in 4.3”, 7” and 10,4”. The wide screen display in the 4.3” and 7” unit provides a 30% larger viewing area, which expands display capabilities for complex operating screens. All iX Panel TxA includes an unlimited iX runtime software.
The versatile touch panels come alive with the iX Designer, an intuitive Windows based programming tool with a huge scope of operation. The user grabs pre-defined graphical vector elements of an extensive library to create own objects. All elements can be stored and reused in future projects. This ensures a reduction of valuable engineering time and makes the iX concept to an cost efficient HMI solution.

Control & safety in North Sea

Yokogawa offers control and safety solutions dedicated to North Sea market

At Offshore Europe 2011 (Aberdeen, Scotland, 6-8 September 2011), Yokogawa is featuring its state-of-the-art control and safety systems which provide a sophisticated automation platform to underpin sustained profitable operations and help to drive evolving production strategies.

The global Yokogawa operation is a preferred supplier to major offshore oil and gas companies, including Shell, BP, Chevron and Total.

Yokogawa has established a dedicated North Sea team which, in addition to promoting the latest control and safety systems, offers the ability to handle brownfield projects with support for customers throughout the life cycle from centres in Aberdeen, Scotland, and Stavanger, Norway.

Key products featured at Offshore Europe include the latest version of Yokogawa’s flagship Centum VP DCS control system plus the ProSafe RS Safety Instrumented System. These are supported by a range of software tools including the ExaPilot monitoring and control package, the ExaQuantum information management system, and the CAMS alarm management system.

Yokogawa addresses the need to comply with evolving regulations and the desire to improve safety and control through modern systems that provide for asset intelligence and production management. Advanced diagnostics, communications and instrumentation configurations help to lower personnel on board, or allow unmanned operation while ensuring full support from shore.

Unique instrumentation and intelligent tools including subsea flow simulation provide a sophisticated platform for enhanced oil recovery strategies. Online documented operational philosophies, best operational practice guidance, latest display techniques, and alarm management tools combine to empower the operator for continuous safe operation.

Yokogawa’s reliable systems, plus a host of advanced tools including alarm management, fault tolerance and remote diagnostics, predictive simulation, operator simulator training are applied to optimise a platform’s productive uptime.

Yokogawa complements its automation products with a rich array of operational support - VigilantPlant Services - that extend from simple maintenance and repair all the way to performance optimisation. With the active support of Yokogawa’s experts, automation investments reduce business risk and deliver tangible return on investment.

“We combine knowledge and expertise with renowned technologies which help to achieve optimum outcomes in brownfield migration scenarios from the initial design stage through to a flawless changeover to efficient operation”, comments Will de Groot, Vice-President, Industrial Automation Sales & Marketing, Amersfoort, the Netherlands: “The North Sea is a core market for Yokogawa, and our investment and unique intellectual heritage in both the industrial automation and North Sea sectors positions us to deliver best-in-class brownfield upgrades.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Event manager add-on

AFCON Software and Electronics has announced the release of Pulse V1.50 SCADA/HMI software with a new and unique add-on called Event Manager, the best Control Room management software integrated in a SCADA/HMI system.

Pulse is the most recent evolution of AFCON's proven P-CIM solutions for SCADA/HMI.
The latest version, Pulse V1.50 is packed with new features that enhance operator productivity and situational awareness. It offers important security features and streamlines the process of configuring the system. In addition, a wide variety of new templates were added to facilitate the development of new screens, exposing system designers to readily available functionalities.

The Event Manager Add-on module helps Control Room operators respond efficiently to events by providing access to critical information, beneficial step-by-step procedures and real-time availability of human resources.

“This new add-on extends the SCADA/HMI role by providing operators and supervisors tools to handle foreseen contingencies by guiding them through the various steps of an organization's predefined procedures. It also helps the organization with the subsequent debriefing and analysis by recording the actual activities that took place and their respective timing”
said Mr. Gabi Weiss, AFCON Software and Electronics' General Manager.

