Friday, December 2, 2016

Level with optimised communications.

Baumer has expanded the successful CleverLevel series with two new variants – the LBFH and LBFI. They are available with two switching outputs, qTeach and a 360° output status indicator. In the same way as their predecessors the level switches are based on frequency deviation technology and are suitable for both hygiene and industrial applications.
The level switches offer various programming options to suit different requirements. The convenient qTeach procedure is of great advantage especially for small installations with simple control systems. The sensors can be easily adjusted with any ferromagnetic tool, thus making it possible to quickly adapt to changing process requirements on site.
The two switching outputs make it possible to set two trigger thresholds. This means two different process steps, such as production and cleaning, or two media groups, such as water and oil, can be monitored with one sensor. This saves on storage and costs. The two switching outputs facilitate a plausibility check of the sensor. Complementary trigger point setting ensures sensor faults and wire breaks are reliably detected, thus guaranteeing effective monitoring of all processes.

The multicolored switching status indicator provides reliable feedback on all parameterization steps to support effective process control.

Both variants are suitable for use in temperatures up to 135 C while the variant for hygiene applications has SIP capabilities.

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Low cost RF Connectors.

Intelliconnect (Europe) has introduced the new Taurus range of low cost high quality, industry standard coaxial connectors and adaptors available from stock in Britain and delivered on a 1- 3 day lead time.

The Taurus range of connectors.
These connectors are supplied with the same high level of quality control as their Precision and Pisces ranges. Taurus connectors are available in widely used industry standard formats including BNC, SMA, SMB, MCX and N Type.

Typical applications for the new Taurus range includes medical, telecoms, satcoms, instrumentation military, aerospace, space, general microwave communications, rail traction, oil and gas and marine systems.

The new low cost connectors can be found and specified on the recently updated Intelliconnect website  which offers visitors easier navigation and improved search facilities and a new “Quote Basket” facility allowing customers to automatically request a quotation for selected products.

The latest brochure featuring all Intelliconnect products may also be downloaded from the homepage. The new online cable selector enables customers to build a custom cable assembly on the website and send it to Intelliconnect for a quotation by return. Customers can choose required

The new Intelliconnect website also has full information on their established and very successful Precision Range, Pisces IP67/IP68 Waterproof Range, Covert, Triaxial and Multipin connector ranges.

“Our new Taurus range of low cost RF connectors opens up new markets for us and allows us to compete for price sensitive standard product business.” Comments Roy Philips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect Europe Ltd. “The new products support our very successful custom connector designs which we can turn around in just seven weeks. The Taurus Range of RF connectors are available ex-stock and makes us a one stop shop for our customers. This wide new range of products combined with our recent award of Bronze Signatory Status to the SC21, Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industry Supply Chain Programme, will enable Intelliconnect to grow rapidly over the next few years.”

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Logistics module for Slovenia.

The P&P Group in Slovenia, recently expanded their business to incorporate SMT d.o.o in 2003 and specialises in the development of complex electronic systems with extensive experience in the development and manufacture of sophisticated custom-made electronic devices.

SMT Slovenia’s core business is the development and production of custom-made electronic devices incorporating design for manufacture, SMT and THT component assembly and complex testing.

A customer of Aegis since 2014, SMT Slovenia this month saw the successful introduction of the FactoryLogix R3 Logistics module into their facility. FLx R3 contains a significant number of enhancements and features in addition to the new logistics module to improve the entirety of manufacturing operations — from Material Incoming Quality Control and Sampling, Material Receiving and Labelling, Automated and Manual Warehouse Management, Material Kitting and Dispatch, Production Planning and Scheduling, Mobile Material Management through to Comprehensive Programmers Interface (API).

David Breulj, Project Manager at SMT d.o.o commented “The purchase and installation of Aegis’ FactoryLogix Software underpins SMT Slovenia’s ability to support our customers throughout the electronic manufacturing process – including design and engineering, supply chain management, assembly and testing together with added flexibility from manufacturing prototypes as well as small or large volumes”

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Room climate transmitter!

The EE800 room transmitter from E+E Elektronik combines CO2, temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) measurement in a single device. It is ideal for use in demand-controlled ventilation and indoor climate control. In addition to the standard housing colour “signal white”, the EE800 is now also available in "anthracite grey" and "white aluminum", which are the most common colours of light switches and power sockets.

