Friday, February 22, 2019

Strategic partnership with Japan.

Werum IT Solutions is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Toyo Business Engineering Corporation (B-EN-G), a leading and highly experienced provider of integrated enterprise and manufacturing solutions headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

B-EN-G’s extensive track record of delivering ERP, MES and logistics systems for Japanese and international pharma manufacturers greatly complements Werum’s best-in-class manufacturing IT solutions and its flagship product PAS-X MES. The PAS-X Endorsed Service Partner agreement enables B-EN-G to act as a certified service implementation team in Japan for Werum’s premier customers. Together, the two companies are ideally placed to deliver excellent and extended support locally in Japan and to ensure the right expertise is always available throughout the country for the rapidly expanding customer base of PAS-X MES.

“We are absolutely delighted to partner with B-EN-G, one of Japan’s leading business engineering corporations and a key player for the pharma industry,” says Richard Nagorny, Managing Director and CFO of Werum IT Solutions. “The business vision and cultural fit of our two companies is very strong and with the power of Werum’s PAS-X MES product for the Pharma 4.0 Factory of the Future and with B-EN-G’s large team of experts we are greatly enhancing the value and scale of services that we provide in Japan for our clients and business partners.”

Masanori Osawa, President and CEO of B-EN-G, adds: “We are proud to have been providing IT solutions mainly for manufacturing industries over the last 30 years in Japan. The pharmaceutical industry has always been considered of strategic importance for our company so this partnership is very exciting for us. We selected Werum and its PAS-X MES in order to best meet our customers’ needs, including proven improvements of production efficiency and compliance with GMP regulation of pharmaceutical medicines. As a certified PAS-X Service Partner with long accumulated experiences and expertise in the industry, we assure that PAS-X, the leading MES solution for the pharma and biotech industry, will help advance and digitize our customers’ business quickly.”

PAS-X Endorsed Service Partners meet all requirements of Werum's PAS-X Service Partner Program. The main objective is to offer the same quality and competence of services to Werum customers all over the world – through reliable, experienced and certified partners. The Service Partners need to have comprehensive PAS-X knowledge, participate at PAS-X trainings on a regular basis, possess experience in the regulated industry and use a quality management system. The certification has to be renewed on a regular basis.

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Design, selection, and functioning of control valves.

The first-edition release of Fluid Mechanics of Control Valves: How Valves Control Your Process, a practical reference guide to proper control valve design, selection, and operation has been published by ISA.

Written by Hans D. Baumann, Ph.D., PE—a world-renowned expert on control valve technology—the book reflects the latest understanding of how fluid mechanics and acoustics affect control valve performance.

“The book is primarily targeted to instrument and process engineers needing fundamental knowledge about control valves and their role in industrial process control systems,” says Dr. Baumann, who is credited with more than 100 patents relating to control valves. “In addition to outlining the mechanical and functional value and importance of control valves, it helps engineers avoid destructive effects, such as cavitation, fluid-induced vibration, and excessive sound levels.

“Furthermore, the book includes up-to-date valve sizing equations and reference tables for selecting the proper type and size of a control valve for a given application. This makes it a valuable reference and technical guide for practicing professionals as well as for college students studying automatic control theory.”

Examples and equations are presented in metric and US customary terms and measurements.

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ASi digital modules.

ASi-5 is the latest generation of the proven standard AS-Interface for the efficient networking of sensors and actuators at the automation base.

With this new generation, AS-Interface has now opened the way to the next dimension of digitalization. ASi-5 is backwards compatible with the previous ASi versions and devices. With ASi-5 larger data quantities can be transmitted significantly faster and even intelligent sensors such as IO-Link can be integrated much easier.

The product range from Bihl+Wiedemann currently contains the following ASi-5 products: ASi-5/ASi-3 Gateways, a counter module, an ASi-5 Slave / IO-Link Master as well as digital I/O modules.

The new ASi-5 digital modules are currently available in three versions: with 16 inputs (BWU3164), with eight in- and outputs each (BWU3163) and with eight inputs (BWU3802). So with just one ASi-5 slave, a high I/O density in the field can be realized. It is possible to simply, efficiently and economically collect signals from up to 16 sensors exactly where they occur. In some cases, the new digital I/O modules from Bihl+Wiedemann even make expensive Ethernet I/O modules unnecessary and thereby significantly reduce the overhead costs.

In addition to the IP67 versions, there is an IP20 version available for each ASi-5 digital module.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Good results!

Endress+Hauser’s business developed very positively across all regions and industries in 2018. The Group has reported  new highs in net sales, income and employment.

