Friday, January 11, 2013

Inclination sensors!

The new, liquid-based BSI inclination sensors from Balluff detect deviations to the horizontal on an axis over a full 360° contact-free and absolutely. With an extremely high accuracy of 0.1°C, a resolution of 0.01° and a temperature drift of just 0.01% /10K, they are the ideal choice when, in complex applications, inclination angles need to be precisely detected or rotary movements must be constantly tracked.

BSI inclination sensors feature a compact and robust metal housing with an enclosure rating of IP 67 and can be easily installed in systems with limited space. With an expanded temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C, the sensors are virtually predestined for outdoor applications.

The highly precise, high-end sensors show their true strength, howev-er, where deviations from the horizontal or to the vertical axis are to be determined with high resolution and accuracy: e.g., in wind power stations, in solar-thermal power plants, oil and gas production plants and in medical technology, for example, in computer tomography and irradiation facilities.

Balluff BSI inclination sensors are based on a capacitive measuring principle and are equipped with a liquid-based measuring cell. These consist of four capacitors filled with a liquid dielectric. Depending on the inclination of the sensor, the "horizon" of this medium covers the capacitors differently, causing the capacitance – as measure for the inclination angle – to change. The analog output signal from 4 – 20mA is scaled linearly over the angular range of 360°C.

Multimedia test!

National Instruments has announced the company’s newest multimedia test offering, the NI PXIe-1491 digital audio and video analyser for HDMI, DVI and mobile devices. Designed for performance testing and high-throughput test of consumer devices such as set-top boxes, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets, the NI PXIe-1491 delivers automated, high-performance measurements to eliminate subjective manual inspection.

“The NI PXIe-1491 enables the audio/video analyser industry to think beyond the manual solutions used today,” said Charles Schroeder, Director of Marketing for Test at National Instruments. “By automating the inspection process with our new, high-performance hardware and software, our customers can now guarantee the video quality of their HDMI and mobile devices with breakthrough efficiency and cost savings.”

The NI PXIe-1491 is shipped with NI Video Measurement Suite, a versatile test suite for analysing a wide variety of video standards. NI also offers add-ons such as NI AudioMASTER software, designed for in-depth audio testing including frequency response and THD, and NI Picture Quality Analysis (PQA) software. NI PQA software delivers world-class quality of experience (QoE) metrics such as peak signal-to-noise-ratio (PSNR) and structural similarity index metric (SSIM). In addition, NI PQA software enables engineers to measure lip synch, macro blocking, dropped frames, pixelation and more in real time by combining PXI Express technology with highly parallelised measurement algorithms.

The benefits of NI PXIe-1491 extend beyond at-home consumer electronics. Applications include testing of aerospace and defence systems, automobile rearview camera and infotainment systems, in-flight entertainment systems, video conferencing and professional audio/video equipment.

More than an IR thermometer!

Sometimes you need more than an infrared thermometer, but less than a high-resolution thermal imager.

Product Highlights
• Accurate temperature measurement at centerpoint
• Quick hot and cold spot finders - available in visual, infrared and blended views
• - 10 °C to +250 °C (14 °F to 482 °F) to measurement range
• Accuracy ± 2% or ± 2 °C, as tested
• Utilizes pyro-electric technology, exclusive to Fluke
• Fixed focus lens
• Image stored to micro-SD card, easy download to PC and import into software
• 4 standard AA cell batteries, for 8 hours of continuous battery life
• Includes SmartView® analysis and reporting software
• Temperature measurement range -10 °C to +250 °C (14 °F to 482 °F)
• Temperature measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2% of reading in °C, whichever is the greater (at 25
• °C nominal) as tested
• On-screen emissivity correction
• On-screen reflected background temperature compensation
• Imaging performance
• Image capture frequency 8 Hz
• Detector type Uncooled Pyroelectric Ceramic
• Thermal sensitivity(NETD) =250mK
• Infrared spectral band 8µm to 14 µm
• Visual Camera 11,025 pixels
• Minimum focus distance 50 cm (19.6 in)
• Field of View 20° X 20°
Announcing the world’s first Visual IR Thermometer. The Fluke VT02 marketed in Ireland by Irish Power & Process, combines the convenience of a spot thermometer with the visual advantage of a thermal imager. And you can blend the images together to help you see details. See both hot and cold areas easily without the need to take multiple, individual readings. All to give you faster, more accurate inspections.