Besides modern design and new housing colours, the EE800 impresses by its technical features. The dual wavelength NDIR CO2 measuring principle with auto-calibration is highly insensitive to contamination, compensates for ageing effects and leads to outstanding long-term stability. Additionally, the multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment ensures excellent CO2 measurement accuracy across the entire temperature working range.

Out of the RH and T measured values, EE800 calculates the dew point temperature. The versions with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP interface calculate also further physical quantities, such as absolute humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy. The digital interfaces allow for easy integration into a modern bus system for building automation.

The EE800 versions with analogue outputs (current or voltage) also feature an optional passive temperature output.

An optional USB configuration adapter facilitates easy setup and adjustment of the device.

•  E+E Elektronik Products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

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Examining components with shiny & diffusely-scattering surfaces.

The new Trevista X4 models from Stemmer Imaging,  utilise a patented 2.5D process, called Shape from Shading, and are especially suited to the examination of components with shiny and diffusely-scattering surfaces. Surface defects such as scratches, burrs, dents, discolouration or grinding marks, even if only a few micrometres deep can be detected with significantly greater certainty with this process than with conventional image processing systems.

The X-4 generation offers structured, diffuse dome illumination that is brighter by a factor of 2.5 compared with the previous models, enabling faster image acquisition. For a typical image size of 4 Mpixels, evaluation using the Trevista algorithm takes place around 20 % faster than before, which results in potentially lower cycle times.

Depending on the application, the new models also provide a measuring field that is larger by up to 50 %. In the smallest version, the diameter of the measuring field is increased from 20 to 30 mm and in the medium-sized variant from 50 to 75 mm, without any change to the physical mating dimensions of the lighting domes. The largest Trevista variant continues to have a measuring field diameter of 200 mm.

The system controller has been reduced to approximately 30 % of the installation space of its predecessor. In addition, the controller electronics have been completely reworked and temperature monitoring of the lighting and the controller has been integrated. To simplify installation and operation, a parameter setting tool is provided to set up the system.

The new CVS Trevista X4 models can be supplied as complete systems. In addition to the lighting unit, they also include the appropriate lens for the particular application, the matching camera, a PC and a choice of software packages between Sherlock from Teledyne DALSA or Stemmer’s own Common Vision Blox library.

The industry-standard design of all Trevista models enables easy integration into the production process. The complete systems are assembled in accordance with customer requirements and delivered fully tested, thus enabling users quickly to put them into service in their installation. For effective on-the-job training on Trevista systems, Stemmer Imaging provides special courses at the European Imaging Academy.

CVS Trevista Surface and CVS Trevista Cylinder can be used for the inspection of flat, stationary component surfaces or cylindrical shell surfaces respectively. CVS Trevista Multiline is used for the examination of components in rotational or translational motion.

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Gas detection instrumentation for German agency!

Ion Science has recently supplied 300 Tiger volatile organic compound (VOC) monitors to Germany’s Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK) where they are part of the vital chemical measurement system on board CRBN ‘first responder’ reconnaissance vehicles. The hand-held photoionsation detector (PID) was chosen for its industry-beating anti-contamination design and ability to provide continuous, real-time measurements reflecting the potentially hazardous situation.

In response to new threats such as 911 and the flood catastrophe of 2002, the BBK was established on 1 May 2004 as part of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. The interdisciplinary approach of this office includes all services of civil safety prevention and links them to an efficient protection system for the country’s population and its basic survival needs.

Each of the 300 CRBN reconnaissance vehicles in operation across Germany will have a Tiger instrument on board. The 4x4s are used to measure, trace and report chemical contamination, find debris and to mark and monitor contaminated areas. The crew consists of four people; two qualified teams per vehicle can operate in turns.

Clemens Verley from Ion Science Messetechnik (ISM) comments: “CRBN disasters require immediate and proper intervention. Rapid survey of large areas with the help of on board systems and simultaneous reception of GPS data allows immediate formulation of contamination profiles for population protective measures. Each vehicle’s chemical measurement system includes a VOC monitor and ion mobility spectrometer.

“In Germany, the Tiger is becoming increasingly recognised as the best performing PID on the market and widely used by the fire department, for example. We worked closely with BBK to fully understand their application and unique monitoring requirements. They subsequently chose a bespoke version of the Tiger for its well-proven, anti-contamination design and other key features, including the latest probe with leak proof seal that offers increased sideways impact resistance and reliability.”

ISM developed an innovative in vehicle docking station that charges the Tiger whilst in transit, ensuring continuous real-time measurements that provide an accurate reflection of the potentially hazardous situation.

