Friday, June 8, 2018

Enhancing quality and efficiency of field inspections.

Yokogawa has developed OpreX™* Operational Risk Management: Field Assistant R2.02, an Android™ application that is intended for use during field inspections of industrial facilities. It is scheduled for release it in all markets except Japan during the week.

The app is targeted at industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, and fine chemicals where periodic field inspections by operators and maintenance staff are required. It will be used for recording site information when performing patrols or routine maintenance, and referencing of related information.

At many industrial plants, field inspections are performed periodically by staff who patrol along defined routes, checking field instruments and equipment at specific points along the way, in order to keep the facilities and equipment safe and in good working order. While the common practice has been for the results of these inspections to be manually recorded on a printed checklist that is then submitted for review, many of our customers have expressed the wish to be able to directly enter the check results onto a mobile device such as a tablet. Our customers have also indicated that it is a challenge to select and take with them on these patrols all the documents that they must be able to quickly reference, such as inspection histories and equipment manuals.

With Field Assistant R2.02 installed on a generic Android tablet, personnel can enjoy access in the field to checklists, manuals, and many other kind of documents, thus increasing the quality and efficiency of the work performed during routine patrols of manufacturing sites.

In addition to being able to consult and fill out these documents as needed, they will have the ability to take pictures and record videos needed to report their inspection results.

Field Assistant R2.02 can run on tablets that support Google’s Android mobile operating system. Versions running under other operating systems are also planned to be released.

Main features.
1. Access to digital checklists and related documents
Via the Field Assistant R2.02 user interface, users can access both digital checklists and related documents such as operating manuals, specifications documents, and installation manuals.

The use of digital checklists eliminates the cumbersome process of making handwritten entries and reduces the chance of data entry errors, and they are also easier to update. Pictures and videos can be taken easily, and inserted into a checklist.

By attaching QR Code labels or near-field communications (NFC) tags to each piece of equipment and associating them with related documents in advance, users need only to scan the code label or tag with the tablet to view all the associated documents while performing a patrol. Auxiliary functions that issue alerts for abnormal readings are also provided.

The checklists and related documents can also be downloaded from a server and saved on the tablet, so Field Assistant R2.02 can be easily used in places where there is no internet access.

2. Data linkage with Operations Management package
Data accessed using Field Assistant R2.02 can be linked with the data that is recorded and managed using the OpreX Operational Risk Management: Operations Management software package. The Operations Management software assists plant operations and management personnel by facilitating the sharing of information on areas such as unusual events, work progress, and operation workflows. By digitalising and standardising how this data is handled, this software helps plant personnel carry out their work correctly, safely, and efficiently, and thereby enhances corporate value.

The data linkage between Field Assistant R2.02 and Operations Management allows manufacturing and maintenance personnel to better coordinate their activities. This improves the efficiency of operations management by managing the transfer of work instructions from operators to site personnel. It also helps with producing handover reports and work reports containing pictures or videos taken on site.

* See also our item recently: Entire industrial automation portfolio launched (OpreX™).

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e-Book on robotics published.

Mouser Electronics, has released a new e-book titled Collaborative Robotics, the most recent offering in the Generation Robot series, part of Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together™ program. Featuring a foreword by celebrity engineer and Mouser spokesperson Grant Imahara, Collaborative Robotics features a diverse selection of articles examining the history, design and use of robots, as well as their implications for a variety of industries.

“In the Generation Robot series, Mouser and Grant Imahara answer some of the most pressing questions related to the evolution of collaborative robots,” said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Mouser Electronics. “Robotics will certainly play an increasing role in the future of engineering, but there is still a lot of uncertainty around how we will work with our new robot partners. This new e-book offers fresh perspectives and valuable insights on some of the most interesting aspects of collaborative robotics.”

The new e-book focuses on how collaborative robots (or cobots) interact and coexist with humans as they work side by side. Topics include cobot design, uses in manufacturing and industrial applications, motion control, and artificial intelligence (AI) in future cobot technologies. The new e-book from Mouser also examines the human aspect of collaborative robots, including articles on the social impact of robotics and the importance of safety in robotics design.