"The Fluke Visual IR Thermometer strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability!" said a spokesman. "Pulled all together at a reasonable cost with all the Fluke attributes you trust – rugged, reliable and accurate!"

The VT02 Visual IR Thermometer combines the convenience of a spot thermometer with the visual advantage of a thermal imager creating a brand new tool category – a troubleshooting camera with infrared heat map.

Using hyper-thin pyroelectric technology, Fluke discovered a way to push the limits of this technology pioneering an array dense enough to create an infrared heat map. The VT02 Visual IR Thermometer is the missing link– the ultimate in-between tool for those times when a single spot temperature reading isn’t enough and a high-resolution thermal image is more than you need, or can afford.

Hyper-thin pyroelectric innovation pushes the limit of IR technology pioneering an array dense enough to create an infrared blended heat map. The result is the missing link—the ultimate in-between tool for those times when a single temperature reading isn’t enough and a high-resolution thermal image is more than you need. And because the technology is so easy to use, it doesn’t require any advanced training.

5th generation of world's best-selling power meter

The new WT300 series of digital power meters are the fifth generation of Yokogawa’s best-selling compact digital power meters: instruments that play a key part in ensuring optimum standards of energy efficiency and conservation by measuring the power consumption of electrical equipment.

Combining accurate and reliable power measurement over a wide power range with flexibility, ease of use and a choice of communication interfaces, the new instruments will help developers and manufacturers of electrical equipment – ranging from domestic “white goods” to lighting systems and air-conditioning equipment – to ensure that their products comply with emerging IEC and EN standards and increasingly complex and stringent specifications on energy efficiency.

“With almost 100 years of expertise in precision measurement, Yokogawa provides the widest possible range of trustworthy test solutions”, comments Terry Marrinan, Yokogawa’s Vice President, Test & Measurement, for Europe & Africa: “Our earlier ranges of power meters - particularly the hugely successful WT200 - are helping customers across a wide range of industries, and we believe that this new range will continue the process of exceeding our customers’ expectations for quality, accuracy and ease of use.”

Key features of the new instruments include a basic accuracy of 0.1% of reading, guaranteed accuracy over the entire measurement range (from 1% to 130% ), a wide measurement range from standby power levels of a few milliamperes up to the 40 A currents used in induction cookers, and flexibility to enable users to target different technical and commercial applications.

This includes a range of communications interfaces, allowing the WT300 series of digital power meters to be integrated into laboratory test benches or automated test set-ups on production lines. USB and GPIB or RS232 is fitted as standard, and Ethernet is available as an option.

In addition to standard power measurements, the new meters offer a wide range of harmonic measurement capabilities, including the ability to carry out simultaneous measurement of normal power parameters such as RMS, mean or DC power along with measurement of harmonics up to the 50th order. As a result, overall measurement times are reduced, allowing users to allocate their effort and time to other tasks.

The guaranteed accuracy of the new power meters results from the fact that Yokogawa has its own European standards laboratory at its European headquarters in The Netherlands. This facility is the only industrial (i.e. non-government or national) organisation to offer traceable power calibration, to national and international standards, at frequencies up to 100 kHz: a requirement for higher harmonic measurements specified in quality standards such as ISO9000.

Other features of the new instruments include a bandwidth of DC and 0.5 Hz to 100 kHz (up to 20 kHz for 40 A on the WT310HC), plus an auto-range function for measurement and integration.

Software is also available for testing equipment compliance to industry energy-saving standards such as IEC62301 Ed2.0 and IEC62018 for standby mode equipment or for dealing with waveforms having a crest factor of 5 or more.

The WT300 is marketed in Ireland through Irish Power & Process

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Curiosity about the Red Planet!

Keynote presentation by NASA, highlighting the building of Curiosity and the challenges of getting to Mars.

ARC Advisory Group tells us that its annual 17th ARC World Industry Forum is just one month away. Doug McCuistion, Director of the Mars Exploration Program at NASA, will provide the keynote presentation on the challenges faced and overcome in getting to Mars.

This year’s forum, February 11-14 in Orlando, Florida, continues ARC’s successful theme of “Achieving Breakthrough Performance with New Processes and Techniques.” The forum will feature dozens of presentations and success stories delivered from the front lines of industry. Forum attendees will learn about field-proven processes and techniques that are improving quality, performance, and agility at leading manufacturers and other industrial organizations around the world. There will also be ample opportunities for attendees to network and socialize with their peers over the course of the four-day event.

