Thursday, April 17, 2014

State-of-the-art safety upgrade for stainless steel rolling mill!

ABB's new safety PLC has provided the platform for Sandvik Materials Technology to add zoned safety guarding to a large cold rolling mill at its Sandviken plant in Sweden. The mill is a key part of the production line for precision strip steel at the plant.

Sandvik's cold rolling mill has been upgraded a number of times throughout its life - including recent changes that added servomotors, and new machine control using ABB's standard AC500 PLC and touchscreen operator interface panels.

The latest upgrade adds safety PLC modules from ABB's AC500-S PLC to the machine control system to enhance the safety of the 20m-long mill with a networked architecture using the PROFIsafe protocol over PROFINET to provide independent control of six separate safety zones. The zoned arrangement means that parts of the machine can remain operational while an operator gains safe access to some other zone - where safety is assured by disabling power.

Some 50 safety PLC I/O channels are employed to link to gate switch and light curtain guarding, and emergency stop buttons. The I/O also monitors pressure switches to sense that hydraulic power is disabled so that maintenance can take place, and controls power supplies to the motor drives. Safe speed control is another aspect of the safety control provided by the new PLC - to ensure that hands or fingers cannot be trapped between the mill's belt and rollers.

Sandvik chose ABB's AC500-S safety PLC for this application because of good experience of the standard non-safety AC500 PLC architecture on both this machine and other machinery control projects. The AC500-S safety PLC also offered Sandvik the possibility of using floating point numbers, which simplified the safety programming required for this project for tasks such as calculating speed.

The fact that the standard version of the ABB PLC was already used on the mill measurably simplified the safety upgrade. This is because the safety PLC hardware shares the same look and feel as standard AC500 PLCs allowing safety and non-safety functions to be mixed in the same system. This compatibility includes identical dimensions to CPU and I/O modules, and the same mounting and wiring scheme.

The new dual-processor safety CPU module and the safety I/O channels have been integrated alongside the machine's existing AC500 PLC - which controls a total of six DC and AC drives and motors. The DC motors drive the main steel belt and rollers. The AC motors adjust roller position to achieve the desired pressure during strip steel processing. The standard PLC also links with four operator interface panels from ABB's CP600 series.

Programming the safety solution was made simple by the fact that ABB's integrated PLC development tool, Automation Builder, included support for safety PLC programming in its CODESYS-based integrated development environment - and support for the PLCopen Safety Library. ABB also provided its own safety code analyzer tool, SCA, which verifies the safety programming rules.

The familiarity of the programming environment and the sophistication of these tools helped Sandvik's developers to quickly understand safety PLC programming concepts. This allowed them to develop the enhanced machine safety architecture in a very short time - meeting the company's tight timescales set for this upgrade project - and quickly bring the enhanced mill into operation.

This project also took place before ABB had actually launched the AC500-S safety PLC. Prior to commercial release, the new PLC was extensively field tested in a large number of pilot applications. Sandvik was one of ABB's pilot customers and developed this safety control system before the product and tools were formally launched. This was made possible by good support from ABB's product development team. Since this application, Sandvik has gone on to use the safety PLC on three other machine refurbishment projects.

"We were very pleased to find such an easy-to-apply solution for adding state-of-the-art protection, in the form of the ABB's safety PLC - which integrated directly with the machine's existing PLC," says Torbjörn Pettersson, an engineering development specialist with Sandvik Materials Technology.

"The fact that ABB could supply the spectrum of machine control components required for this project, from the non-safety and safety variants of the PLC, to the operator panels, motor drives, contactors and safety hardware, both simplified and speeded this upgrade," says Jonas Rehnberg of ABB Sweden. "The modularity of the new safety solution also means that it is now very easy to upgrade or modify safety functionality in the future, to enhance the safety of the mill even further, or to integrate additional aspects of the production process."

