Friday, March 8, 2019

Front and Back Office Analytics.

Dream Report 5.0 is a major release from Ocean Data Systems (ODS). It delivers significant enhancements over typical maintenance releases. The most significant enhancement is the incorporation of an additional dashboard technology, tailored for use in front office applications (business analytics, database connectivity and dynamic filtering). This new dashboard also offers access to the wide range of Dream Report analytics and data sources.

Whereas Dream Report was viewed as an Industrial solution in the past, today, through this optional interface, it delivers both industrial and business analytics to satisfy all plant operations and management personnel. A variety of IT solutions have been available for business analytics and dashboards. Now, there is one solution to satisfy BOTH business and industrial analytics requirements.

Additional enhancements include “Internet of Things” connectivity (IOT, IIOT, Industry 4.0, Industrie 4.0) through a new MQTT / JSON interface, analytics sharing with other automation solutions through an OPC DA Server, XML output data formats for data transfer with automated systems, and much more.

“We are constantly enhancing Dream Report for our customers and all markets,” explained Roy Kok, VP Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems. “This release has been in the works for a very long time, even while other maintenance updates have been released. As a strategic release, it is given a major release number (5.0) and existing customers will need to either upgrade or be on an annual support program to receive it. I should also mention that with 5.0, subscription-based licensing is also available.”

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Device manager approved cyber secure.

exida, LLC announced that it has assessed the Honeywell ISA100 Wireless™ Device Manager model WDMY version R320 and certified that it meets requirements for the ISASecure® EDSA certification level 1. The WDMY is the first industrial wireless gateway to achieve the ISASecure® cybersecurity certification which certifies to the ISA/IEC 62443 international cybersecurity standards.

The ISASecure® certification demonstrates to Honeywell’s customers that the company is committed to the safety and security of their products. Honeywell is an industry leader in control system cybersecurity and has certified more products to the ISA/IEC 62443 standards than any other supplier around the globe.

Based on ISA/IEC 62443 standards, ISASecure assures that the WDMY is free of known cybersecurity vulnerabilities and robust against network attacks. In addition, the ISASecure certification provides assurances that development of the WDMY is managed under a secure development lifecycle and will maintain its security capabilities as the product is changed and maintained over its lifecycle.

The ISASecure registration and certificate for the Honeywell WDMY can be viewed on the ISA Security Compliance Institute (ISCI) website.

“Honeywell continues to demonstrate its thought leadership in securing critical infrastructure control systems and components,” stated Andre Ristaino, ISCI Managing Director. “Certification of the WDMY is a tangible result of Honeywell’s commitment to securing their product portfolio, reducing risk to customer’s operations and ensuring the safety of the public.”

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Industry standard robust connectors.

Harting has added an industry standard Han® B size version to its Han-Eco® range of robust, flexible and corrosion-resistant connectors made of high-performance plastic for use in demanding industrial environments.

The addition of the new unit allows users more flexibility in configuring the Han-Eco® family in industrial applications. In particular, the ability to snap contact inserts into the mounting housing from the rear simplifies equipping control cabinets with interfaces.

The Han-Eco® B differs from the Han B® industrial connector in a metal housing chiefly in the ability to accommodate assembly from the rear. Unlike applications using the Han® B standard housing, where the cables are first routed through the assembly cut-out in order to take care of the inserts outside the control cabinet, Han-Eco® B allows the prefabricated inserts to be snapped in directly from the interior. This facilitates the assembly of prefabricated units since the electrical cabinet and cable harnesses can be pre-assembled separately. The allocation of labour is improved, working time and costs are saved and, if necessary, processes can also be outsourced.

The new plastic connectors are plug-compatible with the equivalent Han® B metal variants. All contact inserts and modules that can be integrated into the Han® B metal housing also fit into the plastic housing. This opens up numerous options for combining new units with existing equipment. Production planners and machine developers have the freedom to choose the material – metal or plastic – for interfaces in line with their needs.

The compatibility of the mating faces enables the gradual introduction of the Han-Eco® B in an industrial environment. Existing testing equipment in production can be used for both variants.

The advantages of the Han-Eco® are also present in the Han® B size. The connectors are not only light and easy to install, but are also corrosion-resistant – and offer numerous additional configuration options such as the integration of a PE module. The components are fire-resistant according to UL94 V0 (making them suitable for railway applications) and together weigh significantly less than the corresponding Han® B connectors in the metal housing.