“The ARC World Industry Forum in Orlando traditionally attracts top management from both end users and suppliers across industry and infrastructure and has emerged as the premier learning and networking event for executives in multiple sectors,” according to ARC President Andy Chatha.

Meeting automated test requirements!

NI PXI-2520

National Instruments released 20 new PXI and PXI Express switches last year, offering engineers higher density and higher bandwidth switches to meet a range of automated test requirements. Switches in the PXI platform simplify applications ranging from low-speed precision measurements on a dozen test points to high-frequency characterisation of integrated circuits in large multi-site configurations.

Product Features
Switch Model Number
NI PXI-2520, NI PXI-2521, NI PXI-2522, NI PXI-2523
high-density, 2 A general-purpose relays
NI PXI-2796, NI PXI-2797, NI PXI-2798, NI PXI-2799
40 GHz microwave switches
NI PXI-2540, NI PXI-2541
NI PXIe-2540, NI PXIe-2541
300/350 MHz RF matrices
NI 2833, NI 2834
2 A relay matrices for the NI SwitchBlock
NI PXI-2720, NI PXI-2722, NI PXIe-2725, NI PXIe-2727
8-bit and 16-bit programmable resistor modules
NI PXI-2543, NI PXIe-2543
6.6 GHz solid state RF multiplexers

“As a market and technology leader in PXI, NI is committed to building our switch portfolio to provide the best flexibility for the challenging applications addressed by the PXI platform,” said Charles Schroeder, Director of Test Marketing for NI. “These 20 new switch modules make it easier than ever before to integrate all your instrumentation and switches in the same platform.”

Crimping contacts

Battery-operated hydraulic crimping tool for high-voltage contacts

Harting has expanded its range of crimping tools for Han® high-voltage contacts with the addition of a battery-driven hydraulic crimping tool which simplifies and accelerates the contact assembly process.

Using the new battery-driven hydraulic crimping tool, crimp contacts can be made with cable cross-sections of between 10 mm2 and 240 mm2. For cable cross-sections between 10 mm2 and 150 mm2, the existing pressure dies of the manual crimping tool are used and inserted into the appropriate die holder. For crimping cable cross-sections between 185 mm2 and 240 mm2, special crimping dies inclusive of the die holder are available.

Because of the construction of the die holder and pressure die, it is easy and quick to switch to a different cable cross-section. The crimping tool is supplied with a battery charger and a second battery, which is especially helpful for large-volume crimping operations.

The new tool can be used with theirs Han® TC 70, TC 100, TC 200, TC 250, TC 350 and TC 650 contacts, and is designed for crimp geometry as specified by DIN 46 235, with a pressing force of 130 kN.

Automation contract for Swiss biotech plant

4.7 million Euro contract includes Syncade™ and DeltaV™ systems to manage complex operations while driving toward paperless production

Belgium-based UCB has awarded Emerson Process Management, a 4.7 million Euro contract to provide integrated process automation and operations management systems for a new biopharmaceutical production centre in Bulle (CH). Emerson’s technologies and engineering services will be crucial in meeting the very high standards expected by the UCB project team.

UCB is investing €175 million to construct the first phase of a new plant, its first biopharmaceutical project in Switzerland. The 20,000-square-metre facility, which will be one of the largest in Europe, will be the main production centre for Cimzia® (certolizumab pegol), which is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

"The state-of-the-art and largely automated facility at Bulle will be a model for the industry when it opens in 2015," said Michele Antonelli, UCB executive vice president. "To ensure the project meets its tight build-out schedule, we selected Emerson Process Management for its demonstrated ability to engineer and coordinate fast-track automation projects of this type."

Emerson’s integrated solution includes its Syncade™ Smart Operations Management Suite, DeltaV™ digital automation system, and AMS Suite predictive maintenance software. Emerson will also provide related engineering services, including design, installation, testing, and commissioning.

The Syncade Suite software integrates real-time plant floor data with business processes, decisions, and asset management – a key advantage in managing complex operations and extensive documentation required in pharmaceutical production. Syncade Suite manages workflow processes, including electronic work instructions, equipment status and material tracking, recipe-driven operations, automated weigh and dispense operations, and exception reporting.

