Friday, October 6, 2017

Connector housings.

Harting has expanded its Han® M range of industrial connector housings with a new series of bulkhead hoods with significantly increased resistance to external influences including dust, dirt and liquids.

The new bulkhead housings meet the requirements of IEC 60529 in protecting interior parts against strong water spray (IP66 degree of protection) and against temporary immersion in water to a depth of one metre (IP67 degree of protection). The special flange of the Han® M die-cast aluminium housing prevents water from penetrating into the connector – thus protecting the contact points inside the connector.

The circumferential collar not only seals the housing externally, but also prevents the seal from slipping inwards or outwards. In addition, the seal is more stable on the new housing than its predecessor: it is able to compensate for unevenness, which increases protection against the penetration of water.

The new housings of the Han® M series complete Harting's housing range in sizes 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B. In addition to offering better protected against external influences, the Han® M provides space savings of almost one-third compared to housings with protection class IP68, which are significantly larger.

Applications of Han® M housings include industrial sectors such as wind turbines, cranes, external switchgear and railways where operational safety needs to be maintained in extreme environments or under adverse weather conditions.

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Automation and electric drive systems pioneer passes!

Günter Baumüller, Managing Director of Baumüller Holding, died on Monday after a short but serious illness, surrounded by his family. He was 77 years old. He was until recently actively involved in the company's activities through his role on the board of advisors, and held honorary positions with numerous committees and trade associations. Under his leadership, the Baumüller firm grew from a local company to a global, independent group of companies. Today, Baumüller employs over 1,800 people. It is based in Nuremberg (D).

His children Karin Baumüller-Söder and Andreas Baumüller have been involved with the group's management as shareholders for many years. Back in 2009, Andreas Baumüller took over responsibility for the entire Baumüller group in his role as managing partner and CEO. Consequently, Günter Baumüller passed overall responsibility to his son many years ago and therefore played an active role on the board of advisors. Together with his sister Karin Baumüller-Söder, Andreas Baumüller is continuing to actively manage and develop the company.

Günter Baumüller was born in 1940 in Nuremberg. He took over the company from his parents in 1973 and expanded it to become one of the leading suppliers of drive and automation systems. Intelligent system solutions for mechanical engineering and e-mobility are developed at six production facilities and over 40 branches worldwide. Günter Baumüller guided the company in the mechanical engineering sector to become one of the world's leading automation partners.

In addition to his official duties, he was also committed to his honorary positions. Günter Baumüller was for many years a director of the Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie. e.V. (ZVEI). It was there that he was awarded the ZVEI's Golden Badge of Honour. He was vice president of the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Middle Franconia. Günter Baumüller also contributed to the establishment of the Mechatronics course at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, and also the Mechatronics Studies and Diploma Prize for particularly outstanding students. Günter Baumüller was an honorary senator at the Technical University of Nuremberg. He was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit and the State Medal for services to Bavarian business.

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Troubleshooting electrical systems safer and more efficiently.

Troubleshooting electrical systems can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous because it requires access to metallic contact points. The new Fluke® T6 Electrical Testers with FieldSense Technology make troubleshooting safer and more efficient by allowing electricians to take simultaneous voltage and current measurements, not just detection, without test leads.
The Fluke T6 testers now make it possible to take reliable true-rms measurements in crowded junction boxes or along conductors with inaccessible end points, saving time, minimising potential errors, and greatly reducing the possibility of arc flash.

With the Fluke T6-600 and T6-1000 testers, electricians can:

  • Be safer: Measure voltage up to 1000V (T6-1000), or 600V (T6-600), through the open fork without test leads or exposed conductors.
  • Be faster: With no need to open panels or remove wire nuts, electricians can speed through troubleshooting.
  • Be more efficient: Simultaneously measure and display voltage and current on the T6-1000 – toggle between readings with the T6-600. The T6-1000 measures resistance up to 100.0 kOhm, (the T6-600 to 1kOhm), and the T6-1000 also measures frequency.
  • Be everywhere: With the widest open fork in the industry, the T6 testers measure up to 11.7mm dia. wires with current up to 200A.

At the heart of the T6 testers is the new Fluke FieldSense Technology that enables the testers to give simultaneous, reliable voltage and current readings, not just simple go/no-go voltage detection.
The rugged testers are 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV safety rated (600V CAT III for the T6-600 model) and feature an easy to read display with a backlight.

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Partnership formalises complementary skill set.

