Friday, November 8, 2013

Complete control of critical operations!

The next generation Terminal Manager server software built on the Experion® platform, offering full integration of fire and gas, closed circuit television (CCTV), access control, Digital Video Manager and Enterprise Building Integrator systems. Terminal Manager R620 includes the industry’s first configurable workflows for faster set up, setting a new standard in terminal integration.

“This release marks a major advance in terminal automation for an integrated solution built around a standard platform that also improves safety and security,” said Richard Thompson, general manager of Honeywell Enraf.

Incorporating more than six decades of experience providing solutions for terminal operators, Honeywell Enraf’s Terminal Manager is a web-based solution for managing the entire operation in bulk terminals. Built on Microsoft® Windows, it is used to monitor and control all critical processes from receipt to dispatch. Interfacing with enterprise resource planning (ERP), access control, loading and unloading, workflow management, inventory management, product reconciliation and documentation systems, it improves control in real time.

“Tighter integration means better control of security, safety, inventory management, reconciliation, order management and workflows. Ultimately, it means operators are more likely to achieve their business goals,” said Thompson.

The configurable workflows and a modular approach in the latest release of Terminal Manager significantly reduce the time needed to build the system by minimizing or eliminating the need for customization to specific operations.

It enables users to quickly set up the software to give a broad overview and in depth control of key parameters such as product availability and movement, tank status, alarms, orders, shipments, shifts, loading bay availability, entries and exits.

Honeywell Enraf’s next generation Terminal Manager R620 is suitable for all bulk terminals and is compliant with the latest Experion PKS SCADA for medium and large size terminals and with Experion HS for smaller terminals.

Miniature rapid-connection SMD PCB

Harting has introduced a 2.54 mm pitch version of its har-flexicon® miniature rapid-connection system for printed-circuit boards incorporating surface-mount devices.

har-flexicon® is tailored to the market demand for screwless rapid termination technology and economical processing for miniature electronic assemblies. It is designed to be compatible with SMT and reflow soldering processes as well as with automatic loading systems using pick-and-place technology.

The new system, incorporating SMD PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54-mm spacing, enables the flexible, field-installable rapid connection of individual wires with push-in spring-force termination technology as well as providing a stable basis for surface mount connectivity.

Rigid and flexible conductors are available with cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.5 mm². Straight and angled components with 2-12 positions are available for the PCB. For cross-sections up to 2.5 mm², reflow products with push-in spring force termination technology with a pitch of 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm are available as PCB terminals and PCB connectors.HARTING has introduced a 2.54 mm pitch version of its har-flexicon® miniature rapid-connection system for printed-circuit boards incorporating surface-mount devices.

har-flexicon® is tailored to the market demand for screwless rapid termination technology and economical processing for miniature electronic assemblies. It is designed to be compatible with SMT and reflow soldering processes as well as with automatic loading systems using pick-and-place technology.

The new system, incorporating SMD PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54-mm spacing, enables the flexible, field-installable rapid connection of individual wires with push-in spring-force termination technology as well as providing a stable basis for surface mount connectivity.

Rigid and flexible conductors are available with cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.5 mm². Straight and angled components with 2-12 positions are available for the PCB. For cross-sections up to 2.5 mm², reflow products with push-in spring force termination technology with a pitch of 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm are available as PCB terminals and PCB connectors.®

Collegiate-level competition in Robotics

National Instruments and World Robot Olympiad (WRO) announced a collegiate-level competition to inspire innovation among students around the world. The pilot for the competition will take place at this year’s WRO world championship held in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 15 to 17. Since the robotics competition was founded in 2004, it has used NI technology via LEGO® MINDSTORMS® and now opens a new level of competition to give students an advanced programming option using the same software as professional engineers in virtually every industry. 

LEGO Mindstorms
“NI shares our belief that the best way to inspire students to pursue careers in science and engineering is to encourage them with fun, hands-on experiences,” said Johnson Jan, WRO Chairman of the Board. “The new collegiate-level competition at WRO engages students using real-world robotics platforms powered by LabVIEW to teach engineering fundamentals and creative problem solving skills.” 

NI, a WRO sponsor, worked with the organisation to develop an advanced pilot competition based on NI LabVIEW system design software for students age 17 and up. The Mars Colony-themed competition is a pilot in 2013 and becomes an official part of the global competition in 2014, when it opens to all WRO member countries. Approximately 100 collegiate-level teams participated in this pilot and teams from 15 countries will advance to the final competition in Jakarta. This collaboration builds on the previous NI partnership with WRO. In 2012, NI was a global sponsor of WRO and supported regional teams and events in Costa Rica, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria and Singapore. 

More news from Boston this time in fine arts!

People in Conamara, where Read-out resides, have been full of the news of the election of the new Mayor in Boston, both of whose parents came from the area. Here we have another story from that historic city.

The conservators at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (MFA) and the application engineering team at Headwall Photonics collaborated on a hyperspectral project to analyse some of the world's most treasured paintings, artifacts, and documents.  

