Saturday, July 21, 2018

Pluggable terminal blocks.

JPR Electronics is now stocking the CamBlock Plus range of screwless pluggable PCB mounted terminal blocks. CamdenBoss are renowned as a leading specialist manufacturer in the terminal block market, providing high performance engineered interconnection and enclosure solutions.

Paul Raynor, Director of JPR Electronics, commented, “CamBlock Plus addresses exactly what the market is looking for and it’s no surprise that this range has rapidly become the preferred option for customers as it maintains all the quality levels and approvals of the CamdenBoss’s traditional products and capitalises on Camden’s 35 plus years as a trusted brand. The CamBlock Plus series addresses highly competitive markets where cost savings are mandatory without the disadvantages of having to sacrifice quality or approvals.”

The CamBlock Plus range of PCB mounted terminal blocks are its flagship product range and is a comprehensive family of terminal blocks ranging from 2.54mm to 10.16mm pitch that offers customers lower prices without any compromises. The whole product range has UL and VDE safety approvals.

Two new product lines have recently been added comprising a 2.54mm pitch rising clamp terminal block with from 2 to 12 poles and screwless pluggable types covering 2.5, 3.5, 3.81 and 5.08mm pitch sizes also in 2 to 12 poles.

The two new CamBlock Plus lines extend the range to almost 50 styles in PCB, pluggable and screwless configurations, all designed to reap the benefits of CamdenBoss’s decades of expertise. Product ranges are now available rated from 10 to 57A with new types continuing to be introduced regularly.

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Automation leaders to meet!

The largest French speaking city in the world outside Paris, Montréal, Canada, is host to this year's ISA annual governance event.

Ville de Montréal
The Annual Leadership Conference of the International Society of Automation (ISA) brings together Leadrrs in the Automation Profession from around the world to engage, share best practices, and network while enhancing the professional competence of the Society. They also hold a meeting of the Council of Society Delegates and recognise the best of the best at the Honors and Awards Gala.

All ISA leaders are encouraged to attend, including department and division vice presidents and directors, district and section leaders, Executive Board members, and members of all standing committees.

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Accelerometer modules.

Silicon Designs (SDI) has introduced its Model 2422H low-voltage, specialty hermetic, MEMS variable capacitive accelerometer modules.

Available in eight unique models, with standard ranges from ±2 g to ±400 g, the Model 2422H series is expressly designed for zero-to-medium frequency vibration and acceleration sensing, in commercial and industrial applications where a hermetically sealed case and +5 VDC regulated power supply are absolute requirements. Design of the Model 2422H series incorporates Silicon Designs’ own MEMS accelerometer chip, for an enhanced bias and scale factor over temperature performance specification that is unmatched in the industry, along with excellent long-term stability. Modules are packaged in a rugged, IP67 rated, hermetically sealed lightweight titanium case, for added protection from moisture, dust, corrosion, and other contaminants. Units are easily mounted via two screws, adhesive, or a magnet. The IP61 rated connector of the Model 2422H meets IP67 requirements when sealed with a boot, sleeve, or heat shrink.

The Model 2422H series produces differential analog output voltage pairs (AON & AOP) which vary with acceleration. Signal outputs are fully differential about a common mode voltage of approximately 2.5V. Modules can support either a ±4V differential or 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output, for complete measurement flexibility. They can also respond to both DC and AC (0 to 2000+ Hz) acceleration. At zero acceleration, differential voltage output is nominally 0 VDC; at ± full-scale acceleration, it is ±4 VDC. Units are also relatively insensitive to temperature changes and gradients over a standard operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Each accelerometer module is shipped directly from the factory fully calibrated and serialized for traceability.

All of Silicon Designs MEMS variable capacitive accelerometers and chips are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Kirkland, Washington, USA. This includes the manufacture of the chips and dies themselves. The completely vertically integrated manufacturing processes of Silicon Designs allow the company to offer high-quality products at still-highly competitive pricing, along with some of the industry’s shortest lead times. Standard model quantities can typically ship in less than two weeks.

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R & D Vice President with Vision!

Ametek Surface Vision has enhanced its senior management team with the appointment of Dr Shean McMahon to the newly created role of Divisional Vice President of Research and Development.

Shean McMahon
Acquired by Ametek in 2015, Surface Vision offers web and surface inspection and monitoring solutions, combining powerful software, line-scan camera technology and high- intensity lighting. In addition, it has a deep applications’ knowledge base across process industries, including metals, paper, nonwovens and plastics.