The safety PLC - the AC500-S - is a recent addition to ABB's well-known AC500 PLC range and features a dual processor architecture that complies with SIL3 (IEC 61508:2010 and IEC 62061)/PL e (ISO 13849-1) functional safety levels. The integrated AC500-S safety PLC can run even if the non-safety PLC is stopped for maintenance. This means that personnel can still easily move within the machine during the maintenance phase, because the safety PLC will continue monitoring the state of the machine's safety sensors and executing its safety function.

Basic pressure sensors

Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors, Compensated, Unamplified, TBP Series have just been announced by Honeywell. These new sensors are designed for customers who require a simple, high quality, cost-effective, basic performance, mV output sensor that is compensated and unamplified so they can do their own amplification while retaining maximum resolution.

“The new TBP Series are designed to be flexible to meet the varying needs of our customers,” said Jacqueline Leff, senior product marketing manager. “Their small size and numerous package options simplify placement on crowded PC boards, a wide pressure range allows for use in applications requiring higher pressures, and their low current consumption allows for use in battery applications.  Additionally, customers can count on a fast response for quotes and samples, and a supply chain that is available throughout their development cycle.”   

The TBP Series, used to measure gauge pressures, may potentially be used in medical applications including hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, wound therapy and blood pressure monitoring, and industrial applications such as HVAC transmitters, air movement control, environmental control, leak detection, pneumatic controls and other commercial applications.

Gauge pressure sensors are referenced to atmospheric pressure and provide an output proportional to pressure variations from atmosphere. They are intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic gases, such as air and other dry gases, and for non-corrosive, non-ionic liquids when the silicone gel coating option is selected.  The TBP Series are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 and are ROHS compliant.

The TBP Series Basic Board Mount Pressure Sensors offer a wide pressure range (1 psi to 150 psi, 60 mbar to 10 bar, 6 kPa to 1 MPa) and an operating temperature range from -40 °C to 125 °C (-40 °F to 257 °F) and a 0 °C to 85 °C compensated temperature range.  Their size of 7 mm x 7 mm (0.276 in x 0.276 in) is very small when compared to most board mount pressure sensors, simplifying installation.  The TBP Series have an unlimited shelf life after the packaging is opened, can be calibrated within one hour after reflow solder, and are compatible with modern lead-free, no-clean solder processes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Prototype wireless systems faster, significantly shorten time to results!

National Instruments has announced an integrated software defined radio solution for rapidly prototyping high-performance, multichannel wireless communication systems. The NI USRP RIO platform is built on the NI LabVIEW RIO architecture and combines a high-performance 2 x 2 multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) RF transceiver capable of transmitting and receiving signals from 50 MHz to 6 GHz with an open LabVIEW programmable FPGA architecture.

Wireless engineers can use this technology to rapidly prototype real-time wireless communications systems and test them under real-world conditions. They can also prototype more capable wireless algorithms and systems faster and reduce time to results using the only complete platform to take full advantage of a graphical system design approach. The USRP RIO family delivers high-performance, real-time processing capability with the Xilinx Kintex-7 Series FPGA, low latency with the PCI Express connection to a host computer and small size (1U half wide, 19 in. rack mountable).

USRP RIO is ideal for a wide range of application areas including 5G wireless communications research, active and passive radar development and exploration, communications intelligence, connected smart devices and more. NI USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) is already a popular platform for research spanning industry and academia as it empowers researchers to rapidly iterate on designs via programmable software. For example, a recent Lund University announcement highlights a 5G research application focusing on massive MIMO – a technology being considered for 5G communication.

Mag meter for industrial applications!

Badger Meter has introduced the M1000 electromagnetic flow meter, an addition to its accurate, high-performance ModMAG® M-Series® family. Combining a general purpose detector with an amplifier representing the next generation of electromagnetic flow meter signal processing, the M1000 is available in an easy-to-use, "no frills" package with a streamlined feature set for use in a wide range of industrial applications.