“The measurement data is immediately downloaded in graph and table format with the results plotted on maps to show potential evacuation areas,” Clemens concludes.

Providing market-leading accuracy and run time, the Tiger’s PID sensor capabilities utilise advanced patented Fence Electrode technology, a three-electrode format with increased resistance to humidity (up to 99% RH non-condensing) and contamination. Combined with 24-hour battery life, these features maximise usage by minimising erroneous readings in high humidity and drift in harsh environments. The anti-contamination design also reduces calibration frequency.

Independently verified as the industry’s best performing PID for its speed of response, accuracy and linearity, the Tiger provided the most stable, repeatable readings when tested against competitor instruments in humid and contaminated environments.

The instrument’s well proven MiniPID 2 is a simple plug and play sensor that has been specially developed by Ion Science to deliver a dynamic and reliable response to a vast number of VOCs.
Designed for rapid detection, with an unrivalled response time of just two seconds, and the widest measurement range of one part per billion (ppb) up to 20,000 parts per million (ppm)*, the robust Tiger is ready to use, straight out of the box, and if required, extremely simple to configure.

It offers worldwide Intrinsic Safety (IS) certification, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive, hazardous environments, and also meets ATEX, IECEx, North American and Canadian standards.

Inexpensive disposable parts such as filters and lamps are easy to change, minimising downtime. Simple connectivity to a PC via the USB allows data to be downloaded quickly.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Monitoring security & health of systems.

Addressing an increasingly important concern for manufacturers, Emerson is introducing upgrades to Guardian Support so users can monitor the security and health risks associated with control and software systems. These new capabilities – updated dashboards and faster access to education and support – increase an organisation’s ability to make business critical decisions to improve risk, incident, and lifecycle management.

Leveraging Emerson’s expertise in process systems health and security, Guardian Support empowers organisations to overcome the increasing complexity of managing multiple automation systems across large enterprises. The updated dashboards are built with Human Centered Design concepts to enable easier identification of actionable system needs, even across systems and locations.

“Emerson has always committed to helping customers achieve their bottom line business results by watching over and protecting their process systems investments for truly effective lifecycle management keeping them on the path to Operational Certainty,” said Bob Cruz, Guardian Support programme manager, Emerson Automation Solutions.

Designed to help users improve their overall control system expertise, the newest version of Guardian Support provides users with faster access to education and support. The redesigned Guardian portal provides quick access to educational videos customers can view anytime and anywhere there is an Internet connection. These tools help users update their knowledge of the latest version of the DeltaV™ distributed control system.

To speed up service, customers can now easily request service quotes directly through the Guardian Support site. The new request to quote feature provides quick and easy access to services and reports, including back-up and recovery, site evaluation service, cybersecurity assessment reports, loop service express, and renewal of Guardian Support. It also provides specific information to virtualised DeltaV systems and allows customers to easily view the results of their maintenance activities.

Offering new users an opportunity to try Emerson’s widely-recognised core lifecycle service, the new Guardian Connect application is a 30-day trial version of Guardian Support. Guardian Connect allows users to monitor changes in system health via a health score ticker and long-term trending data. After the trial, users can still track the Guardian Connect health score across all registered systems.

The new System Health Score trending will also be available in the Guardian Mobile application coming out in early 2017.

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Identification marker.

TE Connectivity (TE) has launched ZHD, a new, versatile cable identification product. Until now, heat shrink cable identification systems were either low fire hazard or diesel resistant – but not both. TE’s new ZHD identification products combines these two features into a single product. With this combined advantage, train manufacturers can standardize and simplify cable identification – and remain compliant with the latest industry regulations.

ZHD is the first low fire hazard and diesel-resistant heat shrink cable identification solution available in the marketplace. It meets EN 45545-2 and NFPA130 standards for fire safety in rail vehicles and complies with rail fluid resistance regulations and rail fire and smoke regulations, as well as meeting the UNIFE environmental standards – a unique product in the rail industry meeting all of these standards.

 “ZHD offers train manufacturers a single product which enables inventory reduction, decreases set-up and change-over frequency, reduces training requirementsand improves standardization,” said Stephen Earley, product manager, TE. “We believe that it will be the new rail industry benchmark for heat shrink identification.”

 With a temperature range of minus 55 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius (-67°F to 257°F), ZHD has a shrink ratio of 2:1 and is available in sleeve diameters from 2.4mm (3/32”) to 38.1mm (1½”). Itis part of the complete TE Identification Solutions portfolio.