Utilising Headwall's large-format Hyperspec Scanning System which is specifically designed for museums and libraries, artwork and antiquities were scanned with Hyperspec sensors for both the VNIR (Visible - Near-Infrared) and SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) spectral ranges. The benefit of using dual sensors is that a particular artifact or document can be thoroughly scanned across the VNIR and SWIR range, yielding a wealth of valuable and never-before-seen spectral information relative to pigments, inks, materials, and features. Classifying this spectral data gives collection-care experts around the world new insight into the valuable assets they manage.

Matthew Siegal, Chair of Conservation and Collections Management at the Boston's MFA, indicated that "hyperspectral collaboration with Headwall yielded a wealth of information; additionally, the research team jointly worked to establish the necessary work procedures and protocols to protect the historical artifacts throughout the scanning process."

"For the purpose of cultural preservation, hyperspectral imaging is an invaluable tool that offers conservators the ability to analyze and assess the current state of the historical objects over time," said Headwall Engineering Director, Peter Clemens. "Additionally, there is a wealth of new research information on these historical objects that becomes uncovered through the use of these spectral imaging techniques." With both vertical and horizontal scanning system orientations possible, and the use of non-destructive illumination, conservators utilize hyperspectral imaging to provide additional analysis of artifacts and antiquities that may hold answers to long-held secrets and cultural insights.

During the project collaboration with Boston's MFA conservators, the Headwall engineers scanned a wide range of objects including famous paintings, a Mayan vase, wood block prints, a chessboard, and a marble relief sculpture. Hyperspectral sensing is applicable not just for flat art such as paintings and documents, but for pottery and other artifacts as well. Scanning of an important Mayan vase yielded the presence of cracks never before seen allowing for better preservation steps for the valuable piece.

"Hitting Your Performance Targets!"

 Invensys Eurotherm, a global supplier of measurement and instrumentation for process and machine control applications, is launching four new products at the Aero Engineering Show on 12th -13th November 2013 aimed at helping regulated industries meet their performance targets.

Dave Hartley, Global Marketing Director, who is speaking at the event in conjunction with partner Invensys IMServ, comments:  “I am very excited about Eurotherm taking part in this year’s Aero Engineering Show, especially as we are launching four highly innovative products that all contribute to our theme of ‘Hitting Your Performance Targets’. The increase in regulations such as AMS2750 and CQI-9 and the competitive nature of the industries we work in such as life sciences, heat treatment, plastics solutions and glass manufacturing - means that engineers and technicians have to be at the top of their game in terms of safety and performance all the time. Our products are all designed to meet these very high standards.”

Dave’s talk will cover ‘Web-based service for support of heat treatment standards’ as part of the ‘Advanced Engineering – Heat Treatment’ track at the show.  Eurotherm has been providing engineered solutions for the Heat Treatment industry for more than 40 years and its furnace control solutions enable customers to reduce waste, optimise energy usage and eliminate paper trails, amongst other benefits. 
The four products being launched are: 
  • Eurotherm Online Services (EOS) – is an industry leading service for the heat treatment industry. EOS is made up of EOS Advisor and EOS Director, an innovative solution for anywhere/anytime management and analysis of plant information. Specifically designed for industry, EOS combines storage, workflow, access, and visualisation of critical data in one place. Ideal for industries such as aerospace, automotive, life sciences, healthcare and food and beverage, the tools combine the in-depth knowledge Eurotherm has on managing data, technology and calibration services with its own dedicated offsite storage facility offering secure and efficient web access. EOS is completely scalable and relevant to small scale manufacturing and large, multi-site businesses. 
  • versadac™ Scalable Data Recorder  –   offers a versatile solution for data recording at the point of measurement.  Comprehensive security and data integrity make it ideal for use in regulated industries such as life sciences or heat treatment, or for any application where the loss of data during a manufacturing process would result in a loss of revenue through scrap or rework. Data is recorded in tamper resistant binary check summed files (known as UHH) and stored in on board flash memory.  Flexible archiving strategies ensure long term data is kept secure for later retrieval and analysis if required. The versatility of this unit comes from a flexible range of base sizes and selection of input and output modules to best suit specific application needs.  
A wide range of software features are available including batch control,    
maths functions, totalisers, communications channels and audit trail.       Electronic signatures and password control functionality which meets the     
requirements of FDA21 CFR Part 11 is also available.  Upgrade of both  
   software and hardware can be easily carried out on site ensuring the     
versadac recorder can grow with your process needs.
  • EPack – Compact SCR Power Controller – the perfect replacement for aging contactors, SSRs and SCRs, EPack is simple to use and offers many advanced features not found in standard SCR power controllers.  The compact size, just 2.01” wide x 4.76” high (51 x 121 mm), and the ability to mount side-by-side make the EPack easy to retrofit into existing installations. Three distinct configuration methods are available (including factory and field based) and visual alarm messages can be customised with multiple severity settings.  EPack’s ability to select a single firing mode or combination of firing modes allows for close matching to load characteristics improving process precision and repeatability. The ability to measure voltage, current and power can provide energy consumption information. These features all allow for the unit to be setup to maximize the life of the load device (typically heater elements) and minimise process downtime. 
  • nanodac™ Recorder Controller - The nanodac™ recorder/controller V.5  – offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID (proportional-integral-derivative) control for a box of its size. The compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit offers four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced by a full colour, ¼ VGA display to bring a crystal clear operator interface to even the smallest of machines. It includes features such as webserver access, EtherNet/IP Client or Server mode, IP66 Washdown Front (particularly useful in the food and beverage industry), a range of I/O options, Dual Channel Programmer, Cascade with auto-tune, OEM Security. 
In addition to these four, Eurotherm will also be previewing its latest contribution to more efficient and effective temperature control with its family of PLC (programmable logic controller) products. The demand for precision manufacturing has never been greater, driven partly by an increase in compliance standards across industry, but also the continuous drive for more accurate manufacturing. To address this need, Eurotherm has introduced its PLC technology to create self-contained complete solutions for when temperature matters.  With one easily deployed and installed device it will now be possible to combine future-proof precision control, the general sequencing needed to drive processes and the secure data recording demanded by regulators. This will not only deliver components that conform to the necessary standards but also means less wastage, higher output and lower energy costs. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Explosion-proof heaters meet latest IEC/EN 60079 safety standard

