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Ethernet in process automation.

At a joint symposium, PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) and NAMUR e.V. discussed the use of Ethernet in the process industry. The goal of the event was to evaluate, coordinate and prioritize the requirements placed on an Ethernet communication system for process automation.

The results of the discussions by experienced specialists from system and device manufacturers and expert users in this field were compiled in a position paper of the NAMUR Working Group 2.6 “Fieldbus” (convened by Sven Seintsch of Bilfinger), which will serve as the basis for the development of a next-generation digital communication system for use at process plants. Previous experience with existing fieldbus systems and future required features are taken into account here.

In every phase of a plant's life cycle, digital bus systems meet important user requirements while significantly outmatching analog communication in terms of quality, cost and speed. A glance at modern, large-scale process industry plants, however, shows that this is not always the case from our present point of view. The reason for this is the high degree of complexity experienced by the user. The next generation is intended to simplify the handling of digital communication at a broad range of different process automation plants (i.e. facilitate ease of use), while at the same time defining the technological requirements for topics associated with Industry 4.0.

Michael Pelz (Clariant Plastics&Coatings), head of Namur Working Area 2, "Automation Systems for Processes and Plants," summarized the benefits of this activity: "Close cooperation between manufacturer and user organizations beginning at the early phase of a new technology unleashes great synergy potential. This provides the best opportunity for introducing a new technology, both cost-effectively in production by the supplier and efficiently at the plants of the user."

Dr. Peter Wenzel, Managing Director of PI, sees "special challenges for digital and networked communication structures" in the specific characteristics of the process industry, such as long plant service lives and accordingly long-term use of process control and field device technology, complex devices and high requirements on security and availability. He continued: "This is why the successful introduction of an Ethernet-based communication system requires early coordination of requirements with users. The experts at PI are happy to engage in this task and are looking forward to intensive and fruitful cooperation with NAMUR experts."

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FID gas analysers distributorship in Britain.

The German manufacturer of gas analysers SK Elektronik (SKE), has appointed Quantitech as its exclusive distributor in Britain. SKE is a leading global provider of gas analysers based on the principle of Flame Ionisation Detection (FID). Key applications for the company’s analysers include emissions monitoring, process gas monitoring, and the monitoring of abatement efficiency and emissions from wastewater treatment.

Quantitech MD Ken Roberts says: “We are delighted to be working with SKE for a number of important reasons. Firstly, SKE enjoys an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, secondly the core FID technology is available in a number of formats to suit a wide variety of applications, and thirdly these instruments have performance certification - MCERTS for all versions and ATEX for certain models.”

FID analysers provide readings of total organic carbon (TOC), and one of the major strengths of the SKE instruments is their ability to measure TOC across an extraordinarily wide range of concentrations – from ppm to Vol%. The SKE range includes both portable and fixed continuous extractive gas analysers, in addition to an IP rated in-situ model which is mounted directly on a stack or duct. There is a Field Housing option for mounting in a convenient location on a wall close to the sampling point; reducing heated line cost and the cost of integration into a cabinet. In addition to a choice of models, customers are also able to select from a number of options including Non-Methane Hydrocarbon measurement, internal data logging, heated sample line length, etc.

Explaining the importance of the agreement with SKE, Ken Roberts says: “Quantitech’s MCERTS approved FTIR analysers are able to measure TOC by integrating measurements for known organic compounds. However, FID is the standard method for the measurement of TOC in the emissions of regulated processes, so in addition to stand-alone FID analysers, we will also offer the SKE FID technology as part of our integrated continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS).”

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October, November & December 2016 Issue.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Software enables faster adoption in expanding enterprise deployments.

R15 is the newest version of Seeq, the application for engineers and operations analysts in process manufacturing to rapidly achieve insights from asset and operations data. R15 accelerates all aspects of the user and organisation experience with Seeq, enabling broader adoption of current deployments in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and food and beverage industries.

Seeq R15 delivers features and capabilities addressing the span of requirements for larger and broader deployments for existing users, as well as making Seeq easier to deploy for new users. These features include:

Easier for new users: As deployments expand, Seeq R15 delivers easier to use search, customized trending views, date manipulations, and asset comparisons.

New Functions and Arithmetic Operators: Seeq R15 end-user improvements include data cleansing and regression functions for modeling multi-variate analysis, as well as improved variable and operator functionality for process calculations.

Enterprise Data Support: Seeq R15 expands process historian support to include Honeywell PHD, Wonderware Historian, Yokogawa Exaquantum Historian, and GE Proficy Historian. This adds to existing support for the OSIsoft PI System, Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Continuous Historian, and Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA system.

Relational Database Integration: Seeq R15 simplifies integration with relational database offerings such as Microsoft SQL Server and its open-source alternative MySQL, as well as CSV file formats, to create batch and state context from manufacturing applications.

Data Wrangling: Seeq replaces the hours of manual effort required to aggregate, cleanse, and contextualize data in spreadsheets. R15 adds improved support for data export via an OData interface for reporting and dashboards.