"Typical biotech manufacturing can involve thousands of pieces of paper that can affect the ability to produce ‘right-first-time’ batches," said Lorenzo Zampini, automation project manager. "With Emerson’s integrated operations management and control systems, we can automate the reporting process as well as gain tighter process control for increased productivity and smoother regulatory compliance."

The Syncade software integrates with Emerson’s DeltaV automation system to facilitate operational activities and information flow from the plant floor up to UCB’s SAP system. In the UCB plant, the DeltaV system will control 163 process units including fermentation, purification, filtration, and bottling. Emerson’s new electronic marshalling technology with CHARMs (characterization modules) will help minimise installation time by eliminating up to two-thirds of the wiring and connections needed with traditional control systems.

Emerson’s AMS Suite predictive maintenance software that will be supporting HART instrumentation will make it easy for technicians to calibrate critical instruments, check their status, and even detects potential problems before they affect operations.

"Emerson is delighted that UCB has chosen us to automate this ground-breaking facility," said Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management. "Our proven ability to provide a single source for both plant automation and operations management systems will help UCB seamlessly manage operations from the plant floor to the head office. We look forward to working with them as they bring the Bulle facility to life."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LIMS for life!

Autoscribe provides a unique ‘future proofing’ product support service for its Matrix family of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The Matrix product line has been developed to specifically ensure backwards compatibility and easy upgrades for existing customers, meaning that if customers take out a support and maintenance contract they are getting a ‘LIMS for life’ – there are no hidden additional costs for major upgrades.

Many Matrix users have migrated successfully through successive generations of the software and enjoy all the benefits of the latest version, yet can still access information that was entered in earlier versions. Some customers have migrated through 5 generations of Matrix over a period of 20 years.

The benefits of this approach are perfectly illustrated through the transition from Matrix V4 to Matrix V5. Although V5 is completely rewritten using C# and is designed to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Microsoft .NET tools, all screens developed using V4 can be seamlessly ported across to V5 and immediately acquire the enhanced functionality offered by V5. For example, all screens are immediately web-enabled and become accessible through the web browser user interface that is provided as standard in V5.

Autoscribe’s policy of continually improving its software, and supporting customers with these developments, means that existing customers with a support and maintenance contract would not need to buy a completely new system ever again. This built-in future proofing leads to longer operational life, lower cost of ownership and excellent return on investment. Most importantly, it gives customers peace of mind that their LIMS software will always be maintained to the very latest functionality.

Current Calibration Practice and Trends!

This is a shortened version of a technical presentation delivered to ISA Ireland in October 2012 in Cork, on current calibration practices, trends and standards.

The speaker is Leonard O'Sullivan of PJ Boner & Co one of Irelands leading Instrumentation, Weighing and Automation specialists. Their primary service is on-site calibrations and commissioning for all types of instruments in all types of industries through-out Ireland.

ISA Ireland is the National Section of the International Society of Automation with over 300 professional automation professionals as members. The section was chartered in 1977.

This edited version of the talk last around nine minutes!

New website & support for Spain

Omega Engineering has launched its new website, offering one of the largest and most convenient selections of quality instrumentation and sensors available.
This will give customers a selection of over 100,000 products specifically for process measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH and conductivity. As well as having a complete line of data acquisition, automation and electric heating products for use in manufacturing, test and research environments.
The new site features detailed technical information for all products, with simple menu navigation and product search. All products are clearly priced and we have an easy, secure and convenient checkout procedure.
Online customers can also receive a FREE gift with their first order. Payments can be made using major credit cards or using your account number with fast delivery of your order and stock items available next day.
If you can’t find a product you need you can contact our sales and technical support teams who will help you with your selection.

Alarm management for process monitoring

With the new CombiSeries, Baumer has developed tailor-made alarm management for the process industry. They easy-to-handle measuring instruments with flexibly programmable displays provide for new practical options in process monitoring. With the CombiPress pressure gauge and CombiTemp temperature gauge, Baumer has introduced the first two products of this series which can optionally be configured with a CombiView display.
Practical traffic light principle in Baumer CombiView:
The background color "red" indicates measuring values that call for fast intervention
The Baumer CombiView displays provide an often helpful overview of the current status of individual processes directly on site. The measuring values do not have to be analyzed first because the display indicates at a glance whether the preset measuring values are exceeded and immediate intervention is required.