ProComSol has formed strategic and business partnership with Smart Embedded Systems located in Silicon Valley, USA. Smart Embedded Systems (SES) has developed a firmware based HART PSK (9600/1200 BPS) and FSK (1200 BPS) modem to complement their HART 7 compliant communication stack.

According to Jeffrey Dobos, President of ProComSol, Ltd, “Our companies have worked together on a number of projects and it became clear that we have a complementary skill set. A partnership made sense and will provide many benefits to the HART market. SES’s offering of the industry first firmware HART modem combined with certified HART stack will allow the end customers to offer cost effective and full turn-key solutions.”

ProComSol brings over 10 years’ experience developing and marketing HART technology to the process industry. By utilizing this expertise, ProComSol and SES can concentrate on helping customers integrate the stack and modem into their instruments. According to Baldev Krishan Ph.D., CEO of SES, “We are very excited about the opportunity to work with ProComSol as the combined skills and expertise of both companies will bring optimum communication solutions to the process automation industry.”

The SES HART firmware modem (Soft modem) and HART 7 stack help instrument developers in many ways. Benefits include faster development time, lower development cost, smaller component footprint, lower power needs, and easy upgrades.

Additionally, the PSK soft modem communicates at 9600 baud. This is 8 times faster than the traditional 1200 baud FSK HART modem. End users would appreciate faster device commission times, and faster PV and status updates. With the SES Soft Modem, Instrument developers can now easily implement both PSK and FSK communications in the same instrument.

The partnership will allow instrument manufacturers to receive excellent and timely technical support in developing HART capabilities for their instruments.

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Product Manager for industrial gas and semiconductor sectors.

Servomex, the world leader in gas analysis, has appointed Douglas Barth as Senior Global Product Manager, based at the US Technical Center (US TC).

Douglas Barth
Douglas will be responsible for Servomex US TC products in the industrial gas and semiconductor markets, using his extensive knowledge and experience in those sectors to assist customers worldwide with their complex application needs.

He will support the SERVOPRO MonoExact DF150E and MonoExact DF310E, as well as the newly released AquaXact 1688, and will be instrumental in the development and release of future industrial gas analyzer platforms like the SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100.

Speaking about his new role, Douglas said: “I’m ecstatic to join the Servomex team that has been the market leader for many years. We will continue to put the customer first, produce cutting edge technology, and build successful, long-standing global partnerships.”

Douglas joins Servomex from Pall Corporation, where he served as the Strategic Marketing Manager for the Microelectronics Group – Instrumentation Business. He also spent many years in the energy, pharmaceutical and industrial markets, working as an environmental scientist/engineer before transitioning to marketing and sales.

With a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from The Ohio State University, Douglas’s areas of expertise include X-ray Fluorescence, Quantitative Aerosol Generation and Micro-electrical-mechanical Systems (MEMS).

He will report to, and work closely with, Servomex Sector Manager James Belanger, who said: “Douglas brings with him a wealth of application knowledge and experience which will directly benefit customers looking for the right solution for their process.

“This understanding will also help us to continue developing the right products to meet customer needs. We’re delighted to welcome him to the team, and wish him every success in his new role.”

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Finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs quickly!

Ashling Microsystems has just announced a new debug probe for NXP’s SmartMX3 secure microcontroller platform. This high performance probe supports the development of applications and operating-systems for security controller ICs which can involve substantial amounts of complex software.

Ashling’s SmartMRK3-EPK is a USB2.0 based real-time debug probe. It provides engineers developing eGovernment, banking, payment and access management applications with a powerful solution to debug code executing on NXP SmartMX3 P71 security controller ICs. The SmartMRK3-EPK behaves like the target security controller containing the actual ROM-code. It is available with an ISO7816 smart card format interface connection.

SmartMRK3-EPK features:
  • Used with NXP Smart Card Composer IDE - Debug application code executing in real-time in an NXP SmartMX3 P71 device
  • Support for all SmartMX3 P71 family devices - NXP SMD IC device ensures accurate P71 emulation from both a hardware and software perspective
  • Contact and contactless card-reader interfacing - Supports Voltage Classes A, B and C
  • Standalone battery-backed operation

Commenting on the product launch, Hugh O’Keeffe, Engineering Director at Ashling Microsystems, said “SmartMRK3-EPK coupled with NXP’s Smart Card Composer IDE, provides the ability to debug application code executing in real-time and is critical for finding and fixing difficult-to-detect software bugs quickly.”