ZHD is suitable for pre-termination cable identification across multiple applications in the rail, mass transit, aerospace, marine and heavy industrial sectors that face harsh environments and conditions such as being able to resist fluids (diesel) and fire & smoke hazards. It is ideal for locations where there is fire risk to people or equipment, and suitable for installations that require outstanding fluid resistance, especially from diesel fuel.

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Cameras for harsh environments.

The GigE uEye FA camera series from industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems is designed for use in the harshest industrial environments. The camera housing, lens barrels and connectors meet IP65/67 requirements, and protect the whole camera system from dirt, dust, water splashes or cleaning agents as well as accidental shifting of the optics.

This new camera series will feature the latest CMOS sensors from Sony, ON Semiconductor and e2v offering a choice of resolutions. The first model in the range will be equipped with a 2.3 Mpixel (1936 x 1216 pixel) IMX249 global shutter CMOS sensor from the Sony PREGIUS series. The sensor offers an excellent image quality, and sets new standards in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and colour reproduction. The cameras deliver great image quality with 41 fps at full resolution, even in low-light conditions.

The screw-on connectors also meet the most demanding industry requirements – an 8-pin M12 connection with X coding for data transmission and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), and an 8-pin Binder connector for GPIO, trigger and flash are available. An extensive range of accessories, including cables suitable for use as drag chains, and various screw-on options enhance versatility and facilitate integration.

The new camera is ideally suited for multi-camera operation, with an integrated image memory that decouples image acquisition from image transfer. Internal camera functions such as pixel preprocessing, LUT or gamma minimise the processing power required.
All models in the uEye FA family are available with the proven IDS Software Suite or with support for the GigE Vision standard. The IDS Software Suite provides Plug & Play access to a host of sensor features together with easy handling.

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Box PC for IoT inside industrial automation.

The BE10A, from Men Mikro Elektronik, is a space- and power-saving box PC with low power consumption that can be operated in a light, space-saving housing without fans, allowing for maintenance-free operation. Its versatile I/O possibilities make it especially suited for IoT gateway applications in industrial automation.

Diversity with Low-PowerThe mini box PC is equipped with a Sitara™ AM57x processor from Texas Instruments, which is based on the ARM® Cortex®-A15 core. The box easily manages demanding processing and communication tasks despite its low power consumption of a maximum of 15 Watt at an operating temperature of up to 60°C. The BE10A offers flexible and task specific configuration options for PC-based process automation or robotics control. Also in more complex applications, like energy substations, the box PC can handle the communication between sensors and server or cloud. Deployed as a gateway device it can exchange data with the control center. In HMI applications, such as industrial control units, the BE10A is interfacing between the screen and the peripheral devices.

One slot each for mSATA, microSD, PCI Express Mini Card und microSIM offer flexible expansion options for wireless functionality or storage.

Thanks to the PRU, the Programmable-Realtime Unit, which is integrated in the TI Sitara™ processors, the BE10A supports several industrial protocols like EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, PROFINET or SERCOS. They can be enabled by a simple firmware update, while traditionally additional hardware like FPGAs were needed. The firmware and update tools are available from Texas Instruments.

“It is exciting that MEN selected TI’s Sitara™ processor platform to provide their customers greater performance and more scalability,” said Adrian Valenzuela, marketing manager, Processors, TI. “The AM572x dual-core ARM® Cortex® - A15 with dual C66x DSPs is forty percent better when comparing Coremark scores against competing quad-core ARM® Cortex® – A9s. This kind of efficiency allows developers to have a dramatically simpler design experience and speed their time to market.”

With its compact and fanless housing, the BE10A fits in any existing system environment as wall-mount, DIN rail or inside 19”-systems and can – due to its flexible configuration options – manage various tasks in industrial environments.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Modular connector for CAN networks.

Harting has added a CAN (Controller Area Network) module to its range of Han-Modular® ID smart connectors. CAN is a bus system for automation and control which features a number of advantages such as high functional reliability and the ability to operate in demanding and harsh conditions.
The Han-Modular® ID module allows machine-level components to be identified with little effort and integrated into a production network. The revision status of a drive and its operating parameters are just some of items of information that can be stored to ensure reliable identification.

The CAN ID module is suitable for industrial applications and supports the standardised DS301 communication profile, which governs how devices exchange data in CAN systems. In addition to features such as status and diagnostic displays and automatic baud rate, an extensive object directory ensures that customers will find sufficient space for their data.

