Saturday, July 14, 2018

Control and Estimation!

Yokogawa and Shell have jointly developed a platform for Advanced Control and Estimation R5.02.

The platform for Advanced Control and Estimation is a software suite that brings together advanced plant process control technology developed by Shell and the real-time control technology that Yokogawa has developed in its role as a control system supplier. This upgrade from version R5.01 provides enhanced functionality that will help customers optimise the control of operations throughout their plants, maintain high system availability, reduce operator workload, and improve productivity. The Platform for Advanced Control and Estimation suite is positioned as a solution in Yokogawa’s OpreXTM Asset Operations and Optimisation family.

Advanced process control systems improve product yield and reduce energy consumption by maintaining temperature, flow rate, pressure, and other process values within a set range and keeping them as close as possible to their optimal set points. Such systems are increasingly used in facilities such as oil refineries, petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and natural gas liquefaction trains. Advanced control solutions are attracting considerable interest due to their ability to improve productivity.

Yokogawa’s platform for Advanced Control and Estimation suite delivers the following functionality:
• Multivariable model predictive control (the control of multiple variables based on predictions made using models of the dynamic characteristics of plant responses)
• Soft sensing for estimating quality in real time based on temperature, flow rate, pressure, and other process values
• Customisation of calculations

Yokogawa has continued to enhance this suite in response to changing customer requirements, and the release of version R5.02 meets the need for solutions that can optimise the control of operations throughout a plant, ensure high availability, and alleviate problems with high workload caused by reductions in the number of plant operators and expansion in the range of items that must be monitored and controlled.

1. Plant-wide optimisation of control with large-scale applications.
With large-scale applications, advanced control systems need to be able to quickly process huge amounts of data. Version 5.01 of this software suite is suitable for small to medium-size applications and can optimise the control of individual processes. With the enhancements made to R5.02, this software suite now offers significantly greater processing speed. As a result, it can now handle large-scale applications involving multiple processes and is thus capable of optimising the control of operations throughout a plant.

General and utility processes in plants can have an effect on or be affected by those processes that are subject to advanced control. Previously, operators had to view data on separate screens for the production control system and the advanced control system. With R5.02, operators can now view lists of all the measurement data on a single screen. By being able to access all this data in one place, they can respond more quickly to any changes.

2. Maintaining high system availability regardless of changes in operational conditions or aging of facilities.
With this software, a trend line showing the predicted values when advanced control is active (closed loop prediction trend) can be superimposed over a trend line that is based on the actual measured values. By comparing them, it is possible to easily identify errors in a dynamic response model. Such errors are the result of a deterioration in advanced control performance caused by changes in operational conditions or the aging of facilities. System availability can be maintained by rebuilding the dynamic response model whenever these errors become significant.

R5.02 has been enhanced to enable the display of a trend line that predicts plant behaviour when advanced control is inactive (open loop trend). This enables operators to know in advance what impact this will have on a process.

3. Improved operability for efficient operation and monitoring.
With a single press of a key, operators can call up items from a list of recently displayed screens. Frequently used screens can also be accessed quickly by registering them as favourites.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Most innovative in Germany.

SLM Solutions Group AG has again been selected as one of the most innovative companies in Germany. In a study, Focus and Focus Money examined the 5,000 German companies with the highest number of employees. SLM Solutions prevailed in the surface and material processing category.

Focus and Focus Money distinguished SLM Solutions Group AG ("SLM Solutions") as "Germany's most innovative company" in the category of surface and material processing.

Uwe Bögershausen, spokesperson of the Executive Board of SLM Solutions, noted with pleasure: "The award from Focus and Focus Money impressively confirms the beneficial use of our technology in many industries. We are pleased about the award "Innovation Prize 2018", especially since it is already the second award as an innovative company in Germany within a very short time. The awards confirm us in our technological concept: highly productive machines for serial production of functional parts of the highest quality. As a technology leader in the field of additive manufacturing technology, we have no intention of resting on our laurels, but are developing machine concepts of tomorrow already today.”

The study "Germany's Most Innovative Companies" was carried out by the public relations agency Faktenkontor with scholarly support from the International School of Management (ISM) for the order of Focus Money and Deutschland Test.

Social media contributions about the 5,000 companies in Germany with the highest number of employees were evaluated in the context of the study during the period April 2017 to March 2018. Posts were examined in five subject areas: innovation, investment, research & development, new products and technology.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Collaborating Innovator in network configuration.