Luc Schultheiss
According to preliminary figures, Endress+Hauser increased net sales by more than 9 percent to over 2.4 billion euros in 2018. Exchange rate effects prevented even better results. “In local currencies, we grew nearly 13 percent,” said Chief Financial Officer Dr Luc Schultheiss. The family-owned company created new jobs primarily in production, research and development and services. At the end of 2018, Endress+Hauser had 13,928 employees worldwide, 629 more than the year before.

Matthias Altendorf
“The solid development in sales shows that we have held our ground well in the market,” explained CEO Matthias Altendorf. The growth was spurred by innovations from across all fields of activity. “We supported our customers with more than 50 new products, solutions and services. We were able to break new ground through our digitalization strategy, as well as in the measurement and analysis of quality-relevant parameters.”

Endress+Hauser is expecting a somewhat weaker market dynamic for the current year. The Group is anticipating growth in the mid single-digit range, with earnings remaining at a healthy level. “The year has gotten off to a good start so far,” reported Luc Schultheiss. Assuming the business remains well on track, the Group expects to create several hundred new jobs around the world.

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Machine Vision event!

Visitor registration for the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition is now open. The one-day event will take place in Milton Keynes (GB) on Thursday 6th June 2019.

Event organiser, Chris Valdes, commented: “Attendance at the event held in 2018 was up by 17% compared to he previous year. Early indications are that visitor numbers will increase again in 2019, reflecting the larger Conference and Exhibition. The Conference program is beginning to take shape, and the full program, together with details of the two Keynote addresses, will be published on the event website as soon it is are finalised.”

The Conference program for 2019 will feature around 60 speakers, delivering the richest and most diverse program offered to date. A new ‘Vision in Robotics’ theme has been introduced making 8 different technology tracks running across the day. This reflects the ever-growing use of vision in combination with robotics, its use in a host of factory automation processes and integration into Industry 4.0 and the smart factories of the future. The program has been designed to provide interesting content for visitors with any level of vision knowledge and experience, from those new to the subject to experts.

In tandem with the Conference, the exhibition is also bigger than ever. Co-located with the presentation theatres for easy access throughout the day, the exhibition will include more than 10 new exhibitors compared to 2018. These new additions further broaden the range of countries represented at the event. These now include: Belgium, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Korea, Italy, Norway, Slovakia, People's Republic of China and the USA as well as Great Britain, highlighting the truly international flavour. The line-up represents an excellent cross-section of the industrial vision industry, including vision component manufacturers, vision component and system distributors and systems integrators.

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DC energy meters certified!

LEM has become the first company to receive the German certification for the EM4TII (Energy Meter For Traction) DC energy meters.

In the 21st century, the world faces a huge challenge to reduce CO2 emissions. The impact of CO2 on global warming has been proven, and the progress of new technologies in power electronics and battery chemistry is accelerating. The introduction of an alternative to the combustion engine driven car, the electric vehicle (EV) is a massive advance in technology and the market is undeniably booming.

The steadily increasing battery capacity has helped the EV market grow, but the most appealing use cases remain short journeys in an urban setting. To make electric vehicles the vehicle of choice for the wider market and to reduce the carbon footprint of private transport, a network of fast chargers must be installed, allowing users to make long trips without worrying about range or the charging time. Energy suppliers have already started to deploy fast charger networks (30min, 150kW) and expect ultra-fast chargers (>10 min, 350kW) by 2020. Fast and ultra-fast chargers provide direct current (DC) as they are directly connected to the battery.

As from April 2019, new regulations will enter in force that require energy providers to only charge energy delivered to the car (it is normal not to pay the losses related to the performance of the charger). Today only certified AC energy meters exist for billing electricity to the end user.
As DC solution, LEM proposes the proven DC meter for railway applications called EM4TII which has successfully passed all required tests and has obtained the type approval certification, the Baumusterprüfbescheinigung by PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) last month. In parallel, for the future requirements of the market, LEM will introduce soon a new ‘LEM Direct Current (DC) Meter’, much more compact than the previous version of the EM4TII. This new meter will be as accurate and universal, whatever the topology of the charging station (up to 600 kW).

Mr Mathieu Béguin (Product marketing engineer) summarises, “Originally developed for railway applications, we identified an opportunity to adapt the EM4TII DC Meter to comply with German regulations. Information about the new DC Meter will follow in due course.”

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Intelligent water systems challenge.

For the second year in a row, the International Society of Automation (ISA)—through its Water and Wastewater Industries Division (WWID)—is supporting an initiative designed to demonstrate the value of intelligent water systems, smart water technologies, and leveraging data for improved decision-making.

