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Turning a neat thread.

Automatic dimension measurement boosts quality at volume turned-parts manufacturer.

BMI Engineering, one of Britain's leading high volume turned-parts manufacturers, has upgraded its quality department with the addition of an IM Series image dimension measuring system from Keyence. The system has not only saved time spent using laborious shadowgraph technology, but has also negated any potential for customer disputes regarding dimension measurement.

Based at Halesowen in the West Midlands (GB), BMI Engineering is today a rare breed of British manufacturer. In an era when most volume machining takes place in low cost economies in the Far East, BMI is bucking the trend. With 26 multi-spindle automatic lathes on site and five CNC turning centres, the company is a leader in the supply of repeat turned parts in the country, predominantly to the automotive sector, but also to industries such as gas fitting, heating, plumbing, railway and agriculture.

“Acquiring the Keyence IM was part of moving our quality effort forward,” states Chris Peare, Quality Manager at BMI Engineering. “We manufacture turned parts for numerous automotive tier one supply chain companies and one or two were nudging us in the direction of more automatic measurement capability.”

BMI, a 30-employee company first established in 1975, was previously using time-consuming shadowgraph technology to measure its parts, a process not befitting the fast-paced markets that the company served.

“If we measure a turned part on the IM, and it’s correct, the customer has no come-back whatsoever,” says Mr Peare. “Each measurement is recorded and documented, and can be repeated time after time. Furthermore, it’s no problem if the customer wants full PPAP (production part approval process), CpK or SPC. We simply print off the required graphs and information ready to send with the other paperwork metrics. All of this is invaluable to a company such as ours as we export around 65% of our output.”

When mulling over the idea of an image measurement system, Mr Peare received, by chance, a mailshot regarding the Keyence IM Series. After expressing his interest, Keyence visited BMI and performed a demonstration. Suitably impressed, the IM was installed in September 2013.

BMI works to typical tolerances of ±0.025 mm and performs random sample inspections. Turned automotive parts produced on the company’s multi-spindle automatics, along with other components such as plugs (headed and recessed), pipe fittings and special fasteners, measure up to 57 mm diameter, while parts produced on the turning centres can be larger, up to 80 mm. Maximum length is around 120 mm. According to Mr Peare, long parts are no problem for the IM Series thanks to Keyence’s image stitching technology.

Typical features on parts such as plug-type adaptors and fluid fittings include undercuts and threads. The measurement of threads is particularly tricky for many technologies and, as a result, most machine shops prefer to use gauges. However, this is not the case where a Keyence IM Series is installed.

“We can checks thread flanks and pitches – metric and imperial – with no problem whatsoever,” says Mr Peare. “In fact, we even use the IM to check our thread gauges.”

The ability to load multiple parts on the IM Series is also seen as a huge advantage to this ISO9001 accredited business, where many of the turned components are relatively small. It’s not unusual for the quality department to load up to six parts simultaneously on the IM. Needless to say, this presents considerable time savings.

The IM Series image dimension measurement system reliably measures features almost instantaneously. Simply place a target on the stage and press the button. Up to 99 geometries are measured in a matter of seconds with a repeatability of ±1 micron. Targets are found and measured regardless of their position or orientation, and there is no risk of measurements being affected by variations in operator skill levels. Thanks to the Keyence iPASS shape detection method, the system determines the position and angle of targets, making measurements fully automatic.

Beyond the quality department, the benefits of the Keyence IM extend to the shop floor. For instance, if a machine setter is struggling with a particular thread, the IM will reveal in an instant what is wrong so that the variation can be quickly identified on the multi-spindle automatic. Compare this to performing laborious point-to-point measurement on a shadowgraph, and the savings in downtime are clear to see.

“Since it was installed the IM Series has been kept extremely busy, there’s always someone on the machine,” concludes Mr Peare. “Thankfully, it’s been extremely reliable and helped take our measurement capability to the next level.”

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Volatile organic compound monitor.

Lakeshore Environmental (USA), has chosen a handheld, entry-level TigerLT photoionisation detector (PID) from Ion Science to replace an outdated and unsupported competitor instrument. The USA-based business is using the volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor to screen soil and indoor air, and to measure influent and effluent concentrations in soil vapour extraction systems.