Enterprise Scalability: Seeq R15 now supports multi-node deployments for high availability deployments in distributed enterprise environments.
At the OSIsoft European User Conference recently in The Hague (NL), Abbott Nutrition showed their use of R15 in the “Productivity and Quality Improvements Through Continuous Contextualisation of PI” presentation. In this use case, Seeq enabled insights into production and asset optimization, eliminating hours of tedious and manual work to create production reports. For Abbott engineers, Seeq is the first offering in a new generation of application software available to engineers in the process industry. Using Seeq resulted in improved asset availability and optimised yield metrics on product measurement metrics.

R15 is the 4th release of Seeq software in 2016, and is available to subscribers immediately.

“Our software subscription and delivery model means we are delivering new features and value very quickly,” says Steve Sliwa, CEO and co-founder of Seeq Corporation. “R15 delivers on our efforts to rapidly address user feedback to enable new levels of insight and efficiency for our customers."

To accelerate awareness and familiarity of Seeq features and functionality, Seeq has also created a new playlist on its YouTube channel. Called “Seeq University,” this set of videos demonstrates the capabilities of Seeq features across all aspects of the product including search, trending, data-search, formulas, and more.

In addition to OSIsoft’s European User Conference, Seeq plan also to participate at multiple OSIsoft regional events across the United States, as well as the Yokogawa User’s Conference in Orlando, Florida (US); the Emerson Exchange (EMREX) user conference in Austin, Texas (US); and the Honeywell User Conference (HUG) in The Hague, (NL).

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Specialist in sound and vibration instrumentation strengthens sales function.

AcSoft has further strengthened its sales function with the appointment of Aidan Hubbard as Sales Engineer and Rebecca Lever as Internal Sales Executive.

Aidan Hubbard
Aidan brings significant commercial experience to this position. He spent 11 years in a variety of roles with leading power tools supplier, Cooks of Bedford, including E-Commerce Manager where he was responsible for eight members of staff, and helped the department grow to become 50% of the company’s total turnover.

“AcSoft is an impressive company with market leading products and exciting prospects, and I am thrilled to have joined the team at this key point in its growth story,” comments Aidan.

Rebecca Lever
Rebecca has a strong strategic sales background having held business development roles at Liquid Learning in Auckland and Global1 Events in Australia, as well as similar positions at British-based OfficeTeam and Universally Speaking.

Rebecca says: “It’s great to have joined AcSoft at such an exciting time for the company. I am delighted at the prospect of working alongside the team in this newly created position to assist in the growth of new and existing business well into the future.”

Paul Rubens, Managing Director at AcSoft adds: “Both Aidan and Rebecca are enthusiastic individuals with strong commercial backgrounds and well-developed business development skills. We are confident this will make them a valuable asset to AcSoft as we continue to develop our sales strategies and strengthen our market position.”

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Japanese approval for intrinsically safe transmitters.

The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity and temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been certified according to TIIS. The device, which already meets the relevant requirements for Europe and North America (ATEX, IECEx, FM), may now be employed in Japan as well. TIIS-certified EE300Ex devices can be obtained from the Japanese E+E sales partner TEKHNE Trading Co., Ltd.

EE300Ex is dedicated for use in potentially explosive environments and can be installed directly in both gas and dust hazardous areas of zone 0 / 20. The device accurately measures relative humidity and temperature in the range from 0 to 100% RH and -40 to 180°C (-40...356 °F) with pressure rating up to 300 bar (4351 psi). The EE300Ex is also available for moisture measurement in oil as well as for temperature measurement only.

The EE300Ex is very easy to install due to the separation of the measurement unit and the connecting area. The two-part enclosure allows the measurement unit to be removed for maintenance or calibration, while the connecting area remains in place with intact wiring.

The EE300Ex is available as wall mount or with a remote sensing probe with up to 10 m probe cable length. The measured values are shown on the optional display. The enclosure and the probe of high-quality stainless steel are suitable even for harsh industrial conditions. The proprietary E+E coating protects the sensors from contamination and corrosion, which leads to outstanding long-term stability.

The measured values are issued on two 4…20 mA outputs. In addition to the measured relative humidity and temperature, the EE300Ex calculates other physical quantities such as dew point or frost point temperature, absolute humidity and mixing ratio. Individual configuration of the transmitter and adjustment of the analogue outputs can be easily performed with the free configuration software.

• E+E Elektronic products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

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SCADA portfolio strengthened!

SolutionsPT has become distributor for Citect in Ireland and Britain. This new representation will strengthening its SCADA product portfolio.

Renowned for the development and application of SCADA and HMI solutions, the Citect brand is owned by Schneider Electric, and its range of products includes CitectSCADA, CitectHMI and CitectHistorian.

Anne Fletcher - Citect Product Manager
Schneider Electric already has a longstanding relationship with SolutionsPT, which has been the sole distributor for its Wonderware suite of products in these markets since 1991. As a result, SolutionsPT was seen as the logical choice to take on the distribution of Citect software because of its existing focus on, and technical expertise in, the automation sector.

