Thursday, October 6, 2016

Analyser program for release next year!

Process Data Analytics is an application program from Yokogawa that can detect a decline in quality or productivity at an early stage of the manufacturing process by analysing process data, facility status information, operation history, and other data. Used in combination with Yokogawa’s analytical services, this software can help companies stabilize and continuously improve the quality of their products. Process Data Analytics will be released for sale in March 2017.

Development Background
While working to quickly respond to a diverse array of market needs, manufacturers face a growing need to stabilize the quality of the products coming off their production lines. Product quality is affected by factors such as fluctuations in the quality of raw materials and the aging of manufacturing facilities. Even when the raw materials supplied by different contractors vary in composition, the need to ensure high quality in the final product remains unchanged. To improve quality in each production process and thereby improve the quality of their final products, manufacturers must analyse various types of data. The effectiveness of such analysis has largely depended on the knowledge and expertise of the workers at each production site.

As a solution to such challenges, Yokogawa began offering a process data analytical service to its customers in 2008. To date, more than 100 contracts for this service have been concluded with companies in Japan’s chemical industry and other industry sectors, and these companies have come to rely on this service.

Based on the insights that Yokogawa engineers gained by providing this service to their customers, the company developed an analytical tool to improve its efficacy and thereby help its customers maintain and improve product quality. This software makes use of the Mahalanobis Taguchi (MT) * method, a pattern-recognition technique that is employed in multivariate analysis. The company is now preparing for the commercial release of this software.

Software features
Process Data Analytics will run on Windows® PCs and will analyse production operations using temperature, pressure, flow rate, liquid level, and other process data as well as data on facility operations and equipment maintenance collected by a PIMS (plant information management system), DCS, or PLC. Data from Yokogawa’s Exaquantum plant information management system can be used without the need for file conversion.

Process Data Analytics will use the MT method for the analysis of multiple statistical variables. This will compare the collected data and accurately detect deviations from normal conditions. Any deviation will trigger a warning that quality may have deteriorated. By using the four M’ criteria of material, method, machine, and manpower to analyse process data, this software can visualize changes in production processes and thereby improve operations at manufacturing sites. Key benefits of this software are as follows:

1. Early detection of abnormalities in production processes
By detecting changes in production process data, this software can spot quality and productivity issues at an early stage of the manufacturing process. Based on this information, measures can then be taken to bring production operations back to a normal condition and recover quality.

2. Fail-proof quality inspection
By detecting changes in the data from production processes, this software can detect any sign of deteriorating quality and thereby catch any fault that might be overlooked in a conventional pre-shipment inspection. This can help quality assurance departments improve their quality inspection process.

3. Extensible via integration with MATLAB®
This software supports MATLAB, the widely used numerical analysis tool from MathWorks®. Custom MATLAB calculations can be integrated within the Process Data Analytics software to ensure the leveraging of unique business and domain knowledge (please note that a license to use this product must be purchased).

4. High speed and accuracy through use of AngleTry Associates’ proprietary technology
Thanks to the use of a pattern-recognition technology licensed from AngleTry Associates, this software delivers quick and accurate analyses. This technology is particularly useful with consulting and systems construction. AngleTry has sold over 500 licenses for pattern-recognition and other technologies mainly in Japan. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has chosen AngleTry’s technology for the autonomous inspection of its Epsilon rocket.

Main applications
Production quality control in the oil, petrochemical, chemical, pulp and paper, iron and steel, pharmaceutical, food, automobile, glass, rubber, electrical equipment/electronics, and other industries

The MT method is a pattern-recognition technique. It is named after Dr. P.C. Mahalanobis, who introduced the Mahalanobis distance (a multivariate measurement scale based on the correlation among variables), and Dr. Genichi Taguchi, who was one of the key figures in the development of quality engineering. Based on the distance between reference data and sample data, this method can quantitatively determine the deviation from the target data.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Gas detector provids natural gas discrimination.

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection has launched a new portable gas detection device. The Gasurveyor 700 (GS700) is a high-performance IR detector with a user-friendly interface that is suitable for all gas utility applications.

Through its natural gas discrimination application, the GS700 quickly determines if the source of gas leaks is from a utility pipeline, saving valuable time and reducing excavation costs. The GS700 also ensures compliance through intelligent data-logging and GPS mapping, simplifying data collection and allowing managers to make better decisions from tracking data reports. The portable functionality of the GS700, at only 1.4kg (3lbs), combined with its notable durability, enables workers to manoeuvre the device in demanding environments and harsh conditions.