The M1000 electromagnetic flow meter achieves an accuracy rate of ± 0.3 percent and its rugged design ensures exceptional reliability in demanding environments. The meter features a non-intrusive open flow tube that virtually eliminates pressure loss, and with no moving parts to impede the flow stream, maintenance is kept to a minimum – even in less than ideal fluid conditions. The M1000 also offers superior vibration resistance when mounted on vehicles. A wide selection of liner and electrode materials provides maximum fluid compatibility and minimum maintenance over a long operating period.

Brooke Lange, product specialist, Badger Meter, commented, "The M1000 electromagnetic flow meter was specifically developed for industrial water/wastewater, machinery plants, commercial vehicles and batching process applications. Its measuring pipes are lined with material approved for use with drinking water per the NSF-61 standards. Plus, rugged construction and resistance to vibration make the meter ideal for truck-mounted operation for process fluid in the hydraulic fracturing industry."

The M1000 electromagnetic flow meter is available in 1/4…8 inch sizes and has a flow range of 0.03…12 m/s. The meter is best suited for bi-directional flow measurements of fluid > 5 µS/cm (> 20 µS/cm for de-mineralized water). The amplifier includes an LCD display and is housed in a weather-resistant, NEMA 4X (IP66) enclosure, which can be integrally mounted to the detector, or if necessary, mounted remotely for an optional NEMA 6P (IP67) enclosure. The available power supply is 92…275V AC (9…36V DC).

Badger Meter has broadened the M1000 communication connection protocols to include Modbus® RTU, RS232, RS422 and RS485 options. In addition, the meter offers a Data Logging feature kit for advanced analytics.

Wireless transmitter delivers two process variables in a single installation!

The Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable Wireless Pressure Transmitter, is designed to directly measure two process variables in one installation so users can gain greater insight into their process without increasing installation costs.

The more devices there are in a facility, the greater the required cost and time investments for installation, scheduled maintenance and downtime. Now users can simplify installation and maintenance routines with the 3051S MultiVariable Wireless Pressure Transmitter. Because the transmitter measures differential and static pressure, users can reduce pipe penetrations and impulse piping along with their associated costs. The static pressure sensor is available as either true gauge or absolute, which allows for reduced maintenance and calibration costs.

Backed by Emerson’s proven experience in Smart Wireless field instrumentation, users have instant visibility to their measurements through a non-intrusive, WirelessHART® monitoring system. With these wireless transmitters, users can monitor more assets throughout their facilities with greater than 99% reliability and at 40% to 60% cost savings over wired installations.

The Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable Wireless Pressure Transmitter delivers a decade of maintenance-free performance with a 10-year stability specification, making it the most cost effective and reliable way to monitor assets while reducing installation costs.

Distributor appointed for Ireland & Britain!

The new Britain and Ireland distributor for Roxburgh, Deltron Enclosures and Deltron Connectors is Anglia Components . The three brands are manufactured by DEM Manufacturing, one of the best known manufacturers of EMC filters, connectors and enclosures.

From Left to Right, Tom Downing – Product Manager, Deltron; Kerry Higham - Commercial Marketing Manager PEMCO & Lighting, Anglia; Darren Fuller – Sales Manager, Deltron; Diane Kilminster – Marketing Executive, Deltron; Graham Bridger – Marketing Director, Anglia
Darren Fuller, Sales Manager for DEM Manufacturing said, “Anglia offers a unique combination of top class technical support backed by a strong online sales resource. Their Field Applications Engineers have the relationships and expertise to engage in depth with customers, and design in appropriate solutions. These customers can then visit Anglia Live to order samples and obtain detailed availability information.”

He continued, “Anglia has demonstrated its commitment to us by putting in place good levels of stock to service their customers. We are confident that Anglia will be a productive marketing channel for our brands, bringing us new opportunities and taking us to design and purchasing professionals in markets we don’t currently serve.”

