Friday, July 6, 2018

Sales manager for process analysis!

Servomex has appointed Gerd Buettner as Regional Sales Manager (Germany and Eastern Europe).

Gerd Buettner
He will report to interim EMEAI Sales Leader Dr Stephen Firth, who said: “Gerd is a highly experienced process analysis expert with a strong background in German and East European industrial markets.

“His proficiency and capability will be of immense benefit to customers in the region. We’re delighted to welcome him to Servomex and wish him every success.”

Based in Germany, Buettner will benefit Servomex customers in the region with his technical expertise and understanding of key markets, helping clients to find the most effective solutions for their applications.

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of process analyzers, he has extensive knowledge of the oil & gas, petrochemical, life science, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical markets.

Holding an M.Sc. in Automation Processes and Computers from Technical University Bucharest, Buettner joins Servomex from Bartec Benke GmbH, where he was the Director of Process Analyzer Technology for more than 10 years.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Performance evaluation.

The GX90XA-10-V1 module enables Yokogawa recorders and data loggers to be used in performance evaluation tests for the development and production of electric vehicles (EVs), fuel-cell vehicles (FCVs), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs) as well as the on-board batteries used in such vehicles. Such tests typically require the measurement of multiple channels under high-voltage conditions.
Recorders and data acquisition systems (data loggers) are used on production lines and at product development facilities to acquire, display, and record data on temperature, voltage, current, flow rate, pressure, and other variables. Yokogawa, a world-leading manufacturer of recorders, offers recorders and data acquisition system solutions for the collection and control of data as part of its OpreX Data Acquisition lineup. To meet market needs and comply with industry-specific requirements and standards, the company continues to add new I/O modules with enhanced functionality to this lineup.

For the development and production of EVs, FCVs, PHVs, and on-board vehicle batteries, performance evaluation tests involving the measurement of voltage levels in multiple battery cells must be performed. The batteries used in such vehicles can have hundreds of interconnected cells, and the voltage levels at all these points must be measured simultaneously. The test devices that are used must be capable of withstanding voltages of several hundred volts (high common mode voltage) that are typically applied between the measuring terminal and the ground. The high-voltage analog input module developed by Yokogawa allows the measurement of multiple channels under high-voltage conditions and is thus well suited for the development and production of rechargeable batteries as well as vehicles that use those batteries.

The GX90XA-10-V1 analog input module can be mounted on the following OpreX Data Acquisition products: GX series touchscreen paperless recorders, GP series portable paperless recorders, and GM10 scalable modular data loggers.

1. High voltage, multiple channels
The GX90XA-10-V1 has two layers of insulation and can withstand a common mode voltage of up to 600 V ACrms or 600 V DC, and is capable of sampling data at intervals as short as 100 ms. With the GX and GP series recorders, the module can accept up to 450 inputs; with the GM10 data loggers it can accept up to 420. With capabilities such as these, the GX90XA-10-V1 is ideal for use in tests on production lines and at development facilities that evaluate the performance of vehicle batteries with multiple channels and under high-voltage conditions. The module is also ideal for evaluating the high voltage levels used in the electrolysis process in electrolysis tanks.

2. Open network
The GX and GP series recorders and the GM10 data loggers are all compatible with the Ethernet LAN standard and the Modbus communications protocol, which are both widely used in industrial networks, and thus can connect and communicate with upper-level control systems and third-party products. When the GX90XA-10-V1 is mounted on a GX or GP series recorder or on a GM10 data logger, voltage measurement data can be monitored from a host system, and the collected data can be uploaded to a database for sharing.

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Test & Measurement representation in Benelux.

Anritsu Corporation have signed a distribution agreement with AR Benelux, a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for EMC, Satcom, RF/µwave for the telecoms and defense industries. Under the terms of the new agreement, Anritsu’s test equipment will now also be available in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands through AR Benelux.

“Anritsu continues to invest heavily in the growth and success of our distribution channel,” said Riccardo Rossetti, Sales Director Central Europe Region. “We are delighted that this agreement with AR Benelux will see Anritsu’s range of leading test and measurement solutions become part of their outstanding portfolio of products, backed by their highest level of customer service and technical support.”