For the future, HARTING’s strategy towards smarter connectors includes an ID module for Industrial Ethernet-based networks, along with integrated sensors and media converters in modular connectors.


Touch enable operator panels.

R. STAHL HMI Systems provides a line-up of highly robust touch-enabled operating devices developed for efficient, direct operation and visualisation of applications in hazardous areas.
Certified for zones 1 and 21, the ET-208 Operator Interfaces with 7-inch widescreens and a hardened glass front feature front-side IP69 protection. This makes them cleanroom-suitable according to FDA requirements, because their operating front can be cleaned with a pressure washer. The HMIs come in a V2A stainless steel enclosure.

They are corrosion-proof, certified according to ISA-S71.04-1985, severity G3, according to EN 60068-2-6. Seawater presents no problem, either. Highly versatile for universal applications, they can be operated in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +65 °C. The luminous display and an antireflection coating ensure good readability outdoors in strong daylight.

The HMIs are equipped with interfaces for Industrial Ethernet and RS-422/RS-485, and optionally offer WiFi capability as well. A powerful Cortex A8 processor ensures fast data processing. In the standard configuration, the IP69 grade devices feature the Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system. R. STAHL’s proprietary SPSPlusWIN software can be used to flexibly create and edit screens, process connections and messages for the HMIs.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Controls & Automation.

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Debug and trace!

Ashling Microsystems has an advanced real-time debug and trace solution for NXP’s P60-Step-Up! secure controller device. The P60-Step-Up! secure controller targets applications such as eGovernment, banking, mobile security and transport solutions where software quality is of the utmost importance and an essential aspect of end applications for this device.

“Ashling is delighted to make available this high performance debug and trace tool for NXP’s P60-Step-Up! secure controller” said John Murphy, Managing Director, Ashling Microsystems. “At Ashling we know that applications using the P60-Step-Up! device have strong software quality and reliability requirements where the advanced timing analysis features of Ashling’s SmartICE-XPK system will be essential”

Developed in close co-operation with NXP, the SmartICE-XPK trace system for P60-Step-Up! includes advanced timing analysis features allowing users to accurately monitor software execution in real time non-intrusively during development and test. The timing analysis features enable users to verify software performance and identify program ‘hot-spots’ for performance optimisation. The system has support for long duration testing (up to 360 hours of continuous analysis) of up to 32K program functions simultaneously. In conjunction with the advanced debug, trace and code coverage features of the SmartICE-XPK system, the timing analysis features ensure users have the highest performance tool for their real-time application development and test.

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Flyover cable assy.

Samtec has released an extended temperature version of its FireFly™ Active Optical Micro Flyover Cable Assembly. The new ETUO series support temperature ranges of -40°C to +85°C.

“Samtec’s new extended temperature FireFly™ Active Optical Micro Flyover Cable Assembly opens new markets and applications for mid-board optical systems," says Matt Burns, Technical Marketing Manager at Samtec. “FireFly™ can now be used in diverse applications such as commercial and military aviation, IFE, IR cameras and wireless backhaul instrumentation.”

ETUOThe ETUO series shares the core features of their existing ECUO series FireFly™ Active Optical Micro Flyover Cable Assembly. Both are designed for flexibility and are interchangeable with the FireFly™ Copper Micro Flyover Cable Assembly using the same connector system. However the extended temperature range of ETUO makes it ideally suited for ruggedized applications.

The ETUO series is immediately available with 12-channel simplex or duplex configurations enabling 10.3125 Gbps data rates per channel (123.75 Gbps aggregate). Additional 4-channel simplex and duplex configurations with extended temperature are under development with a targeted Spring 2017 release.

Samtec tests the ETUO series to industry-standard ruggedized standards. All ETUO solutions provided demonstrated error-free transmission during MIL-STD-810G shock and vibration testing.

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Pyrometer for High-Temperature Applications and Metals.

The new FibreMini is a fibre-optic pyrometer from Calex Electronics with advanced features that allow accurate temperature readings on metal surfaces in harsh applications.

Measuring the surface temperature of metals is challenging. Reflective surfaces, high ambient temperatures and harsh environments make it difficult to achieve accurate measurements with infrared temperature sensors.