The contact inserts and modules that were previously used in the Han® B housings can also be attached to the Han-Eco® B plastic housing via hinged frames. This results in a greatly increased range of possible applications for connectors in plastic housings – driving forward the modernisation of production.

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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Energy and Water under spotlight!

The ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference, slated for 7-8 August 2019 in Orlando, (FL USA), will feature interactive sessions led by ISA’s power generation, alternative energy, municipal water, and industrial water experts.
The conference program will feature technologies and best practices that apply to multiple infrastructure sectors. Today’s challenges include leveraging data analytics in a meaningful way, navigating the new world of IIoT with safety and cybersecurity in mind, and applying the insights of recent Smart Cities Initiatives to improve operations. These challenges—and many promising best practices—are relevant for several industry sectors, and this unique event will bring people together to move everyone forward.

“Part of ISA’s mission is to increase technical competency by connecting automation professionals, and this event is a perfect example of how that can benefit our industries,” said ISA Executive Director Mary Ramsey. “Technology applications that are working in one sector can often translate to another, but users and solution providers have to engage in meaningful dialogue to find those synergies. ISA can be a venue for those discussions in multiple ways, from standards development to content creation to in-person events.”

ISA’s Water Wastewater Industries Division will bring expertise and content focused on effective utility management, water/wastewater operations and maintenance, IT/OT coordination, engineering best practices, integration/programming, SCADA, PLCs, instrumentation, cybersecurity, and asset management related to the treatment and distribution of water and the collection and treatment of wastewater.

ISA’s Power Industries Division plans to host sessions covering automation and control solutions for oil and gas exploration, processing, and refining with a focus on power generation methodologies, including harnessing wind and solar energy.

Many industries rely on sourcing, transporting, handling, recycling, and disposing industrial water as a core element of their power generation strategies. Infrastructure that supports both power and water are also at the heart of the “Smart Cities” initiatives. Automated solutions offer promising results for safety and efficiency, but every connected device is also a potential cybersecurity vulnerability, so a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy is imperative for companies and facilities.

“We’re excited to offer attendees a meaningful and comprehensive technical program that brings expertise from multiple industries to bear on today’s most pressing challenges,” said ISA Energy & Water Automation Conference Chair Manoj Yegnaraman, Associate Vice President and Principal Instrumentation & Control Engineer at Carollo Engineers. “This approach gives us an opportunity to identify and discuss new solutions from a holistic perspective, learning from each other and widening our professional networks.”

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Microswitch has integrated LED.

Microprecision Electronics has introduced its MP100/200 series microswitches with an optional integrated LED indicator light.

These microswitches with integrated LED status indicator have been designed for use at 24V in industrial automation applications. They allow a simple, visual control of the switching function, which can be very cumbersome to perform, in particular when the switch is mounted far away from the connected controller. Also, a broken cable will be instantly recognisable. In addition, the LED facilitates the intuitive calibration and adjustment during installation of the switching point in the field. For simple connection to a sensor box the switch will typically be provided with a 4-pin M12 cable connector interface. But other interface options like built-in M8 connector or a simple PVC cable are also available.

The LED can either be wired to indicate the NC or the NO operation. A bicolour LED can even indicate a changeover operation. The electrical interface is either made up as a PNP or NPN circuit.

The entire range of modular actuators for the MP100/200 series is compatible with the new LED indicator option. These actuators include telescopic actuators of different lengths, with and without rollers, different lever types with direct and/or indirect action, tilting rollers, wire levers and floater levers are also available.

The standard MP200 series switches are sealed up to IP68, this qualifies them for outdoor applications, for use under spray water and in full immersion (up to 20 meters depth). They also offer the possibility of switching two fully separate circuits (dual break). They are certified according to UL/EN standards for up to 15 A and suitable for temperatures up to 130°C (266°F). Microprecision also develops and implements custom solutions already for small production volumes.

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CTO fis expert in open architecture COTS.

Abaco Systems has appointed Lorne Graves as Chief Technology Officer.