Intertec has requalified a broad range of its explosion-proof heaters and controllers, and at the same time has formally validated their suitability for use in extremely cold environments. This development is likely to be of particular interest to designers of instrumentation systems requiring safety certification for hazardous areas, such as onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration/recovery projects in the Arctic polar region.

All Intertec ATEX and IECEx heaters and controllers are now certified as complying with the latest editions of the relevant parts of the IEC/EN 60079 safety standard for electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres. The materials, construction and performance of these products have been thoroughly tested by an independent third-party certification agency and verified against the most up-to-date criteria that is available.

All Intertec explosion-proof heaters comply
with the latest IEC/EN 60079 safety standard
& are certified for use down to -60 C ambien
Representative samples of every ATEX and IECEx heater and controller currently manufactured by Intertec were tested under the auspices of Germany’s national metrology institute, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), which is a Notified Body for ATEX and IECEx conformity assessment. To help address the growing demand for explosion-proof environmental protection equipment suitable for use in very cold climates, Intertec requested that the tests should include verification of performance at an ambient temperature of minus 60 degrees Celsius – far lower than many competitive products on the market. All submitted products passed the tests and the PTB updated the certificates accordingly.

In Europe, ATEX approval is mandatory for all electrical equipment used in hazardous areas, while many countries around the world accept IECEx test reports as the basis for their own national safety certificates. When seeking safety approvals for a complete instrumentation system, designers benefit from the presumption of conformity to IEC/EN 60079 held by ATEX and IECEx approved devices, which do not in themselves require further safety assessment. However, as part of the harmonisation process, many safety standards now carry an expiry date, known as the ‘Date of cessation of presumption of conformity of superseded standard’. After this date, to obtain a safety certificate based on the latest standards, designers must ensure that all devices in the system – including ATEX and IECEx approved components – have been certified to the same revision of the standards.

Customers can specify Intertec’s ATEX and IECEx compliant heaters and controllers secure in the knowledge that they benefit from the presumption of conformity to IEC/EN 60079 conferred by the tests, and that the products have been tested to the latest version of the standard – and are also now certified for operation at ambient temperatures as low as -60 C. Existing customers can obtain copies of the updated compliance certificates from Intertec.

Intertec’s range of explosion-proof heaters includes a wide variety of ATEX and IECEx compliant models, with individual power ratings from 25 to 600 watts and a choice of temperature classes. There are different models to cover the principal application areas of freeze protection, condensation protection and temperature maintenance, with a choice of convection or conduction heaters in each category. Special profile heaters are available for bringing liquid or gas samples in pipes or cylinders up to operational temperature, together with a heat tracing cable and controller to protect exposed measuring lines against freezing.

There is also a series of explosion-proof smart heaters for temperature maintenance that use a patented redundant control method of limiting their surface temperature to ensure safety, which are supplied complete with a precision digital controller. The digital controller is an all-solid-state design with no mechanical switching contacts; it features fully encapsulated electronics and an intrinsically safe external sensor for directly monitoring the temperature of equipment such as gas analyzers.

Most of Intertec’s explosion-proof heaters and controllers are also available in versions that comply with country-specific safety standards, including the latest editions of the National Electrical Code (NEC) standard used in the USA, and the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) standard. The company is currently obtaining supplements to the relevant national standards of various Asian countries, including China, Korea and India, prior to any necessary third-party compliance testing.

Intertec produces an exceptionally wide range of environmental protection enclosures, cabinets and shelters, many of which are available in explosion-proof versions. These can either be ordered at the same time as the heaters, or as separate items. Another approach that is popular with many instrumentation engineers and project managers is to use Intertec’s turnkey enclosure assembly service - SAFE LINK. This enables designers to configure a complete system, including the enclosure, heater and controller, and instrumentation if required, using a free software design tool. Once the design is finalised, Intertec will manufacture and assemble the system, and deliver it to the installation site.

Intertec has nearly 50 years’ experience of producing high-reliability, cost-effective field instrumentation protection solutions for use in hazardous environments such as explosive atmospheres. Some of the first products that the company manufactured when it was founded in 1965 were enclosures and heaters for pressure regulation and temperature monitoring instruments at a large oil refinery in southern Germany; these remained fully operational until they were decommissioned recently after more than 40 years of service!

Recognition of partners!