The 2019 LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge is a competition that encourages students, professionals, and technology enthusiasts to develop innovative solutions, particularly those using advanced sensing and/or data technology, that can be applied to water and wastewater collection, treatment, and distribution.

The Challenge is a joint effort of The Water Research Foundation (WRF) and the Water Environment Federation (WEF). Serving as supporting organizations are: ISA, the American Water Works Association (AWWA), the Cleveland Water Alliance, the Water Council, the WaterTap Technology Acceleration Project, and the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN).

Lisa McFadden
“We’re pleased to again welcome ISA, a technical association that works to advance the use of automation and technology in the water and wastewater treatment industry, as a supporting organization of the LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge,” states Lisa McFadden, Director of Integrated Technical Programs and the Associate Director of the Water Science & Engineering Center at WEF. “Last year’s Challenge prompted a lot of interest and ideas around intelligent water systems and we’re expecting great things this year as well.”

The Challenge kicked off earlier this month and will run through 23 September 2019. Teams will have until 22 April 2019 to submit a Challenge Plan and until 2 August 2019 to submit a Challenge Solution. Judges will award a top prize of $10,000. Recognition will also be given to innovative approaches and to outstanding contributions from students or young professionals. Get more details by visiting the Challenge website.

Graham Nasby
“ISA’s Water and Wastewater Industries Division is pleased to be a supporter of the 2019 LIFT Intelligent Water Systems Challenge, as it is a flagship program that brings out the best of what people and automation technology can do in the municipal water/water sector,” emphasizes Graham Nasby, a long-time leader within ISA’s WWID and a widely recognized expert within the water/wastewater community. “ISA is committed to helping professionals in the water and wastewater industries improve safety, efficiency, and operational performance through automated controls, instrumentation, and other advanced technologies.”

Nasby says that for well over a decade ISA’s WWID has collaborated with WEF and other professional associations to conduct an annual symposium to showcase the value of automatic control applications, sensors and instrumentation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), and engineering best practices to the treatment and distribution of water, and the collection and treatment of wastewater.

In 2019, ISA will be rolling out an all-new event, the ISA Energy and Water Automation Conference,  as part of its goals to serve the needs of municipal water/wastewater community. This will be held 7-8 August 2019 in Orlando, (FL USA). The conference will combine ISA’s popular power and municipal water programs into a single, two-day gathering with additional content on industrial water applications. Topics of emphasis include data analytics, IIOT, Smart Cities Initiative, and cybersecurity.

“ISA has a strong history of supporting the needs of automation professionals in a wide variety of industries, including the municipal water/wastewater sector,” Nasby says. “With its new ISA Energy and Water Automation Conference in 2019, ISA hopes to further advance its goals of creating a better world through automation, by encouraging the sharing of information and ideas between the electric power and water/wastewater sectors. I encourage you to find out more about this event as details are released in the coming months.”

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High-performance drive controllers.

Aerotech has introduced two high-performance single-axis controllers: the digital XC4 and XC4e PWMs. They are suitable for driving brushed or brushless DC motors as well as moving coil actuators and stepper motors. A special feature besides the position-synchronized outputs (PSO) is the HyperWire® fibre optic interface.

Aerotech’s digital XC4 and XC4e PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controllers are powerful, single-axis motor drive controllers with an operating voltage up to 340VDC and a peak current of 30A. All drive variants are compatible with the A3200 automation platform which uses the HyperWire® drive bus. The digital current and position control loop ensures best positioning and synchronisation accuracy, a control bandwidth of up to 20kHz, processing of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, data acquisition, process control and real-time encoder interpolation.

Standard features include Safe Torque Off (STO), a data array with over 4 (XC4) or 16 million (XC4e) 32-bit elements, digital and analogue I/Os, single-axis (XC4) and multi-axis (XC4e) position-synchronised outputs (PSO), special inputs for referencing and travel limitation and improved current monitoring. Square wave, sine wave and absolute encoder signals can be processed. The maximum input frequency for square-wave encoder signals is 40 million pulses per second for both variants. With the additional MX1 function, the XC4 drive controller can interpolate sinusoidal encoder signals with up to 14 bits (16,384-fold). For the XC4e, the additional MX2 and MX3 functions are available as an option, which enable interpolation of 16 bits (65,536x), and with the MX3 option, the processing of two encoder signals, achieving improved position and speed control. In addition, options are available for the XC4e that extend the standard PSO functionality. For example, three encoders can be tracked in real time via the 3-channel PSO, or a complete axis system can provide a PSO signal depending on the actual point in the room.

