Thursday, 5 March 2020

Leading-edge test and measurement kits.

RS Components (RS) is stocking a wide selection of products from Keysight Technologies, a world leading test and measurement equipment provider. These Keysight test and measurement devices are shipping now in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.

The InfiniiVision 4000X and 6000X series of oscilloscopes offer large displays and large touchscreen displays with a unique ‘zone trigger’ feature, which helps engineers, scientists and technicians to isolate hard-to-capture signals. The multi-function scopes also feature the industry's fastest waveform update rate of one million waveforms per second. Both families are expected to find use in a series of applications including embedded system design and debug, power design and analysis, in the automotive field, and in many other systems that require analogue, digital, serial and RF signal analysis.

The higher-end 6000X series also offers performance up to 6GHz and 20G-sample/s and combines digital channels, serial protocol analysis, built-in dual-channel waveform generator, frequency response analysis, built-in digital multimeter and 10-digit counter with totalizer. In addition, it weighs 6.8kg and is 15.4cm deep, and consumes only 200W, making it the world’s most environmentally friendly multi-GHz portable oscilloscope.

Designed for RF system design and EMC compliance testing applications, the next family is the N9300 series, which includes the N9320B RF spectrum analyser, N9322C basic spectrum analyser, and N9310A RF signal generator. Delivering high bandwidth capability up to 7GHz to meet requirements for all the latest communications standards, the family also features easy-to-use ‘single-button’ testing, which makes them ideal for production applications, along with remote-control capabilities enabling their use in harsh environments.

The N6705C DC power analyser mainframe unit, in conjunction with the N678x series of source/measure units (SMUs), offers battery drain analysis and functional testing and provides fast visualisation of current drain from amps down to nanoamps in a single pass to help characterise power use to deliver extended battery life. Accurately emulating a battery and providing a compact and highly versatile platform for the testing of ATE or portable devices, the mainframe unit and SMUs offer stable and glitch-free sourcing and sinking.

Lastly, and ideal for calibration laboratory and test engineers, the 3458A digital multimeter offers 8½-digit precision with leading-edge direct-current-voltage (DCV) accuracy of up to 8-ppm over one year; fast measurement speeds up to 100,000 readings per second; and a self-adjusting and self-verifying auto-calibration capability.

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