The Anritsu solutions offered through AR Benelux will include a range of microwave and RF handheld products that meet the test and measurement needs of the Installation and Maintenance market.

“We are thrilled to be able to represent Anritsu here in the Benelux. We aim to provide our customers with solutions that ensure they are able to deploy and maintain networks quickly and efficiently, and we believe adding these selected Anritsu products to our offering will help us achieve that goal”, commented Stuart Mulhall, Managing Director, AR Benelux.

As part of the agreement, AR Benelux will provide customers in their region with sales support from the office in Hazerswoude Dorp. AR Benelux has been pushing boundaries in the Benelux for almost 20 years , and has strong relationships with many organisations ranging from installation, to research and defense.

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Vision sensor.

The Vision Sensor IV Series has been upgraded by Keyence with an optical character recognition (OCR) capability that can offer a simple, three-step (1 minute) set-up routine and more stable detection through high-intensity illumination and high-performance lens technology. In addition, the ultra-compact size makes the vision sensors easy to retrofit for companies updating their equipment. Automotive, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturing plants are among those set to benefit from the streamlined and simplified detection of various product features. This continues the company’s trend of bringing inspection tools to market that deliver genuine advantages for customers.

Amid the major technology advances of the Vision Sensor IV Series is the new OCR tool that detects whether the text/date on the target being inspected matches the text/date information on the registered master image. Importantly, there is no need to perform extraction (adjusting character width and height), register a dictionary, or any other setting configurations required with conventional vision sensors. Users simply outline the text to identify it. Furthermore, stable reading is possible regardless of changes to the text’s shading, contrast, thickness or size – production engineers do not have to reteach the system. A wide variety of marking formats are supported, including, inkjet printers, laser markers and thermal printers.

Process stability is vital to successful OCR. A common issue with conventional vision sensors is that they often fail to capture clear images, while erroneous detections can frequently occur due to sensor misalignment. In contrast, the stability of the Vision Sensor IV Series facilitates accurate detection without variation, supported by the capture of high-quality, clear images that are unaffected by changes to ambient light conditions. Also, entire surfaces are checked, providing high protection against misaligned targets.

High-intensity Hi-R illumination is key to the advanced performance of the new vision sensors. Here, the company has researched different reflector shapes that help to minimise the loss of light intensity from the LEDs. The result is uniform and overwhelmingly bright lighting across the entire field of view.

An additionally important feature of the sensors is the newly developed high-performance HP-Quad lens, which contains four layers of glass. This design serves to minimise the effect of lens distortion, making it possible to capture bright, clear images with low distortion.

To support stable detection it is necessary to capture a large image of the target. Here, 10 different types of available sensor head in the Vision Sensor IV Series means that a wide variety of target sizes and detecting distances can be supported. What’s more, the digital zoom function can be used to capture a large image of the target when it is not possible to bring the sensor close due to the presence of obstacles or the product design.

With conventional vision sensors, specialised knowledge is often required in order to choose and install them. In short, a certain amount of time is needed for users to become familiar with the technology. The Keyence Vision Sensor IV Series overcomes these difficulties with its inherent ease-of-use that makes it possible for anyone to operate the sensor and, if required, easily perform 100% inspection routines.

Simple installation is another major benefit. With a product envelope of just 44.3 x 31 x 24 mm (smallest in class), the sensors can be installed anywhere, even in systems where there is minimal space availability. Furthermore, the cable connector can be rotated by up to 330° to suit any space restrictions, ensuring a high degree of freedom when it comes to installations.

Further capabilities of the Vision Sensor IV Series include automatic brightness adjustment at the push of a button and best-in-class, high-speed, high-accuracy automatic focus.

The IV Series can be set up with an intelligent monitor (IV-M30) or a PC. As PCs can have a larger display, set-up procedures are even easier to understand and can be quickly configured by first-time users. Additionally, a simulation function allows users to check and modify the program configurations, and perform operation simulations based on image history without connecting the sensor. This functionality enables easy computation of the optimal thresholds while looking at the detection result statistics and histogram, even when away from the workplace.