To support the new product offering, SolutionsPT has promoted Anne Fletcher to the role of Citect Product Manager. Anne has been with SolutionsPT for six years, most recently working as Channel Relationship Manager. Anne will be responsible for championing the Citect product set amongst SolutionsPT’s end users, OEMs and System Integrators to enhance the profitability and penetration of Citect products.

Martin Walder, VP Industry UK & Ireland, Schneider Electric, said: “Collaborating on sales and utilising SolutionsPT to support our Citect product will allow us to improve the service to Citect customers and enhance the breadth of our software offering. This deal will allow us to offer Historian, Batch Management and MES functionality as well as our targeted SCADA and HMI offerings. SolutionsPT is a well-established distributor and the right partner to work with to develop the overall market for Schneider software products.”

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Touch up your phone!

We sometimes share information on products and stories not directly in the automation and instrumentation fields. This is one of those features. We can think of applications in industry as mobile/cell phones become more used as HMI in industrial processes.

Mujjo pioneered unrestricted touchscreen gloves, loved by tens of thousands of fans worldwide who have grown to depend on them. Mujjo has continued to improve and evolve all aspects of the gloves ever since.

The gloves offer an unrestricted touchscreen experience and enable you to use all your fingertips, your knuckles and even the heel or palm of your hand.

They feature a stunning design that takes touchscreen gloves to the next level. A leather strap crosses over a notch on the wrist where a carefully placed magnetic snap button provides a snap closure. The cuff boards are constructed of matching black leather and the palms feature grip dots to aid in anti-slip capability. A soft layer of integrated fleece lining provides a soft touch and feel to the sturdy and durable gloves.

Silicon grip dot patterns are added to the palms of these gloves to aid in gripping and provide anti-slip capabilities that will come in handy on a moist or snowy winter day.

The gloves take the shape of your hand and offer a sleek fit, which guarantees an optimised typing experience.

The Double Layered Touchscreen Gloves, developed in response to requests from those in colder climates looking for touchscreen gloves with extra insulation, the extra layer, made out of wool, acts as an insulator and doubles as lining, providing enhanced insulation.

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Shortlisted for IET award.

Plessey, a leading expert in the manufacture of lighting and sensing products and components, announced today that it has been shortlisted in the Healthcare Technologies category for its imPulse ECG monitor at The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Awards 2016. IET’s prestigious annual awards celebrate the best innovations from both industry and academia. The IET highlights landmark work and developments that take place across a number of important areas of science, engineering and technology.

Plessey’s imPulse hand held device utilises Plessey’s patented and award winning EPIC™ sensing technology. Plessey’s EPIC™ disruptive technology has uses in the medical, automotive and industrial market segments. This sensor technology has been creating considerable interest within the medical community where the primary focus has been in using EPIC for surface body electrode physiology applications such as electrocardiograph (ECG), electromyograph (EMG), electroencephalograph (EEG), and electrooculography (EOG).

With Health and Wellbeing so prominent in people's minds, Plessey has developed in the imPulse sensor a simple to use hand held ECG monitor. Utilising Plessey's disruptive Electric Potential sensing technology to detect an ECG signal, all that is required is the simple placement of the thumbs on the sensors embedded in the imPulse unit. This allows for a routine, quick, accurate recording of a lead one ECG signal without the need for conductive gel or skin preparation. The signal is transmitted using Bluetooth to a Smartphone or Tablet computer and displays the ECG trace along with heart rate readout and provides a simple output indicating whether the user is at risk of arterial fibrillation (AF) a precursor to a stroke.

Alan Colman, Commercial Director for EPIC at Plessey, said, “We are delighted to be shortlisted in the Healthcare Technologies category at the IET awards. Plessey is dedicated to using the best of British research, manufacturing and engineering to create disruptive and innovative technologies to bring a positive influence to the interaction we all have with technology. Plessey’s imPulse capacitive lead one ECG sensing system is helping with the identification of Atrial Fibrillation in both primary and secondary care in the UK to be used as a screen for potential stroke victims.”

• Winners of the IET awards will be announced at the award ceremony taking place on Wednesday 16th November at The Brewery, London.

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Remote management solution rebranded!

HMS Industrial Networks now offer the Netbiter Remote Management solution under the newly acquired brand name eWON®. Alongside eWON Cosy and Flexy, Netbiter will be one of the three main product lines within the eWON Remote Solutions offering.

Further to the rebranding, all the elements of Netbiter (gateways, Argos cloud service etc) get an updated eWON look but from a technical point of view, the Netbiter solution itself remains unchanged, providing users with an out-of-the-box solution for remote management of field equipment.

With Netbiter as part of eWON Remote Solutions, HMS is able to present a complete offering for remote access, data and management of industrial equipment:

• Remote Access with Cosy, an industrial VPN router providing a fast and easy way to open a remote tunnel to do remote commissioning and programming of PLCs.
• Remote Data with Flexy, a modular and flexible router which can be customized for remote access and data collection.
• Remote Management with Netbiter, an out-of-the-box solution for remote management of field equipment.