Lorne Graves
Mr. Graves brings 20 years of experience as an engineering executive, working closely with various prime contractors on several key Electronic Warfare, SIGINT, and radar programs. Most recently, Mr. Graves served as Chief Technologist at Mercury Systems. Prior to Mercury Systems, he was Senior Design Engineer at Extreme Networks (Nasdaq GS: EXTR), a networking company.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lorne to Abaco’s management team as the Company embarks on its next phase of growth. Lorne has a tremendous reputation in the embedded computing market, and his leadership will advance Abaco’s position in open architecture COTS solutions,” said Mr. Rich Sorelle, President and CEO of Abaco Systems.

“I am excited to join Abaco and contribute to our mission of advancing the capabilities of the warfighter through game-changing mission ready embedded technologies,” said Mr. Graves.

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Programmable power supplies.

Powerstax has been appointed as a distributor for Magna-Power’s market leading range of Programable Power Supplies. This extensive product range complements the existing Powerstax portfolio of DC power supplies and Transformer Rectifiers.

Magna-Power provide versatile high power density DC power solutions from 1.5kW to in excess of 2000kW. With fully variable output voltage ratings from 0-5Vdc through to 0-10kVdc Magna-Power can satisfy most test and measurement, research and bulk power requirements in many different applications. Up to 8kW of output power is available from the 1U SL series and all models are available with analogue and digital serial interfaces, together with the option for IEEE-488 GPIB control.

“We very pleased to be able to offer the full range of innovative programmable DC power supplies from Magna-Power.” Comments Phil James, Powerstax Sales Director. “With our own extensive in-house design and manufacture capabilities for DC power solutions, Powerstax are able to provide full technical and service support for Magna-Power DC power supplies.”

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Corrosion-resistant switchgear tried and tested in the North Sea!

Many of the switchgear series from the steute "Extreme" range are suitable for use in damp, wet or even saltwater environments. Corresponding corrosion tests, for example the saltspray test to DIN EN ISO 9227, control the quality of such devices and make them comparable to others regarding these features.

But how do the switching devices perform in practice? How are they really affected by intermittent waves or underwater fouling, for example? These are crucial questions for the company because their "Extreme" switches are often used in maritime applications – on ships, on oil rigs, in quayside anchoring systems, or at seaport container terminals.

In order to find answers to these questions, steute commissioned the Fraunhofer IFAM (Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials) in Bremen to conduct a 1-year exposure test at its site on the small German island of Helgoland. The test procedure was as follows: several samples from each selected "Extreme" switchgear series – including position switches, foot switches and pull wire switches – were fastened to the exposed South mole, where the North Sea waves splashed them for one year. Some of the devices were installed in the tidal range, meaning that they were sometimes submerged and sometimes not. Any potential limitations of the devices in moving saltwater would thus be revealed. Where would fouling be evident, and would it affect the functional capacity of the switches?

These are ambient conditions which switching devices are hardly ever exposed to in practice. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Lumme, steute Product Manager "Extreme": "The objective of these tests was to expose the switchgear to conditions so extreme that they went beyond all tests required by the approval bodies, allowing us to better understand any possible weak points."

These threshold tests have now been completed. The final IFAM report is not yet available, but the appearance of the switching devices after one year of exposure to saltwater and spray, as well as some initial tests at steute of their functional capacity, have revealed the following: in all the different series, the devices are saltwater-resistant and still completely functional 12 months on. Even the labels and the laser-inscribed lettering are still legible. The pre-treated and powder-coated housings, for example of the foot switches, presented in a very good condition, and the "inner workings", such as switching inserts, plungers and pedal axes, are also free of corrosion. This is testament to the high quality of both the surface coatings and the sealing.

steute will evaluate the IFAM test results in detail as soon as they are available, and will use them for further optimization of existing switchgear series, as well as the development of new "Extreme" devices. Rainer Lumme: "We now have the confirmation we needed that the plastics we use for our housings and actuators are unrestrictedly suited to Extreme requirements. We shall therefore intensify our efforts to replace metal with plastic – also in our more heavy-duty devices."

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Expansion continues at photonic device manufacturer!

Optoscribe Ltd has announced the release of its 3rd generation ultra-high-speed 3D photonic component manufacturing system and the expansion of its cleanroom within its state-of-the-art facility in Livingston(GB).