The Generation Robot series, hosted by Imahara, features five videos filmed in locations around the world, highlighting the people, companies and machines that are changing how we view and interact with robots. The series showcases everything from robotic theory to real-world robotic use cases that seem like science fiction but are, in reality, a glimpse at how we will navigate in an equally human and robot world. The series is supported by Mouser’s  suppliers Analog Devices, Intel®, Microchip Technology and Molex.
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Gas detection products enhanced!

The latest development in Edinburgh Sensors NG range of gas sensor products, a Boxed Gascard, has been announced.

The Boxed Gascard provides users with access to the Gascard NG range of CO2 detection products in a convenient and robust desktop unit.

Requiring only a suitable power supply and sample gas, the Boxed Gascard provides fast and reliable CO2 concentration data over a wide range of barometric pressures and environmental temperatures. It brings the accuracy and reliability of the Gascard NG gas sensors to the convenience of a desktop instrument.

Suitable for CO2 monitoring in a diverse range of applications, it can be used in the areas of anaerobic digestion monitoring to plant physiology where the carbon dioxide concentration in air-like atmospheres needs to be measured from ppm to tens of percent concentration.

A bit-switch controlled 4-20mA or 0-20mA output is ideally suited for interacting with most data loggers. Alternatively, the optional RS232 interface and NG logger software may be used to log the concentration information onto a PC (with a serial to USB converter) or suitable tablet computer.

A new aluminium enclosure provides an elegant and robust solution to housing the Gascard NG. This also provides a versatile point sensor that may be used in many applications where a sensor is needed to remotely monitor carbon dioxide concentrations.

The heart of the Boxed Gascard is the Gascard which uses a pseudo dual beam NDIR measurement system for increased stability and the reduction of long term drift with minimum optical complexity and no moving parts.

Edinburgh Sensors Sales Manager, Julie McCormick, says "The new Boxed Gascard fills the gap between our fully featured Guardian NG wall mounted gas monitor product and the OEM Gascard NG designed for OEM customers who may wish to incorporate it into their own equipment. The Boxed Gascard now adds a point sensor to the NG range."

• The Boxed Gascard and other products may be seen at the Sensor and Test Exhibition in Nurnberg from 26th-28th June.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Motor performance measured!

Long service motors tested after re-engineering.

Specialist industrial motor manufacturer Solutions Engineering in Stoke on Trent (GB) is able to test the performance of its motors, having built a test station to its own specification based around a piezo electric torque transducer. It manufactures a range of bespoke slip ring motors for driving equipment such as vibrators and pumps, currently in sizes 4kW to 55kW but with plans for larger units in the future.

“Our motors are very robust and are often returned to us after 20 or 30 years arduous service for reengineering,” says MD David Wood. “Because most of our motors are one-offs we couldn’t find an off-the-shelf test rig that met our wide ranging needs so we set about building our own. The mechanical side of the design had to allow for a considerable variation in motor sizes but by using a TorqSense transducer we were able to keep the electrical engineering commendably simple.”

The test load is created using an eddy current brake, which was made by replacing the armature of a DC motor with a solid block, with a large integral cooling fan for thermal management during heavy duty testing. In fact there are two brakes, large and small, which can be easily interchanged to match the motor being tested.

“During tests we vary the load by injecting a field into the brake using a variable output DC drive,” says Wood.

The brake aligns with Sensor Technology's TorqSense, which is mounted on two fixed pedestal bearings, and is connected to its output shaft. The test motor is mounted on a variable height bed and connected via a cardan shaft to the input shaft of the transducer.

TorqSense monitors the torque in a rotating shaft without actually contacting it, thus doing away with slip rings and other delicate components. Instead it uses a radio frequency transmission head to monitor ‘surface affect waves’ which are created by all rotating bodies.

Output signals from TorqSense are fed into a PC for analysis: Engineering Solutions chose - as do most users - to use TorqView, a dedicated software programme which generates a real time visual instrumentation display as well logging the data for later analysis.

TorqView was introduced by Sensor Technology to make the technology as user friendly as possible. It provides fully configurable and scalable graphics modules, so that the information can be presented in a number of different formats including as discrete digital readouts, as analogue dials, as bar graphs, etc. User configurable inputs, such as 4-20mA signals from accelerometers allow complete customisation of TorqView for every application.