“The Netbiter Remote Management solution has been growing rapidly in the last few years with a sales increase of 57% in the first half of 2016....We see a steadily growing demand for remote solutions in the marketplace, which is also the reason why we acquired eWON earlier this year," says Staffan Dahlström, CEO of HMS Industrial Networks. "eWON is a very well-known brand within remote access and remote data, featuring Cosy and Flexy respectively, and with the addition of Netbiter Remote Management, we have a very strong and complete remote solutions offering.”

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Connecting machines to each other, the Internet and the cloud.

InduSoft has released Service Pack One of InduSoft Web Studio v8.0, adding major improvements to its award-winning software. Continuing the company's vision of any device, any network and any data—this new service pack improves existing HTML5 and custom widget capabilities, introduces an add-on conversion tool for FactoryTalk® applications, and enhances IoTView®.
Adding to the interoperability of InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 SP1, the HTML5 capabilities have expanded to include horizontal trends. The custom widgets now allow users to host third-party applications within the InduSoft Web Studio environment without necessitating Microsoft-specific Active/X and .NET controls. Engineers can easily create custom widgets using HTML/Jscript. Support for the new Import Wizard for FactoryTalk ME/SE greatly reduces the engineering time required for migrating applications from FactoryTalk to InduSoft Web Studio.

The scalable, platform agnostic IoTView runtime, introduced in InduSoft Web Studio v8.0, has also been enhanced to improve data and connectivity. InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 SP1 includes math scripts and enhancements to database connectivity to execute transactions. These capabilities allow IoTView to collect data at an aggregation point close to the sensors and transmit only the data points requiring attention, all in real time, and then manipulate and transform the data into meaningful information before presenting it. These enhancements to InduSoft Web Studio make it the perfect solution for IIoT, Industry 4.0, and Made in China 2025.

The InduSoft Web Studio v8.0 SP1 release is a natural evolution of the product’s life-cycle, and in this latest service pack version, it remains 100% compatible with applications designed using previous versions. The service pack also includes enhancements to the development environment to further reduce the development time for InduSoft Web Studio applications.

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Technical Services Manager for compressed air company.

O’Neill Industrial the compressed air solutions company, has announced the appointment of Seán McMahon to the role of Technical Services Manager. In his role, Sean will be responsible for management of all aspects of the Technical Service Division.

Seán McMahon
Commenting on the appointment, Austin O’Neill of O’Neill Industrial said, “The creation of this new role is in response to our commitment to setting the standard within industry for complete end-to-end compressed air solutions and becoming Ireland’s number one air compressor specialists. This investment in our team will allow us to develop and improve our technical service and support offering to our client base.”

Seán brings with him a vast amount of experience having worked for Atlas Copco for over 9 years where he managed the tools service division of Atlas Copco in the UK (2002 -2008), then fulfilled the same role in the plant in Johannesburg South Africa (2009-2011). Prior to that he was National Service Manager with Checkpoint Systems/Meto n Britain and he has subsequently held senior positions with Apollo Scientific and Bakita Industrial Solutions in Johannesburg.

Having returned to his home county of Clare, he most recently worked for AMCS in Co Limerick.

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Special offers for testers.

Until 31st December 2016, Fluke UK is making two special offers as part of their Autumn Promotional Campaign.

1. A Safety Kit consisting of a Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter (DMM) with a Fluke TLK-225 SureGrip™ Master Accessory set of leads and connectors is available at a special price. Ideal for field service technicians, the Fluke FLK-115/TLK-225-1 Safety Kit offer can be seen, along with other offerings on line.

The compact Fluke 115 DMM true-rms meter, with a CAT III 600V safety rating, is an ideal meter for a wide variety of electrical and electronic testing applications. Featuring a large white LED backlit screen, it measures DC and AC voltages to 600V and captures MIN/MAX/AVG readings. The Fluke 115 also measures resistance, frequency and capacitance, and tests continuity.

The Fluke TLK-225 SureGrip Master Accessory Set consists of 13 items, providing flexibility and comfort with all SureGrip leads and probes in a convenient six pocket, roll-up pouch. Rubber overmoulded surfaces and finger-hugging curves give the user a comfortable, reliable grip on the accessory so they can focus on making an accurate measurement.

Also included in Fluke’s money saving Autumn Campaign are a Fluke T5-1000 Electrical Tester Kit, a Fluke 325 true-rms Current Clamp Meter Kit, a Fluke 6500-2 Basic PAT Tester Kit, a Fluke 175 DMM and C25 carry case offer, a Fluke 1664FC Installation Tester with data management software offer, a Fluke T150 Voltage and Continuity Tester with a non-contact voltage detector and toolbelt offer, along with a special pricing offer on a Fluke TiS20 Thermal Imager.

