Friday, March 20, 2015

M-Bus to Modbus.

New gateway from HMS Industrial Networks enables M-Bus data from measuring devices to be monitored from Modbus-TCP networks.

M-Bus (Meter-Bus) is a widely used communication standard for measuring devices. It is predominantly used in buildings, for example in electricity meters, gas meters, water meters or other types of consumption meters.  By getting data from these measuring devices onto a PLC or SCADA system, users can get a total overview of their energy consumption, including building parameters which previously had to be checked separately.

How the gateway works
The Anybus M-Bus to Modbus TCP gateway decodes M-Bus telegrams and maps meter values to Modbus registers. Mapping and configuration is done in a web-based configuration tool allowing the user to set up the gateway without any programming. It is possible to connect up to 20 M-Bus slaves and enable them to communicate on a Modbus-TCP network.

Connectivity to more networks with Anybus X-gateways
The solution can be extended by pairing the M-Bus gateway with an Anybus X-gateway Modbus-TCP, making it is possible to connect M-Bus devices to most industrial networks. Versions are available for CANopen, CC-Link, ControlNet, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Making energy savings possible
"We see a substantial market for this solution," says Niklas Selander, Product Manager at HMS. "Many industrial companies are currently trying to optimize their energy consumption. Their production lines are often connected to some kind of industrial network, but building parameters such as electricity, water, gas etc. are usually monitored on separate M-Bus systems. With our new solution, we enable plant owners to analyse and optimise their energy usage from PLC´s on Modbus-TCP and other networks."

Cybersecurity expert to deliver keynote at intelligent building event.

The Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA) has named Steve Mustard—a globally acclaimed cybersecurity expert of the Automation Federation and its founding sponsor, the International Society of Automation (ISA)—as a keynote speaker at the CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum 14-16 April 2015 in Austin, (TX USA).

Steve Mustard
CABA, a member of the Automation Federation, is an association dedicated to the advancement of intelligent home and intelligent building technologies. Its April event, to be held at the Renaissance Austin Hotel, is expected to draw more than 1,000 attendeesfor the keynote presentations and the insights provided by more than 100 subject-matter experts during workshop and breakout sessions. Also on the agenda are planned tours and various networking events and receptions.

CABA’s Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum is being co-located with the Broadband Communities Summit. All CABA Forum registrants can attend the Broadband Communities Summit sessions and workshops at no extra charge.  For additional information, visit the conference event page.

Mustard, President and CEO of National Automation, Inc., is a UK registered Chartered Engineer and European registered Eur Ing and consultant with extensive development and management experience in real-time embedded equipment and automation systems. As an ISA99 Security Standards Committee member, he has long been involved in developing ISA industrial automation and control system (IACS) standards—currently known as ISA99/IEC 62443—and advocating for their greater implementation as a member of the Automation Federation’s Cybersecurity Committee.

• See also report on his address to a technical talk at the Technical Seminar on Process Control Environment Security organised by the Trinidad & Tobago ISA last year.

Sound design, analysis, quality and synthesis!

AcSoft has been appointed exclusive distributers in Britain for LEA software from Genesis S.A. at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Show at Silverstone.

LtoR: John Shelton, MD of AcSoft
with Patrick Boussard, CEO of GENESIS S.A.
LEA software offers sound design, analysis, quality and synthesis across a wide range of industries, including automotive, aerospace, defence, rail and audio and telecommunications. It is able to link sound to driving and flight simulators and virtual reality platforms and enables sound definition, brand sound creation, subjective and objective testing, component separation, troubleshooting and sound dataset preparation.

John Shelton, Managing Director at AcSoft comments: “We are pleased to be able to offer LEA software which provides significant flexibility and performance benefits for aerospace, automotive and defence in particular. We are confident that it will help existing and potential customers in these and other industrial sectors achieve the high levels of sound quality required to ensure comfort, safety and efficiency plus reduce the impact of noise on communities.”