Channel Partner Conference sees 2nd consecutive year of strong attendance

Honeywell celebrated the success of its key distributors at the annual Channel Partner Conference for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). An awards ceremony, part of the conference, held during the 2013 Honeywell Users Group Symposium in Nice (F), recognises customer service, innovation and excellence among companies supplying and integrating Honeywell solutions in the EMEA region.

“We’ve built out our partner network in EMEA and are now seeing the benefits of a solid distribution channel,” said Don Maness, vice president, Honeywell Process Solutions. “With an extended network of channel partners who work hand in hand with our sales force, we can now deliver high-quality Honeywell products, services, expertise, support, and training to customers that we were unable to reach in the past.”

Channel Partners on stage at the
Honeywell Users Group EMEA 2013
The top honour
The top honour, the Field Products 2013 Channel Partner of the Year Award, was given to Iberfluid Instruments, S.A., headquartered in L'Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona (ES). Iberfluid sells multiple Honeywell product lines, from SmartLine Pressure transmitters to Modular  Systems and has grown their Honeywell business more than 40 percent from the previous year by focusing on one thing, delivering outstanding customer service.

For example, an Iberfluild customer wanted to make their facility safer and asked Iberfluid for a customized program to meet the challenge. Iberfluild’s solution leveraged Honeywell Gas detection technology from Honeywell Analytics and HC900 Process and Safety System to monitor harmful gasses and keep the customer’s employees safe while also maintaining a SIL2 classification. The team at Iberfluid services their customers from four strategically located offices that are near their customer base in Spain and Portugal. They also provide highly educated sales and service staff along with local Honeywell stock.

Additional awards were given to other regional channel partners including: 
  • Field Products Systems Integrator of the Year:  MSJ Engineering, United Arab Emirates, for developing a working partnership  with Honeywell Building Solutions to successfully target non-traditional Honeywell customers. 
  • East Europe Channel Partner of the Year: Oksan A.S., Turkey, for exceeding its original revenue target by 25 percent.
  • West Europe Channel Partner of the Year: Iberfluid Instruments, S.A.  
  • Middle East Channel Partner of the Year:  Purshottam Kanji Trading Company L.L.C., Oman, for 130 percent revenue growth over the prior years target.

New VP of Sales & Marketing!

Ocean Data Systems has appointed Roy Kok as their Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing.  He will be responsible for all aspects of sales and marketing, from go-to-market strategy to OEM and Channel development.

Mr. Kok brings over 30 years of industry and product knowledge to this new role.  Most recently, he was VP of Marketing for ARC Advisory Group, the leading analyst firm for industry.  Prior to ARC, Kok held strategic positions at GE, Intellution, Kepware, VenturCom, and Nematron, among others.

“My role at ARC enabled me to analyze the market, its trends and opportunities and recognize Ocean Data Systems as a company that offers great potential,” states Roy Kok - VP of Sales and Marketing for Ocean Data Systems.  He adds, “This company is poised for significant growth.  With an installed base of over 5000 licenses, and flagship OEM relationships, all that’s needed is a solid focus on sales, and especially marketing, to bring the benefits of Dream Report to every application, delivering data analysis, visibility and understanding for operational improvement and compliance reporting.”

“We are extremely happy to have Mr. Kok join Ocean Data Systems,” says Alexander Mazal - President and CEO of Ocean Data Systems Ltd.  “This is a very exciting time for our company and Roy has the ideal background, and connections in this marketplace, to launch ODS and our Dream Report product, to be the industry standard for automated reporting and data analytics.” 

Open systems standards take advantage of the industrial internet

GE Invests in the Future with Controls Convergence Strategy

GE Intelligent Platforms has announced progress against plans for consolidation of the company’s control platforms to enable the Industrial Internet. The company’s convergence strategy starts with standardization on open systems across the platforms to provide customers with interoperability, secure communications and an optimal user experience (UX).
GE Intelligent Platforms investment in a single integrated architecture features modular components, an Ethernet backbone and software applications all based on industry standards. As convergence continues, Connected Controls devices will enable more power at the point of control, while software applications provide local intelligence to deliver on the principles of the Industrial Internet and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.
“Seamless communications, more efficient configuration and a great human experience are the foundation of the Industrial Internet,” said Bernie Anger, General Manager for GE Intelligent Platforms’ Controls & Communications Systems business. “Open standard protocols, high-performance controllers, shared system-level configuration tools and file formats that enable self-assembling nodes, and UX standards for tool and application development are going to allow customers to get connected faster and easier.”
OPC-UA is the first open systems standard to be deployed across GE’s control platforms. It is the next generation Open Productivity & Connectivity standard that provides a cohesive, secure and reliable cross platform framework for access to real time and historical data and events. GE’s Connected Controls platforms, featuring the popular PACSystems and Mark*VIe controllers, as well as Proficy® CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA software are rolling out with the OPC-UA standard. Additionally, the two largest open I/O standards, PROFINET and Foundation Fieldbus (Mark*VIe only), have been fully integrated in the controllers.
“A focus on standards keeps us positioned for continuous evolution,” said Anger. “OPC-UA provides flexibility of configuration and device interoperability, and smart and secure communications across solutions. This enables the analytics that fuel the brilliant machines in today’s connected world.”
GE’s efforts to bring all of the control platforms across GE together into a single integrated architecture will provide customers with broader reach and system impact through:
  • Enterprise visibility – information flows from the device to the enterprise as application and device data is available from bottom to top of industrial control systems 
  • Interoperability – a common architecture and standard suite of communication protocols as well as deterministic and enterprise buses bring solution scale to business
  • “Interdesignability” – Translation and convergence of design tools and model libraries accelerate productivity and quality
And to facilitate the optimal user experience that customers are demanding today, the platforms will build on technologies recently announced by GE’s Software Center called Predix™, a first-of-its-kind industrial-strength software platform that provides a standard and secure way to connect machines, industrial big data and people. Predix combines technologies for distributed computing and analytics, asset management, machine-to-machine communication and mobility that can run on-premise or in the cloud. New solutions that leverage the platform will be able to easily integrate with customers’ existing software and data management infrastructure to increase productivity, reduce waste and improve business operations.
“Today’s controls users need experiences that are seamless, context-driven, regional, community-based and, most of all, connected,” concluded Anger. “The consolidated GE controls architecture and use of open system standards will provide all of these benefits in one place so customers can integrate, operate, maintain and manage their operations with world-class automation solutions that leverage great domain expertise and provide accelerated value.”