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UPS for tile manufacturer.

Peronda, a leading Spanish ceramic tiles manufacturer, has chosen Delta’s high-efficiency Ultron DPS series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect their mission critical applications.

The project of the replacement of Peronda’s UPS was born after an efficiency and comparative study of 3 installed 200 kVA UPS vs Delta’s Ultron DPS 200 kVA UPS with real measurements in Peronda’s facilities. The installation of the new Delta UPS improved the current performance from 90% to 96% and a considerable improvement in the input harmonic distortion (iTHD) due to the patented three-phase PFC system, which achieved a very interesting TCO for the customer with a payback in less than two years due to energy efficiency.

The strengths of Delta’s UPS were the DPS series technical characteristics focused on the industrial world with a very wide input range, and Peronda’s performed tests at Delta’s facilities in Madrid which were very satisfactory.

The UPS protects the furnaces and the ceramics production line; these furnaces must be working 24/365. In the event of power blackout, the ceramic manufacturing process could come to a halt and cause high costs due to production loss, high costs due to furnace maintenance, and a waste of employee time. It is also worth noting the installation of 6 Delta’s Ultron HPH 30 kVA UPS to protect the printers that decorate the ceramic. A power blackout would also cause production loss here.
To Peronda, the implementation of a reliable and efficient power backup solution was a critical task to prevent waste of material and person-hours while maintaining targeted production output.

Finally, for this leading manufacturer of ceramics, both the Ultron DPS and the Ultron HPH solutions were a success. Without additional hardware, Ultron DPS and HPH Series UPS also offer a flexible and convenient way to expand the total output power to fulfil business growth.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

HR Director appointed.

Boulting Ltd has promoted human resources (HR) manager, Michelle Stott, to the position of HR director. Stott, who has over 20 years HR experience and has previously worked for Marks and Spencer and the Environment Agency will take up the role to reinforce the organisation’s commitment to its staff across Britain.

Michelle Stott
Stott, who graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Human Resource Management and Psychology, began her HR career at Royal and SunAlliance and has worked both in the Britain and Overseas for north-west England based organisations her entire career. Moving to Boulting Ltd in 2013 as HR and resourcing manager, she has supported the organisation with employee relations and ongoing recruitment requirements.

She is Charted Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualified and also holds numerous employee management accreditations including, Myers & Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 16 personality factors (16pf). Throughout her career she has designed and developed assessment tools for line managers and outplacement workshops as well as implementing an online tool for recruitment strategy.

“In the five years that I have worked for Boulting, I have always been impressed with the future prospects of not only the company, but the organisation’s employee skills set too,” Michelle Stott said. “As HR director I will look to reaffirm the company’s people management processes as well as solidify new schemes, such as a formal mentorship programme and increased school liaison work.

“Government studies report that the engineering sector is facing a skills crisis like never before. The industry needs around 186,000 skilled recruits each year, until 2024, to help bridge the gap. At Boulting we understand the need to develop our current staff as well as consider new ways to tackle the skills gap and improve diversity across the engineering sector as a whole.

“Our dedication to our employees continuous p95rofessional development (CPD) and our ongoing apprenticeship scheme is just the starting point of our investment in engineering careers and the evolving industry in which we work.”

“Boulting Ltd is committed to its employees,” Josh Groake, deputy managing director at Boulting commented. “By promoting Michelle into the role of HR director, she will lead a dedicated human resources team that will work to support and guide our staff across the UK and beyond. Michelle will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our directorial board and some of the ideas and plans she has moving forward will continue to set Boulting apart as a dedicated and valuable employer.”

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Light guide/light pipe systems.

Foremost Electronics is now offering its British customers flexible light guide/light pipe systems from the long established manufacturer Mentor.

Alan Vincent, Sales Director of Foremost, comments, “Many applications require LED illumination for control and HMI purposes on ergonomically designed products which require complex assembly. Flexible light guides allow designers to illuminate control panels or surfaces without a fixed connection to host PCBs. Flexible light guides are also growing in popularity for aesthetic illumination of control panels, POS, signs, architectural features and public displays for which a flexible light pipe is an elegant solution.”