Commenting, Graham Bridger, Marketing Director IP&E, of Anglia added, “The DEM name is highly regarded and is synonymous with quality. A single agreement brings Anglia customers three industry leading ranges from a top UK manufacturer:  Roxburgh EMC / RFI filters, Deltron die-cast enclosures, and Deltron Connectors professional audio connectors. These new ranges further fill out Anglia portfolio and broaden the choice we offer to our customers.”

All three brands are being supported by an extensive stock profile held at Anglia’s  warehouse, and available online for same day shipment through Anglia Live. Anglia will be supporting Deltron Enclosures standard range of general aluminium die cast enclosures, IP rated enclosures; IP65 enclosures, IP66 enclosures, IP67 enclosures and IP68 enclosures, and industrial and heavy duty options suitable for harsh environments. It will also offer Deltron Connectors DIN and XLR plugs and sockets, phono and jack plugs, 4mm banana plugs, crocodile clips and a variety of electrical connectors suitable for instrumentation and speaker applications. Roxburgh industrial filters and general EMC filters, including IEC inlet filters, will also be supported with stock.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Fieldbus users event in Britain!

The Fieldbus Foundation UK Marketing Committee (FFUKMC) is finalising its plans for the first of its 2014 schedule of end user events – a FOUNDATION Technology Study Day to be held in Stockport on Tuesday 13 May, 2014.

With a morning session focused on an introduction to FOUNDATION technology, a lunch break with tabletop displays and additional presentations, and an afternoon session offering a more advanced programme, delegates will be able to tailor the day to suit their own requirements. Delegates may choose to attend either the morning or afternoon session or they are welcome to attend both. There is no charge to attend and the lunch and lunchtime sessions are open to all delegates.

The event will be held on Tuesday 13 May at the Emerson Process Management offices, 
Arden Business Centre, Horsfield Way, 
Bredbury, Stockport, 
Cheshire SK6 2SU. 

Delegates are invited to register their names, company, email address and session preferences with the UK Committee email address:
Following registration and coffee, the morning session, from 10.00-12.30, will include an introduction to FOUNDATION technology and solutions, and an insight into the lifecycle economics of the system.

The afternoon session, from 13.30-16.00, will present a more in-depth programme of presentations and practical workshops with a focus on supporting a FOUNDATION installation through asset management; device replacement; calibration and recommended maintenance practices.

All registered attendees are invited to the complimentary lunch during which Fieldbus Foundation member companies will be available to discuss and demonstrate their FOUNDATION products and services.

Also available during the lunch break are update presentations on FOUNDATION for Remote Operations Management (F-ROM) and FOUNDATION for Safety Instrumented Functions (FF-SIF).

New for the Stockport Study Day will be a round table discussion about the ‘Roles and Relationship of IT and Security” which is will be open to all attendees and will offer a forum to debate solution networking and data security issues.

Richard Barnes, chairman of the FFUKMC is looking forward to welcoming current or potential end users, system integrators, EPCs, and all personnel with an interest in FOUNDATION fieldbus systems or a need to gain an understanding of the technology. “The FFUKMC has tried and tested this new approach to its end user seminars – we understand the need for differing levels of information to suit individuals in differing roles within the process automation enterprise. The study day format which we adopted for our recent events in London, Aberdeen and Middlesbrough allows everyone to gain high quality information whether it’s at an introductory level or an advanced level. We’ve also listened to feedback from previous attendees and have introduced new topical elements into the agenda”. He continued, “There will also be several opportunities throughout the day for networking with other users and potential users, as well as industry experts and suppliers of the systems, devices and components that make up a FOUNDATION system.”

Cyber-secure experts become partners!

Ultra Electronics, 3eTI, a leading provider of certified, cyber-secure network solutions for critical information systems, infrastructure and industrial automation, is an ISA Promotional Partner.

Through the partnership, 3eTI and ISA will work together to leverage 3eTI's core cybersecurity capabilities for the benefit of ISA members and customers, providing critical infrastructure protection (CIP) of their industrial networks and industrial control systems (ICS).

