Friday, April 17, 2015

New appointments to drive growth at HMI supplier.

Richard Brockbank, Jo Marsh and Marco Van Der Linden new to Stadium IGT
Stadium IGT have made a number of key appointments at their Eastleigh (GB) HQ  to l design-led new product development and targeted sales growth.

Marco Van Der Linden has been appointed as Business Development Manager for the Interface and Displays commercial structure at Stadium IGT as the company positions for targeted growth in key sectors. Marco joins the company with over 20 years’ experience in the specialised industrial display and Human Machine Interface (HMI) industry including sales roles at German-based Indukey and Nijkerk Display Systems.

Marco is experienced in key vertical markets including industrial, IT, automotive, transport and medical, and has a proven record in establishing international sales channels for technology products in the global interface space.

Jo Marsh joins the design team where her previous experience in control panel design, CAD and maintaining quality standards will strengthen Stadium IGT’s new product development, customer support and design for manufacture processes.

And design engineer Richard Brockbank has also joined the company bringing with him extensive design skills and the experience to take a new product from a customer requirement to high volume manufacture. Richard is well versed with management of NPI, has an excellent knowledge of geometric tolerancing in the latest BS 8888 environment and is fully conversant with 3D CAD systems. His experience covers industries including industrial, avionics and defence products and systems.

Terry Moss, Sales Director at Stadium IGT commented on the appointments: “We are delighted to welcome Jo, Richard and Marco to the team at Stadium IGT at an exciting period for the business as we accelerate our technology developments and reach into wider geographical markets. Marco will drive the new business acquisition strategy for our integrated control panel and touch technology solutions, with a particular focus in the Nordic regions and Germany, while Jo and Richard will bring valuable expertise to our design team and ensure we can offer an unequalled response to our customers.”

“We now have eight people in the design team, the additional resource is a direct result Stadium IGT’s strategy to offer our customers world class HMI design capabilities. With 99% of our products being bespoke customer designs, it is imperative that we offer our customers every support needed to not only meet their aesthetic and functionality requirements but also meet their cost expectations. We have built a 27 year reputation for providing our customers with well-engineered HMI solutions. Increasing our resource in this area also demonstrates our commitment to new and existing customers that we are a market leader in HMI product research and development.”

Submersible load cells!

“The DDEN series of submersible load cells was originally developed for a marine customer in Italy to measure precise mooring tension of buoys in the sea, as part of a wave energy research project. The DDENs compact design, IP68 submersible sealing and stainless steel construction made it ideal for use in this application and in numerous applications since then.” Peter Lewis Managing Director of Applied Meausurements.

"Don’t wait for better weather to do your tension and compression monitoring, use our DDEN series of submersible load cells. High humidity environments and flood risk locations are no match for this load cell."  With its IP68 fully submersible rating and robust stainless steel construction, it can accurately measure tension and compression down to 10m underwater (with greater depths available on request). The DDEN’s electrical termination is a tough IP68 multi-core cable connected through an IP68 cable gland, which further supports its fully submersible sealing.

The DDEN series of submersible load cells are unique in their compactness over their wide capacity range of 250N up to 50kN. Even at the top end of the capacity rating, the unit dimensions do not change – with a diameter of just 44mm and a length of 65mm. Along with its compact size, the DDEN submersible load cells also come with integral male threads for in-line mounting. Its compact size and in-line mounting enables the load cells to be installed in a wide variety of applications where conventional load cells such as s-beams will not fit. The image below shows our miniature ICA amplifiers fitted inside the DDEN submersible load cell. These miniature ICA amplifiers give a direct amplified output from the sensor, offering outputs in; 0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 4-20mA and ±10Vdc. The DDEN submersible load cell is then sealed with ‘O’ rings to allow for permanent use underwater whilst still maintaining its compact size.

Low Deflection and High Natural Frequency/Applications
In addition, the DDEN’s low deflection and high natural frequency also makes the load cell perfect for cable tension monitoring, marine and offshore applications, mooring lines, hydrodynamic and materials testing. We are pleased to have seen the DDEN series of submersible load cells being used in a number of other applications too such as mast stays on racing yachts, which must be kept tuned to a very high level at all times.

Customisation Available
This fantastically flexible DDEN submersible load cell can be customised to suit your specific application from thread length, spherical seating rod end bearings, female adaptors, cable length, various analogue outputs such as millivolt, 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc and greater submersible depths.

Peter Lewis continues: “We can customise the DDEN series of submersible load cells for specific applications, whilst still offering the customers the same lead time as our standard range.”

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Co and CO2 ppm measurements!

Brand new ppm measurements for carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) now enable medical gas producers to get the performance and operational benefits of the SERVOPRO MultiExact 5400 multigas analyser.