ADLINK is now a Collaborating Innovator of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) operator-led consortium. ADLINK and its broad range of strategic ecosystem partners continue to play an increasingly important role in influential industry consortiums such as ONF, Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) and Open Compute Project (OCP) by working together on advanced, open architecture business initiatives.

As an open, collaborative, non-profit consortium driving transformation of network infrastructure and carrier business models, the ONF serves as the umbrella for a number of projects, building solutions by leveraging network disaggregation, white box economics, open source software and software-defined standards to revolutionize the carrier industry. Working closely with leading communication service providers and equipment vendors on various open source projects, the ONF leverages its released reference designs to facilitate the roll-out of next-generation networking solutions, significantly driving down both Capex and Opex for the whole ecosystem and opening up enormous business opportunities for new services.

“Telecom operators are driving solutions based on open hardware and software architectures, enabling infrastructure for quick time-to-revenue while lowering TCO for emerging Edge and 5G deployment. At this inflection point, the ONF is well positioned to catalyze a transformation of the networking industry with its newly established strategic plan,” said Jeff Sharpe, ADLINK director of product strategy and business development for networking and communications. “We are very excited to join and contribute to ONF, as we will be able to leverage the ONF’s community resources and reference designs to develop next-generation networking solutions. Our ultimate goal is to bring ADLINK’s innovation and unique value proposition for network transformation to the carrier industry.”

ADLINK began its focus on open architecture by becoming a major contributor to the OCP more than five years ago. At the ONF, ADLINK will leverage its Open Compute Carrier-grade Edge Reference Architecture (OCCERA), OCP and GPU-based solutions to develop next-generation networking and communications platforms, enabling use cases such as Advanced Multi-access Edge Computing (AMEC), universal Customer Premises Equipment (uCPE) and extremely low-latency Edge Compute platforms for 5G networks. ADLINK’s solutions will effectively address the requirements for low-latency, high-bandwidth and compute-intensive applications driven by the needs of security, deep packet inspection (DPI), Edge Computing, virtual network functions (VNF), 5G evolution and revenue producing solutions for operators.

As a leading ODM, ADLINK is an ideal contributor to the ONF-envisioned business model with its high quality design and manufacturing capabilities, producing cost-effective COTS/custom solutions with reduced time-to-market. ADLINK offers design services in every major geographic region, which benefits customers with increased responsiveness, short delivery lead-time and ease of doing business locally. ADLINK also ensures best practices in product lifecycle management by leveraging its long-standing strategic partnerships with major processor and software vendors.


Connecting in freezing conditions.

CryoCoax is a new division of Intelliconnect Europe specialising in connectors and cable assemblies for Cryogenic Systems. CryoCoax cabling and connectors are used across many applications and industries, those already addressed include measurement and testing, system quantum computing, space and instrumentation.

The CryoCoax range of connectors includes sturdily constructed stainless steel interconnects including SMA, SMP, custom designed products and all common connector interfaces. Cables and cable assemblies from CryoCoax are crafted from the finest materials and using the most advanced manufacturing techniques available in the market with test capabilities to 40Ghz.  This division designs and manufactures standard, IP68 and glass sealed hermetic adapters and a range of attenuators, from 0dB – 30dB which are specially configured to withstand the lowest temperatures.

CryoCoax provide cryogenic cable and component solutions to clients across the world, for a diverse range of applications and industries. Core capabilities include: ability to withstand temperature to 2K and below, stainless steel cable assemblies to 40GHz, niobium titanium cable assemblies to 40GHz, cupro nickel cables, raw St/St and NbTi cable, non-magnetic cables, SMP connectors, crimp solderless and 2.9mm connectors and adapters, sealed adapters, hermetic connectors and adapters, attenuators, low temperature hardware

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of CryoCoax, comments,”CryoCoax specialises in the design and manufacture of cryogenic interconnect products. As a dedicated division of the Intelliconnect group, CryoCoax has the security of a long established and very successful connector manufacturer at its heart and is going from strength to strength, providing cryogenic solutions to some of the biggest tech companies in the world.”

Philips continues,” We combine decades of experience in the interconnect industry with a modern, streamlined approach and we have an outstanding record for providing defect-free, high-quality cryogenic products. Our expert team of designers and engineers will work alongside customers from start to finish of a project to ensure the best possible solution is delivered.”

