Friday, August 11, 2017

Volume booster used in control & on/off applications plus...!

Unique features enable improved reliability and easier maintenance and commissioning.

ASCO 330 Series volume booster from Emerson can be used in control and on/off applications, and where partial stroke testing is required

This volume booster enables faster process valve opening and closing speeds. The booster can be used in both on/off and control applications and where Partial Stroke Testing (PST) is required. Ideally suited for use in the upstream and downstream oil and gas market, the valve is flexible, robust and highly reliable. Available in stainless steel and aluminium, the booster complements other actuator control products from Emerson. These include switch boxes, solenoid valves, filter regulators and positioners.

Initially launched in ½” and 1” sizes, the 3/3 volume booster has been designed to simplify installation and maintenance tasks. The NAMUR pad mount for the solenoid valve makes the assembly compact and increases response speed. A unique connection option enables the valve to be removed from line without disturbing the pipework, simplifying maintenance and improving mean time to repair (MTTR). A modular inlet filter means that it is not necessary to have a high flow filter regulator upstream of the valve. A compact filter regulator upstream of the solenoid valve is normally sufficient.

The combination of material options, certification and the fact that the booster can be used for on/off or control simplifies engineering, selection and spares holdings. The ASCO booster is SIL3 capable and has a wide range of certification, including ATEX and CUTR. Furthermore, the valve has been designed for use in temperatures from -60°C to +90°C, ensuring compatibility with environments ranging from the Arctic to the desert.

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Evenly-illuminated switch keycaps.

Multitron has announced the ex-stock availability of four ranges of full-face, evenly-illuminated switch keycaps, utilising MENTOR's world-leading Light Guide expertise. The faces of the switch caps are precision-designed area light guides, providing totally homogeneous illumination with no hot-spots, despite using just two SMD LEDs. The majority are available ex-stock and at low MOQs.

The keycaps incorporate a novel 3-part SMD switch design for flexible solutions. The conventional design approach is to specify an "all-in-one" component supplied as a complete illuminated switch assembly. MENTOR's novel solution offers the illuminated cap separately from the switch and LEDs.

This design approach offers almost limitless flexibility in terms of mixing and matching switch cap types to produce complex panels, and the use of RGB LEDs allows an infinite choice of switchable colours from a single illuminated switch.

The Illuminated Switch Caps have been Patented - the ground-breaking design is the result of MENTOR's near 100-year legacy in the manufacture of electronic components, allied with their position as world-leaders in high-precision light guides and optics. A One Minute Video Overview of the product ranges is available.

The four ranges include illuminated switches, illuminated status indicators, “spot” status indicators, low-profile illuminated switches and illuminated switches with text/graphic inserts.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

What is automation?

Do you know that virtually everything we as humans depend on—the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the cars we drive, the electricity we use in our homes and so on—is made possible through automated processes and the skills and knowledge of automation professionals? It’s true.

And beyond meeting our fundamental needs and providing the core resources of modern society, advances in automation technologies and methodologies enable scientists and other researchers to explore previously uncharted territories and extend the boundaries of progress.
This new introductory video, developed by the Automation Federation, founded by the International  Society of Automation, explains automation in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The video also showcases some of the many rewarding career opportunities available in the automation field and features excerpts from practicing automation professionals.

The video can serve as a great resource to share with the younger generation, particularly those in middle and high schools who are exploring potential career paths. It can also serve as a resource for those individuals looking to transition into a new field.

The video is available for use at local career fairs and school science festivals and competitions. Help young people recognize the joys of STEM-focused learning and the value and potential of a career in automation and engineering.

• Automation professionals network in Ireland through the ISA Ireland Section.

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Leading the IPC global market.

