Friday, July 8, 2016

Laser distance sensor for glossy & very coarse surfaces.

An innovative and compact sensor for measurement of demanding surfaces is now available from Baumer. The new multi-spot MESAX laser distance sensor is immediately ready-to-use and provides accurate and repeatable measurement results, without elaborate conversion or external software.

The innovative multi-spot measuring principle is based on the light section method. In the sensor, up to 600 measured values of an object are recorded and the distance is then calculated on the basis of intelligent analysis. The sensor takes up to 500 distance measurements per second at a resolution of up to 2 µm (0.008% of the measuring range), providing extremely stable measurement results even under varying ambient light conditions. This makes the MESAX multi-spot a unique solution in the field of optical laser distance measurement and the optimal tool for a variety of applications in testing and measurement. Example application fields are precise measurement of glossy objects in quality inspection or optimal positioning of grinding disks with extremely coarse surfaces.

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Power industry examined.

More than 150 professionals in the power generation industry gathered in Charlotte, (NC USA) at ISA’s 59th Power Industry Division and EPRI Symposium.  They assessed the energy sector’s most pressing challenges relating to automation and instrumentation, and to outline strategies and solutions to overcome them.

The Symposium, organised by the ISA Power Industry Division and EPRI, held 27-30 June 2016, featured more than 70 technical paper presentations along with expert speakers and a diverse range of panel discussions, tutorials, vendor exhibitions, and other value-packed activities.

Attendees met face to face with the leading authorities and thought leaders at the pulse of change in the energy industry and gained the critical insights and perspectives needed to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving energy marketplace.

Sessions addressed the key factors influencing:

  • All forms of energy, including nuclear, fossil fuels, hydro and renewables
  • Data security and demands for improved industrial cybersecurity
  • Reliable, efficient power generation and delivery
  • Advanced technologies and emerging applications
Each year, ISA’s POWID Symposium is viewed as the “can’t-miss” event for learning about the latest industry innovations; staying informed of vital regulatory requirements and updates; and networking with a wide range of power generation professionals.

ISA partnered with the EPRI—which conducts research on key challenges in the generation, delivery and use of electricity—to conduct this high-profile event. With robust energy-related research, development and engineering operations, and more than 260 companies tied to the energy sector, the city of Charlotte was a fitting venue for the gathering.

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Award for innovative inductive sensor.

Baumer has been selected as a recipient of a John Deere supplier innovation award for 2015.

This award is presented to a select group of suppliers who have demonstrated innovation in a product or service they provide to John Deere. A specially developed Baumer inductive sensor is a key enabling technology for one of the latest John Deere product innovations. The inductive sensor measures a distance on a target with high speed and high precision. This enables equipment condition assessment. Thus maintenance, output quality and cost of operation of the equipment is being optimized.

Award selections are based on four factors – creativity, feasibility, collaboration, and bottom-line impact. John Deere created the supplier innovation awards in 2010 to promote innovation in the company’s supply base and recognize suppliers who think creatively. The innovative sensor solution was made possible by close collaboration between the OEM and Baumer, Frauenfeld. The demanding requirements of the application ruled out the usage of standard sensors. Baumer’s capability to analyze the application and the requirements during the collaboration resulted in specifically optimized inductive sensors. These Baumer sensors allow for fast and high resolution distance determination even during operation.

Baumer, based in Frauenfeld (CH), supplies a full-portfolio of sensor solutions including inductive sensors, ultrasonic sensors and frequency sweep oil level switches to John Deere. Baumer CEO Oliver Vietze accepted the recognition during formal ceremonies held in April 2016 in Moline,IL USA.

He said after the ceremony: “Our whole Team is very proud of beeing recognized for our innovation capability. It confirms our profound sensor and technology expertise. But it takes more to be really innovative. Product development in agriculture needs to take into account the demanding environment and other industry requirements such as reliability goals, product development processes and project management expectations. This award recognized the level of excellence Baumer achieved in all of these areas.”

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Sensors for show!