Patrick Boussard, CEO of Genesis adds: “We are happy to be working with AcSoft, who we consider to be the best possible partner for us in the UK. This new and exciting partnership will help further build on our success in the French and Japanese automotive, aerospace, rail and defence markets.”

The acoustic signal from a car’s electric starter allows for an in-depth analysis of the engine starting sequence. With just a few clicks, LEA separates the components of the sound, plays them and extracts the harmonics.

Thermography seminars!

Fluke is offering a series of free Thermography Seminars as part of its programme of seminars for 2015 throughout Britain and Ireland. Designed to look at the benefits of thermal imaging techniques to improve maintenance practices, the seminars are one element of the Fluke Academy programme.

The seminars covering Thermography are designed to highlight how thermal imaging can be used to identify the presence of faults in equipment under normal working conditions, in new or existing installations. Each seminar will cover:

  • The difference between a visual image and a thermal image
  • What that difference means to be able to find latent electrical defects like bad connections
  • An understanding of some limitations of thermal imaging
  • An introduction to the common types of electrical defects in High, Medium and Low voltage that can be detected with a thermal imager
  • The benefits of thermal imaging for improving maintenance practices
  • Tips and tricks on using a Fluke Thermal Imager to help detect electrical defects.

Other seminars in the Fluke Academy programme cover power quality improvement; one designed to help facilities reduce their energy costs; troubleshooting motors and drives to minimise plant downtime; calibrating and troubleshooting process instrumentation; and electrical testing.
The web page also provides access to webinars and webcasts that provide online training to obtain the maximum benefit in the application of thermal imagers, power quality meters and portable oscilloscopes, as well as highlighting training courses with partner institutions.

Exciting Keynotes at June event in California!

To celebrate 30 years of success as one of the largest tradeshows in the industry, Sensors Expo & Conference is to feature two dynamic and thought provoking keynote speakers at this year’s event. Dr. Mike North, the host of Discovery Channel’s “Prototype This,” “Outrageous Acts of Science” and “In The Making,” and Gadi Amit, the Technology Designer behind projects such as Google Project Ara, Fitbit Fitness Trackers and the Lytro camera will inspire attendees by tapping into the hot trends in the Sensors market today to uncover the opportunities for tomorrow. The three day event will take place June 9-11th at the Long Beach Convention Center (CA USA).

Dr Mike North
“The sensors market is poised for explosive growth in 2015 and beyond,” said Dr. Mike North. “To keep pace with this rapid growth rate, the Sensors Conference offers an ideal opportunity to educate and inspire the engineering community on the critical technologies that will transform not only key business processes, but how we live our lives today. I am thrilled to be part of the event that highlights the increasingly innovative role of sensors and connects this community to inspire real change.”

Keynote Session: Your Sixth Sense of Innovation, featuring Dr. Mike North
Wednesday, June 10 – 9:00 AM
This session will inspire the audience to use their intuition to try new ideas and create rapid prototypes to test those ideas. While many misses will happen, there will be a hit. That hit is how invention and innovation occur, as opposed to methodical and incremental improvement. In a field as hot as sensors, especially with IoT all the buzz in the start-up world, new ideas and rapid implementation will lead to huge pay offs.

Dr. Mike North, host of Discovery shows “Prototype This,” “Outrageous Acts of Science” and “In The Making,” fuses science and engineering with creativity and media to bring the world new ideas, awe-inspiring experiences and radical paradigm shifts. Dr. North holds several degrees in science and engineering, including a PhD in Nanotechnology and his work has been published in a many peer reviewed journals, including the prestigious Nature. He’s founded and co-founded several organizations including: Galapagos, helping small and large companies find their vision; North Design Labs, a Swiss Army Knife of design, prototyping, and media; Nukotoys, a video game/toy company; and ReAllocate, a nonprofit focused on creating systems for an equitable and sustainable planet.