Twenty-five years since its inception, Advantech has become a leader in the global IPC (Industrial PC) market. During this period, the company has created a solid base to remain the key player within this sector, holding a 30% market share of the global industrial PC market.
The company offers a comprehensive IPC product range that delivers reliability and stability for extreme environments, providing its customers with a one-stop shopping experience implementing Industry 4.0 and fulfilling their Industrial IoT needs. Industrial PC’s of Advantech enabling Industry 4.0 by integrating the latest Automation and Cloud Technologies into smart factory solutions in the six dimensions of machine automation, machine monitoring and predictive maintenance, MES integration and production traceability, factory energy management, factory environment monitoring, and equipment monitoring and optimization.

Proof of this role as key-player in the IPC market came from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA). In cooperation with BusinessNext and Interbrand they issue the annual Top Taiwan Global Brands Survey, rewarding Advantech with a 10th place in the just-released 2008 Top Taiwan Global Brands survey, with a brand value of US$299 million. The company was also recognized for its six straight years of steady brand value growth, evidence of increasing global image stature, and stronger brand competitiveness. The jury praised Advantech also for its shifting directions from a “product-oriented” approach to a “service-oriented” business development strategy. Recognition was also given to its global footprint: the company is present in 18 countries and 39 cities to facilitate the speediest time-to-market services and support to its clients around the world.

Advantech has become renowned for its innovative design and the adoption of future-proof technology. In keeping up with the recent trends of miniaturization and modularization, the company has departed from conventional concepts to develop revolutionary IPC designs that offer flexible installation and high expandability.

It offers customized configuration for every platform. Organization’s configure-to-order services (CTOS) include web-based purchasing, standardized manufacturing, integrated professional testing, and global delivery services allow system integrators and end-device customers to customize product in response to changing market trends.

Global leaderships need to be supported by global service. Advantech has established branch offices and service centers in major regional markets throughout the world in order to provide just-in-time services locally. Thus, requests for device maintenance and component delivery can be easily satisfied worldwide.

To meet the demands of a fast-growing knowledge economy, Advantech is introducing an Open Business Model to determine its future organizational and operational direction, and will continue to drive its core business growth engine to further advance its established leadership in the IPC and Industrial IoT markets.

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CPD-accredited webinars.

Fluke is running a series of free, scheduled, CPD-accredited webinars throughout 2017.

‘Detecting Electrical Energy Loss Using Thermal Imaging’ (suitable for Electricians, Electrical Contractors, Electrical Engineers, Plant Maintenance Facility Managers, and Energy Managers);
These webinars focus on the use of thermal imagers to detect electrical energy loss. The content covers fault finding in electrical equipment such as cables, connections, fuses, breakers, transformers, motors, etc., which can be associated with abnormal electrical energy losses. During the webcast, participants will gain a good introduction to the possibilities of using thermal imagers to find faults in loaded electrical equipment without disturbing production. The webinars are not intended as a full training package and are suitable for personnel with entry-level to intermediate knowledge of thermal imaging.

‘Power Quality – The Good, The Bad and How to Measure’ (suitable for Electrical Engineers, Plant Maintenance Facility Managers, and Energy Managers).
These webinars will look at what power quality is and what it looks like in real situations. Included is a brief overview of some regulations and norms attached to that quality. The webinar focuses on measurement of the relevant parameters, what needs to be measured, with which type of instrument and for how long. The most important step then is correlating the measurements taken to the symptoms and anomalies of power quality. During the webinar, participants will gain an understanding of the implications of poor power quality and how to measure and identify power quality parameters effectively.

Each 45 minute webinar concludes with a 15 minute Q&A session.  The repeated schedule of dates and the means to apply can be found on the site.

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Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer options.