CryoCoax’s cryogenic cables and components work to beyond 2 K (-271.15°C) and are ideally suited to a wide range of applications including test and measurement, instrumentation, medical and material research and cryogenic systems including dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnet systems, low temperature detector systems, infrared array systems.

• CryoCoax is a member of the British Cryogenics Council (BCC) and the Cryogenic Society of America allowing it to extend the market reach of its cryogenic cables and components and to participate in the rapid development of this growing field. The BCC currently has over 100 members and it provides a broad spectrum of expertise from companies providing cryogenic products and services to universities undertaking low temperature research and end-users of cryogens and cryogenic systems. More information on Intelliconnect’s membership is available on the BCC website

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rental torques sense!

Equipment rentals are increasingly helping companies overcome the hurdle of finding investment capital to fund development and verification projects.

The current phase of the economic cycle, recovery from a slowdown, is always difficult and frustrating, as Mark Ingham of Sensor Technology identifies:
“Companies are seeing their markets improve, but don’t have the reserves to finance all the activities that will kickstart their sales. What money there is has to be used carefully, which usually means funding some projects but not others. As a result opportunities have to be missed.”

Typically projects may include verification or reverification of a product range to an international standard, development of a new sized unit within a product range to address an emerging market requirement, modification of a design or a whole new development.

“The devil is in the details: enterprising companies can usually see new gaps in their markets and envision a product to suit. But these need to be tested and proven, and that often involves acquiring sensors and test equipment.”

Having survived more than one downturn and recovery, Sensor Technology already has a rental option in place for its TorqSense range of torque sensors. Potential users can choose to rent the equipment, rather than purchase it, thus circumventing the bottleneck of raising capital purchase approval. And to help companies along, if they decide that they want to hold onto their TorqSense for longer than they had anticipated, Sensor Technology are happy to convert the rental to a sale, with a percentage of the hire fee already paid offset against the purchase price.

Interestingly, Mark says that rentals are a popular option at all times: “Many of our customers have a project where they need to measure torque, but know that when the project is concluded they will have no further need for a TorqSense. For them, renting is very attractive.”

This is particularly true in academia and the high tech industries. Brunel University has used Sensor Technology’s rental service on a developmental project for a motor sports client, while Oxford University is a regular and canny user. Another is a West Country satellite technology developer which had a need to test ballscrews to the point where they could be confident that they would work once blasted into orbit.

“A regular comment we hear is that customers would like to rent equipment from other suppliers too. There is definitely a fundamental need in the market; it probably increases in the recovery phase of the economic cycle and tails off later on, but it is always there.

“I am aware that some other companies are following our lead in this. Others are finding other creative ways to seed their markets, for instance energy saving equipment can be paid in instalments at a rate related to the reduce power bills.”

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Moisture Transmitter for harsh applicatiosn.

Michell Instruments has introduced a new version of its market-leading 2-wire Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter, with a simultaneous analog and digital modbus RTU output and a rugged 5 pin M12 electrical connection. Designed for dew point measurements in harsh industrial applications, the Easidew moisture transmitter is also easy to maintain with live diagnostics and, when purchased with the Michell Calibration Exchange Programme

This addition makes the Easidew dew-point transmitter the most versatile offering for trace humidity measurements on the market today. For the compressed dryer operator, it means that just one stocked product can be used across all class 1 to class 6 industrial dryer applications. All Easidew variants have a dewpoint measurement range of up to -110 to +20°Cdp.

A range of process and electrical connections and the 4-20 mA output means that the product can be installed quickly, economically and safely replace dewpoint sensors of other make. As well as the M12 5-pin electrical connector, a mini DIN 43650 form C is also available. The process connections available are 5/8” UNF, ¾” UNF and G 1/3” BSP which makes it easy to adapt to local industry standards around the world. The PC-based configuration and diagnostic tool makes it easy for maintenance engineers to monitor the performance of installed transmitters on-site.

The Easidew dew-point transmitter is the core part of Michell’s Sensor Exchange Programme which ensures minimum downtime for users. Customers place an order for a guaranteed, reconditioned sensor. When this arrives, they exchange it for the installed moisture sensor that is returned to Michell resulting in zero downtime for the user.