In practice the principle of the Baumer CombiView is similar to a traffic light circuit: A clear signal indicates whether there is a need for action. The background color "red" is suitable e.g. for values that call for fast intervention. A green background could signal proper operation. One look is all you need to see that everything is in order at a gauge. The user can individually select and set his indication preferences himself.

The representations on the display can also be adapted as required or according to the respective company's usage. Digital as well as analog representation of the values is possible, e.g. as a scale with pointer, bar or column diagram. Because the display can be rotated in two axes by up to 360°, it is visible from almost any location thanks to the housing diameter of 80 mm.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Automation accolades

Red Lion Controls, the global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced that the company has been named a “First Team Supplier” by the readers of Automation World magazine, a leading business magazine serving automation professionals. For the second year in a row, Red Lion received accolades in the Data Acquisition Hardware and Networking Components - Ethernet categories for its automation and N-Tron series switches.

The Automation World “Leadership in Automation 2012” program recognizes companies that represent a wide variety of automation technologies, software and products in use by today’s manufacturing professionals across the discrete, batch and continuous process manufacturing industries. This year’s award recipients were selected based on a combination of online reader participation via and a year-long email poll with unaided recall.

“Chosen by their customers, the First Team Honorees offer outstanding examples of innovation and service,” said Jim Chrzan, publisher of Automation World. “Congratulations to them, and thank you to all the end users who lent their voice to this program throughout the year.”

Since first opening its doors over 40 years ago, Red Lion has provided industrial automation and control products such as data acquisition devices, panel meters, PID controllers, signal conditioners, HMI operator panels, large LED and industrial TV displays. Through the acquisitions of N-Tron and Sixnet, the company has expanded its product portfolio to also include industrial Ethernet switches, RTUs and cellular devices.

“We are proud to have grown over the years, expanding both our company size and the range of products and solutions that we offer. But what is more fundamental is the high standard of quality that we have maintained,” said Mike Granby, president of Red Lion Controls. “Being recognized as a ‘First Team Supplier’ by an industry-leading publication like Automation World demonstrates how this is appreciated by our customers and partners, which makes these awards all the more gratifying.”

Nueva Página web y soporte para clientes en España

Omega Engineering, su única fuente para la medición y control de procesos inaugura su nueva página web, que ofrece una de las selecciones más grandes y conveniente de instrumentación y sensores de calidad.
Proporcionando a los clientes una selección de más de 100.000 productos específicos para la medición y control de procesos de temperatura, humedad, presión, tensión, fuerza, caudal, nivel, pH y conductividad. Además de contar con una línea completa de productos de adquisición de datos, automatización y calentadores eléctricos para su uso en entornos de fabricación, pruebas e investigación y desarrollo.

La nueva web cuenta con información técnica detallada de todos los productos, con un menú de navegación y búsqueda de productos simple y fácil de manejar. Todos los productos tienen su precio claramente indicado y un procedimiento de pago fácil, seguro y conveniente.

Los clientes online pueden también recibir un regalo gratis con su primer pedido. Los pagos pueden realizarse mediante tarjetas de crédito o utilizando su número de cuenta, con entrega rápida y artículos disponibles en 24 horas.

Si no puede encontrar el producto que necesita, contacte con nuestro equipo de ventas y soporte técnico que le ayudará con su selección.

Press control & drive systems upgraded in Norway

Upgrades to strengthen printing capabilities and boost reliability

Honeywell has been selected by Edda Trykk, the second largest publisher in Norway, to upgrade its Printa press control and shaftless drive systems at the company’s newspaper printing facility in Stokke, Norway.Honeywell will provide new commercial input/output modules, bring the safety system in line with current standards and increase redundancy in the drive system. Edda Trykk is owned by Amedia AS, which was formed in 2012 through a merger between A-pressen and Edda Media. The company publishes 78 print titles in various countries including Norway and Russia.

“By replacing obsolete components, Honeywell will help our Stokke site continue printing newspapers on the existing presses into the 2020s,” said Nils Morten Vestskogen, plant manager, Edda Trykk. “A key benefit is that the upgrades can be achieved without disrupting production by making changes gradually, part by part.”