2. Fluke is also offering cash back for any brand of multifunction tester traded-in when purchasing a latest model of Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Tester, or kit / bundle including one of these testers, from an authorised Fluke distributor. The cash rebate is dependent on the model of 1660 Series purchased, and can be claimed by the purchaser by registering on the promotional website  and following all the instructions fully explained on-screen. The cashback claim can be made after purchase of the Fluke 1660 series, successful completion of the required information and on return of the old tester. Full terms and conditions are detailed on the web site.

The latest Fluke 1660 Series Multifunction Installation Testers, which include the 1662, 1663 and 1664 FC, are the only installation testers that help prevent damage to connected appliances. The 1660 Series puts more power in users’ hands by quickly and efficiently testing fixed installations to BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, protecting appliances that may be inadvertently connected to the system under test, and making it easy to share test results over a smartphone using Fluke Connect®.

The Fluke 1664 FC features the patent pending Insulation PreTest™ function that detects if an appliance is connected to the system under test and will stop the test while also providing a visual warning. Insulation PreTest helps avoid accidental and costly damage to peripheral equipment. Also new to the 1664 FC is an Auto Test function that does 5 required installation tests in one sequence, ensuring compliance with BS7671 17th Edition Wiring Regulations. This reduces the number of manual connections, decreases the possibility of making errors, and reduces test time by up to 40% compared to previous Fluke models.

The wireless 1664 FC model is part of Fluke Connect - the industry’s largest system of software and wireless test tools. Measurements from the tester can be wirelessly transmitted to the Fluke Connect app on smartphones or tablets and automatically uploaded to FlukeCloud™ Storage, eliminating transcription errors. Technicians can collaborate in real time with other colleagues with ShareLive™ video calls, increasing productivity in the field. Measurements from the 1664 FC can be combined with measurement data from multiple Fluke Connect test tools to create and share comprehensive reports from the job site via email.

The new Fluke 1660 Series is designed to verify insulation resistance, loop impedance, resistance of the earth connect, resistance to earth, RCD performance in TT and TN systems, phase sequence, and loop/line impedance and RCD tests in IT systems.

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Educational discounts for transducers and instrumentation.

If you’re a University, School or other Institution you can benefit from some fantastic educational discount from Applied Measurements Limited. These apply to their range of load and force sensors, pressure, level and depth sensors, LVDT’s displacement/position sensors and torque sensors.

“We provided both current and future students enrolled in these modules the opportunity to investigate as well as learn how to calibrate real-life industrial equipment.”  said Ing. Claire Seguna, Institute of Engineering and Transport (IET) – Mechanical Engineering, Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology (MCAST).

When Ing. Claire Seguna, Senior Lecturer at MCAST, contacted the company looking for top quality transducers and instrumentation, but at a very low cost, they were delighted to help. Thanks to their generous educational discount the provided several load, force, pressure measurement sensors and TR150 handheld indicators for real-time data monitoring to Malta’s leading vocational education and training institution (MCAST).

Applied Measurements offer a substantial educational discount for Universities, Schools and other Institutions. As Darren Skipp, Commercial Director of Applied Measurements says “I believe it is important to help educate future generations of engineers. By providing MCAST with discounted up-to-date industry standard equipment, the students are able to see how engineering theory works in real-world applications.”

Applied Measurements are proud to have been given the opportunity to help these young engineers of the future. By taking advantage of these educational discount students are able to enhance their knowledge and understanding of key engineering principles with the assistance of modern sensors and instrumentation.

Contact us about our generous educational discount on our range of load and force sensors, pressure, level and depth sensors, LVDT’s displacement/position sensors and torque sensors.

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Growth prompts move !

Following a succession of service contract wins and rapid growth in sales of new air monitoring products such as AQMesh and FIDAS, Air Monitors has moved to new larger, more modern facilities near Tewkesbury (GB).

“We are still close to Tewkesbury,” says MD Jim Mills, “but the new facility is 60% larger, which has enabled us to expand the service department and employ new staff in a number of key departments.”

The growth in the service department reflects the number of new contracts that Air Monitors has secured to calibrate and maintain many of the UK’s ambient air quality monitoring networks. “This success can be attributed to the high levels of data capture that we achieve with web-enabled monitoring and a proactive service regime.”

The Air Monitors sales department is also driving growth at the company with new technologies leading the way. “We are struggling to cope with demand for the Fidas particulate monitor,” Jim reports. “By monitoring multiple fractions simultaneously with very low power and maintenance requirements, the Fidas 200 provides an opportunity to gather better data at a lower cost.

“We are also delighted with the volume of orders for the low cost air quality monitor AQMesh. Having spent over three years refining and proving the technology in multiple trials, both in the UK and abroad, there is now a high degree of confidence in AQMesh. This is causing a minor revolution in the air quality community – customers are finally able to quickly and simply collect accurate, almost real-time air quality data from any location; revealing vital information on the air pollution that is responsible for thousands of premature deaths.”

In addition to the new Tewkesbury facility, Air Monitors has also invested heavily in a new website which offers visitors the opportunity to ‘define themselves’ so that the site can automatically display the technologies of most relevance. Visitors can also find the products of interest much faster with a new filter tool – simply click the measurement parameters and the screen will automatically display the appropriate products.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Obsoleting old HMI standard.

