Friday, April 22, 2016

Global headquarters for radar level measurement for Sweden.

US$24.5 million facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, increases production flexibility and efficiency; provides enhanced range of services, support and training for customers.

Emerson marked the official opening of its new USD 24.5 million office and radar technology centre in Gothenburg (S) recently. The facility provides optimised manufacturing capability and an enhanced range of services, support and training for users of Emerson’s radar level measurement products in the terminals, processing and shipping industries.

The facility becomes Emerson’s global headquarters for radar level measurement. It supports a range of services, including sales and marketing, engineering and development, and production. The buildings include facilities for training and conferences, plus areas for customer inspection and testing to take place.

“Gothenburg has been the centre of excellence for Emerson’s radar level solutions for many years,” said Rasmus Johansson, Managing Director of Emerson’s Rosemount Tank Radar AB business. “This purpose-built facility enables us to strengthen our commitment to support our customers throughout the entire product lifecycle. Additional benefits include delivering shorter lead times, providing testing and product verification capabilities, plus excellent training opportunities.”

Replacing Emerson’s manufacturing unit in Gamlestaden, the new centre is located in the Härryda municipality, just to the east of Gothenburg, which provides easy access to the nearby international airport. The facility consists of two buildings - a 9,900 m2 factory area and a 7,100 m2 office area accommodating around 350 employees. The buildings are constructed with environmentally-approved materials according to Green Building standards.

“This is an important component for Emerson to further strengthen our role as a global leader in bringing technology and engineering together. Innovation, quality and customer dedication have always been our top priorities,” said Dr. Joe Willson, Vice President/General Manager of Emerson’s Rosemount Level business.
The opening ceremony was attended by senior executives including Ed Monser, President of Emerson; Steve Sonnenberg, Chairman, Automation Solutions; Mike Train, Executive Vice President & Group Business Leader, Automation Solutions; Emerson Process Management’s Lal Karsanbhai, Group Vice President, Rosemount and Analytical; Roel Van Doren, President, Europe; Phil Kelaart, Vice President Europe, Measurement and Analytical; Dr. Joe Willson, Vice President/General Manager, Rosemount Level; and Rasmus Johansson, Managing Director, Rosemount Tank Radar AB; plus local dignitaries.

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Web-enabled dust/particulate monitor.

Ashtead Technology has added the new TSI Environmental DUSTTRAK Aerosol Monitor to its fleet of environmental monitoring equipment. Available to rent or purchase, the Environmental DustTrak is an advanced, mains or battery powered instrument for the continuous monitoring of ambient particulates, with ‘cloud’ based connectivity.

“This new instrument will be ideal for a wide variety of applications in which ambient particulates are a concern; even in remote locations.” says Ashtead’s Josh Thomas. “It will provide environmental health officers, planning authorities, environmental consultants and construction companies with the ability to accurately monitor particulate levels before, during and after construction projects, and during traffic surveys for example. In these circumstances it would be appropriate to rent the EDTDRX model, which is able to measure PMTotal, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 mass fractions simultaneously.

“Organisations with a long-term requirement, for applications such as fenceline monitoring, mining operations, waste facilities and remediation sites, will be able to purchase a specific version of the instrument to monitor the mass fraction or fractions of interest.”

Air pollution from vehicle emissions is prominent in the media following the Volkswagen scandal and the British Government’s failure to meet EU air quality levels for particulates. So, as a small portable monitor, that is quick and easy to set up and run, the Environmental DustTrak will provide an opportunity to monitor particulate pollution in almost any location.

The Environmental DustTrak Photometer is housed in a weather-proof, lockable enclosure and utilises ‘cloud’ based connectivity, providing users with remote access via a website for viewing data and configuration. Custom text message and email alerts can also be configured for user-specified alarm levels.

“The Environmental DustTrak Monitor employs proven DustTrak technology that thousands of people use every day,” adds Josh. “However, now that affordable, ambient fine-particulate monitoring is available in a transportable, web-enabled instrument, the number applications for this instrument will be enormous.”

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Angle-seat valve includes food contact applications.

The high performance ASCO valve line now comes fully certified to meet the requirements of European and USA food contact regulations.

The scope of ASCO's stainless steel angle valve range has been extended to food contact applications. The valves are provided with certification that confirms they meet the requirements of the relevant European and USA food contact regulations.