Two new options for Anritsu's Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer MS2850A have been added to support high speed transfer of captured waveform data to an external computer for post processing and analysis. Combined with the 1-GHz capture and analysis bandwidth, the options expand the capability of the MS2850A to address the needs of emerging wireless networks, including 5G, where experimental and prototype waveforms are being analyzed using simulation and analysis software.
With the new options, the MS2850A provide engineers developing 5G terminals, broadcast satellite communications, wireless communications equipment, and broadband wireless communication systems with a cost-efficient solution to comprehensively verify their high-speed designs. The new options install free software in the external PC to control the MS2850A, and transfer data captured by the MS2850A high-speed over a dedicated USB3.0/PCIe data-transfer interface. The MS2850A-053 option provides a PCIe Gen2 x8 connector to support high-speed external PCIe interfaces, while the MS2850A-054 option utilizes a type-B connector for testing high-speed data transfer from external USB interfaces via USB3.0. These enable data transfer speeds up to 100 times faster than conventional Ethernet ports, cutting the data transfer waiting time from 20 minutes to less than 10 seconds.

In addition to the 1-GHz analysis bandwidth, the Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer MS2850A has up to 32 GB of built-in waveform capture memory, wide measurement dynamic range of >140 dB and high flatness performance. Two models – with frequency coverage up to 32 GHz and 44.5 GHz, respectively – are available, each with the noise figure (NF) and phase noise performance required for 5G testing.

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Rásaí Ros a'Mhíl 2017!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PPE Regulation Certification.

One of the first British companies to achieve Module B Certification from the BSI (British Standards Institution) is Scott Safety. This follows the PPE Directive 89/686EEC being updated with the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 in April 2017.
Mark Saxon, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Scott Safety, commented: “Scott Safety products protect thousands of individuals each day, therefore ensuring that our products are tested and meet the new PPE Regulation ahead of the deadline is vital. We’re really proud to be one of the first UK companies to achieve PPE Regulation Module B; it’s always great to be recognised for our high standards and rigorous testing processes.”

From 21st April 2018, the current PPE Directive, which hasn’t been updated for over twenty years, will be replaced with (EU) 2016/425, meaning manufacturers, importers and distributors will need to ensure any new PPE product approved after the 21st April 2018 that is produced, imported or sold in the EU meets the new Regulation. All existing PPE product approved to the PPE Directive must be transitioned to the new PPE Regulation and have Module B certification in place by 21st April 2019 to be able to continue manufacturing/shipping into the EU.

As the BSI was the first British organisation to become appointed as a Notified Body to the new PPE Regulation, it has the authority to issue post-dated Model B certificates to certain manufactures to help them prepare for the change over next year. Scott Safety was among a handful of companies that were awarded with these certificates due to its continuous commitment to product safety.

Key changes to the updated PPE Regulation include:
-Specific scope and exclusions
-Now has provisions for distributers and importers
-Changes to module names
-Changes to product categorisation; life jackets and hearing protection to Category 3
-Bespoke PPE covered by the Regulation
-Declaration of Conformity (or web link) needs to be available with each product
-5 year validity for EU Type Examination certificates

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Quick rehabilitation of drainage pipes.

Many Irish drivers are familiar with the English Motorway M6 which they drive on after they leave the A5 on towards Birmingham and join the M1 to London. 
In a project designed to alleviate traffic congestion on the M6, Sapphire Utility Solutions has dramatically reduced the time required to rehabilitate drainage pipes by employing a method that was originally developed for the wastewater sector. The technique, which re-lines pipes using an ultra-violet light curing method, is twice as fast as the traditional hot water/steam curing method and the finished product is more than five times stronger than traditional techniques.

Technical and Innovation Manager Stuart Ashton says: “Cure in place methods are much faster than dig and replace, and the UV curing method offers further considerable advantages over those that involve water. The speed with which we are able to fit an extremely robust and reliable lining is obviously a major advantage. However, there are huge environmental benefits because the new method does not produce contaminated curing water and does not involve large fossil fuel burning boilers and plant.

“In the past, this water would have contained organic chemicals from the process, and as such would have had to be removed. In contrast, the UV method is much simpler and does not produce any environmental contamination.”