Key benefits of this module are reducing the risk for human errors and ensuring that policies and procedures are followed uniformly. Using the Event Manager in organizations/facilities improve regulatory compliance and increase response efficiency. Furthermore, it also reduces the need for comprehensive training.

Users can now also meet their growing security requirements through Nice DVR Client interface added in this release. This integration allows operators to both view live video and playback along with controlling PTZ camera movement directly from the video show or through direction buttons.

St St cylinders for extreme conditions

A new generation of stainless steel cylinders specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions experienced in the food industry has been introduced by ASCO Numatics. Quick and easy to install, CIX cylinders feature stainless steel covers, tube and rod, no retention areas and a special front cover design. They are suitable for use in saline or lactic environments which are subject to frequent wash-downs using cleaners and active detergents.

CIX cylinders can be fitted with IP69K magnetic positioning detectors and feature special seals which are resistant to very high pressure jets. The seals can be replaced quickly and easily without disassembling the cylinder. This reduces the time required for maintenance by 70 per cent - minimising machine downtime and maintenance costs.

Operational excellence at clean-coal power plants

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has deployed a first-of-a-kind operator training simulator for an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant with carbon capture using innovative simulation software-based training solutions from Invensys Operations Management.

Implemented at the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) Advanced Virtual Energy Simulation Training and Research (AVESTAR) Center in Morgantown, W.Va., Invensys Operations Management’s SimSci-Esscor® DYNSIM® high-fidelity simulator will help train operators for new IGCC plants now being built in the US. An AVESTAR facility identical to the one at NETL is also in place at the West Virginia University National Research Center for Coal and Energy. It also uses a DYNSIM high-fidelity simulator and will be used to assist NETL with research and education.

“IGCC with carbon capture holds tremendous promise as a low-cost, clean energy source so IGCC plants are expected to be a key resource for the provision of clean fossil power in the near future. Fulfilling that promise, however, requires an adequate supply of well-trained operators,” said Tobias Scheele, Vice President, operations management applications, Invensys Operations Management. “The DOE is using our DYNSIM simulator, just as airlines use flight simulators to train pilots before they take to the air, to help future IGCC plant operators achieve operational and environmental excellence.”

The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that, based on current usage rates, the US has enough coal to last more than 200 years, but if plants continue to use conventional fossil fuel technologies, they will emit unacceptable levels of CO2 and other pollutants. IGCC with carbon capture offers an environmentally friendly alternative by capturing 90 percent of the CO2 produced by traditional fossil-fuel burning processes while at the same time reducing sulfur, mercury and other NOx emissions.

However, IGCC is also a complex process requiring highly trained operators. Many plants are now in various stages of design or construction in the United States and there is a pressing need for a well-trained work force. The DOE is therefore, providing high-fidelity simulated environments that will enable trainees to learn to interact with controls that are almost indistinguishable from those they would encounter in a real plant.

“IGCC is highly complex, mostly because personnel must learn to operate what is effectively both a chemical processing plant and a power plant. To teach them how to do that we must simulate the chemical process of coal-gasification with CO2 capture together with combined-cycle power generation,” said Stephen E. Zitney, Ph.D. and director of NETL's AVESTAR Center. “No one has ever done that before, but now with help from Invensys, we can simulate routine operations, disturbances and malfunctions, as well as routine and emergency shutdowns. We can even simulate operations and train operators on different coal and biomass feed stocks.”

The next phase of the project, already well underway, extends simulation from the control room to outside plant operators, or field operators, expanding the SimSci-Esscor solution to a 3-D virtual reality experience using Invensys Operations Management’s EYESIM® immersive training simulator. Wearing a stereoscopic headset or eyewear, IGCC field operators can coordinate activities with control room operators. Immersed in an EYESIM virtual environment, field operators can move and interact as if they were in the real plant. The environment is fully interactive with the simulation models, so actions taken by a field operator will have an impact on the process and actions performed in the control room will change the information visible to the field operator. As a result, field and control room operators will be trained to coordinate their activities and perform collaboratively as a team.