Both XC4 variants can be equipped with an optional I/O expansion card, which significantly increases the number of inputs and outputs. The I/O card also offers a dedicated PSO output and PSO synchronisation input, which is often used to synchronise with a mode-locked external frequency.

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5 Year partnership for talent development!

Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) has announced a five-year strategic partnership with Intel Ireland as part of a far-reaching programme of collaboration in future talent development, research and engagement. The partnership is in support of the TU Dublin capital campaign Transforming Tomorrow.
Eamonn Sinnott,Intel Ireland, and Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group, Professor David FitzPatrick, TU Dublin President and Gabriela Nisizaki, plaque designer and a Masters student at the TU Dublin School of Creative Arts.
The announcement was made at a ‘Celebration of Creativity, Technology and Talent’ on the Grangegorman Campus which was attended by Minister for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform, Paschal Donohoe T.D. and Minister of State for Higher Education, Mary Mitchell O’Connor T.D. The programme included the inaugural lecture in the ‘Intel Thought Leadership Series’ which was delivered by Éamonn Sinnott, General Manager, Intel Ireland, and Vice President, Technology & Manufacturing Group.

Building on a Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2017; the multi-year partnership will focus on a number of elements including the opening of the Intel Auditorium – a 250-seater lecture theatre located in the Central Quad in the TU Dublin flagship campus at Grangegorman – in September 2020. The partnership will also fund talent development activities such as the Intel Awards Programme which provides scholarships to TU Dublin students in the disciplines of Mechanical, Design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In addition, the Intel ‘Women in Technology’ Scholarship is awarded to a female TU Dublin student ambassador who will work to encourage younger women to pursue a career in Science and Technology.

Concluding the event, Margaret Loughman, Engineering Manager at Intel, presented the Intel Ireland Scholarship recipients with their awards. The awardees were as follows:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Scholars:
David Hurley
Muharram Bensaad
Viswanada Kaniappa Naicken

Mechanical and Design Engineering Scholars:
Bryan Whelan
Mark Marca
Sally Al Mashadani

Women in Technology Scholar:
Emma Murphy
In celebration of the partnership, Éamonn Sinnott’s lecture aimed to inspire a new generation of leaders and innovators. Speaking to an audience of TU Dublin students and staff, and Intel staff including TU Dublin alumni, Mr. Sinnott said, “We are excited to embark upon this new strategic relationship and are proud to be among the first industry partners of the newly established TU Dublin. This year Intel celebrates 30 years of operations in Ireland and central to our continued success has been a vibrant education system that has produced world-class graduates.

The nature of the advanced manufacturing that we do here in Ireland means that we rely upon a diverse range of skillsets that encompass the whole breadth of third level programmes from Level 6 onwards. Through this partnership with TU Dublin, we can explore ways to work across that spectrum of learning, all under one academic roof. In particular, the focus of technological universities on science and technology programmes that deliver practical, industry-orientated experiences is vitally important.

“I look forward to this new chapter between our two organisations and to exploring a number of ways in which we can collaborate together into the future”.

Welcoming the announcement, TU Dublin President, Professor David FitzPatrick said, “The formation of TU Dublin on January 1st not only represents a once in a generation change in the provision of Higher Education in Ireland but also paves the way for a radical shift in how we engage with enterprise and industry. Just as Intel has grown in Ireland over the last 30 years, so also has technological education flourished, preparing students for exciting careers in businesses across the globe. TU Dublin, as Ireland’s first Technological University, is proud to partner with Intel, which not only employs many of our graduates but also values our ethos of practice-based education and the many pathways to graduation we offer, from Apprenticeship to PhD.”

Continuing Professor FitzPatrick said, “We are delighted to see our relationship with Intel strengthen and look forward to working on many exciting collaborations and, in particular, exploring new avenues of education for careers in the high-tech manufacturing sector.”
Paschal Donohoe T.D., Finance Minister, receives a printmaking lesson from Peter Jones and a student from the TU Dublin School of Creative Arts

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Connecting IIoT!

Harting has developed a number of innovative, targeted connectivity solutions for the IIoT world of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The fourth Industrial Revolution is witnessing the ever-advancing convergence of the physical with the digital world. The drive to generate added value from data acquired from machines has seen a rapid rise in the number of sensors and actuators. As a result, networking in machines and systems and the attendant number of connections is increasing in leaps and bounds. In the future, every machine and every component in factory halls will exchange large amounts of information and data.