These flexible light guide / light pipe systems offer an elegant and cost-efficient solution for many opto-electronic design challenges - not least for a minor design change during a product mid-life-cycle face-lift. The most popular versions are designed for use with SMD TOP LEDS. These light guides push-fit into a Polycarbonate housing that is mounted on the PCB with two press-in lugs. As standard, a transparent lens is supplied for use at the visible end. Alternative coloured lenses are available, as are custom lengths. Mentor offers other flexible solutions for SMD and THT LEDs with 1000 μm, 2000 μm and 3000 μm fibres.

They also offers a range of flexible "M-Tube" light guides / light pipes. Unlike conventional light guides, these are designed to emit homogenous light along their entire length (up to 2M). They are ideal for cosmetic illumination of large control panels and have a myriad of other uses limited only by imagination!

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Cloud-based VPN solution simplifies IIoT applications.

With huge investment in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) predicted over the next decade, robust, resilient and secure networks are critical for providing actionable data. To support this, Westermo has enhanced its WeConnect service to offer greater security, reliability and ease-of-use when establishing remote connections to networks and industrial equipment over the internet.

“Enabling remote connections to legacy equipment with WeConnect provides significant value and cost savings, especially in terms of reduced site visits to perform maintenance,” said Anders Hanberg, Product manager WeOS and IoT solutions, Westermo. “WeConnect simplifies connection to everything and everyone and the enhanced reliability and additional security features makes it the ideal way of accessing data from the network edge.”

When selecting Westermo networking devices powered by the WeOS operating system, it is extremely easy and cost-effective to create remote connections using WeConnect. The WeConnect cloud-based VPN service enables secure remote connections to be established, irrespective of the internet connection method or service provider. Unlike with traditional VPN-based services, no additional hardware or IT expertise is required, with only six steps needed to set up a connection using a web interface. Once a connection is in place, engineers can use their PC, smartphone or tablet to gain access to equipment, wherever they may be located, helping to save time and money when servicing and maintaining remote technology.

Reliability of service is imperative and WeConnect is hosted globally by the Amazon Web Service (AWS), now using three server locations in Ireland, USA and Singapore. This helps provide approximately 99.9% availability, faster connection and minimises latency. In combination with Westermo’s reliable networking devices, suitable for use in the most extreme environments, this creates an extremely reliable solution for users. WeConnect VPN status monitoring has been enhanced with email notifications should the connection be lost. Excessive and unnecessary alarms are prevented using time delay settings.

AWS also provides WeConnect users with enhanced security, complying with many current national standards. With WeConnect creating connections that use their own virtual private server and AES-256 encrypted data, this provides multiple layers of security. A new two-step login authentication has been designed to prevent the possibility of unauthorised access to the web interface and VPN, further hardening security for existing and new WeConnect users.

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Gateway module introduced.

The QuantumX CX27C gateway module from HBM is the latest addition to the QuantumX modular data acquisition system It offers test engineers maximum flexibility in testing their applications and simultaneous integration of up to 199 sensors in PROFINET IRT in real time.

It makes the ideal choice for quick results even in highly automated test benches with small to high channel counts, such as component, powertrain or durability test benches.

In combination with HBM's catman PC software, sensor and signal data can be viewed, analyzed and recorded with sample rates up to 100 kS / s per channel, without affecting real-time automation tasks. The gateway modules perfectly play with the QuantumX and the ultra-rugged SomatXR family, even in a distributable way.

Integration is quick and easy by using automatic sensor recognition (TEDS), auto mapping function or parameter file generation and some diagnosis services.

The QuantumX CX27B gateway module for EtherCAT applications is also available.

HBM's QuantumX data acquisition system is the perfect tool for almost all test and measurement requirements. QuantumX is the first choice among test engineers worldwide for reliable data acquisition of various physical quantities and sensor technologies. It has the unique ability to acquire information from almost any type of signal or sensor.

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DP for HVAC.

