Saturday, April 27, 2019

Beating the witches brew!

Until the Middle Ages, magical herbs and cult objects were laid around the wort copper to prevent the brewing process going wrong. The last so-called brew witch was burnt at the stake in Germany in 1591. She declared responsible for the brewer's beer going bad.

The types of beer that could be brewed depended on the season. Bottom fermented beer was brewed in winter, top fermented in the summer months. The Purity Law still did not permit yeast. That came from the air, which is why bakers were often granted brewing rights.

Today we know better. In addition to the Purity Law, which prescribes the ingredients, the "Cleanliness Law" must also be strictly adhered to.

Brewing takes place in batches in containers that hold up to 500,000 litres. So that nothing can go wrong and the consumer always gets his preferred beer type with the same taste, the temperature must be precisely controlled in all steps of the manufacturing process.

Here the rotary joint machine element is found. Mighty stirring arms, through which cooling water flows, gently stir the mash and ensure an exact temperature, which must always be constant and the same for every batch. The stationary pipeline is connected to the rotating arm by a rotary joint.

Rotary joints are not only used in the final brewing process - rotary joints or swivel joints are also used in the manufacturing of the ingredients. The airborne yeast of the mediaeval bakery has long been replaced by precisely bred brewer's yeast, which is continually turned into yeast powder in drum dryers with the help of rotary joints. This is then fed into the fermentation tank in a precise quantity and purity.

Hop cones in their original form are added to the copper nowadays in palletised form. The desiccated hops are ground and pressed into pellets. Rotary joints can prevent the overheating of the grinding and pelletising rollers here.

Compliance with the "Cleanliness Law" is indispensable in brewing technology. All materials of the containers and fittings used must therefore comply with this law. The rotary joints and swivel joints from HAAG + ZEISSLER are therefore offered in stainless steel. Electropolished versions are available if desired for reducing wettability, in addition to which versions can be supplied with food-safe flanges or dairy fittings according to DIN 11851.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Tiger cleans up after fires!

The chemical industry has recently seen four major incidents take place. On March 17th 2019 two ITC tanks caught fire in Deer Park,  (TX USA), with five more catching fire just 12 hours later. A few days later, an explosion at the Xiangshui chemical plant resulted in the death of 78 people while severely injuring 94. On April 2, a leak caused a fire at the KMCO plant in Crosby, (TX USA), severely injuring two and killing one. In addition, a waste materials plant caught fire in Campbellfield, a suburb of Melbourne (AUS).

As a result of the explosion at the ITC tank farm, an Ion Science Tiger Select hand held gas detector is currently being used in Deer Park to assist with the clean-up process. The instrument is specifically seeking traces of benzene, which is highly toxic. A Tiger has also been purchased by members of the local community who are concerned with their own health, allowing them to monitor the air quality.

These recent incidents have seen the intervention of local government agencies and compliance with environmental and health and safety legislation, resulting in a series of violations for clean air, clean water, and environmental quality that include failure to comply with emissions rate standards, conduct stack tests, and the discharge of hazardous waste.

Although it is not yet confirmed what has caused these incidents to occur, it is speculated to have been caused by leaking materials.

In these circumstances a fixed monitoring device, such as the Titan fixed benzene specific detector or Falco fixed volatile organic compound (VOC) detector from Ion Science, is capable of continuously detecting VOCs, including benzene, ultimately preventing such catastrophic events.

The Tiger Select is a revolutionary hand held gas detector with two mode operation for the rapid and accurate detection of benzene and TACs. Utilising the high output Ion Science 10.0eV monitoring system, a reading for TACs is seen immediately on start-up. Should TACs be detected, a benzene pre-filter tube can be easily attached to ensure rapid detection and selective measurement of benzene.

Ion Science offers an array of advanced instruments that will detect and monitor a range of VOCs, including the handheld Tiger series, the Cub personal VOC detector and the Falco fixed PID detector which utilises typhoon technology, allowing effective operation within humid and harsh environments.

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Promising enhancement for US Generators.

A very promising enhancement has been added to the product range of soniKKs® Ultrasonics Technology GmbH, this year. All ultrasonic generators are now also available with a PROFINET-Interface.

PROFINET (PROCESS FIELD NETWORK) is a modern standard, which has been developed for the automation of network-based Ethernet. The PROFINET concept is modularly constructed, meaning that user can choose functionality themselves. An easy installation technology and flexibility allows connections of different devices from various manufacturers.

Further advantages of the PROFINET standard:
  • Address resolution for field devices
  • Cyclic/acyclic I/O data transmission (parameter, diagnoses, device identification, etc.)
  • Redundancy of the transmission route
  • Device replacement
  • Profitable – Even for Profibus User
The new interface is especially interesting for machinery manufacturing companies which want to guarantee a simple, yet well-engineered communication between their machines and the ultrasonic devices.

Companies using PROFIBUS devices in their machines before will, due to a much higher flexibility, also profit from this new interface. A readjustment to the new interface without much effort is easily possible. Already acquired PROFIBUS knowledge is still valuable as the new PROFINET uses the same framework in its design.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Asset performance management!

SolutionsPT has become exclusive distributor for the asset performance management (APM) portfolio of Aveva in Britain.

The Aveva APM software encapsulates data capture, cloud, augmented reality and analysis. It allows companies to monitor equipment in real time, identify underperforming assets and impending problems, and take informed, pre-emptive action.

The new partnership will further enhance SolutionPT’s 30+ years of expertise in helping companies use digital technology to maximise equipment efficiency and minimise unscheduled downtime.

Ian Bailey, Asset Performance Management Team Leader said: “The need for companies to reduce maintenance costs and get the maximum return on assets has arguably never been greater.

SolutionsPT has decades of expertise in digital asset management, and with our Aveva partnership we now offer the most comprehensive and innovative APM software on the market.

Our partnership will enable companies to make the vital shift from reactive maintenance to a truly proactive, predictive maintenance approach - with all the benefits to reliability, cost-efficiency and operator safety that brings.”

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