Data such as peak values, time-sequenced and time-stamped values, etc, can also be collected and stored in text files or spreadsheets and exported to other programmes for subsequent analysis. Text comments can be incorporated into the data, either using an auto-trigger function or discretely as the user requires.

“TorqSense transducers are the easiest and most reliable way I have found to collect real-time performance data from machine drive shafts,” says Wood. “TorqView’s user friendliness continues this ideal of simplicity. All our engineers and technicians use the test rig with a fluency that is only possible because of the simplicity inherent in every aspect of its design.”

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Mini power interfaces!

Harting has developed a range of miniaturised power interfaces with integrated electro-optical conversion, enabling customers to save time and money by combining electrical connectivity and optical transmission in the same module.

The new interfaces are designed for use with powerful electric drives controlled by IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) semiconductor elements. In order to achieve the necessary galvanic isolation between the controller and driver board, data is transferred via fibre-optic cable. Electric motors with more than 500 kW output, such as those used in ships, trains or pumping stations, use IGBT semiconductors for speed regulation. These can switch large loads using very low control power.

Since insulation and voltage requirements are very high, plastic optical fibres (POF) transmit the signals required for IGBT control. The POF fibres ensure interference-free and galvanically isolated signal transmission.

In order to simplify the connection of POF fibres, as well as saving space on the controller board and reducing downtime during service, Harting has integrated the electro-optical conversion process into application-specific connectors.

For traction control on trains, a solution for up to 16 optical channels is available in a DIN D20 metal housing. In harsh industrial environments, a Han 10A housing variant with IP 65/67 protection offers up to eight channels. The range is completed by a pluggable 8-channel module for direct connection to the circuit board in the switch cabinet.

In all variants, the fibres are connected by means of a metal clip which attaches them without any additional optical contact. In addition to the possibility of field assembly, Harting offers the modules as ready-to-use and tested cable assemblies – a compact, robust and service-friendly solution that provides the user with security and cost advantages.

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Bending beam load cell.

HBM’s new Z6R bending beam load cell has been designed for maximum capacities ranging from 20 to 200 kg. It is outstanding for its extremely robust enclosure, dirt-repellent design, and compatibility with the Z6 load cell. Typical fields of application can be found in the packaging or food-processing industries.

The robust enclosure withstands mechanical stress and is not affected by dirt, humidity, and aggressive media. Owing to its innovative design, without any gaps or edges, the Z6R load cell is easy to clean. Scale manufacturers and system operators, thus, benefit from precise weighing results up to accuracy class C3, even in harsh environments.

The Z6R is mechanically and electrically compatible with the Z6 load cell that was also developed by HBM and has been used in hundreds of thousands of projects throughout the world. Integration with existing systems or replacement of the load cell is easy. Downtime is reduced and production can be made more efficient owing to the Z6R load cell’s compatibility and long service life.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Accelerometer has wide frequency range.

The new MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical System) miniature, single axis, capacitive accelerometers from Kistler,  have been designed for use in applications in automotive, aerospace, rail and other sectors where challenging environmental conditions may be encountered.

The wide frequency range from DC to 2 kHz and high operating temperature of +125°C combined with six measuring ranges from ±2g to ±200g means that the new accelerometers easily meet the demands of a wide variety of applications.

The sensing element and integral signal amplifier are enclosed in a fully hermetic, lightweight, welded titanium housing with integral ground isolation. A choice of industry standard 4-pin connector or an integral PTFE insulated cable both with temperature output for where external signal compensation is needed. The integrated signal amplifier provides a wide range of industry standard output signal options to interface with most current DAQ systems.

A hard anodised plate on the bottom of the sensor provides ground isolation when using adhesive mounting. For more demanding installations, the sensors are supplied with two screw holes with integral isolation inserts to ensure ground isolation in combination with the hard anodized plate.

The new sensor design is optimized for low frequency applications common to Aviation/Aerospace, Automotive, Civil Engineering Structures, Seismic and other R&D studies, especially where very low frequency measurements need to be made accurately, even under varying temperatures in exposed, outdoor environments.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Non-contact water velocity sensor.