Where full calibration traceability is required, Michell offer a recalibration service.

• Michell products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Explosion proof flow computer.

The E126 explosion-proof flow computer for corrected gas and liquid volume measurement has been launched by Fluidwell. It measures the actual flow, temperature and pressure and converts it with an ideal gas formula to gas volume at reference conditions.
It saves time, money and hassle; is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and is simple to use. Daily operations and plant operations for running work permit procedures are no longer interrupted and even (partial) plant shutdowns can be avoided as the covers do not need to be opened to operate, set and modify the display functionalities thanks to the through-glass keypad. This unequalled flow computer delivers user-friendliness in the toughest conditions.

The robust stainless steel 316L E-Series housing is designed to guarantee safety. It takes the E126 flow computer beyond the legislative requirements for hazardous areas. In the harshest conditions of punishing weather, desert and maritime climates and extreme temperature fluctuations, the durable E-Series consistently delivers accurate measurements. A solid die cast aluminum housing with the same ingress protection rating is available for cost-effective applications.

The E126 is extremely practical in use. The through-glass keypad enables safe and effortless operation of all functionalities without having to open the cover. The menu, display and navigation structure are designed according to the Fluidwell “Know one, know them all” principle, which enhances easy and intuitive control of various Fluidwell totalizers, flow computers and other displays.

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Communicating Temp transmitter.

OPTITEMP TT 53, from Krohne is a new universal programmable 2-wire temperature transmitter for resistance (RTD) and thermocouple (TC) elements. Aimed at the Chemical, Oil & Gas and the Power Generation industries, it features HART 7 communication, NAMUR NE 107 diagnostics as well as Ex approvals.

Available in both compact (C) and rail-mounted (R) versions, the new transmitter can be programmed via PC or HART handheld, or wireless by using the OPTITEMP Connect mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app can communicate with OPTITEMP TT 53 via the built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) or the optional OPTITEMP TT-CON BT configuration kit, a small Bluetooth modem. From a mobile device, the user can program, configure and monitor the transmitter, e.g. set mA outputs, perform an output simulation, view actual supply voltage, check the runtime counter and the current or historical process/ambient temperature log. Via HART 7 communication, some of these readings can also be made available to a PCS.

The robust design of the transmitter ensures reliable operation even under harsh environmental conditions: vibration-resistance up to 10 g, a fast step response time and a high accuracy (±0.08% of span; max. ±0.08K) result in a high long term stability (max. drift ±0.02% of span/year). With ATEX and IECEx approvals, the new transmitter is suitable for use in hazardous areas. OPTITEMP TT 53 offers extended diagnostic information according to NAMUR NE 107, e.g. device error, sensor break monitoring and wiring conditions. It is also compliant to NAMUR recommendations NE 21, 43 and 53.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Diferential noise measurement.

Anritsu Corporation has introduced industry’s first solution capable of conducting extensive characterization of the differential noise figure of differential devices used in high-speed wireless communication systems. The solution, which integrates a new differential noise figure option into the Anritsu VectorStar™ vector network analyzers (VNAs), allows R&D engineers to verify the receiver performance of low noise amplifiers (LNAs) and other devices used in the front-end of 5G and microwave back haul systems.

The option is available on VectorStar models operating from 70 kHz and up to 20 GHz, 40 GHz, 70 GHz, and 110 GHz.

The new differential noise figure option enhances the 2-port single-ended noise figure measurement capability of the VectorStar and allows the VNAs to measure 3- and 4-port devices in single-ended, differential and common mode operation with a variety of processing options. The Anritsu differential noise figure option incorporates the similar cold-source measurement technique as its 2-port method, which minimizes mismatch errors for improved accuracy compared to the conventional Y-factor noise source method. The new enhanced noise figure option adds the ability to perform levels of vector correction in 2- and multi-port devices for greater accuracy particularly, when mismatch is significant.

Measurement analysis of both correlated and uncorrelated noise can be conducted with the new differential noise figure technique. The result is more comprehensive characterization of actual device performance for greater design confidence. It is a superior method than conventional approaches that include an RF balun with only an S-parameter description or neglect correlation between device under test (DUT) output ports, which lead to improper characterization of differential devices. As operating frequencies continue to rise due to 5G, the ability to more accurately characterize device performance will take on added importance.