As part of the scope of work, the existing Bitbus I/O’s will be changed to commercial Profibus I/O’s, the controllers of the towers and folders will be upgraded to Honeywell Field Controller, the safety system will be modernized to comply with current standards and the shaftless drive system modernized from an optical Sercos II to an Ethernet-based Sercos III network with new drives and motors. Redundancy will be added by separating the tower pairs’ drive networks, thereby reducing the risk of drive failures.

“The printing industry is facing difficult times, with newspaper circulations decreasing year over year as digital consumption increases,” said Marko Jämsen, business leader, Pulp, Paper and Printing, Honeywell Process Solutions. “By using Honeywell, Edda Trykk has taken the prudent step of selecting a phased approach of upgrading its press control system, protecting its existing assets and allowing the company to maintain performance into the future.”

European company of the year has product of the year!

The 2012 Elektra Awards for the European Electronics Industry recently named NI’s Vector Signal Transceiver as Test Product of the Year and National Instruments as Company of the Year in a ceremony that took place in Westminster (GB).
National Instruments triumph at Elektra 2012
The Elektra Award for Test Product of the Year is dedicated to finding the most innovative piece of test equipment of the last 12 months, with judging criteria including usability, as well as raw performance. The world’s first software-designed instrument, the Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) from National Instruments, is a new class of instrumentation that combines a vector signal generator and vector signal analyser with FPGA-based real-time signal processing and control. By programming the FPGA, users can edit the device firmware to implement custom algorithms directly on the instrument. This software-designed approach allows the VST to have the flexibility of a software-defined radio architecture with RF instrument-class performance.

“NI was honoured to be shortlisted alongside so many prestigious names in test and measurement” said Kyle Voosen, Marketing Director, National Instruments UK & Ireland. “We believe the Vector Signal Transceiver, the world’s first software-designed instrument, will redefine RF instrumentation, and winning Test Product of the Year is further validation of its groundbreaking nature.”

The Elektra judges selected the Company of the Year from the Award category winners and National Instruments was chosen for demonstrating outstanding achievements, technology innovation and business success. National Instruments equips engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. Its graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the development of any system needing measurement and control. The company’s long-term vision and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Robert Morton, National Instruments UK & Ireland Managing Director, said: “After winning Test Product of the Year for the VST, we were thrilled to also be named Company of the Year, rounding off an outstanding 12 months of success for NI, during which we opened new, larger premises in the UK, and celebrated being named a Great Place to Work again and reaching $1B in worldwide revenue!”

Industrial liquid cooling package

Rittal now have a  brand new Industrial Liquid Cooling Package (LCP). Essentially, a large air/water heat exchanger that has a chassis formed from the TS 8 frame, the Industrial LCP may be bayed directly adjacent to enclosures and used to cool installed equipment that dissipates a large amount of heat.

A technology that has its origins in high density server rack cooling in the IT sector, this product has been revised so that it is ideally suited to industrial applicati-ons. Rittal’s Industrial LCP has a compact footprint, having a width of only 300mm, yet still packs quite a punch, providing an impressive cooling output of 10kW.

Utilising water as the cooling medium has the advantage that heat may be transported away from its source using a simple pipework system. This results in the removal of heat dissipated by equipment housed in an enclosure without raising the temperature of the surrounding air.
Rittal’s TopTherm chiller is the perfect partner for the new Industrial LCP, which may be used to supply chilled water to the LCP and also has a chassis manufactured from the TS 8 frame. Hence, both units may be bayed directly to the enclosures that require cooling, resulting in a fully integrated, packaged solution.

For those applications that demand a level of cooling in excess of that provided by conventional cooling units or air/water heat exchangers, the Industrial LCP comes as a welcome addition to the already vast range of Rittal climate control solutions.

Dual channel process signal isolator

The SEM1750 is a cost effective dual channel signal conditioner that accepts a bipolar voltage or current signal and isolates to provide ranged industrial process output signals such as (0 to 20) mA, (4 to 20) mA, (0 to 10) V, (1 to 5) V DC. In fact, any signal output can be programmed within the output range limits.

The SEM1750 is configured using Status Instruments easy to use configuration software, USB Speed Link. It offers the user two levels of configuration, a basic current/voltage signal converter were the device can be set as dual channel signal isolator / convertor or signal splitter. For more advanced applications, a configuration menu offering a wide range of user set functions, including process scaling and profiling, maths functions, signal damping, sensor linearisation and signal preset for diagnostics purposes.