3eTI has launched its SecureICS initiative through its well-established work and relationships with the US government and other large organizations. 3eTI and ISA will soon issue a series of reports addressing the current need for enhanced operational security of ICS to mitigate industrial cyber vulnerabilities and attack vectors, and to provide defense-in-depth ICS cybersecurity. 3eTI’s security specialists and executives will also share their findings on security topics in a blog to be launched this summer.

The partnership enables:
  • 3eTI and ISA to work together in providing ISA members and customers with access to 3eTI’s vast cybersecurity resources, including publications, case studies, seminars, consultation and more.
  • The presentation of 3eTI cybersecurity seminars, which will be provided free of charge to ISA’s worldwide members and customers.
  • 3eTI, as a thought leader in ICS cybersecurity, to explore new avenues and campaigns to improve understanding of industrial cybersecurity among ISA members and customers.
  • 3eTI to sponsor and present at upcoming ISA technical symposia and events, including 57th Annual ISA POWID Symposium, 2014 Water/Wastewater and Automation Controls Symposium  and 2014 Process Control and Safety Symposium.
For more than 20 years, 3eTI has assisted the US military in improving the security of its critical networks with proven and reliable cybersecurity products and services for industrial networks and systems. The company offers certified security solutions tailored to critical infrastructure, from analysis and protection systems extending from the enterprise to the PLC to embedded controllers and other devices. Its tools and products interoperate with existing control systems for true fail-safe security.

“As a global leader in developing security standards for industrial automation and control systems—and having played an essential role in the development of the US Cybersecurity Framework—ISA is on the frontline of protecting global industry and infrastructure from the serious risks posed by cyberattack,” says Jennifer Infantino, ISA's Manager of Marketing, Communications, and Corporate Partnerships. “By partnering with 3eTI, one of the industry's proven leaders in highly secure communications networks for the military and government markets worldwide, we can bring added marketplace visibility to this urgent challenge and provide our members and customers access to a broader, integrated set of industrial cybersecurity solutions.”

“3eTI’s mission is to help protect industrial systems from increasing risks due to a rise in published vulnerabilities, wider connectivity, and adoption of open standards that can expose networks and critical edge devices to serious exploits," said Benga Erinle, President of Ultra Electronics, 3eTI. "We are very excited about this promotional partnership and look forward to educating the ISA community through our SecureICS initiative and the importance of implementing risk-based, end-to-end security for future operational growth.”

The ISA Corporate Partnerships Program offers companies a customized, tailored approach to sponsorship within the organization. Partnership packages include year-round promotion, prominent association-wide access and recognition, and turnkey service from a dedicated team of professionals. Companies can bundle ISA products and services with marketing opportunities, providing a more streamlined approach to corporate sponsorship. For more information about ISA’s Corporate Partnerships Program, visit the partner section of the ISA website.

Compact weighing module for peripheral systems!

Fast, accurate measurements of weights and forces

The new Siwarex WP321 from Siemens is a compact, versatile weighing module for the distributed I/O Simatic ET 200SP. With its freely configurable design, Siwarex WP321 is ideally suited for platform scales, for filling level measurement in storage silos and bunkers and also for weighing tasks in potentially explosive areas up to zone 2.

With its compact design and flexible scope for application, Siwarex WP321 provides a high-speed, accurate solution for measuring weights and forces, with a resolution of up to +/- two million parts and a measuring rate of ten milliseconds.

The narrow module width of just 15 millimeters permits flexible, individual weighing applications within even the smallest of spaces. Customer and industry-specific solutions for weighing processes are quickly and simply implemented with the aid of the project engineering package and the “ready-for-use” application. This allows the scale parameters to be simply accessed and edited using a special function module from the CPU. Using the Siwatool software, the scale is parameterized and commissioned directly on site. Three freely definable limit values provide additional process reliability in application. Back-up files can be created by the user, simplifying the exchange of modules for repairs or servicing, and simultaneously enhancing plant availability.