L-R : Steve McMahon, Chief Commercial Officer; Nick Psaila, Chief Executive Officer; Mark Hesketh, Chief Operating Officer; David Jolliffe, Chief Financial Officer

The company has also increased its headcount by 50% over the past 18 months, having recruited key skills in areas including photonic engineering, product development, and manufacturing.

Nick Psaila CEO said: “Following our last investment round in September 2018, I am delighted to see the continued improvements of our 3D laser inscription technology.

“This significant milestone represents the completion of a commitment we made to our investors and our customers to further expand our capability to support increased production volumes going forward. This progress is particularly timely with our ever-increasing levels of commercial engagement in datacentre photonics and other markets.”

Optoscribe’s new proprietary 3rd generation laser inscription system delivers 20 times faster throughput than the previous generations, while maintaining the high precision levels required for single-mode components, representing a significant advancement of the company’s capabilities.

Associated with the expansion of its manufacturing capacity the company has also doubled its Class 1,000 and 10,000 cleanroom areas and installed additional high-speed automated optical device testers.

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Reliability with long-term support.

PULS Power is committed to supporting its customers for as long as is possible with products designed into their systems. PULS has undertaken not to discontinue standard products while enough demand is present to make them viable for manufacture. This provides their customers with the reassurance that they will not be forced into costly changes to their system components and performance in regular short intervals and to have support for their equipment throughout the entire end system lifecycle.

PULS also makes the reliability of its products a very high priority. The data for MTBF and service lifetime is described in detail in the data sheets for every product and is specified precisely for many operating conditions. In addition, there is an in-house guideline at PULS defining that for every product in the DIMENSION range a minimum service life of 50,000h must be accomplished at full load, nominal mains voltage 120V/230V and an ambient temperature of +40°C. This requires an additional loop in the development process, but the user has the advantage that they can take any product from the range and rely on specified and uniform minimum values. When looking at the values for reliability customers will clearly see significant differences in comparison to other manufacturers power supplies.

“We provide outstanding support which is not typically found in our industry," Comments Marco van der Linden, Manager for PULS in Britain. “We are able to do this as PULS controls the whole chain from design engineering through sourcing, manufacturing, sales and support in-house. For example, we can still supply, in high volume manufacturing, our Silverline products which were introduced in the 1990s and we are supporting some customers with AP and DP products where the first units were sold in 1981. Our customers and their success are highly valued at PULS and long product availability is a key element in our strategy they can reply on.”

Typical applications for PULS DIN-Rail power supplies include, industrial and process control, building automation, panel-building, test and measurement, instrumentation and communications systems. Versions are available approved for railway systems and ruggedised for harsh environments.

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Monday, March 4, 2019

Helping with design.

Anglia Components today announced a new design partner service for its customers. The Anglia Design Partner Programme is comprised of carefully selected independent design consultants from across Britain that can help accelerate customers’ design cycles, often with expertise in specific areas.

Steve Rawlins
Steve Rawlins, CEO, Anglia comments, “Whilst other distributors are pouring resource into offering services that cater for the Maker movement and similar, Anglia recognises that there is also a real need within the UK SME electronics manufacturing community for design and engineering resource that has proven experience designing for OEM and Industrial applications. It is this design experience which is one of the main selection criteria for the Anglia Design Partner Programme. Another key requirement for consultants in the Anglia Design Partner Programme is they must be completely independent allowing them to focus purely on providing the best design solution for the customers’ application without external influence.”

Many of our customers have design capabilities in-house but often need more specific expertise in areas such as RF & Microwave, software, analog, power etc. We’ve been working on the Anglia Design Partner Programme for the last 9 months with the aim of finding the best independent design consultants in the UK that we can confidently recommend to our customers to work seamlessly with their design team on their projects. It’s a real win-win for both our customers and the chosen independent design consultants.”

Anglia has a strong reputation for putting their customers first with highly trained Field Application Engineers on hand to offer technical support, product selection and design guidance. Now they are taking it to an even deeper level with the Anglia Design Partner Programme. The independent design consultants selected can actively engage with the customers’ design teams to plug any knowledge gaps and provide additional expertise that may be required on the project, or alternatively they can be given the remit to run the entire design project on behalf of the customer. Anglia’s core aim when creating the Anglia Design Partner Programme was to reduce the difficulties their customers can face in finding reliable external design consultants with the right skills. By doing the due diligence for them, this enables Anglia to minimise any risk to the customer by only recommending design consultants that meet their specific criteria.