The GS700 promises flexible configuration as it can be customised to meet specific application and user requirements and can cater to multiple detection needs, without alienating performance. Application modes include: Gas Leak Outdoors, Gas Leak Indoors, Purge, Search, Barhole and Confined Space. Each application mode provides fast and accurate measurements and allows gas leaks to be located quickly, ensuring gas utilities are best equipped to protect life and safeguard property.

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Connector sales engineer for the South England.

Cliff Electronics have appointed Vince Pretious as their new Sales Engineer for the South of England.

Vince Pretious
John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments, “We are very happy that Vince is joining our team. Our core audio connector products continue to sell very well as are our electrical test lead sets. The recently introduced and fast growing range of Feedthrough connectors have opened up new markets for us with system integrators and industrial users which Vince will supporting.”

Vince has over 15 years of experience working for electronic component manufacturers with extensive expertise and success in designing-in and selling into OEMS, CEMs, specifiers and distribution. He has worked in many markets including industrial, military, medical and audio and will be responsible for sales of Cliff Electronics components, connectors, test leads and assembly aids.

Vince Pretious is “Looking forward to selling Cliff’s test leads, their well-established connector range and the new market-leading range of Feedthrough connectors.”

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High-speed electronic DC load.

The EL 2000 HS (high-speed) electronic DC load from Intepro Systems is the latest addition to its growing family of power system automatic test equipment (ATE). 

The EL 2000 HS Series is a stand-alone 40W load module providing point-of-load (POL) connections and point-of-use (POU) for fast slew rate DC loading. Ever-higher switching speeds and lower operating voltages present unique challenges in testing POL/POU power conversion systems. In response, the EL 2000 HS load offers a smart on-board load head that minimizes inductance, resistive losses and noise, which pose serious problems with loads using wires to connect the load to the device-under-test (DUT). In addition, the EL 2000 HS is designed for sub-1V testing to meet the demands of low-voltage devices.

The EL 2000 HS’s standalone modular POU design, along with its smart on-board load head, allows for positioning the load to DUT without the need for customization. The standard load offers four programmable modes of operation: constant current, constant resistance, constant power and constant voltage. All have a 50MHz measurement bandwidth with a 150MS/s, 14-bit digitizer. Measurements include voltage, current, power, noise, settling time and overshoot/undershoot for both V and I. The standard 20V/20A/40W module can sink 20A with only 0.3V applied to the load head. In constant-current mode the module achieves 40A/µs rise time with a 20A load for high-speed pulse loading when conducting real load simulation of high-bandwidth devices. Ethernet control allows for easy operation by utilizing either Intepro’s PowerStar software package or third-party software.

“The EL 2000 HS electronic load’s smart on-board modular head design minimizes inductance that would otherwise interfere with accurate testing of high-speed load transitions,” said Gerard Sheehan, Intepro's Chief Technical Officer. “By adding the benefits of high-speed control and sampling, Intepro’s electronic loads are able to provide full functionality for your product testing needs.”

Intepro Systems offers electronic loads as stand-alone units or as complete test systems. Maintenance contracts and onsite calibrations are also available for its test systems.

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Automation authors recognised!

The International Society of Automation (ISA) honoured authors at an awards ceremony held during ISA’s 2016 Fall Leaders Meeting in September 2016.

“Each year, ISA is proud to recognize and thank all of the talented authors and contributors who help develop, review and deliver outstanding ISA publications and technical resources to automation and control professionals throughout the world,” says Susan Colwell, director of ISA’s Publications Department and Publisher of ISA’s InTech magazine.

Winners are recognized for their editorial contributions to a wide range of ISA publications, including ISA books; InTech, ISA’s bi-monthly magazine for automation and control professionals; and ISA Transactions, ISA’s bi-monthly professional journal dedicated to the science and engineering of measurement and automation.

ISA's bi-monthly magazine!
The Keith Otto Award
The Keith Otto Award recognizes the author or authors of the best article in InTech magazine. The award was presented to Donald G. Dunn and Nicholas Sands for their article, “Automation IT—Diagnosing your alarm system,” which appeared in the July/August 2015 issue of InTech.

The Nels Tyring Award
The Nels Tyring Award recognizes the author or authors of the best published article in one of the Society’s journals. Moazzam Shamsi is this year’s recipient for his article, “System Integration: Wired versus wireless trade-offs,” which appeared in the January/ February 2015 issue of InTech.