Portable water analysis!

Portable parameter diversity and spectral accuracy

Hach Lange has developed a new generation device for portable water analysis – the DR 1900 Spectrophotometer.

The robust and waterproof entry level model in the tried and tested cuvette test system  delivers officially recognised results in just a few work steps and is ideal for use anywhere thanks to its lightweight design and its battery operation.

The DR 1900 offers the full spectrum of methods in the 340–800nm wavelength range and can be used with all common cuvette sizes, making it suitable for all waste water, drinking water, surface water and industrial water measurements.
Users can access over 200 predefined methods and up to 50 self-programmable applications.

Further highlights of the DR 1900 include its simple and intuitive operation, compact dimensions and lightweight design. Optional accessories such as a power supply, mini USB module and an outdoor rucksack make the DR 1900 the ideal solution for routine analysis tasks both on site and in the laboratory

Oil Transloading metering for Truck/Railcar unloading/loading!

Yokogawa has released a panel packaged solution for metering truck/railcar unloading and loading based on the FCN-RTU (Remote terminal unit) low-power autonomous controller of the STARDOM™ network-based control system. This new packaged solution has been developed to meet the requirements of our customers in the high-growth upstream oil & gas industries and complies with API MPMS 11.1, 11.4, 20.1, and ERCB Directive 17 guidelines.

Development Background
With the rapid advance in oil and gas well drilling over the past few years, pipelines have not kept pace with new drilling sites.  Many wells rely on truck and railcar transport to get the oil to refineries and distribution centers.  With this increase in demand, customers reported that they were having the following issues with supplied components for their transloading and custody transfer solutions:
  •  Unreliable (PC-based) HMI
  •  High failure rate of motor/valve contactor
  •  Long delivery times of 8 - 12+ weeks
  •  Difficult to support vendor supplied components
  •  Unreliable water cut
  •  Salinity out of range of calculation
  •  Unreliable net oil readings due to entrained gas
  •  Too high power consumption for remotely located panels requiring solar power
  •  Too narrow range of density to meet new crude oil well needs

Yokogawa Corporation of America carefully examined the customers’ needs and designed a low-power, reliable solution that meets industry needs.

Yokogawa’s approach packages a 4σ reliability net oil computer with a standard panel containing all the components needed to bring in flow, temperature, pressure, valve, and permissive IO to create a net oil metering solution for trucks, tanks, and railcars.  This reduces the delivery time to 6 weeks or better and delivers a pre-configured package where parameter can be easily re-configured instead of requiring full engineering and programming at the site.

Product Features
1. Fully pre-packaged, pre-configured net oil computer solution
  • Pre-configured for four different types of coriolis and water cut meters
  • Configurable for up to four different salinity / brine density calculation methods
  • Supports 1 year of data logging for each transaction
  • Supports e-tickets/logs and paper printed tickets

2. Improved operating ranges
  • Temperatures  ranging from −20°C to +70°C. These enhanced components are thus well suited for use in the very cold or hot weather conditions that can be encountered at oil and gas drilling sites
  • 0% to 16%+ salinity 
  • Supports stand-alone and networked database and logging solution
  • Low power consumption by net oil computer (as low as 1.6W )
  • Covers full range of fluids governed within the API MPMS 11.1 standard:
    * Crude oil and refined products (610.6 to 1163.5 kg/m3 @60°F) OR (611.16 to 1163.79 kg/m3 @15°C)
    * Lubricating oil (800.9 to 1163.5 kg/m3 @60°F) OR (801.25 to 1163.85 @15°C)
3. Liquid (Currently North America only) and gas flow meter net oil corrections accurate to within 1%.

STARDOM supports both liquid and gas calculations that are compliant with API MPMS standards

Major Target Markets
 - Widely distributed facilities such as those used in oil and gas well and water and wastewater applications
 - Oil wells, tank batteries, custody transfer stations, transloading transfer skids, on trucks, at railcar loading and distribution centers
 - Water disposal wells and treatment centers

Powerful solution for hydraulic applications!