IDEC Corporation's 4.3” HG1G HMI is one of industry’s first display products to take full advantage of the worldwide standard 4.3” LCD screen size. Because this screen size is so widely used in consumer gaming devices and other commercial products, it effectively obsoletes HMIs with smaller screen sizes by offering a larger and higher resolution display area at a lower price.
The HG1G display is TFT Color LCD with high resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, 65K colors, and 800 cd/m2 brightness. This level of resolution produces a much improved viewing experience, and the increased brightness allows screens to be easily viewable in direct sunlight. Viewing can be configured for either portrait or landscape, with a viewing angle of 60 degrees from top, 65 degrees from the bottom, and 70 degrees from left or right.

HMIs often need to communicate with a variety of different PLCs, controllers and other HMIs from different vendors, and the HG1G HMI delivers this functionality by supporting multiple communication protocols, up to four simultaneously. The serial port can support both RS-232C and RS-422/485 communications simultaneously, and the Ethernet port can support up to four Hosts and three User communication protocols at the same time. The serial port and the Ethernet port combined can thus support up to nine communication simultaneously, two serial and seven Ethernet.

The HG1G has a built-in web server which provides full remote monitoring and control via any web browser running on a laptop, desktop PC, smartphone or tablet. Remote users can monitor current values or processes—and control operation, print information, switch screens or change program values—just as if they were in front of the touchscreen display. Users can also remotely perform troubleshooting, run tests and perform maintenance. No additional software tools or modules are needed to use this Remote Monitor & Control function.

Support for industry-standard FTP communications allows users to transfer project, recipe, picture, sound and movie files between the HG1G HMI and a PC without having to load the IDEC HMI programming software on the PC. If an IDEC PLC is being used with the HMI, this feature can also be used to download an updated PLC program from a PC to the PLC through the HMI. This greatly simplifies HMI and PLC program updates as it’s no longer necessary to have the IDEC programming software installed on multiple PCs throughout a facility or a company.

A common problem with HMIs in this class is limited backlight life, particularly since the backlight is typically not field-replaceable. The HG1G HMI LED backlight addresses this issue with a best-in-class life of 70,000 hours, which will provide many years of operation as the backlight can be automatically switched off when the unit is not in use.

The HG1G HMI has a wide range of operating temperatures from -20 to 55 degrees C, and it is rated IP66F/IP67F and NEMA 4X to allow for installation outdoors, or indoors in washdown areas. The unit is suitable for installation in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous location installations and has UL 508 approval. Input voltage is 12-24 Vdc, allowing the HG1G HMI to be powered by solar cells and other dc sources. Startup time is only 1.5 seconds, compared to up to 40 seconds for competing units.

The HG1G HMI is programmed using IDEC’s WindO/I NV4 software. This new programming software provides advanced programming features similar to those found in IDEC’s High Performance HMI including WebServer function, FTP function and a USB Auto Run function for easy data transfer. User memory is 12 MB, allowing complex programs with a wide range of functionality to run on the HMI.


European HQ relocated in Germany.

Teledyne LeCroy has relocated its European Headquarters to Heidelberg (D). The company's established office in Heidelberg has significantly expanded its premises, doubling its staff and trebling its office space.

In addition to sales and technical support, the office now accommodates the new European Service Center. These modern facilities with its team of highly-qualified technicians and customer service representatives, are equipped to the highest standards to support its growing customer base.

Teledyne LeCroy will maintain its presence in Switzerland, providing the region with excellent sales and technical support from its Geneva office. In addition, there are local sales and technical support teams in Italy, France, and Britain, as well as a network of technical distributors in all European countries.

"As always, it is our priority to ensure that Teledyne LeCroy customers receive excellent support," according to a company spokesman.

Contact may be made with the Service Centre in various languages:

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White smoke at ISA!

The current president of the International Society of Automation, Jim Keaveney, has announced the result of the elections for Society Leaders and Officers held during September. "I extend my sincere thanks to the candidates for their willingness to stand for election and hearty congratulations to those who have been elected to serve the Society. I want to personally thank each of you who took time to cast a ballot," he said.

As usual there is a good cross section of industries represented in those elected.  The election of a member of the Ireland Section, Brian Curtis, marks the second time that a European has been elected to the position of President-elect Secretary. This is the start of a three year term as he will assume the Presidency in 2018 and the office of Past President in 2019. 

The terms of office of all these positions start in January 2017.

Brian J Curtis
Society President-elect Secretary:
Brian Curtis, Cobh, County Cork, Ireland.

  • Highest elected office within ISA.
  • President-elect Secretary serves one year, in second year automatically becomes President and in third year becomes “Past President.

Society Treasurer:
Thomas W. Devine, Cazenovia, New York, USA

  • Chief financial officer of the Society.
  • Two year term and is only Society officer who may be elected to serve consecutive terms.