Kistler Instruments will be launching several new products at the Sensors & Instrumentation Event (28-29/9/2016) in Birmingham (GB) including:

Dual Range Torque Sensor Type 4503B
Dual Range Torque Sensor Type 4503B with built-in speed sensor and integral, digital measurement conditioning system with analog and digital output signals. The standard range is 0.2 – 5000 Nm with a second range of 1:10 or 1:5 of the rated range.

Miniature ceramic shear accelerometers weighing less than 3.5 gm with four measuring ranges from ±50 g to ±500 g each with a choice of four mounting options.

New measuring flange for the KiTorq torque measuring system available in seven measuring ranges from ±50 Nm to ±5000 Nm.

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Networking aids railways in Croatia!

Westermo has many years’ experience of successfully providing data communication technologies in mission-critical railway applications and was chosen to support a major railway project in Croatia by supplying robust and reliable trackside devices.

The project involved implementing a SCADA remote control system to connect railway stations, sectioning facilities and substations on the Moravice-Rijeka-Šapjane, and Škrljevo-Bakar lines in the far north-west of the country with the Remote Control Centre in Rijeka. The remote control system collects data on critical communications such as signalling, alarms, control orders and the state of the IT system, therefore extremely reliable data communications networking technology is required.

Dejan Fabris
Končar - Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering (Končar-KET), based in Zagreb, was employed to implement the new remote control system and the supporting data communications network on the two lines. The decision to use Westermo devices was based on a strong working relationship between Končar-KET and Westermo’s Croatian distributor Microstar.

“The network supports critical applications and therefore has to offer very high levels of reliability,” said Dejan Fabris, systems engineer at Končar-KET. “We understood the benefits of Westermo technology, such as its robustness and reliability, so we had no hesitation in selecting Westermo products for this very important project.”

The industrial network designed by Končar-KET supported both data and telephone communications. The Moravice-Rijeka-Šapjane stretch of line is 120km long, and the data network supporting this line uses fibre optic cables. The Škrljevo-Bakar section of line is 2.5km long and the network is based on copper cabling. To manage the networks, Westermo provided Lynx industrial Ethernet switches, Wolverine industrial Ethernet extenders and fibre optic modems for connecting peripheral devices.

The Westermo WeOS operating system, which powers the switches, enabled faster device and network configuration and ensured that a highly reliable solution was achieved. It also provides multiple layers of security to protect against cyber-attacks.

The climate in Croatia provides a tough challenge for trackside equipment, as temperatures can soar to 40 degrees C in the summer and plunge to -10 degrees C in winter. Westermo’s robust Lynx and Wolverine switches were ideal for this project as they are designed to cope with such challenging environments. Specifically they are able to ‘cold start’ at -40 degrees C and operate (over a long lifetime) at +70 degrees C without the need for holes or fans for cooling.

“Being able to perform well in extreme weather conditions was an essential requirement for the equipment on this project,” said Fabris. “Critically, Westermo networking products have been designed, certified and proven in harsh trackside applications, which gave us great confidence in this solution.”

Because the network is critical to the safe and efficient operation of the line, network redundancy is required. This is provided using networking with a ring structure and Westermo’s patented FRNT protocol, which enables fast recovery of the network should there be a fault (such as a failed device or cable) at any point in the network. However, since the network became operational, Končar-KET reports that it has proved highly reliable, with no problems reported.

“We are talking about Westermo switches working 24/7, for 365 days a year, in a redundant ring topology without any problems whatsoever,” said Fabris. “That proves just how robust and reliable their equipment is.”

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Co-operation to help oil & gas procedures.

Emerson and StepChange Global have combined their technology and consulting expertise to help producers increase production and cut operational costs by developing, implementing, and evolving best practices with Integrated Operations (iOps) and Digital Oilfield. An effective iOps solution helps users improve profitability through better access to real-time data and information, innovative technology, and its integration into a collaborative organisation.