Infrastructure adapts to new demands in order to ensure that it remains compatible for the coming IIoT revolution and that the demand for ever more intelligent sensors can be met. Devices are getting smaller and smarter, and connectors are developing in step with this trend. Harting started the process of standardising new interface standards with the ix Industrial® Ethernet connector concept in 2016, and today this device is a market-available connector that enables device manufacturers to design their products up to 40% smaller.

In order to manufacture devices efficiently, connectivity must support an optimal manufacturing process. SMT/SMD surface-mount assembly technology for all interfaces is required to achieve efficient production. In order to further support automated production, Harting now supplies printed circuit board sockets on rolls in which device sockets are accommodated in a way that is compatible with use in pick & place equipment. Subsequent handling of the interfaces on the devices is also geared towards performance. Cutting assembly time while simultaneously simplifying and improving operation is one of the indispensable cornerstones of a modern interface.

The PushPull locking technique represents a very significant aspect here, since previous interlocks such as screw technology are no longer adequate for ever shrinking connections. As a result, the handling aspect of connectivity is assuming increasing importance. Harting PushPull technology increases operating safety and efficiency during use.

In order to also make the power-supply component of devices simultaneously smaller yet more powerful, Harting is enhancing its M12 Power series by adding the standardised K coding for power supply use. Offering 7.5 kW at 630 V and 16 A, the device interface provides enough power for compact yet powerful drives and represents a future space-saving alternative to 7/8-inch solutions, while also keeping in step with the miniaturisation trend.

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Power resistor manufacturer development!

Telema S.p.A has appointed Andrew Keith, former engineering director at the group’s subsidiary company, Cressall Resistors, as its new group product development director.

Andrew Keith
The Telema group forms the largest resistor manufacturing group in the world, spanning across 20 countries with over 1,500 employees. In the newly created role, Keith will collaborate with companies from across the group to develop a standardised range of load banks.

A load bank is an electrical load made from resistors, inductors or capacitors, or a combination depending on the application. Its purpose is to validate that an electrical power source will perform correctly to full capacity, this can be either upon completion of manufacture, installation or as part of on-going maintenance.

Each subsidiary part of the group has its own wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering bespoke power resistor solutions for the most demanding of applications. Keith’s work will build upon these individual successes and will use the expertise of each company to develop a standard range of load banks that will suit the wider marketplace.

After starting at Cressall in 2007, Keith worked on a variety of projects before progressing to the position of engineering manager and then to his latest director role. During his time at the company, Keith specialised in the design and manufacturing of power resistors for electricity transmission and distribution and for industrial applications. This included work on bespoke designs for Neutral Grounding Devices (NGR / NER), Harmonic Filtering Resistors, Dynamic Braking (DBR) and load banks.

The abundance of experience that Keith gained at Cressall will be of great benefit to his new role, which will begin with a research project that will see him work across the entire group in order to create a new range of standardised load banks for multiple sectors. This project is the first to be conducted across the group, allowing each subsidiary to build upon the others experience and offering.

On his new appointment, Keith explains, “the newly created role is a positive investment for the group and marks an exciting opportunity to bring together the expertise and resources of the Telema subsidiaries to offer our customers the benefits of our shared knowledge.

“By making the most of each member of the group’s own proficiencies in the load bank field, my new role will help to bridge the gaps between each company’s individual expertise, to create a standardised product that will also help to fill a gap in Telema’s existing product range”.

Following the extensive research of each company’s offerings, Keith’s work on the development of a standardised product will enhance the value of the group’s product range which will, in turn, contribute to an increase in sales.

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5G Protocol conformance.

Anritsu Corporation has announced the submission of the industry’s first Protocol Conformance test in the Sub-6 GHz Frequency Range 1 (FR1) to 3GPP RAN5 working group for approval. The test defined by 3GPP TS38.523 has been verified with Exynos modem 5100 5G New Radio (NR) modem developed by Samsung’s System LSI Business on Anritsu ME7834NR Protocol Conformance test system.

The ME7834NR Protocol Conformance test Platform is registered with both the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) as Test Platform (TP) 251.

“Anritsu continues to support our leading edge technology development by providing quick access to latest features on their test solutions.” said Mr. Woonhaing Hur, Vice President of System LSI Protocol Development at Samsung Electronics “5G is evolving at a much faster pace than previous technologies, and I am pleased to see that Anritsu is keeping ahead of the evolution as they did during LTE-Advanced and LTE-Advanced Pro."

“We are proud that Samsung continue to rely on our test solutions.” said Mr. Tsutomu Tokuke, General Manager of Anritsu’s Mobile Solutions Division “Our collaboration with Samsung has helped us achieve yet another important industry milestone in the journey towards 5G NR commercialization.”