Accuracy is further ensured by the extended range of network tools for VectorStar. For example, the VNAs have the ability to embed or de-embed single-ended and differential probes and other networks during the on-wafer noise figure measurement process and correct receiver calibrations for other setup changes. The result is more accurate noise figure characterization of differential devices in an on-wafer environment.

The MS4640B VectorStar VNAs have the broadest coverage in a single instrument, 70 kHz to 70 GHz. Coverage can be extended to 145 GHz and 1.1 THz in broadband configurations. VectorStar is the only VNA platform capable of measuring noise figure, both single-ended and differential, from 70 kHz to 125 GHz. The MS4640B VNA series offers a new level of performance for device modeling engineers struggling to accurately and reliably characterize their devices, for R&D engineers pushing the last fraction of a dB out of their state-of-the-art designs, and for manufacturing engineers who must maximize throughput without sacrificing accuracy.

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Managing intelligent systems for Iberia.

Alberto Prada Morales has been appointed as Channel Manager for Advantech in Iberia. This appointment is effective immediately. He is an experienced telecommunications engineer who graduated in 2008 from the Seville School of Engineers.

Alberto Prada Morales
Mr Prada Morales joins Advantech from Arrow ECS where he worked for five years. During his tenure, he helped the US distributor build a €20M business operation in Spain whilst interacting with over 400 channel partners. He was involved in the implementation of Software Defined Datacenter projects for an array of SMBs and enterprise customers throughout Iberia. With this he brings with him a wealth of experience within Cloud and virtualization technologies.

According to Mr David Ramos, Country Manager, Iberia: “Alberto is good observer as to where the electronics industry is heading. He is acutely aware of the vast opportunities resulting from the combination of sensors, wireless capabilities and cloud-based software services. Advantech, which has ambitious target revenues across Europe by 2025, stands to benefit from his market insights and experience. Our business partners will enjoy working closely with Alberto, a trustworthy individual who is never afraid of asking the right questions.”

Mr Prada Morales will help Advantech’s Channel Partners and respected customers implement innovative ways to improve their commercial activities thanks to better data collection & analysis. Although he will be based in Madrid (ES), Mr Prada Morales will be travelling across the Iberia peninsula to strengthen relationships with Advantech partners and customers. He will also visit the company’s new European Service Center in Eindhoven (NL) and the Innovation Hub in Munich (D).

A family man and also a sportsman, Mr. Prada Morales has two sons and he enjoys running, having successfully finished the Madrid marathon in 2014.

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Safety working with robots.

The BMW Group is working with Pilz for safety when working with robot assistants, : the automation company carries out the conformity assessment including final CE marking. Thus Pilz ensures safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) at multiple production sites of the BMW Group.

One of the particular challenges when it comes to safety is presented by workstations where humans and robots work together without guards. Here the BMW Group both in Europe and in the USA is trusting in the expertise of Pilz: the automation company is conducting the conformity assessment procedures required by law at a variety of production sites of the BMW Group in Germany, England and the USA, from risk assessment through the safety concept and validation to the CE marking of multiple applications.

Pilz signs the final declaration of conformity as authorised representative, taking responsibility for ensuring that every application meets the requirements of the respective market. The BMW Group employs flexible robot assistance systems in its production. Here workers and robots work together “hand in hand” in the most confined of spaces – entirely without safety fences.

While there may and can be collisions between humans and machines, these must never present a danger to the humans. That's why the validation of HRC applications takes on particular importance: the experts from Pilz use a safe and reliable measuring process to determine whether the possible collisions are acceptable in terms of safety. With the BMW Group, as with other customers, Pilz uses a collision measuring set it has developed in-house.

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Test kit for broadband.

A complete package for control and acceptance measurements in FTTx and PON networks with wavelengths of 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, and 1625 nm is offered by Laser Components.

Their FTTx measurement kit is specifically designed for companies involved in the broadband roll-out by Deutsche Telekom and has been listed in Zusätzlichen Technischen Vertragsbedingungen (ZTV-TKNetz 43). It contains both the ORL- 85 and the OLP-85 measuring instruments by Viavi Solutions, as well as all necessary patch cables and couplings. Designated Telekom installation companies receive this package at special rates!

The ORL-85 includes an optical laser source, power meter, and return loss meter in one single device. The OLP-85 is a power meter with a measurement range from 800 nm to 1700 nm and an impressive dynamic range of 100 dB. The measurements can be performed both on the passive cable infrastructure (out of service) and on networks already in operation (in service).