Offering worldwide intrinsic safety (IS) certification for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, the recently launched TigerLT is a streamlined, lower cost version of Ion Science’s well-proven and popular Tiger instrument.

David Hazebrouck, President of Lakeshore Environmental comments: “When our old PID was unable to hold calibration, the manufacturer could no longer service or stock parts for it which I found unacceptable. When presented with alternative instruments from other companies, the Ion Science TigerLT seemed to offer the best value for money and could tolerate moisture which was a key feature for our business.
“We are currently using the instrument once per week on average with readings recorded in field notebooks. So far, it is proving easy to use, reliable and accurate."

The TigerLT incorporates Ion Science’s market-leading MiniPID 2 technology with advanced patented fence electrode system. The three-electrode format ensures increased resistance to humidity and contamination for ultimate reliability and accuracy in the field, as well as considerably reduced drift issues and extended run time.

With a detection range of 0- 5,000 parts per million (ppm) with a 0.1 ppm minimum sensitivity, TigerLT offers a response time of just two seconds and is equally quick to clear down.

Simple to operate and service, TigerLT allows easy access to the lamp and sensor whilst the batteries can be safely replaced in the field. It also meets required ATEX, IECEx, UL and CSA standards.

The TigerLT six pin MiniPID detector cell with anti-contamination design dramatically extends run time in the field. Low cost filters and lamps can be easily changed in minutes, minimising downtime.

The instrument features long life rechargeable Li-ion batteries which give up to 24 hour usage. Fast battery charging allows it to be fully charged in 6.5 hours, while up to eight hours of use can be achieved from 1.5 hours of charging time. Performing basic functions does not require complicated set up procedures using a PC.

TigerLT features a protective, removable boot for harsh environments and large, clear back-lit display allows for easy viewing in any light condition. It is IP 65 rated against water ingress. An integrated torch is designed for directing the instrument’s probe into dimly lit areas. Other features include a loud 95 dB audible alarm and multiple language support.

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Acquisition Completed.

Nidec completes acquisition of Emerson Electric's motors, drives and electric power generation Businesses

Nidec Corporation has announced that the Company has completed the pre-announced acquisition of the motors, drives and electric power generation businesses (the “Acquired Business”) of Emerson Electric Co. (“Emerson”) (the “Transaction”) on February 1, 2017, Japan time, except for acquisitions in certain jurisdictions.

As a result of the Transaction the Acquired Business, consisting of the companies listed below, became Nidec’s subsidiaries. The remaining acquisitions, including Leroy Somer Electro-Technique (Fuzhou) Co., Ltd., are scheduled to be completed by September 30, 2017.

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Multifunction test kits' bargain!

Until 30th June 2017, Fluke UK is offering two money-saving 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Tester Kits. The Fluke 1664FC-TPLKIT comprises a 1664 FC multifunction installation tester with free Fluke DMS Data Management Software and a free Fluke T150 2-pole Voltage and Continuity Tester; the Fluke 1663-TPLKIT comprises a 1663 with free Fluke DMS Data Management Software and a free Fluke T130 Voltage and Continuity Tester. These and other Fluke Specials may be found on their website.

The Fluke 1664 is the only installation tester on the market that helps prevent damage to appliances that may be inadvertently connected to the system under test, and it also makes it easy to share test results over a smartphone using Fluke Connect®. The 1664 FC features an Auto Test function that does 5 required installation tests in one sequence, ensuring compliance with BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Fluke DMS Data Management Software uses the captured results from the Fluke 1663 or 1664 for data recording, offers easy-to-use administration and reporting and provides printing of test reports. The Fluke T150 and T130 are members of a family of rugged two pole testers offering fast test results, while built with CAT IV 600V, CAT III 690V safety ratings. Built with state-of-the-art measurement and safety technology, they feature large, easy-to-use buttons, bright backlights, a built-in torch, and clear audible and physical indicators designed for any work situation. They offer four ways to indicate AC/DC voltage: a clear, instantly visible LED indicator, a bright digital display of the measurement value, an audible continuity test (with on/off setting), and vibration to provide tactile feedback when there is voltage present. The T150 also measures resistance.