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Leader of oil in water analysers joins team!

Advanced Sensors, a leading global supplier of Oil in Water analysers, has joined the PAC team. Advanced Sensors has served oil and gas and marine customers with highly accurate and exceptionally reliable process analysers since 2006.

The Advanced Sensors Oil in Water analysers operate in harsh environments with zero routine maintenance, consistently providing highly accurate and reliable results. These accurate measurements ensure process and environmental control and offer early warning indicators of leaks and discharges. Advanced Sensors has combined numerous technologies, such as ultrasonics, fluorescence, video microscopy, optical spectrometry and mass spectrometry, to ensure that its analysers stay clean and provide precise readings.

“Advanced Sensors provides a proprietary technology that is the preferred choice when customers focus on meeting their regulatory oil in water discharge requirements with confidence. This technology will make PAC’s Process Analytics division even stronger and more competitive,” said Eric Schellenberger, PAC President. “With its strong product technology and its penetration in the Oil & Gas production market segment, Advanced Sensors will enable PAC to deliver a highly differentiated technology to our current process refining customers and expand our market penetration in the upstream market.”

“By joining PAC, Advanced Sensors will continue to invest in the development of innovative products for our customers,” said Khalid Thabeth with Advanced Sensors. “In addition, our customers will benefit from the full range of comprehensive customer service, support, and solutions available to all PAC customers.”

Real-time power analysis added to wide-ranging measurement capabilities!

Yokogawa has added two new instruments to its ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders. The new DL850E and DL850EV (Vehicle Edition) ScopeCorders incorporate a number of new features to allow engineers to measure and analyse a wealth of signals in real time and to speed up development and fault finding in areas such as power electronics, mechatronics and transportation.

In addition to the high-speed multi-channel capabilities plus long memory and isolated input channels found in Yokogawa’s established ScopeCorder family, the new DL850E instruments have the ability to carry out the real-time measurement and analysis of electrical power.

“Today, ScopeCorders are widely used in industries such as automotive and aerospace where measurements of physical quantities need to be displayed and analysed alongside electrical signals”, says Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa’s Vice President, Test & Measurement, for Europe & Africa: “Their potential range of applications has suddenly become much wider with the ability to take real-time power measurement and analysis to a new level.”

All members of the ScopeCorder family are equipped with a set of basic arithmetic mathematical functions such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fast Fourier transformation and other computations, but the new DL850E versions also offer the /G5 option for real-time measurement of electrical power as well as the existing /G3 option for real-time mathematical computations and digital filtering and the /G2 option for user-defined computations.

With the /G5 electrical power option, trend calculations such as active power, power factor, integrated power and harmonics can be carried out at data update rates up to 100 kS/s using a dedicated digital signal processor (DSP) that is able to calculate and display up to 126 types of electrical power related parameters in real time. This enables the user to display raw waveform signals such as voltages and currents along with calculated power parameters as well as the capability to trigger on any or all of them. Trend waveforms of each order of harmonics, bar-graphs and vector displays can be displayed. Both RMS and power analysis modes are available. In addition to the powerful power calculations, the /G5 option also contains all the functionality of the /G3 real-time mathematics option.

Like existing members of the ScopeCorder family, the DL850E combines features from a high-performance digital oscilloscope and a multi-channel data-acquisition recorder. It can capture and analyse both transient events and trends over time periods from milliseconds up to 200 days, storing acquired data in the large acquisition memory, the internal hard disk and/or an external PC hard disk.

Flexible modular inputs enable the DL850E to combine measurements of electrical signals, physical parameters from sensors, and data from CAN/LIN serial buses. A choice of 17 input modules allows the instrument to be configured up to a maximum of 128 channels, giving engineers a thorough insight into any application by synchronising the measurement of different types of electrical and physical signals. Individually isolated and shielded input channels provide high resolution and high sample rates, while Yokogawa’s unique “dual capture” feature allows transient signals to be captured during long-term measurements by recording at two different sampling rates.