On an optional basis, both devices are available as a P version with an internal microscope for the end face inspection of optical connectors.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Integrated production control system.

Yokogawa has added new functions to the CENTUMTM VP integrated production control system, and will release it as CENTUM VP R6.06 on July 17th. CENTUM VP is the core product in the OpreXTM Control and Safety System family of solutions.

The enhancements include the addition of support for Windows Server 2016, a modification that enables FCS programs to be upgraded with minimal interruption to operations, and the addition of a function to the Automation Design Suite (AD Suite) integrated engineering environment that allows minor modifications to be made to applications software during witness inspections. (This is in addition to the bulk editing function already provided with AD Suite.) This improves engineering efficiency and helps customers improve productivity.

CENTUM VP provides an optimum operation, monitoring, and engineering environment for the entire plant lifecycle, from initial design, engineering, installation of systems and equipment, and startup to full operation, maintenance, renovation, modification, and end of service. Yokogawa has continued to enhance this system to ensure optimal performance. As full backwards compatibility is assured, users always have the option of updating their system to make full use of the latest technologies.

Although FCS software is usually upgraded when plants are periodically shut down for large-scale shutdown maintenance (SDM), some of our customers have indicated that they would like to be able to choose when to perform these upgrades. Therefore, a function has been added that enables these upgrades to be performed while the FCS is operating. The functionality of the AD Suite engineering tool has also been improved. Combined with the control system virtualisation platform that was released last year, this helps to improve system maintenance and reduces the risk of project delays.

1. Updating of software while FCS is operating
Work that would normally have to wait several years until the SDM period can now be done at a time of the customer’s own choosing. This is possible because of modifications to the CENTUM VP software that enable a smoother switchover between the dual-redundant control-side and standby-side CPU modules. This both improves uptime and allows users to freely choose when to install upgrades. In addition, Yokogawa has enhanced its support organisation to ensure that its customers receive all necessary technical support with their system maintenance activities. With this new version of CENTUM VP, downtime is eliminated, productivity is enhanced, and users are able to take advantage of the latest control technologies.

2. Ability to quickly perform minor modifications to applications software
Originally developed by Yokogawa for use with CENTUM VP R6.01, the AD Suite integrated engineering environment greatly improves the efficiency of engineering throughout the plant lifecycle. For this latest version of CENTUM VP, modifications have been made to AD Suite that give users the ability to quickly and easily implement modifications to application control logic and alarm attributes. Such modifications to system software can be immediately executed with the single action of clicking on an icon on the editor screen. This function greatly reduces the amount of time needed to make such modifications, and users are able to choose whether to implement changes singly or in groups.

3. Compatible with the latest server operating system
CENTUM VP R6.06 is compatible with Windows Server 2016, which delivers the latest security functions.

These enhancements will assist in the monitoring and control of plant operations in the following industry sectors: Oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, food, iron and steel, water supply and wastewater treatment, non-ferrous metals, metal, cement, etc.

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Safety Instrumented Systems life-cycle examined!

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has published a new book that covers the entire life-cycle of safety instrumented systems (SIS)—including specification, design, analysis, programming, installation, maintenance, and change management.

Safety Instrumented Systems: A Life-Cycle Approach by Paul Gruhn*, PE, CFSE, and Simon Lucchini, CFSE, MIEAust CPEng, leverages the performance and documentation requirements defined in the ISA/IEC 61511 functional process safety standard along with the authors’ nearly 80 years of safety system experience, expertise and insights.

“The world of safety instrumented systems is complex; technology and knowledge continue to grow and evolve,” says Gruhn, Global Functional Safety Consultant at aeSolutions who developed the first commercial control and safety system modeling software more than 25 years ago. “This new book provides the ‘must-know’ material on the entire safety instrumented system lifecycle that practitioners need. And it does so in an easy-to-read, conversational style and in a highly condensed format.”

In addition to explaining the significance and value of the ISA/IEC 61511 standard in improving functional process safety, the book, Gruhn emphasizes, provides important practical guidance and real-world case studies and experiences.