The following features, provided as standard on all FibreMini models, make non-contact temperature measurement possible in these difficult conditions:

  • - Fibre optic sensing head withstands up to 200°C ambient temperature, making it ideal for mounting near furnaces.
  • - Containing no electronics, the FibreMini sensing head is immune to electromagnetic interference in high-EMC applications such as induction heating.
  • - Achieve accurate readings when measuring reflective objects in hot environments such as furnaces, with the FibreMini's reflected energy compensation feature. On Modbus models, adjust this setting automatically on-the-fly using RS485 Modbus communications.
  • - See the exact size and location of the measurement spot with the built-in laser sighting light.
  • - Large, full-colour temperature display with data logging makes the FibreMini a truly plug-and-play solution - just connect power and start measuring. A choice of 4-20 mA or RS485 Modbus outputs is available.
  • - Fully configurable via touch screen.

A choice of optics for measuring small or large areas at short or long distances is available, as is a choice of temperature ranges from 250°C to 2000°C.

It is easy to feed the sensing head through conduit and trunking, thanks to the slim, flexible fibre optic cable. This is available in lengths of 3, 5 or 10 metres. An optional air purge collar is available to help keep the lens clean.

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VP at data, analytics, communications and sensor processing leaders.

Abaco Systems has appointed Kevin Campbell as Vice President, Engineering. He joins from Onmyx, where he was Chief Technology Officer.

Kevin Campbell
Previously, Campbell – who holds Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering degrees, both from the University of Alberta – held a range of increasingly senior posts at GE, culminating in promotion to Chief Technology Officer for GE Healthcare, Clinical Business Solutions.

He is is located at Abaco’s Huntsville, Ala headquarters.

This appointment is the latest addition to the company’s rapidly growing pool of talent, which has seen Abaco grow from ~600 employees in December, 2015 to over 800. Resource is being added across the board as Abaco looks to put in place the capacity to handle an increasing number of customer programs and to ensure they are delivered on time, while also accelerating the development of growing numbers of innovative new products.

“I've known Kevin professionally for over 20 years and have witnessed his ability to drive engineering organizations to achieve seemingly impossible things across a number of mission-critical industries, from industrial automation to transportation and healthcare,” said Bernie Anger, CEO, Abaco Systems. “I am very confident that Kevin's cross-functional collaborative approach, ‘can-do’ attitude, passion for innovation and strong business acumen, combined with the capabilities of our 240+ engineers, will accelerate the transformation of the Abaco portfolio so we can truly deliver on our vision of ‘mission-ready embedded systems’ for our customers.”

“I’m delighted to be joining Abaco as the company continues to strengthen its leadership in the rugged embedded computing market,” said Campbell. “I’m particularly looking forward to the challenge of helping create the innovative products and solutions that can help our customers succeed, and to leading a team wholly committed to bringing those solutions to the market in the shortest possible time.”

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FID analyser retired.

Quantitech has supplied large numbers of MCERTS approved FID analysers for many years. These instruments are employed for the monitoring of TOC gas emissions in regulated processes. However, the Bernath 3006 analyser that was supplied for this purpose has been discontinued and Quantitech MD Ken Roberts says: “We are delighted to announce that we have replaced the 3006 with the portable SK Elektronik Thermo-FID PT, which is also manufactured in Germany to high standards, offers improved performance and enjoys MCERTS approval.

“Naturally, we are continuing to service the 3006 units that are still in the field, but customers wishing to upgrade their FID or to replace an ageing instrument will now be offered the portable Thermo-FID PT.”

The Thermo-FID PT weighs just 14Kg including a gas bottle holder, or 10kg as the free-standing version. Consequently, this portable FID is ideal for stack test houses and for users with multiple monitoring locations. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are commonly monitored in the emissions of combustion processes and those which involve the evaporative emissions of solvents and petrochemicals, including the Part B processes that are regulated by Local Authorities.

The Thermo-FID instruments measure TOC across an extraordinarily wide range of concentrations – from ppm to Vol% and also include fixed gas analysers. All models feature automatic start-up/ignition, built-in zero gas and burner air catalyst, automatic calibration, automatic adjustment of sample flow and require very low levels of maintenance. In addition to a choice of models, customers are also able to select from a number of options including Non-Methane Hydrocarbon measurement, internal data logging, heated sample line length, etc.

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Motor drives.