A new non-contact surface velocity radar (SVR) sensor that dramatically improves the simplicity and reliability of stream, river and open channel measurements has been launched by OTT Hydromet. Located safely above the water flow, the instrument is protected from the harmful effects of storms and floods, and can be easily integrated into a remote monitoring system.

A number of key features have been incorporated into the SVR 100, some of which are unique. Employing a highly accurate radar for non-contact operation the instrument also includes sensors for detecting potential sources of error. Measurement reliability is validated by meta data from an integrated sensor that detects the effects of bridge vibration from wind or vehicles, and another which monitors the angle of the SVR 100 to the water surface. With IP68 rating, it is extremely rugged and would even survive complete immersion.

Compact and lightweight the SVR 100 is quick and easy to install in unobtrusive locations, with no requirement for staff to enter the water, which saves time and money. Once installed, the SVR 100 operates on extremely low power with no ongoing requirement for calibration or maintenance. The addition of a level sensor and a datalogger enables the onsite computation of discharge, with multiple telemetry options.

The main advantage of the SVR 100 is its ability to measure accurately and reliably across a wide range of conditions, but especially during severe weather when there is a risk of flooding.

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Software update and new person in EMEA!

The second update to the Seeq software application in 2018 has been announced. Thus they are mantaining their plan to provide four new releases each year. Seeq is an advanced analytics solution for engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly wrangle, investigate, and share insights on manufacturing data. Target markets include oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

Seeq also announces their new Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) office will be led by Seeq Managing Director for EMEA Mike Purcell. Mike is a longtime industry veteran who was most recently the Vice President for OSIsoft EMEA, responsible for partners, marketing, and sales in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets. Seeq currently has sales offices across the United States and has direct representation in Europe, as well as resale and services partners on six continents.

“We are excited to announce availability of R20 and expanded sales territories,” says Steve Sliwa, CEO and co-founder of Seeq Corporation. “Together with the new features in Seeq, we are making a more compelling product available to additional customers in Europe.”

Recent releases of Seeq have focused on enabling larger deployments through scalability features in the software by making the Seeq application easier to use. New R20 features include the ability to have live updates to Seeq Topics, which are a way to publish insights from Seeq to other users; expanded machine learning functionality for customers doing predictive analytics with Seeq; and an improved query model for customers bringing in contextual data from SQL-based data sources to provide faster connections to big data sources.

These leading features are in addition to addressing requests from users in the Tools Panel, scripting, and administration capabilities. Finally, Seeq R20 includes new integration support for Inductive Automations’ Ignition SCADA system including integrated display window capabilities.

Ignition is an innovative SCADA platform used in more than 100 countries, and is the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential. Ignition empowers industrial organizations around the world and in virtually every industry, with an outstanding software platform and top-notch support.

"We are very happy to have Seeq’s support for the Ignition platform, which we describe as The New SCADA because it redefines SCADA technology and licensing," notes Don Pearson, chief strategy officer for Inductive Automation. "Many attendees at our annual Ignition Community Conference were very pleased with the flexibility and productivity offered by Seeq."

Seeq and the Ignition SCADA platform, working together, form a great combination, enabling customers to get the best of Ignition’s innovative monitoring and data management platform—as well as Seeq’s rapid, interactive analytics on collected data. Customers can achieve insights to improve production results, a task that was often too time consuming in the past.

• In addition to Inductive Automation, Seeq continues to partner with many leading process automation firms including Emerson Electric, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, and OSIsoft. Seeq also provides support for all leading data historians, making it the most widely accessible and extensively used advanced analytics solution among process manufacturing companies. Supported historians include OSIsoft PI System, GE Proficy, AspenTech IP21, Emerson DeltaV Continuous Historian and Ovation DCS Historian, Honeywell Uniformance PHD Historian, Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Historian, Inductive Automation’s Ignition Historian, DataParc Historian, Aveva’s WonderWare Historian, Citec SCADA, and eDNA Historian—with others in development.

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Entire industrial automation portfolio launched.

OpreX™ is an all-new comprehensive brand for the Yokogawa’s industrial automation (IA) and control business.