“To properly design, install, commission and operate a safety system, you have to align the performance requirements of the standard with how process plants operate and how projects are executed,” points out Lucchini, Chief Controls Specialist and Fellow in Safety Systems at Fluor Canada and the Safety Systems Committee chair of ISA’s Safety & Security Division. “Safety needs to be integrated into the design rather than ‘bolted on’ at some late stage of the project. This book helps guide functional safety engineers and others involved in process industry safety to the right decisions about safety systems at the right time.”

* Paul Gruhn is President-Elect of the ISA who will take office in January 2019 for a one year period. See our story - The Results are in (October 2017) 

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New HQ started.

Schaffner has laid the foundation stone for the new headquarters of the globally operating Schaffner Group. The stone was laid at a brief ceremony last Tuesday, (3rd July 2018), on the Attisholz-Süd site in Luterbach (CH).

Marc Aeschlimann, CEO of the Schaffner Group, said: "Schaffner has been at residence in Luterbach for over fifty years, and we are looking forward to being part of the dynamic development of the upcoming Attisholz-Süd site."

The new building, with up to 140 workplaces, will be leased by Espace Real Estate in the immediate vicinity of the current Schaffner headquarters in the southwest of the Attisholz-Süd site. The two-story building meets the latest standards and offers space for a test laboratory, the development and the marketing departments and the Executive Committee. From the second half of 2019 Schaffner will be tenants of Espace Real Estate in the new premises.

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Large enclosure system.

Rittal is supporting control and switchgear engineering on the way to Industry 4.0 with its new VX25 large enclosure system. The company now permits the merging of real and digital workflows for significantly greater efficiency thanks to maximum data quality and consistent engineering.

The company now offers web-based software tools so that plant constructors can convert to the new enclosure system quickly and easily. With the VX25 conversion assistant for parts lists free data and an intelligent selector and configurator, Rittal is simplifying the transition from the TS 8 enclosure system to its new VX25 large enclosure system.

Control and switchgear manufacturers who want to increase their productivity and bring it in line with “Industry 4.0“ need all their data to be of the highest possible quality. The new Rittal VX25 large enclosure system supports control and switchgear engineering with complete, high-quality data for every process along its value chain – from electrical planning through mechanical design to manufacturing. A variety of web-based software tools are available from Rittal so that companies can quickly, easily and precisely convert to the new enclosure system.

Parts lists from the earlier TS 8 enclosure system can now be easily turned into VX25 parts lists with the VX25 conversion assistant. TS 8 parts lists from projects that are to be used again need merely to be loaded into the conversion tool as an Excel file by drag and dop. If the Excel columns are selected based on model no and quantity, the user will receive the desired VX25 parts list with just one click. The program automatically displays items of no relevance for the VX25 in the list. Afterwards, the converted parts list can be simply downloaded or directly placed in the shopping cart for online ordering. TS 8 Model Nos can also be entered individually via a search field, and corresponding VX25 Model Nos and additional product information can be quickly found.

Besides this, plant constructors are also given support in converting from TS 8-based 3D enclosure layouts to VX25 system technology in EPLAN Pro Panel projects. The replacement of TS 8 enclosures and accessories for VX25 articles is largely automated.

Rittal provides further help in converting to its new large enclosure system with the easy and free download of detailed, validated CAD data in more than 70 formats, enabling the flexible transmission of data to all common CAD systems. The EPLAN Data Portal can also be employed to load macros of the VX25 bayed enclosure system for mechatronic engineering using CAE/CAD and for generating 3D enclosure layout with EPLAN Pro Panel. Moreover, Rittal offers data for the VX25 for classification as per eClass (Advanced) and ETIM.

With the VX25 selector, Rittal enclosures can be easily selected and the corresponding accessories found for appropriate applications. The enclosure types included can be populated to suit individual requirements with a pre-selection of common accessories.

The web-based configurator Rittal Configuration System enables simple and error-free configuration – even without prior CAD knowledge – of the VX25 and the desired installation components.

The tool permits the configuration of free-standing enclosures and bayed suites based on the VX25 – a task that is “plausibility checked”. For example, while accessories are being placed, the system will automatically check if the selected components can be placed at the chosen location. Machining can also be planned with the Rittal Configuration System since the configured data package not only contains the parts list but also a CNC program for the Perforex machining centre and a 3D step model of the complete enclosure including the accessories. This way, the data on the enclosure flows directly into the machining processes. The items configured can be ordered directly via the linked online shop, which makes the ordering process even easier.

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