“By offering both certifications, with a full list of wetted parts and product labelling that confirms we meet the requirements of these standards, we are making sure customers can be confident in their choice “, said Benoit Stephen, Food & Bev Industry Manager. “Our angle seat valve range is proven in use across many industries. The addition of this certification means that our customers in the Food & Beverage industry can now transform their processes by taking advantage of the extreme reliability, flexibility and performance that this valve line offers.”

Fully certified to meet the requirements of the European (EC) 1935-2004 and the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) CFR21 food contact regulations, the DN10 to DN65 valves can be used to control auxiliary fluids on food processes where the flowing media may come into contact with the food. In addition, the valves also comply with the (EC) 10/2011 standards for plastics material intended to come into contact with food, and are manufactured in accordance with the (EC) 2023/2006 standard for good manufacturing practice. Similar to many ASCO products the valves also comply with the RoHS 2 (EU) 2011/65 standard which restricts the use of hazardous materials.

The valves are robust in design, offer high flow and performance capabilities thanks to the angle seat design and are available with a range of options. Easy to size select and install, the pneumatically operated valves are available for on/off applications as well as where proportional control is required. The stainless steel angle valves form part of an extensive offering of Fluid Automation Solutions by ASCO.

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Appointment at leading agency.

HHC Lewis is the marketing agency which organised the European press contingent at the recent Emerson User Group Meeting in Brussels.

Sam Hemphill has recently assumed responsibility as their new business account manager. He is responsible for generating new business opportunities within specialist technical markets, servicing client needs and key accounts, and collaborating with the agency’s creative and PR teams.

Sam said: “I’m focused on promoting HHC Lewis’ expertise in meeting the PR needs of technical, manufacturing and engineering clients, and securing new business for the company. I’m delighted to be joining such an esteemed agency and I’m looking forward to helping HHC Lewis continue to prosper."

Sam is a former graphic designer who has experience of working in the book publishing and marketing industries. He has worked in-house for trade magazine publishers and also in New Zealand for a marketing agency. Most recently he has worked in technical and online recruitment, and has successfully developed new business and managed key accounts within a number of engineering sectors.

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Field replaceable SMA connectors.

Intelliconnect (Europe) has introduced a range of cost effective, field replaceable SMA and 2.9mm connectors providing solderless attachment to  0.141" (RG402) semi rigid cables and 2.9mm connectors for 0.085"(RG405) and 0.141" cables. Customers will find the main advantages of these connectors are assembly time saving, repeatability and performance.

Roy Philips, managing Director of Intelliconnect (Europe), commented, “Our new SMA and 2.9mm clamp connector series offers our customers an exciting alternative for assembling SMA connectors to semi-rigid cable with no loss in performance or reliability. Solderless assembly facilitates field replacement in the event of wear or damage to the connector.”

Their newly developed unique clamping technology provides similar I/L and VSWR results to standard soldered connectors. No special tooling is required and cable retention force is similar to soldered versions.

These stainless steel SMA and 2.9mm connectors have been designed for applications where reliability, durability, robustness and high frequency performance are very important. Typical applications include civil and military telecommunications, civil and military aeronautics, military equipment, space and measurement systems.

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Rugged push-button switch.

A new push-button switch which is not only IP 67 but also shows its high quality in the design has been introduced by knitter-switch.

It is designed for ruggedized industrial applications requiring waterproofing.

The new DPY 1 CB is an IP67 push-button switch with a stainless steel actuator and gold plated contacts providing highest quality. It is used on PC-boards with a hole diameter of 16 mm.

The DPY 1 CB is – as well as the complete wide range of standard DIL, tact, rotary encoder, toggle and push-button switches - available directly from knitter-switch and a number of distributors throughout Europe.

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#HM16 Augmented reality in various applications.

Those of us who attended the Emerson User Group meeting in Brussels recently,  will remember where a goggle like apparatus was placed on the head and using a game-like hand piece the engineer would be able to travel through a plant and see where various problems may be without any danger to him or her. This story on a presentation at next weeks Hannover Messe is another similar development.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT and the founders of its latest spin-off company – oculavis – will be presenting three new applications for personal imaging systems, also known as smart glasses, at the Hanover Fair: the “oculavis.4D-instructor”, “oculavis.pick” and “oculavis.share” software modules permit Augmented Reality (AR) functions to be used in production, logistics and service applications. Visitors to the fair who are interested in this development are welcome to come and try out the software themselves using a range of new models of the AR glasses such as ODG R-7 Smartglasses or Epson Moverio Pro BT-2000 in Hall 17, Booth C18. 