The DL850E and DL850EV ScopeCorders are equipped with a large and fast acquisition memory, allowing storage of up to 2 gigapoints of data and providing high sample rates of up to 100 MS/s on multiple channels simultaneously. Yokogawa’s unique history memory function allows users to quickly isolate and examine individual waveform records for detailed analysis.

The ScopeCorder DE850EV Vehicle Edition is designed for engineers working in the automotive and railway industries. A common measurement challenge is to combine measurements of electrical signals, physical performance parameters acquired by sensors, and CAN- or LIN-bus data transmitted by the powertrain management system. The DL850EV Vehicle Edition addresses this requirement by providing a thorough insight into the dynamic behaviour of the electromechanical system. The result is a considerable saving of time saved compared to other approaches such analysis on a PC or the use of other software.

A DC power option allows the DL850EV to be used in a vehicle, with power being supplied by the vehicle’s DC battery. The DC power option allows AC and DC power supplies to be used together to ensure a highly reliable power source. If the AC power goes down, the DL850V instantly switches to a DC input without interrupting the measurement.

New president & CEO announced!

The Board of Directors and Stockholders of Blue-White Industries have elected Robin Gledhill to the position of President and CEO.

Robin Gledhill
Robin began his Blue-White career over 40 years ago, while still attending college.

He began his tenure in Blue-White’s metering pump division, and eventually moved into the Sales and Marketing Department, where he became Blue-White’s International Sales Manager. After many years of working closely with Representatives and Distributors, both on a domestic and International level, he was elected Company President in 1997.

A spokes person commented, "Everyone at Blue-White is so pleased with this decision, and we feel that the company couldn't be in better hands."

Robin’s product knowledge, interest in product development and improvement, and respect for all customers and employees, combined with exceptional business and management skills, made him the obvious choice to become Blue-White’s Chief Executive Officer.

Patent issued!

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,521,676 for the Real World Model, the cornerstone of aeShield, the safety lifecycle management system of aeSolutions. This enterprise software supports companies in achieving process safety goals, implementing industry safety standards, and ensuring consistent data collection in compliance with ISA 84.00.01/IEC 61511 and the related requirements of OSHA 1910.119.

“Our patented solution helps our customers do more with less. Having a database drive the requirements of ISA84 enables dot connecting between assessing risk, designing and documenting safety systems, and functional test planning during operations. aeShield represents the single source of truth for protecting our customers’ facilities,” stated Mike Scott, Executive Vice President of Process Safety. “aeShield perfectly aligns with our company’s vision to be recognized and preferred by industry for our process safety engineering and automation solutions.”

A key benefit of the patented Real World Model-based software is prevention of loss of containment events which could lead to explosions and environmental spills and emissions by optimizing the design and integrity of safety instrumented systems. The completion of the design results in a Safety Requirements Specification document used for construction, automation, and implementation. aeShield’s core functionalities such as Management of Change (MOC) and customizable user permissions provide the necessary mechanisms to manage the safety lifecycle through project execution and beyond.

New series of nuclear pressure transmitters

Nuclear Pressure Transmitters improves operating accuracy in critical safety applications

Emerson Process Management is offering improved pressure measurement solutions to help nuclear operators manage their plant safely and reliably. The Rosemount 3150 Series of Nuclear Pressure Transmitters provides performance improvements in the areas of reference accuracy, transmitter drift, temperature effects, static line pressure effects and qualified life. 

For more than 40 years, Emerson has supplied qualified pressure measurement instrumentation for nuclear applications. Emerson’s drive for continuous improvement has produced the fully analogue Rosemount 3150 Series, which builds on the proven performance of Rosemount’s legacy 1150 Series design. 

The 3150 Series offers expanded capability and improved documentation that meets the latest qualification standards and requirements of third generation plant designs. These transmitters have completed robust test programmes and are qualified to IEEE Std. 323TM and IEEE Std. 344TM for use in mild to harsh or severe environments.

The Rosemount 3150 Series provides a blend of proven performance and product enhancements for harsh environment applications within both legacy and next generation reactor designs. 

Seminar success

The UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) reports a significant increase in attendance at its series of educational ‘Vision in Action’ seminars run at the October 2013 Photonex exhibition in Coventry (GB). Average seminar attendance figures were up by 20% over the two days of the show compared to 2012.

Their Chairman, Mark Williamson, said: “This was a great reflection on the quality of the subject matter on offer. Even though there were other seminar threads running at the same time, the percentage increase in attendance for the UKIVA seminars was even greater than the percentage increase in overall visitors to the show! The seminar program was varied, lively and informative and the open structure of the presentation area encouraged people to sit down to listen even if they arrived after the talk had started.”

Copies of the presentations made by UKIVA members are now available on the Association’s website. These are: 
‘The Icing Robot - can a robot replace skilled decorators and be used to ice a cake?’ (Scorpion Vision), 
‘Extended wavelength Imaging – Seeing the invisible’ (STEMMER IMAGING), 
‘USB3.0 Vision, the NEW Vision Standard - Facts, Set-up & Migration explained’ (MultiPix Imaging) and ‘Lasers in 3d imaging’ (Alrad Imaging).

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Supporting major CERN collider exhibition in England!