The Fluke 1660 Series of Multifunction Installation Testers put more power in users’ hands by quickly and efficiently testing fixed installations to BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. They are designed to verify insulation resistance, loop impedance, resistance of the earth connect, resistance to earth, RCD performance in TT and TN systems, phase sequence, and loop/line impedance and RCD tests in IT systems.

The Fluke 1664 FC features the patent pending Insulation PreTest™ function that detects if an appliance is connected to the system under test and will stop the test while also providing a visual warning. Insulation PreTest helps avoid accidental and costly damage to peripheral equipment. The Auto Test function, that does 5 required installation tests in one sequence, reduces the number of manual connections, decreases the possibility of making errors, and reduces test time by up to 40% compared to previous Fluke models.

The wireless 1664 FC model is part of Fluke Connect - the industry’s largest system of software and wireless test tools. Measurements from the tester can be wirelessly transmitted to the Fluke Connect app on smartphones or tablets and automatically uploaded to FlukeCloud™ Storage, eliminating transcription errors. Technicians can collaborate in real time with other colleagues with ShareLive™ video calls, increasing productivity in the field. Measurements from the 1664 FC can be combined with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share comprehensive reports from the job site via email.

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Low voltage breaker.

Launched to the market earlier this year, the Masterpact MTZ is the smartest-ever generation of circuit breakers, combining Schneider Electric’s  performance and reliability with new digital capabilities. Masterpact MTZ is being made available in the Ireland, Britain, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, available from local distributors.

Schneider Electric has been regarded as the benchmark for air circuit breakers (ACB) in electrical distribution for three decades - first with the Masterpact M, followed by the Masterpact NT/NW.

Key benefits of the Masterpact MTZ include:

  • Embedded Class 1 metering, saving project time and energy usage
  • Improved mechanical and electrical performance, even in harsh environments
  • Ability to monitor and control circuit breaker safely with a smart phone as main human machine interface (HMI), even in power outage
  • Stay notified of any event and prevent overloads through real-time remote monitoring capabilities
  • Ability to customise circuit breaker with digital modules for ultra flexibility and operational efficiency without downtime
  • Integrate Masterpact seamlessly in smart panels thanks to the embedded ethernet connection
  • Same footprint allowing easier upgrades and replacements without any need for re-certification

“The future ready Masterpact MTZ is a game-changer when it comes to power distribution, so it’s great news that our UK customers are amongst the first in the world to start taking advantage of it,” commented Gary Buckingham, product segment marketing manager, Schneider Electric. “End users, specifiers, panel builders and contractors alike can expect significant benefits thanks to the new Masterpact’s superior connectivity, digital capabilities and ability to seamlessly integrate into our EcoStruxure architecture.”

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Analysis in a rosy setting!

Mark your calendar today to attend ISA’s 2017 Analysis Symposium to be held 23-27 April in the charming City of Roses—Pasadena (CA USA).

Set against the San Gabriel Mountains, picturesque Pasadena will welcome leading analysis professionals and experts to present and discuss the latest and most innovative techniques, developments, and applications in the analytical sciences.

This 62nd annual symposium event features expert presentations and speakers, valuable training courses, an informative technology forum and exhibition, and a wide range of fun-filled social networking events. Attendees will gain the opportunity to meet and engage with industry thought leaders and innovators, as well as representatives of process analyzer manufacturers who will be showcasing their new products and applications.

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Metering pump enhanced.

Proseries-M® MD-3 Hybrid Diaphragm Chemical Metering Pump from Blue White Industries is now equipped with sonic welded manifolds for added durability and protection from chemical leaks.

The carefully engineered MD-3 provides precision chemical metering for treatment of Municipal Water and Wastewater. MD-3 is NSF 61, CE, ETL and NEMA 4X certified.

MD-3 has 2000:1 turndown, and provides smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener. With 380 strokes per minute, MD-3 provides steady flow. Output rates to: 58 GPH (220 LPH) and pressures to 145 PSI. Long service life at high pressures with no pressure regulator needed. MD-3 is 50% more energy efficient than similar units.

Straightforward all inclusive ordering: Units are sold complete with all necessary components for drop-in place installation. MD-3 is equipped with conveniently built-in controls. PVDF wetted end fittings allow for over 14 inlet and outlet configurations.

The unit is backed by a five year warranty.

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Drainage specialists prefer to rent.