Gadi Amit
"The surge of innovative sensing technologies coming out marks an ongoing paradigm shift that’s changing how we'll live and interact with our environments,” said Gadi Amit. “The Sensors Conference offers a deeper look at the breadth of solutions available, helping us dive into not just ‘how’ but 'why’ design and engineering choices should be made. I look forward to connecting with my colleagues and advancing the conversation as we discuss what helps make a truly impactful experience for wearables, IoT and cloud computing."

Keynote Session: Why the Sensor Explosion Needs Technology Design featuring Gadi Amit
Thursday, June 11 – 9:00 AM
Wearables, Internet of Things, Home Automation, Mobile and Cloud Computing are the now and future of our daily life. Each is melding hardware, software and powerful cloud services into either magical or flat experiences. The difference is in the details; how can you truly understand what will create Delight?

In this session, Gadi Amit, the Technology Designer behind projects such as Google Project Ara, Fitbit Fitness Trackers and the Lytro camera will discuss how to make wearable’s work and how to steer true north while navigating the sensor explosion. Attendees will learn why emotional intelligence in this new era is just as important as rational thinking and what’s around the corner.

With more than 65 dedicated conference sessions, the content rich agenda will cover a broad range of cutting-edge technology areas including: Embedded Systems, Energy Harvesting, Internet of Things, MEMS, Optical Sensing & Detection, Sensors Fusion, Sensors at Work, Smart Cities, Wireless, and Wearables.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PXI automatic test systems on display!

At the 2015 PXI Show, the Peak Group is adding a number of new products to its portfolio of automatic test systems based on its partnerships with National Instruments (NI), GOEPEL electronic and Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC).

A major new product is a simplified fixture interface for boundary scan using a new VPC Pull-Thru receiver from GOEPEL electronic. The new PXI 1149/VPC(x) ensures an outstanding signal quality in the interface between GOEPEL electronic's PXI/PXIe SCANFLEX® Boundary Scan controllers and test fixtures, and completely eliminates the complication of any kind of manual wiring in the configuration of the interface.

VPC Pull-Thru receiver
The new Pull-Thru adapters are designed to improve the integration quality and seamless combination of structural test technologies with functional test in volume manufacturing. As well as the actual JTAG signals, the new Pull-Thru adapter offers additional connections for GOEPEL electronic's dynamic I/O signals for enhanced handling of all Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. As a result, it provides the ability to test and program highly complex boards, including on-chip flash programming, with significantly reduced test points, in some cases without the use of traditional test points or probes at all.

The new unit is fully compatible with the scalable Mass InterConnect system from VPC using Pull-Thru Receiver series G20, G20x, G40 and G14x. Using this option, users can now easily combine JTAG/Boundary Scan with the PXI Interface Test Adapter (ITA) solutions from VPC to create a high performance reliable fixture interface.

Peak is also featuring its partnership with Simplicity AI to provide integrated test solutions based on National Instruments industry-standard platforms along with Peak's test hardware and fixturing technology and Simplicity AI's advanced test & measurement software. Peak and Simplicity AI are both NI Alliance Partners.

Also on show is their modular rack system, which is ergonomically designed for use in all test environments and includes an integrated VPC Mass InterConnect interface receiver adaptor, allowing large numbers of different contact types to be quickly and easily connected in a single operation.

The Peak modular rack system is height, width and depth adaptable to customers' test requirements. It incorporates built-in service panels, high volume cooling, and large doors on the sides and rear, with a wide body allowing for ancillary equipment and circuitry on both sides of the main chassis. Also incorporated are full emergency stop and door interlock safety circuitry, plus a mains distribution, filtering and safety circuit box.

Hazardous area media converters for fibre optic Ethernet

R. Stahl’s 9721 series of media converters for optical cables enable hot plugging of Ethernet connections in zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas, i.e. the safe plugging and unplugging of communication links during operation.