The OpreX brand name stands for excellence in the technology and solutions that Yokogawa cultivates through the co-creation of value with its customers, and encompasses the entire range of the company’s IA products, services, and solutions. With the new OpreX brand, Yokogawa will deliver integrated solutions that support a customer’s transformation and growth through the lens of its business needs.

The brand comprises the following five categories:
OpreX Transformation: Comprehensive solutions that take the broad view in driving excellence throughout an enterprise’s business activities, from production through to supply chain optimisation, and risk and business management.
OpreX Control: Reliable control systems that respond quickly to changes in management and operations and establish the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations.
OpreX Measurement: Field instruments and systems that enable high precision measurement, data acquisition, and analysis.
OpreX Execution: Flexible, agile project implementation services, built on a strong global track record
OpreX Lifecyle: Maintenance and development services designed to deliver optimised operations over the entire plant lifecycle whilst working side-by-side with customers.

In the coming months, Yokogawa will be strengthening the product, service, and solution portfolio under the OpreX brand. These represent the company’s integrated approach to industrial automation, and are designed to enable the realisation of Synaptic Business Automation, which is the guiding concept for the Yokogawa IA and control business.

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Learn about Cybersecurity.

The move to using open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP, and web technologies in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and process control networks has begun to expose these systems to the same cyber attacks that have wreaked so much havoc on corporate information systems.

IC-32 Cybersecurity Training Course
30 & 31 July 2018 
Eindhoven (NL)

With the introduction of the new UK HSE Operational Guidance OG-0086, the need to understand the fundamentals of control system security has never been more important. This course provides a detailed look at how the ISA/IEC62443 standards can be used to protect your critical control systems. It is the only ISA/IEC 62443 training with official ISA certification!

It also explores the procedural and technical differences between the security for traditional IT environments and those solutions appropriate for SCADA or plant floor environments.

This course is part the ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Certificate Program.

• See also

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Protection from network-based attacks!

If people, machinery and industrial processes are intelligently linked, these networks are also more susceptible to attack. The Pilz SecurityBridge protects the configurable, safe small controllers PNOZmulti and the automation system PSS 4000 from network-based attacks and unauthorised access. Plant and machinery are thus not only safe, but also secure, which ensures the safety of employees and increases the availability of the machinery.


Safety needs to do both – not only ensure protection for humans and machinery, but also offer the necessary degree of flexibility and availability in the smart factory. This requires a holistic approach in terms of safety & security, which can be supported through hardware solutions such as the Pilz SecurityBridge.

Pilz is expanding its product range with SecurityBridge to include the area of Industrial Security. It  protects the connections between the programming/configuration tools and the hardware controllers from manipulation by detecting unauthorised changes to the automation project, for example. The SecurityBridge acts as a firewall. However, unlike generic firewalls, they do not need complex configuration; thanks to application-specific default settings they are easy to commission using the plug-and-play principle.

As well as benefiting from the security aspect, users also enjoy higher plant availability because only the data that is necessary (authorised configuration and process data) is transmitted.

Pilz will also develop future products from the perspective of security, within a TÜV-certified process in accordance with IEC 62443-4-1. Aspects such as threat scenarios, strengths and weaknesses of protocols or encryption methods are taken into consideration from the outset. The following is true in networked plants: Without security, the machinery safety can also no longer be ensured.

The same applies for both security and safety: To ensure that technical measures can work, these must be accompanied by organisational measures such as handling instructions, procedures and training. The Pilz Academy also offers training courses on the topic of industrial security.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Comprehensively equipped weighing indicators.

Complementing its existing range of sensors for monitoring load, Variohm EuroSensor has added two new weighing indicators that offer OIML and CE approval plus a host of features and options for commercial and industrial weighing applications.

Suiting both scale and process weighing tasks, the new 20i & 22i series can be configured with a choice of 6-digit LCD or LED displays. And, with an auto-switching AC supply or optional battery power for mobile equipment use, maximum durability is ensured with an IP67 rated stainless steel housing and mounting fixtures. A menu driven user interface includes a membrane keypad with 12 numeric keys + 7 functional keys that allow straightforward selection of built-in weighing and counting modes where an Alibi memory retains the last 100k transactions.