The oculavis-software, which runs on a conventional android operating system from version 4.0.4 upward, was developed by the Fraunhofer IPT and will be marketed to industry by oculavis, the up-coming spin-off company as from May 2016. 

The oculavis.4D-instructor software module permits animated instructions with 3D-CAD models to be generated and displayed on the smart glasses. This leaves both hands free so that even unskilled workers can assemble or test parts with which they are not yet familiar. The animations also make the instructions clearer and more easily understandable. By helping to train staff on the shop floor to in this way, smart glasses make a major contribution to accelerating ramp-up processes, particularly in the case of production with a number of variants or where there is a high level of staff turnover. 

The oculavis-place software module provides a so-called “Place-to-Augment-solution” for application in logistics: this means that the smart glasses provide the wearer with helpful information in the display as to where a certain part should be placed. This module extends classical pick-solutions applied in logistics to include an additional feature enabling the user to design and put in place swifter, more intuitive logistics processes. 

In the service sector, the oculavis.share software module supports videotelophony with new features such as bi-directional annotation, 3D-models and documentation options. When complex tasks are involved, an expert can intervene and instruct the user directly. A tool kit containing sample solutions and pre-defined approaches is on-hand to provide support. The software module thus helps to reduce travel costs and shortens plant and machinery downtimes. 

Trying the immersive training simulator at the Emerson User Group.
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Ethernet connectivity to Coriolis transmitter!

The Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitter has been upgraded with a native Ethernet connection to improve connectivity and functionality, allowing for easier access to measurement information.

“The Micro Motion Model 5700 Coriolis transmitter has delivered proven value and unique differentiation to users. The rugged housing is certified for tough field environments, including extensive hazardous area certifications and approvals. The housing was engineered to provide easy access for installation, mounting, and maintenance,” said Jason Leapley, product manager. “Now, with the option for native Ethernet, users can easily access process information without going out to the instrument.”

The native Ethernet upgrade includes dual redundant Ethernet ports, directly integrated in the device with no need for extra converters or adapters. The dual port architecture means multiple devices can be installed in a variety of configurations, minimising wiring and switch needs for space and cost savings.

Additionally, the transmitter incorporates a configurable I/O channel that can be used as a discrete input or set to a mA, frequency, or discrete output. This enables powerful application options with minimal equipment. For example, the discrete input can be used as a totaliser reset, the discrete output can control a valve in conjunction with the integrated batch control software, the frequency output enables a quick connection for proving applications, or the mA output can be used to tie into existing or legacy control systems.

The Ethernet upgrade is available with multiple protocol choices including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, and PROFINET.

To speed integration and connection with Ethernet/IP systems, the transmitter contains an EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file for fast access to instrument information with little to no manual set-up. This also enables automatic AOP (Add-on Profile) generation for quick and powerful system integration. Pre-configured input assemblies allow users to select exactly what is needed from a wealth of information in a Coriolis meter, without burdening the network with unwanted traffic.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Selecting an automation network.

The third edition release of Automation Network Selection: A Reference Manual by Richard H. (Dick) Caro, has been announced by The International Society of Automation (ISA). He is a highly acclaimed automation expert and ISA Life Fellow.

Dick Caro answers questions
Caro, who serves as principal of an industrial network consulting and professional services company, says an updated edition of his popular book was needed to help bring clarity to a marketplace marked by a rapidly increasing number of automation networks.

“The number of automation networks continues to grow each year as suppliers discover new network applications,” Caro explains. “It tends to be in the supplier’s competitive benefit to create a new network protocol for their products, but the lack of network protocol commonality is a long-term disadvantage to customers.”

He says that suppliers submit documentation for their new networks to international standards committees to make their network a new standard, even if the new networks don’t interoperate with devices built for other standards.

“With so many standards available and each supplier building to their own proprietary networks now being promoted as “standards, users are left confused,” he asserts. “That’s why this third edition was needed—to create some clarity and help users make better decisions about the selection of equipment and communications networks.”

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Next-generation magnetostrictive level transmitter.