Executive Board Member: Geographic (2 seats)
Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues Mandolesi, Itatiba, SP, Brazil
James (Jim) Hunter Haw, Houston, Texas, USA

Executive Board Member: Technical
Jeremey Steven (Steve) Mustard, Houston, Texas, USA.

  • Leaders working together at the executive level to set the strategic direction of the Society.
  • Three year commitment and may be re-elected for a lifetime maximum of six years.

Automation & Technology Department Vice President-elect:
Grant T. Patterson, Tullahoma, Tennessee, USA.

Publications Department Vice President-elect:
Michael B. Fedenyszen, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Standards & Practices Department Vice President-elect: 
Christian (Chris) Monchinski, Neptune, New Jersey, USA.

Strategic Planning Department Vice President-elect: 
Yesid Alberto Yermanos Aldana, Bogota, Colombia.

  • Leaders serving at the assembly level to provide oversight to the Society’s operational and technical departments.
  • Four-year commitment—two years as Vice President-elect and two years as Vice President.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

More efficiency and flexibility with new hubs.

IO-Link actuator/sensor hubs from Balluff feature eight ports for 16 in-/outputs. They allow for example signals from up to 16 switching sensors to be collected from a distance of up to 20 m so that they can be made available to the machine controller via IO-Link and an IO-Link master using a simple 3-conductor cable.

Versions with an expansion port are brand new in the marketplace.

Here Slot 7 can be reconfigured as an expansion port by means of a simple parameter entry. A complete valve plug or an additional sensor hub can be connected to it. For the user this means a significant gain in flexibility and efficiency. Now it is possible not only to cost-effectively process additional in- and outputs, but also expand the range to a circle of another 20 m. Thanks to plug-and-play and the use of unshielded standard cables, the system can be started up in no time at all.

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New business Development Manager.

Martin Hurley has recently joined Douglas Control & Automation as Business Development Manager.
Martin Hurley

He brings extensive industrial experience from the Gilroy Group where he worked for 15 Years. With 30 years’ experience in dealing with Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Food and Manufacturing industries, Martin will focus on further developing the Stahl range of Hazardous Area Equipment across Ireland.

Martin holds degrees in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering.

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Not completely normal switches!

They look like "completely normal" compact position switches with standard dimensions according to DIN EN 50047. But the construction details of the light and robust Ex 97 switching devices with plastic housings now available from the steute business unit "Extreme" make these devices unique.

The switches are tested and certified according to ATEX and IECEx for use in Gas Ex zones 1 and 2, as well as dust Ex zones 21 and 22. They can also be used in temperatures down to -60°C, which is a terribly demanding, most particularly for the construction and sealing of the housings. For example, the high protection class (IP 66) has to remain guaranteed at such low temperatures, even during a 7-Joule impact test.

For this reason the robust housings are manufactured from high-quality plastic with a glass fibre reinforcement which is partly textile in structure. In addition, the housing covers are completely vulcanised, guaranteeing that they remain sealed even upon impact. To seal the plungers, the steute developers have implemented a redundant sealing system comprising an external sealing cuff suitable for low temperatures and an internal Teflon sealing ring.

The sealing materials used have been classified by their own manufacturers for temperatures down to -95°C, and the lubricants used for temperatures down to -75°C. There is thus sufficient "safety clearance" before the -60°C certified for the Ex 97 switches is reached. This means that users, e.g. in the offshore oil and gas industry, can be certain that the new position switches will work reliably even in their truly extreme environments.

Due to their comprehensive range of actuators (plungers, roller levers, turning levers, push buttons) and compact dimensions, the Ex norm switches, available as snap action or slow action, are very versatile and can easily be integrated in an existing construction. Their protectively insulated plastic design also makes earthing and potential equalisation unnecessary.

With their unique set of features – in particular their enormous temperature range – they are suited to the position monitoring of flaps, valves, covers and other moving components, for example in plants within the oil and gas industry (onshore and offshore) or in shipbuilding and ports. Other application areas include handling systems on oil rigs, as well as position monitoring on crane booms. Safety applications, e.g. on maintenance flaps and guard doors, are a further possibility.

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Dust sensor!

Omron Electronic Components Europe is launching a new dust sensor module, offering four times greater sensitivity compared with other LED dust sensors on the market. The higher performance and greater sensitivity of the sensor will allow tighter pollution control as well as the creation of more effective air purifiers and similar systems.
Omron’s Dust Sensor is able to detect particles as small as 1 micron, less than half the size of the PM2.5 standard for fine particulate matter in the atmosphere. It also features a high air throughput, of around 6 times that of established alternatives, giving improved sensitivity of response to changes in the environment.

Commenting, Gabriele Fulco, European Product Marketing Manager Sensors, Omron said “Controlling air pollution including emissions from vehicles as well as cigarette and other smoke is a major concern for city authorities and building managers alike. It is only possible to control what can be detected, so Omron believes it is making a major contribution to the environment and public health by launching this new, highly sensitive dust sensor.”