The Raymond D. Molloy Award
The Raymond D. Molloy Award is presented annually in honor of Raymond D. Molloy’s contributions to the automation profession. Molloy was dedicated to the ISA publications program for more than 20 years, maintaining a keen interest in developing high-quality publications that met the needs of measurement and control professionals. This year’s award recipients are Paul Gruhn, PE, CFSE  and Harry L. Cheddie, PE, CFSE, whose book, Safety Instrumented Systems: Design, Analysis, and Justification, Second Edition, outsold all other ISA books published in 2015.

ISA Transactions Best Paper Award
ISA's Journal of Automation
ISA Transactions Best Paper Award recognizes the best technical paper published in ISA Transactions, the ISA professional journal dedicated to the science and engineering of measurement and automation, during the previous year.
The recipients of the ISA Transactions Best Paper Award are Lotfi Saidi, Jaouher Ben Ali, and Farhat Fnaiech. The review committee recognized their paper, "Application of higher order spectral features and support vector machines for bearing faults classification," which was published in ISA Transactions, Vol. 54, (pages 193-206), January 2015.
By showcasing advances that bridge the theory and practice gap, ISA Transactions plays an important role in enhancing the visibility and reputation of automation and control professionals. ISA members have free online access to ISA Transactions. Non-ISA members can learn more about the journal by clicking here.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Two points of gas detection from one device.

Tyco Gas & Flame Detection has introduced the iTrans 2 fixed gas detector featuring a unique intelligent electronics platform that provides up to two points of detection from a single device.

This state-of-the-art gas detector is able to monitor a combination of gases using a combination of available sensor technologies to include electrochemical, catalytic bead, and infrared. The iTrans 2 boasts a wide range of safety features including automatic sensor recognition, access code security, and zero and calibration fault protection. A single or dual-channel, split screen LED display provides optimal visibility in dark places with operator interface made simple using a magnetic wand.

Available in aluminum or stainless steel enclosure, the explosion-proof device is designed for use in a wide range of applications and harsh environments. Other options include HART communications protocol, RS-485 Modbus, programmable relays and remote sensing. Certifications include CSA, ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, CCC and China Ex.

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Intuitive rugged handheld communicator!

The AMS Trex Device Communicator, from Emerson, is a handheld communicator delivering an intuitive consumer-quality user experience and a brilliant modern display in a tool built to withstand harsh industrial environments. With a task-based graphical user interface built on human centered design, the Trex communicator makes device and loop diagnostics easy to understand and field activities easier to complete.

“With the Trex communicator, technicians can work more effectively in the field – with fewer tools to manage – anywhere in the plant they need to go,” said Duncan Schleiss, vice president, reliability solutions marketing, Emerson Automation Solutions.

Protected against moisture and extreme temperatures, the Trex communicator boasts a rugged design that can withstand the bumps and drops that come from normal use in the plant. The large, full-colour touchscreen display adjusts to lighting conditions and aids troubleshooting in areas where too much or too little light makes other devices difficult to read.

With intrinsic safety certifications, the Trex communicator is certified to go anywhere a technician can go, with no need to shut a process down or get a hot work permit. Long-life batteries ensure that the communicator keeps working even through long days.

Using the Trex communicator’s built-in Foundation Fieldbus and HART® device diagnostic software, technicians can isolate and repair problems while the devices continue to run. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot, avoiding unnecessary interruption to production. Segment and loop diagnostic tools allow users to validate loop and fieldbus segment characteristics for easy troubleshooting. With the ValveLink Mobile app, technicians can analyse valve diagnostics results easily on the communicator’s larger screen.

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Time capsule marks new facility!

HBM has launched a new dedicated production and logistics facility, which is based at its Darmstadt (G) headquarters.

Time capsule is readied fro burial!
Due for completion at the end of 2017, the transparent design of the new production and logistics centre has been carefully selected to reflect the key core values of HBM; precision, innovation and reliability.

To mark the opening of the new facility, a HBM time capsule was buried at a traditional foundation stone laying ceremony, which was attended by local dignitaries, HBM employees and executive leadership. Containing a HBM load cell, daily newspaper and a HBM company brochure, the capsule was lowered into the ground by the Mayor of Darmstadt, Jochen Partsch, to celebrate the launch of the building.

Emphasising its commitment towards its headquarters in Darmstadt and setting the course for future growth, Karl-Heinz Pohlmann, Vice President Supply Chain at HBM explained the reasons behind the new investment. “"By creating 6,000 square meters of extra space for the production of heavy-duty and torque sensors, we will be able to create the prerequisites for efficient logistics and modern office space with close links to production”.