The Jupiter® Model JM4 magnetostrictive level transmitter has bee launched by Magnetrol® International. The JM4 is available as a direct insertion option, as well as an external mount on any MAGNETROL magnetic level indicator (MLI) or modular instrumentation bridle. With an improved design, unparalleled performance, and a collection of new and innovative features, the JM4 provides safer, simpler, and smarter measurement in total and interface level applications.

Leading Edge Hardware and Software
The JM4 is engineered to be the smartest, most innovative magnetostrictive transmitter available. To this end, numerous enhancements have been introduced, including greater signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), a full graphic local user interface, HART 7.0 (Foundation fieldbus available), local waveform capture, and a more intuitive device type manager (DTM) allowing for remote configuration, trending, and diagnostics

Field Rotatable and Removable Transmitter Head
The JM4 is the first magnetostrictive transmitter in the industry to offer a field-removable and rotatable head. The removable head allows for simpler transmitter maintenance and troubleshooting without disrupting the process. 310° of head rotation provides users with greater accessibility to operate the JM4’s on-board graphical interface.

Smart Probe
To further enhance the removable head, the JUPITER Model JM4 also features Smart Probe technology. When any JM4 transmitter head is attached to a probe, a single push of a button imports factory configuration settings into the head, and in seconds, the transmitter is ready for operation.

Remote Mount Option
JUPITER now offers a remote mount option. Available in 3 and 12 ft lengths, the transmitter head is attached to the probe via a flexible cable to allow for easier viewing under various spatial constraints.

• Magnetrol products are marketed in Ireland by Ntron.

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Fieldbus on your phone!

Easy-to-use Android app enables fast analysis of FF H1 physical layer.

A new app that turns Android Smartphones into mobile diagnostic devices for the physical layer parameters of a Foundation Fieldbus H1 network has been introduced by Stahl. The app is available free of charge in the Google Play Store. Physical layer properties of a fieldbus segment can be viewed and analysed on a mobile phone, provided that segment uses a series 9412 power supply from R. Stahl's ISbus portfolio.
These fieldbus power supplies feature built-in diagnostic functions to provide information about supply voltage and current, signal level, noise, jitter or shielding shorts (unbalance), so there is no need for any additional dedicated diagnostic devices. In the event of a fault, these parameters and the responsible fieldbus node are reported with a short fault description.

To use these functions, an Android mobile device with the ISbus DIAG app is simply connected to a 9412 through a connection cable available as an accessory. The app then requires no further input – physical layer data for the corresponding segment is immediately displayed. By keeping the diagnostics device off the fieldbus itself, the ISbus power supply also ensures there are no negative effects, which could otherwise occur due to bouncing or short circuits if a standard handheld unit were connected to the bus. Since ISbus DIAG is a read-only application, users cannot modify fieldbus settings or the configuration of connected devices.

If more than quick checks and troubleshooting on the spot are required, ISbus fieldbus power supplies also support significantly more complex diagnostic options. These include proactive monitoring of the physical layer with an adjustable warning threshold, LED and relay signalling (series 9412 / *-320-*), and even a powerful online diagnostic system based on an additional device, the DCM 9415 (diagnosis communication modules). The playlist "R. STAHL scalable fieldbus solutions" available in the R. Stahl Group YouTube channel showcases the broad range of versatile options.

• Stahl products are marketed through Douglas Controls & Automation.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Load instrumentation for vehicle testing.

Mantracourt Electronics  has helped its Australian distributor to develop an exciting vehicle testing project.  This particular project is typical of how engineers at Mantracourt, in partnership with their customers, can provide working solutions to a wide variety of weighing and measurements applications.

The project was collaboration between Mantracourt and Applied Measurement Australia who were approached by the Australian Automotive Research Centre (AARC) to help renovate and update a Tilt Table that was used to test vehicle stability by tilting to an angle of 45º.

Mantracourt’s T24 Wireless Telemetry system was chosen for modernising the out-dated measurement system.  Initially it was the ease of set up and operation that attracted Applied Measurement to T24 but a wireless system was also more suitable for the application environment, bearing in mind that the operators have to perform tests outside in all weather conditions.

T24 is a wireless telemetry system for multiple data acquisition in real time. The range comprises a versatile set of products, based around proprietary acquisition devices that can be mixed and matched to provide high quality remote readings for critical applications. The low power, battery equipped, radio units can allow data collection over many years without externally supplied power and so are considerably more cost-effective than hardwired systems.