The PBM4 pressure transmitter from Baumer rounds out its portfolio for hydraulic applications and also offers an attractively priced solution for hydraulic applications. The PBM4 has a multitude of uses in manufacturing plant automation or vehicle and machinery production.

This compact, robust pressure transmitter also displays its strengths in harsh environments, in limited spaces and mobile hydraulics. The different versions have a multitude of uses in hydraulic brake and drive systems between 25 and 1000 bar. The PBM4 handles high oil and ambient temperatures and large temperature fluctuations.

The thin film measuring cell is welded directly to the process connection. A separate seal is therefore unnecessary, giving the PBM4 extremely high resistance, with up to double overpressure and ten times greater bursting pressure in the common measuring ranges. An optional damping element is available. High EMC, impact and vibration protection and a IP67 protection rating round out the reliable features of the PBM4.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Connector solutions for medical electronics systems!

A wide range of connectors suitable for use in diagnostic, treatment and wearable medical device technologies is offered by Intelliconnect (Europe).

The versatility of Intelliconnect products in medical systems is demonstrated by the wide range of applications already supplied. These include connectors for RF cancer treatment, radiation dosimeters and detectors, bio-medical test equipment and bionics.

Intelliconnect also manufacture micro-miniature waterproof coaxial connectors for use in cochlear ear implants. This very demanding application requires a rugged and reliable quick-disconnect waterproof connector capable of making several thousand disconnects during its product lifetime. The Intelliconnect design meets IP68, is comfortable to wear close to the skin and may be used in normal domestic environments including swimming pools, showers, baths and high humidity environments such as saunas, steam rooms etc.

In addition to standard coaxial and triaxial types, Intelliconnect provide a fast turnaround custom design service for non-standard medical connector requirements. With no NRE costs to customers and low minimum order quantities, Intelliconnect custom designed medical connectors offer an ideal solution for specialised medical products.

Roy Phillips, Managing Director of Intelliconnect, comments; "Increasing use of wearable medical electronics such as cochlear ear implants and monitoring equipment and the growth of RF treatments continues to provide us with new design-in opportunities. Our wide range of standard products and ability to produce custom connectors cost effectively and quickly, typically in just seven weeks from confirmation of design, ensures our customers can a get no-compromise connector solution at a very competitive price.”

Standard products available from Intelliconnect suitable for medical applications include the TRB and TRT triaxial connector series designed primarily to reduce noise levels in systems while providing an isolated ground. The TRB series has a bayonet locking mechanism as designed on the BNC series while the TRT series has a 7/16-28 thread coupling mechanism as designed on the TNC series. Both the TRB and TRT series are non-constant impedance and incorporate a third conductor. These two products feature a state of the art clamping construction and weatherproof sealing features which ensure excellent termination to various twinaxial and triaxial cables.

The waterproof ABMS micro miniature size connector series is similar to, and offers the same weight and space benefits of, the standard MCX connector series. The ABMS connector is a more rugged design, rated to 3000 mating cycles and waterproof to IP68. This connector series offers a quick snap-on locking mechanism and is used with small, semi-rigid and flexible cables. These connectors can also accommodate various PCB, surface, edge, press fit and bulkhead mounting configurations.

Al Intelliconnect RF connectors are designed in accordance with US MIL-STD-348 and US MIL-PRF and have an operating temperature range of -65°C to +165°C and the ABMS series is waterproof to IP67/68.

Space saving dual USB socket

The Unique Dual USB2 connector, from Cliff Electronics, provides two fully USB compliant sockets in a panel space-saving single XLR receptacle. USB connection to audio, broadcast, AV (audio-visual) products, instrumentation and industrial equipment is becoming more common as digital signal and control options increase and more information needs to be transferred between portable equipment, smart phones, tablets etc. which can also be charged while connected.