Scott Harrison, Divisional Vice President and Business Unit Manager for AMETEK Surface Vision and Ametek Land comments, “Shean’s impressive expertise and extensive experience will benefit our customers, as he leads the enhancement of our existing product range and development of new solutions. Congratulations to him on this new role.”

Dr. McMahon is an experienced director of innovation with an accomplished background in developing solutions, creating more than 20 unique digital and information technology products. A physics graduate from the University of California, Santa Cruz, he attained a doctorate in information and computer science from the University of California, Irvine, and is a former NASA researcher.

He will head up Ametek Surface Vision’s research and development teams and build on its reputation for providing market-leading and industry-focused solutions. He will apply his broad expert knowledge and proven problem-solving to the further development of Ametek Surface Vision’s growing product portfolio of inspection, monitoring and process surveillance systems.


Friday, July 20, 2018

Clean air zones.

The organisers of AQE 2018, the Air Quality & Emissions show, have announced a partnership with the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC), for the hosting of a one-day seminar on 21st November focusing on the development of Clean Air Zones (CAZs).

“A significant part of the AQE event will address issues relating to ambient air quality,” says AQE Organiser Marcus Pattison. “In particular, there will be specific focus on air quality monitoring, which provides the baseline data that is essential for finding pollution hot-spots and measuring the effects of improvement measures such as Clean Air Zones.

“The EIC hosted seminar will therefore complement the other events at AQE 2018 and delegates will have the added benefit of being able to see almost all of the world’s leading manufacturers of air quality monitoring equipment at the AQE Exhibition.”

Michael Lunn, EIC‘s Director of Public Affairs said: "EIC is pleased to host this one day seminar in conjunction with AQE 2018. The seminar will explore the finer details of delivering Clean Air Zones and the challenges and opportunities that will result for business and the communities in which they are planned. The seminar will cover a range of issues including industry led frameworks and innovative technology for reducing emissions within Clean Air Zones.”

AQE 2018 will take place at the Telford International Centre on November 21st and 22nd, but this year, the event will run alongside WWEM 2018 (the 8th international conference and exhibition on Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring) so, with both events under one roof, visitors will be able to move freely between the two halls without charge. (See their advertisements on our home page!)

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Comparison & Calculation of Industrial Control System Life Cycle Costs.

Bedrock Automation has announced the availability of the fifth in its series of white papers supporting implementation of Open Secure Automation (OSA®). 

The new whitepaper, Chapter Five: Industrial Control Systems Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Quantitative Evaluation, delineates 450 different factors that impact costs across the following six phases of the industrial control system (ICS) life cycle: engineering, installation, commissioning, maintenance, system, and cyber security.

“While increasing open connectivity presents many opportunities for business improvement, it also introduces new control challenges. Mainstream vendors are redefining their offerings to address these new opportunities, but each is approaching the situation differently and may not always present all cost factors in a way that they can be compared easily.  We built an evaluation guide to help users in the process of evaluating different vendor brands of PLC, SCADA, DCS or other industrial control technology,” said Bedrock founder and CEO Albert Rooyakkers.

The Product Evaluation Method is divided into six sections covering different life cycle phases of an ICS asset. Each section defines the criteria against which different vendor’s offerings can be compared. It also provides ranking scores to enable users to rate each vendor’s offerings based on their ability to meet the specific requirement. The document guides users in totalizing and normalizing the ratings to weigh the raw scores according to their overall contribution to the ICS’s life cycle valuation.  An accompanying Excel spreadsheet is available to automatically calculate valuation.

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Testing in vehicles and test benches.

HMS Industrial Networks has introduced version 5 of the IXXAT® Automotive Configuration Tool (ACT) for the IXXAT FRC platform, targeting automotive testing applications.

Together with the IXXAT hardware platforms FRC-EP 190 and FRC-EP 170, the new version 5 of IXXAT Automotive Configuration Tool form a sophisticated solution for testing automotive bus systems and devices. Logging and visualization are supported, and complex Residual Bus Simulation (RBS) and gateway applications using Matlab/Simulink can be achieved. User specific code can also be easily implemented. On the hardware-side, the FRC-EP’s include a stand-alone, high-performance microcontroller system and a variety of interfaces for CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, LIN, EtherCAT, and Automotive Ethernet.

In addition to the data logger functionality, CAN/CAN FD gateways can now be implemented with the new freeware version and powerful functions for data visualization on HTML5-capable devices (tablet, smartphone) are available. Furthermore, customer specific functions can be implemented using C user code elements and the generic Ethernet interface of the hardware platforms is supported. A Generic Ethernet protocol interface enables e.g. transmission of CAN data via Ethernet, which for example can be used to link automotive test benches with cloud-based simulation environments. To use the freeware version, users need one of the two FRC hardware platforms. This enables customers to set up a low-cost and high-performance test system that already has a wide range of functions.