As the vehicles under test were on the tilt table, data from the load cells, which were connected to a T24-ACMi-VA (voltage acquisition module) and situated on the weigh pads under each wheel, was sent back wirelessly to a laptop equipped with a T24-BSue (USB receiver base station) and Mantracourt’s logging and mapping software. 

Applied Measurement also attached inclinometers on the tilt bridge.  Each inclinometer, which is integrated with a T24-ACMi-VA, measures the returned voltage which is proportional to the angle of the beam. Each beam was calibrated using a laboratory tilt table to + 45 degrees.  This information was also displayed during testing. 
All data from the test was logged every second during testing to allow for analysis and compilation of a report to be given to the end customer. 

Throughout the project technical support was available from Applied Measurement Australia and from the British based Mantracourt office.  In addition a Mantracourt engineer was also available onsite to assist with initial setup and calibration.

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Tracking the entire dairy QC process.

The Matrix Gemini Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) from Autoscribe Informatics allows QC laboratories in the dairy industry to accurately record, evaluate and trace test results throughout the production process. Matrix Gemini LIMS can be used to automate the logging of samples, expedite the QC tasks, collate and merge all the data and extract management information quickly.

Samples for analysis can be taken at any stage in the production process from ad hoc sampling at the farmyard, through transportation of the milk to shelf-life tests for the final product and at almost any point in between. Managing data for a wide range of analytical techniques and tracking of results is of paramount importance. Crucially, Matrix Gemini can be configured to meet the needs of any dairy process without the need for any programming or coding skills, thanks to its graphically based configuration tools.

Autoscribe Informatics Managing Director, John Boother, commented: “There is a huge range of QC tests that could be required in the dairy industry, some of which will be dependent on the particular product being produced. The flexibility offered by Matrix Gemini’s configuration tools means that workflows, user screens, icons, labels etc can easily be set up to match the required laboratory process flow”.

“Using a LIMS to control, manage, organise, document, analyse and report information leads to improved efficiency and functionality of data storage and manipulation”, he continued. “For example, large customers like supermarkets, may demand to see a “Certificate of Conformance” on a batch by batch basis, and Matrix Gemini allows these to be generated automatically and e-mailed to the customer. At a different level, the system can expedite the release of milk from quarantine into the production process by automatically issuing pass/fail results based on tests at that stage of the process.”

Built-in quality control features simplify QC control sample testing, while charting functions make trend analysis and reporting easy. All activities relating to samples, tests, resources, projects, suppliers and customers are flagged with a revision number, time, date and user ID so that the system provides comprehensive audit trails and provides version control of all reference data such as test definitions.

Matrix Gemini allows management reports to be quickly compiled. One example would be the average bacterial counts of the product over time for different batches, or variations over time. This ensures that quality can be monitored and, if necessary, actions taken to improve quality.

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Power station installs almost zero-maintenance boiler water monitors.

Staff at Connah’s Quay Power Station (GB) have installed the latest luminescent optical dissolved oxygen (LDO) monitoring technology to minimise operational requirements whilst protecting the plant’s high value assets. An Orbisphere K1100 sensor from HACH now monitors DO continuously in the boiler water feed, requiring almost no maintenance or calibration.

Commissioned in 1996, Connah's Quay is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station. It has four single shaft units, each with a capacity of 330MW giving Connah's Quay an overall generation capacity of 1420MW - enough to power half of Wales. Gas from Liverpool Bay is delivered straight to the site through a 27km pipeline from the Point of Ayr gas terminal. Cooling water is only abstracted and returned to the River Dee at specific times around full tide. Water for use in the plant’s turbines is supplied by Welsh Water.

Connah's Quay was originally constructed for base load generation. However, in recent years, changes in Britain's energy sector have led to a significant change in the way the plant is managed. Power generation now changes on a daily basis in response to the needs of the network. “In the morning shift it may be necessary to operate one, two, three or all four of the units, but in the afternoon a different number maybe required,” explains Plant Chemist Bill Smith. “One of the consequences of this is a requirement for instrumentation with a faster response time, higher levels of reliability and lower controllable costs.”

DO monitoring
Each of the plant’s four boilers is fed with water from an exchange water treatment plant. However, it is necessary for this water to be de-aerated along with pH control to prevent corrosion in the boilers and steam turbine. Following de-aeration continuous DO monitoring ensures that levels remain below a target of 10 ppb. Automatic alarms are generated in the control room if levels reach a limit of 20ppb.