“When it comes to medical gases, you can’t take chances with people’s health,” says Charles Segar, Product Manager, Servomex. “The exceptional stability and repeatability demonstrated by these new CO and CO2 measurements will give medical gas producers complete reassurance that their gas products always meet the highest medical standards.”
Featuring new Servomex Gas Filter Correlation (GFX) infrared sensors, which deliver exceptional measurement stability and repeatability, the MultiExact’s dual measurement capability enables it to simultaneously monitor 0-10 ppm CO and 0-500ppm CO2 impurities in air, oxygen or nitrogen. With infrared technology an approved method of the European Pharmacopeia, the MultiExact is an application-optimized single-analyzer solution for both the production and batch validation of medical-grade gases.

The MultiExact’s next-generation digital platform not only enhances the stability and accuracy of Servomex’s Hummingbird GFX measurements, but also helps reduce operational costs through ease-of-use and simplified on-going maintenance.

Available in bench top, panel or 19” rack mounting versions, the MultiExact offers independent auto-validation/calibration of measurements with the option of an integrated stream-switching valve block, while unique flow sensor technology provides unrivalled reliability for each measurement.

Directly operable through a built-in display, control is optimized via a comprehensive communication options that includes RS232 serial communications, Ethernet connectivity and Modbus or Profibus via RS485. NAMUR-compliant fault relay functions are available, allowing alarms, maintenance and service-in-progress messages to be communicated remotely.

The flexible design architecture of the MultiExact means it also benefits from Servomex’s leading-edge Paramagnetic, Zirconia and Thermal Conductivity sensing technologies of stable, accurate and selective measurements. This makes MultiExact adaptable to an extensive range of industrial gas applications, including percent oxygen (O2) measurements for product purity, ppm O2 measurements for argon (Ar) and nitrogen (N2) product streams, ppm Nitrous Oxide (N2O) measurements in O2, percent Ar in O2 , N2 in O2, and He in N2 or O2.

Customer-programmable current-sensor IC in standard inline package.

Allows easy integration with magnetic core to create current-sensing module –

The new A1369 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a customer-programmable, high-accuracy linear Hall-effect-based current sensor IC packaged in a slimline 3-pin single-inline package which allows for easy integration with a magnetic core to create a highly accurate current sensing module.

The A1369 is designed for use with customer-provided steel or other ferromagnetic cores, where its programmable nature allows it to compensate for manufacturing tolerances in the final current sensing module assembly. The accuracy of the device is enhanced by the programmability of both the sensitivity and the quiescent output voltage (QVO - the output with no magnetic field present) on the output pin for end-of-line optimisation without the added complexity and cost of a fully programmable sensor.

The device features one-time programming using non-volatile memory to store the desired sensitivity and QVO for a given application or circuit. Allegro programs the sensitivity temperature coefficient and QVO temperature coefficient during end-of-line testing to minimise programming requirements for the customer.

The A1369 is a ratiometric Hall effect sensor IC that provides a voltage output that is proportional to the applied magnetic field. The quiescent voltage output is user adjustable around 50% of the supply voltage, and the output sensitivity is programmable within a range of 8.5 mV/G to 12.5 mV/G for the A1369-10 and 22 mV/G to 26 mV/G for the A1369-24.

The features of this linear device make it ideal for use in industrial applications requiring high accuracy and a guaranteed wide temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. Current-sensing modules using the A1369 can be used in a variety of applications including electric power distribution and solar and wind power applications.

The A1369 is available in a through-hole single in-line package (TO-92).

4-CH 12-bit 80 MS/s PCI Express Digitizer.

Adlink Technology has released its new high-speed PCI Express digitizer, the PCIe-9814, featuring four simultaneously sampled 80 MS/s input channels with 12-bit resolution, 40 MHz bandwidth, and up to 1 GB DDR3 onboard memory. The PCIe-9814 delivers compellingly accurate high dynamic performance in 76 dB SFDR, 64 dB SNR, and -75 dB THD, with up to 640 MB/s data streaming and value added functionality, enhanced price/performance, and maximum optimization for radar testing, power management monitoring, and non-destructive testing.

The PCIe-9814’s 80 MS/s sampling & 40 MHz signal bandwidth easily meet the requirements of medium frequency (0.1mHz to 30mHz) radar signal reception from IF radar receivers. The PCIe-9814 provides external digital trigger input for synchronous trigger radar signaling, and three extra synchronous digital inputs receive radar synch pulse signals or GPS IRIG-B code, supporting radar signal markers or synchronous time stamping, providing leading support for radar testing.

The PCIe-9814’s FPGA-based 31-order FIR digital filter supports noise reduction when signal content is 20 MHz or less. Noise effects are reduced efficiently and signal visibility increased by rejecting out-of-band and background noise and unexcepted high frequency signals, all with no extra programming demands. The FPGA-based FIR digital filter performs much faster than on the host, with no host CPU bandwidth occupied.