The two USB2 sockets provide isolated and independent output connection to two rows of 5 x 2.54mm (0.1”) pitch signal output pins configured to facilitate either direct soldered PCB mounting or connection by header cable. Cliff Electronics are happy to provide customers with standard or custom designed header cables to meet individual system requirements.

The XLR connector style body shell was selected as it is widely used in the audio/broadcast industries, is an industry standard panel cut-out and offers maximum panel mounting density to system designers.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “We have been supplying professional connectors into the music and audio industries for around 50 years. Our new Dual USB Socket is the first in product from our new development programme which will include a series of USB, Ethernet and other data connectors, primarily in XLR and other industry standard shells. We welcome enquiries for customised data signal connector variants to suit end users applications.”

Cliff Electronics are market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of connectors and leads for a wide range of markets and supply major international OEMs. As a UK manufacturer Cliff are able to respond quickly to customer’s needs for both standard products and custom designs. Cliff manufactures audio, optical and power connectors and accessories, general industrial connectors, foot pedals, lighting connectors, terminal posts and connection blocks, motors, fans and assembly aids. Cliff can also provide a wide range of leads including test and instrumentation, audio, instrument and power.

Mobile radio modem for small control systems!

The new MD720 mobile radio modem with GSM/GPRS capability from the Siemens Industry Sector integrates Simatic S7-200 controllers into telecontrol solutions for industrial plants. This allows Simatic S7 stations to be linked by radio using a remote service or remote control system to other stations in a network or to a central control room.

The MD720 is a

GSM/GPRS mobile radio
 modem with RS232 interface, 
supporting data rates of up to
54 kbit/s (downlink) &
 up to 42 kbit/s (uplink)
Its quad-band technology makes the new MD720 modem suitable for international IP-based communication using GPRS. Encrypted data transmission takes place together with additional measures by the provider to provide a secure connection across public networks. Optimized communication using an efficient telegram structure keeps the operating costs of even permanent wireless online connections at a minimum.

Parameterisation takes place using PLC software blocks (Library as Part of Telecontrol Server Basic) of the Micro/ Win programming tool for Simatic S7-200 or via the AT standard command interface for modems.

Typical fields of application for the MD720 model, which is compatible with the predecessor product Sinaut MD720-3, include simple remote control tasks such as monitoring of pump stations, automatic machines or billboards, as well as link-up to automated mobile users such as rail or specialpurpose vehicles or complex construction machinery.

Bulk storage tank relief valve for propane tank applications!

Emerson Process Management has released the new Fisher Type 63EGLP Bulk Storage Tank Relief Valve, typically used on 100,000 litre (30,000 gallon) and larger propane tank applications. The Type 63EGLP offers multiple benefits over traditional multiport relief valves, including a 40% increase in relief capacity, a 20% weight reduction for easier installation, and reduced maintenance costs. The UL-certified relief valve is approved for bulk propane storage relief installations compliant with NFPA 58.

The Type 63EGLP achieves significantly greater relief capacity than a traditional multiport relief by incorporating a highly accurate pilot controlling valve. This pilot controlling valve has been used for decades in petrochemical and natural gas applications and has proven to be both accurate and highly reliable. The 40% capacity increase translates into significant savings for tanks of 300,000 litres (90,000 gallons) or larger, requiring only two Fisher Type 63EGLP's versus three traditional multiport relief valves. Installation is simplified due to a 20% reduction in weight and a reduction in overall size in comparison to multiport relief valves, along with an included lifting sling.

The Type 63EGLP’s unique dual-pilot design provides high accuracy relief and the ability to service one pilot while the other pilot controls the relief valve for uninterrupted relief protection, helping to minimise maintenance time and costs.

With an increased capacity, ease of installation, reduced maintenance costs, and a history of decades of accurate, dependable service in the petrochemical industry, the 63EGLP provides great value to the propane industry.