Traditionally, online DO monitors have employed electrochemical sensors, and whilst these monitors are capable of providing accurate reliable data, they have a number of limitations in the current status due to long periods with no sample. These instruments employed membranes, anodes, cathodes, and electrolyte solutions that generally required a high degree of maintenance. These sensors actually consumed oxygen as part of the measurement process, so could not be left in stationary water. They can also suffer from drift, and as a result may have to be recalibrated more frequently. As a consequence of new operating periods and the problems associated with traditional sensors, the HACH optical DO monitoring systems have been an enormous success; becoming the technology of choice in a wide range of industries including Power, Water, Wastewater, Food and Beverage.

Conscious of the potential advantages of optical DO monitoring, Bill first tried a portable instrument from HACH; the Orbisphere 3100, which employs exactly the same luminescent dissolved oxygen measurement principle, and offers the same high resolution, stable, accurate measurements with a very low service requirement. “This enabled us to assess the performance of the technology, so that when the time came to replace one of the continuous monitors, we chose the Orbisphere 410 controller with a K1100 optical dissolved oxygen sensor, both from HACH.”

HACH optical DO technology
The sensor’s tip or ‘spot’ is coated with a luminescent material, called luminophore, which is excited by blue light from an internal LED. As the luminescent material relaxes it emits red light, and this luminescence is proportional to the dissolved oxygen present. The luminescence is measured both in terms of its maximum intensity and its decay time. An internal red LED provides a reference measurement before every reading to ensure that the sensor’s accuracy is maintained.

This technology does not consume oxygen; it does not suffer from drift; it does not require a membrane or electrolyte, and no chemicals are necessary for calibration. Instead, the spot is changed quickly and easily every year, and the sensor simply requires a quick zero point calibration once per year with an oxygen-free gas such as nitrogen.

In common with all power stations, Connah’s Quay Power Station continually searches for ways to improve efficiency, and Bill says: “The HACH optical DO monitoring system is a good example of how new technology is helping to meet the demands of a changing energy sector by lowering operational costs and improving response time, accuracy and reliability.” Looking forward, he adds: “As a result of these advantages, we plan to replace all of our DO monitors with the optical technology from HACH.”

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Vital safety information for all test and measurement practitioners.

Working safely while taking measurements is not rocket science. It is a simple combination of careful planning, carrying out safe practices according to local regulations, and using the right tools in the right way. Fluke offers the solutions needed to work safely. The provide more information and resources on-line here.

The Safety Solution Centre web page provides access to detailed safe practice involving test and measurement tools in a wide range of applications. The resources include:
-an application note explaining how Fluke Connect® wireless tools proved invaluable in high-voltage upgrades at an industrial plant, removing technicians from dangerous energised areas while still obtaining real-time data

  • - a downloadable quick list of 10 things NOT to do when taking electrical measurements
  • - an explanation of the latest safety regulations and safety categories
  • - an application note explaining the application of IR windows to prevent the dangers to maintenance engineers from arc blasts
  • - how to measure from a safe distance using the Fluke Connect app
  • - how to improve safe working conditions around moving machinery
  • - an application note about safe electrical grounding
  • - the importance of good quality test leads and probes, and
  • - the value of training seminars.

Interested parties requiring further information are encouraged to fill in a simple request form for a Fluke specialist to contact them.

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Optical sensor detects mirrored and transparent surfaces reliably.

A high performance optical sensor that can reliably identify mirrored, transparent, diffuse and other hard to detect surfaces has been launched by Omron Electronic Components Europe.
Their B5W Light Convergent Reflective Sensor detects target objects much more reliably than general reflection photo sensors, even those that are often a challenge such as reflective, transparent, diffuse or black surfaces. The sensor’s convergent light beam can be accurately set to trigger on the presence of an object within a tightly specified target area, and ignore any objects in the background or foreground. The B5W features a combination of a cylindrical and a non-spherical lens.

Its design allows it to detect objects that are often a challenge for traditional sensors. These include transparent cups and glasses in vending machines, diffuse surfaces that scatter incident light like carpets, black surfaces that absorb light and mirrored surfaces. A typical application is a step detection function in a robot device. The B5W can reliably distinguish wood, glass, carpet and other floor surfaces from a downward step, to avoid risk of the robot falling.