Sapphire Utility Solutions is working as a sub-contractor for a Carillion Kier Joint Venture which is one of three delivery partners for the Highways England Smart Motorway Programme that includes a range of smart motorway technologies including the testing of All Lane Running and Advanced Directional Signage. Sapphire’s work on the M6, between junction 16 near Crewe and junction 19 near Knutsford, began in February 2017 and Stuart estimates that it will be completed as early as October 2017.

All Lane Running will operate for 30km between J16 and J19, which has meant that the hard shoulder will become a permanent running lane. As a result, there will be four running lanes in each direction and the former hard shoulder will be subjected to much higher levels of heavy traffic, so the underlying drains are being fitted with a fibreglass lining that is both rigid and extremely strong.

The alternative to re-lining would have been pipeline replacement, but Stuart says: “If ‘dig and replace’ had been chosen, the project would have taken an extra year; delaying the benefits of All Lane Running and significantly extending traffic disruption during the project.”

The liner employed by Sapphire Utility Solutions consists of fibreglass, a polyester resin and a UV actuator. After exposing the actuator to UV light an exothermic reaction causes the resin to set hard. The liner is therefore delivered to site in lengths of up to 300 meters inside a bag that protects it from natural UV light. The liner is drawn into the pipe with the bag still in place, and the liner is inflated to fit tightly inside the original pipe. A UV light train is then pulled though the liner to initiate the curing process. The curing time is dependent upon the diameter of the pipe but a typical 300mm (12”) diameter pipe cures at a rate of 1.5 metres per minute. The lining is then fully cured, providing a rigid, durable pipe with a design life of 70 years. Once the lining is in place Sapphire employs robotic cutting techniques to open lateral connections.

The UV curing process involves a high degree of quality control and traceability. “The liner is delivered in a temperature-controlled vehicle by the manufacturer in Germany, and the batch details along with records of the pressure, temperature and the speed of the light train are all logged,” adds Stuart. “Samples are cut and tested to specification, and the client is supplied with a copy of the data.”

Looking forward, Stuart Ashton says: “Sapphire Utility Solutions has previously employed UV-cure pipe lining in the water industry, but the M6 project is the first time that we have utilised this technology in the highways sector. Considering the major advantages of this technique we believe that it will become the preferred method on future projects.”

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Monitoring sulfur dioxide.

As part of its comprehensive emissions monitoring analyser range, Servomex offers the SERVOPRO SO2, an analyser that uses pulsed Ultraviolet (UV) Fluorescence technology to deliver a reliable, continuous measurement of ultra-low sulfur dioxide in emissions and ambient air.
The analyser’s measurement is based upon UV radiation of the sulfur dioxide molecule using light in the range of 190-230 nm. The molecule absorbs the light into an excited state and then decays back down to the ground state, where a photomultiplier tube (PMT) converts the signal into SO2 concentration.

To prevent interference and quenching from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) such as naphthalene, the SERVOPRO SO2 is fitted with a “kicker” to remove them from the sample before analysis, ensuring a reliable, accurate reading.

The analyser is designed to slot seamlessly into analyser racks, making it easy to integrate with existing emissions monitoring systems, and offers comprehensive data logging and remote viewing of more than 200 operational parameters.

The operational status of the analyser can be seen at a glance thanks to an instant-response lighting system.

Barbara Marshik, Servomex’s Market Segment Manager – Power, said: “The SERVOPRO SO2 is designed for ultra-low SO2 emissions monitoring, delivering superior performance for a low cost of ownership. It uses proven technology to deliver a continuous measurement you can rely on.”

The SERVOPRO SO2 is part of Servomex’s emissions monitoring analyzer range set to meet the lower regulatory requirements, joining the SERVOPRO NOx, which uses Chemiluminescence Detection, the heated-oven, Flame Ionization Detection-based HFID, and the SERVOPRO 4900 multi-gas analyzer to offer a comprehensive solution for the monitoring of NO, NO2, NOx, O2, SO2, methane, total hydrocarbons, and non-methane hydrocarbons in a diverse range of industrial and vehicle applications.