"Situated in the ‘City of Science’, home of many scientific institutions, universities and high-technology companies, the new HBM Production and Logistics Centre in Darmstadt, which employs over 750 members of staff, is also connected to a number of major roads, which means that parts can be quickly and expediently distributed."

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New website for Gas sensor manufacturer.

Edinburgh Sensors has launched a newly designed website The updated site features a bold and uncluttered design.

The aim is to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. They’ve also improved the structure of their content, so visitors will get more from a quick read.

The site includes expanded product information to help customers understand the complete range of gas sensors, accessories and spare parts. Technical data sheets, videos and product selector work together to provide a detailed view of our gas sensors.

The company intends to update content with articles, newsletters, company announcements and successes stories in order for their customers to know them better.

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New technology chief at embedded software company.

Lynx Software Technologies has named Will Keegan as Chief Technology Officer. Will was previously Technical Director, Software Security at Lynx with responsibility for leading the LynxSecure separation kernel hypervisor product line.

Will Keegan
Gurjot Singh, CEO, Lynx said, “Will Keegan has played an exceptional role in the success of our software security product line.  He brings to the CTO position a strong software engineering background together with deep experience in safety-critical and security-critical industries. His contribution as CTO will be immensely valuable to us as he will lead the technology direction for all of our products, LynxOS, LynxOS178 and LynxSecure. With his guidance, we will continue to provide leading technology for the aerospace and defense community, and capture emerging market opportunities such as securing connected vehicles and delivering a safe and secure Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).”

Will Keegan added, “Lynx has an incredibly strong technology offering and engineering team. We are ideally positioned to support the rapid growth and demand for assurance of safety and security in intelligent automotive, IIoT, and medical systems. I am excited to have the opportunity to contribute to its further development and success.”

Will Keegan joined Lynx in 2011. Prior to this he was Product Engineer at Objective Interface Systems, Inc. for over four years, with responsibility for product engineering of real-time middleware and high assurance cryptographic network technologies.

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Non-intrusive wireless corrosion monitoring added to portfolio!

Emerson has agreed to acquire the British company Permasense Limited, a leading provider of non-intrusive corrosion monitoring technologies for the offshore and onshore oil production, refining, chemical, power, pipelines, metals and mining and other industries. Permasense® monitoring systems use unique sensor technology, wireless data delivery and advanced analytics to continuously monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion in pipes, pipelines or vessels, and reliably deliver high-integrity data from even the harshest environments.

The acquisition represents another step forward in Emerson’s strategy to invest in its core business platforms and expand in markets that hold significant long-term growth opportunity.

“Corrosion and erosion can significantly impact the safe and reliable operation of our industrial customers’ infrastructure, which can have dire consequences. Wireless non-intrusive corrosion monitoring is a transformational shift that helps customers immediately understand the health and integrity of their infrastructure in real-time and enables them to fully optimise their operations while maximising safety,” said Mike Train, president, Emerson Automation Solutions. “For example, with the increasing complexity of the types of crude oil coming into a refinery, corrosion is becoming a significant issue in the uptime and profitability of a refinery. Now refinery infrastructure can be monitored and controlled using this non-intrusive technology.”

The Permasense product line will become part of Emerson’s Rosemount™ portfolio of measurement and analytical technologies. Permasense technologies complement Emerson’s Roxar™ intrusive corrosion monitoring and non-intrusive sand management systems and strengthen the company’s Pervasive Sensing applications that provide customers a more complete view of their operations and facilities. With Permasense and Roxar technologies in its portfolio, Emerson will be the largest provider of integrity and corrosion management solutions in the marketplace.

Lal Karsanbhai, group vice president, measurement and analytical technologies, Emerson Automation Solutions, added: “The addition of patented Permasense technologies along with our existing Roxar technologies enables Emerson to provide customers with a more complete corrosion monitoring solution and a clearer picture into the performance of their infrastructure based on what they’re demanding of it and the strategies needed to optimise production.”

Central to Permasense corrosion monitoring systems are sensors that employ proven ultrasonic wall thickness measurement principles. The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly, which minimises the cost of installation and enables use in remote areas and on a large scale. The sensors are also designed so they can be deployed in hazardous areas.

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Best in quality award!

McGrattan and Kenny, based in Dublin, have been named as the Best Engineering Company in Ireland for Quality Management Systems at this year’s National Q Mark Awards.