The ME7834NR is a test platform for 3GPP-based Protocol Conformance Test (PCT) and Carrier Acceptance Testing (CAT) of mobile devices incorporating Multiple Radio Access Technologies (RAT). It supports 5G NR in both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) mode, in addition to LTE, LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), LTE-A Pro, and W-CDMA. When combined with Anritsu’s new OTA chamber MA8171A and RF converters, the ME7834NR covers the sub-6 GHz and millimeter wave (mmWave) 5G frequency bands.

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125 Amp adaptor.

Rittal has launched a new 45 mm RiLine Compact adaptor, which is rated at 125 amps.

It has two rear contact rows enabling users to easily and quickly plug the adaptor into two power boards mounted adjacent to each other.

This means it is now possible to electrically connect two power boards, which in turn increases the flexibility offered by the RiLine Compact power board.

The RiLine Compact adaptor can be fed with a power supply from either the top or the bottom end. If there are any obstructions which prevent this, such as cable trunking which blocks incoming cables, then the adaptor can be turned 180 degrees and used instead as a centre feed.

The new connection adaptor is suitable for both IEC and UL markets.

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Drives water & HVAC etc.

The new SINAMICS G120X frequency converter from the proven SINAMICS family of drives, now available through Alpha Drives, is optimised for infrastructure and industrial water/wastewater applications as well as pumps and fans in building automation.

The new frequency converter comes as a complete product series – standardized and seamless when it comes to all supply voltages and supply types, and available in a power range extending from 0.75 kW to 630 kW. The devices are in compliance with global EMC standards and motor cable lengths of up to 150 m are permissible while maintaining EMC limit values. The integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function is certified according to SIL3.

Thanks to its rugged design with optional protection against dripping water, SINAMICS G120X can be used in harsh conditions. The frequency converter can also be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C3 standard.

Through its connection to the Cloud with SINAMICS CONNECT 300, SINAMICS G120X also readies your drive application for digitalization.

Water/wastewater: SINAMICS G120X provides a deragging function to sustainably remove deposits and dirt from pump impellers. The pipe filling mode allows pipes to be gently filled at the beginning of the control process before going into closed-loop controlled operation. The innovative cavitation detection function protects pumps and reduces maintenance costs. The keep running mode reduces the speed before a possible shutdown. Multipump operation (staging) allows several pumps to be controlled from just one frequency converter. Many additional functions, directly supported by the converter, makes SINAMICS G120X universally applicable in infrastructure projects

HVAC: The flying restart function reduces starting times after brief power failures. SINAMICS G120X also provides an automatic restart function after power failures. The essential service mode maintains fan operation for smoke extraction systems or emergency ventilation systems for as long as required in extreme situations. Multipump operation (staging) allows for the control of several pumps with just one frequency converter.

Skipping critical motor speeds is another HVAC-specific feature. This reduces vibration and, in turn, premature wear.

SINAMICS G120X also provides a real-time clock for autonomous, time-controlled operation as well as a timestamp for fault and alarm reports.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Optical screwdriver!

AFL’s lightweight, ergonomically-designed FOCIS WiFi2 fibre optic connector microscope does not require any cables or displays. All you need to operate the “optical screwdriver” sold by Laser Componants is a standard iOS or Android mobile device. The corresponding app is available for free download.

A technician can perform quick tests using just one hand: The focus of the inspection system can be set either manually or automatically at the touch of a button. After detection, the image is automatically centered for analysis. Pass/fail analyses for all important industry standards (IEC, IPC, AT&T) can also be performed at the touch of a button. The result is immediately displayed via the device’s multi-colored LEDs. For a detailed analysis, a detailed view of the image and the data is shown next to each other on the mobile device’s display.

A wide range of adapter tips is available for the FOCIS WiFi2, including MPO/MTP multi-fibre connectors.

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AC line reactors.

The Schaffner Group has introduced a new generation of AC line reactors with optimised design and best cost-performance ratio.

RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 are designed for 400 VAC and 690 VAC power networks, and provide impedance of 4% and 2%, respectively. The Schaffner Power Quality product portfolio continues to be expanded with the launch of the brand new 2% 690 VAC line reactor RWK 3062. This further strengthens the unparalleled one-stop-shop approach for Schaffner partners and customers.

AC line reactors are an economical solution to reduce harmonic currents, limit inrush currents and to protect variable frequency drives (VFD). An overall improvement of the true power factor and the quality of the input current waveform can be achieved by their implementation. Furthermore, by incorporating RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 line reactors severe damaging phenomena such as commutation notches are reduced to comply with the recommended notch depth and notch area as per IEEE519-2014 (C.1). With the installation of the new Schaffner AC line reactors, the electrical infrastructure is unburdened, and its utilisation is much more efficient and reliable. This extends the service life cycle of electrical equipment and reduces energy costs.