IoT/M2M for systems integrators.

LPRS CS have identified systems integrators and service providers as having the greatest opportunity of all company types to deploy, use and generate revenue from IoT/M2M applications. They are the feet-on-the-street with first-hand knowledge of the end use requirements, applications and end users and can therefore leverage this technology to the benefit of all.
Whether they deploy wireless sensors to monitor critical assets that would have previously not been monitored at all or enable end users to gain higher efficiencies by utilising their workforce to attend to priority tasks rather than mundane and often-not-needed routine tasks, the opportunities to add value, differentiate and ultimately add to their bottom line through more sales and/or less cost, is infinite.

Of course there are challenges to overcome for any potential user of this technology.

  • What wireless technology should I use and how can it help me?
  • What type of expertise do I need in house to design and develop such a solution?
  • What back office system should I use?
  • How much will it all cost and how long will it take?
  • What is my Return on Investment (ROI) likely to be?

“We are asked these questions over and over again and so decided to provide a flexible end-to-end solution which can be rolled out quickly and without having to find individual partners for sensors, secure cloud services and control and monitoring software,” comments Nick Pummel, Managing Director of LPRS CS. “This is exactly the same process which led us nearly twenty years ago to create our easyRadio range of out-of-the-box wireless transceivers which still lead the market with easy to use wireless connectivity”

With the bewildering array of products and services being offered from a stand-alone wireless sensor to cloud connected platforms the complexity of assembling a complete system can be daunting. LPRS Connected Solutions (LPRS CS) can now offer a complete package.

Pummel continues, “We believe that IoT should be easy and joined-up and our consultative approach allows customers to prove system concept, refine system elements and deploy without a long design cycle or large initial investment for design and development of hardware and back office systems.”

LPRS CS offers customers a white label (brand-able) one-stop-shop, providing wireless sensor hardware, connectivity and web-based back office, as one simple cost. Their cloud based solution is infinitely scalable and quick to deploy with no long periods between proof of concept and final roll out.

This gives systems integrators and service providers a great opportunity to move into using IoT technology without having to have the in house knowledge of electronics, wireless, cloud computing and more, ultimately meaning more profit for the customer.

The LPRS CS proprietary cloud platform provides secure web-browser access, infinite hierarchal login’s for flexible customer use, an easy-to-use reporting system, a user configurable alerting engine and is secure and scalable.

Typical applications include medical refrigeration monitoring, room temperature monitoring, museum and leisure temperature monitoring, facilities management (monitoring for Legionella and other potential hazards) and in home telehealth.

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Optimising prototyping & manufacturing processes.

Protoduction Inc., a product design and manufacturing company, has selected Aegis’ FactoryLogix platform to streamline and optimize its prototyping and manufacturing processes to ensure the highest level of quality while accelerating time to market

Paul Skehan
, President at Protoduction, states that “Many of our customers outsource because they are looking for a more collaborative design and manufacturing approach. What sets Protoduction apart is our ability to apply the controls of a larger supplier with the speed and flexibility of a smaller operation. The FactoryLogix platform provides us with a feature-rich foundation, out-of-the-box, that can be easily adapted as needed. FactoryLogix’s configuration capabilities provide us the flexibility to create a compelling competitive advantage for our company. By incorporating industry best practices all on a single end-to-end platform, FactoryLogix eliminates the need for disparate systems enabling us to reduce costs, improve quality, drive transparency, and speed development for our customers.”

Protoduction’s proprietary process, “Concept 2 Reality”, bridges the gap between design engineering and manufacturing, providing customers with a consultative approach to product development. A detailed understanding of challenges that commonly arise during production allows Protoduction to design and build prototypes that avert these potential conflicts when the product reaches that stage. The company’s focus includes medical device prototyping and helping customers ensure that the proper controls are used throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Aegis’ FactoryLogix MES guides and monitors the new product introduction (NPI) process, enabling the fastest launch to production while ensuring quality control. The software’s digital work instructions and user-defined process modeling allow for improved efficiency and reduced risk.