A dedicated section has been launched on Anglia Live giving a more detailed overview of the Anglia Design Partner Programme along with information on the design disciplines the consultants are able to support. Customers can contact Anglia directly via the site to be put in touch with an appropriate consultant. In addition, there is a facility for independent design consultants who would like to join Anglia’s Design Partner Programme to apply for evaluation.

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Influential data economy leader!

Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D., AdLink Technology’s chief technology officer, has been recognized as one of the world’s most influential data economy leaders in the data center, cloud and data sector. Dr. Corsaro was named to Data Economy’s Power 200 for attributes including innovative thinking, business acumen and entrepreneurial skill set.

Angelo Corsaro
The Power 200 is a biannual global list showcasing the top 200 personalities around the world who have proven to be the most influential leaders in today’s data economy.

“I’m very honored to be recognized for my work in fog, edge and IoT areas and to be named among the global leaders of the new data economy,” said Dr. Corsaro. “Fog and Edge Computing will be at the foundation of the next wave of IoT and 5G, bringing better performance, scalability, and allowing data to be processed there were it is produced, greatly improving security and confidentiality. I am extremely glad to be part of some of the key people making this wave of innovation.”

As AdLink CTO, Dr. Corsaro leads the company’s Advanced Technology Office and serves a leading role in the corporate technology and digital transformation strategy. He is a world’s leading expert in Edge/Fog Computing and a well-known researcher in the area of high performance and large-scale distributed systems. Among his many recognitions, Dr. Corsaro was previously named by Data Economy as one of the Top 50 Edge Computing leaders on the publication’s list.

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Maintain workspace exposure standards!

The long-term effects on health resulting from exposure to chemical agents are well documented. Employers contravening the new exposure limits could not only be risking the health and safety of their team, but find themselves subject to prosecution.

3M™ Gas & Flame Detection is advising businesses or public services that do not comply with updated workplace / occupational exposure limits to chemical agents, could potentially face stern consequences, including prosecution. August 2018 saw the deadline pass for compliance with the revised EU Directive 2017/164/EU. However, for businesses that remain concerned, 3M™ Gas & Flame Detection is offering guidance to ensure the regulations are met.

Indicative occupational exposure limit values (IOELV) are health-based, non-binding values which are derived from recent scientific data and take into account the availability of reliable measurement techniques. For any chemical agent with an IOELV set at EU level, Member States are required to establish a national occupational exposure limit. In the UK, for example, EH40 Workplace exposure limits from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have been updated directly in line with EU Directive 2017/164/EU. In the latest revision of EH40, which was introduced in August 2018, new limits have been introduced for 31 substances.

“The updated regulations set out the latest IOELV limits. These have been established in relation to a reference period of 8 hours and are referred to as long-term exposure limit values,” explains Neil Gwinnutt, UK & Ireland Sales Manager, 3M™ Personal Safety Division - Portable Gas Detection. “In addition, for certain chemical agents, shorter reference periods exist, typically 15 minutes, and these are referred to as short-term exposure limit values. In line with the ongoing desire to create safer workplaces, IOELV limits have consequently been reduced in the updated regulations. This means any business that believes it was working safely to previous limits, may now be exceeding them.”

By way of example, consider carbon monoxide (CO), which is an extremely common by-product of many industrial processes such as wastewater treatment, steelmaking, forging, chemical production, and oil and gas extraction. The 8-hour exposure limit for CO has been reduced from 30ppm to 20ppm while the 15-minute exposure limit has been tightened from 200ppm to 100ppm.

“The changes in CO limits will have an impact on many working practices including fire brigades and heating engineers” says Mr Gwinnutt.

Another common gas, hydrogen cyanide (HCN), which is found widely in the plastics manufacturing industry, has seen a new 8-hour exposure limit introduced at 0.9ppm while its 15-minute exposure limit has been reduced from 10ppm to 4.5ppm.

“New limits have also been introduced for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO), which are commonplace in the rail industry and generated by diesel locomotives. As a result, rail companies need to ensure that engineers working in maintenance depots or in tunnels are not exposed to levels beyond those stated.”

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