The PCIe-9814 supports Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems, and is fully compatible with third-party software such as LabVIEW™ and Visual Studio.NET®. In addition, ADLINK's measurement APIs allow easy conversion of basic voltage/time measurement results with no need for extra programming. System development is easier than ever before.

Bluetooth Smart sensor beacon!

EM Microelectronic, the semiconductor company of the Swatch Group, has publicly launched EMBC02, introducing to the world the power of sensor beacons. The unique combination of sensors with EM’s low-cost, low-power and fully certified beacon technology will be an enabler of many real-world Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

Motion-aware Bluetooth beacon
Photo courtesy EM Microelectronic, Marin SA
EMBC02 SeriesEMBC02 beacons integrate a 3-axis accelerometer in the same easy-to-use, tiny form factor as EMBC01, enabling a wide range of motion-based beacon applications. By attaching EMBC02 to objects or people, both, proximity and motion, can be monitored by a smartphone or tablet application. EMBC02 can be programmed to transmit proximity and identification data, like standard beacons, but it can also provide motion data (movements, vibrations, acceleration) as well as specific motion-based alarms based on accelerometer data, originating from shock, free-fall or taps. The accelerometer allows to maximize battery life by “beaconing” data only when required, e.g. while in motion, or when an alarm condition occurs.

As a leading ultra-low power semiconductor company, EM Microelectronic is focused on developing extremely power efficient solutions. The EMBC01 Bluetooth Smart proximity beacon can operate for more than 12 months on a single CR2032 coin cell. EMBC02 offers even longer battery life with optimized usage scenarios where the beacon sleeps (or transmits infrequently) until the accelerometer detects movement. “Beaconing only when EMBC02 is in motion allows for drastic energy savings” says Michel Willemin, CEO of EM Microelectronic Marin. He adds “This approach paves the way toward a truly useable and meaningful sensor-based IoT platform where real world data is connected to the cloud and where battery lifetime is expressed in years, rather than months”.

The EMBC02 is completely programmable and capable of supporting multiple proximity standards (e.g. iBeacon, AltBeacon or any other proprietary protocol) in a single beacon. It is FCC/CE/IC certified, includes a multi-function button for input and two LEDs for user feedback. The beacon module comes in a sleek, weatherproof (IP-64) housing.

With such “motion” and “context aware” features, EMBC02 is the ideal beacon for a wide category of IoT applications. It will enable a wide range of mobile applications: elderly person fall detection and alarms, child monitoring with detection of activity (or absence of activity) within defined proximity range, or similarly pet and animal activity monitoring, theft prevention where objects (valuable items in stores, bicycles, luggage) may beacon warning messages when an unexpected movement occurs, inventory and equipment tracking when being moved around a facility, and many more. In addition, EMBC02 is easy to deploy right out of the box!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Plug & socket connectors targeted at demanding applications.

Connector specialist group EDAC has extended its popular E-Seal range of ingress protected (IP) connectors with the introduction of new water, mist and dust-proof wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket connectors. The IP code is used to define the level of environmental protection provided by electrical equipment enclosures. The new E-Seal connectors carry the IP67 designation indicating absolute protection against dust and mistand total protection from the effect of immersion in liquids between 15cm and 1m deep.

Currently comprising four device families, EDAC's E-Seal IP67 rated wire-to-board and in-line (wire-to-wire) plug & socket connectors support low-level signal and power requirements up to 300 volts (V) at 12 amps (A) and temperatures between -40º and 105ºC. A wide range of high-performance silicone seals are available to accommodate wire of between 14 and 28 AWG with either thin or standard insulation thickness.

E-Seal 565 and 566 Series
The E-Seal 565 Series offers 2, 3 and 5 connections in wire-to-board and in-line variants. 565 Series devices feature EDAC’s proprietary ‘Fast Integral Seal' technology, enabling rapid assembly of the connector whilst maintaining absolute seal reliability. The E-Seal 566 Series also features ‘Fast Integral Seal' technology and is available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 connections in-line (wire-to-wire) and 2 and 3 connections wire-to-board.  A 2-connection, 3-way branch version is also available.

E-Seal 570 and 568 Series
The crimp assembly E-Seal 570 Series offers 1, 2, and 3 connections with 5.08mm pin pitch and is supplied in wire-to-board and in-line options, all rated for 10A/300V operation. Targeting single connection in-line applications the E-Seal 568 Series is also a crimp-to-seal assembly device rated for 12A/300V operation.

According to Damien Croft, Head of Sales - EDAC Europe, features unique toE-Seal wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket connectors include integral locking tabs to prevent accidental disengagement, a keying system to prevent miss-mating, and visual confirmation of seal: "We support our E-Seal connector customers with the provision  of hand tools for prototyping and small build production runs. Applications for our connectorsare many and varied, including, lighting, access control, external signage and refrigerated displays."