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Accompaning customers on the path to digitalisation!

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has huge potential: predictive maintenance, asset information management and device configuration are just some examples of the opportunities digitalization has in store for companies. Endress+Hauser is driving IIoT forward through innovative products and solutions as well as by working with partners. This dedication has been proven twice – winning the Digital Champion Award and presenting a new digital platform at the German Digital Summit. (June 2017).
--> A platform for Industry 4.0 in chemistry: together with BASF, SAP, Pepperl+Fuchs and SAMSON, Endress+Hauser presented the opportunities of digitalisation to German Head of Government, Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The advantages of digitalization in the process industry can already be seen clearly. Increased networking opens up new opportunities in process optimization and increases plant efficiency. Endress+Hauser is therefore constantly increasing its offer of products, solutions and services in order to increase customers’ productivity and system availability while expanding competitiveness.

Digital Champion 2017: one step ahead with innovative sensor technology
With Memosens, Endress+Hauser introduced a pioneering sensor technology for liquid analysis in various industries such as chemical, power & energy, food & beverage and water & wastewater over 10 years ago. Memosens sensors measure the pH-value in liquids, for example, and transform it into a digital signal while still in the sensor. The data is then passed on via a contactless system and provides extremely accurate, reproducible and reliable measurement results. Furthermore, the technology combines high process and data security with simple handling: it can withstand corrosion and moisture, can be calibrated in the laboratory and enables predictive maintenance.

Memosens was presented with the Digital Champion Award in the category Digital Products and Services in June 2017. The award is a joint initiative of the German telecommunications provider Telekom and the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, which was set up in 2016 with the aim of awarding prizes to significant projects by medium-sized companies.

Endress+Hauser at the Digital Summit
Endress+Hauser also demonstrates its commitment through its work with partners: the company created a platform through which data can be exchanged together with BASF, SAP, Pepperl+Fuchs and SAMSON. This was presented for the first time at the Digital Summit of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology. The event took place in June 2017 in the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region and saw over 1000 participants, including the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel.

The platform enables new forms of data-based cooperation. The effectiveness and efficiency in chemical production can be increased significantly, allowing new business models to be created. The ability to gather data on the condition of devices and components and exchanging this data with all those involved with the process helps determine maintenance requirements, plan maintenance work more efficiently and reduce plant shutdowns.

Subsidiary for IIoT activities
Endress+Hauser has combined its activities for IIoT in a subsidiary in Freiburg, Germany, in order to meet the high pressures of digitalization. Here, specialists work exclusively on products, solutions and services for digitalized plants. These include customized cloud solutions, for example, which utilize specific data from production processes and increase efficiency, as well as services for the plant’s entire life cycle.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Automatic synchronisation.

Emerson’s AMS Trex™ Device Communicator adds new enhancements that improve response time to operational changes through best-in-class visibility of field changes. Auto Sync technology makes AMS Trex the first handheld communicator to automatically synchronise field data with a facility’s AMS Device Manager database. By connecting field data with decision-makers, maintenance and operations personnel will now have even faster access to field changes and an accurate audit trail for compliance and analysis requirements.

“The AMS Trex communicator delivers a solution where AMS Device Manager and handheld communicators work together in harmony to ensure hands-off documentation of all device changes,” 
said Pat Fitzgerald, vice president for Emerson’s Reliability Solutions business. “Shop supervisors can easily maintain integrity of the asset database, helping management maintain compliance and trust the integrity of their data."

Before the AMS Trex, when changes happened in the field, information about those changes was often incomplete, inaccurate, or delayed. The communicator eliminates this risk of inaccurate data, by logging and timestamping all changes as they occur. With the resulting audit trail, organisations know not only what was changed, but when and by what device, simplifying change-related troubleshooting and providing easily accessible data for compliance audits.