Temperature profiler's new website!

Datapaq®, has launched a new website. The new website provides quick and intuitive access to its versatile product line, as well as extensive resources for customers with demanding heating processes in industrial coatings, high-temperature heat treatment, electronics assembly, solar photovoltaic manufacturing, food production and kiln firing.

According to Nigel Fearn, General Manager for Datapaq, "The new enhancements will insure a superior and informative user experience for our visitors. Development and creation of the new content has taken nearly a year to complete, but we feel the new application-driven content will help guide visitors to the temperature profiling solutions best suited for their industry or need." Simplified site navigation and a new search capability make it quick and easy to find appropriate product or application information; software demonstration downloads allow visitors to "try before they buy"; and an online video library features examples of Datapaq products, as they would be used in various manufacturing environments.

Other website features include:

Product literature and software demo download availability in multiple languages
Convenient forms to request product or pricing information, product demos, or product service, repair and calibration
White papers and technical articles on temperature profiling in general, with industry-specific solutions
Datapaq news and events, including a schedule of tradeshow participation across the globe and the latest innovative new products
Employment portal accessing worldwide job opportunities within parent company Danaher

Datapaq plans to offer additional sites later this year, fully translated into German, French, Spanish and Chinese. Future website enhancements will include additional portal sites in Korean, Japanese and Italian.

"A worldwide leader in temperature profiling, Datapaq is an innovative, robust company with a secure future and long-term commitment to its customers and channel partners." On the new website, visitors can learn about The Datapaq Advantage. Datapaq is the preferred supplier of in-process temperature profiling solutions to the global industrial market, and is relied upon by thousands of satisfied customers to help maximize the potential of their industrial heating processes. Datapaq has the strength, knowledge and long-term experience to provide the best temperature profiling solution for a wide range of applications.

New pressure sensor family

Balluff has introduced BPS, a newly developed series of pressure sensors with IP 67 protection for use in gaseous and liquid media. The rugged devices feature a high-quality, long-term stable ceramic load cell and an especially attractive price/performance ratio, simple installation, high operating comfort and high preci-sion. A large, bright and easily visible display ensures immediate status overview. This shows not only the current system pressure in bar, mbar, PSI and MPa, but also features fast and simple configuration of the sensors according to the VDMA standard, using 2 keys and intuitive menu guidance.

With 11 pressure range versions the BPS sensors cover all the im-portant ranges from -1…0 bar up to 0…600 bar for monitoring process media in factory automation. Typical applications include hydraulics monitoring as well as pneumatics equipment. The new Balluff pressure sensors, available in the standard model with plastic housing and in the high-end version with stainless steel, offer either two switching points or one switching output plus analog channel (0…10V or 4…20mA).

Thanks to their highly compact design the sensors can be easily located in the control cabinet without taking up valuable space. The display with operating panel and electrical connection can be rotated independently of each other by 320° with respect to the flange. Adapting to different process terminations using G ¼ internal threads is easily accomplished using optional adapters in various sizes and styles.

The high-end models with their stainless steel housing and expanded temperature range were especially designed for demanding applica-tions in harsh environments, making them ideal for use with wind pow-er turbines, offshore installations as well as HVAC technology.

Outdoor housing

All too often it is believed that 19” equipment is only suitable for the indoor environment and that for an outdoor application a special enclosure, to create the perfect environment, requires development at huge cost. Rittal’s standard range of outdoor enclosures, based on the TS 8, have a whole range of accessories available, including a full range of 19” components suitable for outside use.

Customers can select from a large range of 19” angles, in varying U heights, which can be fitted at the front, rear, or both, to a range of static or adjustable shelves, to swing frames and a host of cable management that will meet most requirements.

Coupled with a range of specifically designed outdoor heating and cooling options from 10W to 800W heaters, simple fans and filters or heat exchangers and air-conditioning units, Rittal can create the correct environment for the installed equipment wherever it is finally located.

All this can be installed within a high security outdoor enclosure manufactured from a range of alternative materials, with global approvals and high IP ratings.