In addition to the new wire-to-board and in-line plug & socket devices EDAC's E-Seal connector portfolio includes a full range of D-Sub, USB and HDMI connector products.All the devices in the E-Seal range are offered in a wide range of mounting styles including single-screw assembly, and for suitable volumes are available with fully assembled custom terminated cables.

Cimate control and storage systems for agriculture industry.

When it comes to food storage, the reliability of control equipment used matters. A major European manufacturer of storage and climate control systems for the agricultural industry has chosen to install Michell’s PCMini52 humidity and temperature probes to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in the systems they supply. After extensive field tests the probe was selected not only due to its overall resilience, resistance to contamination and reliability, but also for its small size. 

Climate control for storing and transporting fruit and vegetables calls for cool but humid conditions. Ideally, the humidity should be kept at around 80%, but not more than 95% RH. If conditions are too dry the fruit will wither: too damp and it will rot. While this atmosphere is ideal for fruit and vegetables it is extremely demanding for the electronics of any control equipment. The employed instrument’s electronics must therefore be well protected from the humidity to ensure reliable, automatic operation of the climate control system over longer periods.

A response time of less than 10 seconds for the PC Mini52 sensors allow the control system to rapidly adjust the climate to the ideal conditions so no product is wasted during storage.

With the miniature size, the simplicity and robustness the PC Mini52 humidity and temperature sensors can be easily maintained by either the end user or a service technician once the climate control system has been installed in the field.

• Michell's products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

Selecting the right tools!

Cloud-enabled digital tooling data and knowledge interfaces with state-of-the-art inventory control to optimize and energize shop productivity. Having tool availability confirmed during process planning can be a critical time-saving element for important jobs, avoiding downtime and expensive overnight shipping. Suppliers with NOVO and ToolBOSS have a distinct advantage.

Integrating ToolBOSS with NOVO optimizes both process planning and shop-floor operations, moving jobs from design to production as quickly as possible.
Driven by “Different Thinking is Better Thinking,” Kennametal continues to optimise the productivity-building potential of NOVO™ by launching a new service offering combining its premium vending solution, ToolBOSS™ and its cloud-enabled digital tooling and process knowledge vehicle NOVO™.

Market-Driven Solution
Manufacturing’s unrelenting pressure to remain competitive and control costs combined with the widening skills gap are shaping the present and future of how customers operate and manage machine shops today. Kennametal’s ToolBOSS with NOVO was inspired by the needs of machining customers seeking seamless real-time integration of their enterprise engineering systems (CAD/CAM systems) with their production floor. Recent research indicates up to 70% of manufacturing executives are focusing on plant-floor data initiatives to drive operational and business excellence, faster time to market, and immediate access to data from machines on the factory floor. ToolBOSS users on the cloud with the latest software version can now use NOVO™ to see if an item proposed for a process plan is already available in their ToolBOSS inventory. This makes plans and budgets more time- and cost-efficient. “By adding ToolBOSS credentials to their user profile, customers easily check the inventory in their local ToolBOSS units with their developing process plans,” says Daniel Gillig, Global Services ToolBOSS Manager at Kennametal. “They’re better able to visualize items already in their shop.”

Powerful Solutions Linked
The unique ToolBOSS – NOVO linkage will provide customers the ability to quickly ID the optimal tool (selecting from the industry’s latest technology), and assess corresponding tool availability; moving customers from design to shop floor in the shortest time possible with the most efficient cutting tool option. This linkage also makes it easier to order new tools, provide secure back up of data and conduct proactive diagnostic checks and updates to the ToolBOSS. “With these powerful solutions linked together”, explains John Jacko, Kennametal vice president and chief marketing officer, “our customers should expect a 20-50% time savings in quoting, programming, set-up, and machining processes compared to traditional fragmented approaches requiring high levels of skill in the areas of tool selection, application, and data integration.”

Industry Leading Partners
The connection of ToolBOSS and NOVO is enabled through partnership with the Machining Cloud GmbH and ToolBOSS Vending Solutions supply chain partner, Supply Point Systems (SPS). SPS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of secure, point-of-use inventory management systems, while Machining Cloud is a leader in the global manufacturing community providing a single-source of access to complete and up-to-date product data from leading manufacturers of cutting tools, machine tools and workholding.

Kennametal ToolBOSS Vending Solutions is planning a staged rollout of ToolBOSS – NOVO beginning in the United States, expanding to other world regions within the next 18 months. “This innovation builds on our premium vending solution, ToolBOSS, and provides the type of value-added service our customers demand – allowing them to be more efficient programing new jobs, as well as running those same jobs on the shop floor. Our vision is to leverage these types of digital solutions more and more to help our customers fully optimize their operations,” commented Jeswant Gill, Kennametal vice president and executive vice president, industrial segment.