With a customer base spread across the English counties, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Herts & Northants, Haze Cleansing Services specialises in the disposal of liquid waste, cctv surveys and the unblocking and refurbishment of drains. In the past, the company has owned inspection cameras, but MD Alex Frankland says: “We have started to rent the latest cameras from Ashtead Technology and have found this to be a better approach.”

Typically, Haze supplies licensed liquid waste disposal and cleaning services for septic tanks, oil interceptors, car parks, road gullies and grease traps. This work often necessitates the remote inspection of underground pipes, and in the past Haze used its own remote crawler for this work. However, the crawler recently fell into an underground void and one of Haze’s clients tried to remove it with excessive force, which resulted in substantial damage to the crawler. Alex was then confronted with the decision to purchase a replacement or to hire inspection equipment when required.

“We had previously hired an i-Cam Solo Pro pushrod from Ashtead,” Alex explains, “so we were already aware of the benefits of renting, and it seemed sensible to continue doing so because it gave us the flexibility to hire the most appropriate instrument for each job and because this ensured that the latest equipment would be available clean, checked and ready for work every time.”

After switching to instrument rental, the Haze Cleansing Services team have benefited from the flexibility that this approach offers. “Both the pipe diameter and the length of run can vary enormously so it is very useful to be able to pick an instrument from Ashtead’s fleet that can do the job effectively,” Alex says. “This ensures that we are able to quickly identify root damage, dropped collars or breaks, and supply clients with extremely good quality images.”

Summarising, Ashtead’s Jay Neermul says: “The loss of a crawler meant that Haze Cleansing Services were able to decide whether they should purchase a replacement or simply rent the best inspection equipment for each job. They chose to rent because this provides greater flexibility, avoids capital costs and retains access to the latest technology.”

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Safe Frequency-to-DC Transmitter.

The SIL 3 capable SFY Functional Safety Frequency-to-DC Transmitter with display has been released by Moore Industries. Part of the FS Functional Safety Series, this instrument provides reliable and accurate monitoring of frequency or pulse signals in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) that often helps provide over speed protection by sending signals that warn the logic solver to alarm or shut down the monitored device for plant, process and personnel safety. The SFY has been certified by exida after rigorous evaluation to ensure conformance with strict IEC 61508:2010 standards for safety-related applications.
It is designed and approved for use in a wide variety of processes and factory automation SIS including turbine flow meters, magnetic pickups, dry contact closures, variable frequency drives, turbine tachometer generators, rotating equipment, motor and conveyor speed as well as pulse and frequency output transducers. Moore Industries’ SFY technology allows the user to monitor frequency, period, high or low pulse width, and contact closure signals. The SFY converts the input signal to a proportional input-to-output isolated 4-20mA output ready for direct interface with a Safety System, readout instrument, recorder, PLC, DCS, or SCADA system.

The SFY sets up in minutes with a free Windows® compatible Intelligent PC Configuration Software that lets users choose, and then view to confirm, all application specific operating parameters. The SFY also allows users to program a moving average filter which minimizes measurement instability caused by the effects of bent turbine blades or other frequency variations.

The unit is exida certified to IEC 61508:2010 for systematic integrity up to SIL 3 and for random integrity up to SIL 2. This means the SFY can be used for many safety applications because it is approved for single use in SIS up to SIL 2 and in a redundant architecture (1oo2, 2oo3, etc.) up to SIL 3. Comprehensive FMEDA certified safety data is available upon request allowing a functional safety practitioner to access the FMEDA data on the SFY to determine the SFY’s applicability in specific safety-related applications.

The SFY has an exceptional accuracy and long-term stability with a typical accuracy of ±0.025% of span and up to 5 years between scheduled calibrations. The SFY also has a user-configurable 5–digit LCD display that shows the process variable in selectable frequency units. The exida certified SFY is input-to-output isolated and RFI/EMI protected, making it resistant to unpredictable ground loops and the harmful effects of plant and equipment noise. It is also available in explosion-proof/flameproof housings for use in hazardous environments.

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International automation company expands board!