With Schaffner’s expertise in the field of inductor design as well as broad experience in power quality and various reactor applications, the RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 line reactors are suitable for the most demanding industrial environments while still being very compact. Up to 50% weight reduction in comparison to former generations of AC line reactors can be achieved.

Schaffner RWK 3044 AC line reactors are rated from 380 VAC to 415 VAC, with current ratings from 2 A to 1000 A, while the RWK 3062 series are rated from 500 VAC to 690 VAC with current rating from 1.5 A to 870 A. They are available as open frame product (IP 00) and can be operated at an ambient temperature of 45°C without derating and up to 100°C with derating. All RWK 3044 and RWK 3062 reactors are CE-marked and RoHS compliant. The new reactors are easy to install and maintain and are fully supported in Schaffner’s well known power quality simulator Schaffner PQS3 for a quick and accurate performance check.

As a power quality solution provider, Schaffner offers customer-tailored solutions by combining reactors with passive and/or active harmonic filters. This will ensure dedicated harmonic mitigation solutions which improve system efficiency and reliability. And as Schaffner power quality is more than just products a professional and dedicated service organization is available to support our valued customers worldwide.

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Towards full automation.

Even before officially launching the new product, Compact Dynamic, Weland Solutions has received a first signed purchase order. In the summer of 2019, the facility will be operational at Axelent based in Hillerstorp (S), with customers worldwide.

“The market is moving towards standardized fully automated solutions, making setting focus on automation a natural step for us. Compact Dynamic is our first fully automated goods to man solution, which will respond to the demands of the industry and the rest of the world for efficiency and faster delivery times,” says Björn Karlsson at Weland Solutions.

Weland Solutions is investing in fully automated solutions that speak the same language as robotic systems. Five years ago they were a supplier of standard products. Since then, the company has increased supply of its customised solutions by 20% per year. What happens now is that those solutions are being standardised. They have been a long-time major supplier to Siemens, Atlas Copco, Rolls Royce, Jaguar / Landrover who work with fully automated robotic solutions and want to integrate vertical storage lifts into their complete solution. Automation as a business area is growing and naturally gets more focus for us. Today they are an international company and supplier of fully automated solutions.

The result of one year's intensive work at Weland Solutions' development department is here; a brand new fully automatic goods to man solution. The big difference with Compact Dynamic compared to our vertical storage lifts is that it goes from semi-automation to full automation. The goods to man solution means that the product comes to you instead of you going to a storage lift and getting the product. Robotic solutions deliver faster and smarter than a human by far.

The big gains are efficiency, picking speed and space saving. These benefit companies in, for example, e-commerce. This is a gigantic market with great potential for us. E-commerce is increasing in leaps and bounds, and consumer demands for faster deliveries are also increasing every day. This requires fully automated solutions, where Compact Dynamic fits right in. The unique advantages are that we can adapt Compact Dynamic in height, width, and depth to best fit the customer's premises. The storage locations are also flexible. "We also have very high availability for all storage locations, which is unique for goods to man solutions."

In the summer of 2019, the first delivery of Compact Dynamic will take place at Axelent in Hillerstorp. The company, which has 56 sales offices worldwide, develops, produces, stores and packs safety components for machinery, construction, storage and cable trays. The solution for Axelent has about 30,000 storage locations. “Axelent offers security, speed and smart solutions for the industry. We are very pleased that Compact Dynamic will be implemented in the highest division in a large international company such as Axelent,” says Björn Karlsson.

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Monday, February 18, 2019

Selecting semiconductors!

A new Discrete Semiconductor Selection Guide has been released by Anglia, guiding customers through the vast range of industry standard discrete devices available. The interactive guide is Internet-linked – each product category has an associated Website Data Reference which takes customers straight to the associated page on Anglia Live.

David Pearson, Technical Director of Anglia commented at the launch, “We have expanded our range of discrete semiconductors and it is now more extensive than ever before. We’ve created this guide to show the breadth of product now available and to help customers locate the right part for their design quickly and easily, and then take them straight to the website for comprehensive data and to order samples. This is the latest in a series of Guides published by Anglia to support customers designing with our products.”

Published in PDF and paper form, the Guide lists all the industry standard discrete and small signal semiconductors available from Anglia and the leading manufacturers it represents. It provides a quick and easy to use overview of the extensive range of industry standard part numbers from the wide variety of manufacturers available from Anglia. Products covered include small signal diodes, standard rectifier diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes, bridge rectifiers and transistors all available in a selection of industry standard packages to suit a wide range of designs.