The B5W can detect objects over a maximum distance of 70mm and provides an analogue output signal.

Photo caption: The new Omron B5W is a high performance optical sensor that can reliably identify mirrored, transparent, diffuse and other hard to detect surfaces.

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Acquisition allows RF solutions for home and IoT applications.

Qorvo has signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held GreenPeak Technologies. The acquisition of Netherlands-based GreenPeak will allow Qorvo to expand its customer offering to include highly integrated RF solutions and systems-on-a-chip (SoCs) for the connected home and the rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT).

James Klein, president of Qorvo’s Infrastructure and Defense Products (IDP) group, said, “The acquisition of GreenPeak Technologies will complement Qorvo’s market-leading high power RF portfolio with innovative ultra-low power, short-range wireless personal area network (WPAN) SoCs, ZigBee and Bluetooth solutions. GreenPeak brings a world-class technical team and solutions to Qorvo, allowing us to increase our presence in the rapidly expanding IoT market.”

Cees Links
Cees Links, founder & CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, said, “Our team is excited to join Qorvo and continue our legacy of creating ultra-low power RF solutions for our customers. We believe Qorvo will be a great environment for the GreenPeak team to grow as part of a much larger company serving many more global customers.”

According to research firm Gartner, Smart Home networking and IoT markets addressed by 802.15.4, ZigBee and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology are estimated to grow to $2.3 billion by 2020; and related smart markets such as retail, agriculture, automotive, lifestyle and commercial lighting are expected to grow to $4.9 billion by 2020. Beyond smart home networking, demand is growing to connect a variety of devices including HVAC, energy, security, home health, and remote controls utilizing innovative ultra-low power wireless data communication SoCs.

GreenPeak Technologies adds to Qorvo a legacy of world-class engineering and system-level expertise in wireless RF technology, and offers a broad range of proprietary antenna diversity and multiple receiver architecture technologies. GreenPeak solutions offer superior range, robustness and best-in-class WiFi interference rejection with no latency in production-ready reference designs that will allow quick time to market for integration into smart home and IoT applications. In 2015, GreenPeak celebrated shipment of its 100 millionth ZigBee chip to the smart home market.

GreenPeak will become part of Qorvo’s IDP group and will be headed by Mr. Links.

The transaction is expected to close in the current quarter, subject to customary closing conditions. Wells Fargo Securities, LLC served as financial advisor to GreenPeak in connection with the transaction.

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Digital Single Cable Solution for servo motors.

When Hengstler first introduced the Single Cable Solution at SPS IPC Drives 2015 in Nuremberg, they claimed to have set a new standards for efficiency, safety and performance. By offering a true Single Cable Solution with high performance, Hengstler meets the latest requirements of today’s motor feedback systems.

An examination of what are the respective requirements of machinery manufacturers, machine users and end customers, reveals a clear trend. The focus is on maximum machine reliability, availability and also cost reduction at the same while securing investment to some degree by the use of future-oriented technologies. Machine and system manufacturers increasingly strive for cost and space reductions and implementation simplicity, with no compromises on performance. With its Single Cable Solution, Hengstler has provided a fitting response to the needs of the market.

From the machine manufacturer's point of view, maximum machine reliability and availability is absolutely mandatory and a real competitive advantage. Safety has to be first when considering the aspects of man/machine interaction, but not at the price of having to stop the machine. The single cable solution with its ACURO®link interface is designed to ensure a high level of functional safety in servo motor control systems. The data protocol of the electrical interface meets the requirements of SIL3 according to IEC 61508 and Cat. 3 PLe EN_IOS 13849, while the ACURO®AD37 encoder itself, and the IP core in the control, can meet all requirements from non-SIL to SIL3 depending on the application scenario. Because of the safety function that can be implemented in the drive, the machine can keep running thanks to the single cable solution, even if someone is directly in the potentially hazardous zone. A mandatory prerequisite to enable maximum machine reliability and availability.