Besides the freeware version, the ACT tool is offered in a Lite version with Matlab/Simulink and EtherCAT support, and in a Standard version with full functionality. The standard version includes a powerful RBS functionality which provides an easy-to-configure simulation environment for testing of single or multiple ECUs independent of other network participants. In addition, extensive functions for signal manipulation via e.g. XCPonEthernet are included. Version 5 also supports Fibex 3.x, 4.x and AutosarXML and has full PDU support. Signal manipulation is now possible on all connected bus systems and is no longer limited to buses under the control of the RBS.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

We love STEM!

Schoolchildren have fun-packed and educational day of hands-on activities loving STEM in automation facility.

Emerson has hosted its latest ‘We Love STEM’ outreach event in Britain, helping to inspire the next generation of engineers required to meet the manufacturing industry’s current shortfall. More than 40 children from four local schools attended the STEM Inspiration Day to encourage interest in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Pupils aged 11 and 12 from Burnham Grammar School, The Beaconsfield School, Bourne End Academy, and St Michael’s Catholic School in High Wycombe were invited to attend the fun-filled and educational visit to Emerson’s facility in Slough. The children took part in a series of activities throughout the day, including a tour of the factory, a chance to see what happens in the engineering research and development department, and hands-on STEM challenges that tied in with their physics and chemistry syllabus, including building a dynamo-powered torch. The children also enjoyed interactive demonstrations of how Emerson’s Rosemount brand of measurement products manufactured in the Slough facility are used in oil and gas, power generation and food and beverage production.

"Loving STEM!"
The day was co-ordinated by members of Emerson’s Women in STEM organisation that provides networking, professional development, and volunteering and mentoring opportunities for the company’s employees.

“We are very grateful to Emerson for inviting us to attend the STEM outreach event, and our pupils found it an extremely enjoyable and beneficial experience,” said Marleen James, science teacher at Burnham Grammar School. “It was a perfect opportunity to put their creative thinking and problem-solving skills into action in a fun way, and it demonstrated examples of how the knowledge they gain in the classroom can be applied in the world of work.”

“What a day! The students were inspired, teachers energised, and Emerson staff clearly motivated by the event’s success,” said Jackie Campbell, Skills Development Manager at Bucks Skills Hub, which connected Emerson with the local schools ahead of the event.

“We were delighted to welcome the pupils from neighbouring schools and provide them with an insight into how STEM can be fun as well as educational,” said Emerson finance director Beverley Watson, who helped to co-ordinate the event. “Nationally there are too few children, especially girls, wanting to take STEM subjects. However, through its exciting outreach days, Emerson hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.”

Emerson is committed to supporting STEM projects around the world, and its award-winning ‘We Love STEM’ initiative aims to encourage talented young people to enter STEM industries. The Slough event is part of a series of STEM activities in Britain that Emerson supports. These include attending Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fairs, hosting STEM school outreach activities at its facilities in Leicester and Aberdeen, and appointing STEM ambassadors to engage with local communities to encourage students to consider STEM careers.

“Globally there is a significant shortage of engineers, which is something all stakeholders need to address,” added Ms Watson. “It is essential for Emerson’s continued success that we help inspire children from a young age to develop their interest in STEM subjects. Eventually that will broaden the talent pool from which we can select our employees, thereby ensuring we continue to innovate and lead the way in an era of digital transformation for the industries we support.”

In partnership with YouTube star and self-proclaimed science nerd Hank Green, Emerson’s ‘We Love STEM’ initiative offers a variety of resources, such as inspirational videos, a Twitter feed and outreach events around the world, to help motivate the next generation of innovators.

"We love STEM!"

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Sorting fibre facts from opinions!

In the public discussion about digitisation and broadband expansion, which is characterized by emotions and political maneuvers, even industry insiders often have problems in distinguishing between facts and opinions. Laser Components’ fibreoptics symposium offers a forum for all those who want to leave the general media buzz behind and delve deeper into the topic of fibreoptics. On October 18, 2018, representatives from all areas of the fibre industry will meet in Olching near Munich. In lectures and discussions, they will deal with the current development of the market and technology, as well as the political framework.