The CFP2000 series is Delta’s brand new high reliability and industry-specific vector control drive for fan and pump applications. Featuring a built-in EMC filter, DC chokes, Real-Time Clock (RTC), and BACnet, the CFP2000 Series provides the best solution for the special needs of the HVAC industry. The IP55 model features highly effective protection against dust and water in harsh environments.
Delta's CFP2000 series is an AC motor drive specially designed for HVAC, fans & pumps, and water treatment applications. It is designed with an IP55 enclosure to provide effective protection from dust and other particles and to offer a good level of water protection. In addition, it includes many outstanding features and built-in functions that reduce setup and tuning time in operation, and provide higher efficiency.

Various parameter groups are also included to allow simple and straightforward system setup. If a higher safety standard is required, an optional mains switch function is also available upon selection. The CFP2000 complies to STO/SIL2. Other outstanding features include support for both induction and permanent magnet motors, a real time clock, a built-in 10k-step PLC capacity , built in BACNet & MODBUS and various optional extension cards such as MODBUS TCP , Profibus DP and EtherNet/IP.

High reliability
The CFP2000 benefits from Delta’s high range production quality systems that differentiates both for reliability and cost. With an IP55 rating, the CFP2000 series features highly effective protection against dust and water in harsh environments. Additionally, an enhanced coating protects the PCB from gases such as salt, SO2, O3 and H2S. The CFP2000 is vibration (IEC 60068-2-6) and shock (IEC / EN 60068-2-27) resistant. Operation temperature range is -10 °C to 50°C. The CFP2000 is equipped with a built-in EMC filter and a DC choke. This design replaces the need for an electrical distribution cabinet and saves space for other devices whilst providing the benefits of harmonic suppression and better power quality to the system.

Multi-pump control
Delta´s Multi-Pump Solutions adopt the CFP2000 series to manage up to four pumps simultaneously. In HVAC applications, the Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) function of the CFP2000 series automatically adjusts motor output based on changing torque conditions to improve motor performance, reduce energy consumption, and extend service life. This auto-tuning capability also eliminates vibration in mechanical systems caused by sudden starts and stops, and provides protection in variable load environments where momentary power loss or variable loads are encountered.

Fire Mode Application
This feature is designed for ventilation of buildings, tunnels, subways and more. The drive will bypass the alarm warning in fire mode. When a fire occurs, it forces the drive to continue to operate to extract smoke or supplies water , until the drive fails or runs out of emergency power.

Perfect solution for HVAC and water treatment applications
The CFP2000 Series High Reliability Vector Control Drive is Delta’s brand new AC motor drive for fan and pump applications. The CFP2000 is available for all IP55 models from 0.75kW to 90kW and it integrates high speed communications such as BACnet and MODBUS.

The built-in 10k-step PLC Function supports independent and distributed control when connecting to a network system for high operation flexibility. The Real Time Clock (RTC) function facilitates the PLC program writing process for ON/OFF chronology, daylight savings operation and many other settings. Interface is English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Turkish and Polish.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Compact pressure sensor.

Festo has announced a new compact pressure sensor, SPAN, to build on its comprehensive range of sensors for process and factory automation applications. SPAN extends Festo’s pressure sensing offer, delivering an easy to set up, use and maintain sensor in a compact 30x30mm form factor with IP40 certified protection against outside ingress, optimised to be competitively priced. Applications include supply pressure monitoring, vacuum monitoring, leak testing, pressure monitoring at the regulator and object detection.

“This new compact pressure sensor improves on the previous generation, delivering higher performance, greater flexibility and increased usability, with easy availability and competitive pricing, without compromising Festo’s usual high standards of quality,” says Andy Parker-Bates, product manager at Festo. “Along with the SPAU pressure sensor and SFAW flow sensor, SPAN forms part of a family of sensor devices designed to simplify choice and reduce complexity for engineers through open, modular and versatile functionality.”

SPAN shares the same intuitive menu guidance used in the recently released SPAU and SFAW sensors and features a clear, high-contrast, two-colour, back-lit LCD, allowing users to easily monitor their systems. The sensor’s IO-Link functionality reduces commissioning and set-up time, as well as enabling remote maintenance and parameterisation. Designed to be open and modular, with high flexibility, SPAN has switchable PNP/NPN and analogue current or voltage outputs, allowing simple and rapid integration into numerous control systems.

The new sensor forms part of Festo’s redesigned and reengineered ‘blue star’ core product range, which combine optimised functionality and cost to meet 80% of automation technology customer demands at an attractive price, with easy online ordering, global stocking and next-day availability. Customers still benefit from Festo’s usual high standards of quality, service and support, and can access the same software and engineering tools for selection and sizing, design, ordering, commissioning and service to optimise their machines and systems.