The EE600 differential pressure sensor extends the product portfolio for HVAC and building automation of E+E Elektronik. The transmitter is available with full scale 1,000 Pa (4 inch water column) and 10,000 Pa (40 inch WC) with each four selectable measurement ranges. The piezo-resistive pressure sensing element ensures highly accurate and long-term stable measurements. The innovative enclosure facilitates mounting and minimizes installation costs. An optional graphic display shows the actual measured data.

The EE600 is dedicated for the measurement of differential air pressure in ventilation and air conditioning systems or for filter monitoring. Additionally, it can be employed for all non-flammable and non-aggressive gases.

Four measuring ranges (0...250 / 500 / 750 / 1000 Pa or 0...2500 / 5000 / 7500 / 10000 Pa) can be selected via DIP-switches on the electronics board. This makes the EE600 particularly versatile. The output signal and the response time can also be set directly on the board. With push buttons, the user can easily perform a zero and span point adjustment.

The EE600 offers voltage and current output signals, both simultaneously available at the spring terminals. The device can be fitted with a large graphic display. The display backlight and the pressure unit (Pa, mbar, inch WC, kPa) can also be set via DIP-switches on the electronics board.

Same as all other HVAC measuring instruments from E+E Elektronik, the EE600 features a robust IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure, which facilitates fast and easy installation. Due to external mounting holes, it can be mounted with closed cover. This saves time and minimizes installation costs. In addition, the electronics is protected against construction site pollution during installation. For US requirements the enclosure provides a knockout for a 1/2" conduit fitting.

The EE600 pressure sensor rounds up the existing E+E offer for humidity, temperature, CO2 and air velocity. E+E Elektronik is thus a single source of measuring devices for all HVAC-relevant measurands.

• E+E Elektronik products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Non-contacting angle encoders.

Two non-contacting models have been added to Variohm EuroSensor's wide range of high accuracy angle encoders. Both are from their Swiss distribution partner, Contelec AG, and feature separate magnet and sensor components for continuous rotation in a two-part design that requires no mechanical bearing or joint - and with no wearing parts and IP68 protection class, they offer an effectively limitless mechanical working life.

Whilst these angle encoders offer a wide choice of extreme environment application solutions for precision angular measurement, they are differentiated by their respective housing designs. The Vert-X-31E has a flat moulded plastic sensor housing with 38 mm fixing centres that suits installation in height constrained areas whereas the 22 mm diameter cylindrical aluminium housing of the Vert-X-22E will suit placement in cramped areas where radial space is severely restricted.

The sensors have a standard 360⁰ electrical angle with the possibility of factory-set custom angles - normally in 30⁰ increments although special angles may be supplied for OEMs. For certain electrical output models, user-programming with Contelec’s easy-to-use ‘Commander’ software provides convenient application adaptation of output characteristics such as angle range, index points and direction of rotation. This flexibility can also benefit end-users by a reducing the number of uniquely specified angle encoders required for a particular machine application. User programmability is also advantageous for minimising customer stock levels and makes field replacement more straightforward.

Vert-X22E output options include ratiometric, voltage, current, PWM and SPI from 5V or optionally 24V input. The Vert-X31E includes all these output and supply options as well as SSI and incremental encoder. Throughout these options the resolution is typically between 12 and 14 bits or up to 1024 PPR for the incremental version. Some output types also include dual redundancy for added safety.

These high accuracy angle encoders have a typical independent linearity in the range of +/- 0.3% to 0.5%, depending on model and output type. 1 metre length cable connection is standard with customised lengths and special connector options available on request. There are also a number of different magnet types that complement the numerous installation possibilities.

User benefits offered by the two-part magnet and sensor housing design of the Vert-X-E series non contacting angle encoders extend to simplified installation with the possibility for a magnet to sensor air-gap of around 13 mm for single channel models. Operation is also possible through a solid non-magnetic wall. The design also allows a small measure of tilting and radial misalignment. An optional feature for some models that will allow detection of magnetic loss will signal a system shut-down in case of inadequate magnetic contact.

The IP68 sealed components for both models offer exceptional levels of reliability and endurance as well shock and vibration and, in particular for the fully encapsulated 31E, an outstanding resilience to humidity, damp and dust. The two-part design has been extensively proven in use for steering, guiding or angle position on heavy duty machinery such as agricultural, mining or construction equipment, and other applications where extreme environment conditions exist and accurate measurement is required.