Emerson’s technology and StepChange Global’s consultants help improve collaboration between the operational site and the support teams in the office in order to maximise the value that can be gained from operating asset information. With iOps, an enterprise can then build confidence in its information and trust among extended teams to implement improvements that include improving operator efficiency and optimising its core operational processes.

By optimising production using iOps tools and techniques, an oilfield can see production efficiency improvements of up to two percent. A closed-loop gas lift application can see production improvements of five percent. Previous iOps implementations have seen OPEX reductions of five to 20 percent with payback in less than a year.

“The oilfield major players see Integrated Operations as a transformational programme to optimise their business performance, and is the way they will work in the future,” said Tony Edwards, StepChange Global CEO. “Performance optimisation is required as the industry struggles with falling oil prices, key skill shortages, and risk reduction and compliance requirements for both Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) and production.”

“Working with StepChange helps us drive increased production efficiency for our customers,” said Jerry Brown, senior vice-president of Emerson’s industry solutions. “We are reducing operations and maintenance OPEX costs by improving visibility of real-time actionable asset information across multiple remote sites and oilfields.”

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Power Supply for Railway and Trackside applications.

A 3u high, 300W, DC Input, CompactPCI Power Supply suitable for Railway and Trackside applications has been introduced by Gresham Power Electronics.

Designed to meet the requirements of EN50155 the CPCI-3U-DC-300W RL requires a DC input in the range 66-160VDC and has four outputs; +5VDC at 30A, +3.3V at 40A, +12V at 5A and -12V at 0.5A. Maximum total output is 300W with forced air cooling and the power supply is fully protected against output overload, short circuit and over temperature with automatic recovery on removal of overload condition. The operating temperature range of the Gresham Power railway cPCI power supply is -40 to +70°C at full load with forced air.

For system integrators full monitoring command and control is available including remote sense on the two main outputs with maximum voltage compensation for cable losses 200mV. Remote inhibit and enable controls and a power fail signal are fitted as standard. LED indicators show power good and output failure. Current share is available on outputs 1 and 2 and the power supply is designed for hot-swap operation and has an optional I2C interface.

This CPCI-3U-DC-300W RL power supply is designed to meet EN50155, is CE marked, meets UL 60950, EN 60950, EN 61000-4-2, EN55022/CISPR22 Class B with an external TBD line filter and is fully compliant to PICMG 2.11 CompactPCI Specification. It has dimensions of 128.7mm x 40.6mm x 162.5mm (5.07”H X 1.60”W X 6.40”D) and weighs 8.50g.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)—a member organization of the Automation Federation—has released the technical program for its upcoming EVI-GTI and PIWG joint conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation, which will take place 27-29 September in Berlin (D). 

Drawing on the expertise and insights of some of the world’s leading gas turbine experts and specialists, the technical program will showcase the latest and most innovative instrumentation techniques, developments and applications within gas turbines measurement and control systems. (Click: here for program overview, here to download the full conference program.)
Research presentations and technical sessions will cover the critical issues and topics of importance to gas turbine professionals and process engineers, namely:
  • Sensing systems for EHM and control
  • Measurements in flows
  • Vibration and clearance
  • Control and sampling
  • Temperature measurement and harsh environment sensing
Other conference highlights include:
  • Keynote addresses by: Harvey Niska, Senior Technology Manager, Honeywell Aerospace, USA, who will speak on “Opportunities for Advanced Sensors and Measurements in Gas Turbine Engines;” and Hans-Gerd Brummel, Dr.-Ing, Technical Expert for Innovative Sensor & Data Analytics Development, Siemens, Germany, who will speak on “Sensor, Monitoring and Operation Optimisation Developments for Large Stationary Gas Turbines”
  • A workshop on “Transitioning Instrumentation from Test-cell to EHM Applications,” led by international experts from the AFRL, USA, the Polish Air Force, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre and the Bundeswehr Technical and Airworthiness Center for Aircraft (WTD 61), Germany
  • Ample networking opportunities, including a conference dinner on board the restaurant ship, Capt'n Schillow, moored close to the heart of Berlin
  • Gas turbine demonstrations at technical site visits

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4 times greater processing power for particularly smooth operation of machines and systems.