NXP’s SmartMX3 products build on the proven and reliable IntegralSecurity architecture, which demonstrates worldwide interoperability and standard compliance. The 3rd generation of NXP’s SmartMX microcontroller family delivers exceptionally high security, flexible memory usage, and outstanding performance across all applications.

SmartMX products have been used in more than 100 countries, for EMV payment cards and eGovernment solutions, and more than 6 billion SmartMX ICs have shipped. The SmartMX microcontroller family is the leading choice for secure applications, including ePassports, eIDs, eHealthcards, eDriver’s licenses, access management, and payment.

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Supporting datacentres!

To support the smooth running of data centres, Fluke has developed a web microsite specifically targeting those running and maintaining the infrastructure. The site provides a range of downloadable information for Data Centre Facility Managers, Contractor Services Managers, electrical engineers and UPS, HVAC, mechanical and electrical technicians. Easy contact is made possible with an expert from Fluke who will be able to advise on the best Fluke tool to solve a problem.

Best-in-class tools from Fluke can be relied on to keep data centres running smoothly. Fluke tools can help prevent UPS, HVAC, IT equipment, and generator failure. Downtime can be minimised with planned use of Fluke thermal imagers, battery testers, clamp meters, digital multimeters, and power quality analysers. Whether a member of an in-house maintenance team or a contractor performing maintenance, Fluke has solutions to increase the efficiency of their day-to-day tasks.

The microsite offers downloadable content, including:

  • ‘Data Center Solutions’ – showing a plan of a data centre and suggesting checks that should be made and suitable Fluke tools for carrying out those tasks;
  • ‘Six essential tests to keep your UPS system running’ – describing the regular testing of individual battery cells as well as the UPS system as a whole;
  • ‘Monitoring temperature, humidity and airflow in data centres’ – a US-based application article describing the use of a thermal imager and an airflow meter to monitor the true ambient conditions;
  • ‘Detecting electrical unbalance and overloads’ – describing the use of a thermal imager, power quality and other electrical test tools to monitor and resolve issues.

A wide variety of Fluke test tools including those offering Fluke Connect®, the award-winning software solution that keeps users connected remotely, are covered by the documentation.

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Seminars on Petroleum,Refining,Environmental Monitoring.

The organisers of PEFTEC 2017 (Antwerp, 29-30th November) (B) have published details of a comprehensive series of seminars that will follow the event’s themes of testing, analysis and monitoring in the petrochemical sectors.

Running throughout both days of the event, a program of over 60 seminars will operate from 8 different seminar rooms within the Exhibition hall. The seminars will operate on a walk-in, walk-out basis, offering visitors the opportunity to select the subject matter of greatest interest. The seminars will address an enormous variety of subjects, covering techniques, methods, standards and cases studies in laboratory analysis, process monitoring and environmental monitoring. Abstracts for all of the seminars are available on the website.

Located at the Antwerp Expo in Belgium, PEFTEC 2017 will be situated at the centre of one the world’s largest clusters of petrochemical companies, and will include 4 Conferences focusing on analytical techniques, environmental monitoring, methane measurement and safety issues in hazardous situations.

In addition to the event’s Conferences, Exhibition and Seminars, PEFTEC 2017 will also feature a Poster Display Area in which researchers from both academia and industry will publish the results of their latest work.
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Degree in Process Automation & Instrumentation.

The Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB - IRL) has  just launched a new 3 year Bachelor of Science Degree in Process Instrumentation & Automation under their Learn + Work model. This innovative higher education model combines "off the job" learning at ITB with blocks of work placement. The programme offers students the opportunity to apply their learning and gain valuable experience in the workplace in tandem with their academic studies.

According to Dave Peyton, the programme co-ordinator, this model is designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills required to operate effectively in various technician roles within the process and manufacturing sectors.

The programme was developed in consultation with industry and the content and delivery model are a reflection of the need for work-ready graduates with the relevant attributes as outlined by our industry partners.

"We are currently inviting companies and prospective students to express an interest in the programme and applications are open." says Peyton.

• Full details of this course are available here on the ITB website.

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The ITB Campus

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Message analysis for vehicles.

Anritsu Corporation has launched its V2X 802.11p Evaluation Software MX727000A, the first of its kind solution that supports V2X message analysis for US, EU and Japan vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-roadside (V2X) communications standards.

V2X communications is a critical element in the future of the connected car, with the first IEEE802.11p-compliant V2X services already being deployed in Japan, and the US and Europe rapidly rolling out commercial services. However, each region is using a different V2X standard, requiring automobile, in-vehicle and roadside equipment manufacturers to develop communications equipment supporting different regional standards. This is also coupled with the additional burden on development engineers to search and analyse large volumes of protocol data from V2X systems in order to identify incorrect message definitions.