Many of the devices included in the Guide are supported through Ezysample, a free online sampling service. Anglia has made many products including discrete semiconductors more accessible to design engineers working on prototypes with price breaks and smaller pack quantities to support customers in the design and prototype phases of a project.

The guide is designed to be used in conjunction with Anglia Live where customers can view all the options, brands, full data sheets, stock and pricing all in one place. Each page offers a Website Data Reference Code, which links direct to the relevant page on Anglia Live in the interactive PDF version of the Guide. Users of the print edition can simply enter this code into the search box on Anglia live.

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Fasteners: metal or plastic?

Essentra Components have established a presence in Ireland adding to their regional distribution sites across Europe and an international network extending to the Americas and Asia, including 12 principal manufacturing facilities and 47 sales and distribution operations.

Here they discuss plastic vs. metal fasteners and why plastic can be a better choice.

Metal is the most common material used to create fastening solutions, however plastic fasteners offer a different and often more appropriate set of characteristics. Notably, they’re used in space – for example the Hubble Telescope and International Space Station are held together using plastic fasteners.

On a more terrestrial level, plastic fasteners can offer significant advantages over their metallic counterparts for earth-based projects.

Materially speaking metal fasteners generally corrode and develop rust over time, especially when exposed to moisture or salty conditions. Corrosion, of course, leads to degradation, so if it’s corrosion-resistant fasteners you need, then often you want plastic. If your product will face salt-water conditions, consider fasteners made from PVC, Isoplast or PET which also give you high strength to weight ratio, don’t absorb water, and withstand chemicals and corrosive substances such as diesel fuel and petrol.

Plastic is resistant to UV rays. That being said, some plastics do absorb UV rays and develop free radicals that corrode, so if UV protection is important, opt for fasteners made from polyimides or FEP.

Plastic fasteners are ideal for electrical or electronic applications where non-conductivity of heat or electricity may be a critical property.

Plastics can cost less - plastic clips weigh less than metal brackets and for many industries such as automotive manufacturing this means improved performance and efficiency. This is just one reason the automotive industry often favours plastic fasteners; another is that plastic screws and bolts can cost less than metal fasteners. Plastic is simply a lower-cost material and when you’re mass producing assemblies and this can amount to substantial savings over time.

Plastic is extremely versatile with the ability to mould into complex shapes in any colour you want. Metal, usually requires secondary processes – for instance, cutting or stamping, drilling and cleaning processes where oil has to be removed to allow the product to be coated.

A good rule of thumb when deciding between plastic and metal fasteners is to think about your application. If environmental, thermal, weight, chemical or electrical properties need to be considered there are probably good reasons to go with plastic fasteners.

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Gas analysis leader's appointments on both sides of Atlantic.

Servomex has appointed three new Regional Sales Managers (RSMs) to its sales teams for the Americas and EMEAI regions.

Jesse Underwood and Rodney Clark have both joined the Americas team. Working with the company’s Industrial Process and Emissions (IPE) customers, they will report to Servomex’s VP Sales Americas IPE, Bob Heth, who is based in Houston, Texas.

Stéphane Barret will be based in France as part of the EMEAI team. Supporting customers in France, southern Europe and Africa, he will report to Jan Hordijk, Regional Sales Leader EMEAI.

Underwood becomes RSM for the Americas IPE Gulf 1 Texas region, responsible for managing and developing channel partnerships and direct sales in Texas. A former Senior Business Development Manager at Emerson, he has a wealth of experience in the analytical industry as an RSM, product manager and product specialist, as well as in direct sales.

Clark is the RSM for the Americas IPE Gulf 2 East region, managing channel partnerships and driving direct sales in that region, which includes Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and part of Texas. He is an experienced product sales specialist with an extensive history of working in the instrumentation and analytical manufacturing industry, most recently as a Product Sales Specialist at ABB.

Bob Heth said: “I’m pleased to welcome Jesse and Rodney to their new roles and I’m certain their knowledge will be of great benefit to our customers. Both have a great understanding of the technical and application environments in which the IPE market segments operate, which will help our customers find the right solutions for their applications.”

Barret joins the Servomex team from Endress & Hauser, where he was Account Manager for Development Gas Analysis for France and Algeria. He also provided some technical support for liquid gas analysis.

Jan Hordijk said: “I am delighted to welcome Stéphane to Servomex and wish him every success. His expertise, applications knowledge and experience will provide enhanced support for our customers in the region.”

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