COPA-DATA has expanded its executive board. With immediate effect, Thomas Punzenberger, Stefan Reuther and Phillip Werr are jointly responsible for company business.
From left:  Phillip Werr, (CMO/COO), Thomas Punzenberger (CEO) and Stefan Reuther (CSO).
Since founding the company in 1987, Thomas Punzenberger has been solely responsible for the management of COPA-DATA. In order to keep the growth of this family-owned business on a solid and future-proof foundation, responsibilities will now be divided across a team of three.

“Our turnover has doubled to over 30 million Euro in the last five years and the employee numbers show a similarly positive development. The future also holds signs of growth for COPA-DATA. In order to respond to our stable growth, it’s time to navigate the necessary course,” explains Punzenberger. “My decision to divide management responsibilities across several heads is also a clear commitment to COPA-DATA's continued independence.”

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Thomas Punzenberger will now be focusing his energy on Product and Innovation. When it comes to Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT, the entrepreneur sees particular growth potential for the software systems developed by COPA-DATA.

As Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Stefan Reuther takes over Sales and Business Development at COPA-DATA. Reuther has been with the company since July 2002. He began his professional career as a Technical Consultant at the COPA-DATA headquarters in Salzburg and then took on several positions within the firm – from International Key Account Manager to Head of Business Intelligence at the COPA-DATA subsidiary in Germany. As a new member of the executive board, Reuther is based at the Salzburg headquarters once again.

As Chief Marketing and Operations Officer (CMO/COO), Phillip Werr is responsible for Marketing and Organization in the company. Werr began his career at COPA-DATA in December 2010, initially as Product Marketer. He was Head of Marketing in the company from December 2012 until December 2016.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Co-operation to help business integrate into IIoT.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation is to work with Microsoft Corporation, FogHorn Systems, Inc., Bayshore Networks, Inc., and Telit IoT Platforms, LLC to integrate their technology into an industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture for the delivery of new services. With this architecture, the company aims to transform its business model, expand its business scope, and help its customers run their businesses more efficiently.

Regarding this business tie-up, Tsuyoshi Abe, a Yokogawa vice president and head of the Marketing Headquarters made the following comments: “Yokogawa has drawn up a long-term business framework and formulated a vision statement that reads, ‘Through Process Co-Innovation, Yokogawa creates new value with our clients for a brighter future.’ The IIoT architecture that Yokogawa will develop under this agreement will revolutionize the way in which value is delivered in sensing and plant information management. By working with these four companies, Yokogawa will rapidly establish its IIoT architecture. Under the corporate brand slogan of ‘Co-innovating tomorrow,’ we will seek to expand partnerships such as these with leaders in each industry.”

Outline of the Tie-up
IIoT technology is now ready for practical use thanks to advances in network technology, the availability of low-cost, large-capacity data communications, and the shifting of corporate information systems to the cloud. However, the use of IIoT technology presents many technical challenges in such areas as sensing, automation, and security, and it is also costly to build such systems and develop the necessary applications. With its wide range of expertise in fields ranging from sensor technology to control logic and applications technology, Yokogawa will be able to help its customers address issues they face in their business by providing end-to-end solutions that incorporate sensing, control, and cloud-based processing.

Through this architecture, business process applications can be configured that enable plug-and-play sensors, sensing clouds with automatic provisioning , database clouds, historian (data storage) clouds, and application development environments to work together. These four companies each possess technologies that will be key components of this IIoT architecture.

This undertaking will be led by the Architecture Development Division California, which was set up in November 2016. Yokogawa’s IIoT architecture will integrate the cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, FogHorn’s fog computing software, Bayshore’s security technology for layer 7 of the OSI reference model , and Telit’s communication modules, sensor onboarding, and device management.

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Rugged position switches.

With the Ex 99, the steute business unit "Extreme" presents a new series of position switches developed especially for "Extreme" applications and conforming to DIN EN 50041 dimensions.

"Extreme" conditions include use in explosive environments. These new switching devices have therefore been tested and approved in accordance with ATEX and IECEx for use in gas Ex zones 1 and 2, as well as dust Ex zones 21 and 22.

A further "Extreme" criterion is suitability for low temperatures. The Ex 99 series can be used in temperatures down to -60°C, making high demands on design, especially housing construction and sealings.

The housings in the new position switches are therefore made out of high-quality fibreglass-reinforced plastic. This material guarantees that even after an impact test at -60oC the high protection class of the switchgear (IP 66) is maintained.