The compact, cost-efficient converters connect Twisted Pair copper cables and fibre optic cables by means of standard plug connectors (RJ45 and SC types), creating a joint network. On the fibre optic side, the converters provide the ignition protection class “inherently safe optical radiation (op is)”, which allows for the use of conventional fibre optic cables in hazardous areas according to EN 60079-0:2013 and 60079-28. Just like intrinsically safe bus connections, these optical cables can be disconnected and reconnected as required during operation. Even in hazardous areas, fibre optic cables can thus be used for interference-free bridging of distances up to 5 km (multi-mode version) or up to 30 km (single-mode version).

Featuring an elegant, painted stainless steel design, the converters are delivered with mounting clips for space-saving horizontal or upright installation on C-profile DIN rails. This is the default method for zone 2. In zone 1, users can install units in compact flameproof enclosures. Two diagnostic LEDs signal various operating conditions. Measuring merely 80 x 63 x 25 mm and designed to tolerate a wide ambient temperature range of -30°C … +75°C, the media converters can be used in applications with limited installation space and rugged environmental conditions. Moreover, the 9721 series is optimised for use with R. Stahl’s explosion-protected IS1+ Remote I/O system as well as operating and monitoring systems from R. Stahl HMI Systems.

• Stahl products are marketed in Ireland by Douglas Controls & Automation

8 port unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Red Lion Controls has  announced the addition of the N-Tron® series 1008TX unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch to its industrial networking solutions portfolio. The new industrial switch, which offers eight 10/100/1000Base-T(X) ports with support for jumbo frames, features an extended operating temperature and wider power input range than most competitive offerings.

Red Lion’s 1008TX is a plug-and-play, unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet switch housed in a hardened, metal DIN-rail mountable enclosure designed to provide cost-effective, reliable performance in the harshest industrial environments. Ideal for use in mission-critical data acquisition, security and surveillance, control and Ethernet I/O applications, the 1008TX delivers low latency and high bandwidth to industrial networks.

“Faster, high-volume data and video applications are becoming the norm in industrial networking,” said Diane Davis, director of product management, networking at Red Lion Controls. “Users implementing Gigabit Ethernet networks to manage this flow of information will find that our new N-Tron series 1008TX switches cost-effectively deliver reliability and high performance in a rugged, space-saving package.”

1008TX switch features include:

  • Compact design: 4.6”x 1.5” x 4.0” packaging is ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Hardened metal DIN-rail enclosure: built to last in the toughest industrial environments with unmatched tolerance to 50 g shock and 200 g vibration
  • Extended environmental specifications: UL Class I, Div. 2 listing, CE and IEC 1613 compliance and a wide -40° to 85°C temperature range guarantees reliability in extreme locations
  • Redundant power inputs: 10-49 VDC keeps devices online in the event of a power supply failure

Red Lion products are marketed in Ireland by Instrument Technology.

Integrating the PACTware Configuration Software for versatile programming options!

Moore Industries is now a member of PACTware, a consortium dedicated to developing and maintaining manufacturer and fieldbus-independent software for operating field instruments. The company has integrated PACTware into the range of monitoring and configuration options available with the new THZ³ and TDZ³ Dual Input Smart HART Temperature Transmitters.

The THZ³ and TDZ³ transmitters are both HART and DTM (Device Type Manager) programmable. They can be easily programmed and interrogated from anywhere at any time on a 4-20mA loop. This can be done with a standard HART handheld communicator, a HART-compatible host or with any FDT (Field Device Tool)-compliant host or program such as PACTware utilizing Moore Industries’ DTM.

The PACTware software can be downloaded directly from Moore Industries website and can be used with any manufacturer’s DTM. This utility provides comprehensive advanced programming capability for thorough transmitter configuration.

The THZ³ and TDZ³ are the first Moore Industries products to use an FDT-complaint host with a DTM, which lays the foundation for utilizing PACTware with all future smart transmitters. Using an FDT host such as PACTware with a DTM is quickly becoming a worldwide standard as customers search for a universal method of programming, monitoring and diagnosing their field instruments. FDT/DTM technologies eliminate problems caused by vendors having different software programming packages or programming for multiple protocols (such as HART, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA).