The new Omron dust sensor is highly compact, sized just 50mm x 45mm x 20mm – giving it an overall size of 20% less than popular alternative solutions. The sensor is part of a growing range of Omron solutions for HVAC and other environmental systems. They include the D6F-PH MEMS pressure sensor and the velocity sensors D6F-V which incorporate a Dust segregation System (DSS). The design of all Omron sensors guarantees very sensitive and temperature compensated measurement of air for a precise HVAC control.

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Solution to boost use of renewables.

A modular and scalable “plug and play” microgrid solution to address the globally growing demand for flexible technology in the developing market for distributed power generation has been announced by ABB. The cost-efficient, containerised solution is relevant for mature and emerging countries and will help maximize the use of renewable energy sources while reducing dependence on fossil fuels used by generator sets.

ABB’s innovative technology with the PowerStore Battery and the dedicated Microgrid Plus control system as well as cloud-based remote service can not only provide power access to remote areas, but also secure cost-efficient uninterrupted power supply to communities and industries during both planned and unplanned power outages from the main grid supply.

All the equipment required to run the microgrid – ABB’s power converter and dedicated control system, Microgrid Plus, as well as battery storage – has been integrated into a container for faster, easier and safer deployment. The customer can choose to configure the microgrid to integrate energy from solar, wind, main grid or diesel generator supply, based on the application and local conditions.

ABB’s modular microgrid is compact and has four pre-designed variants in the range of 50 kW to 4,600 kW, to meet varying customer needs. The standard integrated functionalities include grid-connected and off-grid operation with seamless transition. It is a containerized solution designed for easy transpor­tation, fast installation and commissioning onsite. Operations and maintenance is enabled via a cloud-based remote service system, another example of ABB’s clear positioning as a pioneering technology leader driving the energy and fourth industrial revolutions.

“Our modular, standardized and scalable microgrid solution will provide cost efficient access to reliable power for rural and urban applications, as a plug-and-play solution“, said Claudio Facchin, President of ABB’s Power Grids division. “It exemplifies ABB’s continued commitment to innovation and reducing environmental impact by enhancing the integration of renewable energy sources and reducing dependence on fossil-fuels, all key elements of ABB’s Next Level strategy.”

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Tissue manufacturer benefits from upgrade.

Soffass SpA, based in Porcari, (I) produces a range of products including Regina, as well as a wide selection of other products aimed at the global consumer tissue paper market. These include toilet paper, kitchen towel, napkins, paper tablecloths, handkerchiefs, facial tissues and sheets for medical and industrial use.

The company is a long-term user of Control Techniques variable speed drives. However, with mature products such as Commander SK and Unidrive SP moving into the next stage of their lifecycle, the benefits of upgrading to the latest industrial AC drive technology, Unidrive M, were clear.

Unidrive M is capable of fully replacing and enhancing Commander SK and Unidrive SP installations. It offers full mechanical compatibility in terms of dimensions and weights, and when retrofitting surface mount drives existing mounting holes can be reused, negating the need for additional drilling. Furthermore, Unidrive M offers the same power and control wiring philosophy and the same menu and parameter structure. Indeed, parameters can be transferred from Unidrive SP and Commander SK using Unidrive M Connect software, or via a smartcard (Unidrive SP only).

The maintenance team management at Soffass, lead by Giuliano Dinelli (Maintenance Manager) and Luca Manfredini (Electrical Engineer), was keen to tap into the extra benefits offered by Emerson's Unidrive M, and were able to do this quickly and easily thanks to a number of key design features.

“Previously we used Commander SK and Unidrive SP drives with the SM-Applications and SM-Safety modules, and even though we knew these products would continue to be supported for the next 10 years at least, we thought it provided a good opportunity to take advantage of Unidrive M,” said Giuliano Dinelli. “As a result of the upgrade we now use Unidrive M200 drives for asynchronous motor control in the conveyors, and Unidrive M700 drives in the remainder of the applications.”

Among the principal uses for Unidrive M at Soffass is the embosser, where paper veils are matched together to make the final product thicker and softer. The drives also control the print units, as well as the winder/unwinder, which delivers materials to further stages of the process.

“We have complete trust in the Unidrive M platform and wanted to upgrade for many reasons, not least the ease of programming, set-up, commissioning and cabling. Furthermore, we liked technical features such as synchronous Ethernet, on-board AMC and the multi-protocol encoder connector. This multi-axis system with multiple controls is the perfect fit for our converting machinery at Porcari. In total, we have now purchased around 100 Unidrive M drives from Emerson.”

Such has been the success of the upgrade programme that Soffass is now considering the use of additional products from Control Techniques and its sister company, Leroy-Somer, in future projects. Specifically, the company has earmarked the adoption of permanent magnet (PM) motors as they can offer energy savings in equipment such as paper mills, where power requirements are typically high.

“We like Control Techniques because its products are reliable and easy to use,” concludes Mr Dinelli. “In addition, Control Techniques has supported us in the design and development of the machines, and responded positively to our demands in terms of throughput and budget.”

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