R. STAHL HMI Systems’ new Panel PCs of the Eagle and Manta device platforms represent a major leap forward in development.

The superior performance compared to their predecessors and to competitors' products is due to their state-of-the-art main processors, Intel's quad core CPU Atom E3845 with a clock rate of 4 x 1.91 GHz. In addition, the new HMIs are equipped with 4 GB RAM. They are available with display sizes from 10" up to widescreen format. Thanks to the high resolution up to Full HD they also meet the requirements of modern distributed control systems for the automation of complex systems in, for example, pharmaceutical production, fine chemicals or the food industry. Even in the case of highly dynamic process images, these fast HMIs always ensure optimum visualisation. All models are suitable for panel mounting. They are available as touchscreens but can also be fitted with machine-specific function keys.

The wide product range covers zones 1, 21, 2 and 22 as well as non-hazardous applications and includes compact operator interfaces with a proprietary operating system as well as classic Panel PCs and Thin Clients. Models with a dual Ethernet interface will shortly be available to enable fully redundant connections to control systems. Manufactured with 22 nanometre technology, the 64-bit processors of all new Eagle and Manta HMIs are extremely energy-efficient, with heat dissipation of a mere 10 W TDP. Of particular robust design for industrial application, the devices are specified for temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C at the PCB and -40 °C to +110 °C in the processor cores. The other system components are also low-wear and long-life – as usual, R. STAHL has not used any rotating parts.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland through Douglas Controls & Automation.

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Serialisation director for US project support.

Carlos Machado has been appointed by Zenith Technologies as serialization director to lead the company’s sales, operations, implementation and post project support services in the US.

Carlos Machado
The appointment comes as the pharmaceutical industry faces the challenge of complying with new legal requirements for the authentication and barcoding of licensed drug products from November 2017 in the US and early 2019 in Europe.

Carlos joins Zenith Technologies with significant experience of assisting pharmaceutical manufacturers with track and trace technologies, having worked on more than 75 serialization projects from both an operations and delivery perspective.

In his former role as director of global operations at a leading anti-counterfeiting technology provider, Carlos helped to pioneer the serialization concept and define the future of authentication.

Jim Lehane, director at Zenith Technologies, said: “Serialization is a real challenge for our customers and it’s an important time for us to add further expertise to our team. Carlos’ background in track and trace technologies and his knowledge of the implementation challenges pharmaceutical manufacturers face, make him ideally suited to lead our serialization offering in the US, helping our customers achieve seamless compliance with the new regulations.

“Zenith Technologies has strong partnerships with many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as life science companies of all sizes, providing automation consulting and local support services. Carlos’ appointment will help us to take our US offering to the next level.”

Commenting on his appointment, Carlos said: “Serialization is a huge priority for Zenith Technologies as we understand the challenges customers face in addressing supply chain security and preventing the introduction and distribution of counterfeit product into the global marketplace. It is an exciting time to join the firm as we expand our US presence, leveraging our technological experience, sound project management practices, skilled engineers and world-class implementation and support services.

“When it comes to complying with new serialization regulations, the industry, ranging from the top pharmaceutical companies to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs), understands what needs to be done. The challenge lies in the scale and complexity of the task ahead. In my new position, it is my responsibility to draw on my industry experience and work alongside our customers to simplify the implementation process and provide flawless execution.”

The announcement is the next stage in Zenith Technologies’ goal to assist companies in the US and Europe with the challenge of serialization. The company recently announced a global partnership with software provider SEA Vision to support pharmaceutical companies with the installation and integration of serialization solutions across drug manufacturing sites.

Carlos continued: “Given our combined expertise and remarkable track record, it’s a natural marriage. We will be working exclusively with SEA Vision to improve existing processes and delivery time, implement its technology and systems and enhance the overall customer experience.

“Our organizations are also working towards providing an innovative interactive e-learning environment to assist our customers with serialization training. We are also actively recruiting and adding experienced talent to our serialization taskforce in the US to ensure we can continue to deliver a high level of service at a local level.”