• PACTware is a consortium of 24 process control vendors who jointly maintain and distribute the PACTware FDT Frame Application to their end users. Leading industry research group ARC Advisory Group wrote in October 2014 that “the development of PACTware has given a major boost to FDT adoption in automation.” Partnering with PACTware allows Moore Industries to be on the cutting edge of developments in the monitoring and configuration of field instruments and applications.

4…20mA output for VA flowmeters!

With the new option "WIM", a 4...20mA electrical output signal is now available for the Krohne variable area flowmeter VA40. While the flow rate with these glass devices could previously be read only locally, the 4...20mA output option allows for transmission of the measured value for control or evaluation purposes.

With VA40 WIM version, the height of the float is converted into an electrical signal via a Hall sensor chain. This signal can be used for a PLC/DCS, or to record the measured value over a certain period with a data logger. Along with each VA40 WIM, KROHNE supplies the calibration curve, allowing the customer to assign the exact flow value to any current value.

VA40 variable area flowmeters are used for the volume flow measurement of liquids or gases. The glass measuring tube enables visual inspection of the medium to evaluate properties such as gas entrainments or colouring. Typical applications include measurement of flushing, purging or inerting gases, heating and cooling circuits, gas measurement in industrial furnaces, or other basic applications in machine building and process industries, where this purely mechanical measuring principle has proven itself for almost 100 years.

All connection variants of the VA40 are also available with the WIM option. With the robust stainless steel taps, the maintenance-free device is mounted directly into the pipeline using flange, screw, clamp or hose connections. An installation in hazardous areas according to ATEX II2G Ex ia IIC T6 Gb and ATEX II2D Ex ia IIIC T85°C Db is possible. Retrofitting the WIM option to existing devices is not possible.

• Krohne products are marketed through DWN in Ireland.

Lab scientist wins!

Visitors to the SEAL Analytical stand at WWEM 2014 were entered into a competition to win an iPad mini, and SEAL has announced that the lucky winner is Chris Bevan, an assistant scientist at Anglian Water’s wastewater laboratory near Huntingdon.

The presentation!
Presenting Chris with his prize, SEAL’s Natalie Barton said: “WWEM 2014 was a highly successful event for us, providing an ideal opportunity to launch the new AQ400 automated discrete analyser.

“A broad spectrum of visitors entered the competition and we were delighted when Chris won, because Anglian Water has been a longstanding customer of ours.”

Natalie presented the prize during a routine service visit to the Huntingdon lab during which she serviced three SEAL AQ2 Discrete Analysers. These analysers were installed in May 2014 and now run around 300 samples per day for ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, chlorine and reactive phosphate.

Anglian Water’s wastewater laboratory handles samples from a large area in the east of England, stretching from Grimsby to Basildon and from Daventry to Great Yarmouth, providing data for both regulatory and process control purposes.

Chris Bevan has worked in the Anglian Water laboratory for over 9 years. During this time, he has operated an older discrete analyser model, the AQUA. Commenting on the advantages of the new AQ2 systems, Chris says: “These instruments are more automated than the AQUA, and require significantly less time to operate. As a result, around 75% of the workload is in progress by 11am which frees me to work elsewhere in the lab – on BOD, TSS, COD and FOG for example.

“Following a suggestion from SEAL, we are currently looking at dedicating one of the AQ2’s to ammonium. In doing so, we will fit a 100 position sample wheel to cope with the higher capacity needed.”

Belgian manufacture joins partnership network!

eWON has recently been named an EncompassTM Americas Product Partner in the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork™ program; the company was previously a member of the Encompass European Partner Network. Through Encompass Product Partners, customers can quickly locate complementary products that best solve application challenges.