Even if a technician is servicing a stranded device far from the asset database server or in a Wi-Fi dead zone, changes are cached locally on the communicator and uploaded as soon as the handheld automatically connects with the system, either wirelessly, or via USB cable connection.

The AMS Trex communicator, part of Emerson’s Always Mobile portfolio, harnesses the power of the Industrial IoT (IIoT) to deliver the data personnel need to improve maintenance efficiency and plant reliability, from wherever they work. With Auto Sync, shop supervisors don’t have to waste time tracking down individual units to verify that device changes have been uploaded to the database. Instead, the communicators can stay with the technicians, improving their efficiency. In addition, new field devices are captured on the device communicator and will automatically populate in the asset database.

Their Always Mobile portfolio is a fundamental component of the Plantweb™ digital ecosystem, enabling professionals access to role-based tools, analytics and dashboards anywhere, anytime, extending the reach of IIoT across the plant and beyond.

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Safety handling asbestos!

Scott Safety enhances its Phantom Vision power assisted respirator using proven modern technology offering an improved user experience. Delivering clean filtered air in accordance with the latest European best practice for asbestos removal, Phantom Vision provides a virtually unrestricted field of view, simplified decontamination, cleaning and maintenance, and low through life costs.

Mark Andrews, Product Line Manager at Scott Safety, said: “Asbestos removal work environments can be hazardous and harsh. Our aim is to develop solutions that prioritise the user’s safety and protection with systems that workers can rely on. The Phantom Vision is just that, a system that provides improved user experience, during the challenging process of asbestos removal.

“We have updated the Scott Safety Phantom Vision powered air respirator with this in mind. It is a lightweight solution that will help make a very hard job, more manageable.”

Water exposure is an inherent risk in asbestos environments as water is used to damp down dust and fibres to reduce airborne concentrations and in the process of decontamination. Powered air respirators by nature need power, and as electronics and water don’t mix well, a water resistant product is needed: In addition to its potted motor to stop water ingress, Phantom Vision’s key electrical components are also coated with high quality metal, increasing the solutions robustness and further protecting the electronics. A further welcome enhancement is a waterproof switch at the mask for ease of operation.

Key features of the Phantom Vision include:

  • -Designed in extensive consultation with Powered RPE users
  • -Lightweight and provides great visibility
  • -Water resistant components
  • -Optimised electronics, motor and battery for increased durability and reliability
  • -Simplified maintenance and intuitive re-assembly between uses
  • -Available in three sizes to suit the widest range of users

Phantom Vision will provide greater comfort and ease of operation for users in applications requiring powered air respiratory protection EN12942 TM3 approval.

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Best pharma solutions!

For the second time, Werum IT Solutions has been presented the Asian Manufacturing Award in the “Best Pharma Solutions Provider” category. With this award, the jury of experts honors the technological development, product innovation and expert service of Werum’s Manufacturing IT solutions in the pharma and biotech industry across Asia.

David Margetts, Werum IT
Solutions receives the Award
“We are proud that we have received the Asian Manufacturing Award for a second time after our success in 2016,” says Rüdiger Schlierenkämper, Managing Director at Werum IT Solutions GmbH. “Our products and our comprehensive range of services help our customers in the pharma and biotech industry to improve and to digitize their processes. It is our goal to be regarded as the partner of our customers on their way towards Pharma 4.0. We see this approach confirmed by the success achieved up to now and, in particular, by winning the award again.”

David Margetts, Managing Director at Werum IT Solutions Ltd., Thailand, who received the Asian Manufacturing Award at a gala ceremony in Singapore, adds: “During the last year, we have steadily strengthened our MES team in Asia with new local offices and teams, rapid expansion of our Asian hub and through the extension of our regional Service Desk. To receive the AMA award again from our customers is a fantastic achievement reward for our entire team and headquarters. We would like to thank all of our customers, partners and employees for their valued contributions – this award further motivates us towards even greater success.”