Hailed as “The champions of Business Excellence”, the team from McGrattan and Kenny were beaming with pride as they were called to the stage to receive the winner’s medal during "a thrilling awards ceremony" held recently in Dublin.
L-R: Irene Collins, Managing Director EIQA, Leo Varadkar, T.D., Minister for Social Protection, Eamon McGrattan and Liz Carroll.  
The Q Mark Awards are forever associated with Quality and Excellence in the minds of Irish consumers and it is the only system which allows businesses monitor 100% of their processes and procedures 100% of the time. Winning this award has shown that McGrattan and Kenny truly cares about their customers and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that it achieves the highest possible standards at all times.

McGrattan & Kenny was established in May 1968 and provides building services nationwide to the industrial and commercial construction sectors. They are leaders in their field with a wealth of expertise and a team of 40 highly skilled employees. Bringing fifty years’ experience to the mechanical engineering and contracting industry with a track record for completing projects on time and within budget.

The Minister for Social Protection, Leo Varadkar TD, who attended this year’s National Q Mark Awards, said “At the heart of the Governments strategy is supporting Irish businesses through policies to create the environment for a strong economic recovery by promoting competitiveness and productivity. Quality standards and good governance enables this growth and competiveness and it is exciting to see companies in the public, private and not for profit sectors competing side by side. These are the modern Irish businesses that are driving the engine of our recovery, and I wish them every success in the future”.

As they left the stage, Eamon McGrattan said “Winning the Q-Mark Business Excellence Award validates all of the years of work undertaken by the McGrattan & Kenny team in order to reach this point in our development and this Q Mark award gives us another edge over our competition – Imagine how good U2 would be with 2 Edges”.

Irene Collins, Managing Director of The National Q Mark Awards said, “It was Walt Disney who said that if can dream it, you can do it”. The team in McGrattan and Kenny were happy to put this to the test and did it! Well done to everyone involved.

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Firewire connectors!

Cliff Electronics very successful range of XLR-Format Feedthrough Data Connectors range has been further increased with the addition of Firewire, HDMI A-A and 50 ohm BNC versions. Cliff’s very extensive FT connector range is designed to fit into the industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel cutout simplifying panel design and manufacture and improving design aesthetics and has been very well received by product designers and system integrators

The new models have rugged zinc/nickel XLR housings, may be front or rear mounted to control panels and the Firewire and HDMI models may be specified with an optional socket sealing cover is available to prevent the ingress of dust when not in use or when in transit.

The FT connector range allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast, lighting, audio and industrial applications.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Demand for our FT connectors continues to grow and we are being asked to support more applications on a regular basis.  The industry standard XL format speeds up our development time and allows our customers to simplify and standardise their panel design, improving flexibility and reducing cost.  Our new BNC and HDMI FT connectors are ideal for video feeds and the Firewire connector is being used in a rapidly increasing number of applications. We are very pleased to find our Feedthrough connecters are being employed in our traditional audio broadcast market and many more applications in instrumentation and industrial markets where our ability to provide custom solutions is welcomed.”

These new additions to Cliff’s Feedthrough connector range join the fast growing range of feed-through connectors which are all packaged in the widely used 24mm diameter XLR connector format and depending on model are available in black plastic or with a rugged die cast aluminium fascia finished in nickel or black to enhance the high quality, high performance and prestige image of this new product range.

Other models in the range provide Digital and Optical Feed-Through connectivity in formats including USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A “gender change” sockets high speed USB Type – C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations - A-A, A-B and B-A. Also available are all popular data and Ethernet connectors including USB 2.0 and 3.0, LC and SC fibre (Duplex & Simplex), UTP and FTP RJ45s in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), Toslink, RCA Phono and HDMI and blanking plates. Further options will continue to be introduced throughout 2016 and custom design enquiries are welcomed.

All versions, metal and plastic, share the same features and dimensions and offer a complete range of very cost effective audio, data, and fibre connectors, all of which can both front or rear mounted into industry standard 24mm XLR connector mounting holes. The new FT Series are simple to mount into any panel designed to accept XLR connectors including instrumentation, control and rack panels, wall-plates, etc. For ease of assembly the Cliff FT Series are available with standard or countersunk mounting holes. Bezels are available in 7 colours to identify the function of FT connectors when fitted to a control panel

The FT Series offers true feed-through connection, allowing standard cabling to be used to connect at both front and rear, eliminating the need to solder or terminate the connections and simplifying and speeding up assembly.

Cliff’s FT series has already found widespread use in a multitude of system integration applications for custom I/O solutions. Typical applications include broadcast, AV installations, systems integration, home theatre, automation, solar power and a growing range of industrial applications including instrumentation, industrial control and data acquisition.

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