These products are critical components or connectivity solutions that extend and enhance Rockwell Automation installations. As an Encompass Partner, eWON offers a unique solution to remote access of automation equipment. With eWON, machine builders and systems integrators can access machine PLCs and HMIs and troubleshoot them from the comfort of the office, avoiding the majority of costly on-site visits.

Easy, quick and seamless are all words customers use to describe eWON’s remote connectivity to field based automation products. Using a unique security system which avoids issues with firewalls and eliminates the need to modify VPN systems, eWON helps OEMs, machine builders, and systems integrators to remotely access programmable controllers, drives, motion systems and HMIs without the normal hassles. “The eWON solution is very successful because customers enjoy the easy configuration as well as the secure VPN Talk2M Free service” says Dominique Blanc, General Manager eWON North America.

• eWON is a Belgian manufacturer of industrial routers and the designer of Talk2M, an innovative cloud-based remote access service. Since 2001, eWON has become a leading player in the market for intelligent internet-based remote access routers, and works with manufacturers of PLCs and automation systems throughout the world.

Ultrafast 2D metrology system gives the French subcontractor a leading edge.

Located in the town of Marignier, in south-eastern France, DBC specialises in precision machining and screw machining. A few months ago it was one of the first companies to acquire Keyence's IM-6500 image dimension measurement system.

"The system is very simple to use and our entire production team knows how to use it for in-process part inspection. Before acquiring the IM Series, it took as long as ten minutes to obtain measurements. Now, you simply press a button and you get measurements five seconds later. We try to maximise the number of inspections we do. Around 300 programmes are inspected with the IM-6500 on 3500 different types of part," says for Quality Director David Firinu.

"It enhances the quality of our process and products in two ways – it allows us to inspect more dimensions much more frequently, and it eliminates variations caused by operators or measurement conditions," adds Mr Firinu.

Before acquiring the IM-6500, DBC used to perform the same measurements using instruments such as a profile projector or a micrometer.

The IM-6500 Series is a new type of measuring instrument. More than just a profile projector, a measurement microscope or an automated CNC measuring system, the IM-6500 Series image dimension measurement system is a new tool that obtains reliable measurements in a minimum amount of time. Simply place a target on the stage and press the button. Up to 99 points are measured in a matter of seconds with 0.5-micron accuracy. The IM-6500 eliminates tedious positioning of targets and the risk of measurements being affected by variations in operator skill levels. When edges are extracted manually with the naked eye, discrepancies between operators or due to differences in skill levels are virtually impossible to avoid. Furthermore, the longer the travel length of the XY stage, the greater the number of vibration-induced errors.

Measurements are performed automatically. The Intelligent Pattern Analysis Search System (iPASS) determines the position and orientation of targets by comparing their shapes against those of recorded targets. Anything can be measured, from inside diameters, circular pitches and angles to the most complex dimensions.

With an accuracy of one-hundredth of a pixel, Keyence's proprietary sub-pixel processing system detects edge positions more accurately than conventional vision systems. The IM-6500 Series offers a resolution of 6.6 million pixels, allowing repeatability of 1 micron and accuracy of between 2 and 5 microns.

DBC's strategy is to differentiate itself from its competitors, particularly subcontractors based in low-cost countries, through its service, its quality and the technical excellence of its products. "The IM-6500 allows us to produce complex parts and guarantees that we can check all their dimensions quickly," says Mr Firinu.

DBC's quality department is supported by a fully computerised and quality logistics system. Backed by its extensive inspection methods, DBC aims for zero defects and focuses on quality as a way to differentiate itself from its competitors. The company has been ISO/TS 16949 certified since 2006. DBC produces short-, medium- and long-run parts (from 100 to 10 million parts) from any type of metal or plastic for the connector, automotive, aerospace, medical and other sectors. DBC also assembles finished and semi-finished products.

New leader to focus on #Power, Pulp and Paper Industries!