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Continuous ground gas monitoring.

The GasClam 2 in-borehole continuous ground gas monitor for better management and prediction of risks associated with ground gas emission and migration has been enhanced by ION Science.

The latest version features a new battery management system which allows up to three months’ continuous, unattended operation in the field, based on hourly sampling. An external power supply option is also now available. Plus new instrument firmware and user software means better informed decisions can be made as a result of more accurate and reliable data.

Designed to fit in to a standard 50mm borehole, the ION Science GasClam 2 allows continuous, unmanned monitoring of ground gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen concentrations as well as atmospheric pressure and temperature. Optional CO, H2S and VOC plus water depth are available.

With a robust stainless steel design and IP-68 water ingress protection rating, the GasClam 2 is ideal for a range of monitoring applications including landfill perimeters, brownfield site investigation, shale and coal bed, vapour intrusion studies, waste management and refineries and petroleum storage.

It is intrinsically safe and ATEX approved so can be used on sites where there are potentially explosive ground-gas concentrations.

Duncan Johns, Ion Science’s Managing Director comments: “The GasClam 2 is a revolution in gas management and helps reduce risk by improving site characterisation and event flagging. It also provides complete data for site assessments and demonstrates due diligence and regulatory compliance.

“The GasClam 2 ensures a best practice approach to ground gas monitoring and enables selection of the most suitable site base lining prior to monitoring, as well as during and post operations. It reduces uncertainty whilst increasing confidence by allowing impact to be understood, managed and reported.”

The GasClam 2’s sampling frequency can be set and is variable from every two minutes to daily. Data can be downloaded to a PC.

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Fibre optic connections.

Souriau has been developing fiber optic connectors for four decades. As soon as fiber optics began to be used in telecommunications and manufacturing, connector solutions adapted to this technology had to be invented which were radically different from those designed for electrical connections.

In comparison to using an electrical link to transfer large volumes of data, fiber optics offers numerous advantages: lighter weight, less use of space, natural immunity to electromagnetic emissions, and higher bandwidth and throughput compared to an equivalent electrical link.

Since the early 2000s, the use of fiber optics has seen explosive growth in all sectors of activity. The aeronautics industry in particular, employs this technology for data transmission, both to passengers for in-flight entertainment and to the cockpit for cameras, overhead displays, etc. The environmental conditions in the aircraft environment in terms of the vibrations and mechanical constraints called for the development of specific solutions. This led to their development of the ELIO® range, and its adoption by Airbus to be able to offer a robust solution for severe environmental conditions.

The ELIO® solution is a physical type contact, called butt joint, which ensures the transmission of light between the contacts. They also offer ELIOBEAM®, an expanded beam type contact solution using lenses, which does not require physical contact and is thus more resistant to multiple connections/disconnections as well as to pollution in the external environment.

The company has chosen to target its range of fiber optic connectors at applications which are subject to harsh conditions. In the field of aeronautics, ELIO® is present in the Airbus A330, A350, A380 and A400M. Fiber has taken hold in passenger entertainment and information systems, which require high transfer speeds to transmit data to the individual screens. This allows passengers to have a large choice of films and video games at their disposal.
The design of the ELIO® allows it to be embedded in different types of connector shells depending on the requirements: the circular MIL DT 38999 type or the rectangular ARINC type for aeronautic applications. It has also been adopted by the rail sector, in circular connectors with bayonet locking. In telecommunications, SOURIAU connectors for fiber optics are present in GSM and Internet transmission antennae for FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna) links and FTTH (Fiber To The Home) for exterior connections on buildings. SOURIAU will also add the ARINC 801 standard to its range of solutions which will complement the current standard range. This solution offers high contact density in a reduced space and is a very popular standard, particularly in the American market.

Now that fiber optics has proven its reliability in classical applications, its use is spreading to more critical systems in the aeronautic, military and aerospace domains, with the growing use of sensors or even OptoPyro applications; it is replacing traditional electrical solutions.

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