Anritsu’s MX727000A Evaluation Software overcomes some of these problems by analysing V2X messages without needing to search large amounts of data, leading to improved development efficiency. Testing for all regional standards is supported by just one test platform, eliminating the need to purchase separate measuring instruments for each standard and layer.

The MX727000A PC application software product line is composed of three versions for the US (MX727020A), Europe (MX727030A), and Japan (MX727040A) and can be used in combination with either the Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS269xA or MS2830A to analyse V2X messages captured from in-vehicle and roadside equipment. The Signal Analyzer captures the live V2X messages exchanged between the vehicle and roadside equipment, which are then analysed by the MX727000A software to provide objective evaluation results.

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Open channel flow meter.

The Dynasonics® iSonic 4000 flow meter, an economical solution for a wide range of open channel flow measurement applications, has been introduced by Badger Meter. The new flow meter, unveiled at the WEFTEC 2017 Water Quality Conference & Exhibition in Chicago (2-4 Oct 2017), accurately measures level, flow rate, and total volume of water and other liquids flowing through weirs and flumes.

Open channels are a cost-effective solution for managing varying flow rates in unpressurized systems. However, flow through open channels cannot be measured by many common flow measurement technologies, and converting to a closed, full pipe system can be costly and too restrictive for large flow events.

Cheryl Ades Anspach, marketing manager, Badger Meter, commented, “The iSonic 4000 is an intelligent and versatile ultrasonic meter/controller designed to meet a host of open channel flow measurement requirements. Its unique features and IP67 rating enable reliable performance in challenging outdoor environments. The meter is an effective tool for influent and effluent measurement, flow control and data logging.”

The Dynasonics iSonic 4000 flow meter is well suited for applications ranging from flow into water treatment plants, storm and sanitary sewer systems, and effluent from water resource recovery, to industrial discharge and irrigation channels. It employs a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor to measure the water level in a flume, weir or other channel. The unit is programmed using three front panel push buttons, with the programming menu offering a wide variety of primary flow elements. Based on Manning's equation, the flow rate is determined according to the dimensions, characteristics and water level of the channel. This correspondence between water level and flow rate allows for a cost-effective solution for measuring flow in angular open channels and partially filled pipes, as well as measuring volumetric contents of liquids in tanks.

The iSonic 4000 open channel flow meter easily interfaces with most supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. Simple to install and setup, it sends level, flow rate and total volume information over Modbus RTU. A robust data-logging feature with selectable intervals provides a backup of measurements in case of network outages or reporting lapses.

With an operating temperature range of -4°…140° F (-20°…60° C), the iSonic 4000 can be paired with the Badger Meter BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) software and AquaCUE® Flow Measurement Manager system for use in utilities and water resource management. Although the device normally functions as a flow meter, it can be used for pump control based on the water level to reduce equipment costs. A rugged powder-coated aluminum enclosure protects internal components and extends asset life.

Typical applications for the iSonic 4000 are found in industries such as wastewater effluent, storm water systems, agriculture irrigation, and general process and industrial discharge.

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Veteran in embedded electronics appointed CEO.

Abaco Systems (“Abaco”), a provider of leading-edge rugged, embedded mission-ready systems, today announced the appointment of Rich Sorelle as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Abaco is a portfolio company of Veritas Capital.

Rich Sorelle
“The embedded computing market is at a vibrant and exciting stage,” said Mr. Sorelle. “Over the past two years, Abaco has established itself as a leading, independent provider of advanced computing and radio frequency systems, and I’m excited to help the company enter its next stage of growth and capitalize on the significant opportunities in the market. We will continue to invest in our core offerings and partner with customers to deliver the next generation of capabilities critical to their continued success.”

Mr. Hugh D. Evans, a Managing Partner of Veritas Capital, said, “We are pleased to welcome Rich as Abaco’s new leader, based in Huntsville. Rich’s wide-ranging expertise in the defense electronics markets, proven track record of capturing transformational new program wins, deep relationships with aerospace, defense and government customers, and successful history of new product introductions and operational excellence will advance Abaco’s position in the rapidly accelerating embedded computing market. Rich will drive the Company’s growth and deliver innovative technology solutions to the nation’s most critical programs and systems.”