Maverick Technologies has hired Bud Blankenship to fill the role of Industry Manager for Power, Pulp and Paper. In this capacity, he will oversee the company’s efforts to develop and fulfill client relationships and projects in these critical industries.

Bud Blankensop
Blankenship brings more than 40 years of experience in operations management, business development and project management related to automation in the U.S. and internationally.

“My career has spanned several decades, a great portion of which was as a client and the other providing automation engineering solutions to a variety of industries. Having experienced both sides of this industry, I am very excited to have the opportunity to join this world class organization with one-of-a-kind solution delivery capabilities and a client focus rarely seen anywhere,” said Blankenship.

Prior to joining Maverick, Blankenship served as manager of business development for Mustang Automation and Control. That stint followed more than 20 years as the manager of refinery process operations for Ashland Oil, the director of refining at Litwin Engineering, and the global refinery management for ABB.

“I’m proud to have Bud as a part of our world class team,” commented Paul Galeski, Founder and CEO of Maverick Technologies. “We help Our customers keep their plants running better on an ongoing basis, often enterprise wide, long after individual projects are completed. Providing this kind of service requires an effective leader to maintain and enhance these long-term relationships. I know Bud will excel in this role, and our customers will benefit greatly from having him as a trusted resource.”

Bill Stewart, Maverick Vice President of Operations added, “Bud knows what customers want because he’s been there himself. All his experience has been building to this new position, where he’ll provide a critical combination of technical knowledge with a strong service mindset.”

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Acquisition for clearer vision in Denmark! #PAuto

Stemmer Imaging in Denmark has purchased Image House A/S – the leading supplier of vision solutions and vision components in Denmark. The acquisition becomes effective from the 1st of April 2015. Being Europe’s largest machine vision technology provider, Stemmer is represented in 11 countries with local offices, covering 19 sales regions.

Image House A/S is amongst the most well established companies within the European business of industrial video inspection, also called machine vision. The company is located in Copenhagen, (DK), and has been reselling components and industrial vision systems in that country for 29 years. Prior to this acquisition, Stemmer and Image House have successfully collaborated for many years as Image House distributes Stemmer’s components.

Effective from the 1st of April 2015 Stemmer Denmark acquires 100 percent of Image House A/S. Hans Steenberg, the founder of Image House A/S, will oversee the transfer to Stemmer: He stays with the company as Managing Director until the 31st of March 2015. After that he will still be available as a resource when needed. From the 1st of April 2015, Stemmer in Denmark will be managed by Managing Director Peter Trollsås.

Current Image House Marketing Manager Annette Runge will continue in the new organisation as Office Manager and will onwards be responsible for the daily administration of the Danish office. Karsten Nielsen, currently responsible for the Stemmer sales office in Denmark continues as Sales Manager for component sales within the new organization. He shares the role as Sales Manager with Image House Sales Manager Mick Pelby, who will be responsible for solution sales. Both are carrying many years of experience which will now be united within the new organization.

"The acquisition of Image House A/S by Stemmer has been under consideration for some time. It is an expected and natural move for Stemmer after the acquisition of the similar company Parameter AB in Sweden", says Hans Steenberg. "The employees of Image House A/S will find a new home in a bigger organization with the world´s largest portfolio of imaging products and services. Our customers will benefit from Stemmer’s larger product range, high stock level and superior level of competence which is now combined with the Image House high standards providing turn-key vision solutions for end users, OEM’s and integrators. Image House Holding A/S will concentrate its focus on the remaining affiliates in the group including IHFood A/S, Image House PantoInspect A/S and IHPostal A/S.”

According to Christof Zollitsch, Managing Director of the Stemmer head office, the Danish machine vision market is an interesting one with good growing perspectives: “We already had invested in spreading our sales territory in northern Europe with the acquisition of the Swedish company Parameter AB in 2014 who had a small sales team in Denmark. Adding the machine vision expertise and the deep local Danish market know-how of the Image House experts will dramatically increase our presence and service offering in that country. In the new setup, Stemmer will be able to provide its unique product portfolio and service range to Danish machine vision users. This will support Danish users of machine vision technology to raise their competitive advantage.”