Safety however is only one part of the equation of safety, efficiency and performance. An operating temperature of up to +115°C, an operating speed of up to 12,000 rpm and a low mounting depth of 28mm make the AD37 the most compact absolute multi-turn encoder in its class. In the SIL3 configuration, the high performance encoder known as AD37E sets new standards. Its extra efficiency and performance give a decisive competitive advantage to the drive system. The AD37 series make this possible with its high accuracy and resolution. An "electronic datasheet" in the encoder stores specific encoder data, which can be read out at any time. In the encoder itself, the motor and drive data are stored in an internal OEM memory. This is primarily of interest for end users, but also for machine manufacturers. Using this data, solutions for preventive maintenance, minimum down-time and significantly increased productivity can be implemented. The electronic product identification provides motor characteristics, its product code and serial number which make it possible to adjust automatically to each motor’s parameters. Diagnostic and monitoring functions provide important information on the operating status of the machine. This is a significant contribution to implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios and translates into security of investment for the customers who buy the machines, because the Single Sable Solution fulfils all the requirements for supporting future technologies in the best way.

Particularly in today's market, motor manufacturers are focussing on designing motors that are smaller than ever before and with higher performance. Energy, space and resource savings are given the highest priority. By enabling motor output and motor feedback signals to pass through a single cable, efficiency is significantly increased. Especially in large systems, the gain in space becomes notable and considerable weight is saved in the motors. There are other important advantages that are gained from faster installation and lower cost of material for system cabling.

With the Single Cable Solution, Hengstler offers a well-balanced overall concept and a product portfolio that continues to be expanded now and in the future. Customers are convinced that the digital approach with a true Single Cable Solution is the right choice. The advantages in terms of investment security, cost and performance are evident.

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New director elected to industrial automation and information company.

The board of directors of Rockwell Automation has elected Tom Rosamilia, as a new director.

Tom Rosamilia
Rosamilia, 55, has been Senior Vice President of IBM Systems since 2013. He has global responsibility for all aspects of IBM's server, storage and software systems as well as the Company's global Business Partners organisation. Rosamilia joined IBM in 1983 as a software developer and has served in various leadership positions, including General Manager of IBM’s WebSphere software division and Vice President of IBM Corporate Strategy.

He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from Cornell University.

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Enhanced Online Fleet-Wide Solution meets maintenance requirements.

National Instruments has announced an enhanced version of NI InsightCM Enterprise software, a solution that helps companies gain insight into the health of capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations. With more than 30 years of measurement experience and as an active contributor to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology, NI developed the new version of NI InsightCM Enterprise, an end-to-end software solution that addresses some of the growing challenges in the asset monitoring industry.

The variety of sensors, speed of measurements required and vast number of commissioned assets create a Big Analog Data™ problem. NI IIoT technology platforms, such as NI InsightCM, DIAdem and CompactRIO, include distributed sensor measurement, edge processing, analytics and open communication and data management. These features help solve Big Analog Data™ problems by delivering timely information rather than large volumes of unfiltered data to subject matter experts.

“NI InsightCM provides a huge base of out-of-the-box functionality for our traditional rotating machine monitoring customers. We like that it natively supports multiple data sources, such as accelerometers, thermocouples and Modbus, plus common analysis and display capabilities. And, as providers of monitoring systems, we especially appreciate the extensive customisation features and use of open standard data files. Now, when our clients ask for any unique features, we can modify NI InsightCM directly. The combination of extensive features and openness to configurability makes NI InsightCM an ideal machine monitoring platform,” says Jim Campbell, President of Viewpoint Systems, Inc.

This online fleet-wide monitoring solution is ideal for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, power generation, mining, rail and industrial manufacturing. Companies that need to reduce maintenance costs, improve machine performance and maximise uptime can benefit from NI InsightCM.

Key Benefits
  • Workforce Multiplier: Get better coverage over more assets with the same staff of maintenance professionals
  • Multiple Measurement Tools in One: Combine physical vibration and temperature measurements with MCSA electrical measurements in the same enterprise software
  • Complete Accessibility: Get full access to your data and connect with third-party enterprise software packages, such as CMMSs, SCADA, database historians and prognostics tools
  • Scalability: Start with the most critical, problematic assets and then scale over time to hundreds of ancillary assets with NI InsightCM Server as you roll out over your fleet
  • Flexibility: Use the new NI InsightCM Software Development Kit to add connectivity to third-party hardware, custom analytics or support for any of the 100+ sensor modules available for the CompactRIO hardware platform
  • Adjustability: Built on an open technology platform, NI InsightCM can better adjust to how you operate your business rather than you adjusting to a vendor.
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