Marco Baietti, commercial director at SEA Vision said: “Carlos provides a unique combination of leadership skills and expertise in the serialization field thanks to his specialist background. We are thrilled to welcome him to the team and look forward to working together to deliver our shared goal to provide the best track & trace solutions and services in the markets that we serve.”

With its US headquarters in Pennsylvania and 14 offices globally, Zenith Technologies is one of the leading companies in delivering full life cycle enterprise, manufacturing and operational support solutions that enable life science businesses to be compliant and competitive.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

AC drive solution.

It is a continuous challenge for manufacturing companies to deliver greater efficiencies in production at ever-lower costs. Businesses strive to work leaner and push their manufacturing processes harder, meaning reliability, efficiency and performance are constantly under strain.

Freudenberg Performance Materials understands these issues. The business, a global leader providing innovative solutions for a large number of markets and applications such as for the building sector, car interior, hygiene, medical as well as industrial technical textile applications and shoe components needed to replace an AC drive within their nonwoven production facility in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

They began the search for a product that was, above all, reliable. In the past Control Techniques, an Emerson business, provided Freudenberg with a 1.4 MW drive solution. It is also the sole supplier of parallel inverter modules which provide the resilience needed in the production of nonwoven textiles.

However, the challenge was more demanding; Freudenberg was seeking the most efficient solution possible with the ability to physically fit the drive in an extremely limited space.

Also, as the incumbent solution was now out of production, parts for were becoming hard to find. It was also of concern that, from an energy consumption perspective, the existing solution was expensive to run.

Having bought from Emerson before, Freudenberg had a high level of confidence in the products and engineering support.

As part of their multi-source policy and to ensure that they got the best solution at the best price, Freudenberg evaluated the AC Drive offerings of a number of suppliers. Ultimately, the need for a small footprint drove them to the only viable solution – a free standing Unidrive SP AC drive from Emerson.

The Unidrive SP free standing drives are up to 50% smaller and are significantly lighter than other compact drive enclosures, making it an excellent choice in applications like Freudenberg’s where space is at a premium.

The Unidrive SP8434 is the most powerful drive in the size 8 enclosure. With an input range of 380-480 V, the SP8434 provides a maximum current of 620 A, with a typical output power of 355 kW – all in a compact footprint of just 800mm x 600mm.

To save further space, Freudenberg selected the incomer option where the circuit breaker is built-in at the factory. This meant that the drive was delivered to site ready to be connected, thus reducing engineering effort and installation time. The circuit breaker was fitted into a 400mm wide enclosure within the small footprint, 2209mm high unit. Even with the addition of the incomer option the SP8434 weighed only 751lbs (340.6kg) allowing the unit to be moved into the available space with ease.

In parallel with upgrading the AC drive, Freudenberg also installed a new motor with greater capacity. As a result of the new solution, a significantly higher process performance can be delivered and less energy is used, meaning Freudenberg achieves greater production capacity and significantly lower running costs.

Even though size, reliability and efficiency were the primary criteria in selecting the Unidrive SP8434, there were a number of other features that were important to the engineering team at Freudenberg. Modularity was one such feature, along with the ease of implementation and starting-up of the drive.

The CTSoft drive configuration PC tool allowed Freudenberg to commission the drive using configuration wizards. Settings can be read, saved and loaded using the Smartcard and the learning curve was simple, thanks to the ability to visualize and modify the configuration using live animated diagrams.

Alongside the CTSoft configuration package, Emerson also provided its CTScope package. CTScope is a fully featured software oscilloscope used for viewing and analyzing live values within the drive. The user interface is based on a traditional oscilloscope, so Freudenberg’s engineering team found it very intuitive to use in Kaiserslautern, helping them commission the drive more quickly.

Freudenberg found Emerson’s technical support highly knowledgeable but, more importantly, accessible; whenever the engineers had a question, high quality support was available to guide them through the commissioning process.