Status Instruments are market by PJ Boner & Co in Ireland.

Leader in wired & wireless Instrumentation

2012 saw further growth in the sales of Mantracourt’s T24 wireless range of instrumentation, with October proving a month of record sales for equipment within their standard product range. Furthermore, the company has enjoyed an overall increase in exports and an increase in production capability, due to investment in new equipment early in the year.

Mantracourt is a leading manufacturer of industrial measurement technologies, including strain gauge, temperature, resistance, pressure, voltage, current, potentiometer, rate, flow, LVDT and displacement in either analogue, digital or wireless form.

"It has been a remarkable year," said Kelly Voysey, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mantracourt. "I think that much of this success is down to our willingness to listen to our customers and innovate. This is enabling us to create leading edge instrumentation solutions that work well for engineers in the field.
We have recently broken a lot of new ground in areas such as wireless instrumentation, hazardous environment measurement and complex data logging. I think that the remarkable achievements of our development team have gained us a great deal of respect worldwide."

Key to their increase in export sales has been an expansion in its distribution network. Working with expert technical partners around the world, Mantracourt has been able to provide its technology and technical support to a broader customer base. This is an aspect of their sales and marketing effort that they expect to further expand in 2013.

Mantracourt have also made important progress in new markets such as the entertainment industry, where health and safety concerns are bringing about a more rigorous monitoring of stage equipment.

“It’s fair to say that we are very much a customer driven company,” said Kelly Voysey. “We work closely with instrumentation engineers around the world, trying to be as responsive as possible. Very often this takes us into exciting new markets that offer us a new set of challenges.”

Mounting system for US flowmeter

Vastly expands the capabilities of the Sonic-Pro because, it can now be used on systems with piping as small as one half inch up to as large as 100 inches.

Sonic-Pro® Hybrid Ultrasonic flowmeters are now available with the all new T-Track Mounting system. The new small pipe capability is down to 0.5 inches, while the new large pipe capacity is up to 100”. Installation is fast and simple. The system features Nema 4X quick disconnects. Patents are pending on this design.

Sonic-Pro Hybrid Ultrasonic flowmeters measure flow using either Doppler or Transit Time methods, and work with both clean and dirty fluids. Additional features: Custom Quality metric algorithms and DSP technology; easy reading display with backlit LCD; data logged to standard SD card format supplied with unit; isolated 4-20 mA output - fully configurable; 0 – 1000Hz Pulse Output - fully configurable; computer connection permits remote access to, and control of, all functions. Housing is a NEMA 4X (IP 66) wash down enclosure.

Sonic-Pro® ships in a 19” (49 cm) wide, 8” (21 cm) high, and 14” (36 cm) deep, hard-sided case. Approximate total weight is 22 lb. (9.97 kg). Sonic-Pro package includes: case; flowmeter; CD with instructional manuals in English, Spanish, French and German; all necessary transducer and enclosure mounting hardware; two sets of transducer acoustic mounting gaskets, one for temporary and one for permanent installations.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Critical monitoring of medical products!

Leading medical equipment and pharmaceutical manufacturer STD Pharmaceutical Products is using Gemini's Tinytag Radio Data Logging System to ensure that its sensitive products are stored in the correct conditions. The System uses wireless communications to send temperature data for immediate viewing on a PC.

Tinytag wireless data logging system
STD Pharmaceutical Products is a family run business formed in 1967 to supply a novel sclerosant (injectable medicine) to surgeons for the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins. The company currently promotes a range of sclerotherapy products, antiperspirants and also offers treatment for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Some of the company’s products require storage conditions below 25°C, and the temperature has to be constantly monitored to ensure the product remains compliant. Six radio data loggers, some incorporating two probes, are located in the main warehouse at different height levels; there is a clear difference of 2°C between the differing levels. A logger is also located in the cold store to identify any temperature deviation within that area, and there is also one in the server room to help protect the IT systems from overheating.

The data is analysed on a monthly basis unless an alarm is automatically generated by the logging system. If this occurs, steps have to be taken immediately to investigate if any product could be at risk. An annual report is produced in line with current MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines for the company’s Wholesaler Dealers Licence.