Mr. Sorelle brings over 30 years of experience as a defense electronics executive across a variety of roles, with deep professional experience in manufacturing, engineering, program management, and business development. He joins Abaco from a 20-year career at ITT/Exelis, where he most recently served as President of the Electronic Systems division. In this role, Mr. Sorelle was responsible for creating and managing a strategic platform focused on Electronic Warfare. Mr. Sorelle started his career at Grumman Corporation, a predecessor of Northrop Grumman, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology.

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Supply and technology partnership announced!

ABB and Northvolt have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a wide-ranging supply and technology partnership, including products and services for Northvolt’s state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery factory and close collaboration on development of battery solutions and R&D activities. ABB Technology Ventures (ATV) will support the initial phase of this project through an early investment.

Northvolt is going to build Europe’s largest and most advanced lithium-ion battery factory in Sweden. Supported by ABB’s industrial automation expertise, integrating robotics, machine and factory automation, electrification and ABB AbilityTM, ABB’s unified, cross-industry digital offering, into one overall solution, the factory will supply European customers in the automotive and key industries with high quality and customizable battery solutions. The factory is expected to start production in 2020. A demonstration-line will be ready by 2019 and will allow Northvolt to continuously optimize products and processes.

“We are excited to support Northvolt’s project to build the battery factory of the future here in one of our home countries”, said ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer. “This uniquely integrated factory would be a true showcase for ABB’s leadership in industrial automation and smart electrification and would help to meet the ever-increasing demand for smarter, greener storage solutions.”

The Energy Revolution has spurred the use of renewable energy sources and lowered the reliance on fossil fuels. Electrification and storage are the keys to a carbon neutral society. The shift to e-mobility alone will drive the need for batteries to new heights. The ability to store energy is also crucial to free the world’s energy generation and distribution from fossil fuels in a phased manner.

“The world is moving quickly towards electrification. We want to enable this transition by building the largest, cutting-edge lithium-ion battery factory on the European continent and producing the world’s greenest batteries. ABB is at the forefront of the electrification, and we are delighted to have them on-board as strategic partner, key supplier and investor”, said Peter Carlsson, CEO of Northvolt.

The products and services that ABB intend to supply include a fully integrated robotics, automation and electrification solution including ABB’s industry-leading distributed control system ABB AbilityTM System 800xA as well as advanced digital solutions such as ABB AbilityTM Manufacturing Operations Management, making this factory a true showcase for Industry 4.0.

Both partners have agreed on a technology collaboration to drive innovation in battery technology in areas such as production platform, cell and module design, and battery performance. The companies intend to have a close collaboration on development of battery solutions for mobile and stationary applications, including the potential sourcing of batteries.

“We see great potential in partnering with Northvolt to develop environmental friendly solutions for utilities, industry as well as infrastructure & transportation. This is a true milestone for us and our customers in our aim for a fossil fuel free society, especially here in Sweden”, says Johan Söderström, MD ABB Sweden.

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Asset Management Solution.

Ashtead Technology has launched a new ‘Asset Management Solution’ for a number of major brands in the occupational safety and environmental monitoring sectors. Under the new scheme, customers with certain emissions monitoring, gas detection and particulate monitoring instruments will be provided with a complete calibration and maintenance service to ensure that their instruments are kept in optimal condition.

“The risks associated with the use of equipment that is out of calibration can be very serious,” explains Ashtead’s Josh Thomas. “Uncalibrated readings are potentially dangerous or can render monitoring data invalid. A planned approach is therefore preferable - the last thing users need is to find that their instruments are out of calibration just when they need to use them.

“With a comprehensive rental fleet of instruments, Ashtead Technology is in the perfect position to provide this asset management service because we have highly trained staff and all the necessary calibration equipment, spares and gases to undertake the work. Our gases include isobutylene, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane. In addition, we are also able to supply instruments from our rental fleet when necessary, so that customers can avoid down-time and enjoy continuous access to accurate and reliable equipment.”

The manufacturers’ products already covered by the scheme include: TSI, Testo, Inficon, RAE and GES, with more brands to be included in the future. Customers with these instruments simply provide a purchase order for individual instruments and the details are then registered on Ashtead’s ERP system, so that an automated email is issued to the customer one month before a calibration/service. A follow-up telephone call from Ashtead then ensures that the instrument is collected in a timely manner. All software and firmware is updated as part of the service, and the objective is to return the fully serviced and calibrated instrument by courier within one week.

Summarising, Josh says: “This service is all about delivering peace of mind; it is quick and easy to set up and once underway, customers can rest assured that their instruments will be maintained effectively without any hassle.”

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