”Last year’s topics ranged from Deutsche Telekom’s FTTH roll-out to the optical real-time monitoring of optical fibers and infrastructures to the quality of fiber end surfaces in MPO connectors“, recalls Dr. Andreas Hornsteiner, the host of the event and head of the fiber technologies division at Laser Components. "We are planning a similarly diverse program again this year. One focus will certainly be CIP legislation. In this field, fiber optic technology offers interesting options for infrastructure monitoring. However, other speakers have already announced reports on new types of cables and connectors.”

To create the right framework for a lively exchange of views, the number of participants is limited. There are still free seats available but judging by last year’s experiences, the organizers advise not to hesitate too long with registration.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Significant impact on policy recognised.

The National Career Development Association (NCDA)—a non-profit organisation that provides professional development expertise and resources to practitioners and educators—presented a Legislative Award to Michael Marlowe, the past Executive Director of the Automation Federation. The award was presented on 22 June 2018 in Phoenix (AZ USA), at the NCDA Global Conference.

The NCDA Legislative Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact on policy or legislation related to the career development profession or to its recipients at the local, state, or national level.

In a press release announcing the award, NCDA recognized Marlowe’s long-standing contributions and collaboration: “Michael Marlowe has provided exemplary service and leadership in his role as co-chair of the NCDA Government Relations Committee. In his role at the Automation Federation, Mike established and supported a valuable collaborative effort with NCDA. Mike’s personal involvement and contacts with the White House and with key federal agencies, and his ability to utilize them to strengthen NCDA’s advocacy initiatives have produced results time and again.

NCDA is pleased to honor Mike with the Legislative Award for his good work and effective leadership in advancing NCDA’s Government Relations initiatives.”

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Intelligent & multifunctional sensors.

Generating, transporting and processing information are central tasks in the Industry 4.0 environment. The basis for all the information is intelligent sensors which provide the required input. With their BOS 21M ADCAP, Balluff  have a newly developed optical multifunction sensor series.

The versatile all-rounder uses red light and allows choice from among four sensor modes: background suppression, energetic diffuse, retroreflective or through-beam sensor. All the sensor functions can be configured over IO-Link while the system is running, so that a remote teach-in can be initiated by the controller.

In addition the sensor detects actual operating conditions, collects and processes information and provides far more data than just the switching signal over IO-Link. Detection signals are prepared and pre-processed in the sensor. This relieves the burden on the system controller and reduces data volume on the fieldbus systems.

Comprehensive, smart diagnostics functions provide important information such as life expectancy, operating hours and function reserve. Increasing amount dirt deposits, sensor misalignment, setting errors or other irregularities can then be reliably detected early by monitoring the emissivity values as a measure of the sensor signal quality. But when it comes to operating security this intelligent sensor offers even more. The BOS 21M ADCAP is the first to optically monitor the output of the emitter LED directly and to determine the "stress level" by means of the sensor interior temperature and the supply voltage.

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MES in Europe.

The Connect Group has chosen Aegis’ FactoryLogix® digital MES platform, across their four manufacturing sites within Europe, providing contiguous execution management and exact traceability.

The Connect Group’s high-end customers, expect nothing short of perfection in manufacturing, which includes complete traceability of production in the form of the comprehensive digital build record of materials and processes that Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES solution provides. With complex, critical products manufactured across multiple manufacturing sites, the challenge was to ensure seamless manufacturing execution with the highest level of traceability, which could no longer be met by legacy tools.

Dirk Van Benthem, IT Application Manager, Connect Group commented, “During the selection process, we were impressed with the way that Aegis’ engineers were knowledgeable about our needs, being specialists equally in SMT (Surface Mount Technology), post-SMT and non-electronic assembly processes. They looked after every aspect of the integration with machines, business systems, and operational processes, providing dependable pricing against well-defined objectives, which clearly differentiated Aegis from other vendors we evaluated.”

Aegis’ FactoryLogix brings in-depth, live visibility of the operation, providing key manufacturing metrics across every aspect of shop-floor management. Being SAP certified, FactoryLogix easily utilizes this data to provide a significant enhancement to existing enterprise business systems.

Daniel Walls, European Managing Director, Aegis software stated, “This is a great example of how FactoryLogix stands out as the most modern digital MES application in the industry, connecting directly with machines and automated processes, as well as managing and supporting manual operations, combining every facet of manufacturing information to meet advanced customer needs with standard functionality. FactoryLogix operates end to end throughout the whole production flow, no matter where it may be located.”

With Aegis software as an integral part of their manufacturing technology, the position of Connect Group as the most capable, reliable, and cost-effective supplier in the industry is firmly underpinned, as more customers than ever before require the highest level of digital manufacturing expertise.

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