The Asian Manufacturing Award honours control, instrumentation, and automation product manufacturers and service providers who have delivered the best solutions to address today’s engineering and manufacturing challenges. First held in 2012, the annual competition is organized by Contineo Media, publisher of high-circulation Asian trade magazines such as Pharma Asia and Control Engineering Asia.

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A strong team for IT infrastructures.

Rittal is expanding its global sales and distribution network by forging a partnership with ALSO Germany, an ICT and consumer electronics distributor. ALSO is broadening its portfolio to include over 500 Rittal products and IT components, and will make these solutions available to its resellers.

Andrew Grace
Effective immediately, ALSO Germany is offering its customers Rittal IT components and products for energy-efficient data centres. The two enterprises have agreed a strategic channel partnership.

The new alliance gives Germany-based solution providers and systems integrators access to a comprehensive portfolio of standardised IT products and components – enabling the rapid and efficient construction of data centres.

For Rittal, projects managed via channel partners complement the activities of its direct sales organisation. In future, the two approaches will be maintained and managed in parallel.

For ALSO Germany, the partnership is an opportunity to enrich its offering, and provide even better support to its customers for the construction of state-of-the-art data centres. The products available from Rittal include IT racks, Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in network and server enclosures, and monitoring systems – plus climate control products, such as refrigerant-based Liquid Cooling Packages (LCPs), which efficiently cool racks and save space. Rittal also offers physical security solutions, such as its highly secure Micro Data Center, in line with customers’ specific needs.

Simone Blome
Andrew Grace, Head of Channel Management at Rittal, explains: “The alliance lets us directly and proactively address the IT equipment resale market in Germany. Specifically, our partnership with ALSO Germany gives service providers and system integrators one-stop access to the expertise and solutions they need to implement IT infrastructures to quickly meet demand for efficient, high-availability IT systems.”

Simone Blome, Chief Customer Officer Solutions, at ALSO Germany, underscores: “Our partnership with Rittal will enable us to complete customer-specific projects to outstanding quality standards. This is essential, as new technologies and growing uptime expectations make data centres increasingly complex. By collaborating with expert project partners such as Rittal it is possible to implement made-to-measure, cost-effective IT infrastructures.”

Rittal established partnerships with ALSO Switzerland and ALSO Finland in early 2017.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Waterproof connector for telemetry system.

A British manufacturer of remote water monitoring and control systems for irrigation, drainage systems, and data loggers has been supplied with SMA Interface waterproof adaptors, from Intelliconnect. They are required for an RF telemetry system to provide feedback of the status and situation of their monitoring equipment. System sensors and controls are frequently installed in boreholes and often subject to immersion under flood conditions and needed to operate reliably under these extreme conditions.

The Intelliconnect SMA Interface waterproof adaptors were supplied to connect to a GPS antenna with a second SMA Interface required for an RF transmission antenna providing information on location and system status.

Internal connections were made via an MCX cable link allowing for ease of equipment installation and assembly and the possibility to upgrade or replace internal components when necessary. The external connector was required to be sealed to IP68 and additional unused connectors fitted with blanking caps were installed in the system to allow for future upgrades including activation of GPS.

“The end equipment can be installed in boreholes which are prone to flooding and silting up”, comments Roy Philips, Managing Director for Intelliconnect. “We were asked to provide a competitively priced connector featuring ease of assembly, offering provision for possible future upgrades and which had to work reliably in aggressive environmental conditions including a very wide temperature range and the presence of contaminants.”

Working closely with the customer to ensure all of the performance requirements could be met Intelliconnect supplied a standard SMA/MCX waterproof adaptor with a custom cable assembly and a disposable dust cap that offered environmental protection of any unused connections whilst installed in situ.

Using a standard SMA/MCX waterproof adaptor allowed the customer’s prototype designs to be quickly evaluated using samples held in stock. Prototypes and qualification samples were provided over a two year development programme for the monitoring system which is now in full production.

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