A further aspect to which the designers have dedicated a great deal of attention is the sealing. The sealing of the housing cover is completely vulcanised, while the sealing of the plunger features a redundant sealing system, comprising an external sealing cuff able to withstand low temperatures and an internal Teflon sealing ring.

As is usual with steute position switches, a wide range of actuators is available – for example plungers, roller plungers, roller levers, parallel levers, turning levers, adjustable turning levers and push buttons. Regarding switching inserts, users can choose between different variants with slow-action or snap-action. A function for safety-related applications is a further option.

The extended (low) temperature range of this new series of Ex norm switches also increases its field of application, e.g. into the oil & gas industry (onshore and offshore) or shipping technology (ships travelling the Arctic). The standard dimensions of the new "Extreme" switchgear series facilitate integration in a surrounding construction.

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Flowstudys may be purchased on-line.

Flow Research has opened an Secure Online Store. From now on many of their studies may be purchased using the convenience of online ordering, saving money in the process! Currently, they offer a $200 discount on any study ordered through the Secure Online Store.
Among studies available are:
The World Market for Gas Flow Calibration Facilities (January 2016)
The World Market for Liquid Flow Calibration Facilities (January 2016)
The World Market for Multiphase Flowmeters, 2nd Edition (July 2016)
The World Market for Coriolis Flowmeters, 5th Edition (December 2016)
Core Study-Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters, 6th Edition, January 2017)
Module A: Strategies, Industries, and Applications (January 2017)
The Market for Temperature Sensors in the Americas, 3rd Edition (February 2017) (Preliminary version available now)

And other studies will become available in the future.

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20-Channel Discrete Output Module.

Bedrock Automation has set a benchmark in I/O price/performance with the release of a cyber secure 20-channel discrete output (DO) module for its Bedrock™ OSA™ system. The new SIO8.20 DO enables software selectable electronic fusing, latching and fail-safe shutdown for each 24 VDC output at 1 A max current per channel. It provides galvanically-isolated output switching in a rugged, all-metal enclosure, and one of the smallest footprints in the industry.

Delivering programmable electrical capability within the cyber secure Bedrock control platform reduces the cost, maintenance and vulnerability of external electrical connectors.

Where electrical and electronic technologies converge
The SIO8.20 is designed with Bedrock’s patented Black Fabric™Cybershield protection built in from the start. Its combination of capabilities and benefits are unprecedented against typical DCS or PLC offerings, including:

  • Reduced Footprint, via 20 galvanically-isolated DO channels delivering one of the highest possible density of channels per inch for optimization of rack space.
  • Programmable Electronic Fusing. Each of its 20 channels are electronically fused to a programmable threshold up to 1 amp per channel.
  • Overcurrent Retry, which enables programming a channel to latch off and retry during overcurrent.
  • Failsafe Output, which protects the module if communication with the controller fails, directing output to a configured fail-safe value or holding it at last known value.
  • Extreme Hardening and Long Life, thanks to a pinless backplane Interconnection andsealed all-metal construction, protecting against extreme temperature EMI and EMP in compliance with the highest military standards.
  • Scalable Redundancy, with user-selectable single/dual/triple redundancy.
  • Extreme Digital Performance, with a 32bit Secure ARM and an additional microcontroller on each of the 20 DO channels, to deliver unparalleled speed and diagnostics.
  • Integrated Support of IEEE 1588 time precision protocol enables SOE synchronization with +/- 0.5mSec accuracy on all channels.

Control application developers can integrate all such features for discrete, hybrid and continuous control applications using the Bedrock IEC 61131-3 compatible engineering environment, which can be downloaded free on their website.

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Programme for air quality event!

The programme for Day 2 of the AQE 2017, the international Air Quality and Emissions Show (Telford, GB, 24-25th May) has been published. Developed in partnership with IAPSC (Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference), there will be three sessions covering: pervasive air quality monitoring; vehicle emissions monitoring and data management; and local air quality management and policy.

“The High Court has instructed the UK Government to produce draft plans on how it will tackle air pollution, and these are likely to be published in April, so AQE 2017 is perfectly timed,” comments AQE organiser Marcus Pattison.