As standard, the units offer selectable digital I/O, four dry-relay outputs and two opto-isolated inputs for setpoints and batching. PC or PLC connectivity includes an RS 485 full duplex interface or an optional Ethernet TCP/IP and USB 2.0 board can be specified. Two serial ports also provide printing, networking and other various serial streaming formats. A 20 mA serial port is available for a remote display. The indictors will drive up to 10 x 350 Ω load cells (4 to 6 wires) or up to 20 units of 700 Ω.

The many application configuration possibilities for the 20i and 22i include but are not limited to the following: Custom ticket printing with gross, net and setpoint in a customisable format that can include print time and date, unit ID, and consecutive ticket number; Accumulation where weights are totalled with an armed print function; Batching with up to eight batch steps with latched or continuous outputs for gross, net and delay setpoint. Actions include trip high or low, wait for standstill, print, accumulate and tare; Keyed tare—pre-set tare value can be entered when the gross weight is at zero; Configuration for local/remote where the remote unit displays weight and transmits key press commands to the local unit; User and operator password protection; Audit trail tracking; Time and date.

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Bridging twenty years - a celebration.

Anglia Components and STMicroelectronics have celebrated 20 years of working together with a special event at Tower Bridge, London (GB). STMicroelectronics were Anglia Components first Tier 1 semiconductor franchise and two decades on the relationship is stronger than ever.
Celebrations at Tower Bridge!
Commenting Steve Rawlins, CEO Anglia said “We are thrilled to have been working with ST for 20 years now. They are one of the world’s largest and most innovative semiconductor manufacturers, and signing the franchise was a major step for Anglia at the time. ST is continually bringing fantastic new products to the market, and our FAE team is always excited about the many ways these solutions can really make a difference to customer designs.”

Paul Cihak, Executive VP and General Manager, Sales & Marketing for STMicroelectronics’ EMEA, added “Anglia has been an authorised distributor for STMicroelectronics in the UK since 1998 and I’m incredibly pleased to present Steve and the team at Anglia with an award to recognise the longevity of our working relationship. Anglia continue to lead the field in the UK on project registrations, lines registered, design wins registered, and turning these design wins into revenue and we applaud their success.”

Paul presented Steve, with a special award to mark the momentous milestone at the event at Tower Bridge, where the team from both companies toasted the winning partnership whilst enjoying breath-taking views.

• Anglia stocks a wide range of STMicroelectronics’ semi-conductors. STMicroelectronics provides a comprehensive portfolio of robust 8-bit microcontrollers and high-performance 32-bit ARM-based microcontrollers with a wide range of peripherals. Extensive support through a combination of flexible and powerful development tools, training courses, consultancy and web support, facilitate faster time to market.

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Power solutions manufacturers appoint sales engineer fro Britain.

Powerstax has appointed Martin Langmead as their new Sales Engineer. Martin has had a long and distinguished career designing-in and selling power supplies and has worked for well-known companies including Powerline, XP, Nu Horizons, UR and Xcel Power. He joins Powerstax to focus on growing their British business, focusing particularly on the switched mode ranges of power conversion products.

Martin Langmead
Chief Executive Officer Tim Worley said “Since the retirement of Simon Head, we have been seeking an industry specialist to grow our UK sales and I am delighted to welcome Martin to the Powerstax team and am looking forward to working with him. We seem to have managed to work in the industry for sixty-plus years between us and not worked together, so it’s time to put that right.

“Martin will be based in Chester, giving more face to face access to our customers in the midlands and north of the country, we will continue to service the south from our head office in Essex and Design and Sales Office in Sussex”.

Powerstax designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard, value-added and custom AC and DC power solutions for a broad range of fixed and mobile applications including hot-swap front-end AC-DC bulk power, DC-DC converter bricks and modules and programmable, modular, rack mounted power supplies. Their Drake® range of transformer rectifiers offer output currents to 5,000A and output power up to 1000kVA and beyond. Power solutions are available for harsh (marine, offshore, desert) and hazardous (Zone 1 and Zone 2) environments and can be oil, air or water cooled and can be sealed up to IP65 if the environment dictates with purge and pressure systems and heat exchangers incorporated if required.

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