Collider exhibition made possible with the support of National Instruments, Science & Technology Facilities Council and other partners

The Collider exhibition at the Science Museum, London, which transports visitors into the heart of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), considered one of the greatest scientific experiments of our time is being supported by National Instruments. Open to the public from 13th November 2013, Collider provides a behind-the-scenes look at the famous CERN particle physics laboratory in the first exhibition of its kind, offering visitors the closest experience possible, short of visiting the famous site itself.

NI has long supported fundamental research in areas such as particle physics, fusion and astronomy by providing commercial off-the-shelf tools for measurement and control. CERN uses NI LabVIEW software to control the LHC collimators that are responsible for intercepting misguided or unstable particle beams. This is  how LabVIEW software and PXI hardware control the world’s largest particle accelerator!

“The LHC, the world’s greatest experiment, is the cumulative endeavour of around ten thousand men and women from across the globe,” said Ian Blatchford, Director of the Science Museum. “We are extremely pleased to have the support of NI to celebrate such an important human achievement.

NI’s mission to equip scientists and engineers with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery extends into education. By bringing real-world experiences to education, NI aims to inspire students to pursue and succeed in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

“By sponsoring the Collider exhibition, NI is supporting its STEM educational initiatives, whilst also celebrating the incredible achievements and discoveries resulting from the Large Hadron Collider,” said Kyle Voosen, Marketing Director, National Instruments UK & Ireland.

Visitors to Collider follow the journey of particle beams as they are injected into the accelerator chain, ramped up to speed and steered around the 27 km tunnel. Visitors are immersed in the highlight of the exhibition—a wrap-around projection taking in both extremes of the scale of the LHC, from an enormous experiment cavern to the very heart of a particle collision.

The week after the opening of Collider, Dr. Stephen Myers, OBE, the director for accelerators and technology at CERN, will deliver a keynote address at NIDays 2013, a technical conference for engineers, scientists and educators involved in measurement and control, held in Westminster, London. Dr. Myers is responsible for accelerators, including the LHC, and has nearly 40 years of experience at CERN. 

Industrial Routers range expanded to integrate industrial automation & networking

Red Lion Controls has announced the addition of the compact all-in-one RAM® 6021 to its Sixnet series RAM 6000 industrial routers. RAM 6021 routers offer industrial and manufacturing site operators a secure, flexible way to remotely connect, monitor and control assets, saving time and reducing costs across industries that include factory automation, oil and gas, and water/wastewater applications.

Red Lion’s rugged RAM 6021 industrial routers are purpose-built for extreme conditions and deliver the security required to prevent unwanted intrusion in both the connected factory and remote locations. By facilitating communication between local and wide area networks, the RAM 6021 provides the ability to seamlessly connect, monitor and control machinery and equipment. Add in robust security features, which include a stateful firewall, network address translation (NAT) and VPN connections, and the RAM 6021 delivers a powerful all-in-one solution that seamlessly connects to existing Ethernet infrastructures, including networks with Modbus and DNP3 enabled devices.

The RAM 6021 also provides a high-performance user interface that simplifies unit configuration and management. This sleek, graphical web interface is now available across the entire portfolio of Sixnet series RAM and IndustrialPro® industrial routers.

“The connected factory is now a reality, and Red Lion’s new RAM 6021 router allows customers to benefit from using industrial automation and networking to increase productivity, control and visibility while reducing operating costs,” said Diane Davis, director of product management for Ethernet networking at Red Lion Controls. “With an easy-to-use web interface, flexible configuration options and enhanced security features that protect against intrusions, our rugged RAM routers deliver reliable communications across the factory floor and other extreme environments.”

Today’s organisations increasingly seek ways to connect, monitor and control devices to create state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems. Linking industrial assets requires rugged solutions that ensure flexible, secure communications from the plant floor to remote locations around the world. RAM 6021 routers integrate industrial automation with networking to increase productivity and reduce costs by minimizing the need for onsite visits for equipment troubleshooting and maintenance.

• RedLion products are marketed in Ireland through Instrument Technology.

Control system order for supercritical thermal power plant in India

Yokogawa has won an order from NTPC Limited1 in India to supply control systems for the Kudgi supercritical coal-fired thermal power plant.

The Kudgi plant, which is being constructed in the Bijapur district in Karnataka state, will have a total output of 2,400 MW from three 800 MW units. This makes it the largest of NTPC’s supercritical thermal power plants, and the units are among the largest of their type in India. These also are the largest supercritical units that Yokogawa have ever supplied control systems for. Unit No. 1 is scheduled to start operation in June 2015.

For each of the three units at the Kudgi plant, Yokogawa will supply the CENTUM® VP integrated production control system to control the boilers and their auxiliary facilities, DPharp EJA series differential pressure/pressure transmitters, oxygen and liquid analyzers, a CCTV system, a battery-powered UPS system, and a paging system. Yokogawa India will be responsible for executing the project, including engineering, installation, commissioning, and operator training. This is our fourth control system order for a supercritical coal-fired plant in India, bringing to 10 the total number of systems provided for such facilities in India.