Speakers from academia, local authorities and industry will provide the latest information on technologies, air quality strategy, and best practice in traffic-related pollution issues.

Air quality is also affected by industrial emissions, so the first day of AQE 2017 will focus on industrial emissions monitoring - regulations, standards, methods and technologies, and the agenda for this day will be published shortly.

Visitors to AQE 2017 will also benefit from the opportunity to attend an Exhibition with more than 90 stands and over 50 free walk-in workshops, addressing a wide variety of monitoring themes including ambient air quality, stack emissions, process gas, occupational safety, fugitive emissions and boundary monitoring.

• Details of programme for Day 1 published in mid-March.

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Signal quality analyser.

Anritsu has released two upgrades for the Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A series which strengthen the company’s offering for 32 GBaud PAM4 BER test solutions. The newly developed G0375A 32 Gbaud Power PAM4 Converter and G0376A 32 Gbaud PAM4 Decoder with CTLE support the PAM4 input tests and BER measurements defined in the next-generation 200GbE/400GbE and CEI-56G standards.

In order to address the need for faster communications speeds between servers and network devices, next-generation 200GbE/400GbE Ethernet standard are not only relying on faster symbol rates and multiple lanes, but they are also using PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) as a way to increase the transmission rate. As the next-generation of PAM4 communication standards is developed, a signal integrity test solution with high amplitude 32 Gbaud PAM4 BER generation and high quality and accuracy BER measurement will play a major role.

The Signal Quality Analyzer MP1800A is a plug-in modular Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) supporting measurement of multi-channel wideband interfaces up to 64 Gbit/s. The newly developed G0375A and G0376A are remote heads for addition to the MP1800A series 32G PPG/ED to extend measurement support for PAM4 measurements using NRZ measuring instruments.

Combining the G0375A with the 28G/32Gbit/s PPG MU183020A converts two 32 Gbit/s NRZ signals to output a high-amplitude PAM4 signal of 4.4 Vp-p (differential, max.). Additionally, the 3ch PPG synchronization function for independent control of the PAM4 signal 3Eye amplitudes enables high-reproducibility evaluation of optical modulators without using an external driver amplifier.

With built-in PAM4 decode and CTLE functions, the G0376A supports measurement of PAM4 decoded binary signals using the 28G/32Gbit/s High Sensitivity ED MU183040B. In addition, combination with the CTLE function supports high-efficiency, input-sensitivity performance tests.

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Load Cell Amplifier.

The LCD20 DIN rail strain gauge amplifier microprocessor from Applied Measurements, delivers smarter automation and control for process applications. Along with its small and stackable design, the amplifier also comes with 2 part screw connectors enabling easy and tidy mounting where space is limited.

The microprocessor based amplifier is compatible with a wide range of load cells, pressure or strain gauges and other ratiometric sensors with a wide range of sensitivities. The unit is powered from a wide 9-32V DC supply and provides 4-20mA and 0-10 V standard analogue outputs. In addition, it features 2 digital inputs and supports a 6-wire input which compensates for any barrier and/or cable losses.

The LCD20 has 2 relays that can be set to trigger based on gross/net or peak and valley values.

The LCD20 DIN rail strain gauge amplifier comes factory calibrated in mV/V allowing configuration by entering data from the sensors calibration certificate. Linearised calibration at up to 10 points is available in all calibration modes to give the highest possible accuracy across the whole measuring range.

The unit can be easily configured by a handheld programmer or by a USB connector to PC using the free intuitive PC Toolkit software allowing you to configure, save and store settings to a file.

The LCD20 DIN rail signal amplifier’s ability to easily communicate with exisiting acquisition and control systems using its analogue outputs and 2 single pole relays makes it the perfect addition to your integrated instrumentation system.

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Vibrating level with HART!

Emerson Automatio Solutions has launched the Rosemount 2140, the world’s first wired HART vibrating fork level detector. Offering enhanced ease-of-use, smart diagnostics, and remote proof-testing capability, the device provides reliable level detection while helping increase the safety and efficiency of both plant and workers.

This instrument performs in applications with high temperatures and harsh conditions unsuitable for other level monitoring devices. It is easy to install and maintain as there are no moving parts. The device is virtually unaffected by flow, bubbles, turbulence, foam, vibration, sediments content, coating, liquid properties and product variations. It can be used to monitor not only liquids but also liquid-to-sand interface, which enables the build-up of sand or sludge deposits in a tank to be detected.