STD Pharmaceutical Products initially selected Gemini due to the information and experience that was readily available. The radio option proved to be the most flexible as the loggers can be situated wherever required, and they support each other by automatically re-routing the signal (or recording locally) if it is blocked or the battery has died, so the data is not lost. The radio loggers all feed into one hub, which is linked to the company’s server. Additional loggers and probes can be added if required at a later date making the system very flexible.

Louise Payne of STD Pharmaceuticals commented, “We are very satisfied with the results of the loggers; previously we used loggers which recorded the minimum and maximum temperatures for the previous day. Tinytag radio loggers use real time, and are also able to log historic data: if there is an issue an automated alarm can be sent direct to our e-mail, mobile device or telephone, and the software is simple and effective to use.”

The Tinytag Radio Data Logging System is ideal for monitoring in large or remote sites, or in smaller sites with a high number of monitoring points. Data from multiple loggers is collected automatically using wireless communications, allowing up to date, rather than historical information, to be viewed from the convenience of the user’s own desk. Data may be viewed across a Local Area Network, or remotely across the internet. The system is robust and reliable. Alarm warnings can be sent via email, which in turn can be used to generate text messages, enabling corrective action to be initiated even if no-one is present on site.

Gemini products are marketed in Ireland by Manotherm.

Filling the gap between thermometers and thermal imagers

Fluke has introduced the VT02 Visual IR Thermometer, a troubleshooting tool with an infrared heat map. Until now, electricians and industrial, HVAC and automotive technicians have had to choose between single-point infrared thermometers and high-resolution thermal imagers (infrared or “IR” cameras). The new instrument fills the gap for when a single-spot temperature reading is not enough and a high-resolution thermal image is more than users need. This one tool combines the visual insight of a thermal imager, the visual images of a digital camera, and the point-and-shoot convenience of an IR thermometer.

Conducting inspections for electrical, industrial, HVAC/R and automotive applications is far faster with the Fluke VT02 than an infrared thermometer, which requires multiple readings and manually recorded results. The VT02 instantly detects problems using blended thermal and digital imagery. It will display and save images as full visual, full infrared, or in three blended modes (25, 50, and 75 percent). Markers pinpoint hot and cold spots indicating the hottest temperature with a red box and the coldest with a blue box. A temperature reading is provided at the centre point. Images are saved to a micro-SD card, eliminating the need to write down single or multiple measurements.

Affordable, compact, and intuitive, the Fluke VT02 operates with focus-free simplicity, expanding the user base from senior to junior technicians and broadening the applications for in-house staff as well as creating new business opportunities for service contractors. Images from the Fluke VT02 can be imported into SmartView® analysis and reporting software, included with the VT02, to produce professional reports that document problems detected, or repairs made, for management and customer review.

Developing a tool that is easier to manufacture than traditional thermal imagers required significant innovation. Using hyper-thin pyroelectric technology, engineers discovered a way to push the limits of the technology, pioneering an array dense enough to create an infrared heat map.

High power industrial power supplies!

The Unistax® range of power supplies from Powerstax offer high levels of ruggedness and is designed for use in stringent industrial applications. Available with single and three phase inputs Unistax® power supplies offer output voltages up to 200V and output power up to 10kW. To simplify system integration there are multiple mechanical options available including chassis and 19” rack mount versions.

Powerstax Unistax® models can exceed 95% efficiency and are fully thermally protected. Standard features include constant voltage or constant current operational modes, overvoltage and over current protection and a number of status indicators and remote control functions are available. Nominal output voltages are 8 to 200VDC with output adjustable from 50-100% voltage or current, with 0-100% available as an option. Operating temperature range is 0° to 40°C and output remote sense and current sharing is available to special order.

Rob Hill, Director of Sales and Marketing for Powerstax, comments: “Powerstax is excited to be able to make this product range available to our customers, and we look forward to working with them. We’re also very open to customising solutions to suit customer’s unique needs”

The Powerstax Unistax® series meets all relevant safety standards and are fully CE marked to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) for safety.

Typical applications for the Powerstax Unistax® range of single and three phase power supplies include automotive, water treatment, corrosion prevention and systems for use in harsh industrial environments.

Powerstax designs and manufactures an extensive range of standard, value-added and custom AC and DC power solutions for a broad range of fixed and mobile applications including hot-swap front-end AC-DC bulk power, DC-DC converter bricks and modules and programmable, modular, rack mounted power supplies.