Due to rapid economic growth, Indian power companies have not been able to keep up with rising demand. To ensure a stable supply of electric power, the Indian government is planning to construct many large coal-fired power plants and refurbish a number of aging power plants. Yokogawa India has a long track record in India’s power sector, having provided control systems for over 300 captive and utility power plants including those of NTPC, and its engineering and project implementation capabilities are well regarded. In accordance with the government’s plans for adding power generating capacity, Yokogawa will now step up its efforts to supply highly reliable products and services to the Indian power sector.

Monday, November 4, 2013

In-line vial measurement at Capitol Europe

To provide high-speed, high-accuracy inspection facilities for production of a new range of vials, Capitol Europe has opted for Keyence optical micrometers in the TM-3000 series.
Capitol Europe specialises in the manufacturing of packages and packaging products for the pharmaceutical industry and medical testing applications. Its strength lies in the specific technological characteristics of its polypropylene tubes and vials that set them apart in several ways. For instance, they are made in one piece directly with their caps.

Example of a plastic vial made by Capitol Europe
Furthermore, Capitol Europe has been involved in innovative and patented technologies that guarantees their sterility and efficient sealing. Their active coating also ensures absorption of gases and humidity.

This type of manufacturing entails implementation of a high-precision production process, such as the new production line designed by the Sandmann Company to make plastic vials using an injection process. These parts are 26 mm in diameter, with a bevel that is used to pierce the membrane seal. The in-line inspection system required for the application had to show the necessary levels of accuracy while being able to keep up with high production rates. Four sides of each of the 32 parts made have to be measured every 10 seconds (2 for height measurements and 2 more to check the bevels).

"We knew that it would be difficult to find a solution that could rise to the challenge; being fast enough while complying with our requirements in terms of precision", says Eric Daniel, Maintenance Manager at Capitol Europe's plant in Niederbronn-Les-Bains.

Capitol Europe opted for an innovative solution enabling high-speed, two-dimensional in-line measurement with an accuracy level of the order of a micron: the Keyence TM-3000 sensor. This system does away with expensive off-line inspections that rely too heavily on the operator's skills. The 2D optical micrometer features a high-speed central processing unit and two DSP circuits dedicated to image processing. It can operate at up to 1,800 images per minute, thanks to its four processors that operate in parallel.

Its double telecentric optical system transmits a uniform beam of collimated light. This avoids variation in the image projected on the CMOS sensor depending on the target's position. The two-dimensional CMOS sensor detects transition between dark and light areas and measures the target's dimensions. The process, which is also impervious to reflecting surfaces, ensures accuracy levels of 0.5 µm to 3 µm depending on the models, with repeatability levels of +/- 0.06 µm to +/- 0.2 µm. The measurement range reaches 65 mm at a maximum distance of 270 mm between the emitter and the receiver.

The micrometers in the TM-3000 series are able to measure up to 16 points on parts to be inspected, and they provide more than 15 measurement modes: diameter, centre distance, intersection point coordinates, angle, height, step, distance to a perpendicular, radius, circularity, etc.

Moreover, the position correction system automatically makes up for any target alignment or tilt faults. This ensures high precision even when positioning is difficult or when the objects are moving randomly. The adjustment system is simplified and it does away with the necessity of a mechanical repositioning device for the parts to be inspected. Furthermore, the LED source technology used shows exceptional stability and has a very long service life. Eric Daniel confirms the fact: "We have made 11,000,000 parts since the TM-3000 was installed. We have not had any measurement problems at all, and the level of accuracy remains stable at 0.03 mm.

We have obtained the result with several repeat measurements of a given production batch. The result shows a remarkable degree of precision, because our parts are irregularly shaped."

In spite of the unique performance levels shown by the TM-3000 series micrometers, they are easy to install and operate. "My colleague in charge of the system mastered it in 10 minutes and the installation took hardly any time at all", concludes Eric Daniel; the performance levels of the TM-3000 series have given him ideas for other inspection uses.

Irish H&A awards: Nominations sought! #PAuto #ISAuto #Ireland

Closing date for the annual ISA Ireland Honours & Awards nominations is Monday is 18th November 2013.

The following are the headings for this annual award ceremony.

• Craftsman Award
To be awarded to the best final year Instrumentation Apprentice for notable academic and practical achievements in Instrumentation.

• Degree Award: 
To be awarded, on any nomination, to the best final year certificate student specialising in any area of Instrumentation or Automation.

• Honour’s Degree Award:
To be awarded to the best 4th year student studying Instrumentation or Applied Physics in Ireland. This award comprises of a medallion and a bursary of a €750 towards postgraduate studies.

• Post Graduate Award: 
To be awarded, on the nomination of any third-level institution, to the best Post Graduate student studying Instrumentation / Applied Physics in Ireland.

• Technology Achievement Award:
To be awarded, to any person or group in recognition of a new invention or application, significant achievement in, or contributing to, instrumentation, automation, measurement and / or control technology in Ireland.

• Automation Champion Award: 
To be awarded to a person in recognition of their contribution to the advancement of instrumentation, automation, IT and / or technology in Ireland.

•Instrument Pioneer Award:
To be awarded on the nomination of two or more Society members, in recognition of a lifetime devoted to Instrumentation Automation in Ireland.
The 2013 Honours and awards ceremony will be held in University College Cork, on Wednesday
11th December at 18.00 hours