Compatible with the HART 5 and HART 7 hosts, the Rosemount 2140 enables operators to continuously monitor electronic and mechanical health. Frequency Profiling functionality immediately detects any build-up, fork blockage, or excessive corrosion, indicating maintenance may be required and allowing this to be scheduled during periods of downtime. In addition, Power Advisory functionality monitors voltage and current drawn over the device’s lifetime with a Process Alert for potential issues that could become a problem, such as corrosion.

An optional integral LCD display shows switch output states and diagnostics so an operator can inspect the device locally. Also, selectable Media Density and Media Learn functions help configure appropriate density settings to calculate and maintain optimum and consistent switching points in fluids of unknown properties so the device always switches with the highest degree of reliability.

For safety-critical applications, a dedicated version of the Rosemount 2140 certified to IEC61508 is available with a 97% safe failure fraction and 96% diagnostics coverage, making it one of the safest devices in the current SIL2 market.

For installations within safety instrumented systems, a fully-integrated remote proof-testing capability eliminates the need to access the top of the vessel for extracting the device from the process. This saves time and increases process availability, worker safety and efficiency.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

VA meters with HART!

The Krohne variable area flowmeter H250 M40 is now available with HART 7.4 communication.

HART 7 compliance and interoperability have been validated by FieldComm Group FCG (formerly HART Communication Foundation HCF) and issued with a "HART Registered" certificate. Thus, the H250 M40 can now also provide NE107 diagnostic messages; compliance with the requirements of NAMUR has been proven as part of a supplementary type test according to NAMUR recommendation NE95.

H250 M40 is a well-proven flowmeter in all process industries for cost-effective measurement of liquids and gases. The new communication option adds to its modular design: with the purely mechanical version as a base, electronic (communication) modules can be added or replaced/retrofitted to match applications from analogue flow measurement without auxiliary power to digital integration into a fieldbus system.

• Krohne Products are marketed in Ireland by DWN Instruments.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Smart factory day!

Distec is partnering with Red Lion Controls to host a smart factory day on March 28, 2017. The event, which will be held at the De Vere Cranage Estate in Cheshire (GB), is designed to give plant managers an overview of the benefits of smart factory technology.

The day will feature speakers discussing their experiences using the latest automation technology to build smart factory environments. Plant managers and engineers can also view live demo kits to get a hands-on experience of the automation technology that's helping to build the current and next generation of smart factory. Technical staff will also be on hand to answer questions about the technology and its use in factories.

The concept of the smart factory has become increasingly popular among plant managers in recent years. Developments in industrial networking technology have allowed businesses to improve efficiency and output while minimising downtime and wastage. By giving plant managers real-time access to the wealth of data generated through day-to-day operation, businesses can gain a much better insight into process efficiency and machine status.

“There is a persistent myth that smart factories and industrial networking inevitably leads to a high capital expenditure,” explained Noel Sheppard, a director of Distec. “Many businesses fear that the transition to a smart factory requires them to overhaul the majority of their legacy systems, which may not be compatible with the latest smart technologies. We want to use this smart factory day to show businesses how they can make the move to a smart factory without incurring the associated costs and downtime.

“On the day, we will demonstrate a cost-effective alternative to equipment replacement. Red Lion Controls’ products allow even legacy systems to communicate with each other in a network effectively, regardless of differences in communication protocols. This makes the process of updating equipment more cost-efficient and just as effective.”

Register on the on-line form.

• Red Lion products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology

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Air manifolds.

RCC’s Air Manifold Division is primarily focused on the manufacture of high quality Air Distribution Manifolds. An expanding customer base includes many of the world’s leading bluechip multinational companies operating in Ireland and abroad.

RCC Air Manifolds are used in Biotechnology, Food & Beverage, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Facilities.

Richard Cotter, RCC Managing Director says, "Our Manifolds are ideal for instrument air distribution, providing reliable, efficient signal air solutions. From providing air flow to skid valves, to large scale production projects, our innovative designs increase uptime and maximize process efficiency.

"RCC manifolds have earned a reputation for reliability and are trusted to perform."

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