Stemmer started its European activities in 2004 with the integration of a British company and the establishment of a subsidiary in Switzerland. Expansions in France and Benelux followed in 2005 and 2012. In 2014, Stemmer acquired Parameter AB and opened offices in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Stemmer now serves 19 European countries. More than 220 employees provide reliable customer service in all areas related to imaging and machine vision.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ending connection nightmare!

Identify any cable or component

All installation professionals know what a nightmare unidentified cables & components can be. Professional identification labels take away this frustration and increase job efficiency. With a Brady Portable Printer any label may be printed on-site in mere seconds, even die-cut and custom labels.A flexible wire identification solution

Wrap around labels in multiple colours equipped with a quality adhesive are the most popular solution to professionally identify cables and wires. The identifying text or code can be printed multiple times on each label, enabling 360° information visibility. Very often self-laminating wrap around labels are used for extra durability and legibility. Brady offers self-laminating labels and wrap arounds in great colour variety, both die-cut and on continuous rolls, all of them printable on location with a Brady Mobile Printer.

Relocatable identification
Sleeves are a relocatable identification solution with strong durability and staying power. Slide them over a cable before termination. After cable termination, slide the sleeves into position and heat shrink to fix them into place. Any Brady Mobile Printer can print a selection of quality sleeves in various colours that are halogen-free, diesel resistant or high temperature resistant to suit specific requirements and standards.

Don´t forget the components!
Brady also provides on-site printable identification solutions for components, like the Engraved Plate Replacement Label, which is made out of polyethylene foam and laminated polyester. It offers a raised profile similar to an engraved plate, but at a much lower cost and greatly increased flexibility.

On-site and on demand
There are many ways to source the identification solutions needed, but the most flexible way is to print the labels on-site and on demand. Modern portable label printers, such as the BMPTM21-PLUS and BMPTM41 Label Printer, or the BMPTM51 and BMPTM53 Label Maker, auto-calibrate so their entire versatile label range can be easily called on, including continuous labels and die-cuts, to identify any cable or component with great ease.

Larger mobile printers, like the BMPTM71, even print custom labels and a great variety of sleeves, wrap arounds, flags, tags and component labels for maximum flexibility.

With a quality Brady printer and a few cartridges of favourite durable identification solutions, identifying cables and components is easy and prepares the installation for fast future upgrades or maintenance.

Reference shaker!

The new portable reference shaker from Kistler has selectable frequency and amplitude vibration combined with battery operation to allow the sensitivity of accelerometers to be verified and calibrated with equal precision in the field and the laboratory.

The compact shaker provides an accurate, controlled vibration level to verify the sensitivity of vibration sensors or a complete measuring system. The internal control and excitation system provides a series of seven precise, selectable frequencies, while a closed-loop control maintains the selected amplitude independent of the mass of the test article. Front panel indicators show the selected frequency and amplitude and battery condition. Should the test article exceed the capacity of the shaker, the unit provides an audible and visual warning to the operator.

Measuring only 100mm wide by 100mm deep and 120mm high and weighing 2.2 kg, including the self-contained, rechargeable battery, the shaker is easily carried by one man. The internal battery can power the shaker for up to approximately five hours before needing to be recharged. To protect the battery from accidental discharge, the power is switched off automatically after a period of continuous operation which is operator selectable from 1 to 30 minutes.

The Type 8921B02 shaker has sufficient power to test every type of sensor from the smallest laboratory accelerometer to large industrial sensors. The reference shaker can be used to confirm the sensitivity of acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors. Additionally, it provides a convenient and accurate method of testing the integrity of a vibration measurement system from end-to-end. The unit is rugged to provide years of reliable operation in both factory and laboratory environments.