As a result of this successful retrofit, Control Techniques drives are now the leading choice for future retrofits at Freudenberg Performance Materials in Kaiserslautern. The business is also considering the introduction of LSRPM permanent magnet synchronous motors from Leroy-Somer to create even greater energy savings.

Commenting on the experience with Emerson, Hans Schneider, electrical machine builder at Freudenberg, Kaiserslautern said “Reliability, performance and efficiency are critical for us at Freudenberg. With the Unidrive SP8434 we found all three of these things in a product that would fit in the limited space available to us.

The installed software and support made installation easy for our team and we can move forward with greater production capacity at a lower cost, safe in the knowledge that spares are readily available. I am confident in Emerson and I expect we will use them for future projects of this type.”

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Electrical and electronic systems development portal.

Harting Ltd has significantly expanded of its commitment to the EPLAN Data Portal. The EPLAN Data Portal is a web service providing a component catalogue, built into the EPLAN Platform which is the market-leading specialist e-CAD system with over 100,000 license sales to its credit.

Kevin Canham, Product & Applications Manager at Harting Ltd, said; “The EPLAN platform has become a very widely used tool for industrial designers developing electrical and electronic systems. By partnering with EPLAN we can ensure that users can find our most up-to-date product specifications, and can select components that they know are high quality and certified to meet the needs of their project.”

By more than doubling the number of its products now listed on the EPLAN Data Portal, Harting will support many more EPLAN users with its certified, industrial quality and ruggedised connectors, sensors, switches and other components. Designers using the EPLAN platform can simply select the right components for their project from the EPLAN Data Portal which will then provide the correct specifications and quantities for component ordering. This data can then be dragged and dropped into the EPLAN documentation.

All products anchored to the EPLAN Platform can access this service. Simply adding the components available to the project reduces configuration work and increases the quality of the system documentation.

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Rugged flash drive.

Fischer Connectors has launched the USB 3.0 version of its ultra-portable, miniature, lightweight and extremely tough Fischer Rugged Flash Drive. This memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments.

The USB 3.0 Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is even faster, smaller and more user-friendly than the USB 2.0 product introduced to the market in 2011. The read speed is now up to five times faster; standard memory sizes are 32, 64 or 128 GB; the body is shorter; and, in order to guarantee secure access, it is now available not only with the Fischer UltiMateTM Series interface, but also with the Fischer MiniMaxTM Series interface. The activity LED is a further feature of the new product to improve usability.

Miniature – the size of a key ring – and lightweight, the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive has proven to be the durable solution for people on the go who need to download and securely transfer confidential data, images or videos from devices used in extreme environmental conditions or in hard-to-reach areas. It is perfectly adapted for applications where data security and confidentiality are critical, such as the defense and security, financial, medical, industrial, energy, underwater, motor and extreme sport sectors, e.g. for civil or military UAVs, ROVs, test & measure equipment or rugged computers.

Main technical specifications
• IP68 sealed even unmated
• Unique Fischer UltiMate (size 07) and MiniMax (size 08) interfaces
• Up to 100 MB/s read speed
• High speed USB 3.0
• Memory sizes: 32, 64, 128 GB
• Resists corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures

Safe AND secure
The Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is both safe and secure. Its rugged casing provides full protection against extreme environmental conditions. The flash drive is waterproof down to 120 meters and is resistant to extreme operating temperatures (-40°C to +85°C). Thanks to the unique proprietary Fischer Connectors’ circular connector interface combined with a durable encapsulation technique, it guarantees data security in case of loss or theft.

“Performance and flexibility”

“At times when privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance, you need the right product to protect your critical information against the elements and the potential risk of loss or theft,” explains Wim Vanheertum, Product Manager at Fischer Connectors. “Technology moves fast, and both performance and flexibility are required when designing high-speed applications using video. The new Rugged Flash Drive increases data transfer speed by five, and its flexible modular design, which includes a large selection of body styles, sizes, contact configurations and memory capacities, offers high customization.”

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