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High performance PLC.

The Delta AS300 series Compact Non-backplane Mid-range PLC is a high performance multi-purpose controller designed for all kinds of automated equipment. Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC (System on Chip) CPUs offer an enhanced execution speed (40 k steps/ms) and supports a maximum of up to 32 extension modules. The series supports up to 1,024 inputs/outputs. Response time is 1ms when LD instruction time is 25ns and MOV instruction time is 0.15 μs.
Modular and convenient programing of advanced motion systems structure
This series provides accurate positioning control for a maximum of 8 axes via a CANopen motion network and a maximum of 6 axes via pulse control (200kHz).

It supports multiple programming languages in the same project (Structured Text, CFC, SFC and Ladder). The advanced yet simple ISPSoft V3.0 editing software delivers fast hardware and network configuration with built-in function blocks for different industries. It also provides multi-layer password protection for enhanced system security.

Supporting EtherNet/IP and various fieldbuses for industrial applications, the AS Series controller is equipped with CANopen and EtherNet/IP network communication for high-speed data transmission.

Flexible and easy network system configuration
The AS300 series supports star and linear network topology for fast expansion and management on production lines. It is compatible with all IT networks and can be combined with Delta’s IES solution to construct IoT automation applications and Industry 4.0 upgrades. The AS series can be extended to up to 32 modules.

Easy implementation
Delta’s patented non-backplane assembly with its robust slot and clip interlocking design offers a more flexible configuration and simple installation process, with convenient earth protection. This new PLC features screw-less and time-saving installation. Operators just have to press the clip rings and push the module to the desired position until hearing a "click" to finish installation. Configuration changes are as easy as possible thanks to its fast disassembly. Operators are able to release the clip ring and easily remove the module from the front without moving adjacent modules.

The space-saving design enables easy installation in control panels. The simple design and dark gray exterior of the AS series help resist stains and dirt in harsh industrial environments. With recyclable and lead-free material, it is compliant with international environmental requirements for industrial products.

This high-efficiency controller can be combined with other Delta solutions – including drives, sensors, communication devices – in order to maintain increased productivity and adaptability for demanding automation applications.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Benefits for automation & control professionals extolled!

As part of an established relationship with the ISA Ireland Section the section committee were invited to visit Rockwell Automation's local office in Cork (Irl) to give a briefing on the benefits that membership would bring to the many Engineers and Technicians in the company, especially in fast evolving world of Automation and Control.
LtoR: David O’Brien, ISA District 12 (EMEA) VP Elect; Brian Curtis, ISA Executive Board Member and President 2108 Elect; Trish Kelly, HR Manager Rockwell Automation; John Murphy, President ISA Ireland Section; Christophe Bourillon, Business Manager Life Sciences Rockwell EMEA; and Billy Walsh ISA Executive Board Member.
The committee was welcomed to the offices by Ms Trish Kelly, HR Manager, and Mr. Christophe Bourillon, Business Manager Life Sciences EMEA. They were enthusiastic about the involvement of the ISA Ireland Section and Rockwell Automation as a well established established partnership.

Rockwell Staff & Visitors
The ISA Ireland section committee members thanked  the company for the opportunity to come and meet with their team. Among the committee were two members of the ISA Executive Board, Brian Curtis, who was recently elected to take up the position of President of the Society in 2018, and Billy Walsh, who has served on the Board for several terms.

Declan Lordan, ISA Membership Chair give a full presentation on the benefits of ISA membership to the Automation Staff. He noted the availability of new online digital content that has been recently updated.

The Ireland Section President, John Murphy, updated the company on Ireland Section events for 2016/2017. He also spoke about the key benefits of ISA membership and association to access ISA Technical Knowledge, Standards and opportunities for developing future career skills through involvement directly and indirectly with committee members. He also emphasised the importance of Cyber Security and adapting to the changing technologies in Automation. "We need to protect Plant systems from real world attack vectors," he said. “The growing importance of cyber security standards in plant automation network security such as S95 is more important today than it ever was.”

More Pictures

Left to Right: Declan Lordan, Section Membership Chair; Christophe Bourillon, Business Manager Life Sciences EMEA; John Murphy, Section President; Brian Curtis, ISA Executive Board Member.
Left to Right: Christophe Bourillon, Business Manager Life Sciences EMEA; John Murphy, President ISA Ireland Section; Brian Curtis ISA Executive Board Member and ISA 2018 President Elect.

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